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Sub: Appointment as Storekeeper
Dear Mr. Pujari,
In line with the discussions we had with you, we are pleased to inform you that we
have decided to avail your services as Storekeeper for B S Limited.
The Terms and Conditions of the services will be as under:
1. You will be employed as a Storekeeper at one or more of our work sites. You will be paid
Rs.17362 (Seventeen Thousand Three Hundred and Sixty Two Rupees Only) per month
as the total CTC (Cost to Company). This amount is inclusive of all conveyances and
other allowances unless otherwise specified in this offer letter.
Salary Break-up:
Basic Salary
- 6271/HRA
- 3136 /Exgratia
- 522/Conveyance Allowance - 800/Add. Mobile Expenses - 500/Special Allowances
- 6133/2. All payments will be made subject to deductions of applicable Taxes as per Statutory
3. You will be on Probation for a period of six months from the date of your joining. This
period of Probation shall be extended at the sole discretion of the Management
depending upon your overall performance.
4. Unless an order in writing confirming your Permanent Employment is given, you will be
deemed to be on Probation even though you have completed your Probation period.
5. You will be eligible for Leaves as per our Company policy Leave procedure.
6. In the event of yours services not available, the fees will be proportionately adjusted.
7. Your services will be utilized in all our existing offices and Projects, as required.
8. In the event of any tour to be performed as per the requirement of the Management, you
will be paid all tour expenses at actual.
9. You shall always maintain in good condition of the Companys systems / material, which
is given to you for official use during the course of your services and shall return the

same to Company, before expiring of your services, failing which , the cost of the same
will be recovered.
10. You shall always maintain high standard / degree of secrecy and keep as confidential all
records, documents and such other informations relating to the business of the
Company, which may be known to you or confided by any means and shall send the
same only in duly authorized manner in the interest of the Company.
11. You shall not retain or posses either hardcopy format or soft copy any documents,
information, Data Reports and records in any form including the Documents such as
Power of Attorney etc or any software developed by the Company, relating to the
business affairs of the Company and shall handover all such before expiring of Services.
12. You shall not directly or indirectly promote yourself or help the Competitor to promote
any Business similar to the Business of the Company.
13. In the event of Breach of any of the above condition, the Company shall initiate claim of
14. If you accept our Offer you are kindly requested to report us on 15/03/2013 or earlier.
Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,
For BS Limited
Prasad Deshpande