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Assignment #8

Due on 2015-08-27, 23:59 IST

Submitted assignment

Match the following.

1. Hard wood

i) Conifers

2. Soft wood

ii) Region between bark and wood

3. Sap wood

iii) Early wood

4. Summer wood

iv) Deciduous

5. Inner bark

v) Conducts moisture from root

vi) Smaller cambium cells
vii) Living tissue

1-v, 2-i, 3-v, 4-iii, 5-vi

1-iv, 2-iii, 3-v, 4-vi, 5-vii
1-iv, 2-i, 3-v, 4-vi, 5-vii
1-i, 2-v, 3-i, 4-vi, 5-vii
2 points
With reference to the structure of wood, which of the statement (or statements) is/are wrong?
a) Formation of green or black knots depends upon whether the cambium of branch is alive or dead
b) Apart from longitudinal and transversely oriented cells, the softwood also contains pores & fibres
c) Cellulose fibrils are bonded together by hydrogen bonding only
d) Lignin is the cementing agent which binds cellulose cells together
e) Wood is strong in the direction of growth
b, c & e
a, c & d
1 point

The number of independent constants require to understand the elastic behavior of steel and wood are
2 and 3
2 and 6
2 and 2
2 and 9
1 point
Specific gravity of a particular wood specie is inversely proportional to the mechanical properties of that wood.
1 point
Which of the following statement is wrong?
a) Green wood is less vulnerable to fungi attack.
b) Dry timber is recommended for use in structural applications.
c) Seasoning is the removal of moisture from wood with or without causing distortion.
a only
c only
1 point
Assertion(A): Strength of wood increases due to seasoning
Reason (R): During seasoning bound water between cells was removed and this leads to reduced inter atomic
distance (r) and subsequently the attractive force (F=12/r6) increases
Both A and R are correct and R is correct explanation for A
Both A and R are correct but R is not correct explanation for A
A is wrong and R is correct
A is correct and R is wrong
1 point

With reference to the following figure, which of the below given statement (or statements) is/are wrong?

"O" is called fibre saturation point

"OB" corresponds to the removal bound water
"OA" corresponds to the removal of bound water and shrinkage
In the region of "OB" cell walls are still saturated
1 point
Wood exhibits differential shrinkage. What is the descending order of various shrinkage's as per their
(Refer the following figure. Treat L, R and T as Longitudinal shrinkage, Radial shrinkage and Tangential


1 point
With reference to the Engineering properties of wood, which of the following is not correctly matched
Engg. Property

Highest in

Lowest in

i) Coefficient of variance

Work to max. load

Specific gravity

ii) Elastic modulus (E)

Longitudinal direction

Tangential direction

iii) Tensile strength

Perpendicular to grain

Parallel to grain

iv) Comp. strength

iv only

Perpendicular to grain

Parallel to grain

iii & i
iv & iii
iii only
1 point
Match the following Engg. properties of wood with their failure mechanisms

a) Tensile strength perpendicular to grain

b) Tensile strength parallel to grain
c) Tensile strength in bending

i) Rupture of bottom fibres

ii) Separation of micro-fibrils
iii) Buckling of cell walls

d) Comp. strength Parallel to grain

e) Comp. strength perpendicular to grain
f) Shear strength parallel to grain
a-v, b-ii, c-i, d-iii, e-iv, f-vi

iv) Breaking of secondary bonds

v) Breaking of primary bonds
vi) Collapsing of cells

a-iv, b-vi, c-i, d-iii, e-v, f-ii

a-ii, b-v, c-i, d-iii, e-vi, f-iv
a-ii, b-i, c-iii, d-iv, e-v, f-vi
3 points
If the modulus of rupture of a wood is 80 MPa in green state, what might be the modulus of rupture (in MPa) at
12% moisture content?
1 point
Thermal conductivity of wood is directly proportional to the specific gravity of the wood. True/False?
1 point
Timber can maintain its strength with temperature better than steel and concrete. The key factor/factors
contributing to this is/are:
i) Temperatures beyond 100 0C are necessary for self-ignition.
ii) Formation of char prevents incoming convective heat and protects inner un-burnt timber.
iii) Temperatures beyond 500 0C are necessary for self-ignition in absence of fire.
iv) Failure occurs only when burnt material is lost.
i and iii
ii and iv
iii and ii
iv only

2 points
Grade of plywood is determined by the type of adhesive used in its manufacturing process. True/False?
1 point
With reference to the Pre-pressing of veneers in plywood making, which of the statement is wrong
Purpose of pre-pressing is to equally distribute the moisture across the plywood
Both heat and pressure are involved
By doing this, wraps in end product can be eliminated
This should be done after spreading the glue on veneers
2 points
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