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867935025930842 - SIM1

867935025930859 - SIM2
You may follow the following steps:
1. Power Off the device.
2. After the device gets fully switched off, press the volume increase and the p
ower button together for at least 5 seconds, until a menu appears on the screen.
Then click on the recovery option.
3. You will notice a language selection menu, where you will have to use the vol
ume up and down to navigate in the menu and power button to select the option. I
n this case, you will select English.
4. After selecting English, select Wipe and Reset.
5. After selecting Wipe and reset, select Wipe Cache, and select Yes. You will s
ee that the cache is being wiped.
6. After the cache has been wiped, you can select Back.
7. After selecting back you can select Reboot, and reboot to System.