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A Practical No-Nonsense Guide

A Fitness Guidebook for Adults Over 40, Yet
Useful for Adults of Any Age, to Quickly Getting
Fit, Lean, and Losing Impossible-To-Lose Fat.
by David Ross Goben

The PROVEN keys to fat-mass loss and a lean fit body are high-protein, high-nutritional-fats,
low-carbohydrates, and properly-sequenced high-intensity short-duration low-impact slowertempo compound-muscle-resistance anaerobic exercise with little rest to activate a fast
The programs advocated herein work under the PROVEN fact that fitness depends on
INTENSITY, not TIME. Intensity is critically important, but it is too often ignored by most fitness
programs, and even by expensive personal trainers. The reason is that for most people, applying
intensity to a workout IS HARD WORK and it requires a keen focus on method and execution!
Yet, the benefits of a 20-minute high-intensity anaerobic workout are far superior to the typically
longer and much more moderate anaerobic workouts of an hour or more.
David Ross Goben, 2016, Getting Fit After 40 a Practical No-Nonsense Guide.

Getting Fit After 40

A Practical No-Nonsense Guide

A Fitness Guidebook for Adults Over 40, Yet Useful for Adults of Any Age,
to Quickly Getting Fit, Lean, and Losing Impossible-To-Lose Fat.

By David Ross Goben

Copyright 2016 David Ross Goben. All rights reserved.
david.ross.goben@gmail.com, Lady Lake, Florida, USA
Last Update: Sunday, November 20, 2016, 8:57 AM (Original: June 10, 2016)
This book is free to everyone. You are also free to post unaltered copies of
it online, distribute free copies, or provide links to it as you choose.
This book is stored as both a plain text file and as a PDF document in a
public folder in my online Google Drive. People can access the latest text
file at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_Dj_dKazINlWEN2ZDUtaC1peDQ. Its
PDF is at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_Dj_dKazINlNFNJS0dadXc5anc.


This book explores exercise and diet facts and fictions, and also the types of
exercises and foods needed to EASILY defeat the midriff bulge most people
get as they grow older and more sedentary. After age 24, they might notice fat
slowly accumulating around their belly, hips, thighs and butt. This is largely
due to steadily diminishing Testosterone levels. Apart from making a man a
man, both men AND women employ it to maintain muscle and break down body fat,
to release its lipids into the bloodstream, which the bodys cells then absorb
for energy. As Testosterone slowly dwindles, our ability to build and repair
muscle and to burn fat likewise dwindles. By age 40, when our HGH, our Human
Growth Hormone (or Fountain of Youth hormone), begins on its slow decline,
this can make that hard-to-lose fat in time utterly impossible to hide.
This book explains how we can EASILY restore diminishing Testosterone, HGH and
many other hormones to peak levels and quickly lose excess body fat naturally,
and end up feeling and PHYSICALLY LOOKING much younger, using just a few highintensity exercises and a healthy diet, extending our lives and getting the
lean body we had, or should have had in our 20s! This is based on scientific
research and PROVEN results, not celebrity opinions, rumors, or fad diets!
NOTE: Notes are enclosed within bounded lines dispersed throughout this book,
like this one. These notes clarify various points in the main text, providing
additional minutiae on topics, or even act as sidebars to highlight related
material. I felt questions reviewers of this book doggedly asked regarding the
points it proffered were best served by submitting the material used to answer
their questions herein, sharing it with everyone. For example, explaining why
NATIVE LDL Cholesterol, too often reviled as bad, is actually GOOD! Or that
natural cures DO exist for erectile dysfunction, diabetes, and MUCH MORE!

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Getting Fit After 40............................................................................................................................... 1
About This Book .................................................................................................................................. 2
Table of Contents................................................................................................................................. 3
Preliminary Notes ................................................................................................................................ 9
About the Author ............................................................................................................................... 10
What You Should Expect From Reading This Book.......................................................................... 11
A Note on Daily Exercise and Nighttime Metabolic Rates......................................................... 11
A Note on The Importance of the Progesterone Hormone ........................................................ 12
Warning -- This Book is not "POLITICALLY CORRECT"................................................................... 13
A Note on Erectile Dysfunction................................................................................................ 15
About the Sources I Use .................................................................................................................... 16
Why This Book is Not Just a Quick-Start Guide................................................................................ 17
A Note on the Dangers of Man-Modified Trans Fat .................................................................. 18
A "QUICK" QUICK-START GUIDE -- This Book in a Nutshell............................................................ 20
The Diet and Exercise Wall That Many of Us Are Trapped Behind ................................................... 24
A Note on Anaerobics versus Aerobics ................................................................................... 25
A Note on Diabetes ................................................................................................................ 26
A Note on Cholesterol ............................................................................................................ 27
A Note on Excess Sugar Added to Processed Food ................................................................ 28
Examples of Gross Misconceptions in Exercise and Diet................................................................. 28
Misconception #1: Aerobic Crunches Burn Belly Fat................................................................ 28
A Note on Lower Back Pain, the Hip Flexor, and Quadratus Lumborum...................... 29
Misconception #2: Steady-State Cardio Burns Body Fat .......................................................... 30
Misconception #3: Eating Fat Makes You Fat .......................................................................... 32
A Note on Insulin ...................................................................................................... 32
A Note on Cortisol..................................................................................................... 32
Misconception #4: You Burn More Fat On an Empty Stomach ................................................. 33
Misconception #5: One Lb of Muscle Weighs More Than One Lb of Fat ................................... 33
Misconception #6: Exercise Converts Fat to Muscle ................................................................ 34
Misconception #7: Food Eaten in the Evening All Goes to Fat.................................................. 34
Misconception #8: Salt Causes Hypertension and High Blood Pressure ................................... 34
We Need to Unlearn the Diet and Fitness Misinformation We Have Been Taught............................ 36
A Note on Free Radicals and How to Easily Combat Them and ALL Inflammation Sources ...... 39
A Note on the Health Benefits of Starch .................................................................................. 42
Get Into a Regular Exercise and Healthy Eating Mindset.................................................................. 46
A Note on the Definition of a Diet ............................................................................................ 47
A Note on the Definition of Metabolism.................................................................................... 48
Resting Metabolic Rate............................................................................................. 48
Thermic Effect of Feeding ......................................................................................... 48
General Physical Activity........................................................................................... 48
A Note on What Happens When We Eat Sweets to Address Low Blood-Sugar Events ............. 49
A Note on Feeling "The Burn" in Muscles ................................................................................ 50
A Note on Smoking "Pot" and Oxygen Deprivation .................................................................. 54
Free Sample High-Intensity Anaerobic Fat-Burning Exercise Workouts .......................................... 55
Free Exercise Session from MAX Workouts ............................................................................ 55
Free Exercise Session from Abs After 40 ................................................................................ 55
Free Exercise Session from Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0................................................................. 56
Free Two-Week 'Fit in 15' Workout Program From Six Pack Shortcuts ..................................... 58
A Note on HGH (Human Growth Hormone) ............................................................................. 58
The Calorie Costs of Digestion.......................................................................................................... 59
The Science Behind Actually Burning Fat......................................................................................... 61
The Science Behind Sugar: Love Its Glucose and Hate Its Fructose ............................................... 64
Symptoms Versus Causes -- A Roadblock to Health and Exercise .................................................. 67
Allergies and the Deadly Preservative tBHQ ..................................................................................... 69
My Favorite Choices for Workout Programs ..................................................................................... 71
MAX Workouts ....................................................................................................................... 71
Abs After 40 ........................................................................................................................... 71
Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0............................................................................................................ 72
Honorable Mention: Athlean-X ................................................................................................ 74
Honorable Mention: Sweat With Kayla .................................................................................... 75

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Required Equipment for Completing the Recommended Workout Programs.................................. 77

Note For Women (Using Heavy Weights DOES NOT Make Big Muscles)................................. 77
A Note on Eccentric and Concentric Motion in Exercise ........................................................... 78
About Rolling to Relive Sore Muscles............................................................................................ 78
About Building a Bigger, More Powerful Musculature ...................................................................... 80
A Note on Biological Processes during "The Burn" .................................................................. 82
Diet and Healthy Nutrition Notes ....................................................................................................... 84
Start Your Journey Back to Health by Knowing Your Body Mass Index (BMI) ........................... 84
Post-Exercise Recovery Using Baking Soda............................................................................ 84
A Note on Baking Soda, Bioflavonoid, Heat Shock Protein 90 and Cancer.................. 87
A Note on the PD-L1 Protein, Alkaloids and Cancer................................................... 87
Avoid ANYTHING Containing Fluoride .................................................................................... 88
Why I Advise Against Smoking and Alcohol Consumption........................................................ 88
Post-Workout Meal................................................................................................................. 89
Additional Food Information .................................................................................................... 91
Good Foods
Avocados.................................................................................................... 92
Blueberries ................................................................................................. 93
Berries........................................................................................................ 93
Apples ........................................................................................................ 93
Cruciferous vegetables................................................................................ 94
Spinach ...................................................................................................... 94
Kiwifruit....................................................................................................... 94
Bananas ..................................................................................................... 95
Grapefruit ................................................................................................... 95
Parsley ....................................................................................................... 96
Lemons ...................................................................................................... 96
Eggs........................................................................................................... 96
Plain Greek Yogurt and Plain Cottage Cheese ............................................. 97
Coconut Oil................................................................................................. 97
Cinnamon Sticks ......................................................................................... 97
Conjugated Linolic Acid (CLA in Dairy)......................................................... 98
Sprouted Grain Bread ................................................................................. 98
Quinoa........................................................................................................ 98
Beans, Lentils, and other Legumes.............................................................. 99
(Honorable mentions).................................................................................. 99
A Note on Positive Coffee effects on the Liver.............................................. 99
Bad Foods
High Fructose Corn Syrup ........................................................................... 99
Store-Bought Fruit Juice.............................................................................. 99
Baked Potato Chips .................................................................................. 100
Pretzels .................................................................................................... 100
Popcorn.................................................................................................... 100
Manmade Fats.......................................................................................... 100
Margarines ............................................................................................... 100
Refined-Flour Breads ................................................................................ 101
Excess Sugars.......................................................................................... 101
Low-Fat or Fat-Free ANYTHING................................................................ 101
Processed Food........................................................................................ 102
So-Called "Natural" Ingredients ................................................................. 102
Take Care of Your Second Brain........................................................................................... 103
Breathing ............................................................................................................................. 104
Natural Detox ....................................................................................................................... 105
The Myth of Drinking Cold Water to Burn Lots of Calories...................................................... 105
Never Dehydrate .................................................................................................................. 105
Behind the Closed Half-Moon Door ....................................................................................... 106
Assuming "Power Poses" ..................................................................................................... 106
Omega-3 and Omega-6 Imbalance ....................................................................................... 107
Avoid the Large Molecule Olestra Fat Substitute ................................................................... 108
Getting Fit Enough To Do Fitness Exercise .................................................................................... 109
Note about Using Creatine to Get Energy Up for Frail People ................................................ 109
Simple Starter-Set Exercises To Get "Exercise Fit"................................................................ 110

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Lifting Things Around the House ............................................................................. 110

Housework ............................................................................................................. 110
Walking .................................................................................................................. 110
Tensing Exercise -- Resistance Exercise on the Cheap ......................................................... 111
"Cosmetic Surgery" Without the Surgery ............................................................................... 112
Fixing Your Posture.............................................................................................................. 113
Fixing Bent Knees................................................................................................... 113
Fixing Pelvic Tilt...................................................................................................... 113
Fixing Shoulder Droop ............................................................................................ 113
Fixing Neck Tilt....................................................................................................... 113
Exercise Equipment for Pre-Program Exercise............................................................................... 114
Dumbbells............................................................................................................................ 114
Two Tennis Balls.................................................................................................................. 114
Thick Wooden Dowel............................................................................................................ 114
Oversized Rubber Bands or Circle Resistance Bands............................................................ 115
A Desk with a Sturdy Leg Well .............................................................................................. 117
A Chair as a Home Gym....................................................................................................... 117
Optional Purchase -- Bullworker............................................................................................ 117
Optional Purchase -- Latex Circle Resistance Bands ............................................................. 117
Optional Purchase -- Latex Resistance Band......................................................................... 117
Optional Purchase -- Tricep Pull-Down.................................................................................. 118
Optional Purchase -- Push-Up Bars ...................................................................................... 118
Optional Purchase -- Pull-Up Bar .......................................................................................... 118
Optional Purchase -- Roller................................................................................................... 118
Setting Up an Exercise Regimen and Calendar............................................................................... 119
A Note on Dr. Izumi Tabata and His Discovering the Secret of EPOC ................................... 119
Why Progressive Exercise Is Important ................................................................................. 120
Breaking Up a Program into Stepwise Segments................................................................... 121
Setting Up Your Own Personal Program ............................................................................... 122
Weekly Exercise Schedule...................................................................................... 123
Dynamic Warm-Ups Before Starting a Session ........................................................ 123
Designing Your Exercise Sets ................................................................................. 124
How I Got Started With My Own Personal Program ........................................................................ 126
Getting Ready for Exercises Designed to Revitalize Your Metabolism .......................................... 130
Basic Requisite Exercises..................................................................................................... 130
Exercise Start Positions........................................................................................................ 130
Example Exercise: Standing Dumbbell Curls ........................................................... 131
Demonstrating Focused Exercise With Concentration Curls ..................................... 132
Starting Position: Standing Erect ............................................................................. 133
Starting Position: Boxer Stance ............................................................................... 133
Starting Position: Seated......................................................................................... 134
Starting Position: Plank........................................................................................... 134
Starting Position: Reverse Plank ............................................................................. 134
Starting Position: Prone .......................................................................................... 135
Starting Position: Hands and Knees ........................................................................ 135
Starting Position: Bridges ........................................................................................ 135
Warming Up for Anaerobic Exercise...................................................................................... 135
General Exercise Documentation.................................................................................................... 136
BRIDGES ............................................................................................................................ 137
Glute Bridges (AKA Hip Raises or Glute Thusters)................................................... 137
Lying Glute Bridges ................................................................................................ 137
Reverse Plank Kicks (AKA Bridge Kicks) ................................................................. 137
BURPIES............................................................................................................................. 138
Burpies................................................................................................................... 138
Quiet Burpies.......................................................................................................... 138
CORE ROTATIONS............................................................................................................. 138
Core Rotation ......................................................................................................... 138
Lateral Lunge with Core Rotation ............................................................................ 138
CRUNCHES......................................................................................................................... 139
Bicycle Crunches (AKA Bicycles) ............................................................................ 139
Sprinter Sit-Up Crunches (AKA Sprinter Sit-Ups) ..................................................... 139
Lying Heel-Tap Crunches........................................................................................ 139

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Reverse Crunches .................................................................................................. 139

Standing Knee-to-Elbow Crunches.......................................................................... 140
Side Knee-Up Crunches (AKA Side Knee-Ups)........................................................ 140
Towel Sit-Up Crunches (AKA Towel Sit-Ups)........................................................... 140
Leg Lay-Over Crunches (AKA Lag Lay-Overs)......................................................... 140
Elevated Toe-Reach Crunches (AKA Elevated Toe-Reaches) .................................. 140
Dumbbell Pull-Over Crunches (AKA Dumbbell Pull-Overs)....................................... 140
CURLS ................................................................................................................................ 141
Bicep Curls............................................................................................................. 141
Alternating Bicep Curls............................................................................................ 141
Concentration Curls (AKA Seated Curls) ................................................................. 141
Hammer Curls ........................................................................................................ 141
Alternating Hammer Curls ....................................................................................... 141
FLYS ................................................................................................................................... 141
Floor Dumbbell Flys (AKA Dumbbell Flys) ............................................................... 141
Bent Over Rear Delt Flys ........................................................................................ 141
Frontal Flys ............................................................................................................ 142
Shoulder Flys ......................................................................................................... 142
LUNGES.............................................................................................................................. 142
Lunges ................................................................................................................... 142
Reverse Lunges ..................................................................................................... 142
Walking Lunges ...................................................................................................... 143
Lateral Lunges (AKA Side Lunges).......................................................................... 142
Lateral Lunges With Dumbbells (AKA Side Lunges With Dumbbells) ........................ 143
Lunges with Bicep Curls.......................................................................................... 143
Reverse Lunges with Bicep Curls ............................................................................ 143
Lunges with Dumbbell Press-Ups............................................................................ 143
Reverse Lunges with Alternating Press Ups ............................................................ 143
Lunges with Dumbbell Rows ................................................................................... 143
Lunges with Reach and Twist (AKA Mobility Lunge)................................................. 144
Overhead Reverse Lunge with Twist ....................................................................... 144
Overhead Lateral Lunges........................................................................................ 144
Lateral Lunge with Reach........................................................................................ 144
Split Lunge Rows (AKA Split Squat Rows)............................................................... 144
Alternating Jump Lunges ........................................................................................ 144
Alternating Reverse Lunge with Single-Leg Step-Up and High-Knee-Lift................... 144
Lateral Lunges with Core Rotation........................................................................... 145
PLANKS.............................................................................................................................. 145
X-Plank .................................................................................................................. 145
Knee-to-Elbow Planks............................................................................................. 145
Shoulder Touch Planks........................................................................................... 146
Commando Planks (AKA Hydraulic Planks) ............................................................. 146
Plank Dumbbell Rows (AKA Dumbbell Row Push-Ups)............................................ 146
Plank Reach Under and Twist ................................................................................. 146
Plank with Opposite Hand to Toe Reach.................................................................. 146
Plank Crunches (AKA Knee-To-Elbow Planks) ........................................................ 146
Plank Jump-Ins....................................................................................................... 146
Mountain Climbers.................................................................................................. 146
Inclined Mountain Climbers ..................................................................................... 147
Side Planks ............................................................................................................ 147
PRESSES............................................................................................................................ 147
Inclined Dumbbell Presses...................................................................................... 147
Alternating Dumbbell Flat Bench Presses ................................................................ 147
Shoulder Presses (AKA Dumbbell Presses)............................................................. 147
Arnold Presses ....................................................................................................... 147
Floor Dumbbell Presses.......................................................................................... 148
PRONES ............................................................................................................................. 148
Prone Back Extensions (AKA Lying Back Extensions or Superman) ......................... 148
Prone Leg Curls...................................................................................................... 148
Prone Paddles (AKA Doggie Paddles)..................................................................... 148
Prone Cobras ......................................................................................................... 148
PUSH-UPS .......................................................................................................................... 148

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Push-Ups ............................................................................................................... 149

Knee Push-Ups ...................................................................................................... 149
Diamond Push-Ups (AKA Marine Push-Ups) ........................................................... 149
Inclined Push-Ups................................................................................................... 150
Declined Push-Ups ................................................................................................. 150
Dumbbell Row Push-Ups (AKA Plank Dumbbell Rows)............................................ 150
Plyo Push-Ups........................................................................................................ 150
Push-Ups with Twist (AKA Push-Ups with Rotation)................................................. 150
Pike Push-Ups........................................................................................................ 150
Inch Worm Push-Ups.............................................................................................. 151
ROWS ................................................................................................................................. 151
Bent Over Dumbbell Rows (AKA Overhand-Grip Dumbbell Rows)............................ 151
Bent Over Reverse Grip Dumbbell Rows ................................................................. 151
Dumbbell Row Push-Ups (AKA Plank Dumbbell Rows)............................................ 151
Seated Upright Dumbbell Rows............................................................................... 151
One Arm Rows ....................................................................................................... 151
Split Lunge Rows (Split Squat Rows) ...................................................................... 152
Lateral Dumbbell Rows (AKA Lateral Raises) .......................................................... 152
Dumbbell High-Rows (AKA Dumbbell High-Pulls) .................................................... 152
Inverted Rows ........................................................................................................ 152
SHRUGS ............................................................................................................................. 152
Standing Shrugs (AKA Standing Dumbbell Shrugs or Dumbbell Shrugs) .................. 152
Seated Shrugs........................................................................................................ 152
Behind the Back Shrugs.......................................................................................... 153
SQUATS.............................................................................................................................. 153
Air Squat ................................................................................................................ 153
Squats with Dumbbells at Side................................................................................ 153
Squats with Dumbbells at Shoulders ....................................................................... 153
Squats with Dumbbell Press-Ups ............................................................................ 153
Squats with Alternating Dumbbell Press-Ups ........................................................... 153
Squats with Arnold Presses (AKA Dumbbell Squat Thrusts)..................................... 153
Squats with Dumbbell Rows.................................................................................... 154
Squats with Alternating Dumbbell Rows................................................................... 154
Squats with Alternating High-Knee Pulls.................................................................. 154
Squats with Alternating Kicks .................................................................................. 154
Chair Squats .......................................................................................................... 154
Sumo Squats (Sumo Dead Lift) ............................................................................... 154
Sumo Squats with High Pulls .................................................................................. 154
Prison Squats ......................................................................................................... 154
Goblet Squats......................................................................................................... 155
Jump Squats .......................................................................................................... 155
Side-Step with Squats............................................................................................. 155
STEP-UPS........................................................................................................................... 155
Step-Ups ................................................................................................................ 155
Step-Up with High-Knee-Lifts .................................................................................. 155
Reverse Lunge with Single-Leg Step-Up and High-Knee-Lift .................................... 155
TRICEP EXTENSIONS ........................................................................................................ 156
Dumbbell Tricep Extensions.................................................................................... 156
Seated Single Dumbbell Tricep Extensions.............................................................. 156
MISCELLANEOUS LYING................................................................................................... 156
Alternating Side Leg Lifts ........................................................................................ 156
Alternating Side Leg Lifts With Dumbbell ................................................................. 156
Lying Flutter Kicks .................................................................................................. 156
Lying Scissors Abs ................................................................................................. 156
Lying Single Leg Raises.......................................................................................... 157
Alternating Toe Touches ......................................................................................... 157
Lying Lateral Scissors Abs (AKA Ab Scissors) ......................................................... 157
MISCELLANEOUS STANDING............................................................................................ 157
High Knee Taps...................................................................................................... 157
High Knees............................................................................................................. 157
Single-Leg Toe-Touches......................................................................................... 157
3 Punch With High Knee Pulls................................................................................. 158

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3 Punch With High Kicks......................................................................................... 158

Jumping Jacks........................................................................................................ 158
Calf Raises............................................................................................................. 158
Skater Jumps ......................................................................................................... 158
Quick Steps............................................................................................................ 158
Side-To-Side Towel Hops ....................................................................................... 158
MISCELLANEOUS STANDING WITH DUMBBELLS............................................................ 159
Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks ..................................................................................... 159
Dumbbell Dead Lifts ............................................................................................... 159
Dumbbell Side Bends ............................................................................................. 159
Dumbbell Good Mornings........................................................................................ 159
Dumbbell Hang Cleans (AKA Shrug Cleans) ........................................................... 159
Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans (AKA Shrug Power Cleans) ...................................... 160
Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans with Press-Up .......................................................... 160
Dumbbell One Arm Push Jerk (AKA One Arm Push Jerk) ........................................ 160
Dumbbell One Arm Power Snatch (AKA One Arm Power Snatch) ............................ 160
MISCELLANEOUS .............................................................................................................. 160
Pull-Ups (AKA Chin-Ups) ........................................................................................ 160
Bench Dips (AKA Seated Dips) ............................................................................... 160
Seated Leg Pull-Ins ................................................................................................ 161
Alternating Rear Leg Kickbacks............................................................................... 161
Wall Sits................................................................................................................. 161
Wall Sits with Dumbbells......................................................................................... 161
Finding Online Military Exercise Training Manuals......................................................................... 161
Finding Other Exercise Source Material.......................................................................................... 162
Free Online PDF Books Available by David Ross Goben ............................................................... 163
Open Letters Sent to Advocates for the Electric Universe and Expansion Tectonics Theories ... 163
Navigating Your Way through Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic .NET Application Upgrades ....... 164
Enhancing Visual Basic .NET Applications Far Beyond the Scope of Visual Basic 6.0............... 165
Doom 3 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide................................................................................ 166
Getting Fit After 40 - A Practical No-Nonsense Guide .............................................................. 167
Also Available from the Author ....................................................................................................... 168
A Gnostic Cycle: Exploring the Origin of Christianity .............................................................. 168

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Please confer with a TRUSTED physician regarding ANY medical advice proffered
herein! Your medical situation might have unique circumstances that might not
be covered within the restricting confines of a book! Simply because this
shared advice has worked successfully for me and countless others, it does not
mean that it will also have full, unrestricted applicability to you. I clearly
cannot and WILL NOT assume responsibility for your personal medical situation.
Those are decisions that must be left entirely up to you and to you alone.
NEVER HESITATE to seek a second doctors opinion. For example, my father went
to the same doctor religiously for over 30 years. For all those years he was
told by this trusted family physician that the total deafness in his left ear
was irreparable. After that doctor retired, during a visit with another doctor
at a Veterans Hospital, as he and the doctor bided their time waiting for
some test results, my father casually mentioned his deafness. The doctor
promptly checked his ear and IMMEDIATELY found that his eardrum was simply out
of place! By using a simple instrument, the doctor was able to reseat the
eardrum and totally restore my fathers hearing in less than 15 seconds!
You should make note of the fact that all monetary amounts that I reference
within this book for unaffiliated third-party goods and services are in United
States of America Dollars (USD). I am not compensated by them for it.
Also notice that I use the anagram AKA within this book A LOT, such as making
Non-native LDL Cholesterol an AKA of Manmade or Man-modified Trans Fat, which
is important to those concerned with High Cholesterol (Hypercholesterolemia).
For those who might not be aware if it, AKA is simply an anagram for Also
Known As.
Further, ignore bathroom scales and use your eyes instead! Replace your fatweight with denser lean muscle that also burns 3 times more calories than fat.
You could even gain weight, but you will STILL look MUCH thinner and fitter!
Additionally, throughout this book, and in reading a cornucopia of research,
you will find two time periods CONSTANTLY reported by them: 2 MINUTES and 48
HOURS. Keep an eye out for these two figures. There has GOT to be an important
metabolic reason for them occurring so often! It would seem that our bodies
have internal timers that are set to one of these values, whether managed by
heart rate, hormones dissipating, regenerating, or acting, internal sphincters
relaxing or contracting, or our instinctual proclivity for keenly recognizing
patterns. One might assume the answer to these periods could reveal the secret
to keeping a lean fit body even easier than that which is discussed herein.
Finally, feel free to bounce around this book to read the parts that have the
most interest to you. Once having done that, then go back and read this book
from front to back. For many people this can make its dense proliferation of
information much easier to consume. This book must also repeat LOTS of
information because it has to fight back popular but misinformed fitness and
diet memes that should be absolutely purged from any rank of believability!

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I am a US Military Veteran, an independent researcher, a

software engineer, and an author. To keep in shape and
remain active after retiring, I now do HEAVY warehouse
labor in a mid-level retail store (NOT Wal-Mart), running
up and down tall ladders, living in glorious anonymity.
I have extensively explored Biblical history, ancient
cultural thinking and slang, resulting in my seminal work:
A Gnostic Cycle: Exploring the Origin of Christianity. I
have written many books, manuals, and magazine articles under pen names or just
not credited (in order to keep that glorious anonymity).
My interests include the bio-mechanical origins of life, analyzing patterns that
are indicative of intelligent construction, Climate Change Myths, The Electric
Universe, Expansion Tectonics, Electron-Positron Lattice Technology, Quartz
Technology, the real truth of history, exploring the ancient practice of Dream
Walking, exploring the glaring flaws in current Darwinian theory, Mendelian
Inheritance, Cosmology, Quantum Physics, Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and
Nuclear Physics. My goal is to become as close as I can be to a Universal Scholar.
I am presently 61 and I am proof that the research presented here DOES work. I
lost 105 pounds and 16 inches from my waist in 5 months, and STILL dropping, all
without reducing calories or avoiding fatty food, or taking pills or supplements!
I did it by exercising a half-hour each day and eating to properly feed my body.
The loss was of body fat, NOT of muscle. I also built up that muscle, building a
lean physique and a fast metabolism. As impossible as it was to previously lose
this body fat, desperately trying fad diets, calorie-counting, and low-fat foods
(and in the end GAINING fat!), I decided to immerse myself into detailed research
on the subject and explore the actual science behind human biochemistry and how
exercise and the foods we eat act upon it. That has made ALL the difference!

NOTE: Most everyone warns me that losing weight this fast is unhealthy. It is not!
It is ONLY unhealthy for people on REDUCED-CALORY and/or REDUCED-FAT diets!
NOTE: Take advantage of what I learned. Instead of spending endless hours at the
gym, not being quite sure what to do, devote only a half-hour a day, 4 or 5 days a
week over 12 weeks in the privacy of your own home following an exercise and diet
program with no equipment except for a pair of dumbbells! It does not hurt that
instead of cutting food you might have to INCREASE it, just to fuel a heartier
appetite and a FAST metabolism that WILL burn calories and fat day AND night!
Is 3, or even 6 months devoted to a program worth extending your life and getting
back the body you had in your 20s? After success with my self-designed program, I
researched DOZENS of others to gain EVEN FASTER results, and among all of them I
finally found just 3 that were based fully upon the research I had conducted. The
best part is that they are among the most inexpensive programs out on the market,
costing only a one-time fee from $39.95 to $97! I will even include links to full
sample sessions of them so you can actually test drive these programs for free!


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This is a practical, no-nonsense guide for getting fit, lean and sexy, even if
you are a young man or woman who suffers from excess weight, slow metabolism,
low Testosterone, or are like me and us older folks over the age of 40.
Do you drift through life in denial, claiming you have an under-active thyroid
(though this disorder IS real, few of those CLAIMING they have it really do),
or that you have big bones (strange how some peoples bones can get bigger
after they start packing on excess body weight), or your metabolism is slow,
or that it naturally slowed down through no fault of your own as you got
older (though this can happen to most of us over time, we can actually point
DIRECTLY to our diets and the sedentary lifestyle we tend to adopt as we age)?
Move beyond denial, admit that you have a fat-weight problem and you want to
do something REAL about it, and then read this book to find ways you can fix
it. You will find no diet-rumors or weight-loss myths as solutions here, or
check to see what some movie star or celebrity doctor has to say about this
weeks new way to diet. Much of what they say is nothing but ejecta from the
south side of a north-bound horse, anyway, because most of them spew what they
are paid to spew or what they are paid to skew their pontifications towards.
You are going to explore proven methods drawn from solid scientific research
to EASILY reactivate the hard-charging fast metabolism that you REALLY DO
HAVE, restore your Testosterone/Estrogen to peak levels, and to once again
burn calories and body fat even as you sit on your duff and even as you sleep.
You will be able to lose all that excess fat-mass without using any miracle
supplements, gizmos, therapies, or pills, but through using simple and short
anaerobic exercises and a more sober and educated understanding of your daily
diet and how it and exercise actually acts upon the biochemistry of your body.
The hot body you might have had in your youth is not forever lost in your
past. By understanding how your body and metabolism REALLY work and how the
foods you eat affects you, you CAN get that hot body back again, and SOON!
NOTE: Research shows an average persons metabolic rate is no different day or
night. Thus, the belief that we will gain weight if we eat after a certain
hour in the evening, or that anything we eat before going to bed will only go
straight to fat, is only a myth. BUT, did you know daily exercise can boost
sleeping metabolic rates by up to 11%, dramatically INCREASING fat-burning?
This book will explain:
The differences between the high-intensity anaerobic resistance exercises
that I advocate herein to reactivate the fast metabolism that you actually
should have (even if for some reason it has not yet fired up in your case) and
lighter-intensity aerobic exercises, which I think you are wasting your time
on if you are only attempting to reduce fat-weight. I will also explain why.

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You will find out how a diet

burn off body fat WITHOUT adding
types of nutritional fats will
charging and incinerate calories

high in nutritional fat can actually make you

on body fat by learning that eating the right
act as fuel to keep your metabolism hardand body fat like it once did in your youth.

