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Start off Right

Made Eats

Grilled Corn Dogs

Applewood smoked bacon wrapped, char-grilled, cornmeal dipped,

served with MADE ketchup, and spiced IPA mustard. 10

Purple Eggs


Beet cured house made deviled eggs, billionaire bacon,

house pickled jalapeos, local micros. 8


Buttermilk and Boyland Hot Sauce Co. brined all natural Joyce Farms drummies,
double dipped, hot-n-honey crust, buttermilk green goddess. 14


Crisp duck confit, billionaire bacon, roasted sweet potato, sweet

red onion and seasonal chiles, dried cherry chimichurri. 12

Fried Tomatoes

Panko and cornmeal crusted green tomatoes, marinated baby tomatoes,

billionaire bacon pixie dust, buttermilk green goddess, fine herbs. 9



Dry rubbed all natural Niman Ranch baby backs, Applewood smoked, roasted cherry
BBQ glaze, IBC billionaire bacon BBQ baked beans, house pickled
granny smith apple, chiles, and onions. 17

Tuna Poke Napoleon

Short Ribs

Stout, sherry, Vidalia onion soup chargrilled braised beef short ribs,
over pimento cheese horseradish grits, gruyere crust, crisp onions. 28



Grilled locally made corn tortillas, smoked and roasted pork shoulder,
granny smith salsa verde, house pickled granny smith apple, chiles and
onions, organic swiss chard, queso fresco, roasted brisket fried rice. 16

Four Meatloaf


Billionaire bacon, roasted brisket, duck confit, ground chuck, MADE

ketchup sauce, over charred jalapeo pesto and Parmesan mashed potatoes. 19

Not Your Mamas Chicken


Traditional mole marinated all natural Murray Ranch airline chicken breast,
cast iron seared, chocolate port demi glace, toasted pumpkin seeds,
over our jalapeo grilled cream corn risotto style. 19

Chicken Stuffed Chicken

Smoked chicken, goat cheese and seasonal stuffing-filled all natural

Murray Ranch airline chicken breast, crisp skin, fine herb sauce,
over brown butter and billionaire bacon brussel sprouts. 19

Over The Rainbow Trout

Soy ginger, horseradish, smoked tomato crema, marinated Yellowfin Tuna, pickled
apple, onion, and chiles, minced shallot, roasted sesame, stacked on fried green
tomatoes, avocado chimichurri, wasabi aioli, local micros. 16

Cornmeal crusted domestic rainbow trout, pan fried, smoked Delacata catfish
dip, brown butter citrus sage charred lemon sauce, served with todays greens. 20

House smoked Delacata catfish dip, charred lemon, pan fried corn bread. 10

Garlic and rosemary marinade, char-grilled, dried cherry &

fresh mint red wine glaze, grilled fingerling potatoes. 23

Smoked Catfish Dip

Pork Belly BLT

15 spice all natural Niiman Ranch crisp pork belly, Yoders Apple butter,
fried green tomato, maple gastrique, local micros. 15

Onion Rings

Thinish cut Vidalia onion, hand tossed in our seasoned flour,

smoked red pepper mayo, fine herbs. 8

Cheesy Tots

Pepperjack and cayenne filled potato croquettes, panko and cornmeal rolled,
fried crisp, house made malt mayo, and MADE ketchup. 6

Gluten Free pasta available +$4


Parmesan and gruyere cream, charred jalapeno pesto, smoked chicken. 9

Lamb Chops


House cured Atlantic salmon, cast iron seared, charred baby tomato,
fine herbs, white wine sauce, over todays greens. 20



Cast iron seared, jalapeo grilled cream corn risotto style, local micros. 27

Double Dipped Fried Chicken

Buttermilk and Boyland Sauce Co. brined all natural Joyce Farms birds,
hot-n-honey crust, crisp herbs, black pepper waffle, todays greens. 19

Pork Belly and Hash


15 spice rubbed all natural Niman Ranch belly, slow roasted crisp, over
pimento cheese horseradish grits, and todays greens, fried egg, house
pickled granny smith apple, chiles, and onions. 25

