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Create User Interface for Mobile Application: It will increase the efficiency at

the KIOSK entrance and expedite the procedure of parking slot reservation.
1. Create WBS and Gantt chart in Microsoft Projects: It is necessary to initiate
the project on time and finish it before deadline with appropriate distribution of
a) Create WBS using Microsoft Projects
b) Create Gantt chart to analyze the progress of project
2. Create design and prototypes:
a) Storyboards will be created to distinguish the need between KIOSK and mobile
b) Paper prototypes are cheap and very telling, our first prototype will be a lowfidelity paper prototype to design the UI.
c) High-fidelity electronic prototypes will be created using Balsamiq and
Microsoft Visio.
3. Select a software environment and initiate coding
a) Work should be done as per WBS
b) Analyze the phases of development through Gantt chart to meet the deadline
4. Integrate the KIOSK module with mobile app
a) KIOSK application and mobile application should be developed in same
software environment.
b) KIOSK application allows user to book parking slots at the entrance, although
this functionality is not available in mobile app
c) Users should be able to sign in with their log-in credentials in advance for
parking purpose. This will allow students to park their cars on the desired parking
floor with availability of empty slots
5. Integrate Mobile application with PATS database
a) Mobile application should be able to access PATS database which includes
student ID number, student permit number, and lot permissions.
b) Sync parking area sensors with parking pass chip
c) Lots in which student isnt allowed to park will be either greyed out
d) Students profile within the application will show student ID, parking permit
type, permitted parking lots list, location of parking lots relative to students
current location.