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ae Oem bya 11 paar AWC Aas TWENTY YEARS AGO Our church has always sought to adapt to the activity of God. It was twenty years ago that we made a leap of faith that was highly unusual for any church at that time. We enlisted a core group of people to attend and provide leadership in Bible & Life Groups on Saturday evening, as well as enlisting musicians for band-driven contemporary music. At the same time, we enhanced the quality and quantity of our Sunday morning worship team of choir and orchestra. As Johann Bach noted, “The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul." Of course, regardless of rhythm, the content of the lyrics and the overall effect of the music, we must proclaim the gospel and magnify the Lord. As modern day contemporary Christian music pioneer, Larry Norman, asked, “Why should the devil have all the good music?" | agree with Martin Luther that “After theology, | accord to music the highest place and greatest honor.” Of course, he was using “theology” in a broad term for teaching the Word and proclaiming the gospel. Music stirs up something in the soul. | cannot imagine a great movie without a memorable and stirring soundtrack or background music, such as when the British Olympians are running on the beach in “Chariots of Fire." But true worship captures the soul of the Psalms, as when David tuned up his instruments and lifted his voice: “Praise God in His sanctuary" (Psalm 150:1). God affirmed the use of trumpets, lutes, harps, tambourines, strings, pipes and cymbals (Psalm 150:3-5). It's no coincidence that the Rapture will be announced with the sound of a supernatural musical instrument. | thank God for how our worship pastors, Dr. Todd Stearns and Eric Yeldell lead us so capably and biblically year after year. We thank all who participate. As we mature through the years ahead in corporate worship, choose deference over preference, distinguishing between convictions and traditions or opinions. Rejoice that the Lord is praised and the gospel is proclaimed daily and in diversity. Pray for further anointing on all of our worship and Bible study times “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name!" fier pipe WORSHIP NIGHT Oct. 9 at 6:30pm; A special night of worship through music, Scripture and prayer. PRAYER MEETING ‘TRUNK & TREAT - OCTOBER 31 Join us Oct. 30 at Spm in the] | Volunteers and pre-packaged Chapel for a special time of} |candy donations are needed prayer for our nation. Bins located around campus. OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD Commons entrance. NCS TICKETS Tickets for the Naples Christmas Spectacular are available online at fbcn.org, before and after the weekend services in the Commons or all 1-888-795-1559. PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER Walk 4 Life and Fun Fest at Golden Gate Community Park on November 5 from 8-11:30am. Please register at supportprc.org or to volunteer call 513-9775. OCC begins this weekend. Pick up your shoe box in the Commons, Fellowship Hallway, Courtyard or at the POD outside the Main FIRST STEPS CLASS October 23 at 9:30am; this 4-week session is for 1st-4th grade children who would like to be baptized. Please contact the Children's Ministry Office at 596-8600 x350 to register your child and obtain a workbook. OCTOBER BOOK CLUB 2017 DEACON NOMINATIONS "Sit Walk Stand" - October 20 You may obtain a form atthe at 6:30pm in the Commons. Information Desk or Media A look at Ephesians and the Ministry office. Return your believer's association with confidential form to any Christ, the world and Satan. of our Tithe and Offering Register in the bookstore. dropboxes by Oct. 9. QUILTING/SEWING CLASS October 10 at 6:30pm in room WC117. For further information, contact Pam Cole at 272-5583 or pcole@fbcn.org HELP WANTED The Food Service Ministry is in need of volunteers and weekday parttime assistance. For additional information, please contact Chef Herb at 821-6902. LAST WEEK'S ATTENDANCE WEDNESDAY DINNER Worship 2,163 Oct. 12th, 4:45pm - 6pm (Fellowship Gym) Bible and Life Groups 1,984 $6 each/$25 for the family (buy at door/cafe) Midweek Activities 1,396 Sliced Top Round of Beef, New Potatoes Green Beans, Salad, and Dessert IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE? DECISIONS FOR CHRIST October 10 - October 16 Membership By Statement: Call the Deacon Hotline (800) 732-9573 Melba Arthur Our deacons of the week: Miguel Gonzalez Michael Winkle and Dave Starkweather FIRST BAPTIST ACADEMY Congratulations Lions Band on your first f performance of 2016! Come and see them at the next home football game on Friday, Oct. 14! STAY CONNECTED... DOWNLOAD OUR APP! call ext 631 Email: FBCN@fbcn.org 3000 Orange Blossom Dr., Naples, FL 34109 Main Office: 597-6057 Office: Mon - Fri, 8:30 AM to 5 PM Extensions: 596-8600 ext_____ First Baptist Academy: 597-2233 FBCNaples 24-hr Prayer Line: 597-PRAY (7729) GQtee Lighthouse Bookstore: 449-4488 visit focn.org for more