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To be executed on the letterhead of the person who signs the letter.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services
Vermont Service Center

O-1 Non-Immigrant Visa Petition on behalf of Mr. Ignacio Cacace, a

Jazz Musician of Extraordinary Ability

Dear District Director;

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter regarding the extraordinary talent of
Mr. Ignacio Cacace. My name is Jake Leckie, and I am a bassist and audio
engineer. I have performed and recorded with artists including Yo-Yo Ma, Jane
Monheit, Don Sonero (of New Swing Sextet), The Pacific Mambo Orchestra, Cesar
Orozco, The Baltimore Jazz Alliance Big Band, the Kalmunity Vibe Collective, String
Orchestra of Brooklyn, and Baltimore Boom Bap Society. I have held the principal
bass position for the Brooklyn Conservatory Orchestra and the McGill Baroque
Orchestra. I have also participated in residencies including The Banff Centre for
the Arts in Alberta, The Silver Lake Conference Center in Connecticut, and
L'Escalier in Montreal. I have performed at venues like Myerhoff Symphony Hall
(Baltimore), The Blue Note (NYC), El Sol (Madrid), Symphony Space (NYC), Barbes
(Brooklyn), Roulette (NYC), Upstairs (Montreal), Jamboree (Barcelona), Yoshi's (San
Francisco), Montreal Jazz Festival, Baltimore Jazz and Blues Festival, The All Good
Festival, The Federal Hill Festival, Canada Music Week, Hot August Blues, Lunar
Bay, Washington DC Jazz Festival, San Jose Jazz Festival, and Havana Jazz Festival
(Cuba). I have recorded over 500 live concerts, and produced albums for several
bands, singer songwriters, jazz groups, tango ensembles, and chamber musicians
including Eva Castillo, The Good Owls, The Mash Potangos, Franck Feutre, and
Superland Stage Band. I have taught Music Fundamentals and Bass Lessons in the
music department at Loyola University Maryland, and Musical Acoustics and
Sound on Film for the Recording Arts Department of the Peabody Conservatory. I
am currently a Faculty Advisor for the New York Arts Program. Throughout my
career I have worked with many musicians. Based on my experience and
professional assessment, I can honestly say that Mr. Cacace is a jazz musician of
extraordinary ability.
I have performed with Mr. Cacace at several recent concerts, and I have been
blown away by his level of ability. More specifically, we performed together at
Shrine NYC Mr. Cacace is such impressive talent and someone with whom I have
the utmost confidence and respect for. It can be very challenging to play with
some of the biggest names in the jazz business, as he has done on multiple
occasions. Not only does Mr. Cacace meet the challenge he also excels at it. It is
obvious to me that Mr. Cacace has the skills, talent and artistic merit to not only
play music at an expert level, but also to perform in a demanding atmosphere

that presents challenges.

Throughout his career, Mr. Ignacio Cacace has gained numerous distinguished
accolades. In 2011 he was named Best Guitarist at the ICM International Jazz
Festival in Mar del Plata, Argentina the most important jazz festival in Argentina.
Mr. Cacace was specifically invited back to the festival in subsequent years,
thanks to his incredible performances in 2011. He has also recently been praised
for his jazz musicianship by the popular Argentinian jazz site El Intruso, garnering
praise and recognition for his status as an up and coming major talent and the
future of jazz in Argentina.
For me it is clear that Mr. Cacace is very much deserving of the opportunity to
continue his work in the United States. He is a valuable asset to me and other
performers. I have no doubt that Mr. Ignacio Cacace will continue with his high
caliber of performance and musical talent for many years to come. For these
reasons, I ask that you approve his O-1 visa application without delay. Thank you
for your time.

Jake Leckie