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United States Patent 0 "ice

Patented Dec. 16, 1969

vouring agent particularly a powdered sweetening agent


intimately admixed therein.

The ?avouring agent according to one embodiment of


Leo Conrad Laporte, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, assignor

to lmperiai Tobacco Company of Canada, Limited,
Montreal, Quebec, {Canada
No Drawing. Filed Apr. 4, 1966, Ser. No. 539,657

the present invention is a sweetening agent and thus is

most commonly used at the present time. However it will
be readily apparent that any type of ?avouring agent may
be used depending upon the taste desired in the smokers
It has been found that the inclusion of the ?avouring

@Claims priority, application Canada, June 29, 1965,


Int. Cl. A24f 13/02, 11/00

US. Ci. 13112

1 Qiaim

10 agent in the resin has essentially no effect on the conven


A molded synthetic resin cigar holder having a sweeten
ing agent incorporated therein which is adapted to con
tinuously discharge into the mouth of the smoker. The
sweetening agent must be stable at the molding temper
ature of the resin.

The present invention relates to a cigar holder adapted

to continuously dispense a ?avouring particularly a Sweet
ening agent into the mouth of the smoker during the smok
ing of the cigar. In particular, the present invention relates
to such a cigar holder molded from a resin containing a .

?avouring particularly a sweetening agent therein.

In the manufacture of many types of cigars, it is com
mon practice to include at the end of the cigar intended
to be put in the mouth of the smoker a sweetening agent

so that the sweetening agent is continuously discharged

into the mouth during the smoking of the cigar. This pro
vides a sweet taste on the smokers tongue as he smokes

tional process by which the cigar holders are molded and,

as such, conventional techniques and machines may be
used for making the cigar holders. It is, however, essen
tial that the ?avouring agent is stable at the temperature
at which the resin is molded to form the cigar holder
and in this connection synthetic sweetening agents have

particular application. Of these synthetic sweetening

agents, saccharin, sodium saccharin and sodium and cal
cium cyclamate may be mentioned.
The amount of ?avouring agent present in the resin
molding powder and, as such, in the product cigar hold
er, is not critical and is purely subjective in that it de
pends upon the level of ?avour which the cigar manufac
turer desires to be present in the smokers mouth. How

ever, with the aforesaid synthetic sweenting agents, these

are particularly effective sweetening agents in that small
amounts produce a strong sweetening effect, amounts in
the range 1 to 25% by weight based on the weight of the
resin have been found to be generally suitable.
The resins from which the cigar holder may be made
are the conventional resins from which these cigar hold
ers have previously been made as the presence of the

the cigar and thus provides the cigar with a characteristic

?avouring agent has little effect upon the resin and the
taste. Typical sweetening agents used for this purpose are
method of molding as has been explained aforesaid. Typi
saccharin, sodium saccharin or sodium or calcium cycla 35 cal resins which may be mentioned in this respect include
mate and these are conveniently included in the adhesive
polyacetal, polyacrylic resins, polyallyl resins, amine res
e.g. gum tragacanth with which the free end of the binder
ins such as urea or melamine resins, casein resins, cel
and the wrapper are sealed in the manufacture of the

However, it has now become common practice for ci
gar manufacturers to sell their cigars complete with the
cigar holder which are commonly known in the trade as
?exible tips. With these ?exible tips, the manufacturers

of cigars, which incorporate the sweetening agents there

lulosic resins, polyesters, polyole?nes, phenolic resins,

polyvinyl resins, polystyrene resins and coumarone indene
resins. Synthetic resins, in particular polyole?nes, such as
polyethylene and polypropylene, have been used with ad
What I claim as my invention is:

1. A cigar holder adapted to continuously discharge

in, have to ?nd alternative means for Continuously dis 45 a ?avouring agent into the mouth of the smoker, said
charging sweetening agent into the smokers mouth from
holder being molded at least in part from a particulate
the cigar as the smokers mouth does not come into direct
polyole?n resin molding material in which the said ?a
contact with the cigar.
vorant is incorporated, the said ?avorant being a synthetic
It has now been found that when a ?avouring particu
sweetening agent which is normally stable at the tempera
larly a sweetening agent is intimately admixed with the
ture at which the holder is molded.

resin molding powder from which the cigar holders are

formed, a cigar holder is obtained on molding which sat

is?es the above requirements in that on being held in the

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mouth, ?avouring agent is continuously and constantly


According to the present invention, therefore, there is
provided a cigar holder adapted to continuously discharge
a ?avouring agent particularly a sweetening agent into the
mouth of the smoker, said holder having at least that por
tion normally held in the mouth molded from a resin (30

containing a ?avouring agent, said agent being stable at

the molding temperature of the resin.
While it is only necessary for that part of the cigar
holder normally held in the mouth during smoking to
have the ?avouring agent therein, it is most convenient
and commercially practicable particularly where one piece
holders, e.g. ?exible tips are being molded, that the whole
of the holder is molded from the resin containing the

?avouring agent.
The present invention also includes the molding poW-
der from which the aforesaid cigar holders are produced
which comprises a resin powder having a powdered ?a








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