You will explore the exercises and foods you need to get lean and fit, such
as anaerobic exercise and food high in slow-digesting proteins and nutritional
fats, and the exercise and food you should avoid, such as steady or stationary
cardio exercise and foods high in carbohydrates or manmade trans fats.
You will learn that the High Fructose Corn Syrup, HFCS, in many popular
carbonated beverages, energy drinks, and snacks (even health snacks!) is
DEADLY (REGULAR Corn Syrup is 100% Glucose, which is OK)! To make HFCS, much
of corn syrups Glucose is transformed to Fructose using D-xylose isomerase
enzymes, making it taste MUCH sweeter. YET, because even powdered common sugar
saturates processed food, and Fructose, which we have no metabolic use for, is
50% of common sugar (and 50% Glucose), it can become deadly toxic when it
builds up within the body! Besides the sad fact that 100% of Fructose goes
STRAIGHT to fat storage, it is also used by cancer as a fuel, allowing it to
flourish and metastasize, it causes Insulin insensitivity, Leptin resistance
(Leptin controls fat-burning), gut-flora imbalance, diabetes, obesity, heart
disease, it increases uric acid, causing gout, kidney stones and aggravates or
precipitates hypertension, and many other serious issues of concern!
You will learn how you can reverse dwindling Testosterone or Estrogen
levels if near or over 40, or even at my age (almost 62), or much older.
You will learn what your body goes through using proper diet and highintensity anaerobics, and how it makes it possible to melt off fat that might
have previously absolutely refused to budge no matter WHAT you had tried.
You will learn why reduced-calorie diets and especially low-fat, or WORSE,
fat-free diets only makes you burn off muscle mass, but NOT ONE OUNCE of your
fat, and why it will usually make you LESS healthy AND EVEN FATTER!
You will learn that an activated fast metabolism restores hormone levels
of Testosterone, Estrogen, Leptin, Endorphins, Adrenaline, Progesterone, and
many others. It also restores your HGH (Human Growth Hormone), which revives
your skin to youthful vigor using just exercise and diet, all without spending
a penny on mud masks, mineral therapies, pills, surgery, or topical creams
(MOST creams to smooth (swell) wrinkled skin tissue contain MERCURY as its
active ingredient; AKA calomel, mercurous chloride, mercuric, or mercurio!).
You will also learn MANY MORE things to help you on the road to a healthy,
lean, fit, and sexy body. You just need to make a personal commitment to it!
NOTE: A VERY IMPORTANT hormone is Progesterone. It is the Happy Hormone.
When its levels drop, people can sink into depression. Indeed, prior to giving
birth, a mothers levels are 10-20 times higher than normal. But, right after
birth its levels can drop to zero, sinking them into postpartum depression.
Men suffer similar issues. Indeed, were people tested and found to be low in
Progesterone, they SHOULD be given this hormone instead of anti-depressants!

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What the title means is that I do not ever intend to deceive you or spin lies
like a politician to make a lie APPEAR to be truthful. I will NOT say there is
a good reason why vendors pack food with excess refined sugar, high Fructose,
toxic preservatives like tBHQ, artery-clogging manmade trans fats, invent
diseases requiring therapies, or that none of it is meant to make you addicted
to their products or dependant on costly medications, like statins, to manage
their faux diseases. Such equivalency is typical of the Politically Correct.
Let me explain. PC Police tell us the handicapped are differently-abled,
the blind are visually impaired, the obese are ample bodied, an
illegal immigrant is an undocumented worker, that someone who is horny
is amorous, or to have uncontrollable diarrhea is to have anal leakage.
At first blink, you might suppose these PC terms appear acceptable and kind,
but THINK about what they ACTUALLY MEAN. Truly, such Orwellian New-Speak ONLY
muddles and generalizes. It ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT accurately describe ANYTHING!
The differently-abled can refer to ANY person with unique skills; anyone with
a visual problem, such as needing reading glasses, is visually impaired; ample
bodied can refer to those with stout builds, the muscle-bound, or have a hot
shapely body, not just grossly overweight; undocumented workers can refer to
legal workers doing jobs off the books, or even to those unlicensed to do
jobs requiring certification, not just to aliens illegally in-country; amorous
speaks of people who are emotionally intertwined, not just to being sexually
aroused; and anal leakage can refer to any condition that brings about ANY
degree of anal issue, even Celiac Disease, controllable or not (such as you
can make it to a bathroom without being forced to trample to death anyone who
stands in your path), not just to those with diarrhea that is uncontrollable.
Political correctness will only corrupt a language to incomprehensibility.
I am surprised they have not demanded we use Technicolor Yawn in place of
Vomiting, which is what I want to do when I hear such posterior ejecta.
I am not one to dance around words or use deceptive politically correct
phrasing to blur terminology in order to protect personal hyper-sensitive
insecurities that whiny people typically have. Just deal with it! was my
Fathers profoundly wise advice for anything that troubled my self-esteem.
Truth is Truth, no matter how brutal some might bellyache that it is. This
use of political correctness is nothing more than a device by which one can
lie, or conceal a white lie, but make such a lie APPEAR as Truth. I think PC
is an idiotic concept, because to me deception is anything BUT correct.
However, I DO understand that when ones spouse demands you ALWAYS be 100%
honest with them, and then they turn around to ask you something insanely
stupid, like if they are getting fat, you tread on thin ice if your presumed
honest answer is not the one they expect. Besides, if they have to ask, then
they ALREADY know the answer -- they just expect you NOT to confirm it!

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Even so, one common, natural topic covered in this book was actually a subject
of great contention by those who would presume for themselves a mantle of
authority and correctness. It has to do with Testosterone and women. I still
cannot believe that I had to even argue this natural biological process.
I will not, as one self-described Sensitivity Coach recommended, make vague
inferences, such as instead of referring to raising Testosterone levels in
women through exercise of this ASSUMED male-only hormone that I should
instead refer to raising their fat-burning hormone. The truth is that women
DO produce Testosterone (Androgen), the key male hormone, along with Estrogen,
the key female hormone, both generated from nutritional fats (lipids), in
their ovaries and adrenal glands (males generate it in their gonads and
adrenal glands). After Testosterone enters a womans bloodstream, Amoratase
enzymes manufactured within their organ-covering fatty tissue binds with it to
transform much of it to Estrogen, which helps make and keep her a woman.
A womans Follicle-Stimulating Hormone engenders ovarian production of their
primary source of Estrogen by the granulosa cells of the ovarian follicles and
corpora lutea. Smaller amounts are produced in the liver, the adrenal glands,
and breasts. After menopause, when Follicle-Stimulating Hormone production
diminishes, the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen in women is essential.
Besides burning fat and maintaining muscle, Testosterone in women also makes
them horny. Luckily humans are not like other mammals, where the female will
only produce Testosterone during rare heat periods once or twice a year,
called Estrus (Greek for sexual desire), induced by female reproductive
hormones. The rest of the year they accumulate fat, due to the lack of fatburning Testosterone, in order to fuel pregnancy and nurture their offspring.
Thanks to female genetics, women do not produce enough Testosterone to get an
Adams Apple, get a hairy chest, or sing bass in a barbershop quartet, among
other things, unless they resort to heavy and illegal steroid injections
(the human Testosterone hormone is actually a NATURAL, safe steroid -- but
avoid synthetic or animal steroids due to common adverse physiological and
psychological side-effects!) or they have Hyperandrogenism that causes a few
women to produce up to triple the normal Testosterone for women.
On the other hand, low production of Testosterone in women not only greatly
reduces sexual desire, but it also weakens their bones and reduces their
Estrogen levels. Indeed, later in life, older men can often have higher
Estrogen levels than post-menopausal women if these men accumulate belly fat,
which produces Amoratase enzymes that convert mens Testosterone to Estrogen!
Rest assured that women using the exercise and diet programs I will recommend
-- even if they also do HEAVY weight training -- WILL NOT and CAN NOT develop
massive, bulging muscles like so many of the male gym rats they might see
socialize on an exercise centers Pec Deck (one typically has to take special
supplements to pack more liquid storage space into those muscles to bulk them
up -- though this fails to add any actual strength to them). Women will
instead get fit, lean, hard-bodied, and HOT when they complete these programs.
And, whatever Testosterone not used to make lean muscle and burn body fat will
transform into Estrogen to make them the woman they were in their youth (doing
this additional Testosterone production is ESSENTIAL after menopause, because
by then their NATURAL Estrogen production levels will have dropped sharply).

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NOTE: Did you know that 25% of men seeking treatment for Erectile Dysfunction
(ED) are under age 20, 50% of men from ages 40 to 70 have some degree of ED,
and 90% of men diagnosed with ED have an elevated risk of heart attack?
It is assumed only low Testosterone (Low-T) causes ED. When a man has Low-T,
his doctor might auto-prescribe a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PDE5),
metabolizing nitric oxide to initiate an erection. If it is ineffective, they
might then prescribe expensive Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT),
involving $1000/month, CONSTANT doctor visits, blood-work and injections.
With TRT, patients run the risk of side-effects like heart attack, stroke,
blood clots, sleep apnea, prostrate cancer, debilitating memory problems, and
fits of rage. Men are most commonly put on PDE5 pills, such as Viagra, Cialis,
etc., even though that can lead to a different laundry list of side-effects,
such as sudden vision loss; vision changes; ringing in the ears or sudden
hearing loss; chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm or
shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling; shortness of breath; feeling
lightheaded, fainting; irregular heartbeat; swelling in the hands, ankles, or
feet; a penis erection that is painful or lasts 4 hours or longer; or cancer.
Less serious side-effects include warmth or redness in the face, neck, or
chest; stuffy nose; headache; memory problems; upset stomach; or back pain.
The trapping of blood-flow, resulting in a non-stop and VERY painful erection
lasting 4+ hours is too often down-played and even joked about. But if it goes
untreated, it can last for several DAYS, leading to gangrene due to blood
stagnation. If antibiotics do not clear it up, then amputation is required!
Most doctors too often blame ED primarily on Testosterone levels, though in
truth only 3% of ED issues are caused by Low-T. 97% of these cases are
actually due to reduced levels of a little-known enzyme called eNOS.
eNOS (endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase) releases nitric oxide from the Larginine amino acid and is needed to help nitric oxide produce an erection,
being used to manage an erections length. Without eNOS, all the PDE5 in the
world might not deliver an erection! Using PDE5s also increases the chance for
blindness, psychological issues, and 84% better odds of developing cancer.
eNOS, also known as Nitric Oxide Synthase 3 (NOS3) or constitutive NOS (cNOS),
is an enzyme that is one of three isoforms that synthesize nitric oxide, a
small gaseous and lipophilic (dissolves in fats) molecule that participates in
several biological processes. Nitric oxide produced by eNOS in the vascular
endothelium plays crucial roles in regulating vascular tone, cellular
proliferation, leukocyte adhesion, and platelet aggregation. eNOS is also
essential for a healthy cardiovascular system.
An ALTERNATIVE path converts nitrate foods to nitric oxide via mouth bacteria,
like animal organs, beet root, black tea, blueberries, brown rice, cayenne
pepper & other hot chili peppers, citrus fruits, cranberries, garlic, honey,
onions, oysters, peanut butter, pistachios, pomegranate, raw dark chocolate,
salmon, shrimp, walnuts, watermelon, and nitrate-rich leafy greens, such as
arugula, beet greens, butter leaf, celery, chard, kale, lettuce, and spinach.

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Most of this daunting profusion of information is based on personal research

conducted by plowing through countless resources, from noted peer-reviewed
scientific journals and papers, to include a significance of research-backed
reports that have been provided freely for public scrutiny by supplement
organizations, like BioTrust Nutrition (http://sem.biotrust.com) and Anabolic
Men (www.anabolicmen.com) (two supplement and dietary information sources my
research has deemed reliable), Optimal Breathing Mastery (www.breathing.com)
(proper breathing is far more important to our well-being than most people
might ever presume, and especially because critical hormonal secretions from
our Endocrine glands are so tightly bound to it), the Thunderbolts website
(www.thunderbolts.info) (we are in fact bio-electric organisms that are
electricity-generating dynamos, like all other biological organisms, and we
need to rediscover how to manage it -- we are composed of 37.2 trillion cells,
where EACH cell is packed with hundreds of thousands of busy, highly animated,
incredibly programmatically-smart electric-powered molecular machines), a
plethora of peer-reviewed publications found at university archives, online
encyclopedias, and reliable information extracted from trusted online health
and fitness sites such as Shin Ohtakes MAX Workouts (www.maxworkouts.com),
Mark McIlyars Abs After 40 (www.getabsafter40.com), and the late Clark
Shaos Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 (www.sixpackshortcuts.com).
I studied these sources incessantly as I wove personal observations into these
lines, paragraphs, and pages of prose to preserve perceptions and conclusions
on these subjects. Though my original work in fact saturates the content of
this book, especially due to my weighty and incessant editing as I tried to
succinctly express its many points, insert new research, and deliver as much
information as possible, I am not quick to toot my horn. Rather, I will grant
that this volume is at its core inspired by the above genius, upon whose many
shoulders I stand, and express upon it a modest modicum of my own intelligent
intuitive perception. I originally laid this all out as a PERSONAL referential
collection of jotted notes and observations, never intended as a book, to bind
my massive body of research in a manner that would make the most sense to me.
One also has to be mindful of their references because there is a superfluity,
indeed, a torrential flood of MISINFORMATION, much of it long-since abandoned
and outdated by over 35 years, such as now-disproved fitness theories dating
back to the 1980s, back when isolated and aerobic exercises were all the rage,
the potentially joint-stressing split-body isolation workouts were becoming
like a pec deck religion, and everyone was juicing up to look like Arnold
Schwarzenegger. Much of this has since been shown to be less efficient or even
ineffective, sometimes askew to more recent discoveries, or just plain wrong.
Use the most up-to-date information backed by NON-PARTISAN scientific study.
It is truly amazing how many health and fitness sites base their facts upon
techniques they just like, agree upon, or just THINK that they sound good,
what someone they respect might have asserted, or build their foundation upon
outdated hypotheses from the 1980s, but how often recent scientific discovery
is counter to their programs. That makes their facts much like locker room
rumors that we all had about sex back in junior high or middle school.

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It is interesting that a few reviewers of this book have requested a QuickStart version of it, because THAT is exactly what this book was at its start!
My original omnibus of notes held but 16 pages. Yet, email I received about it
begged for clarity. So, I detailed my notes. It grew to 33 pages. But that was
like dousing a fire with butane. They suddenly wanted to know EVERYTHING!!!
All anyone really wants is clarity. They are tired of being told to do this or
that without explanation. This has much to do with celebrities and TV doctors
rolling out endless diet plans (that usually fail), or extol exotic substances
said to allow one to continue eating bad and STILL lose weight, not explaining
HOW that is possible or where the weight-loss actually comes from. These are
shiny baubles, glowing brightly but hold no substance. Such nonsense only line
a sponsors, and maybe even their own pockets with your hard-earned money!
In reviewing countless diet plans, I saw that they were ALL simply quick-start
guides. They explained little of any science behind them except in peripheral
terms. Usually that science can be dated all the way back to the 1980s, most
of which has since been superseded or invalidated. Sadly, nearly all were just
rewording the EXACT SAME failed old-as-dirt reduced-calorie, reduced-fat diet!
Society has had the idea pounded into it that to lose body fat they HAVE to
cut calories and fats from their meals. This propaganda is HAMMERED REPEATEDLY
into our social consciousness. It is so ingrained that stating the TRUTH about
fat-loss falls mostly on deaf ears. If I tell someone to eat fatty foods, they
think I lost my mind. They cringe when I share an 800-calorie omelet recipe
LOADED with fats and protein, but it instead BURNS body fat ALL DAY but does
not add ANY body fat, or that daily exercise increases night-time fat-burning,
or there is no truth to the myth that eating food late at night, like plain,
whole cottage cheese, goes to fat (it helps us sleep as it BURNS body fat!).
It has become even worse due to increasingly sedentary lifestyles, which slows
metabolisms, making one frail and halts fat-burning. People sit about staring
at smart devices, THINKING they are socially active because they use social
media, instead of getting involved in REAL social activities. People now have
more Facebook friends than ACTUAL friends. Their idea of social interaction is
to madly thumb messages back and forth instead of playing sports in the yard.
To restore health and fitness, people must ignite a fast-running metabolism.
Yet, most-all diets are based on the Standard American Diet, which advises
diets HIGH in carbohydrates and LOW in nutritional fats. This is -WHY- we do
not have a fast-running metabolism! If we are sedentary, high carbohydrates,
especially sugars, retard minds AND metabolisms! Low fats STARVE us and STOP
fat-burning by shutting down Testosterone, our fat-burning hormone. It also
raises our Cortisol hormones, which instructs Insulin to transport all we eat
to fat storage, rather than fueling our bodies to avert starvation. Have you
ever wondered WHY diabetes skyrocketed once society magnified its consumption
of carbohydrates? Have you ever wondered WHY obesity skyrocketed once all the
fat-free diets infected our social consciousness? OUR DIETS ARE ALL TO BLAME!

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An adult needing to be taught how to properly eat is sad, making the task of
education monumental, because the facts behind healthy eating is unfamiliar to
them due to so much erroneous information. They must relearn EVERYTHING!
I was reticent to commit to this project, because it is a complex, daunting
task, requiring me to toss a pounding deluge of information at the readers
eyes. The paradox here is that people want to have a quick-start guide, but
they absolutely hate the lack of information that is in a quick-start guide.
But at work, I kept hearing people trading the latest diet rumors or celebrity
diet tips in their desperate attempts to shed excess fat. That constant drone
of misinformation hammered endlessly on my ears. It was almost unbearable!
I would finally ask them why EVERY diet they ever went on might lose them some
weight, but suddenly results would stop cold? They might even end up weaker,
or look strangely flabbier. But afterward, they usually put on more weight.
I would then explain what the body TRULY needs, and they thought I was nuts,
simply because this celebrity or that TV doctor had said something else.
What really freaked them out was at one point in my own diet I had to consume
upwards of 5000 calories a day just to keep from dropping my weight TOO FAST.
THAT should have told them maybe I knew something their celebrities did not!
I pointed to their meals: carb-heavy salads, drinks with HFCS, faux sweeteners
that fool the spleen into THINKING it got sugar, confusing and damaging it and
the liver, and pre-made meals packed with excessive sugars and other heavy
carbohydrates, making them sugar-addicted, dulling senses, raising stress
hormones, desensitizing Insulin receptors, and halting fat-burning. Such meals
are usually loaded with manmade trans fats, which are oils modified by a highheat hydrogenation process, molecularly barbing them with hydrogen, making
them EXTREMELY sticky, and they then clog arteries. They also help bind 15 to
30 pounds of dormant feces in colons that can cause Dysbiosis, where nowresident, normally evacuated bad bacteria remains to over-power good gut
bacteria, grown and nurtured in the Appendix (its not-widely-known purpose).
NOTE: Manmade Trans Fats (AKA Industrial Trans Fats, Trans-Saturated Fatty
Acids, and Non-native LDL Cholesterol), is made by hydrogenating oils that
solidify liquid oils and extends product flavor stability and shelf life. It
also disrupts cholesterol levels and stresses hearts by amassing NON-native
LDL cholesterol and ApoB (Apolipoprotein B is a protein that adheres to artery
walls and binds to sticky lipids like manmade trans fats). The FDA declared
Manmade Trans Fats are no longer GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). NATURAL
trans fats (Trans-Unsaturated Fatty Acids; Native LDL Cholesterol) pose no
threat and is actually VITAL to our metabolism AND ESPECIALLY OUR BRAINS!
As long as people live in ignorance of the realities of health and fitness,
they can NEVER take absolute command and control of their health and fitness.
Just look at the aerobics craze that took root in the 1980s -- it did not burn
body fat; it burned only the oxygen they breathed. It was relatively easy and
it made them LOOK like they were working out really hard. Its results are
building endurance and losing water weight. But, losing water-weight is NOT a

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healthy weight-loss option because it does nothing except degrade metabolisms,

fog the brain, and retard the bodys circulation of oxygen -- as if smoking or
system-dulling medication might not already be starving it of enough oxygen.
Aerobics left people unprepared for the sudden proliferation of manmade trans
fats, excessive refined sugar, and dense, pulverized carbohydrate fillers that
soon bloated their diets, starting with convenient TV dinners. Once this yen
for pre-made meals exploded, it is now threatening to destroy most everyones
health, even as many such packages extol declarations of healthy goodness!
The body is actually designed to STAY fit and lean, but people sabotage its
efforts at almost every possible turn, thanks to all the diet and exercise
misinformation that now plagues our airwaves and social media networks.
Big Pharma does not help by promoting faux diseases, like high cholesterol.
Our bodies need as much NATIVE LDL and HDL cholesterol as it can get to keep
our cells healthy, youthful and soft! However, manmade trans fats cause this
disease, raising ApoB and non-native LDL cholesterol (manmade trans fats!).
It is even possible to cure diabetes in as little as 4 weeks! It just requires
pure cinnamon and chromium picolonate, which you can get by eating apples,
broccoli, and other sources (listed later). But MOST powdered cinnamon is not
REAL cinnamon, but is in fact flavored sawdust, which does NO ONE any good!
Cancer can be stopped cold by keeping our bodies alkaline; an environment it
cannot survive in because alkalinity sloughs off its protective coating that
evades immune system attack. Cancer requires an acidic bloodstream with a
preferred pH at 6.5 and lower, where healthy blood has a pH of 7.35 to 7.45.
Continuous physical or mental stress raises Cortisol hormone levels, causing
bodily electrical deficits, engendering Free Radicals (molecules that steal
electrons from other molecules), which degrade cells, causing cascading cell
destruction and inflammation. Free Radicals, high Cortisol and electron
deficits makes blood acidic, making us feel more stressed, more tired, more
susceptible to cancer, and can make joints ache because the liquid-crystal
water lattice layers, the little-known Fourth Phase of Water, cannot maintain
electrical levels to sustain mag-lift-like separation between cartilage.
I could go on and on, and THAT is the point of WHY this is not a quick-start
guide! People need to learn PROPER health, and they need to be aware that
there IS a world of RELIABLE science, but it has been shouted down by loud and
misinformed self-proclaimed diet and exercise gurus who preach weekend to 2week miracles and all too often give outdated diet and exercise advice!!!
If a TV doctor promotes some sponsors product, consider it with a grain of
salt. For example, once you educate yourself, the words of certain doctors,
some of whom countless people hang on their every word, will come as poison to
your ears when ACTUAL science can go against much of what they preach.
Education requires INFORMATION! It also requires repetition to ensure that
information is retained. It is sad that people have to be taught what their
bodies have always tried to tell them. When did we start ignoring our gut
instincts -- our gut feelings about things? Considering our gut contains
more neurons than our brain and spine combined, MAYBE we SHOULD listen to it?

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This entire book covers an expansive informational horizon. This section is as

close as it gets to a Quick-Start Guide. It BEGS for detail, but such is the
nature of quick-start guides. The book itself is CRAMMED to its cranial crest
with such needed troves of information; information you need to arm yourself
with knowledge so you can FULLY understand how to EASILY lose impossible-tolose fat-mass that harasses the self-consciousness of the majority of people.
Most people do aerobic exercise, which is what you do when you go to the gym
and hop onto one of those fancy-looking cyclic treadmills, an elliptical, a
stationary bike, a rowing machine, go out for a jog, do most manual labor, or
sit at a desk and push a digital cursor around a computer monitor all day.
Starting in the 1980s, aerobics became INSANELY popular here in America. It
could make anyone look like they were really working out, and all the bling of
the high-tech hamster wheels they slaved on for endless hours would infer that
they were really into Fitness. They also accessorized with designer sweatwear, personal bottles of expensive water, and ready energy treats, like
health bars or candy bars, for a quick energy boost (if they ONLY KNEW how
badly they were defeating any and all fitness efforts with such treats...).
The problem is, people use aerobic exercise in the expressed effort to burn
body fat and build muscle. It is a problem because AEROBICS WILL NOT BURN BODY
FAT -OR- BUILD MUSCLE! The ONLY things that it does do is build endurance (its
ONE positive attribute), drop water-weight (this is NOT a healthy weight-loss
choice), and it burns ONLY the oxygen they breathe during exercise, which will
provide their body with ALL its energy requirements for such ordinary effort.
Most aerobics enthusiasts are not aware that the jolts from hammering their
joints in rapid succession during steady aerobic cardio INHIBITS the ability
to burn fat and build muscle by reducing Testosterone, which the body uses to
burn that fat and to build that muscle. This means that all their steady-state
aerobics will actually make it IMPOSSIBLE to burn body fat or build muscle.
Pounding joints tell your body they are under PHYSICAL ATTACK. EVERY impact
causes the body to release a dose of Cortisol stress hormones. Cortisol arms
you with instant energy reserves to flee physical attack. Yet, repetitious
pounding does not let the body dissipate it before those joints are impacted
AGAIN, and so Cortisol will instead accumulate, which is what actually causes
us to feel stressed and agitated. Climbing Cortisol levels forces Testosterone
levels to conversely diminish until it can crash right through the floor, and
Testosterone will REMAIN at such minimized levels for up to 48 whole hours!
High Cortisol levels also rob you of electrons IN DROVES, which causes FREE
RADICAL molecules to form and riotously charge through your bodys cells. Free
Radicals are the root of ALL inflammation and cell degradation as they steal
electrons from surrounding molecules, which converts the robbed molecules into
Free Radicals, cascading degradation like falling dominoes! This also makes
blood pH levels acidic (electron-starved), which makes you feel exhausted and
more susceptible to illness and cancer. IT ALSO CAUSES YOU TO AGE FASTER!

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NOTE: Omega-6 fatty acids readily deteriorate to form Free Radicals. Normally,
inflammatory Omega-6 and healing Omega-3 fatty acids are balanced in the body
1-to-1. Yet, because Omega-6s saturate most processed foods, a regular diet of
it can cause our bodies to accumulate 25 times more Omega-6 than Omega-3!
How can we restore Testosterone to burn body fat and build a lean, fit body,
AND reduce Cortisol hormone levels to pull back the years from our appearance?
The answer is LOW-IMPACT ANAEROBICS. Some readers might understand this as
weight-training and strength-training. However, we are NOT trying to turn into
bulked-up body-builders with it. We only want to perform muscle resistance
using a pair of mildly hefty dumbbells along with our own body-weight.
But we are not talking about just ANY anaerobics. Apart from altering our diet
ESPEICALLY to cut out most sugars (in particular sugar high in Fructose
content -- even common table sugar is 50% Fructose), we also need to perform
(take a deep breath...) properly-sequenced high-intensity short-duration lowimpact slower-tempo compound-muscle-resistance anaerobic exercise.
We need protein to build muscle, which is denser and takes up less volume than
fat, and it also burns three times the number of calories than fat, even if
you are just goofing around reading this or dozing off. We also need LOTS of
nutritional fats because it is ROCKET FUEL for our metabolism. Without it our
metabolism WILL slow to a snails pace, which also stifles ALL fat-burning.
Properly-sequenced high-intensity short-duration low-impact
compound-muscle-resistance anaerobic exercise means:


Anaerobic Exercise is intense enough to cause lactate, the conjugate base

of lactic acid, to form, which results in muscle fiber micro-damage, which is
TECHNICALLY intense muscle fiber cramps, causing strands to actually tear!
This might sound bad, but you CANNOT rebuild, strengthen or reinforce muscle
without breaking down the weaker muscle fibers and letting Testosterone build,
strengthen, and reinforce NEW muscle fibers. So, when muscles get sore after
strenuous exercise, take comfort in knowing your muscles ARE getting stronger.
The point of Properly-Sequenced Exercise is VITALLY IMPORTANT because the
anaerobic exercise workouts, being performed at high-intensity, and although
each individual exercise is easy, between doing all of them CORRECTLY (without
cheating) and keeping rest between exercises at an absolute minimum, these
short 20 to 35 minute workouts can potentially be INCREDIBLY exhausting!
Thus, sequencing exercises so that you work one group of muscles while letting
previously worked muscles rest, you will not collapse into a puddle of sweat,
but you will find that you can perform MORE high-intensity exercise, thus
EXPANDING your energy needs! Indeed, a sequence of exercises is called a Set
(or Round), and you should perform from 3 to 5 cycles of a Set during each
workout session. You can typically complete 3 Sets in 20 minutes and 5 Sets in
35 minutes. Some workouts, such as a day for high cardio exercise, might
require a minimum of 5 Sets. Some workouts require Active Rest between
exercises in a Set, such as standing elbow to opposing knee crunches, just to
keep the heart really pounding, but even so you can still catch your breath.

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The reason for High-Intensity Exercise is to spend all the free energy
stored in your muscles, which is provided by multi-branched chains of Glucose
called Glycogen, because they are polysaccharides (many sugars) bound
together by Glycosidic linkages. Normal work, like aerobics, does NOT spend
all your Glycogen, and so the body can use breathed oxygen alone to fuel the
processing of blood-Glucose to replenish any spent Glycogen reserves.
But if you QUICKLY spend ALL free Glycogen AND blood-Glucose, your body must
switch to alternate reserves of Glucose, which is stored within fat cells. Due
to resistance exercise causing enhanced production of Testosterone, the body
uses it and oxygen to break down (oxidize) normal fat cells that the body
maintains in continuously replenished reserves beneath your layers of skin.
The intense exercise reduces oxygen (energy), making you breath harder to
absorb MORE oxygen. Your heart rate accelerates, speeding Testosterone and
oxygen to fat, and Glucose from fat to muscle. These HUGE energy costs, and a
need to restore spent Glucose, MUST be repaid. Yet, your body is designed to
not reimburse it until AFTER intense exertion ends. It is programmed to assume
you are executing exhaustive intensity because you are IN life-or-death peril,
so it will suspend expending the MASSIVE calories required to restore all that
spent Glucose/Glycogen until intense exertion stops. An internal timer in the
body signals danger has passed when it can remain at rest for over 2 minutes.
What this means is that if we keep our rest periods between anaerobic
exercises LESS than 2 minutes, though PREFERABLY between 5 and 60 seconds,
just to be sure, then our body will assume we are STILL in great peril.
Indeed, if you can go straight into the next exercise without stopping to
catch your breath, the benefits will be the Trump form of HUGE! The shorter
the rest, the more calorie-burning and fat-burning benefit you get from it!
Because of the massive oxygen/energy debt built up, once you are finally in a
rest state (Full Recovery), the body is designed to dig DEEPER into fat stores
for even RICHER Glucose reserves, which is in the VERY resilient Visceral Fat
gathered around your organs on your belly, hips, thighs and butt. This fat is
not usually burned off, kept in storage exclusively for fight-or-flight peril.
This is also why losing it can often seem like an impossible uphill battle.
The reason for Short-Duration Exercise is to keep the lactic acid buildup
from anaerobics bringing on cramps, like you get in the side running uphill,
and just like getting too little potassium, calcium or magnesium in your diet.
Slower-Tempo Exercise means more TIME UNDER TENSION, where you will
REALLY exercise muscles with GREATER intensity and without needing to increase
your repetitions or need to add supplementary weight -- you might even want to
reduce it! You usually see gym rats pounding out reps on a weight-machine or
with free-weights like they were already 5 minutes late for a hot date. It
LOOKS impressive, which is likely why most of them do it, AND because many
fitness coaches advising them might not be keeping abreast of current exercise
science to know better. Doing these fast reps is robbing them of PROFOUND
muscular benefits and for building a more defined musculature MUCH FASTER.
When you perform muscle-resistance exercise at slower tempo, you keep the
muscles under tension LONGER, which actually exercises them more intensely!
The reason for this is that there are two motions involved in muscle-

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resistance exercise. There is Concentric Motion, were you contract the muscle,
such as raising a dumbbell in a bicep curl, and Eccentric Motion, where your
lengthen the muscle, such as lowering the dumbbell from a bicep curl.
When you are pounding out bicep curls with a dumbbell at high-speed, what is
actually happening? You get only part of the benefit of the Concentric Motion,
because you are not keeping the muscle under tension to exercise it to its
greatest potential and benefit, and you are dropping the weight, letting
gravity do the lowering work, TOTALLY LOSING ALL Eccentric Motion benefits!
The problem here is that you are actually 1.75 times stronger in the Eccentric
Motion than in the Concentric Motion. This means that if you are letting
gravity drop the dumbbell, you are not only getting absolutely NO exercise
benefit during the Eccentric Motion, but this results in you getting only
about 25% to 30% of the overall exercise benefit that you COULD be getting!
What this means is that in a bicep curl, you can curl the dumbbell in a 1count for the Concentric Motion, but you should lower it back down in the
Eccentric Motion in a 3- to 6-count. The slower the tempo you use, the more
muscle-resistance you get. The benefits you reap from this are phenomenal!
Low-Impact Exercise minimizes both joint impacts and Cortisol levels.
Compound-Muscle-Resistance Exercise recruits sufficient muscle fibers to
activate our metabolism, forcing enhanced production of Testosterone, which we
need to build and reinforce our muscles AND to burn off excess body fat so
that we can soon actually see -- and show off -- that hot new lean muscle!
A REALLY important point that you will also want to keep in mind is that when
you perform normal labor or aerobic exercise, the calories that you burn will
ONLY be burned WHILE you are performing that exercise. What this means is that
all extra calories used beyond your normal rest-state level are only spent
DURING that effort to burn normal, easily restored quantities of Glycogen.
However, when you perform high-intensity anaerobic exercise, it is possible to
spend all your Glycogen and blood-Glucose within approximately 10 minutes,
which forces your body to automatically assume you are presently in very grave
peril. This also tells the body to skip burning only breathed oxygen for fuel,
but to instead dive DEEP into its body fat storage reserves. After entering a
recovery state, when the body assumes that you are now safe from peril, and
because you have built up a massive oxygen/energy/Glucose deficit, you body
will then auto-switch to the far richer Glucose reserves of your Visceral Fat.
Because the energy deficit will be HUGE due to the intensity of the exercise
session, you will NOT stop burning additional calories once that exercise is
over as you will during aerobic exercise. Instead, your body will CONTINUE to
break down the Visceral Fat around your belly, hips, thighs and butt, and
CONTINUE to burn LOTS of calories because of the energy required to simply
break down that fat, FOR UP TO 48 HOURS after your exercise session is over!

best part of this is, all

weighing down your midriff
could actually become much
have a HOTTER body than the

that previously impossible-to-lose excess body

will just start melting off! In 3 short months
more lean and fit than you were in your 20s,
HOT body you probably HAD in your 20s!

