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They have a very close, familial sort of relationship.

He feels great sympathy f

or her situation and admits to going easy on her as a result even when her actio
ns cause problems for the team. He acts as a surrogate parent to her, affectiona
tely referred to as "Maman". They have a warm and intimate bond, as evidenced by
her cuddling with him and asking him to clean her ears. Sasaki is protective of
her and often tries to keep her out of battles despite their jobs as ghoul inve
stigators. However, he is aware of her destructive power in battle and brings he
r along on missions where it is needed.
After Sasaki regained his memories and left the Q-squad, their relationship is n
ow implied to be distant. However, it's also implied that he still cares for her
Nobu Shimoguchi
Their professional relationship is strained, with the other Investigator not eve
n bothering to hide his disdain for Sasaki. Though well aware of how Shimoguchi
looks down on him, Sasaki treats him with politeness and professionalism. Shimog
uchi however, does not hesitate to humiliate Sasaki when he gets a chance. He ta
kes these actions with minimal response, doing his best to remain professional a
nd courteous. However, when at home he expresses annoyance at the other man and
looks forward to the chance to show him up. After Nobu lost his squad however, S
asaki was quick to offer condolences to the man.
Donato Porpora
Donato serves as an informant and adviser, offering insight on investigations an
d personal advice to Sasaki. He uses the Investigator's personal name, a sign of
the close and cordial relationship between them. Donato even refers to him as h
is "friend", speaking kindly to him and wishing him well during moments of doubt
. Though imprisoned for many years, Donato seems to know many secrets about his
past and offers hints about Kaneki's lost memories and possible future.
Juuzou Suzuya
As Ken Kaneki, Kaneki does not know of Juuzou. Juuzou however, apparently knew b
y instinct that the Eyepatch Ghoul was the same person as Kaneki even though by
that time Kaneki's hair had already turned white, along with the fact that he wa
s donning his mask and Juuzou was observing him on ground running whilst on top
of an Aogiri building. This is evidenced by when Juuzou sees him and attempts to
remember his name (failing to do so though, as he only remembers that the name
starts with a 'K') while dragging Yamori's body around.
As ghoul investigators, both of them are considered unusual in their own ways, a
nd became friendly through prior collaborations. Juuzou is still aware of his tr
ue identity, as he repaid the money stolen from Kaneki's wallet long ago. Sasaki
always prepares for meetings with Juuzou by hiding treats in his pockets, letti
ng the other man frisk him as a greeting.
Seidou Takizawa
Takizawa learned about Haise through Kanou and Eto, as he was "modeled" after hi
m. As a result of being modeled after a mere test subject, which Kanou referred
to as his masterpiece, he wishes to surpass Haise, still possessing feelings of
inferiority as he did with Akira, who was ranked first, and him second. Takizawa
is also aware of Haise's true self, even calling him by name when he hesitates.
He does however, show Haise a little bit of acknowledgement as a leader, even s
tating Sasaki was a better leader than his own boss.
Koori Ui
Koori and Sasaki appear to have a professional relationship, knowing each other
from their days in S3 squad. Ui however secretly distrusts Sasaki and is wary of
both his mental state and his abilities as a ghoul.

In Tokyo Ghoul: Jail, Kaneki encounters Rio as he is searching for the ghoul cal
led Jail, who Kaneki is also searching for. The two meet while Rio is following
a lead on Jail, believing the area Kaneki is in to be his turf. Rio comes across
Kaneki while he is devouring powerful ghouls in order to become stronger. Seein
g that they share a common goal, Kaneki and Rio work together to find Jail. It i
s through Kaneki that Rio is also introduced to Anteiku.
Hairu Ihei
Sasaki and Hairu used to be in the Zero Division under Arima together. They get
along as co-workers, but Sasaki did not like her violent methods on handling gho
Eto Yoshimura
Even before becoming a ghoul, Kaneki admires Takatsuki Sen greatly, as she is hi
s favorite horror novelist and relates himself to her works, unaware of her true
identity. As Haise Sasaki, he still considers her his favorite author, but spec
ulates that she is a woman filled with despair and hatred towards the world and
has completely abandoned hope long ago.[19]
After regaining his memories, he becomes one of the few aware of her true identi
ty and considers her as an enemy that needs to be eliminated, and seriously woun
ds her during the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation. In the following mon
ths, he is pursuing and investigating her to bring her down. They share a cordia
l relationship, even after he arrested her, and gave him information about V, ev
en suggesting that he record Furuta's conversation with her and later requesting
that Sasaki should kill the One-Eyed King.
After meeting with Eto in Cochlea, She told Sasaki that both she and Arima had b
een raising Haise in hopes that they could create a ghoul strong enough to kill
Kishou Arima.
Nimura Furuta
They share a casual and relaxed partnership after 6 months timeskip, as seen whe
n he entrusted Furuta to search for Takatsuki's house, praising his skill in org
anizing documents, and later requested him to play the good cop role. Sasaki oft
en chimes in Furuta's joke about his boss and seems to not mind.
Take Hirako
Powers and Abilities
Ghoul Physiology: After inheriting Rize Kamishiro's kakuhou, Kaneki has displaye
d an unique healing factor, as well as the Rinkaku Kagune and increased physical
power. Due to the hybrid vigor, Kaneki's abilities are said to be more potent t
han that of a natural born ghoul.