Chicken and Biscuits


Double dipped fried chicken breast in buttermilk biscuits,

topped with peppermilk sausage gravy, fried egg. 14

Pork on Pork on Pork

Chicken fried angus cube steak or chicken breast, peppermilk sausage gravy,
fried egg, over jalapeo pesto and Parmesan mashed potatoes . 18

Locally made chorizo, house pickled chiles and onions,

marinated baby tomatoes, jalapeno jack. 9
Smoked and roasted pork shoulder, billionaire bacon, locally made chorizo. 9

Chicken Fried

Meat and Potatoes


Soups & Greens

Cast iron seared or chargrilled Niman Ranch all natural beef (Chefs choice), over
baked n fried steak fries, roasted cherry steak sauce. MKT

Marks Preparation. 8


Kitchen Soup
Onion Soup

Caramelized vidalia onions, smoked mushrooms, gruyere crustini. 7

Smoked Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash Bisque

Grilled bread spread with maple bacon goat cheese. 7

MADE Chopped Salad

House blended greens, grilled corn, roasted fingerling potato, marinated baby
tomatoes, smoked and roasted pork shoulder, purple egg and ham,
buttermilk green goddess. 14

Grilled Caesar

Char-grilled romaine heart, billionaire bacon, charred anchovies, corn bread

croutons, grated Parmesan, MADE peppercorn Caesar dressing. 12

B&B Salad

Salmon Salad


House cured, cast iron seared Atlantic salmon, over house blended greens,
seasonal fruits, spiced toasted almonds, huckleberry vinaigrette. 15

Tuna Salad


Chai spiced and sesame crusted Yellowfin tuna, seared rare, over organic swiss
chard, ripe avocado, marinated baby tomatoes, maple balsamic. 14
Add chicken $4 Add Salmon $6 Add scallops $8

Pimento Cheese
Horseradish Grits.

Charred Jalapeo
Pesto and Parmesan
Mashed Potatoes.

Roasted Brisket
Fried Rice.
Baked N Fried
Steak Fries.

Brunch Burger

Niman Ranch MADE beef blend, billionaire bacon, aged cheddar, peppermilk
sausage gravy, butter lettuce, fresh tomato, onion, fried egg,
Hawaiian style brioche roll. 16


Char-grilled chicken breast, BBQD peppers and onions, charred jalapeo pesto,
jalapeo jack cheese, butter lettuce, tomato, Hawaiian style brioche roll. 13
(Make it a double dipped fried breast +$2.00)

Duck Club

Crisp duck confit, billionaire bacon, soft citrus brie spread, garlic aioli,
butter lettuce, fresh tomato. 13


Cast iron seared angus ribeye or chicken breast, caramelized vidalia onions,
smoked mushrooms, Parmesan gruyere whiz, amoroso roll. 12
Pulled Fish Sandwich

Pulled BBQ roasted sustainable catch, BBQ D peppers and onions,

wasabi aioli, Hawaiian style brioche. 14

Sandwiches come with choice of cheesy tots, side salad, or fresh fruit medley.

Step to the Side $6

IBC, Billionaire Bacon
BBQ Baked Beans.

MADE Burger

Niman Ranch MADE beef blend, barbacoa, BBQD peppers and onions, fried
green tomato, butter lettuce, jalapeo jack cheese, Hawaiian style brioche roll. 15


Organic rainbow swiss chard, roasted beets, local burrata, pecan praline,
House pickled granny smith apple, chiles and onions, huckleberry
vinaigrette, smoked sea salt. 14

Todays Greens.


Jalapeo grilled cream

corn risotto style.

Made restaurant proudly supports local farmers, growers, and

ranchers fielding the best, Natural, local dairy and produce. We
proudly use Worden Farms, Geraldson Community Farms, Sweet
Grass Farms, Dakin Dairy and Turtle Beach Foods. We are committed
to making the world a better place to live and most importantly eat.

Grilled Fingerling

Award Winning

Brown Butter and Billionaire

Bacon Brussel Sprouts.

Heart Healthy

Local Favorite


GF Gluten Free