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How many morbidly obese people over 80 years old have you personally met in
the last year during your everyday activity, such as out and about on the
streets, at work, on the golf course, or participating in a variety of
recreational sporting venues? How about over 70? The answer is most usually
NONE. Sadly, obesity is a key indicator of a pre-mature mortality.
However, even as bad as that news is, according to The Annals of Internal
Medicine, a study conducted of over 15,000 people found that those who were
not obese but had big bellies, whether they were overweight or not, were TWICE
as likely to suffer early mortality than those diagnosed with obesity.
Therefore, what this all boils down to is that it is far more deadly to have
large amounts of belly fat than it is to be obese!
NOTE: According to the Obesity Action Coalition, every pound of body fat
requires approximately one extra mile of blood vessels, and that means more
strenuous work for the heart. Even further, you will need to incinerate about
3500 calories in order to burn off just a single pound of that excess fat.
Why is it that 30-year military veterans live, on average, only 3-15 years
beyond retirement, even though they might be retiring at ages 48-51, and may
have been fit, or generally so, when they retired?
After retirement, most of them are no longer doing almost endless musclebuilding and fat-burning anaerobic exercises by charging up and down hills of
rough terrain with a heavy 60-pound rucksack on their back and lugging weapons
and often too much gear, and so they are no longer burning calories at
hammering rates. If their engrained high-calorie, high-carbohydrate appetites
continue unabated following retirement and they become more sedentary, then
that massive appetite can end up over-feeding their bodies and begin almost
immediately packing on body fat at an alarming rate because all those nowunburned carbohydrates will also slow their metabolism down to a crawl,
resulting in the proverbial gut or beer belly, and sometimes a BIG one.
That belly might be the only thing they possess that is fully bought and paid
for, but it can also lead to heart disease and/or stroke.
If you are a veteran who was willing to pay the ultimate price to serve your
country, please read on. If you know a veteran struggling with their weight,
thank them for their service by buying them the gift of an extended life and
get them onto a fat-burning, body-rejuvenating anaerobic exercise program like
the inexpensive 3rd-party programs I greatly recommend: MAX Workouts (MAXWO;
$39.95), Abs After 40 (AA40; $97), or Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 (SPS2; $97).
Honestly, I think anaerobic compound-muscle-resistance exercise programs such
as these, or modified for the physical demands of military personnel, should
be offered to older or over-weight active-duty personnel, and especially to
over-40 post-service men and women through the Veterans Administration.

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NOTE: Anaerobic exercise is INTENSE physical exercise causing Lactate, the
conjugate base of Lactic Acid, to form. Lactic Acid fermentation is a process
by which Glucose and other six-carbon sugars convert into cellular energy and
the metabolite Lactate. With the oxygen deficit we create during intense
anaerobic exercise, Glucose will first ferment to Lactic Acid instead, which
can make our muscles burn and sometimes not want to work for a few seconds,
until it oxidizes to Lactate. Letting Lactic Acid levels rise too high can
bring on cramps, like the cramps we can get in our side by running uphill too
long. We can avoid such cramps during anaerobic workouts by making sure that
each exercise is short-duration. These exercises, if done in the right order
and by recruiting enough muscle fiber, can fully activate our metabolism and
start our body burning LOTS of fat for up to 48 hours as it pays back the
oxygen/energy/Glucose deficit we built up during our intense workout.
Aerobic exercise, which I will refer to almost as if it were Brand X,
represents light-intensity, cyclic exercise, usually of a steady or stationary
type, such as dance aerobics, jogging, crunches, sit-ups, stationary bike, a
treadmill or an elliptical. These most typically do not raise our heart rate
enough or recruit sufficient muscle fibers to activate our metabolism in order
to kick out more muscle-building and fat-burning Testosterone. Such exercise
causes us to burn only breathed oxygen as fuel, NOT fat reserves, though it
does build endurance and reduce water-weight. Aerobics is not sufficient for
fat-burning or for muscle-building. Such goals require anaerobics.
When aerobics first became popular in the 1980s, it was fun for adolescent
young men to sit around and watch the abundant aerobic exercise programs on
television, which ALWAYS featured numerous hot young women (and at least one
token man) wearing VERY tight tights or spandex, where they repeatedly bent
over, showing off lots of butt, like soft porn, which is why male viewers were
as high as the female viewers who actually used them FOR the exercises.
Sadly, 65% of the US population, which constitutes the bulk of its over-30
adults, has the curse of a midriff bulge or excess fat to one degree or
another. The problem is that it seems almost impossible to get rid of stubborn
belly fat and its associated love handles no matter how many aerobic crunches
or sit-ups they might struggle through in a desperate attempt to combat them.
The miserable truth is that all the aerobic crunches in the world will not
remove a single ounce of our midriff fat! It will just continue to hang over
our beltlines and stare back at us like muffins in the mirror. Indeed, our
abdominal muscles are actually designed to keep the spine straight, to PREVENT
it from bending or twisting as all those crunches and sit-ups force it to do.
The reason for this gloomy dilemma is that the particular kind of fat around
our mid-section, known as Visceral Fat (fat that accumulates around our organ
area), can be best understood as Survival Fat. This harder-to-lose fat is
specifically designed to be our last-ditch survival energy reserves, and it is
meant to be burned off ONLY when the bodys metabolism is cranking hard, such
as in a life-or-death fight-or-flight survival situation. Thus, it will not be
broken down by simple physical efforts like isolated or stationary aerobic
exercises, such as crunches, sit-ups, jogging, or using an elliptical.

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To make matters worse, we are bombarded daily by a relentless barrage of

worthless information, like promises of getting sizzling-hot head-turning
beach bodies in a week or two (fat chance!), a late-night gizmo to give you
instantly ripped abs (r-i-g-h-t...), one weird trick that will get your
metabolism cranking (if it was really that easy, EVERYONE would ALREADY be
doing it...), or a plethora of endless myths, rumors, and outright falsehoods
chanted from the pulpits of self-proclaimed exercise and diet gurus.
We even get it from dietary supplement vendors, some of whom will put ANYTHING
in a bottle and say it has a benefit (as they laugh all the way to the bank).
However, many of the truly beneficial supplements are unfortunately extracted
through cheap, high-temperature or chemical extrusion methods that can
negatively modify their molecular makeup, or retain toxic chemical residue,
which can make them deadly (for example, into the 1990s, coffee beans were
decaffeinated using formaldehyde, and before that benzene was used)! Always
research your supplement sources, ask them about their extraction methods and
how supplements are rendered. If they claim ignorance, DO NOT USE THEM! But
once you find a reliable source, be their most loyal patron.
What of food distributors, some name-brand, who often sell you sawdust and
call it powdered cinnamon? Did you know that 80% of ALL store-shelf powdered
cinnamon is actually chemically-flavored sawdust? ALWAYS go with cinnamon bark
sticks and grind them yourself, which can get your Glucose and Lipid levels
QICKLY BACK TO NORMAL, even if you have Type 1 or 2 Diabetes, or are prediabetic, but sawdust does NOTHING, which is tantamount to a criminal act.
NOTE: 25.8 million American adults and children have diabetes. 79 million
Americans have pre-diabetes. Most-all of this is actually due to the out-dated
and ill-conceived Standard American Diet pyramid now used world-wide!
Recent research has PROVEN that pure cinnamon (non-irradiated Cinnimomum
Cassia Bark) and chromium picolonate, along with minimizing carbohydrate and
especially sugar consumption (sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine and
is linked to about 600,000 annual USA deaths), can actually cure Diabetes,
both Type 1 and Type 2, and even pre-diabetes in as little as 4 weeks!
Cinnamon helps metabolize Glucose and fights Free Radical damage to cells due
to high blood-sugar, brought on by reduced Insulin sensitivity, and all due to
raised Cortisol Stress Hormone levels. It helps protect you from heart
disease, metabolic syndrome (factors that raise your risk for health issues,
such as heat attack, diabetes and stroke), and optimizes cholesterol levels.
Chromium picolonate regulates Insulin by increasing the sensitivity of the
bodys Insulin receptor. It also helps the body produce energy from Glucose
and in increasing the efficiency with which Insulin transports Glucose from
the bloodstream to the cells of the body. Some foods containing chromium
picolonate are apples, brewers yeast, broccoli, corn on the cob, eggs,
oatmeal, onions, potatoes, romaine lettuce, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes.
However, we should not expect Big Pharma to welcome this news with open
arms. After all, they rake in $114 billion each year pedaling their expensive
diabetes and blood-sugar drugs to us.

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NOTE: Cholesterols (lipoproteins) are bile steroids made in the liver. They
are ESSENTIAL to build and maintain cells, making up 30% of their membranes,
enabling cells to change shape and move, unlike plants. It is VITAL to our
brain, which houses 25% of our cholesterol. Low cholesterol leads to brain
damage and memory issues like forgetfulness, dementia and even Alzheimers.
There is a presumed bad type (low-density lipoprotein or LDL), and a good
type (high-density lipoprotein or HDL), though science shows no health divide
between native types of HDL and LDL! Native LDL, which is large and fluffy, is
ACTUALLY good, but the small, dense bad type LDL is AKA manmade trans fat!
The point is, BOTH native LDL and HDL are CRITICAL to cell health, and to
reduce either is UNHEALTHY! Native levels must be balanced to our bodys
needs. This means that their counts naturally vary WIDELY between EVERYONE,
our weight, and even the time of day! Excess NATIVE cholesterol is lowered
naturally by flushing it through the colon, all without a need for drugs. If
our native cholesterols are too low, our liver builds more of the needed type
from the nutritional fats (lipids) we should and MUST consume.
Thus, a low-fat or fat-free diet might lower overall cholesterol levels, which
is, like Testosterone, transformed from nutritional fats, but it also inhibits
our livers ability to PROPERLY manage our ACTUAL cholesterol requirements!
Hypercholesterolemia (High Cholesterol) was INVENTED in the 1980s once health
professionals finally learned how to measure it. Worse, the line drawn between
bad non-native LDL and good native LDL cholesterols is typically ignored! High
NATIVE LDL shows NO outward signs OR ill effects! Hypercholesterolemia was
originally diagnosed as middle-aged men with overall counts over 240, along
with factors such as smoking or being over-weight. After the 1984 Cholesterol
Consensus Conference, it became ANYONE with a count over 200. They receive not
only this diagnosis, but a lifetime prescription for expensive statin drugs,
which do NOTHING except diminish our brain health and each cells ability to
maintain itself as long as people CONTINUE consuming manmade trans fats! Using
these drugs also shortens our lives! The truth is, our bodies need as many
native lipoproteins as it can get, and MUCH MORE if we are physically active!
AVOID statin drugs that lower ALL types of cholesterol. Also, cut manmade
trans fats, the REAL Bad Cholesterol, driving LDL and ApoB levels out of
control and the CAUSE of Hypercholesterolemia! Statins ARE NOT a solution;
they treat only symptoms, NOT causes, AND it makes you unhealthy! Eating pure
cinnamon on an apple or oatmeal works better than statin drugs. Stop smoking,
stop eating manmade trans fat, and start eating healthy. That IS a solution!
Many pre-packaged food vendors feed us pulverized animal parts, some of which
we would NEVER knowingly buy (we might even gag if we DID know some of the
things that are in there!), shaped into globs, like those chicken nuggets
kids like, glued together by manmade trans fats (AKA Hydrogenated Oil or
(Hydrogen-) Saturated Fat; made by heating vegetable oils in the presence of
Hydrogen gas and a catalyst (Hydrogenation); the REAL villains clogging your
arteries), high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), heavy carbohydrate fillers,
steroids to make the creature bloated (with no concern for keeping it stressfree or healthy), toxic preservatives, and each year packing into us 165
pounds worth of metabolism-stopping, stress-hormone-raising sugars (ESPECIALLY
refined (powdered) sugar), if we lived on a regular diet of such, as many do.

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NOTE: A pre-made meal serving has an average of 25 grams of refined sugar. 1
gram comes out to just 0.035274 ounces, or 0.98578 grams in 1/5th teaspoon.
There are in fact 4.9289 grams in 1 teaspoon, so that comes out to more than 5
teaspoons of sugar PER serving! Also, powdered sugar is more likely to go to
fat than granulated sugar. This is because the body does not need to first
break powdered sugar down (digest it) and so the body absorbs it MUCH faster.
The PROVEN keys to fat-mass loss and a lean fit body are high-protein, highnutritional-fats, low-carbohydrates, and properly-sequenced high-intensity
short-duration low-impact slower-tempo compound-muscle-resistance anaerobic
exercise with little rest to activate a fast metabolism.
Any exercise and diet program that does not incorporate ALL these key points,
and EVERY fad diet out there most certainly does not, WILL FAIL. They might
give us INITIAL weight-loss results before we hit a plateau, where weightloss stops, but in most cases it is not the kind of weight-loss we really want
to lose -- we will lose only some denser and heavier muscle mass, BUT WE WILL
If your diet includes calorie-reduction, refined ingredients, excess sugar,
manmade trans fats, fat-free food, or even Gluten-Free food if you do not have
Celiac Disease, then get off that diet NOW before you slow your metabolism
even more, before you do more damage to your body and your gastro-intestinal
tract, and before you make yourself start packing on even more body fat!
You are about to learn EXACTLY why this is so.
NOTE: A great source of information on healthy food, food thought healthy but
is not, and bad food can be found at Food Babe (www.foodbabe.com). Vani
Hari, its host, is author of the book The Food Babe Way. Time Magazine
listed her as one of the most influential people on the internet, and her
followers have changed multi-billion dollar companies like Kraft, Subway,
General Mills and Starbucks to improve their products. Go to her site and sign
up for her newsletter. Her blog is loaded with great healthy recipes, tips,
and packed with free investigations into the low-downs on food healthiness.



------------------------------------------------The focus on aerobic crunches (variations on sit-ups) to burn fat hiding the
six-pack does nothing of the sort! The role of abdominal muscles, indeed the
entire core (the core is actually the abs plus all the muscles around the
abdominal trunk), is to PREVENT the mid-section from crunching, twisting, and
bending, so lower-back-like problems can often develop from aerobic crunches.

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Notice that I said lower-back-LIKE problems, because most-all lower-back

problems really have nothing to do with the lower-back itself, but in most-all
cases it is due to the Hip Flexor or else the Quadratus Lumborum muscles
being tight and putting stress on the lower-back, where they originate.
NOTE: The Hip Flexor muscles flex hip joints. They start along the sides of
the lower-back vertebral joints, and span the body to the upper leg bone just
past the hip joint. Doing crunches, the knees and chest bend from the hips.
This activates the hip flexors, initiating what people believe to be a lowerback problem. This can be relieved by lengthening them through stretching;
eliminating what most people thought, or had even been told by their doctor
was a lower-back problem! Do a web search for stretch hip flexor.
Weight lifters might instead have an issue with their Quadratus Lumborum,
which attaches to the rib cage, lumbar spine and pelvis on both sides of the
spine. When one of them is tight, the pelvis can tilt up on that side. Search
online for stretch quadratus lumborum to very easily stretch it back out.
The aerobic crunch is the most common abdominal exercise, focusing on abs
and obliques. Fitness experts doubt their effectiveness for sports training
because sports require muscle strengthening, which such crunches will not do,
and some say as few as 6-8 crunches per Set are enough, just to keep heart
rates up between exercises (the Strength and Conditioning community is already
phasing out sit-ups due to their ineffectiveness). Even so, it is nothing to
see someone blasting out 100-200 crunches to finish a workout session, even
though it seldom makes them break into a heavy sweat. Sadly, frequent back
injuries during crunches are common, and they are usually caused by pushing
against the head or neck with the hands in the pull-up, which can make you
flex the spine more acutely than it would in a hands-free Pilate Crunch.
Do Pilates instead. They are fat-incinerating anaerobic exercises, not just
lighter and oxygen-burning-only aerobics. Pilates make you quickly feel the
burn in your core as you build an energy deficit (almost impossible to do
with aerobics), preventing lactic acids from oxidizing. This in turn causes
micro-tears in muscle fiber, which is why you can feel sore the next day. BUT,
this is a GOOD thing! Muscles CAN NOT and WILL NOT be strengthened OR
reinforced EXCEPT during muscle fiber repair (AKA Muscle Protein Synthesis).
That burning sensation and muscle-exhaustion, along with some possible later
soreness, means you are building and reinforcing muscle, making you MUCH
stronger and more powerful, not just building endurance. Further, the more
metabolically-active muscle you carry, the more calories you burn. Even at
rest, muscle burns 3 times more calories than fat. For example, replacing 5
pounds of fat with 5 pounds of denser lean muscle burns 100 more calories per
day, even if you are just sitting around reading a book or sleeping!
Alternatively, holding a plank position, like you were just THINKING about
performing pushups, is much more effective than aerobic crunches by instead
STRENGTHENING your ENTIRE abdomen (aerobic crunches actually exercise ONLY 2
of your six-pack muscles) -- and prone from elbows is even more effective,
ESPECIALLY if you move your hands or elbows well forward of your shoulders
(called a Cliffhanger Plank). Hold that for a minute and I will be impressed.

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Even doing this exercise less strenuously from your elbows and knees (with
your elbows placed well forward of your shoulders -- an original variation on
this exercise that I devised to help exercise rookies ease into musclestrengthening) can be a really impressive and strenuous exercise if you are
new to exercising. Plus, holding that for 2 minutes will EASILY give you far
more benefit, better results, and is safer than huffing out 100 crunches!
As said before, doing all the aerobic crunches in the world does not actually
burn belly fat. You will learn exactly why, plus how you CAN burn it, soon!
But why not build them up by strengthening them as you LEARN how to remove the
belly fat that is hiding them? A tip of the hat goes to Shin Ohtakes MAX
Workouts program for the above exercise references (www.maxworkouts.com),
which I had also accidentally discovered on my own some time ago while resting
after knocking out 100 pushups one day (I was pooped!). For some reason I was
not aware of this popular strengthening exercise until Shin referenced it.
---------------------------------------------------An outdated belief was to use stationary or steady-state cardio exercise in
attempts to burn body fat, such as using an elliptical, stationary bike,
crunches, or even jogging. In the 1980s, the aerobic craze took the world by
storm, because with it ANYONE could look like they were getting into fitness
and working out really hard, even though it seldom cranked heart rates, got
one exhausted or out of breath, and it was seldom if ever strenuous enough to
activate the metabolism, leaving most positive benefits between SLIM and NONE.
Nevertheless, this belief had rooted itself into the social mythos so deeply
that it is now something that everyone has heard about, and so it is also
often simply assumed to be true, even though it has no scientific support.
You sometimes see someone grinding away on an elliptical for hours and hours,
trying desperately to break through a weight-loss plateau, but only to fail.
The reason they failed is because all that effort was self-defeating! Steadystate aerobic exercise ONLY burns oxygen! It DOES NOT burn body fat!
So why do people do it? They do it because we have all heard stories of people
who used to look like blimps, but today they look RIPPED and LEAN and HOT, and
so enterprising salespeople slyly divert our attention away from the means by
which these people ACTUALLY got that way by taking advantage of the social
mythos where we heard it somewhere to sell us products claiming to give the
same results, like commercials showing people before and after supposedly
using the latest gizmo that we are led to assume got them that way.
These devices might be simple bicycle-pump-like things or an expensive,
payment-plan beast, such as a shiny and complicated-looking aerobic cardio
elliptical machine, with eye-candy digital displays featuring sophisticated
bio-readouts and various videos of passing park and countryside environments.
Also, some muscle-bound but lean person will be shown pounding away on the
device, with spritzed water beading on their oiled-up bodies as they almost
too happily pump away on its handles and glides. Do you REALLY think they got
into THAT shape using JUST that machine? Indeed, most of these hot-looking
fitness models (an ACTUAL profession!) had likely never been on one of those
advertised contraptions before their ad contract had been signed!

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If such results were so REAL, then why is it that when we walk into a fitness
center, all the people who use JUST cardio machines look pretty much normal
with no hard lean muscle, but all those doing muscle and strength training
over by the free-weights and weight machines are looking BUFF? To get lean and
fit, you need muscle-resistance, which you get ONLY from anaerobics, not
steady aerobics, where you might only pound your joints into inflamed mush.
This is why home cardio machines always seem to be the freshest-looking pieces
of furnishing in a house, or why they end up becoming a make-shift clothes
rack -- they DID NOT provide appreciable results. They required hours and
hours of work, but there was not much to show for all that time and effort.
The reason for this is because such steady or stationary cardio exercises
seldom raise the heart rate enough or recruit enough muscle fiber to activate
ones metabolism, so the body is kept in a flat, non-fat-burning state, and
the only thing one tends to get from them after weeks and weeks and weeks is
near-flat results, disappointment, sweaty smelly clothes and aching joints.
Worse, steady cardio can also make us pack on fat! With steady cardio we
stress our joints, which raise Cortisol levels. This signals fat-storage by
releasing Ghrelin hormones, which make us feel hungry and reduces our Leptin
sensitivity, which reduces Testosterone activation and shuts down fat-burning.
Cardio machines and jogging puts stress on joints, causing our body to spew
Cortisol stress hormones each time those joints compress (our body sees jointstress as DANGER, and uses Cortisol to flee that danger). The stress being
rapid and cyclic, the body has no time to dissipate this Cortisol before we
stress those joints yet again, to inject even more Cortisol into our system,
thus forcing our body to accumulate ever increasing levels of Cortisol.
As Cortisol levels rise, it raises Ghrelin and lowers Leptin sensitivity,
making us hungry and forces Testosterone, used to reinforce muscle and burn
fat, to decline until it can crash right through the floor, and can REMAIN at
that minimized level for up to 48 hours! NO Testosterone? NO fat-burning!
Raised Cortisol levels reduce Insulin sensitivity by disabling its receptors.
Thus, our body cannot signal Insulin to transport Glucose to muscle. This
basically turns Insulin into fat-storage hormones. When Cortisol levels rise,
Insulin then only stocks Visceral Fat with all available Glucose, so it can
amass emergency survival fat reserves on our stomach, hips, thighs and butt.
Because Testosterone levels are inverse to Cortisol levels, when Cortisol
levels are elevated, there is no Testosterone available to break down fat
cells, so we have no choice but instead RETAIN that fat, especially on areas
of the body that store particularly hard-to-lose Visceral Fat, which, to
repeat, is used by our body to hoard its last-ditch survival energy reserves.
That should make us think TWICE about doing long bouts of steady-state cardio!
Sure, a degree of aerobic cardio CAN help you to build endurance and can also
However, if you are at a reasonable level of fitness, the only benefit you get
from steady and stationary aerobics, or even jogging, is endurance and maybe
eventual joint pain. You are better off doing REAL walking (NOT on a steady
treadmill). It burns as many calories as jogging, but it is easier on joints.

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NOTE: The Insulin hormone transports Glucose (the form that common sugar takes
once the liver discards its useless Fructose molecule half and sends that
human-unusable form of 6-carbon sugar DIRECTLY to fat-storage) through the
bloodstream and into muscle, where it is linked in chains as Glycogen, which
muscles use as quick energy magazines whenever they perform work. If Insulin
insensitivity develops, Insulin is thus unable to divert Glucose molecules to
muscle for Glycogen storage, and so it is generally transported to fat, along
with 100% of the Fructose molecules, which were all transported to fat ANYWAY!
NOTE: Cortisol is one of our primary stress hormones, having a major impact on
fat loss when it is absent and in weight gain when it is present.
Cortisol has been shown to increase the process called lipogenesis (fat
creation), and it is particularly associated with increased Visceral Fat
storage. Prior research shows abdominal obesity is related to myriad metabolic
abnormalities, including high triglycerides, excess Fructose, unbalanced
cholesterol levels, such as excessive levels of non-native low-density
lipoprotein (non-native LDL cholesterol), high levels of ApoB (Apolipoprotein
B, a MORE RELIABLE predictor of cardiovascular risk than LDL, responsible for
the buildup of arterial plaque; Atherosclerosis)), small, dense LDL and HDL
particles (small, dense particles are more detrimental than large, fluffy
ones), Insulin resistance, poor metabolism, carbohydrate tolerance (the
ability to properly fuel muscles with carbs), Leptin resistance, and unhealthy
levels of inflammation (a lack of anti-oxidants, along with a body electron
deficit from elevated acidic levels in the body resulting from high Cortisol,
ESPECIALLY with elevated Omega-6 Fatty Acid levels, cause electron-hungry Free
Radicals to form, which in turn degrades cells, bringing on cell inflammation
and adversely affecting joints, muscles, bowels, heart, bones, and our brain).
-----------------------------------------The mantra to avoid fatty foods is mostly based on the unsubstantiated
assumption that it includes ALL fats. This is ENTIRELY untrue! Man-modified
and manmade trans fats is what had inspired that mantra in the first place!
Nutritional Fats or Dietary Fats (Unsaturated Fats; both Monounsaturated and
Polyunsaturated), are for the most part OK, though some fats around meat
retain the toxic pesticides from the animals feed, steroids that were used to
quickly make the creature balloon up, plus high Cortisol stress hormone levels
from being crammed into mass stock pens for their whole short life.
Avoiding nutritional fats is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what science shows that we
should do to burn fat, build muscle, and get ourselves in top physical shape.
As I will reiterate ad nauseum, a fat-free diet will not burn off ANY body
fat, because such a diet causes your Testosterone fat-burner levels to
plummet, since nutritional fats are what Testosterone is made from (this is
why nutritional fats are called the Father of Testosterone), and without those
fats our Endocrine system simply have no other way to create Testosterone.

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This lack of nutritional fats, just like being on a reduced-calorie diet,

signals the body that it is starving (thanks to ancient but active triggering
mechanisms), so Cortisol hormone levels build up, which forces Testosterone
levels to tank. It concurrently drops Leptin hormone sensitivity, which
signals fat-burning and a feeling of satiety when it is active, but causes fat
storage and a feeling of hunger when it is not, and so Leptin insensitivity
actually signals our body to STOP burning fat, make us hungry, and release
more Insulin that then packs on MORE fat as emergency survival reserves.
The down side of starving ourselves like this is that when we afterwards DO
eat, responding to this type of hunger, all that food goes STRAIGHT to fat!
NOTE: The Leptin hormone is generated and stored within fat cells. Indeed,
obese people are brimming with Leptin. When we get too much fat, the likewise
ample Leptin is supposed to kill hunger and initiate fat-burning. The problem
is, excessive stress, carbs, or high Fructose can desensitize Leptin receptors
that are supposed to switch on fat-burning and kill our sense of hunger!
Because burning body fat is now out of our fueling picture due to minimized
Testosterone levels, thanks to starving our bodies of required calories and/or
nutritional fats, the body has no choice but to instead break down muscle for
the fuel that it absolutely MUST have! Thus, we will likely lose weight on a
fat-free diet through muscle loss, but every bit of our body fat will remain!
Indeed, we can even become FLABBIER as our bodies break down that muscle mass!
------------------------------------------------------It is important to remember that you will NOT, as one VERY popular myth goes,
burn more fat on an empty stomach. It is, in fact, the exact opposite. This is
all due to a misunderstanding of when continuously-regenerated skin fat breaks
down to address low blood-sugar episodes. By now you know reducing calories
will shut down fat-burning and reserve your fat as emergency assets. This is
the same as eating fat-free -- your metabolism receives no fuel, so the body
assumes starvation and shuts down fat-burning so it can save its fat reserves.
----------------------------------------------------------------Though one pound of fat weighs EXACTLY the same as one pound of muscle
(busting ANOTHER myth defying the laws of physics), we must instead think in
terms of DENSITY, which this misnomer likely REALLY meant. Fat weights 0.9
grams per milliliter (1 cubic centimeter). Muscle weighs 1.06 grams per
milliliter. Thus, 1 liter of fat weighs 0.9 kilograms, or 1.98 pounds, while 1
liter of muscle weighs 1.06 kilograms, or 2.3 pounds.
With the exercise and diet program I am recommending in this book, you WILL
lose a lot of fat (if you stick to them). BUT, you can and SHOULD gain lean
muscle! After all, just skin, bones and cellulite are NOT attractive! Thus, DO
NOT monitor progress by the bathroom scales, but what your own eyes tell you.
A woman recently blogged she dropped 23 pounds of fat, but added 18 pounds of
muscle. Because fat is less dense than muscle (fat fills much more space than
an equal weight of muscle), her size VISIBLY shrank, yet her new muscle made
her look leaner and REALLY HOT, though her mean weight-loss was unremarkable.

