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1) Working while studying (pros)

a) When we working while studying, we have independent in ourselves, it

means that we more appreciate our family economy.
Self confident in working environment (andre)
b) Suddenly, your ability will increase while working. But we have to manage
our time when to study and when to work. (siska)
c) And we can save our money that we get from working, especially that
money is for our future, you have to save it very well.
d) Working while studying helps to support their income while providing
valuable work experience that could improve future career prospects.
2) Early Marriage (pros)
a) could enjoy togetherness without feeling worry
b) could become more responsible
c) in young age. Women side will feel profitable.
d) Their lifestyle more better, because in general, young people love to
spend money
e) Dodge immortal acts, because they have been married.
f) If the condition force them to married because of some reason, for
example is for fully her/him sex appetite, yeah they dont have a choice,
they have to keep or maintain their family so they can avoid family
3) Dating before marriage (cons)
a) Could omit your bond with your familys
People who have relationship with someone, sometimes they forget about
their family, because he/she just thinking about their girlfriend or
boyfriend. When our family ask for help and your girlfriend ask for help
too, most people will respond their girlfriend first than their family.
b) Could spend much money
Yeah, when we have relationship with someone, we have to make her/him
happy for sure, as a result we spend much money for that, although thats
not important things. When we dating with someone, of course sometimes
your girlfriend or your boyfriend feel hungry and her/him cannot pay it for
herself, as a result they will ask for to paid it.
c) Disturb our lesson
For example, we miss her/him when we studying, of course it will disturb
your lesson, because you just thinking about them

1) The general description
2) Team affirmative
3) Mendefinisikan topic terlebih dahulu
4) Menyampaikan argumentasi team affirmative
5) Memaparkan pembagian kerja team
6) Menyampaikan argument pertama
7) Menyampaikan ringkasan (summary)


Menanggapi argument dari team affirmative (menerima atau menentang)

Menyangga pembicara pertama
Menyampaikan benang merah argumentasi team
Memaparkan pembagian kerja team negative
Mmenyampaikan argument utama
Menyampaikan ringkasan dari pidato

Pembicara ke dua
1) Berperan menyajikan argument pokok untuk memenangkan debate


Menyangga argument utama team negative

Mempertahankan definisi jika team negative menentang definisi teesebut
Secara selintas menegaskan kembali argument pertama team affirmative
Menyampaikan argument. Sebagaian besar waktu pembicara affirmative
kedua digunakan untuk mengemukakan argument dan materi baru, tidak
sekedar mengulang argument pembicara pertama.

Pembicara team affirmative kedua bertugas untuk menyajikan pokok

argument team affirmative
5) Menyampaikan ringkasan dari pidatonya

Pembicara kedua team negative

1) Menyangga argument utama pembicara affirmative ke-1 dan ke-2
2) Secara selintas menegaskan argument pertama team negative
6) Menyampaikan argument. Sebagaian besar waktu pembicara negative kedua
digunakan untuk mengemukakan argument dan materi baru, tidak sekedar
mengulang argument pembicara pertama.
3) Menyampaikan ringkasan dari pidatonya
Pembiacara 3
Tugas utama Menyangga team lawan
1) Team affirmative menanggapi dan menyangga argument pembicara negative
pertama dan kedua, terutama mengenai hal yang belum sempat ditanggapi
team affirmative
2) Mempertegas sanggahan yang telah disampaikan oleh pembicara affirmative
3) Menegaskan kembali argumentasi team affirmative (re-conform) yang telah
disampaikan terdahulu dengan mengulas secara selintas benang merah dan
argument kedua pembicara terdahulu
4) Meringkas pokok permasalahan yang didebatkan

Pembicara ketiga team negative

1) Menyangga argumentasi ketiga pembicara team affirmative
2) Notice me senpai, ikehh
3) Menegaskan kembali argumentasi team negative dengan mengulas
secara selintas benang merah dan argument kedua pembicara terdahulu
4) Mengidentifikasi titik pertentangan dalam debat
5) Meringkas pokok permasalahan yang diperdebatkan
6) Tidak boleh menyajikan pokok permasalahan baru
Counter Speech
Pidato balasan adalah pidato penutup masing team yang memberikan
ulasan mengenai keseluruhan debat
Berikut ini panduan untuk menyusun pidato balasan
1) Menegaskan pokok utama argument team
2) Menunjukkan kaitan logis dari argument tersebut menuju pembuktian
benang merah team
3) Menunjukkan secara lugas kekurangan dari argument team lawan hal
ini dapat dilakukan secara umum atau secara rinci
4) Pembicara tidak boleh mengajukan materi baru dan tidak boleh pula
melakukan penyanggahan terhadap pokok yang disampaikan dalam
pidato 1
Working while studying, have an effect to yourself, for example is to
gain skills and experiences.

Expressions of Persuading, encouraging, criticizing, and hope and preventing

1) Persuading (membujuk)
- I persuaded her not to take the job
- I convinced her that it was the right thing to do
- Wont you go with me please?
I think it would be a pity if we didnt know her
- How can I persuade you to accompany me?
2) Ecouraging
- Dont worry. Im sure you will do better this time
- You can do it
- We feel you should go ahead
- Well done!
- Youre doing very well
- You have my support
3) Criticizing
- The movie is totally boring
- What ridiculous movie
- The paint of the house is to dark
- I criticized the dialog for being rude

- The party wasnt exciting because of the unvisited

4) Hope
- I hope I can buy a car by the end of this year
- I also expect the same
- I wish I had enough money
- I do hope that the book will be mine
5) Preventing
- He prevented me from going
- I must try to prevent more killing
- We cannot do much to prevent the river from flooding

First Speaker
Good morning everyone, We are as a pros team. Im as the first speaker, my name
is andrean sucahyo, our second speaker is siska, and our third speaker is yosua.
Next I would like to give our motion, our motion today is working while studying.