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Thief ladrn.

Thieves ladrones
Earthquake terremoto


Shampoo champ; Bakers panadera ; chemists farmacia ; newsagents

kiosco de diarios ; take away para llevar ; stationers papelera ; post office
correos ; butchers carnicera ; greengrocers verdulera
Magazine revista; bread pan ; stamps sello ; ready-cooked preparado,
precocinado ; meal comida; customer cliente
A person who works in a shop. A SHOP ASSISTANT dependiente
The place in a shop where items are bought are paid for. The COUNTER mostrador
A moving staircase. An ESCALATOR escalera mecnica
A room in a shop where you try on clothes. A CHANGING ROOM vestuario
A free plastic bag given out in shops and supermarkets. A CARRIER BAG bolsa de
The name for the line people stand in when they are waiting for their turn to pay. A
QUEUE cola.
During this time goods are sold at a lower price. A SALE rebaja
A large basket on wheels used to push shopping around a supermarket. A TROLLEY
If you give the perfume to the shop
she'll wrap it up for you. WRAP UP:

envolver, empaquetar.
I was standing at the

money. STANDING: yo estaba puesto de pie

I'm afraid the
is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs. AFRAID:

Have you got a

Many supermarkets in the UK are now asking people to pay for plastic

There was such a long

There was a

I couldn't find a


just about to pay and I remembered I didn't have any



room? I'd like to try this dress on. ID LIKE: me gustara.



to pay I decided to leave and go back later.


on and everything was half-price.


at the supermarket so I had to carry everything in a basket.


I COULDNT FIND: no pude encontrar.

Groceries comestible; tube of toothpaste tubo de pasta dental; a jar of jam
frasco/tarro/bote de mermelada; carton of yoghurt cartn de yogur; loaf of bread
rebanada de pan; bar of soap barra de jabn; tin of tomatoes lata de tomates;
bunch of flowers racimo de flores; bottle of milk botella de leche; box of
chocolates; bag of sugar bolsa de azcar; bar of chocolate barra de chocolate;
carton of eggs cartn de huevos; tube glue pegamento de tubo; jar honey
tarro de miel; bunch of bananas racimo de pltanos.

Could I borrow your pen to sign this CHEQUE please? Podra tomar prestado su
pluma para firmar este cheque por favor?
I don't like using my credit CARD to shop online.
This shirt is too small. I think I'll take it back and get a REFUND. reembolso.
You will have to leave a DEPOSIT if you want us to order the goods. goods: bienes,
artculos, productos, mercancas. Deposit: depsito.
You haven't given me the correct CHANGE. I gave you 1 and you've only given me
10p back. Change: cambio. You havent given es present perfect simple.
Do you have any CASH? I haven't brought any money out with me. Cash: efectivo.
How much did you PAY for those trousers? pay: (si es verbo) pagar.

I'd never buy a new car as they COST so much. costo, coste, valor, precio.
I don't usually carry CASH. I prefer to use my credit CARD.
I PAID 30 for this shirt and then heard it was cheaper in another shop. So I took it
back and asked for a REFUND.
The haircut COST more than I was expecting so I had to write the hairdresser a
I need to get some CHANGE for the parking meter, I've only got notes.
The house was $90,000 and we had to leave a $5,000 DEPOSIT.
Lighthouse faro. Mall centro comercial. Dwelling vivienda. Lodging
Apartment piso, apartamento. Suite suite. City block manzana, cuadra.
Surround rodear, borde, cercado, cerca. Several varios, varias.
Usually normalmente, generalmente. As Soon As tan pronto como, lo antes
posible. Pay attention prestar atencin, atender.
Pawnshop casa de empeos.