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------------------------------------------------Fat stores Glucose (blood-sugar), not muscle protein. We burn off fat for
oxygen energy WHILE we build up muscle. Burning fat releases Glucose-storing
lipids (fatty acids) into the bloodstream, which yield EVEN MORE Testosterone,
allowing you to burn EVEN MORE fat and build EVEN MORE muscle. A win-win-win!
Even so, women need not worry about big muscles; they cannot build muscle like
men because they cannot produce enough Testosterone. WOMEN WILL ONLY GET LEAN!
----------------------------------------------------------Your metabolism has no timer that switches itself to a sleep mode, so eating
at 3PM or 3AM makes NO difference. The average persons metabolism does not
differ around the clock. The belief people have that you gain weight if you
eat after certain hours, or anything you eat before bed will go straight to
fat, is just a myth. I eat 24 ounces of plain cottage cheese before I go to
bed, which is around 2 AM. It has 72g slow-digesting protein, 27g dietary CLA
Fat, and 660 calories. It adds NO body fat, but it DOES burn OFF body fat!!!
-----------------------------------------------------------------Water-retention can be caused by sodium-based biosynthesis chemicals or else
medication of a related nature, such as glutamates (neurotransmitters that
excite nervous system cells), like monosodium glutamate (MSG); a sodium salt
of glutamic acid (glutamic acid is used in biosynthesis of protein). Because
MSG also trips receptors in our flavor-sensing nerves, it is used as a refined
flavor-enhancing powder that is dusted, sometimes heavily, onto food.
Sadly, such glutamates can trigger nerve receptors in capillaries and transmit
spurious signals in people responsive to them, causing capillary contractions.
Narrowed, they will naturally restrict circulation, which will trap free
water, a natural byproduct of metabolism. With no exit, water will accumulate
around the fat cells the capillaries service, resulting in dreaded cellulite.
Granulated table salt that we find on our kitchen tables every morning when we
sit down to breakfast, however, is NOT a neurotransmitter. It is just a simple
mineral that is naturally electrically conductive, thanks to its sodium.
Also, because sodium-based neurotransmitters blazon the word sodium, when
people then see sodium chloride (pure table salt) or sodium bicarbonate (pure
Baking Soda), the knee-jerk reaction is to assume they are bad. Doctors even
do this, as do government nutritionists who do not bother reading the science!
Doctors usually tell bloating patients to cut most-all salt in their diets to
lower sodium levels (instead of focusing on WHAT is causing the bloat). But I
REALLY have to wonder, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Our bodies are MADE of SALINE
WATER. People often cite 70% of our bodies are water. However, if you look to
the ACTUAL bodily components that incorporate water that are too often not
included in that percentage, then this figure will go all the way up to 90%!
Do you REALLY believe table salt is the cause of your swollen ankles and feet?
Granted, the average American daily diet has 1-1/2 teaspoons of salt. Such a
level is cited by the FDA, and by doctors who put trust into authoritative FDA
proclamations, as a cause of high blood pressure and hypertension, though this

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is not in fact so, because the cause of most cases of high blood pressure and
hypertension are not truly known, though the suspect is likely Fructose!
Table salt is NOT the cause of such a problem because high sodium is NOT the
problem! Even sodium itself, which gives salt a salty taste, is a simple
component OF the REAL problem, which is actually neurotransmitters that
utilize sodiums electrical conductivity to misfire nerve receptors! If salt
were to in fact contribute to ANY problem other than salt toxicity (oversaturation of salt), then we must look beyond ordinary granulated table salt.
We must look to when salt first became to be perceived as a problem, or at
least when it became the fall guy to give people an effigy to jeer derision
at. Previous to salt, people jeered derision at eggs for its high cholesterol
(200mg). Well, UNTIL they suddenly discovered that it was good cholesterol!
From ancient times, a salty diet was NEVER a problem. So what happened in the
20th Century that made it so? About the same time refined sugar entered our
diets, so did refined salt. Refined products allow normally rejected remnant
material to be pulverized (powdered) and then blended into a product, or else
reconstituted by gluing them into shapes with cheap trans fats or HFCS. This
allows manufacturers to salvage material refuse by instead getting you to buy
it, but this can also have possibly DEVASTATING consequences on your health!
It is bad enough refined sugar is packed in processed food, but refined salt,
and other refined items are stuffed in there as well. The body will absorb
refined nutrients faster, and can also exceed toxic levels in smaller doses.
Consider a single serving of plain popcorn. It is bad enough that it is PACKED
with carbohydrates and 660 calories, but from a concession stand it also has
refined salt GENEROUSLY dusting it. Refined salt is used because salt powder
adheres to popcorn much better than coarse granules. It also make us thirsty,
so we purchase a large cold drink with it (which is mostly expensive ice).
But did you know all the hoopla about restricting TABLE SALT is WRONG? Even
the FDAs warning about restricting daily salt to 1/2 teaspoon, and 1/3teaspoon for those 51 and older can be catastrophically unhealthy? Is that a
surprise? Even their Standard American Diet is so at odds with science fact.
Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nonprofit
nutrition education organization, stated: A study from 1991 indicates that
people need about one and one-half teaspoons of salt per day. Anything less
triggers a cascade of hormones to recuperate sodium from the waste stream,
hormones that make people vulnerable to heart disease and kidney problems.
This is proven biochemistry. Yet, FDA as well as USDA want to mandate
drastically restricted sodium consumption at about one-half teaspoon per day.
They went on to say that recent studies show a correlation of salt restriction
with increased heart failure and insulin resistance leading to diabetes. They
show even modest reductions in salt causes increased risk of cardiovascular
disease. Evaluating those on salt-reduced diets, researchers found higher
incidence of inflammatory markers and altered lipoproteins. These factors
precursor metabolic syndrome, used to predict diabetes and heart problems.
Salt plays a fundamental role in body physiology, being absolutely critical
for proper digestion. It also has a fundamental role in proper brain function.

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In a study of the elderly, a lack of salt in the diet has now been shown to be
associated with increased hip fractures and in cognitive decline, and low salt
diets in growing children leads to poor neurological development.
Both sodium and chloride, the two elements of salt, are needed for digestion,
because they form the foundation of cellular metabolism. Salt is our PRIMARY
SOURCE for the sufficient acquisition of these two VITALLY essential elements.
Consider sodium bicarbonate (pure Baking Soda). Its molecule contains an atom
of sodium, which also gives it a salty taste, yet sodium bicarbonate does
not restrict capillaries, but rather it OPENS capillaries, allowing blood-flow
and the draining of excess water around fat. It also normalizes body pH
levels, reduces acids, and relieves a sense of tiredness due to greater bloodacid levels. It is also a cheap but effective energy drink!
In ancient times, salt was worth more than gold. Roman soldiers were paid in
salt, a highly-valued bartering commodity. If the soldiers were citing swollen
ankles and feet due to salty diets, would Caesar pay them such wages instead
of globally tradable gold? Caesar needed fit, mobile and healthy legions, not
a bunch of hobbling soldiers being wheeled into battle on handicap carts.
AVOID refined ANYTHING! Your body absorbs refined nutrients faster, and
doing so costs the body little energy, so calories otherwise spent digesting
it are instead absorbed! Refined food can also be DEADLY because toxic levels
can be achieved in smaller doses! This is why refined carbohydrates, like
powdered sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup are so damaging to our metabolism.
NOTES: Refined salt is MUCH FINER than granulated salt dissolved in water. For
example, you can brush your teeth just as effectively with baking soda or salt
dissolved in water as you can by sprinkling them on your toothbrush!
Find REAL solutions to address CAUSES of medical issues rather than the usual
clinical solution of chasing symptoms with expensive drugs. Visit Dr. Glenn S.
Rothfields Nutrition & Health at http://nutritionandhealing.com. There you
can find REAL answers, typically with natural home cures to anything from
Alzheimers, diabetes, hair loss, high blood pressure, to thyroid issues. Be
sure to sign up for his free Nutrition & Health e-tips newsletter.


As you struggle with your midriff bulge, you can get frustrated when the diet
advice expounded by celebrities or TV doctors, which will often conflict with
each other, does little to nothing for you, or they make you even FATTER.
But now you have a cure. The first part of eliminating that stubborn fat is by
not being afraid to CONSUME FAT. But this is not just ANY fat. Rather, before
you race off to the local greasy-spoon and order up a dripping bucket of deepfried chicken and curly fries soaked in trans fats, you should eat more of
what is called Dietary Fats or Nutritional Fats, such as the healthy fats

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that can be found in avocados, coconut oil, dairy, and whole eggs. Many other
examples of good fatty foods can be found in my notes later in this book.
Another part of the cure is to perform specific sequences of high-intensity
anaerobic exercise that are designed to deplete your free blood-Glucose and
the Glycogen stored in your muscles in just a few minutes. This vigorous
muscle resistance activates your metabolism and forces Testosterone production
to be accelerated, which the body will then use to break down stored body fat
in order to continue fueling your body with its Glucose, as well as later to
fully restore all that spent blood-Glucose and the muscles Glycogen stores.
However, you cannot expect such fat-burning results by doing blind exercises,
spending hour upon hour at the gym randomly wandering from one cardio machine
to the next, or signing on to high-impact, high-intensity cardio, such as
extreme high-impact endurance-building programs like CrossFit, P90X, Insanity,
etc. Indeed, such programs can even be dangerous for those with aging joints
and bones. They also result in frequent long-term debilitating injury, leaving
many enthusiasts unable to CONTINUE fitness exercise, condemning them to
becoming couch potatoes. In fact, a recent University of Tampa study suggests
that those participating in long, frequent and high impact exercise have up to
a 60% higher chance of heart complications, back pain and PREMATURE AGING!
Rather, you can spend only 20 to 35 minutes a day at home doing simple but
specific sequences of high-intensity short-duration low-impact slower-tempo
compound-muscle-resistance anaerobic exercise that will get your heart
pounding, activate your metabolism, and force increased production of
Testosterone, which is programmed to build muscle and to burn off body fat.
NOTES: I doubt that the decline in Testosterone levels as we age is really as
natural as most doctors assume. I think it is due more to diet and lifestyle
changes, such as shifts in priorities as we age. Most guys blame their wifes
great cooking for their big belly, but it seems to relate more so to increased
meals of processed food, along with greater carbohydrate intake, especially
when on the go, and also how much more sedentary people become after their
brains fully develop by age 24. By then they have built most of their hardwired neural network instincts, and then most of them also begin to coast
along, mostly REACTING to, not generally ACTING upon life as they did before.
My body changed when I became a software engineer, spending 16-18 hours a day
7 days a week solving impossible problems for a CAD-CAM company. I took
breaks for high-carbs chips, donuts, bread, crackers, and soda, which I wolfed
down as I pounded away on my computer late into the wee hours. I had to retire
from that before my health collapsed on me, and I changed to a more physical
career as a retail warehouse laborer. This career change yielded a LOT less
money, but I am also much less stressed and a whole lot happier!
You must start by no longer consuming ready-made quick-foods you can find on
most-all store shelves. Most pre-packaged meals are loaded with pesticides,
herbicides (most notably the weed killer Glyphosate in grain products),
preservatives, excess Cortisol Stress Hormones, out-of-control Omega-6 fatty
acids, manmade trans fats (technically damaged fats), and truckloads of sugar
and other dense, Insulin-desensitizing and memory-impairing carbohydrates.

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You must consciously choose instead to feed your body properly, which will in
turn accelerate your sense of fullness (satiety) and increase your Insulin
sensitivity, such as by greatly reducing, though not necessarily totally
eliminating your carbohydrate intake and to consume nutritional fats.
You must get past the myth that eating ANY type of fat makes you fat -- IT
DOES NOT!!! Nutritional fats are REQUIRED by your Endocrine system to build
vitally essential hormones, like Testosterone and Estrogen. View nutritional
fats ONLY as fuel for you metabolism, like the good nutritional fats in dairy
and REAL butter! Unless your metabolism is inactive, NONE if this goes to fat!
However, manmade trans fats (AKA non-native LDL cholesterol), such as the fat
that is found in margarines and other butter-substitute spreads, WILL go to
your body fat. These are basically muffin-top starter-kits for your hips!
Leptin is our master-control hormone, telling Testosterone WHEN to burn body
fat. It is also our anti-starvation and energy-sensing hormone acting on the
presence of nutritional fats and blood-Glucose. You should feel full when
Leptin is ample and active. You should feel hungry when it is low or inactive.
When muscles work, they require oxygen in the form of Glucose (blood-sugar).
Leptin receptors signals if body-fat is to be burned to yield more Glucose. If
so, Testosterone oxidizes fat. Other receptors trigger to direct Testosterone
to repair muscle if the body is at rest. Glucose provides energy for all these
processes. It is a wonderful, intricate, but straightforward switching system.
You metabolism, like a car, requires fuel to operate. If you eat a fat-free
diet, you metabolism gets NO fuel, and so it does not ignite. The body will in
fact think it is starving if it gets no nutritional fats, and so it will
signal the storage of even MORE body fat as emergency assets until it starts
receiving usable fuel, which enables Leptin receptors so Leptin can transmit
signals to the body that it is no longer starving and can resume burning fat!
When the body gets no Nutritional Fats it cannot generate Testosterone, made
from such fats, so it cannot tap fat stores for energy. This causes stress,
which releases Cortisol hormones, which in turn releases Ghrelin hormones (the
hormone that ACTUALLY makes us FEEL hungry) to disable Leptin receptors. This
reduces Leptin sensitivity and prevents Leptin from signaling satiety OR fatburning. If your body thinks it is starving, and if Testosterone is not
available OR Leptin is low or its receptors are disabled, your body resorts to
expending extra energy to create Free Radicals to break down muscle tissue,
transforming it to Glucose, to get oxygen-based fuel required for survival.
To clarify, in a starvation scenario, starvations natural inducement of the
Cortisol Stress Hormone kicks into high gear, because your body goes into
tremendous stress if it thinks that it is starving. This forces a reduction in
Testosterone levels and disables Leptin sensitivity. It also throws the bodys
electrical balance out of whack, which in turn induces Free Radicals (see the
definition below) to form in your system, which will in their turn break down
ANY cell it encounters, fat, bone, EVEN YOUR BRAIN, but largely muscle, by the
sheer force of a Free Radicals propensity for cell degradation, converting
ANYTHING it meets into fuel the body can use in its desperate attempt to avoid
death. You usually survive such episodes, but recovery can sometimes be a very
long row to hoe, if you can ever FULLY recover from such a destructive event.

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If ANY of the popular fat-free diets worked, then why is obesity a bigger
problem NOW than when fat-free diets were first introduced? If they worked,
EVERYONE would be fit and healthy and no one would carry ANY excess fat.
You must also consider why it is that you ALWAYS lose muscle mass but not fat
on a fat-free diet, and why it is that you always plateau, where you stop
getting results? Indeed, people who go on such fat-free diets are more than
likely to end up with MORE body fat than when they started, even if they do
manage to keep off the muscle mass they lost, as explained above.
Fatty foods are not the enemy of losing weight. Conversely, eating so-called
healthy snacks crammed with excessive natural sugars, energy drinks
engorged with High Fructose Corn Syrup, along with dressings and sauces packed
with Insulin-confusing artificial sweeteners and manmade (damaged) trans fats
are the key offenders that we MUST absolutely avoid, NOT the nutritional fats.
NOTE: FREE RADICALS: During a typical biological chemical reaction, as happens
millions of a times a second in each of the 37.2 trillion cells of our body,
molecular bonds do not usually split in a way that leaves one molecule with an
odd, unpaired electron, making it electrically imbalanced. For example, an
Oxygen molecule has 6 electrons on its outer-orbital shell -- a Free Radical
is a molecule with an atom lacking one of its outer-orbit electrons, so
bonding between joining molecules are not balanced for strong coupling.
Molecules will typically divide with an even balance of electrons. But when
electrically uneven (electrically weak) molecular bonds split, Free Radicals
are consequently formed because at least one of the split molecules will be
lacking a balanced number of electrons in one of its atoms outer-orbital
shell. Free Radicals, because they have an unpaired electron, are highly
unstable and they will react very quickly with other compounds, trying to
capture the required electron from ANY source to regain stability. Generally,
Free Radicals attack the nearest stable molecule, stealing one of its outerorbit electrons. When the attacked molecule loses an electron, that molecule
in turn becomes a Free Radical, beginning a chain reaction Domino effect as
each subsequent Free Radical tries to steal an electron down the line (this is
how acids work, having electron deficits). Once this process starts, it can
cascade, resulting in the impairment or total disruption of a living cell.
Some Free Radicals are good, like Nitric Oxide, but most are not. They are the
source of ALL inflammation, which is the source of ALL illnesses.
A simple way to battle Free Radicals is to consume lots of Parsley, which
increases the antioxidant capacity of the blood, getting rid of the bad Free
Radicals from your body and also rebalances LDL and HDL cholesterol levels.
The BEST way to battle Free Radicals is to walk or stand barefoot on ground
or ground grass for 2 to 15 minutes, reconnecting us to the Earths natural
electrical stability and electron charge, NATURES ANTIOXIDANT that we have
been insulating ourselves from in recent history using plastic and rubber shoe
soles, non-conductive walking surfaces and other insulators. The ground or
grass will INSTANTLY provide us with the electrons we might have in deficit,
leaving us balanced. This also reduces Cortisol levels as we relax, and that
helps neutralize Free Radicals as our electron balance is restored.

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You must also do the kind of anaerobic exercises that can actually ignite your
metabolism so you can kick out massive quantities of the Testosterone hormone,
which is what burns body fat (if it also has adequate free oxygen available),
that the programs I recommend teach you, getting it racing faster than it may
have ever raced before in your life, which can actually give you the fast
metabolism you may have only previously dreamed that you had (or had AGAIN).
You must move beyond steady and stationary cardio exercises, which seldom gets
your heart racing fast enough or your metabolism cranking. You must exercise
like you do when you play sports, which is to exercise multiple muscle groups
simultaneously! So, instead of doing isolated lunges or bicep curls, which
focus their exercise on single muscle groups, do alternating lunges ALONG with
bicep curls. And also be sure to mix it up. Keep your body guessing, so it
does not get into a routine rut, which often causes you to plateau.
For example, knocking out 100 pushups is impressive, but it is not until you
start to feel the burn (you feel muscles straining, nearing Failure, where
you cannot continue an exercise) that you get any real benefit from it. Thus,
the last 10 pushups you struggle through have more benefit than ALL of your
previous pushups. This is because your body ALWAYS tries to make its work
easier, so if you do the same thing all the time, your body will figure out
how to simplify it, even if you are not aware of it, but it also means that
you can lose the benefit of the exercise. What this boils down to is that the
person struggling to do 10 pushups will be getting much more health benefit
from it than the show-off that kicks out 100 pushups without building a sweat.
The moral -- do not waste time showing off how many pushups you can do (my
question would be, are you doing those pushups CORRECTLY? Most people do not
do them correctly, and most show-offs actually do mini-pushups that are 1/4 to
1/2 full pushups). You are not getting benefit from it! Change up your pushups
so that you will struggle and get the sweat rolling just to knock out 10 or 15
DEEP Push-Ups. That has far more benefit than you will EVER get from easily
blasting out 100 quasi-push-ups with no effort. When it is easy, it is because
the muscles being used are properly reinforced and you body had figured out
how to simplify the task with those muscles configured like that. Change it up
to use different muscles or different parts of those muscles. ALWAYS TRY TO
it, and you body will get a hot chiseled lean physique a whole lot faster!
Women need to produce Testosterone, not only to maintain muscle and burn fat,
but so that Amoratase enzymes in their Visceral Fat can bind with Testosterone
and transform it into Estrogen, the Key Female Hormone, especially after
menopause when normal Estrogen production diminishes. But if they can generate
sufficient quantities of Testosterone (still VERY SMALL quantities compared to
men), and if they are also able to activate their metabolism, along with a
protein-rich diet, women can use the supplemental Testosterone to trim excess
fat and build muscle. Even so, it will NEVER be enough so that they will later
be comparing beard growth, chest hair, or the lengths of certain bodily
appendages with the guys in the locker-room.
Improper diet only compounds the midriff fat problem, especially if we consume
products loaded with man-modified hydrogen-saturated trans fats, found in
things like biscuits, margarine and most ready-made meals, which are linked to
coronary heart disease and excess non-nutritional blood-fats (all man-modified

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fats -- some prefer to use a ridiculous PC term and call them refined fats
-- engender sticky-type lipids. Some refinement! Refinement is VERY
BAD!). These are unnatural, or biologically-unnatural lipids that our bodies
are not 100% sure how to process, and unlike most natural, non-dense, nonhydrogen-packed animal, fruit, and vegetable fats, these man-modified trans
fats are molecularly barbed with hydrogen hooks, and are the kinds of fats
that can easily adhere, through simple hydrogen bonding, to our arterial walls
and accumulate over time. This can also eventually render the arteries stiff
and brittle, thus begging for wire-mesh stents to strengthen them, which can
sometimes slip loose and consequently block blood-flow to the brain.
Most junk food is processed (processed means pulverization reconstitution
(glued back together by trans fats and/or HFCS), but should mean TOXIC).
Indeed, it must also be clearly considered pre-digested because it is prepulverized, so the body does not need to burn off its usual calories for that,
and so you instead absorb more calories and burn less digesting such food.
Alarmingly, processed foods along with excessive carbohydrate-heavy grains
form the foundation of the US Department of Healths ill-conceived Standard
American Diet pyramid that has an appropriate anagram of SAD.
The worst-offending carbohydrate, sugar, ESPECIALLY refined sugar, is HEAVILY
PACKED by vendors into most processed foods. It is 8 times more addictive than
cocaine, and they need you hooked. Otherwise, you will instead buy someone
elses product that IS packed full of sugar. On average, a single serving
holds 25 grams, or 5 teaspoons of sugar. It might be safe if it was used
sparingly, as in days of old, but it is DEADLY if consumed in large amounts.
NOTE: Lately, vendors boast on some packages their product is now 25% lower in
sugar (18.75g vs 25g), but that STILL leaves 3.75 teaspoons in a tiny serving!
The WORST, most deadly and fat-inducing carbohydrate is HFCS, High Fructose
a body-fat-adding nightmare on steroids! Not just that, but HFCS, along with
other foods high in Fructose have been demonstrated to cause brain-shrinkage!
Even without sprinkling sugar on food, if you consume a regular diet of prepackaged, processed food, you are eating about 165 pounds of refined sugar per
year! Imagine sitting down and choking down 33 five-pound bags of powdered
sugar! BUT, that also means you are consuming 82.5 pounds of Fructose! More,
every single one of those 82.5 pounds goes STRAIGHT to fat! AND, with 57% of
common sugar going to fat, that totals 94.05 pounds of added fat each year!
Store milk and heath-conscious varieties turn beneficial starch to sugar
as it kills its good probiotic bacteria by homogenization and pasteurization,
preventing both from aiding our intestinal tract. This offsets the benefits of
its Telomerase enzymes, which keep cells young and extends their reproduction
capacity. This pre-processing also gives milk a shorter shelf life that soon
turns it to toxic sludge instead of tasty yogurt-like sour cream. Its CLA fat,
Conjugated Linolic Acid, is often reduced to lower milks fat content because
people are afraid to consume fats. HOWEVER, CLA is linked to ACCELERATED bodyfat-burning and is the most POTENT fat-burning nutritional fat in existence!
It is also linked to producing Testosterone, our fat-burning hormone!

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NOTE: Most starch is also called resistant starch, because it is TECHNICALLY
a fiber, but one that RESISTS digestion. Starch also nourishes good gut
bacteria, making for a healthy gastro-intestinal tract. If these starches are
instead converted to sugar, our symbiosis with our gut bacteria will suffer!
Meats can be part of this junk food parade, thanks to over-crowded stockyard
stress, which results in high Cortisol levels to force weight gain, which you
then consume, plus the quality of their feed, which can include wheat grains,
chaff, sawdust, pesticides, and even meat from their own species (if a species
eats the brains of its own kind, this leads directly to mental illness like
Mad Cow Disease). Such stressed meats have high levels of Omega-6 fatty acids,
which cause inflammation and cell damage, high levels of sodium, which narrows
arterial pathways and results in trapping and accumulating toxins in the body,
causing water retention between fat cells -- the dreaded Cellulite. Worse,
many meats are loaded up with non-human steroids, which we then consume, which
can lead to enlarged heart, heart attacks, liver disease/cancer, and
psychosis, plus accumulative toxic preservatives that our Human metabolism is
in no wise symbiotic with, which can have progressively worsening adverse
physiological and psychological effects as it accumulates in our bodies.
This brings us to Genetically-Modified products (GMO). The problem with GMO is
our bodies cannot digest GMO biomass as efficiently as NATURAL biomass (80% of
USA foods are GMO). But, because they mimic known biomass, the body tries to
retain them, though it does not always trip all the natural biomasss bioreceptors, which typically results in more of it being stored in body fat.
Even if we are Vegan and avoid animal protein (meat, fish, poultry, eggs and
dairy are similar to proteins found in your body, containing all the amino
acids it requires), we cannot escape GMO. Plants are going GMO as well, like
corn or potatoes to grow them larger and faster. Like GMO meat, GMO plants
cannot be digested as effectively as natural plant biomass. Worse, GMOs in
non-organic vegetables and many processed foods cause brain rancidity, where
vital Omega-3 fats in your brain are caused to go rancid and become toxic.
Indeed, a new study reveals that GMO corn, wheat, and soy make you age faster!
Also, due to the proliferation of manmade trans fats in our foods, it helps
bind a sticky, packed, and hard-to-clear colon, thus storing anywhere from 15
to 30 additional pounds of actual dormant feces that is glued to the inside of
our colons, slowly accumulating as more and more adheres to its walls, and can
in time petrify if it cannot purge (I would NOT want to be the surgeon on call
for THAT operation). This becomes a storehouse for toxins and bad bacterium,
which would NORMALLY evacuate with the feces, and which can in time overpower
our good bacteria. With 100 TRILLION living bacterium in your gut, this can
get ugly, bringing on Dysbiosis (AKA dysbacteriosis; a microbial imbalance
within the gut). If Dysbiosis worsens you can even develop fecal burps!!!
Eating a diet of Fat-Free or Low-Fat foods, even low-fat or skim milk, which
are too often boasted as being health-minded, will in fact make this fataccumulation problem even worse!!! Eating a fat-starved diet, as I always
mention to DEATH (I am fighting a hard-to-kill misinformed but mythic meme,
here), will causes people to add on MORE fat-weight, because a low-fat or fatfree diet will retard or shut down the production of Testosterone hormones.

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In order to burn fat, you body requires high levels of Leptin (normally its
levels are proportional to your quantity of fat, where it is manufactured and
stored) and highly sensitive Leptin receptors, which act as control switches
triggered by Leptins presence or absence (though diet and stress can disable
them). Leptins main function is to protect your body from starvation.
Unfortunately, any time you go on a reduced-calorie diet, Leptin sensitivity
decreases, because in the midst of reduced food intake, your body senses the
possibility for starvation and so it views your stored fat as a huge survival
asset. Hence, fat burning also decreases as Leptin sensitivity is decreased by
Ghrelin hormones that accompany Cortisol, which makes us feel hungry. When the
body has a need of fuel, it has no choice but to break down muscle mass for
energy, reserving stored fat as a break-glass-in-case-of-emergency supply.
Research has shown that actual Leptin levels can drop by as much as 50% after
just 7 days of reduced-calorie starvation dieting, and it increasingly
reduces as you strive to starve off more weight, until it SHUTS DOWN Leptin
hormone production in fat and you consequently hit a weight-loss plateau.
This is why people who use cheat days, ingesting up to 1000 extra calories
of fatty food get bumps in their Leptin levels, so weight-loss resumes, even
in facing starvation dieting (such a diet is the worst thing you can do!).
Besides, this cheat day Leptin bump is short-lived. However, research has
shown that adding very small quantities of carbohydrates, say 20 grams,
between cheat days keeps Leptin levels from tapering off, though weight-loss
effectiveness will be concurrently reduced, making it somewhat of a Catch-22.
The Testosterone hormone is directed by Leptin to break down fat cells through
oxidation (if we supply our bodies with sufficient oxygen by not smoking or
taking system-slowing or recreational medication or drink alcohol, which sucks
up available oxygen like a sponge) into fuel for the body to burn when Leptin
and Testosterone levels are high and the body does not think that it is
starving because the body is consuming adequate levels of nutritional fats.
Without Leptin, Testosterone, and sufficient levels of oxygen, the bodys fat
cells cannot be broken down. The lack of nutritional fats in our diet sends
signals to the body that it is starving, and so it will automatically release
more Insulin, which will shepherd nutrients in the blood into new fat cells,
and stop breaking current fat cells down for fuel because Cortisol hormones
are produced in starvation events, which reduces Testosterone!
To beat a dead (exhausted) horse -- NUTRITIONAL FATS DO NOT ADD FAT. Fats fuel
the hormonal production factory of our Endocrine glands. Without these fueling
nutritional fats, and if the metabolism is not activated, excess fat stores
cannot be broken down into fuel for the body. The body will instead break down
muscle for fuel when sufficient Testosterone is not present, saving our fat
cells for more critical survival needs, which can later be burned off, NOT by
Testosterone, but by Free Radicals forming in the body due to prolonged high
levels of the Cortisol Stress Hormone, which are produced when we are stressed
or are starving ourselves, even while the Cortisol works to store more body
fat to keep survival supplies readily available. Worse, because Visceral Fat,
unlike other body fats, is also able to easily reproduce itself, many of these
added reserves are stored in this ready, convenient, self-expanding medium.

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A higher level of Leptin in our system will send I am full signals to your
brain to kill our sense of hunger. The lack of Leptin or if its receptors are
desensitized, due to a fat-free diet, makes us almost crazy-hungry because the
body presumes starvation and forces itself into Survival Mode. It then seeks
to nourish itself by making us feel hungry, and sometimes, and I can vouch for
this, it makes us feel so hungry we could eat the ass out of an angry rhino.
Worse, if no nutritious food is consumed to answer this enhanced sense of
hunger, the body enters into a mode of desperation and must resort to breaking
down muscle mass for fuel, but not our fat cells, because Testosterone and
Leptin levels are reduced by the presence of Cortisol, due to starvation. To
clarify and repeat and reinforce -- as the Cortisol levels go up, Testosterone
levels go down, and so fat cannot be oxidized by Testosterone into fuel for
the body for survival.
As noted previously, the body emits Cortisol if it assumes the body is in
danger of starving, which, though it is good for short-term survival, giving
us a burst of energy for fight-or-flight, prolonged stress and prolonged high
levels of Cortisol in our system, which is common in our fast-paced society
and even in monotonous steady cardio exercises where we continuously stress
our joints in cycling, rapid succession, causes us to generate Free Radicals,
which also raises body acid levels. Because excess acids in our systems
brought on by stress imbalance our electrical (electron) conductivity and can
severely disrupt and damage our cells and stall or even stop cell reproduction
because it is breaking down WHATEVER cells it can find, fat, muscle, bone, or
brain, trying to release as much energy as possible to fuel our bodies to keep
it alive. Another consequence is that it makes us age FASTER, because our
cells are not readily being replaced. This is why chronically stressed people
also look so drawn out and gaunt, even if they are flabby, and their skin
ages, becoming translucent, pale, dry, creped, and old-looking. It can also
severely impair Intelligence Quotients (IQ) and other cognitive functions.
Like easier-to-burn skin fat, which can also build up on shoulders, arms,
shins, face, neck and back if we eat excessively, stubborn belly fat and those
muffin-top love handles can only be burned off by Testosterone. I REPEAT ad
nauseum -- HUMAN Testosterone is the ONLY hormone our metabolism can use to
EFFECTIVELY break down our fat reserves (and without the harmful myriad
harmful side-effects of Testosterone therapy from foreign sources). This is
because belly, hip, thigh and butt fat, which you all now know to be called
Visceral Fat, is a different type of fat than the fat that covers the rest of
our body, being our last-ditch survival reserves.
Women, due to their potential for child-bearing, for the sake of better odds
for their survival, carry larger quantities of Visceral Fat on their stomachs,
hips, thighs, butts, and breasts, as do men who have reached very low
Testosterone levels and therefore start becoming biologically more feminine.
Low Testosterone and Leptin causes Visceral Fat to in fact increase, because
what little Testosterone there is left will convert to Estrogen, before it can
burn fat or build muscle, by the Amoratase enzymes which are produced right
within the building Visceral Fat. For women, they will not produce ENOUGH
Testosterone to maintain their bones and muscles or sufficiently convert to
Estrogen to compensate for menopause. This is bad news for sedentary aging men
and women wanting to stay strong, in shape, and sexually active!

