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CHE 4170 Design Project

An Introduction to HYSYS

Learning Outcomes

To see/learn the common types of unit operation that is available in HYSYS

Flash Drum


Distillation Column


To be competent enough to build a basic simulation

To understand HYSYSs limitation

An Introduction to HYSYS -Limitations

A simulation tool assume system is in equilibrium (steady state simulation)

Its accuracy depends on the fluid package being used and the chemical
components database

Generally gives acceptable results at prelim/conceptual engineering design

(~20-30% error). Do High T and P simulation at your own risk!

Cant simulate polymer/solid phase

Generally gives poor liquid phase prediction (esp. hydrocarbon+water


HYSYS- Work on a Ethylene Glycol Plant

This Session Build a simple simulation model.

We will learn about how HYSYS works

HYSYS Getting to the business



Create a new simulation.

File -> New ->Case
Specify your system! ->
Define Components and
Fluid Packages first
Select Component List:
Click tab button

HYSYS-Input Components

For our examples, input: Ethylene Oxide, Water and Ethylene Glycol

For Fluid Package: Click the tab choose NRTL. Go to the Binary Coeffs
estimate the unknown activity coefficients by pressing the unknowns only tab.

Reaction Setup

We need to setup the reaction in on the properties environment. Click

Reactions -> then add -> press Add Reaction -> select kinetic type

Double click into Rxn 1 created. On the Componet tab -> Click and drag all
the components involve in reactions. Input the Stoichiometry Coeff

Note: Remember to
choose CombinedLiquid as
Reaction Phase!
Note: After all is done.
Click Add Reaction to FP.
Reaction Set will give the
Ready Signal

HYSYS Simulation begins - Feeds

Click to Enter Simulation: Now input your Feed Streams. Enter the parameters

HYSYS Simulation - Reactor

Choose CSTR Reactor- Connect the streams. Go to the reaction tab in after
double clicking Reactor. Select Rxn 1

Under Design -> Parameter Tab input

At the Rx Liquid Stream, double click

Set Temperature to 65C

Rx Coolant is now defined.

HYSYS Simulation Distillation Column

From the menu, add a Distillation Column. Setup as followed:

Retain stage number as 10.

HYSYS Simulation Distillation Column 2

Setup the rest parameters with:

HYSYS Simulation Distillation Column 3

We do not want Distillate Rate as the columns specification.

Double click Distillation Tower -> Design -> Monitor

Go to specifications table -> Uncheck the tick at the Active tab of Distillate

Click Add Spec

Pick Column temperature

Pick Reboiler as stage

Enter 150 C as Spec Value

After all done, click

Run On Monitor Tab,
the column should

HYSYS - Recycle Line

Since all of the Distillate is unused water, we want to recycle the unused

Choose Recycle Block from HYSYS

Connect the Distillate to the MIX-100

After connecting recycle, your plant will

need more info to run

HYSYS - Recycle Setup

Double click your recycle line -> click Recycle Advisor

Under Solver Settings Type -> Set Max iterations to 1000

Go to the new line after RCY-1 (after distillate)

Put 200 kgmole/h in the molar flow as a start to iterate.

Some useful Tips

Before connecting your recycle stream -> SAVE!

Build your simulation in small parts then connect it

Under Home -> Reports -> you can either get HYSYS to generate report or use
the function to export to Excel.