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Model: ATADU2001 (AISG 2.0)

Product Description
The multiband tower mounted amplifier (MTMA) is a low-noise amplifier installed near the antenna to
satisfy the co-siting purposes. It helps to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and enhance the receiving
sensibility of the BTS system. It enhances the uplink coverage and improves uplink and downlink imbalance
of the base station. It effectively reduces the transmitting power of cellphones, improves voice and data
communication quality. When scanning the AISG ALD, the MTMA can be operated from one primary
controller, either on NodeB0 or NodeB1 port. When scanning the AISG ALD, the TMA is responding to the
AISG controller with two individual serial numbers (unique IDs) with each their two subunits (two subunits per
frequency band).

High linearity and low noise performance.
Balanced LNA design and power failure bypass for high reliability.
Light weight and compact design.
Designed for co-siting purposes.
Wall mounting and mast mounting.
Built-in lightning protection up to 10 kA.
Support AISG 2.0 protocol.

Appearance and Block Diagram

Model: ATADU2001 (AISG 2.0)

Tx Specifications
Frequency range (MHz)
Bandwidth (MHz)

791 - 821

925 - 960



Insertion loss (dB)

Typ. < 0.4

Return loss (dB)


Input power (W)

< 160 (+52 dBm) CW

< 2000 (+63 dBm) peak
-110 (3rd order; with 2 x 43 dBm)

Intermodulation products in Rx band (dBm)

Rx Specifications
Frequency range (MHz)
Bandwidth (MHz)

832 - 862

880 - 915


18 (DC ON)
14 (DC OFF)

Return loss(dB)
Insertion loss in by-pass mode (dB)

Typ. < 3.0

12 1

Gain (dB)
Noise figure (dB)

Typ. < 1.3

Output 1dB compression (dBm)


OIP3 (dBm)


Electrical Specifications
DC supply voltage (V)
Operating current per TMA (mA)
(without RET)

9 - 30
@12 V

245 5

@17 V

175 5

@30 V

105 5

Alarm management


Power consumption (W)

< 3.0

Environmental Specification
-40 ... +65

Operating temperature range ()

IP rating


MTBF (hours)

> 1,000,000


ETS 300 342-3

Lightning protection (kA)

10 (8/20 us)

Mechanical Specification
247 x 342 x 132
(without connectors, without brackets)

MTMA dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)

Packing dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)

300 x 545 x 250

10.5 (with brackets)

MTMA weight (kg)


Packing weight (kg)

MTMA Volume (L)
AISG connector

Approx. 10.8
8-pin female, IEC 60130-9 (pin1 & pin6: 8.5V - 30V DC, pin3: RS485B, pin5: RS485A,
pin7: DC return, other pins: not connected)
Wall mounting: with 4 screws (max. 8 mm diameter)
Mast mounting

Mast diameter (mm)


Default: 30 - 125 // Optional: 40 - 140

4 x 7/16 DIN Female ( Two ports are eNodeB and two ports are ANT)

Model: ATADU2001 (AISG 2.0)

Unit : mm

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Bantian, Longgang District, Shenzhen 518129, P.R.China

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Issue: 2014-07-02