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This reduction of Testosterone and metabolism as we age might seem unfair, but
it IS up to us to actually get off our butts and do something about it!
I have noticed that as we age, people become much more sedentary than they
were in their youth, when they seemed to be racing from one activity to
another. From this I determined that Testosterone reduction is due to people
becoming idler! Others argue that we slow down because our metabolism slowed
down, but that is also due to the fact that we simply became idler. Are they
trying to deny it through a weak chicken or the egg came first argument?
If we increase or recover our Testosterone levels, it will automatically
off that otherwise impossible-to-lose Visceral Fat. Also, by reducing all
carried fat consequentially reduces the amount of Amoratase enzymes that
fat produces to convert Testosterone to Estrogen, therefore it will leave
more Testosterone to sculpt a lean musculature. ONLY Testosterone can be
to perform any fat-burning function AND build and maintain muscle.


Testosterone also controls our sexuality. High levels of Testosterone in our

bloodstream makes us leaner, muscular, youthful, virile, and it will also
allow us to live longer, healthier, and more sexually-active lives. For the
ladies, they need to increase their Testosterone so that it can be converted
to Estrogen, to both maintain their womanhood after menopause and to keep
their muscles and bones strong. Low Testosterone leads to lower Estrogen
levels and to the dread of all aging women -- osteoporosis.
Have you ever noticed how many elderly couples begin to look more and more
like each other as they advance into their sunset years? Most of this is
directly due to their decline in Testosterone, which results in men retaining
more Estrogen than Testosterone, as women become more neutral as their own
Estrogen levels decline. A full recovery of Testosterone production will
completely reverse this aging process. Even better, it is NEVER too late.
You body is designed to fully recover itself and to in fact REMAIN youthful,
no matter WHAT you have done to sabotage its efforts for however long.
Even so, before you race off to your doctors office to ask them about getting
a prescription for PDE5 pills or even Testosterone Replacement Therapy, be
aware that such artificial means are not only just temporary solutions,
lasting only as long as they are administered. TRT can actually be dangerous,
because it does not contain bio-symbiotic Human Testosterone, but rather it
contains foreign-configured Testosterone intended for other animals, most
typically bulls and pigs, or even synthetic varieties, and in humans this will
often result in an enlarged heart, liver problems/cancer, heart attacks, and
psychosis. Sometimes I think we have witchdoctors rather than doctors. Maybe
that is why medicine is an art and not a science, and why doctors PRACTICE
medicine -- they are not yet proficient at it...
But now you know there is an easy, natural way to activate your metabolism,
boost your Testosterone, and burn off the body fat, to include that stubborn
midriff bulge. And you can do it quickly -- through simple, short, highintensity regimented exercises and taking control of your diet by not loading
yourself up with junky, carbohydrate-heavy, body-fat-inducing foods.
Eliminate your excess body fat, increase your Testosterone, reduce your
Cortisol, and live a longer and healthier, more sexually active life.

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To reiterate, this book encompasses the research I conducted that helped me to

easily drop 75 pounds and 10 inches from my waist in 3 months, and 35 pounds
and 6 inches in the 2 months following as I also built lots of muscle mass. To
slow my weight-loss, I had to increase my protein- and fat-intake because my
metabolism was by then running so hot. Once you activate a fast metabolism and
start producing Testosterone like you did in your 20s, it is hard to stop. But
WHY would you want to, especially after you get lean and fit, which skyrockets
your self-confidence and makes you feel like a Alpha Male or Alpha Female?
It does not hurt that you will also no longer feel embarrassed to take your
shirt off (well, I would hope the ladies are at least wearing a sports bra
under it), but instead you will probably jump at any opportunity to do so!
If you are not training professionally, I strongly recommend that you skip
high-cost programs that can range from several hundred to thousands of
dollars, or personal trainers, which can cost you from $60 to $300 per coached
session. That is right, I am suggesting you actually go on the cheap and use
MAX Workouts ($39.95), Abs After 40 ($97), or Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 ($97) to
in fact get far more spectacular and faster results than those more expensive
venues, because these 3 programs have been demonstrated to actually work!
Though I recommend MAX Workouts to the price-conscious, the Abs After 40
program, my favorite, is MUCH EASIER to use and it is also gentler on those
who might have restricting conditions, such as old joint injuries.
The best part about these programs is that you will not exercise for any more
than 20-35 minutes a day, 4 or 5 days a week, as I have been suggesting all
along. This easy schedule is all that that is needed to lose fat mass and
build lean muscle over a 12 week period. If you are VERY overweight, you might
need to go through the program AGAIN, which is at NO extra cost (you will own
the programs outright, so you can use it as often as you like), but 6 months
is still NOT much time when you consider you can GREATLY extend your life
expectancy! Afterward, you will need to follow with light sessions just for
maintenance. You will also not need to blow extra money on costly gym
supplements or hard-to-find foods, but rather the common foods that you can
easily find in most grocery stores or local farmers markets (SPS2 pushes
supplements pretty hard, but they cater to a large body-building community).
The exercises are joint-safe high-intensity short-duration compound-muscleresistance anaerobics that will make you wonder why your doctor or gym might
have never suggested these types of quick but intense workouts, where you will
suddenly discover a much thinner, leaner, and sexy you in just 3-6 months as
all of your previously impossible-to-lose fat simply starts melting away.
These programs are NOT late-night infomercial gimmicks. I am living proof that
these types of programs actually do work! Even at almost 62 years old, I am
now in MUCH better shape and leaner than I ever was in my 20s, and I WAS fit
and lean back then, serving in the US Army, running up and down hills with a
heavy rucksack on my back and lugging a hefty M60 Machinegun and weighty gear.

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I wrote this book first as a personal notebook, and then as a guide for older
men to get into shape, exploring methods to reactivate our metabolism to get
Testosterone production up using diet and easy but intense exercises so we
could regain the fit constitution that most of us had back in our 20s. I then
updated it to highlight its helpfulness to younger people and to women. It had
ALWAYS been helpful to them, even before the update, but one criticism I got
was that because it was initially geared for older men like myself, some young
people or women might assume this information would not be applicable to them,
though anyone who had actually read that material would have known better.
This book offers important tips for better health, more informed, sciencebacked dieting, and why most-all fad diets blazoning the covers of health
and fitness magazines, and especially in womens magazines, and sometimes in
every single issue, are often quite bad for you. They typically play to vanity
and to desperation, and though this tactic can make the magazines rich, you
usually end up not just looking like you did before, but maybe even a bit
heavier! And worse, they only repeat the same old reduced-calorie, reduced-fat
diet that scientific evidence has shown WILL NOT WORK, just decimating muscle
before Free Radicals eat the rest of your body, to FINALLY include your fat.
NOTE: A Diet should not be viewed as something you just go on when you want
to drop weight. A Diet should be A WAY OF LIFE. If you think you can just skip
junk food for a week, drop a few pounds, and then go back to the way you were
eating before and not regain that weight (if not more!), then you are in for
sad disappointment. Doing that will simply get you on a roller-coaster diet,
where you seem to constantly struggle as you lose and then regain weight.
Get off that roller-coaster. Take responsibility and knowledgeable control of
your health, nutrition, and fitness! This book points out how you can do it;
not with diet rumors and myths, but with practical science on your side!
NOTE: There are a couple of popular television personalities whose every word
is hung onto by many fans. Periodically they announce their latest miracle
diets or some exotic, rare, and often expensive food supplement they say will
melt away your body fat even as you bolt down your favorite foods. Apart from
these miracles naturally fading within days, making ready for the next one,
why do these positive results not ever remain in those promoting them?
Now working in the warehouse of a retail operation, it is fascinating to watch
a troupe of mostly women charge in, like stampeding wildebeests, racing to our
cosmetics department, the market pantry, or to sporting goods to pick up the
latest miracle product that will make them look younger, which they saw their
adored personality swear by the day before, who had previously swore by the
other things that now gather dust in their closets because THEY did not work.
That just goes to shows the level of heart-breaking desperation that these
poor people feel. They simply want to regain a bit of the youth they once had,
back when they did not look or feel so exhausted all the time; back to a time
when they could enjoy a sweet treat, like a slice of cheesecake, without
finding it taking up permanent residence on their hips the next morning.

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You must learn how to eat so to properly fuel a reactivated metabolism. Once
you crank up your metabolism and get lean and fit, replacing fat with lean
calorie-incinerating muscle, you will find yourself with a heartier appetite
and being able to again enjoy steaks, pizzas, hamburgers, and even cheesecake
without guilt or worrying about what expansion plans they might have for your
waist -- you will burn it off BEFORE it gets to your waist, and the carbohydrates you do eat will once again be properly fueling your muscles!
You will no longer be in a diet-trap, feeling forced to graze on light
salads, dinners that look like hamster meals, or to drink reduced-fat milk
(YUCK! If you can call that see-through dish-soap-looking sink-water MILK),
waste another second of your life counting calories, or crying to the
heavens for willpower to resist an offered delectable after-dinner dessert.
You will instead possess the fast metabolism you once hated in others!
In the free sample sessions offered in the next section, you will see how
high-intensity compound-muscle anaerobic workouts can ignite your metabolism
so you can burn actual fat INSTEAD of muscle. Note that EVERY reduced-calorie
or fat-cutting diet will burn ONLY muscle mass while it will leave EVERY
OUNCE of the body fat you were trying to diet off fully intact, or JUST burn
breathed oxygen, as light-intensity exercise like steady aerobics will do.
As pointed out earlier, if your anaerobic workout is intense enough to
activate your metabolism by quickly depleting your Glycogen and blood-Glucose,
you trick your body into a fight-or-flight mode, forcing it to burn underskin fat during the exercise to continue fueling your muscles. After this
workout, instead of your body returning to a normal rest state as it will with
aerobics, it MUST turn on its built-in afterburner to burn the Visceral fat
around your midriff to fully recover your oxygen/energy/Glucose expenditure,
and it CONTINUES to burn calories and that fat for up to 48 hours, giving you
the hard-charging fast metabolism you should have had all along!
NOTE: METABOLISM, or Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE), has 3 components:
1) Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the amount of energy your body requires to
sustain vital functions when at rest, accounting for 60% to 75% of your daily
energy needs. This is the most important part of metabolism, which the
anaerobic exercise programs I advocate herein work to elevate this important
factor (calorie restriction, however, can suppress RMR by up to 20%!).
2) Thermic Effect of Feeding (TEF, or DIT; Diet-Induced Thermogenesis) is the
energy required to digest, absorb, and assimilate the nutrients you consume,
accounting for 5% to 15% of daily energy needs. Eating requires calories be
burned just to absorb food. For example, carbs require burning 15% of its
calories to digest it, and proteins require 35%. Choosing slow-digesting foods
requires more calories be burned just for digestion. Done right, you can even
increase you food consumption and still experience accelerated body fat loss.
3) General Physical Activity (GPA) is the most variable part of metabolism.
Based upon activity level, it can account for 15% to 30% of your daily energy
needs. This last, third component of metabolic rate consists of both
structured exercise and non-structured activity, which includes doing
household chores, walking to and from your car, shivering, fidgeting, etc.
Non-structured activity is termed Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT).

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In one NEAT study, researchers found that on average obese people sit 2-1/2
hours longer than lean people each day. They also found that when people eat
less, such as going on a reduced-calorie diet, they subconsciously moved less.
During INTENSE anaerobic exercise, muscles can totally spend their Glycogen
reserves, a multi-branched polysaccharide chain of Glucose, which is the main
STORAGE form of Glucose within the body, and which is also the energy storage
medium for all working muscle tissue and the liver. Once muscular Glycogen and
also blood-Glucose are depleted, you will feel a strong desire to rest and you
can even get mildly lightheaded, though not enough to make you faintly stumble
about. People refer to this state correctly as low blood-sugar.
NOTE: When you experience lightheadedness due to a low blood-sugar event, most
people will consume carbohydrates, such as a candy bar or drink a quick bottle
of fruit juice that is typically over-saturated with sugar. The liver quickly
metabolizes the sugar and injects its Glucose into the bloodstream to relieve
the event. Yet, if you were to simply let nature take its course, your free
Testosterone will INSTEAD break down fat cells under the skin, freeing lipids,
which encase Glucose molecules that will NATURALLY restore blood-sugar. Sadly,
a GROSS misunderstanding of this simple process has led to starvation dieting.
As you know by now, Glycogen and blood-Glucose depletion is treated as fightor-flight peril and that the body is designed not to restore these spent
reserves until AFTER intense physical exertion ends. It instead resumes the
missing Glucoses job by burning regular skin fat and transporting the
Glucose from the lipids freed by the oxidized fat DIRECTLY to muscle tissue,
to fuel them as long as the body continues such exertion. This, and the
buildup of lactic acid, causes an oxygen deficit. It is due to the bodys need
to restore the Glucose source of oxygen you expend, which requires VAST stores
of extra oxygen to oxidize fat to Glucose and to also oxidize lactic acid.
Yet, if you stop between these anaerobic exercises for any extended period of
rest, such as longer than 2 minutes, not quickly resuming resistance exercise
in order to accumulate a deeper oxygen deficit in the body, the end result of
these extended rests will be that you will not burn off as much fat as you
could have, but just the little bit of it the body must, during such a rest,
break down to restore the muscles limited Glycogen reserves. This will still
give you what people refer as their second wind; a sense of restored energy.
This second wind also accompanies your lactic acid oxidizing, even as the
oxygen deficit your body would have to recover is greatly reduced (see below).
Lactic acid oxidization will also reduce the sensation you might feel of your
muscles hurting (burning) and maybe temporarily not wanting to keep working.
This usually mild, temporary muscle discomfort or pain is called the burn.
It is TECHNICALLY called Eccentric Overload, due to over-taxing muscle while
they lengthen, where muscles can experience normal micro-tears and microdamage, which in turn initiates muscle reinforcement and strengthening once
you finally stop exercising, as long as you are ALSO producing adequate levels
of Testosterone and have sufficient quantities of oxygen available.

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NOTE: When you feel the burn, you are also feeling muscular distress from a
buildup of lactic acid as blood rushes to protect the muscle because they are
experiencing micro-tears and micro-damage. It might sound disturbing, but this
damage is actually a good thing if you are looking to build larger muscles.
Building muscle occurs when you break down muscle fibers by putting very heavy
stress on them, like intense resistance exercise. This brings on the burn of
built-up lactic acid and stretching your muscle to its limits. To repair this
damage after exercise, the fibers are reinforced and restructured to balance
itself to the work, which also makes them stronger and bigger (our bodies are
incredible machines that reacts to what we are doing and adapts itself to it).
Muscle repair hinges on the bio-availability of Testosterone hormones. The
more you have available, the greater your lean muscle-building potential.
Also, since muscle is metabolically active, meaning it burns calories just by
existing, and, even at rest, it burns three times more calories than fat. The
more muscle you have, the more calories you will automatically burn off.
Without the burn, that sense of nearing exercise Failure (a state where we
cannot continue exercising a muscle-group), you muscles will NEVER grow or
become stronger. Of course, if you let the burn explode into searing pain or
full-blown cramps (cramps are due to insufficient oxygen being available to
oxidize lactic acid buildup in muscle, which is what causes the pain), and
especially pain that lingers (the damage is likely more than simple microdamage), you need to address it to reduce swelling. This can normally be
solved with a simple ice cube, ice pack and/or loosening exercise, or raising
it above your heart to reduce pressure. MAXWO and AA40 provide injury recovery
guides that you should review. Their solutions are easy and very helpful.
You will also need a couple recovery days within each week on your workout
calendar. These rest days provide your body with the time it needs to FULLY
recover, rebuild, and strengthen muscle tissue. It ONLY recovers DURING rest.
As a side note, drinking a blueberry smoothie before exercise minimizes pain
by it accelerating healing and causing more Endorphin pain-killing hormones to
be secreted by your Endocrine system. It is also very helpful AFTER an injury.
Gym rats LOVE the burn. You will also come to love the burn, and may soon
choose to close a workout by performing each anaerobic exercise in the final
cycle of a Set to Failure. Doing this consistently will give you a chiseled
lean physique that cannot help but catch envious glances from others. You will
probably start singing John Mellencamps 1982 hit tune, It hurts so good!
For anaerobics to be truly effective, a rest period can be no longer than 60
seconds. Because it burns fat, you do not want to start burning Visceral Fat
reserves until AFTER your workout has been completed. This allows building a
MASSIVE energy deficit in your Resting Metabolic Rate. Your body will burn
under-skin fat until you stop exercising (full rest is considered any period
longer than 2 minutes), along with building up lactate as your body Glucose
metabolizes, building an oxygen deficit facilitated by the minimal rest. This
deficit must be recovered by burning not just oxygen, as aerobics does, but
your body will require greater levels of fuel that is provided only by body
fat (we will cover this process in detail soon when we discuss the Afterburn

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Effect). Anaerobic exercises require you to resume the next exercise in a

Set or after a Superset or Scorch Set after just 5-60 seconds of Idle
Rest (Recovery), or Active Rest (Active Recovery) in demanding sessions.
NOTE: A Superset is 2 back-to-back exercises with no rest break AT ALL between
them. A Scorch Set has 3 or 4 back-to-back exercises with no rest break
between them. A short Rest is allowed BETWEEN Supersets and Scorch Sets.
Active Rest can be simply jogging in place (easy), doing standing knee-toelbow crunches (harder, but kinder to your back than regular crunches or situps where you pull on your neck), or Pilates, such as anaerobic lying heel-tap
crunches. Active Rest is just to keep your heart rate up, to keep your body
from assuming rest and therefore lessening the effects of an oxygen deficit.
Sometimes doing lying heel-tap crunches (AKA toe-tap crunches, but good luck
starting with that!) is REALLY tough, but it adds no neck pressure and its
results are FANTASTIC! The first time you do them you will absolutely HATE
them! BUT, once you see the results of these anaerobic Pilates, sometimes even
the next day, they will likely become a beloved favorite! They DO get easier!
What all this means is that until your anaerobic exercise burns off your
initial reserve of Glycogen and blood-Glucose, you do not burn fat AT ALL. So,
when you DO feel tired or exhausted, this is NOT a sign to stop exercising, as
so many people who incessantly fail to lose any significant amount of fat-mass
will do when timidly attempting any heavier anaerobic exercise, or they rest
between each exercise longer than 2 minutes (thus, setting a maximum rest
period at 1 minute is a safe bet to keep your body from assuming ACTUAL rest,
though 20 seconds, and even better, 5-15 seconds, IS MORE EFFECTIVE), but they
should instead push through it with as short a rest period as they can endure,
to push through the wall (spent Glucose/Glycogen reserves combined with a
huge lactic acid buildup in the muscles), until they get their second wind.
Pushing through the wall can be as easy as pausing for 3-5 seconds to let
the lactic acid oxidize enough to get past muscle discomfort or failure. Once
you start seeing positive results from this, you will not pause so long, but
get straight back to exercising the INSTANT the sense of strain fades from
your muscles. Always remind yourself: There is no benefit without the burn.
In exercising this way and keeping rest between anaerobic exercises minimal as
you quickly deplete all your Glycogen and blood-Glucose, your body is forced
to start burning fat AS you exercise so it can continue fueling your body,
because burning oxygen alone, like aerobic exercise, is not enough to balance
the bodys massive energy needs. Unlike with aerobics, this ENORMOUSLY LARGER
energy debt will not just burn calories as long as you exercise, but it will
be forced to CONTINUE burning calories long after your workout is over!
NOTE: To clarify, anaerobic exercise Sets allow rest between exercises. This
should be 1 minute and preferably LESS, just to catch your breath. NEVER
exceed 2 minutes, because then your oxygen deficit becomes less effective. If
you are advanced, 5-15 seconds rest, or NONE, provides FAR GREATER results.

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Often, a Set will recommend that you implement a thing called Active Rest
between its exercises, which is an activity to keep your heart rate up. As
said previously, this can be jogging in place (light), performing standing
elbow-to-knee crunches (medium), or lying heel-tap crunches (advanced).
However, some exercises are strenuous enough that they will recommend NO
Active Rest, but just 20-30 seconds of INACTIVE Rest. If you are advanced, you
can cut this to 5-15 seconds Inactive Rest. If you can go straight into the
next exercise or Set WITHOUT any rest, the benefits will be FAR greater!
Advanced exercises are often done in things referred to as Supersets or Scorch
Sets. A Superset is considered 2 consecutive exercises performed back-to-back
with no rest between them. A Scorch Set is 3 or 4 back-to-back exercises. For
example, a Set might consist of 3-6 Superset exercises, which consist of a
total of 6-12 exercises, but there is only rest allowed between each Superset
pair. These back-to-back exercises are usually to work opposing muscle groups,
or related muscle groups. However, because they are not working the same
muscle group, you are able to exhaust yourself on one exercise and go straight
into the next because you will be exercising a different muscle group that had
been resting. After a Superset or Scorch Set, you can take either active or
inactive rest, depending upon what the sets regimen recommends.
Remember, anaerobic exercises are meant to get your heart really racing, the
sweat really pouring, and recruit enough muscle fibers (hence compound-muscle
workouts that work multiple muscle groups) to get your metabolism cranking to
kick out MASSIVE quantities of Testosterone to burn off body fat.
If you rest so much between exercises that your heart rate returns to normal
or that you do not work up a sweat, or not sweat AT ALL, and you do not get
out of breath, then you are likely not getting any benefit from the exercises
because you are not working yourself hard enough! Also, if you complete the
minimal number of Sets and you feel like you could do another Set, but you
choose not to, then you are cheating yourself of any substantial benefits!
The absolute truth is, when your finish these anaerobic sessions, you WANT to
feel like a horse that was rode hard and put away wet; feeling like an
exercise rookie that fell into a hot puddle of water and you only want rest.
Anaerobic exercises are meant for strength training, so it will raise your
lactate levels, and when you work yourself HARD, oxygen will go into deficit,
which means lactic acids cannot oxidize fast enough, and so you will feel
strain in your muscles, bringing them near or to Failure (some exercises
REQUIRE that they be done to Failure). This results in normal micro-damage and
micro-tears in the muscle fibers, which causes the body to repair and
reinforce them, thus making them stronger and a little bigger each time!
By monitoring the length of the rest between exercises and Sets, you can
assess your fitness level. As you advance and your strength increases, you
should decrease the length of your rest, increase the number of exercise reps,
increase the number of Sets, or any combination of them to ALWAYS make them
challenging. If you complete the minimal Sets and you have strength to do
another Set or two, PLEASE do them! You will end up reaching your goals much
faster. You WANT to end EVERY session feeling exhausted like a rookie!

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During your workout, because you have spent your Glycogen reserves and have a
HUGE oxygen deficit, the body oxidizes fat to resume fueling you. However, it
oxidizes fat only as long as you keep adequate oxygen and Testosterone
supplied to it, which is present if you breathe deep through your diaphragm to
absorb more oxygen and your metabolism is activated by anaerobic exercise.
If EITHER Testosterone or oxygen, needed to oxidize fat cells, are lacking,
oxidization cannot take place! In that case the body has no choice but to
attack muscle mass instead for required levels of energy. This attack on
muscle mass instead of body fat is the same thing that happens when you do
starvation dieting or eat fat-free food. It causes your Testosterone to drop
and so your body has no alternative but to consume energy from muscle mass.
Apart from the critical need for Testosterone, an adequate oxygen supply is
one of the most important factors in maintaining proper health. Doing anything
to hinder the absorption or distribution of oxygen, like bad posture, smoking,
alcohol, or metabolism-slowing medication will hamper fat-loss goals (the
religious belief some have that smoking will keep their weight down,
especially among young adults, will be explained soon, and though it can
succeed, in a way..., it will actually be destroying your body!).
You often see people doing anaerobics keep a candy bar, energy bar, or some
sugar-packed beverage or energy water at hand to give them an energy boost
whenever they experience low blood-sugar events. Yet, consuming such sugars
DURING anaerobic exercise STOPS the breakdown of fat to supply Glucose to the
body. What happens is your sugar-intake, via liver processing, is used INSTEAD
to restore your Glucose/Glycogen, which negates the whole fat-burning point of
anaerobic exercise in the first place! You might as well NOT do the exercises.
Worse, taking energy treats during aerobics and because your body burns only
the oxygen you breathe for fuel, the sugar only adds to your fat reserves! 57%
of common sugar go STRAIGHT to your fat cells ANYWAY, thanks to its Fructose
molecule, which we have NO metabolic use for (elevated Fructose body-levels,
such as from High Fructose Corn Syrup, is absolutely deadly, causing metabolic
syndrome, hypertension, reduced Insulin sensitivity, liver damage, etc.)! Too,
consuming excess carbs can reduce Insulin sensitivity and cause Carbohydrate
Intolerance Disorder (CID), where you bloat up after consuming carbohydrates.
Normal exercise burns Glycogen as you perform them, and breathed oxygen is
spent to process blood-Glucose to restore that spent Glycogen. However, highintensity short-duration compound-muscle anaerobic workouts, especially with
little or no rest between each exercise AND Sets (taking only 5-60 seconds
rest MAXIMUM, depending on intensity and how out-of-breath you are), quickly
burn off your Glycogen AND Glucose reserves, creating a MASSIVE spike in your
energy expenditure, initiating what your body thinks is a fight-or-flight
emergency. If exercise CONTINUES, then skin fat is burned while you work out.
This massive spike, after you stop exercising due to exhaustion, will initiate
a MUCH DEEPER level of fat-burning. Because of the greater intensity of these
anaerobic exercises, and because blood-Glucose is also spent, it cannot
restore Glycogen from blood-Glucose because you have depleted it, but which
your body desperately needs to recover. Thus, the body switches to dig DEEP
into your EMERGENCY fat supplies. This process is cryptically called Excess
Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC. Your body, when at rest, restores
the spent Glucose and Glycogen supplies by breaking down a huge volume of fat.

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NOTE: The focus on oxygen deficits when clinical texts refer to EPOC, calling
it by the enigmatic term Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, is due to
technicalities not relating to the oxygens SOURCE. The source of this oxygen
is GLUCOSE (blood-sugar). It is packed within muscle fibers in multi-branched
chains called Glycogen, and Glucose circulates freely in the bloodstream,
ready to fuel any cell requiring it. The reason that spending Glucose and
Glycogen is called an oxygen debt is because Glucose is a 6-carbon molecule
that is stripped of its oxygen, which is used by metabolism in the lactic acid
oxidation process, and it is this CLINICAL technicality that earned the title.
Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption is also known as the Afterburn
Effect; the period of time your body continues burning calories post-workout.
EPOC is a measurably increased rate of oxygen intake following strenuous
activity meant to erase the bodys oxygen deficit, particularly in regard to
lactic acid/lactate metabolism. In recovery, oxygen is used in processes that
restore the body to a rest state and adapts it to the exercise just performed.
HOWEVER, because the intensity of these resistance exercises will activate
your metabolism, and because your body is tricked into a fight-or-flight
contingency, after burning normal skin fat to sustain energy, it will be
forced to attack your richer emergency fat cells around your belly, hips,
thighs and butt just to repay the deep oxygen deficit to restore Glycogen, IF
you have adequate Testosterone and oxygen coursing through your system.
NOTE: The body is designed to perform its functions in an incredibly optimized
manner. It tries hard to maintain a trim and lean musculature with a Body Mass
Index between 19 and 25 (I will show you how to calculate BMI later in my
notes), though we constantly sabotage it with bad diets and toxic habits. Our
bodies are not designed to over-absorb resources. Thus, the effectiveness of
the bodys oxygen-absorption process is hindered by ANYTHING that inhibits it.
The best part of the Afterburn Effect is that it can continue to burn away at
our otherwise impossible-to-lose Visceral Fat for up to 48 hours AFTER
intense exercise in order to oxidize lactic acid and restore spent Glucose!
After doing just your very first full session (I will be sharing links to a
few free full sessions in the next section), and if you do them properly and
do not spend more than 5-60 seconds resting between exercises and Sets, you
will likely find a NOTICEABLE difference in the mirror tomorrow morning!
It can seem strange to think that spending LESS time working out can actually
give you MUCH GREATER benefits. But you must keep in mind that it is a PROVEN
scientific fact that fitness is INTENSITY-dependent, not TIME-dependent. If
you discovered that you could get the same or better results in just 20
minutes as you can during an hour-long workout if you just cut all the lulls
where you are doing nothing, would you not rethink your fitness routines?
NOTE: Smoking pot (cannabis/marijuana) is often used to induce a stupor-like
oxygen-starved state in your brain. The THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) in

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cannabis is an oxygen-inhibitor, which chokes off oxygen to the body. The body
will often react with respiratory spasms as laughter, or even as choking or
gasping, attempting to ingest more oxygen. It releases pain-killing Endorphins
because the body is in distress. This distress also raises Cortisol stress
hormone levels, which in turn significantly reduces Leptin hormone levels (AND
Testosterone), which in turn makes you feel hungry (get the munchies). It
sometimes forces you to pass out to bring you to a body-recovery rest state.
Whatever you views on cannabis are, all studies show that abuse of it causes
oxidative stress in cells, JUST LIKE high Fructose, resulting in gene mutation
and DNA damage, leading to memory and cognition issues, such as learning
disabilities, deficits in coordination, deficits in brain development, low
level of intelligence and intellectual capacity, plus respiratory difficulty,
heart disease, and psychiatric illnesses, such as paranoia, schizophrenia, and
depression, and will even adversely affect germination cells (sperm and eggs).
If this does not bother you, then fine, it IS your body, after all, but any
DNA damage will be passed on to your children and weaken the Human gene pool.
Also, doing that will also make your children less attractive to prospective
mates (there is nothing quite like introducing a drooling, vacant-eyed
boyfriend or girlfriend to your parents). Females, especially, of any species
have an uncanny sense about the genetic potential of a prospective mate.


