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IG XML Invoices

R12 IG system receives XML invoices from 11i infrastructure which is

processed by SOA system to generate image file and finally fed to OFR
system for further processing.

Process in 11i

XML Invoices received from the MarkIT Supplier hub via the
Bexconnect solution will be placed in Sheffield File server (11i Samba
folders) by MarkIT BexConnect Agent.

BeXconnect solution is configured with a set of rules to separate EBS

11i and R12 destined invoices. BeXconnect will export XML files for R12
to a new directory created in Sheffield File server (11i Samba folders)
for R12 which will appear as /R12/invoices.

Once the invoices are imported into 11i Samba folders, the R12
specific XML invoices from the newly created directory for R12 will be
transferred to OMCS file server.

OFR and SOA have access to OMCS file server from where the XML
invoices are further processed.

To transfer R12 XML invoices from 11i Samba drive to OMCS file server
a concurrent program XXBB: AP R12 XML Invoice SFTP Program is
developed, this concurrent program periodically checks for R12 XML
invoices in the 11i Samba directory and if found any XML invoice it
transfers it to OMCS file server.

This concurrent program will run using the parameters required for file
transfer as below.



OMCS file server path

XML file name in Samba path
SFTP Port to connect to OMCS file server
OMCS File Server hostname or IP
Username to connected OMCS SFTP server
Directory path in 11i Samba file server

The concurrent program connects to OMCS SFTP Server using

Transfers all files from SOURCE_PATH to DEST_PATH
After successful transfer, closes the connection with OMCS SFTP Server.
The concurrent program is scheduled to run every 30 minutes. Below is
the process flow diagram for the concurrent program.

Check files in newly

created directory for R12
files in 11i infrastructure.

Connect to OMCS file

server through secured
file transfer protocol using
the connection

Transfer all the R12 XML

invoices from 11i
infrastructure to OMCS file


Once the file is available in the DEST_PATH, SOA server polls it and
converts the XML file into TIFF format. This means an image that is
equivalent to those produced by scanning a paper invoice or
processing an invoice received via email.

TIFF will be delivered to the OFR input folder, for OFR to process in
normal IG process.