Following are listed 3 free online sample exercise workouts that WILL ignite
the Afterburn Effect, allowing YOU to test drive such high-intensity, shortduration compound-muscle anaerobic workouts to activate your metabolism. They
will also show that high-intensity exercise is not as rough as it sounds. We
will end with a COMPLETELY FREE 2-week course from Six Pack Shortcuts.
The first free session is from MAX Workouts, an exercise and diet program
for adults of any age and tailored for both men and women. To access it, sign
up for Shin Ohtakes free 5 Day Lean Body Kick-Start by adding your name,
email, and sex (to tailor instruction) to the signup on the MAX Workouts home
page at www.maxworkouts.com. It will show you how to trick your body into
producing a flood of Testosterone through 5 daily email links to each if its
web-pages. You will receive a link to the first days web page, featuring an
instructional video (see www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_bcT0Xvyl8). Through one
full-body exercise, it works LOTS of muscle in a 4-count movement (quads,
glutes, abs, deltoids, and triceps). The exercise is simple: stand erect with
feet a little over shoulder-width apart and pair of dumbbells resting forward
on your shoulders, smartly deep squat, return, do a dumbbell press straight
up, and then return to the shoulders. Shin recommends doing 3-5 Sets with 8-10
reps each. Doing 5 Sets of 12 reps can kick my butt as it gets my metabolism
cranking, my heart pounding, the sweat pouring, and the fat burning.
Another free session is from Abs After 40 (www.getabsafter40.com), a
great and easy-to-follow exercise and diet program that is tailored for older
men like myself, though I truly believe older women can benefit from it. This
sample workout, called by its creator, Mark McIlyar, Functional Cardio Day,

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can be found at www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGdScp-Kn6w. The new form of this 5exercise Set calls for doing at least 5 Sets, not 3, and starting with 30
seconds of jogging-in-place to get the heart pumping, and with 10 reps of
standing knee-to-elbow crunches between each of the exercises in the Set to
keep the metabolism jacked. For an even more strenuous workout, replace the
standing knee-to-elbow crunches with lying heel-tap crunches (Pilates). This
really get you heated up, your heart racing, you metabolism cranking, and the
sweat rolling off your body (even my eyelids sweat), as your body burns fat.
The last is from "Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0" (www.sixpackshortcuts.com), a
MORE INTENSE program for men who are already moderately fit. It demonstrates a
powerful workout that will activate the metabolism FAST. You can find this
free session online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB9NIm0SZRg. This is a
great follow-up program for Max Workouts or Abs After 40.
These COMPLETE free sample workout sessions are really simple and easy, but
they can still kick your butt because they REALLY work your metabolism and get
you sweating hard and you heart pounding, and you will definitely KNOW you
just had a really good workout, though the entire workout will take about 20
minutes. You will be able to do maximum Sets with additional reps (WITH NO
CHEATS) in record time once you become familiar with them. WOW!!! No more
several-hours-long aerobic sessions where you heart rate hardly cranks!
These three sample sessions will act as examples of what you can expect from
these inexpensive programs, and it will also make you really wonder why the
MUCH more expensive programs, or the even MORE expensive personal trainer
sessions do not employ such simple anaerobic workout paradigms.
You might notice that MAX Workouts exercises normally focus on an exercise
Set consisting of just a SINGLE exercise, a short rest, and then continuing
with the next Set of that exercise. These truly FULL-BODY workouts are
extremely efficient, and are simpler in that you do not have to remember or
make notes of a series of several exercises, as the other programs Sets do.
Each has their merits. MAX Workouts works on getting you lean and fit. Abs
After 40 does that and adds emphasis to muscle definition and making them
much stronger, being joint-friendly, yet VERY challenging. Six Pack Shortcuts
2.0 is similar to Abs After 40, but MUCH more advanced and FAR more
challenging, but it also adds extra emphasis on building greater muscle mass.
I will later report on the types of food that nutritional science has
determined that you should apply to your daily diet along with compound-muscle
anaerobic exercises to finally get that flat belly and a physique to be proud
of, even if it had seemed totally impossible before and any and all previous
attempts might have ended in utter failure (and maybe some added fat).
It will even show you what types of popular foods to absolutely avoid, some
thought to be healthy, because they do not do what you think they do, or they
are self-defeating, or they actually make you LESS healthy and even FATTER!
This book compares these THREE very inexpensive, but high-quality professional
online -- and smartphone-enabled -- programs, MAX Workouts ($39.95;
www.maxworkouts.com), Abs After 40 ($97; www.getabsafter40.com), and Six
Pack Shortcuts 2.0 ($97; www.sixpackshortcuts.com), that I HIGHLY recommend
and I also know that they REALLY DO WORK because I have used them. The best

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part is, each of these programs can be used in the privacy of your own home
with just a pair of dumbbells and you will not have to pay through the nose
for any expensive auxiliary dietary supplements. Other home gym equipment or a
gym membership is left entirely up to you, once you finally get lean and fit
and want to further chisel your hot lean and sexy body.
Some expensive programs on the market DEMAND that you buy into added-cost
supplements, or an even more expensive personal trainer from their network.
However, this is honestly quite pointless, considering that you can get proven
results EVEN FASTER by using proper diet and simple exercise techniques ALONE.
The three programs I recommend here also provide you with access to their
online support for any and all questions you might have, and they get back to
you in short order. So be not afraid if you are an exercise rookie.
NOTE: You will need to devote at least 12 weeks to reach your weight-loss
goals using any one of the three inexpensive home exercise and diet programs
I discuss herein, no matter the shape type your body has, even if you have a
beer gut hanging over your belt, hippo hips, thunder thighs, a buffalo butt,
shoulder-boobs, and even man-boobs. We are using REAL science and PROVEN
techniques here, not internet speculation, diet myths, or weight-loss rumors.
All I ask is that you do not cheat on the diet plans or the exercises while
going through the programs. After all, any cheating only hurts you! If you do
follow them (some minor backsliding might be forgivable, but the end result
will be diminished with every cheat -- though you CAN recover by extending the
plan and following the rules), then the results will be nothing short of
spectacular, and everyone around you will be asking you what your secret is.
At my place of work, I get complements EVERY day, from coworkers and store
guests alike, and I share my secret with everyone who asks me about it.
Although Abs After 40 and Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 do offer science-based
natural supplements as an OPTION for getting ACCELERATED results (their
Testosterone- and Leptin-builder supplements might actually be important for
those few who do have metabolic disorders that limit their bodies from
naturally producing Testosterone and Leptin in sufficient quantities), they
are not required by these programs, and even though I believe their particular
supplements are safe, I will personally not use them, and I recommend you not
use them if you are able, for no reason other than to prove to yourself that
YOU can do this on your own! That will give you the kind of self-confident
Alpha Male or Alpha Female sense of personal worth that NO money can buy!
It is not that it has been impossible to stay or even to get fit and trim
after the age of 40, but we just have not been properly educated in what we
must do with the aging changes in our body and metabolism to achieve it,
because it is actually quite different from what most of us needed to do when
we were in our youth, when most of us could live on pizza, potato chips,
M&Ms, and soda and not gain a single ounce from it. Done right, it is actually
incredibly easy to do, and with results a whole lot faster than you could have
ever imagined possible, even if it seemed totally, absolutely, utterly
impossible before using any of the latest diet gossip, weight loss fads, or
dieting rumors, and even if your kids (or worse, FRIENDS) are presently using
you to shade themselves from the sun on a hot day at the beach.

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With knowledge comes TRUE power. It is time you harnessed this power and used
it to suit your own needs, to give you the hot body that you really should
have right now, were it was not sabotaged by misinformed diet and exercise
advice, plus a nanny government that knows far too little about how nutrient
pre-processing, additives and ineffectual exercise affects us all, though it
still believes itself qualified to counsel us on proper health and nutrition.
----------------------------------------------------------------If you want to follow a free coached program, go to www.sixpackabs.com, a unit
of Six Pack Shortcuts, and sign up for their free 'Fit in 15' Workout Program.
This 2-week, 6-workout course can get you in shape so you can participate in a
more strenuous exercise program like Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0, Abs After 40,
or MAX Workouts. Each workout takes only 15 minutes to complete, but they
will still work to improve your Insulin sensitivity and start you burning off
fat. It also makes great follow-up workouts for these three programs.
NOTES: Testosterone and Estrogen normally begins to decline after age 24. At
about the age of 40, our Human Growth Hormone (HGH) begins on its decline.
HGH helps Testosterone cut fat and build lean muscle. It also helps discard
old cells and replace them. HGH is produced by the Pituitary Gland, used to
fuel childhood growth and help maintain tissues and organs throughout life.
By reactivating the metabolism using anaerobic resistance exercises, you can
invigorate the hormone factory in your Endocrine system, such as Testosterone,
HGH, Adrenaline, Endorphins (a natural pain-killer), and many, many others.
Raising HGH through exercise and diet can also increase exercise capacity,
increase bone density, increase muscle mass, and decrease body fat.
HGH is our Fountain of Youth hormone. It can reverse aging, like sagging
skin due to a loss of Elastin proteins. When present, it enables you to slough
off old cells and replace them with new ones. HGH, a stress hormone that
raises the concentration of Glucose and free fatty acids, is a 191-amino acid,
single-chain polypeptide that is synthesized, stored, and secreted by
somatotropic cells in the lateral wings of the anterior pituitary gland.
HGH therapy in the United States is only available legally from pharmacies,
but fortunately you can instead generate all the HGH you will ever need right
within your own body by activating a fast metabolism, and you will never have
to pay anyone else for this huge boost in your HGH levels.
Elastin (tropoelastin) is an elastic protein in connective tissue allowing
many tissues to resume their shape after contracting or stretching, helping
skin restore its original position when poked or pinched. It is composed
mainly of an amorphous component of extensively cross-linked elastin and a
fibrillar component primarily as microfibrils such as fibrillin, both of which
are made of simple amino acids such as glycine, valine, alanine and proline.
The ELN gene encodes a protein that is one of these two components of elastic
fibers, rich in hydrophobic amino acids like glycine and proline, which form
mobile hydrophobic regions bounded by crosslinks between lysine residues.

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One thing most people very seldom EVER give a thought to is the work the body
must perform just to digest their food. This is actually like getting free
calories they do not keep, especially if they select slow-digesting foods.
Pre-processed foods are largely finely-pulverized foods loosely glued back
together with trans fats and/or high fructose corn syrup. These easily break
apart with a corrosive agent as simple as water. Being finely-pulverized, this
means that they are also pre-digested (already reduced to finely-ground
particulates), so your body does not need to do much, IF ANY work before it
can absorb it through the walls of the intestines and into the bloodstream.
Pre-processed foods, being finely pulverized, naturally have a fast Insulin
response, which is why one can put on a ton of body fat eating loaf after loaf
of white bread, and not to forget that its manmade trans fats are clogging
your arteries with its hydrogen-saturated barbs, along with raising your
Cortisol stress hormone levels that consequently drops your otherwise fatburning Testosterone levels into the basement for up to 48 hours at a time!
Foods that take longer to digest, such as whole milk, avocados, white meats,
or even REAL whole grain breads, such as Ezekiel 4:9 Bread, to name only a
minuscule few of the bounty of good foods have a SLOW Insulin response (a very
good thing!) AND the body must burn much more energy just to digest it.
Note that Whole Grain Breads do not refer to breads made with reconstituted
flour, where the removed bran, germ, and endosperm were added back in AFTER it
was actually turned into white bread, along with food coloring to make it LOOK
whole grainy, because by then ALL of it is already finely pulverized and
therefore NONE OF IT HAS ANY BENEFIT BEYOND TOXIC WHITE BREAD, as most storebrand and name-brand 100% Whole Wheat breads actually are! Indeed, If you
look at a slice of this bread and white bread, the ONLY difference is color.
Digestion is obviously not free of energy requirements. Some of the foods we
consume require up to 30% or even more of the calories it carries to be burned
just to digest it. Most carbs require only as little as 15%. However, proteins
require that 35% of its calories be burned off just to absorb it into the
body. This may be why Greek Yogurt is becoming popular, because 6 ounces of it
contains 12 grams of protein as opposed the usual 6 grams in most yogurts
(just 4 ounces of plain cottage cheese, 1/2 cup, has 12 grams of protein!).
Also, be sure to get PLAIN yogurts that have not been loaded up with lots of
sugar and fruit favors, but instead add your own market-bought fruits. Even if
you add a teaspoon of sugar to sweeten it (that is MORE than enough for a
sweet taste), that will not be ANYWHERE near the 3.75 - 5 teaspoons of fastdigesting refined sugars (18.75-25 grams) that the pre-flavored varieties of
Greek yogurt pack, which DEFEATS the whole point of eating Greek yogurt.
What all this means is that if you are one to count calories, you are not
truly counting the ACTUAL calories that your body will in fact absorb and
store, because a great deal of those calories are burned off just to digest

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When you eat, the body rushes blood-Glucose to your gut, burning it as energy
to digest your meal. Once it is spent, you might feel mildly lightheaded or
sleepy (some might wonder if knockout drops were secretly added to their
food). After that, if there is still more digestion to be done, especially
with slow-digesting foods (which will NOT be the case if you consume a lot of
pre-broken-down processed food), then, IF the metabolism is not activated and
sufficient Testosterone and oxygen is not available, the body turns not to fat
as it would with an activated metabolism, but it will turn instead to muscle
to break down for energy. The last thing your body will turn to for fuel when
the metabolism is not active is its Emergency Reserves, which is your body
fat. That can be frustrating for anyone seeking to drop such fat-mass!
However, with an activated metabolism,
and with good deep breathing to ensure
so it can efficiently oxidize fats, the
using Testosterone and oxygen, which is

with Testosterone hormones available,

the Testosterone has sufficient oxygen
body will instead break down these fat
an easier fuel to harvest than muscle!

Technically, your body loves to be lazy! It ALWAYS resorts to performing work

that expends the least energy required, and burning fat, if Testosterone and
oxygen are adequately present, is easier to do than the breaking down muscle.
If the metabolism is not activated or Testosterone and oxygen are not on hand,
then it has NO CHOICE but to go through much more work to break down muscle.
The brain is ALWAYS building and refining neural networks (instincts) that
hard-wire cerebral programs controlling muscular action so choices can become
automatic once they are set. Military training is designed like this. This
is also why doing things becomes easier in time, like driving. You start with
fists in white-knuckled knots vise-gripping the steering wheel, arms locked
and holding on for dear life (and becoming very spiritual and getting to know
your God on a first-name basis), with sweat rolling by the bucket down your
back. But later, you can be Joe Cool, cruising down the boulevard, enjoying
the evening breeze blowing across your face without a care in the world.
People develop most of their general neural networks, our automated reactions,
which some call muscle memory, using original thought and acting upon the
world, until their brain matures at age 24. Afterward, most people move
through life almost like automatons, REACTING to the world using these prebuilt neural networks to handle most-all situations, and very seldom afterward
actually act on the world anymore (unless they make a conscious effort at it,
like always trying to find new ways of doing things -- kind of like changing
up our exercise routines every three week to stay off a plateau), or even
require actual thought, but only reaction. It is my personal conclusion that
because we are no longer as alert to the unknown, our metabolism slows as we
become idle, causing our Testosterone levels to start dropping after age 24.
This neural network system also allows the brain to figure out the easiest way
to do exercises, and it might do so by sneaking in cheats, such as riding
momentum to minimize work, even without you being consciously aware of it! And
when that happens, which usually takes only about three weeks, you hit a
dreaded plateau. That is why it is important to change up your workout
routine, to keep your brain and body guessing, or else you must deliberately
go through each exercise in an almost military, cadenced manner, where each
movement is concise and intentional and separated from all other movements by
inserting a pause between each step to dissipate any build-up momentum.

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You can only get out of a program what you put into it. There is no free ride!
The level of commitment and intensity you invest into a program determines its
success or failure. For success, you MUST complete AT LEAST 3 cycles of an
exercise Set in your daily workouts and end them tired, winded and sweaty.
When I did this, I was absolutely flabbergasted that it was really so easy to
drop all the fat that I had been fighting -- the wrong way -- for many years!
We do this to swiftly spike energy use, exhaust our blood-Glucose and Glycogen
reserves, to force our body to ASSUME it is facing grave jeopardy, such as a
ferocious predator attack. Our bodies are designed to react to such peril by
using not just breathed oxygen to provide energy, as it does in most typical
exercise, but to instead use that oxygen, coupled with Testosterone produced
by intense resistance exercise, to break down fat, releasing lipids to make
even MORE oxygen and Testosterone available, so we can in turn burn calories
at absolutely crushing levels that breathed oxygen alone cannot sustain.
Though these exercises ARE simple, they ARE NOT easy, especially when several
are strung together in a Workout Set with minimal rest breaks allowed between
them. Our goal is to perform a series of exercises that normally takes an hour
or so, but to instead do them in but 20 to 35 minutes, accounting for 3 to 5
Set Cycles, using high intensity as we simultaneously exercise multiple muscle
groups to recruit sufficient muscle fibers to activate our metabolism and get
it humming at the pace it had raced in our youth. It IS a lot of work, but the
sessions are thankfully short and their results are literally JAW-DROPPING!!!
To illustrate this process, draw a line through the middle of a sheet of paper
to represent the average calories you burn over an hour -- the Metabolisms
Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). The zone above that RMR Average will represent
additional calories burned by Glycogen Consumption. Glycogen of course is the
form Glucose takes when stored in muscle fiber, reserved to provide instant
electro-chemical energy for sudden muscular activity. The zone below the RMR
Average will represent additional calories burned by Body-Fat Consumption.
-Glycogen Consumption|
/\ <--| /\ |
| ^
| |
| Workout
| begins.
-Body-Fat Consumption|

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Workout ends (1 hr).

Calories burned during
NORMAL work, aerobics,
light-intensity labor.
NOTES: ALL calories are
burned during exercise.
Oxygen and blood-Glucose
used to restore Glycogen.
No fat is burned.

Exercising normally, your Calorie Burn Index climbs into Glycogen Consumption,
and then it continues along in a steady, mildly raised level within that zone
until you stop exercising at the end of the hour. This Index then drops back
down to the RMR Average. During this hour-long period, normal amounts of your
Glycogen reserves are spent, and so the oxygen you are breathing is alone
sufficient to fuel blood-Glucose processing to restore depleted Glycogen. What
you might have noticed from this typical aerobic cardio workout is that the
Calorie Burn Index NEVER ONCE dipped into Body-Fat Consumption!
HOWEVER, when you do similar work at high-intensity in an anaerobic workout,
and in just a half hour as you recruit sufficient muscle fibers to build a
massive oxygen/energy debt (the muscle resistance also forces the metabolism
to kick out larger doses of Testosterone, Leptin, HGH, etc.), the Calorie Burn
Index initially spikes SHARPLY to the VERY TOP of your Glycogen Consumption.
-Glycogen Consumption|
/| <--------------------------------------|
| /|
| ^
| |
v <--------------------------------------| Workout
| begins.
-Body-Fat Consumption|

Glycogen spikes (10 min).

Calories are burned from
Glycogen only as long as
its reserve is available.

When no more energy can

be supplied by Glycogen,
shift energy-extraction
source over to Body-Fat

It peaks like this because you are doing muscle-resistance at very high
intensity. As such, your Glycogen reserve is RAPIDLY depleted! You can also
tell when you have spent your Glycogen because you will also get mildly lightheaded from this loss of sugar-based energy (my palms also feel cooler against
my skin). In such an intense workout, this usually happens within 10 minutes.
I am somewhere in my second cycle of my Workout Set when I notice it.
CONTINUING intense exercise after depleting your Glycogen reserve will widen
the already huge oxygen/Glucose deficit your body MUST recover. Yet, your body
will NOT reimburse this deficit until your intense work is over and you are
finally at rest. This is because your body is designed to assume you are STILL
in grave peril as long as work continues at high intensity. Because Glycogen
is absent, it then resorts to fueling your muscles by dissolving regular body
fat, which is loaded with Glucose-packed lipids. This type of fat, which your
body ALWAYS maintains at least a minimal level (if we do not over-eat) is very
easy to break down and is specifically designed to serve in that capacity.
Once you are finally at rest, which is any physical inactivity lasting over 2
minutes, and due to the voluminous oxygen/Glucose deficit built up during the
danger your body assumes you went through, your body is further designed to
auto-engage its afterburner, AKA Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption
(EPOC), triggering your body to begin burning richer Visceral Fat reserves.

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-Glycogen Consumption|
/| <--------------------------------------|
+------------------------| /|
| ^
| |
| |
| <| Workout | |
| begins. |_____________________ |
-Body-Fat Consumption|

Calories burned during

Glycogen Consumption in
high-intensity workout.
Workout ends (30 min).
Fat calories burned after
Glycogen spent to supply
energy. Post-exercise,
calories are burned from
Visceral (belly) Fat due
to EPOC for up to 48 hrs.

What this looks like on paper is not just a vertical drop back down to the RMR
Average, but the Calorie Burn Index dives DEEP into Body-Fat Consumption, and
STAYS there! This Index then continues BEYOND the sheet of paper, remaining
LOW, but SLOWLY creeping back up toward the RMR Average, but ONLY after up to
48 hours, or 48 SHEETS OF PAPER, burning ugly Visceral Fat that whole time!
So, do you STILL want to burn off calories JUST using aerobic cardio exercise?
The reason why most people do not like exercising like this is that when they
perform a high-intensity exercise regimen, they are too busy, too out of
breath, and too sweaty to bother with idle socializing. They do not have time
to text or stare at phone messages between exercises because they are hardpressed to get back to the next exercise so their body does not assume a full
recovery state. They also complain their rest periods are FAR too short.
But that is what it takes to trick your metabolism into assuming a fightor-flight mode and getting it to kick in its afterburners to start melting
away not just your normal fat, but your otherwise impossible-to-lose Visceral
Fat reserves weighting you down like a spare tire stitched to your midriff.
If you just go through the motions without putting any REAL effort into your
workout, if you just tick each exercise off your list and do not finish them
exhausted, then PLEASE do EXTRA Sets UNTIL you do, otherwise your metabolism
WILL NOT activate and you WILL NOT get the faster metabolism you deserve!
Even people starting a program with enthusiasm are typically not as doggedly
invested in it as they should be, though most of them will still manage to get
their metabolisms cranking, yet not with the intensity that it REALLY could be
running. Even so, they WILL see results. As those results quickly accumulate
to become more impressive, they end up wishing they had STARTED the program
with AS MUCH commitment and AS MUCH intensity as they NOW invest in it.
Indeed, if this becomes your PERSONAL revelation, or if you realize cheating
on your diet is sabotaging your efforts, then do yourself a GIGANTIC favor and
START THE PROGRAM OVER AGAIN! You will NOT regret it. The rewards of being
absolutely personally invested in that program will be MASSIVE, giving you a
body that you never thought you would ever see (or ever see AGAIN), and often
far beyond what you had hoped! This will not give you just a hot beach body
for summer, but a beach body that will STAY with you for many years to come!

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Sugar is the parent of Glucose and the grandparent of Glycogen. Sugar is said
to be bad, but Glucose and Glycogen sugars are said to be good. Here is why...
As you already know, Glycogen is the form that Glucose takes when it is stored
within our muscles, kept there to provide instant energy whenever muscle
fibers are required to immediately expand or contract. Glycogen is also used
elsewhere, like the liver, where it facilitates Glucose mass storage, ready to
be injected into the bloodstream whenever blood-Glucose supplies run low.
Common sugar, like all 6-carbon sugars, is made from the bonding of Carbon,
Oxygen, and Hydrogen atoms. It combines two of the most basic forms of sugar:
Glucose, which our bodies are able to use for energy, and Fructose, which we
have absolutely NO metabolic use for. Consider the following illustration:
H C------O H
| ---O--- H
| /|
\ |
| /
\ |
|/ H
|\ O-H
H /|
|\ |
| /|
| \|
|/ |
| \|
|/ |
H-O C------C +--O--+ C-----C CH2OH
Glucose Ring

Common Sugar Molecule; Saccharose.

NOTES: It is also known as Sucrose.
Saccharose is found in table sugar,
fruit, etc. Saccharose is actually
formed by combining two very simple
sugars: Glucose and Fructose, tied
together by a Glycosidic Linkage.
C = Carbon atom
O = Oxygen atom
H = Hydrogen atom

Fructose Ring

The common CH2OH spurs are expanded more fully as in this illustration:
| <-- connects to bond base.
Sugar carbohydrates are required to sustain life, though our bodies can EASILY
manufacture Glucose from common proteins if sugar is not ingested! BUT, in
modern society over-consumption of various forms of sugars is now bloating to
epidemic proportions! Today, we ingest disproportionate, excessive quantities
of sugar to the point that it can become TOXIC. Sadly, this is chiefly due to
distributors using it to make you addicted to their food products so you feel
compelled to buy more. Remember, sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine!
There is the potential for Fructose over-saturation. After our liver break
common sugars Glucose-Fructose bond, releasing Glucose to Insulin in the
bloodstream, it must manage Fructose, which our bodies have no use for. If its
levels are excessive, Fructose can incite debilitating issues, such as Insulin
resistance, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and others, to include
metabolic damage itself, which can slow our metabolism to a near standstill.

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The liver metabolizes Fructose to separate it from Glucose, transforms it into

a lipid, and then stores it in body fat. That is why 57% of sugar goes to fat.
It is 100% of sugars Fructose with just 14% of its Glucose (our bodies store
Glucose in REQUIRED skin fat, or else we would die just running up stairs!).
However, if Fructose levels reach saturation, it can in fact DAMAGE the liver
itself, which can cause liver Insulin resistance and also fatty liver disease,
where fat in liver weight exceeds 5% to 10%. In fact, Fructose has the SAME
effects on the liver as ethanol alcohol, which is a well-known liver toxin.
NOTES: Coffee and caffeine-type teas, such as green tea or black tea, have
been demonstrated to help repair most-any damage done to the liver.
Our bodies can CREATE Glucose, but NOT Fructose, from MANY common proteins.
Worse, Fructose reacts with proteins and polyunsaturated fats in our bodies 7
times more so than Glucose. These reactions can also cause oxidative stress in
cells. This can in turn lead to inflammation, gene mutations and DNA damage,
which can lead to a litany of debilitating memory and cognitive issues.
Though WE have no metabolic use for Fructose, our gut bacterial CAN metabolize
it for energy. High Fructose can cause gut flora imbalance, which can promote
bacterial overgrowth and the growth of pathogenic (disease-type) bacteria.
Fructose is also metabolized by CANCER CELLS, affecting the 12-LOX protein
coding process (arachidonate 12-lipoxygenase), allowing cancer to flourish and
metastasize! Have you noticed how cancer became common once sugar soaked our
diets? Prior to the 20th Century, when Fructose-bearing sugars were expensive
luxuries, Cancer affected 1 in 20 people. Presently, it affects 1 in 2!
Fructose increases uric acid production that, in ample quantity, can cause
gout, kidney stones, and can also aggravate or even precipitate hypertension.
Fructose also RAPIDLY causes Leptin resistance. People suffering with Leptin
resistance tend to gain fat and become obese very easily, because if Leptin
receptors do not trigger when Leptin is present, we will STILL feel hungry!
Indeed, excess Fructose ALONE is able to cause ALL the tribulations that are
associated with metabolic syndrome -- diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.
Excess Glucose matches excess Fructose. This can overtax Insulin hormones and
prevent it from transporting Glucose to cells, inciting Insulin resistance.
This is why artificial sweeteners are harmful! Faux sugars intercept Insulin,
preventing Glucose transport to cells, causing BOTH Glucose AND faux sugars to
be delivered to body fat. Thus, you GAIN body fat using artificial sweeteners!
That is ALSO why High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is DANGEROUS! High Fructose
seriously slows our metabolism. This reduces Testosterone output, hindering
fat-burning and muscle maintenance. It reduces our Leptin output, which will
make us feel hungry, even if our body does not actually require nutrition! It
reduces our output of Endorphin hormones that helps us deal more easily with
pain. And it de-energizes us by reducing our Adrenaline hormone output.

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All of this promotes Cortisol stress hormones output. When the body thinks
Leptin is reduced, it assumes that it is starving, even when it is NOT, and
so, even if we are stuffing our faces with fistfuls of candy, donuts and
frosted cake, our body reacts as if it is hungry by kicking out Cortisol!
High Cortisol engenders electrical imbalance and Free Radicals, causing acidic
blood levels, inflammation, joint pain, and a greater proclivity for illness.
Glucose, which is the main form of sugar that is usable by our body, is
configured in a lone molecular ring as in the following illustration:
H C------O H
| /|
\ |
|/ H
|\ O-H
H /|
| \|
|/ |
H-O C------C O-H

Glucose Molecular Ring (AKA Dextrose)

(NOTE: Many packaging labels INTENTIONALLY mislabel
Sugar, Fructose (invert sugar), and even HFCS as
Glucose, Dextrose, or even as honey, hydrolyzed
starch, maltodextrin, maltose, or they assume you
have no idea what Fructose actually means! This is an

The reason Glucose, and its linked version, Glycogen, is good at delivering
cell energy is due to Cellular Respiration, which takes advantage of energy
Glucose stores in its bonds. Cellular Respiration consists of three successive
processes: Glycolysis, Citric Acid Cycle, and Oxidative Phosphorylation.
In Glycolysis, Glucose enters into the cytoplasm body of the cell, where
enzymes will convert each Glucose molecule into two Pyruvate molecules as they
harvest left-over hydrogen, and then transport Pyruvate to cell mitochondria.
In the mitochondria, the complex Citric Acid Cycle, or Energy Production
begins. Enzymes convert each Pyruvate into an acetyl CoA molecule (acetyl
Coenzyme A), and oxidize the carbon atoms within the acetyl group, ejecting
them as CO2. Through binding with other amino acids in this process, acetyl
CoA is transformed into two ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) molecules and two
NADH molecules. ATP is a small molecule used as a coenzyme to transport
chemical energy within the bodies of cells for cellular metabolism. Constantly
recycled, it is called the molecular unit of currency of intracellular
energy transfer. NADH is a hydrogen-strong, reduced form of NAD (Nicotinamide
Adenine Dinucleotide). NADH is able to harvest electrons (electricity) from
the Glucose atomic bonds. It then transports this stored chemical electricity,
just like a chemical battery, to the outer membrane of the mitochondria.
In the membrane of the mitochondria, Oxidative Phosphorylation begins, where
the electrons, collected by NADH, are employed by cell proteins to also
transform NADH via their stored energy into ATP, during which oxygen combines
with the electrons and freed hydrogen ions to create water as lots of energy
is released. Without oxygen, the Glucose would lack viable metabolic function,
and Cellular Respiration would come to a stand-still, as would our lives.
Consider Glycogen, made from chains of Glucose, in this simple illustration:

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H C------O H
H C------O H
H C------O H
| /|
\ |
| /|
\ |
| /|
\ |
|/ H
|/ H
|/ H
|\ O-H
H /|
|\ O-H
H /|
|\ O-H
H /|
| \|
|/ |
| \|
|/ |
| \|
|/ |
H-O C------C +--O--+ C------C +--O--+ C------C H <-- Hydrogen bond
| |
H-O O--H
H--C--H (CH2OH)
H--C--H (CH2OH)
Linkage ------+
H C------O H
H C------O H
H C------O H
| /|
\ |
| /|
\ |
| /|
\ |
|/ H
|/ H
|/ H
|\ O-H
H /|
|\ O-H
H /|
|\ O-H
H /|
| \|
|/ |
| \|
|/ |
| \|
|/ |
H-O C------C +--O--+ C------C +--O--+ C------C O-H
Glycogen is built from long chains of Glucose (polysaccharides) bound end-toend via oxygen-hydrogen spurs. One OH spur discards a hydrogen to connect to
another molecule by discarding the others OH spur. These Glucose chains can
also branch to other chains via a CH2OH spur on one molecule within one chain
and attaching through a OH spur at the END of another chain by discarding that
OH spur and using the lone hydrogen atom in the CH2OH spur to link via a
hydrogen bond with the other chain. These chains easily unlink when water is
present, which then are processed through Cellular Respiration.


Walking is low-intensity cardio, but it DOES build up endurance, which helps

anaerobic exercising. You will not burn off fat, only water weight, but you
SHOULD recover ALL water by drinking plenty. The body purges any EXCESS water
automatically. Water-retention, however, is brought on by medication, diet, or
no exercise, which screws up the metabolism and how the body is DESIGNED to
work. Taking diuretics helps trim bloat, but it DOES NOT address its causes!
Causes of a broad range of medical issues can be ignored as doctors address
symptoms, often through lack of expertise in a world of specialized medicine,
but patient concerns can force them to focus on those symptoms. The problem is
the CAUSE can remain. Along with medication, this often leads to adverse sideeffects. One can accumulate medication to treat not just the initial symptoms,
but the side-effects of the medication, and then accumulate MORE medication to
address the side-effects of the medication taken to address side-effects! A
medicine chest can end up STUFFED with expensive and dated drugs that can stop
a wildebeest stampede in the Serengeti. But the ROOT CAUSE can still remain!

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Many medications can make you bloat or gain weight, such as steroids to
address conditions like inflammation of blood vessels (systemic vasculitis)
and inflammation of muscle (myositis), or to treat inflammatory conditions
like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Sjgrens syndrome, or even gout. But,
consider what we have discussed earlier about Fructose and also Free Radicals
that are the root causes of most cell-degradation and resulting inflammation.
We must look to what is CAUSING the inflammation, NOT to what it DOES!
Swelling in the extremities is caused not by just by sitting or staying in one
position too long, eating excess salty food, premenstrual signs and symptoms
and pregnancy, but also by high blood pressure meds, Estrogen therapy, steroid
drugs, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and certain diabetes meds.
Estrogen increases from premenstrual symptoms and pregnancy are due to women
pooling assets as hormones change, like reducing free Testosterone to increase
needed fat. EXCESSIVE salt is bad because huge levels can become toxic. But
simple salt-use is often blamed for MOST hypertension and high blood pressure.
However, because someone HAS hypertension or high blood pressure does not mean
that salt is its cause. The truth is, there is NO KNOWN CAUSE for MOST cases
of hypertension and high blood pressure! But Fructose is one that IS known!
What of the almost epidemic practice of doctors trying to lower peoples Nonnative LDL Cholesterol (manmade Trans Fats) counts by prescribing statin
drugs? Instead of using statins to lower them, STOP EATING MANMADE TRANS FATS!
You should also avoid anything that minimizes your oxygen intake/consumption,
such as shallow breathing, breathing too high in the chest (least efficient -we should breath through our diaphragm, to our stomachs for maximum oxygen
absorption), alcohol (this robs you of oxygen by absorbing oxygen like a
sponge, and it also raises our bodys Cortisol stress hormone levels. Also,
Alcohol and Cortisol both increase belly fat), medication (typically slows
oxygen distribution and circulation), recreational drugs (same reason), and
smoking (can block air sacs in lungs to minimize oxygen absorption, as well as
slows oxygen distribution and circulation). Though we all have a vice, try to
at least minimize them to increase oxygen intake during the course of a
workout program. Also see the section on breathing, later.
Fat is burned off by the fat cells being oxidized by Testosterone. Obviously,
sufficient quantities of oxygen are required to do that. If we do not have
enough oxygen, fat cannot oxidize and be broken down.
Although cutting out medication might be detrimental to your health, consider
how much medication you take. How much of it is to address an ACTUAL problem,
and how much of it is to counteract (react to) side-effects of a medication?
Considering that doctors are not yet sure how Aspirin can do what it does, one
has to wonder how much of being a doctor is guesswork and trying to pin a tail
on a donkey? Consider your doctors advice, but do your own research and do
not hesitate to ask them lots of questions, or get back to them with more as
you come up with them, and be sure to research all of their answers.
For example, several years ago I had a near-catastrophic allergic reaction
that left me blind in my left eye, and I had initially lost ALL feeling in my
hands and feet. My intestines and organs also swelled shut, causing my
appendix to burst (doctors did not at first think to check it, because my

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records showed that it had been removed when I was 10 -- but it had managed to
grow back! My family has a long history of restored tonsils, adenoids, and
even chopped fingers). Sensation has returned fully to my hands and almost
entirely to my feet, save for just a minor loss of sensation in the toe pads
(I have full sensation there, but only some very minor feelings of nearnumbness remain, which I am only rarely aware of, like you get after a toe
went to sleep). A new doctor will immediately assume diabetes and start
writing prescriptions before I can explain that it was fading and is now
nearly gone, due to severe allergic reaction nerve damage from years before
(nerves take YEARS to re-grow). A year from now it should be gone completely.


When I was a kid, hardly anyone suffered allergies to ANYTHING. You might have
had a friend, or knew of a kid who famously got hives every time they ate fish
sticks or if they consumed too much citrus if they ran around and played
within 2 hours of ingesting it, but that was about it. You seldom heard about
people having allergies to peanuts, soy, dairy, wheat, etc. Maybe someone
sneezing because they had an over-sensitive immune system, reacting to
normally harmless proteins in the family dog or cat dander (dead skin cells),
saliva or urine, or someone strongly reacted to the histamines in bee strings.
So what happened that SUDDENLY allergies are running rampant? Even pollen
allergies are becoming epidemic. Indeed, the pollen issue might actually have
something to do with the subject of this section accumulating in their body.
This outbreak of rampant allergies began after 1972, following the FDA
allowing food manufacturers to add a usually unlisted preservative to their
product lines, but in such a small dose (0.02%) that it could slip through FDA
standards approval without being required to include it in their ingredients
label. But a little of it can do a LOT of damage to the immune system!
That unlisted preservative is called tert-Butylhydroquinone. Sometimes, when
it IS included in ingredient lists, it can also be specified as tertiary
butylhydroquinone or butylated hydroxyanisol. It better-known as tBHQ.
tBHQ is a now-common fat-preservative derived from petroleum. It is in fact
actually a form of Butane. Gee! I really want to load my food up with
preservatives that could allow it to potentially incinerate itself!
tBHQ was approved by the FDA in 1972. It is used to greatly extend the shelf
life of waffles, nuts, crackers, unsaturated vegetable oils, edible animal
fats, most gluten-based bread products (gluten makes bread dough plastic), and
other foods because it does not cause discoloration. In the presence of iron
it does not change the flavor or odor of the product. Also, being antioxidant,
it prevents rancidity. This makes it a VERY attractive preservative to
manufacturers who provide time-sensitive consumable products.
Because many -- if not most -- processed foods contain some fats, it can be
found in a extensive range of products. So, odds are you ate something today
that contained it, though you would likely not know, because chances are it is
not in a large enough dose to merit mention in an ingredients label listing.

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TBHQ cannot account for more than 0.02% of the oils in a food because the FDA
has not yet amassed sufficient evidence on greater amounts, and if they are
safe. While that does not mean they consider more than 0.02% as dangerous, it
certainly indicates that higher safety levels have not yet been determined.
HOWEVER, tBHQ often triggers POWERFUL allergic reactions in certain sensitive
gluten, nuts, or dairy, not the tBHQ, simply because without testing no one
but the manufacturer knows it is there! tBHQ can hijack T-cells (a subtype of
white blood cell playing a central role in cell-mediated immunity) and sends
the immune system into full attack mode, turning those T-cells against the
body! It does this by producing a protein that triggers Food Protein-Induced
Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES), which causes SEVERE projectile vomiting and
diarrhea, like the allergic reactions to shellfish, nuts, eggs, and dairy.
TBHQ has also been found to produce pre-cancerous stomach tumors in laboratory
animals and it can cause damage to a cells DNA.
Is it purely CHANCE allergies became MUCH more common, indeed, epidemic, along
with the rise of Celiac Disease that some people consuming foods containing
gluten get, and JUST after tBHQ began being widely used in all these products
to extend their shelf life? Is it ONLY a genetic disorder reacting to gluten,
shellfish, nuts, eggs, and dairy, as medical professionals simply presume?
And why should the FDA worry about if greater amounts than 0.02% per serving
are safe when the reports of negative effects from the current minute dose are
so rampant? And if it is not responsible for all these allergic reactions or
even for Celiac Disease, then why is it that people who consume foods known
not to contain this preservative, such as a person with Celiac Disease eating
Ezekiel 4:9 Bread, that they do not have an allergic reaction to its gluten?
There is now a growing furor on the internet over this potentially deadly
preservative, because no one really knows WHEN they are ingesting it, being
that it is added to so many fat-laden products, but is seldom, if ever listed.
Indeed, Vana Hari over at the Food Babe website (www.foodbabe.com) posted a
picture of a label that DID list it, and that image went viral!
Think of your pets as well. It is also in their food. Indeed, most pet
products that contain it will actually list it. So, if you are on a tBHQ
lookout, your extended family member will likely eat a lot safer than you!
With so many safe natural preservatives on the market and at ready disposal
to manufacturers, why should they take the risk of feeding a questionable
preservative to their consumers? I can almost guess cost-effectiveness.
If additive doses are so small to be considered inconsequential, then there
is NO REASON TO ADD THEM! If a food is so full of preservatives that it
requires a label to explain them, then do not buy them or eat them! A rule of
thumb: If a product contains unpronounceable additives, then do not eat it!
If you only eat foods found in their purest, most natural form, like fresh
meats, seafood, and produce that have not been processed or preserved, you can
avoid tBHQ and dozens of other harmful chemical toxins.

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Due to my research, I have memberships with the following three fitness and
diet programs: MAX Workouts, Abs After 40 (at my age, this particular
program has REALLY helped me get fit), and Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0. I highly
recommend any one of these programs to anyone seeking to get fit and lose fatweight FAST (there is absolutely no need to join all three -- one of them will
be MORE than enough), because all three of these exercise and diet programs,
unlike most others that I have found out on the market (and some of those less
effective programs will run you into the hundreds or thousands of dollars!),
have the same goal: to quickly activate your metabolism and put your bodys
fat-burning hormones on overdrive, activating the Afterburn Effect, where your
body, even at rest, continues to burn fat for up to 48 hours after a shortinterval but high-intensity anaerobic workout that takes only 20 to 35 minutes
to complete, which is FAR more effective than spending hour after hour at a
gym grinding through endless non-fat-burning isolated or steady-state cardio
They also have a keen understanding of proper diet using ACTUAL science and
proven techniques, as opposed to many often-ridiculous myths engrained in most
fad diets or exercise regimens, some outdated by far too many decades.
These three programs also seek to maintain the optimal health of their
clients, and they can provide proven results using exercise and diet alone,
and require no equipment except for a pair of dumbbells, though some advanced
workouts are optional that can require heavier gym equipment for those seeking
accelerated results, but workarounds are offered, though you can purchase such
equipment, or even build this equipment (like I did) into a home gym.
MAX Workouts fitness and diet program (www.maxworkouts.com -- $39.95). It
includes a free injury recovery guide e-book. Their nutrition program is also
included in the above low fee as another e-book. They also include a Body
Weight Workouts e-book for men and women, showing you how to stay fit at home
or on the road. The entire MAX Workouts program is also in an included e-book.
Free online videos of its workouts are also available. It is the least
expensive of the programs I promote in this book, but in many respects it is
far superior to the other two programs because it is designed to merge SEVERAL
exercises into JUST ONE multi-step routine, and is in fact a personal favorite
for fitness maintenance. MAXWO features a program designed for both men and
women, the presentations are sound and easy to follow, the whys and wherefores
of EVERYTHING is explained, and their exercises, appropriately called Full
Body Workouts, are simple and easy but surprisingly effective and
challenging. They can really kick your butt if you do the maximum (or more)
Sets and reps recommended -- I am already expanding on the number of reps and
Sets beyond the maximums so I can KEEP getting my butt kicked and feel the
burn just like an exercise rookie.
Abs After 40 fitness and diet program (www.getabsafter40.com -- $97). It
includes a free injury recovery guide e-book. Their complete nutrition program
is optional, costing $67/month for 6 months, but its first two weeks are free
to everyone, to give you a FEEL for their worth. They also offer free online
videos of the complete program, which demonstrate the workouts, and you can

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download them, or pay $9 for a DVD of the whole program. The AA40 program is
designed for men nearing or over the age of 40 whose Testosterone levels have
diminished with age and need to reactivate and restore it to the levels we had
up through our mid-20s. Though I usually recommend MAX Workouts to priceconscious people, Abs After 40 is my personal favorite because it is geared
toward, and friendlier to older folks like me, and it is gentler on joints.
Also, it focuses on burning more fat, which is usually a much greater problem
for us older folks than it is for the younger bucks who still have plenty of
free-flowing Testosterone coursing through their systems, and they do not need
to reactivate its production like the more elder population has to.
NOTE: As previously noted, women must generate Testosterone to maintain their
bones, muscles and burn fat, but also because the key Female hormone,
Estrogen, can be generated from Testosterone, which is especially important
after menopause, when natural Estrogen production diminishes. But even so,
they will NEVER produce enough Testosterone to make their muscles bulky or
look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, though they can produce enough to make their
muscles lean and get rid of excess fat on their tummy, hips, thighs and butt.
Though MAX Workouts is less expensive, you may be more comfortable starting
with Abs After 40 (I ABSOLUTELY like it!), because it is SO MUCH easier to
follow, being EXTREMELY straight-forward, and not requiring a lot of thought
or interpretation. MAX Workouts can require a degree of interpretation (I
think this a GREAT feature!), but people usually want to start a program and
get straight to the work by watching someone demonstrate it, and then do it.
Indeed, Abs After 40 is probably the simplest and least complicated of the
programs, and it is also EXTREMELY effective! Myself, I am going through MAX
Workouts in the morning and Abs After 40 in the evening.
Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 fitness and diet program (www.sixpackshortcuts.com
-- $97). It includes a Six Pack Shortcuts Workout Guide e-book. It also
includes their auxiliary Arm Blaster and Accelerated Abs programs free.
Their complete nutrition program is optional, costing $67/month for 6 months,
but its first two weeks are free. They also have free downloadable online
videos of all workouts. It is more advanced and is for men looking to get hard
chiseled bodies with more massive muscles, want MUCH more demanding workouts,
and already have their Testosterone production up. This program is great for
men in their 20s to mid-30s, or to follow up Abs After 40 or MAX Workouts
(AA40 and SPS2 are also affiliated). Also, I would not actually suggest this
program to women, unless they compete in body building.
Unlike AA40 and SPS2, which are great programs developed and presented by gym
jocks (nothing wrong with this at all, but I am just saying...), Shin Ohtake,
developer and presenter of MAXWO, along with his wife, Susan (who shows that a
woman CAN be very fit AND very lean), comes from an athletic family, is a
former competitive swimmer and a licensed chiropractor, specializing in soft
tissue chiropractic medicine, specifically focusing on Active Release
Technique (ART; a patented, state of the art soft tissue system/movement-based
massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments,
fascia and nerves -- check out www.activerelease.com/about.asp ), and works as
a sports conditioning coach, training clients, including local athletes and
triathletes in the Los Angeles area.

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All three programs have similar philosophies and goals -- to get you fit as
fast as possible, to rev your metabolism as fast as possible using highintensity low-impact short-duration compound-muscle anaerobic exercises, to
burn off fat as fast as possible, and educate you on proper health and diet.
These programs feature online videos in their members area (an easy part of
signing up to download free e-books and/or videos) to guide you through each
phase of training. AA40 and SPS2 have a 90-day 3-phase system. MAXWO has a 90day 4-level system with auxiliary features, such as Interval Cardio and
Abs/Core-focused workouts. (They are all actually 84 days, or 12 weeks.)
If you are in your 20s and up to your mid-30s, you may want to first look into
MAX Workouts or Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0. Abs After 40 is not necessary
for younger people who are already producing sufficient quantities of
Testosterone, though Abs After 40 will DEFINITELY help younger people
suffering from low Testosterone, especially before they resort to VERY
EXPENSIVE doctor-administered Testosterone therapies, which can have dangerous
and even catastrophic side-effects, such as enlarged heart, heart attacks,
liver disease/cancer, and psychosis (mental illness).
NOTE: I always love those commercials on television that spend most of the
commercials time warning you of their products dangerous side-effects. Try
new KylmyCilf! Not for patients with a detectable heartbeat, still have a
functional liver, or cannot pee straight. This product can cause shriveled
willie, talking like a pirate, frothing saliva, blindness, and fatal heart
attacks. Ask your doctor today if new and improved KylmyCilf is right for
you! Maybe if your doctor hated you... Read any of the profuse pharmaceutical
ads, such as in psychology magazines, and try to find one that does not list
death as a possible minor side-effect.
However, even if you go with MAX Workouts or Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0,
please keep Abs After 40 in mind, because we all age, so 40 is not that far
away, and your own Testosterone levels might by then head into decline, and
your sculpted muscularity right along with it. This can start after age 24!
It is great to look around at the beach and finally see older men like myself,
who young guys generally think of as yesterdays news, feeble, bent and
decrepit, but instead looking much more fit and with a more sizzling defined
musculature and ripped abs than what those youngsters can show off, and
especially when you see their girlfriends stealing amorous glances your way!
Also, the older women who use these programs to get themselves fit make the
journey into our golden years a whole lot more pleasant.
You can also get the FULL benefit from these three exercise programs without
resorting to shelling out major coin to the exploding nutritional supplement
industry to get their promised results, as some fitness programs actually
require, and which I would therefore under absolutely no circumstances
endorse. This is especially important in a budding field where you will often
hear some vendors loudly herald instant pecs, abs, and beach bodies (yeah,
r-i-g-h-t...), plus sundry other non-committal promises, and particularly at a
time when science is beginning to question the validity of a broad range of
many much-touted nutritional supplements, and even most of the garden-variety

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vitamin tablets you may have been picking up from the store shelf and consume
as a part of your daily ritual for years, their questioning the level of
promised benefits versus what those supplements ACTUALLY deliver.
Although Abs After 40 and Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 do offer scientificallyengineered supplements, designed by actual certified nutritional specialists,
such as at BioTrust Nutrition (http://sem.biotrust.com), to accelerate results
for those who do want to achieved their goals much faster than usual (my
research shows that BioTrust Nutrition should be a trusted source), these
supplements are not required by these programs, and the programs exercises
and diet plans alone are fully able to help you reach your goal, which is my
personal recommendation. MAX Workouts differs in that Shin Ohtake insists
that you should use exercise and diet ALONE to achieve your goal, and
considers the vast and often VERY expensive supplements industry to be, for
the most part, a big scam. I agree in most respects -- altering our bodys
chemistry can have unforeseen side-effects down the road. Does anyone remember
the miracle sedative Thalidomide back in the late 1950s?.
However, I have noticed that Shin Ohtake does promote BioTrust Nutritions
abundant and very informative health advice through their many free e-books,
which I do as well, along with that from Anabolic Men (www.anabolicmen.com).
Few other supplements providers are so up-front about their products, or so
verbose in trying to educate us in the whys and wherefores of their offerings,
and even what natural, home alternatives are available for their nutritionalscience-based product line. I personally like their profuse free and extremely
informative e-books. Indeed, snippets of this information is scattered
throughout this book. They are packed to the gills with nutritional
information you seldom find at other supplement-providers.
Their products are all grounded in the latest scientifically-backed research,
which they annotate and refer to in all of their literature. They are also
among the fastest-growing nutrition companies in America. They develop and
distribute premium dietary supplements and healthy food products made with
natural ingredients, and were founded out of frustration over the vast
misinformation other supplements providers were preaching, or that their
supplements just did not do what they were promised to do.
NOTE: HONORABLE MENTION: I will also mention of Jeff Cavalieres highly
professional Athlean-X (http://athleanx.com). I have not purchased any of
his offered programs yet (though I have implemented workouts from his MASSIVE
free video library), but I do subscribe and I am impressed, and the offerings
are intense and they do activate the metabolism in short order. Jeff Cavaliere
received his Masters Degree in Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Science in
Physioneurobiology/Premedicine from the University of Connecticut in Storrs,
CT (one of the top 5 universities in the country in physical therapy and
sports medicine). His knowledge takes muscle-building to the level of science
and you will definitely get to know your physiology by viewing his free
YouTube channel videos, reading his e-books, or viewing the many free videos
on his home page. This program is geared more to gym jocks, both men and
women (he has programs for both), who want to get lean, and also for those who
might also want to add greater muscle mass. This program breaks down every
exercise and muscle used to its component parts, addressing everything from
developing the shoulders, getting large biceps, ripped abs, to getting rid of
man-boobs. Though it is in the spirit of Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0, it is

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presented with a much more advanced knowledge of muscle groups and the order
that connected muscle groups should be exercised, and exactly how best to
exercise them, and a lot of common exercises one should avoid. He will even go
into INTENSE detail on how to do a proper push-up, making it a full-body
exercise, getting around all the cheats people use. The level of shared
knowledge even surpasses Shin Ohtakes MAX Workouts. Jeffs paid programs,
starting at $67 (Athlean-X Starter), are said to wow you, providing you with a
calendar of each workout to do each day with a detailed coaching video for
each exercise, but they, like the other programs above, will kick your behind,
as all high-intensity full-body anaerobic workouts should. He also offers safe
science-based supplements for those who want an extra edge, but for AthleanX, supplements are not required, though I have noticed that he does strongly
recommend them to his body-builder and professional athlete clients. This is
another reason why I have not yet fully advocated his excellent programs.
NOTE: HONORABLE MENTION: There is a growing trend toward programs using
healthy diets and anaerobic exercises, because they work! One such site is
Kayla Itsiness Sweat with Kayla website (www.kaylaitsines.com), devoted to
womens fitness. Membership runs $4.61 per week, or $54.99 for 3 months. It
can be accessed by computer or smart phone, allowing you to track progress,
provide step-by-step healthy meal preparation, step-by-step exercise sequences
and instruction, and I am VERY impressed with its straight-forward approach.
My one complaint is that even though the program works, the progress its
members get from it is much slower than the three programs I have recommended,
and its exercises do not use weights as much as what they could to allow more
accelerated results. The ladies should NEVER be afraid to use challenging
dumbbells, such as 8+ pounds each -- it will NEVER cause them to bulk up with
big muscles because women will NEVER produce as much Testosterone as men.
Indeed, if you do take part is this VERY FRIENDLY program, try to perform some
of their body-weight exercises WITH weights, such as some of the lunges,
squats, and so on. You will find your metabolism activating MUCH faster and
your fat will also burn off MUCH faster, even as you build up LEAN (SLIM)
muscle to give you a firm, fit, hot, and sexy body MUCH faster.
Were I to have to recommend a single program to someone, no matter what age or
sex, it would be Shin Ohtakes MAX Workouts (though Abs After 40 is MUCH
easier to use and is much gentler to those of more advanced age who might have
creaky older joints). Not only is the MAX Workouts exercise and diet program
INCREDIBLY inexpensive, but you will love Shins instructional approach, his
easy and calm style, and his intelligent, very informative delivery. His
support network at their totally optional MAXWorkoutsClub member site
(www.MAXWorkoutsClub.com -- $29/month, or $0.94/day) is loaded with a growing
list of supplemental videos, features, and member exchanges, all designed to
help always change up your workout routine to avoid plateaus, long after you
complete their 12 week program, to include scheduled workout change-outs, with
video examples, every three weeks to keep you from a plateau.
I am going through the Abs After 40 program AGAIN right now (once you own
it, you can do it as often as you like), and because I am also adding MUCH
more intensity to the exercises to make them much more challenging, as well as

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doing at least 5 Sets instead of the recommended minimal 3 Sets, the results
are almost staggering! 5 Sets are for advanced users wanting faster results,
which should actually become YOUR base level after just 2 or 3 weeks into the
first phase of their exercise regimen. However, once you see the results of
forcing yourself through the advanced cycle count (the first time you do this,
you might end up praying to a deity for the strength to go on), as you force
yourself into doing yet another Set (I often have to resort to using my
favorite motivational mantra, Dont be a lazy ass!), and keeping your rest
period down to a maximum of 5-15 seconds (a rule of thumb is that if the rest
period seems to be a little too short -- then it is probably PERFECT!), you
will not want to do them any other way! I now do each full Set WITHOUT rest.
Beyond the programs recommendation, on days when I feel stiff, I will start
before exercise with 10 minutes of ROLLING with a rolling tube to massage
stiff muscles; this old body needs TLC as I inhale my first cup of espresso.
I also add another 30 minutes or so of extended full-body exercises (inspired
by Shin Ohtakes MAX Workouts examples and adapting them to my own equipment
and toning regimen -- and it also cuts my usual workout time in half!) just to
focus on over-all toning and sculpting more definition in my musculature once
I finally have my metabolism cranking on over-drive. I also ROLL and then
stretch any muscles I might have made sore during my session.
These follow-up toning exercises are not necessary, but it sure impresses my
coworkers, who are up to 40 years younger than me, who I can run circles
around. It also keeps the ladies trying to guess my age. Most guess 35-40,
though I am almost 62. But, that youthfulness can also be attributed to fresh,
whole, unprocessed cow milk from a farm, which is packed with youth-retaining
Telomerase enzymes -- and which the US Government seems hell-bent on removing
from our diets by first cooking milk into a Frankenstein stew with much less
health benefit before they allow it to slowly go bad on market shelves. Milk
straight from the cow does not go bad as fast, but if it DOES curdle in the
fridge, it turns into a delicious yogurt-like sour cream, not the rotgutsmelling toxic waste dump that store-bought milk will quickly puke into.
Though both Abs After 40 and Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 are surprisingly
inexpensive, if you are on a REALLY tight budget, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Shin
Ohtakes MAX Workouts, which will also give you absolutely fantastic results
at an even lower cost, and his excellent coaching style is a godsend,
especially for exercise rookies. Shins exercise regimen is more intense than
the standard fare of Abs After 40 (Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 is also MUCH
more intense), but AA40 is meant for those of us who might have aging joints
that may have suffered injury in the past, but it is also because Shin takes
the concept of exercising compound muscle groups, a principle feature of both
AA40 and SPS2, to a whole new, fuller and more efficient level, often reducing
the exercises required in a Set down to just a single, all-encompassing
exercise, and he appropriately calls them Full Body Workouts, and boy is he
right! He even specifically designed this program for men and for women. You
can get a complete daily workout in just 20 to 30 minutes (I complete them in
under 15 minutes, so I add more Sets and reps to push it to 30 minutes), 4-5
days a week, and actually get more benefit from it than any one of those
myriad gym rats that spend hour after hour socializing on the pec deck. AA40
and SPS2 workouts take from 20 to 35 minutes, 4 to 5 days a week, time
depending on exercises and the number of Sets you do (3 to 5).

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The only equipment required for the MAX Workouts, Abs After 40 and Six
Pack Shortcuts 2.0 programs is a couple of dumbbells. You can get by with
JUST dumbbells, but to use their optional training days EFFECTIVELY you should
seriously consider access to heavier gym equipment, such as what most local
gyms can offer. These exercises can really push you to your limits.
A pair of dumbbells that are of equal weight and are 6 to 15 pounds each is
optimal. I recommend a MINIMUM of 10 pounds for men, and a MINIMUM of 6 pounds
for women. PLEASE skip the puny 2- or 3-pound Barbie weights. If you are a
woman concerned about building huge muscles, then please read the note below.
Although I can perform these exercises with 25-pound dumbbells, I prefer a
pair that are 15 pound each because they provide a median weight that give
sufficient resistance without me feeling too exhausted after a full circuit of
anaerobic exercise with them, and I can also make it all the way through 5
Sets. When a single weight that is heavier is recommended, I simply use BOTH
of these dumbbells TOGETHER, such as when I am doing Sumo Squats.
You should choose a dumbbell weight that you can swing both up from your sides
to a T-stance with only maybe a little effort and be able to hold them in
place for 10 seconds with minimal jelly-arms (this also puts pressure on and
strengthens your lateral (medial) deltoid to get bigger, stronger shoulders).
15 pounds each is perfect for me, though some may need to start with 6- or 10pound weights. Do not be embarrassed if you need to start out with a lighter
weight. Your goal is NEVER to hurt yourself, especially for creaky old fogies
like me. Your strength will build fast to soon accommodate heavier weights.
Rubber-coated dumbbells or those with the (clapperless) bells rubberized are
safer, but not essential. You just have to be more careful about bonking
yourself in the head as you swing them around. I like the slick-looking
rubber-coated dumbbells with octagonal heads (to minimize rolling when I use
them for Push-Ups or together to substitute for a heavier weight) and rough
steel bars from IGNITE, though C9 also has really good fully-coated dumbbells.
Although all of the programs include an Advanced Training Day (Friday) that
requires some minimal gym equipment, these are optional and the exercises are
not required, though they do provide greatly accelerated results. Substitution
exercises that achieve the same ends can be done with heavy-duty resistance
straps or 44-inch pallet rubber bands (just double-loop or triple-loop them)
and fixing them via hooks to solid wood beams, doorknobs, or even feet. This
is what I have done, though joining a local gym is not too expensive, or
joining the local YMCA, where you can always find this required equipment.
NOTE FOR WOMEN: Lifting heavy weights will NOT make you get big and bulky, or
make you look like one of those muscle-bound women on covers of bodybuilding
magazines (dream on!). Unlike men, a womans body DOES NOT and WILL NOT
produce enough Testosterone to stimulate the growth of large muscles. Mens
bodies can bulk up because men produce so much more Testosterone. In fact, it

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is SO DIFFICULT for women to bulk up that those muscle-bound women are forced
to use steroids and spend HOURS UPON HOURS in the gym every day to get so big!
By ditching the useless 2 or 3 pound Barbie weights and instead using
heavier, more challenging weights, a woman can only get a slim, super-lean,
tight and sexy body. They will NEVER look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
NOTE: A note on dumbbells or barbells. To get the MAXIMUM benefit from them,
you must learn to use them CORRECTLY. Did you know that most everyone,
including personal trainers and celebrity fitness stars use them INCORRECTLY?
Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X (http://athleanx.com) pointed this out. We are
1.75 times stronger in the eccentric motion (muscle lengthening) than in the
concentric motion (muscle compression) because the resistance is greater than
the force produced. When we do a 2-step exercise like a dumbbell or barbell
curl, we do it in JUST a 2-second count. Instead, we should curl on an
explosive 1-count, but the eccentric extension should be on an even 3- to 6count! You should NEVER ignore the eccentric motion and let the weight fall
with gravity (this is cheating and you lose benefit), but lower the weight at
a controlled tempo, giving you more time under tension. Thus, a simple way to
build muscle and strength is to have an explosive concentric motion and a
longer tempo for eccentric motion. This PROPERLY exercises the muscles.
You will notice right off that these exercises will suddenly become more
difficult, but the benefits of doing them this way are colossal!
One benefit from doing exercise like this (I even do it on certain non-weight
exercises that uses my body-weight instead), is that you will notice that your
muscular strength increases much faster, your lean musculature will become
more defined, and when it is applied to anaerobic exercises, you might notice
you burn even MORE fat, and feel the burn in your muscles much faster.


ROLLING, technically Self-Myofacial Release, using your own body-weight to

massage sore and stiff muscles over a sturdy rolling tube. This is VERY
important! Knowing how to use a roller, and even to know exactly what such a
roller is, might be even more important. A Roller is usually a solid firm foam
tube, 4 to 6 inches thick and anywhere from 12 to 36 inches long, depending on
personal preference. Also search how to use exercise roller on the internet.
Relaxed muscles should be soft and supple. Yet, when they are sore or there
has been sufficient micro-damage from exercise, liquid can surround these
damaged cells to cushion them. But that can cause loss of flexibility, layer
adhesions, and painful movement if it chokes off easy blood-flow to the site.
The deep compression of self-myofascial release allows normal blood flow to
return to the affected area and will aid in the restoration of healthy tissue,
helping to relax the tight muscles and adhesions formed between muscle layers
and their surroundings, thus relieving the pain you feel at those sites.

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Shin Ohtake at MAX Workouts explained something EXTREMELY important that I

never thought about before: DO NOT STRETCH -BEFORE- YOUR WORKOUT! Using a
roller is more effective than pre-workout stretching and all the other static
rituals we might do to limber up, simply because we saw other people do it.
Pre-exercise stretching is a common mistake that even the Pros make. When I
followed Shins advice, I realized he was right! Roll out aches and pains
before and after exercise, but NEVER stretch until AFTERWARD. Research shows
pre-exercise static stretches hinder muscular performance and diminishes its
ability to recruit all muscle fibers, decreasing strength and speed during
workouts and competitions. This is very important when going through a highintensity anaerobic workout to activate your metabolism, because stretching
before a workout can reduce its effectiveness and thereby reduce the duration
of the Afterburn Effect, causing your fat not to be burning for the full 48
hours afterwards because your Resting Metabolic Rate, where you can trick
your metabolism into burning more calories during rest, is reduced.
It also makes workouts MUCH easier and faster, giving you greater power and
endurance, and using a roller instead of pre-workout stretching is far more
effective. I suddenly had the gumption, AND less lingering stiffness, that I
can do two extra Sets of a routine with maybe 4 extra reps to boot (reciting
the mantra Love the Burn also really helps) by employing this brilliant
technique. This is one old dog that has definitely learned a new trick!
Shin also pointed out that using a cheap piece of 4x24-inch PVC pipe ($4) is
more effective and better than typical foam rollers that only last 2-4 months
of daily use before they lose their shape and stiffness ($20-$25; anything for
less has less lasting value and not much shape-retention in them). A PVC pipe
lasts forever, and it can exercise areas that foam rollers cannot. I noticed
that small pets also like to exercise with it, especially when I am trying
to use it. They like to run as if they were drunk through the rolling tube.
On this subject of using a PVC pipe, which might seem a bit hard until you get
used to it, GAIAM has released a Restore Deep Tissue Foam Roller that is a
sturdy hollow 5.5x13-inch PVC pipe with an extra-firm textured fingered
massaging surface. It also has a much-extended lifespan ($34.99, but I have
seen them on sale for $28). Trigger Point also has one for the same price.
The act of rolling is really quite simple. You place the roller on a floor
surface, such as on a mat, place the part of your body that is sore or needs
loosening on it and position your body so that you can apply as much bodyweight as needed to the affected area next to the roller, and then exercise it
by shifting your body to roll the roller across the area. This is very easy to
do, and most people can figure out everything they need to know from that.
For example, to exercise a sore Achilles Heel, which is located above the heel
of the foot at the base of the back of the leg, sit on the mat, place your
sore Achilles Heel on the top of the roller, elevate your body with your other
foot and hands, and direct as much weight as to the Achilles Heel as you
require by shifting your weight to that heel. You can do this easily by
reducing support on the other foot, such as raising the other foot slightly
from the floor to support more weight on the sore heel. Using your hands, pull
yourself slowly back and forth so that the roller massages the tender heel and
restores blood-flow to it, relieving the pain you feel there.

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If the injury is your hamstring on the back of your thigh, apply the same
principle to roll that area.
Rolling the lower, mid, and upper back is just as easy, as is your chest and
any part of your core. Rolling your inner thigh can look STRANGE to someone
passing by, who might be wondering what lewd thing you are doing to the floor,
but the relief is worth it. Laugh it off and release some Endorphins.


Muscular size, or hypertrophy, can be increased through strength training and

other short-duration, high-intensity anaerobic resistance exercises. Lowerintensity, longer-duration aerobic exercise (AKA steady-state cardio)
generally does not result in very effective tissue hypertrophy (aerobic
refers to the use of oxygen to adequately meet energy demands during physical
exercise, not depending on OR PERFORMING fat-burning AT ALL).
There are two different methods by which you can achieve muscular hypertrophy:
1) Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy, such as what bulky, puffed-up bodybuilders
exhibit, focuses on increasing Glycogen storage space within muscles, allowing
them to do more work before needing to restore it (sarcoplasm is the cytoplasm
of a myocyte (muscle fiber). It is comparable to the cytoplasm of other cells,
but contains unusually large amounts of glycosomes (Glycogen granules) and
significant amounts of myoglobin, an oxygen-binding protein). This makes
muscles look swollen, increasing the volume of Sarcoplasmic fluid in the
muscle cells, but with no accompanying increase in strength. Truthfully, why
would you want to just LOOK like Arnold Schwarzenegger, when some 97-pound
weakling at the beach might easily knock you down and kick sand in your face?
2) Myofibrillar Hypertrophy, on the other hand, focuses more on increased
myofibril size (myofibril or muscle fibril, is a basic rod-like unit of a
muscle cell), where Actin and Myosin contractile proteins (see the next
paragraph for their definition) increase in number and add to muscular
strength when muscles suffer micro-damage or micro-tears due to them not being
up to the work you are performing (this of course makes your muscles sore, or
even ache in more intense work), as well as a much more modest increase in the
size of the muscle. This results in sexy, lean, and more powerful muscles.
This gives you a hot-looking Alpha Male or Alpha Female physique.
The main contractile system of all muscular tissue are based on the
interactions of the two proteins Actin and Myosin, which comprise muscle
tissue and its multi-subunit structure, which is involved in organism motility
by using the energy released by the ATP hydrolysis (the reaction by which
chemical energy that has been stored in the high-energy phosphoanhydride bonds
in adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is released), converting chemical energy into
kinetic energy, allowing a muscle to expand and contract.
Because we simply want to get you lean and fit, we will maintain all of our
focus only on the learner, sexier Myofibrillar Hypertrophy, which is PRACTICAL
strong muscle and not just SHOW muscle.

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If you want to build a stronger musculature and give more definition to the
muscles in your body, then minor muscle injury should not only be expected,
but it is in fact absolutely REQUIRED in order to build those stronger, more
REPAIRING THEM. If you want to build stronger muscle tissue, you MUST expect
AT LEASE muscle soreness (mild, natural damage). Of course, it does not have
to be so painful that you start whimpering for your Mother, but if you want
some impressive shoulder deltoids, carrier-deck pectorals, killer laterals,
razor-sharp obliques, and washboard abs (once you melt away the fat that is
hiding them!), you actually have to damage your weaker muscles in order for
the body to re-sculpt, rebuild, and reinforce them into masses of calorieincinerating protein (again, your dense muscle burns 3 times more calories
than fat, even at rest -- such as sitting down and reading this book).
Muscles suffer micro-damage and micro-tears ALL THE TIME if you do any kind of
hard durational work -- most of the time we might not even notice it. However,
have you ever done something a bit too extreme, like lugging endless pads of
roofing tiles for your cousin to help him re-roof a house (an actual example),
and woke up the next morning so stiff that a bar of cold steel was like a wet
noodle compared to you, and it was a labor of absolute focused, sweaty-browed
concentration just to manage tilting your stiff bones out of bed with absolute
minimal flexing, and then dragging your rigid, aching corpse using the walls,
the furniture, and even the dog to slide it to the bathroom in time for your
requisite morning ritual, feeling as though rigor mortis had prematurely set
in, having worked muscles in your body that you never knew existed?
But, once the pain subsides later on, and you can finally pick up a dropped
sock from the floor without pleading for help (Sparky! No! We are not going to
play keep-away!), you suddenly find yourself much stronger, and a new muscle
or two are now bulging out where you had just smooth skin before.
To make stronger muscles, we need to convince our bodies that we in fact NEED
these bigger (well, not so big on women, due to lower Testosterone production)
and stronger muscles by doing harder work that pushes the envelope on what we
can PRESENTLY do, which actually causes micro-damage to your muscle fibers
(that is why they are sore). This is because our bodies like to be lazy, and
so it tries to keep just what it already has without changing it, because that
is more energy-efficient. If we do not work our muscles BEYOND what they are
PRESENTLY capable of, we will NEVER get the more powerful muscles we want.
When micro-tears and micro-damage occur, when we feel the burn, which is
actually due to this damage as lactic acid builds up in muscle tissue,
accompanying strain that results in such damage, Testosterone will move in
AFTER you stop exercising, but never during, IF we also have our metabolism
activated to be kicking out that Testosterone, that is, especially in those of
us who are older than 40, and it will then repair and reinforce (build up) the
mildly damaged muscles very quickly. This is why a couple of recovery days are
typically required during each week of our workout exercise calendars.
Reinforcing muscles makes them bigger, stronger, and more powerful. That is
why the intense physical training of Police makes these peace officers all so
big and strong -- it is NOT all due to countless coffee- and donut-lifts.

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NOTE: The burn, as you know by now, is caused by a buildup of lactic acid in
your muscle tissue (lactic acid is a water-soluble organic compound classified
as an alpha-hydroxy acid; an un-oxidized form of Lactate). Technically, this
burn is caused by a hydrogen buildup in your system when sufficient oxygen is
not present for oxidation processes after Glucose is broken down for energy.
During intense exercise, when the rate of demand for energy is high, molecules
of Glucose are broken down and each oxidizes into two Pyruvate molecules (a
process called glycolysis), which are then used to provide energy to cells,
and Lactate is then produced from the pyruvate faster than the body can
oxidize it, causing Lactate concentrations to rise. Lactate is constantly
produced from Pyruvate via the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase in a process of
fermentation during normal metabolism and exercise. The production of Lactate
is beneficial because it regenerates Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, or NAD
(Pyruvate is reduced to Lactate while NADH -- a hydrogen-strong (un-oxidized),
reduced form of NAD) -- is oxidized to NAD), which is used up in oxidation of
glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate during production of Pyruvate from Glucose, and
this ensures that energy production is maintained and exercise can continue.
This is a tight-knit, efficient, and an amazing, very circular system.
During intense exercise, the respiratory chain cannot keep up with the amount
of hydrogen atoms that join to form NADH, and the body cannot regenerate NAD
quickly enough because adequate oxygen is insufficient (in deficit).
NAD is a coenzyme found in living cells. This compound is a dinucleotide,
consisting of two nucleotides joined through their phosphate groups. One
nucleotide contains an adenine base and the other nicotinamide. Nicotinamide
adenine dinucleotide exists in two forms, an oxidized and a reduced form,
abbreviated as NAD and NADH respectively (note that NAD is an oxidizing agent
that accepts electrons from other molecules and becomes reduced. This reaction
forms NADH, which is used as a reducing agent to donate electrons).
Most muscle damage is so minor we might not even take notice of it, and the
burn is just a sensation of the worked muscles giving you an advanced
sensation of greater warmth or heat, along with the muscles starting to feel
tight and giving a feeling of a strained sensation in the tissue; nearing our
exercise Failure limit, or sometimes becoming cramps if we really overdo it.
However, if we keep working it more (even after the strain sensation goes
away, if we do not give the micro-damage time to cushion itself with liquid or
let sufficient lactic acid oxidize), we might overdo it, ending in cramps or
even greater muscle damage, especially when we are trying to out-do a workout
buddy or trying to impress the ladies glancing at us from the elliptical
section of the gym.
Sometimes we become so sore we want to take a weekend-long bath in Bengay,
Aspercreme, Australian Dream, Blue-EMU, or some topical methyl salicylate, or
maybe even a witchs brew of ALL of it just dumped into a tub. Or, just try
anything containing HM-86, AKA 8-Methyl-N-vanillyl-trans-6-nonenamide, the
substance that makes chili peppers hot, which stops ALL pain in seconds. You
might notice your mouth going numb after biting a pepper -- and doctors often
use it in place of morphine. It works by oxidizing Substance P, a neuropeptide
neurotransmitter that delivers all pain signals to the brain.

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In Iowa back in my youth, we baled 25-40 pound straw rolls (the weight was
dependant upon their moisture content) at the start of Summer, and late in
Summer we did 75-90 pound square alfalfa bales (no 1/2-ton mega-bales back
then). Tossing these bales onto a hay wagon, or stacking them in self-tying
rows on it, and later unloading them into a barn, the exercise was very
exhausting the first day of doing each type of bale... until the next day when
we felt like someone had sewn us to our beds. We moaned and groaned like
decrepit old men. The following day, however, we had the stamina to do TWICE
the work. Many of the farmers hiring us would schedule a down day or two
after the first day in straw and alfalfa season due to this. At the end of
Summer, we could do 100 perfect Pull-Ups without breaking a sweat, and we
could do Push-Ups until people got tired of watching us do them.
Listen to your body and you can avoid agonizing injuries. Before you suffer
any mildly painful injury, and chances are good you will suffer this at least
once (we tend to listen to our bodies more closely afterward), be sure to
review recovery advice from you exercise source or do a web search for muscle
exercise recovery. It will show you how to address the injury, and how to
roll it out using a foam exercise roller. Always KNOW what to do before you
NEED to know what to do and have no choice but to HAVE to know how to do it!
Usually, though, grabbing an ice cube from the freezer, wrapping a few in a
cloth, or reaching for a cold pack and rubbing the injury to reduce swelling,
or mildly flexing it, or raising it above our heart, is all we really need.
Drinking a blueberry smoothie before exercise or after injury will help you
recover and avoid most soreness, causing more Endorphin pain-killing hormones
to be secreted from you Endocrine system. Or, just tell the injured party a
REALLY funny joke. Exhalation, impossible not to do when laughing, also causes
your Endocrine system to kick out massive doses of Endorphins, though telling
your wife jokes in the hospital delivery room might instead result in her
threatening you with catastrophic injuries beyond your physiological limits.
The moral is: If you are exercising to build up your muscles, but the
exercises seem easy, they do not make you feel the burn, or they do not make
you put a Im passing a kidney stone the size of Rhode Island grimace on
your face, then do not waste your time with it. Change it up so that it WILL
be difficult. You ALWAYS want to have to struggle like you are an exercise
rookie. Without that burn, you are not getting ANY benefit AT ALL from it, and
your muscles will develop little beyond the state they are already in.
Learn to recite the mantra Love the Burn! or Theres No Benefit Without the
Burn! to inspire you to keep at it and work through your muscles shouting at
you. I also need to use the mantra, Dont be a lazy ass! when I am initially
not feeling up to a full workout. It is hardest to get started. The first Set
always seems to be the most difficult, before the hormones start cranking up.
By the way, if you become sedentary by not continuing to exercise after you
have built up that lean muscle, you body thinks you no longer need them, which
burn much more calories just by existing, so it will break down un-used muscle
tissue to bring your body down to an energy-efficient weight and size. You see
this happening with retiring sports stars all the time. Of course, if they
keep eating like they did when they were burning off all those calories before
retirement, they might start looking like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man.

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----------------------------------------------------------------------Body Mass Index (BMI) is an estimated measure of body fat based on height and
weight for those with a idealized musculature for your height. The theory is
that the higher the BMI over the optimal range of 19 through 25, the greater
the risk of some diseases, including high blood pressure, coronary artery
disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, some cancers, and Type-2 Diabetes.
One way to check for a healthy weight is to know your BMI, calculated by
dividing your weight in kilograms by your height squared in meters.
Instead of taking notes for US to metric conversions, we can simplify the
entire process by implementing a painless computed conversion factor of 720.
With it, we can exploit the following cut down and more straightforward
formula using US measurements: pounds / (feet x 12 + inches) X x 720 =
For example, my BMI, at 165 pounds and at 511, is calculated like this: 165
/ (5 x 12 + 11) X x 720 = 23.566752628446736758579646895457. Thus, the BMI
for a person who weighs 165 lbs and is 511 is about 23.6 or 24. As mentioned
above, a healthy BMI range is supposed to be between 19 and 25.
You can also employ various BMI calculators found on the internet, even at the
CDC and NIH. They are built right into most Weight-Watchers bathroom scales.
As an alternative, NASA physicians came up with a simple indicator for the US
Space Program so astronauts can monitor their weight in micro-gravity. What
they do is divide ones height in half, and compare it to waist size. If their
waist circumference is very close to half of their height, they are at optimal
weight. If their waist is much larger than half of their height, they are
above the optimal weight and must cut down on cold cheese hotdog snacks.
---------------------------------------Recovery from intense anaerobic exercise, such as the exercises offered by
MAXWO, AA40, or SPS2, which REALLY gets your heart pounding and sweat rolling,
or any other effective metabolism-activating exercises, can be as easy as a
level teaspoon of baking soda (pure sodium bicarbonate) in 8 ounces of water.
This reduces any elevated acid levels in your system and ensures you body pH
level is slightly alkaline, as it always should be for optimal health.
NOTE: Baking soda promotes the function of the kidneys, keeps your pH balanced
and helps with occasional heartburn and digestion problems, which can be an
indicator of heart problems. Do not worry about it containing a bit of sodium,
because it will NOT raise your blood sugar, as sodium alone can do.

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Acids are needed for body functions, such as Hydrochloric Acid for boneshaping and digestion, and Sulfuric Acid for tears, but high Cortisol builds
excessive acidic blood levels, making us not only much more prone to disease
and cancer, which can only survive in an acidic environment, but excess system
acid makes us feel very tired and exhausted, and sometimes ALL THE TIME.
People who are chronically ill or tired typically have more acidic blood,
which are excellent indicators of Free Radicals running rampant. And illness
and tiredness go hand-in-hand, because you ALWAYS feel tired when you are
sick, which is WHY we are told to stay in bed. Now you know why. Low pH.
You will quickly feel the positive effects of drinking the baking soda. Ignore
and drink past the mildly salty (sodium) taste. Besides, within days, you will
hardly taste it because your body will recognize its positive effects and then
dull your taste receptors from tasting it so strongly (our bodies are pretty
darned amazing machines!). Besides, once you get used to it, you can rinse it
in your mouth and it will more effectively and directly enter your bloodstream
through the salivary gland ducts under your tongue.
Because, like salt, even well mixed in water the baking soda is still granular
enough that I can brush my teeth with this water and have nothing to spit out.
Baking soda keeps our teeth cleaner, whiter, and less loaded with toxins than
what any name-brand whitening toothpaste or those whitening strips are loaded
with, which just have a diluted dose of hydrogen peroxide in them as an active
scrubbing agent (H2O2; a GREAT gargle for mouth/gum infections).
Drinking baking soda in water is the best, most natural energy drink around,
and is cheap and contains nothing harmful or heart-distressing, such as most
other energy drinks. It charges me up so fast that I am ready to do another
exercise Set right after drinking it. It can also stop your sweat from
strongly smelling after a while. It also has other, more intimate positive
effects that you can have fun discovering with your cohabitation partner.
Baking soda is readily absorbed by your body, even as you drink it. It reduces
body acids, increases over-all energy, and restores the body to its optimal
alkaline level (the blood should be slightly alkaline for proper health).
The bloods optimal pH (potential Hydrogen) level is pH 7.35 to pH 7.45, where
pH 0.0 is fully acidic (battery acid), pH 14.0 is fully alkaline (lye), and pH
7.0 is considered balanced (though the body views it as acidic!).
Consider these examples:
EXAMPLE (the example might be slightly lower, but rounded up)
Battery acid
(pure acidic pH)
Gastric acid
Lemon juice, vinegar
Orange juice, soda
Tomato juice, acid rain
Black coffee, bananas
Urine, milk
Pure water
(neutral pH)
Sea water, eggs, Human Blood (7.35 to 7.45)
Baking soda (8.3)
Great Salt Lake, milk of magnesia

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Ammonia solution
Soapy water
Bleach, oven cleaner
Lye, liquid drain cleaner

(pure alkaline pH)

In the absence of oxygen, Glucose undergoes fermentation to lactic acid. This

causes the pH of the cell to drop into acidosis from between 7.3 to 7.2, which
is still alkaline, but it is more acidic as far as the body is concerned. It
can drop down to 7.0 and even to 6.5 in more advanced stages of cancer. In
metastases (the development of secondary malignant growths at a distance from
a primary site of cancer) the pH drops to 6.0 and even 5.7 or even lower. Our
bodies simply cannot fight disease if our body pH is not properly balanced.
Acidosis levels, pH 7.2, make you feel old and chronically tired. A body in
this state is an invitation to cancer. Levels below 6.5 become very cancerprone and people easily get chronically ill and tired. Levels of pH 5.7 to pH
6.0 typically result in death. This is the same thing that happens when ones
kidneys collapse, and why people die as a result. If your kidneys fail, the
building acids in your body the kidneys are supposed to extract are no longer
being removed, and so you should know the outcome, because it will, within
hours, pull your blood pH level below 5.7. Acidic levels just close to this
can overload your kidneys, which is why they collapse and fail (they will
actually become overworked and can no longer perform their function).
If you feel tired or run down, or just had an exhausting day, taking a very
hot bath (the hot water opens your skin pores wide) in 1 to 2 pounds of Baking
Soda, along with the squeezing of 3 lemons to electrically activate the water
(we are electrical beings, and our bodies are powerful electricity-generating
dynamos) so it leaches impurities right out through your pores that have been
opened by the hot water (in worst cases, when the body is loaded with toxins,
you can actually see this stuff, like tiny strings, actually squeezing out of
your pores. YUCK!), even as your body absorbs the baking soda to re-balance
the bodys pH level right through those pores, and it will also make you feel
not 100% better, but 1000% better. I can heartily attest to that!
This old Puerto Rican cure saved my life in 2010 when I had what was supposed
to be a catastrophic allergic reaction, severely swelling all my organs,
closing my intestines, which caused my appendix, festered with the toxins as
it tried to culture and nurture new good bacteria at the beginning of their
grand journey through my colon, which was being killed off by the toxins, to
burst. The bath worked so well that I did not in fact miss work the next day,
and my appendix completely healed within days without it having to be removed.
Baking soda is also good for people suffering from allergic reactions, caused
by low pH, and joint pain, due to low pH, causing low electric conductivity in
the liquid-crystal water lattice layers between our joints, which makes the
joints work smoothly by preventing cartilage of both sides of a joint from
making physical contact, thus riding a very thin but extremely powerful
frictionless layer of charged water, like a mag-lift train, though weakened
electrical conduction allows the cartilage to instead make physical contact
with each other by a little or even a lot -- depending on charge loss -- and
to rub and therefore to wear and to even tear. Pure Baking Soda, such as ArmN-Hammer or pure store brands (but NOT the type that also contains additives,
such as aluminum oxide, where high levels of which can be DANGEROUSLY TOXIC

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and cause SEVERE cerebral cognition issues) neutralize the excess acids in our
blood and bodies that normally makes us feel tired or run down.
When I was a kid, grandma used to make us drink baking soda to quickly clear
up urinary/kidney infections. We also brushed our teeth with baking soda; a
time-honored tradition. I still do -- it is cheap and keeps your teeth whiter
than using any of the off-the-store-shelf mouthwashes that are mixed with
hydrogen peroxide (a mild bleach; the whitening agent in such concoctions).
NOTE: As mentioned previously, cancer cells require blood and body pH levels
to be at acidic levels (less than pH 7.0) to survive. Cancer absolutely cannot
live in an alkaline environment, and will die off if it finds itself in such a
situation, which a normal healthy body is in, where human blood typically has
a pH level between 7.35 and 7.45. One can use simple pure baking soda, which
has a pH of 8.3, to help pull ones acidic blood levels back up to normal.
Another avenue to blocking cancer is bioflavonoid, a substance found in common
flowers, such as daisies and dandelions, and also gives flowers their yellow
and orange colors. It cuts off HSP90, a protein that cells require to survive
(see the paragraph below), from non-symbiotic cells, which is to say ANY cell
not growing properly -- which is ANY cancer cell -- and causes them to go into
apoptosis. This is to say that they start to commit suicide. It also shuts off
Glucose to non-symbiotic cells (cancer requires Glucose or Fructose, the fuel
they need to grow and multiply). It also interferes in the growth phase, or G1
Phase, that such erratic cells must go through before they can multiply.
HSP90, Heat Shock Protein 90, a chaperone protein that assists proteins to
fold properly, stabilizes proteins against heat stress and aids in protein
breakdown. Sadly, it also stabilizes a number of proteins required by nonsymbiotic tumor growths. HSP90-inhibitors are being investigated as anticancer drugs, but I wonder what that does to healthy cells REQUIRING HSP90?
NOTE: PD-L1 (Programmed Death-Ligand 1) is a protein that in humans is encoded
by the CD274 gene, and plays a significant role in suppressing the immune
system during events like pregnancy, tissue allografts, autoimmune disease,
hepatitis, and other disease states. Normally the immune system reacts to
foreign antigens when there is an accumulation in the lymph nodes or spleen,
which triggers a proliferation of antigen-specific CD8+ T cells.
But, cancers upregulation of PD-L1 allows it to evade immune system attack.
Cancer cells coat its outer membrane with PD-L1. This stops the immune system
from attacking these cancer cells because the PD-L1 proteins tell antibodies
to leave their host alone. Our body itself uses PD-L1 to protect its cells, or
even a fetus (technically, a foreign body), by bonding PD-L1 TIGHTLY to them.
Fortunately, the PD-L1 bond with the cancer cells membrane is very weak!
Alkaloids like baking soda help break this weak cancer membrane bond with its
PD-L1 camouflage, causing its PD-L1 coating to slough off, allowing the immune
system to effectively identify, attack and kill these foreign cancer cells,
while leaving the tighter bonds our own bodys cells have with PD-L1 alone.

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---------------------------------A toxic chemical that is too often just dumped into our drinking water
supplies, often without our knowledge or consent -- or being told of its
dangers -- is FLUORIDE. Decades ago, starting in the 1950s, Fluoride was given
to people suffering from over-active thyroids, which slowed them back down to
normal. Since then, it has been added to toothpaste to reduce tooth decay. It
was later added to general water supplies. However, Fluoride wrecks havoc on
the thyroid, one of our Endocrine glands, which regulates body metabolism and
energy, and as a result it can make you feel tired, sluggish, and even make
you flabby. It does this because Fluoride is acidic, which will in fact
imbalance your electrical charge and lower blood pH levels, making you tired,
more susceptible to illness and cancer, which thrives in acidic environments.
In 2006, a report by the National Research Council officially recognized
Fluoride as an endocrine disruptor. This is one of the most dangerous
chemicals you can put into your body, and yet in many regions around the
world, Fluoride is STILL liberally dumped into community water supplies!!!
---------------------------------------------------Heavy smokers suffer more muscle-mass loss than fat loss because smoking
chokes off oxygen so that Testosterone cannot use it to break down fat cells.
Heavy alcoholic beverages also absorb oxygen like a sponge, thus robbing us of
it. Low body oxygen also causes acidic levels to rise dramatically.
In the absence of oxygen, Glucose undergoes fermentation to lactic acid, which
causes the pH of the cell to drop into acidosis, which in turn can result in
chronic exhaustion and greater susceptibility to frequent illness. This is why
heavy smokers and drinkers get exhausted faster when exercising -- their
muscles tire and strain faster. This forces the body into distress, which
spews massive doses of Cortisol, which diminishes our Testosterone production.
The trick is to give the body enough time for lactic acid to oxidize and lower
stress. Restored oxygen recovers cell respiration, allowing them to resume
normal operation and Glucose to be oxidized properly, reducing Cortisol, and
which increases our Testosterone production so fat can be burned off again.
I know women who smoke JUST to stay thin, or have bought into the myth that
all smoking does is keep weight down (but kissing them is like licking out an
ash tray). I saw this insane fad catching on, especially in collegiate women,
in the early 1990s when I worked at the University of Connecticut. In one
year, I went from seeing only a few female students walking by our building
from the dorms smoking a cigarette, to seeing most of them smoking. That was
back in the days when I had to give free UCONN Womens Basketball tickets away
just to entice ANYONE to attend their games -- and when the life expectancy of
women dropped closer to men, even as more men were kicking the smoking habit.
Their reason for smoking was to make food taste bland and less appetizing. But
this also reduces muscle mass because they starved themselves, so their fatmass remained unchanged! It is disturbing to see cellulite on skinny women.
They walk by in their cute little shorts, but then they almost sear your
retinas into smoldering black pits because the backs of their legs looked like
undulating masses of cottage cheese bound beneath a thin veneer of flesh.

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----------------------------------------After a metabolism-activating, heart-pumping, sweaty compound-muscle anaerobic
session, you MUST BE SURE TO FEED YOUR METABOLISM to boost your Testosterone
output by consuming nutritional fats, so be sure to avoid fat-free or low-fat
foods because they actually LOWER Leptin and Testosterone production.
Great sources of nutritional fats are Avocados (heart healthy), whole eggs
(the yoke is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making the myth
about eating only egg whites for a flat belly false), fatty fish (wild fish,
NOT from a fish farm), such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, tilapia, and trout,
all wild and from clean water, which are good sources of anti-inflammatory
Omega-3 fatty acids, unrefined (not bleached or chemically processed) cooking
oils, such as REAL olive oil or coconut oil (prime source of MCT, or MediumChain Triglycerides, well-known for their appetite regulation, energy, and
immune benefits), nuts, such as almonds, cashews, pecans, pine nuts, and
walnuts, and seeds, such as pumpkin seeds (high in protein and animal amino
acids), and sunflower seeds (good for Vitamin E and Folic acid), and not to
forget my favorite yummy sources -- cottage cheese and bananas.
When selecting fish, please ensure that they are as advertised. Often the fine
print will actually state that it is instead ANOTHER type of fish that is
flavored to taste just like the advertised fish, and the substitute can
often be packed with inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids! Worse, nearly half the
fish you buy is deliberately mislabeled and substituted with a totally
different, cheaper, and potentially dangerous fish. The most common fish
subject to this fish fraud are red snapper, wild salmon, grouper, and
Atlantic cod. For other examples, most often, halibut is typically tilefish,
which is high in mercury (mercury causes memory loss, tremors, vision loss,
numbness to fingers and toes, and even heart problems), and 84% of white tuna
used in sushi is actually escolar, a mackerel that contains a naturally
occurring toxin, gempylotoxin. Also, farm-raised salmon have 7 times the toxic
environmental chemicals, called PCBs, because they are fed pellets made from
chicken feces, corn meal, soy, and other fish containing concentrated toxins,
and farm-raised tilapia have very low levels of Omega-3s, but very high levels
of Omega-6s.
This is like imitation crab meat, though at least with it you KNOW that you
are not getting the real thing. It is actually a form of kamaboko; a processed
seafood made of starch and a finely pulverized white fish called Surimi.
I end each of my workout sessions with a 3-large-egg omelet (78 calories x 3 =
234 calories) that includes a 5 oz. can of ocean tuna in water (100 calories)
(drained -- do not use tuna stored in processed vegetable oil, which is way
too high in Omega-6s) and sliced avocado (another 234 calories) (1/2 of the
slices diced and mixed in the tuna omelet, and the rest on the side), and a
chopped pepper jack cheese stick (100 calories) as an added omelet treat. An
omelet with fruit might sound strange, but is also very good, such as an antioxidant cocktail of raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, or also add in
other anti-oxidant fruits, such as strawberries, cherries, and pomegranate
seeds (check your store shelves for bags of frozen triple-berry or antioxidant
berry blends -- Target stores have excellent blends, and will not break the
bank -- they also seem to have them on sale all the time for $1 off, plus I
use my store cupons and my 5% Red Card discount!). Fry this in a tablespoon of
coconut oil or olive oil (either are 120 calories). I like to sprinkle in some

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crushed red peppers or fresh-ground pepper. A very light sprinkle (1/2

teaspoon) of raw cane sugar on top can add to the over-all flavor, as a treat
(but avoid excessive sugar consumption, 57% of which goes DIRECTLY into fat
storage, thanks to its useless Fructose molecules). This omelet, even at
almost 800 calories (788+) and 37 grams of slow-digesting protein (doublebonus!), and even without the exercise, will actually have your body burning
calories and body fat for the rest of the day if your body produces sufficient
quantities of Testosterone. So, imagine what also doing the MAXWO, AA40, or
SPS2 exercises to activate production of truckloads of Testosterone will do?
Other good sources are White Meat Animal Protein. Sources such as chicken and
turkey are great meal choices because they digest slowly and have a very low
Insulin release. They also make a great pre-bed snack that will not haunt your
dreams. These sources also promote the release of another hormone, Glucagon,
which assists the body with breaking down stored carbs and fat within your
body to be burned for energy. Red meat, especially grass-fed, is great for
really pumping up your metabolism, so it is not a good bedtime snack, though
it, along with non-fatty fish, are fine at earlier meal times.
NOTE: Contrary to popular belief, eating after a certain time at night does
NOT magically make you gain weight. While it seems intuitive that metabolic
rate would slow down during sleep, metabolism does not come to a screeching
halt, leaving everything youve eaten destined to become unsightly body fat.
Research shows that the average persons metabolic rate is no different during
sleep than during the day. Not only that, but daily exercise can boost your
sleeping metabolic rate by 11% and dramatically increase fat burning.
Another GREAT choice, and a good pre-bed snack, is Cottage Cheese. It is very
slow digesting and coats the stomach, to be assimilated by the body over many
hours. As a protein (24 grams per cup!), it also stimulates Glucagon hormone
release (the liver converts Glucagon to Glucose. Glucagon and Insulin are part
of a feedback system that keeps blood Glucose levels stable). Just make sure
to use PLAIN cottage cheese, not any of the flavored varieties that contain up
to 25 grams of sugars (5 teaspoons) MORE than the 4 grams that plain cottage
cheese carries already, cooked from its natural starches by the homogenization
and pasteurization process (two processes that I think severely degrades it)!
Although eating seems counter-intuitive to the purpose of losing weight,
starving ourselves will only yield weight-loss by losing muscle mass, NOT fat,
as I ranted earlier, where I said that most of the fad diets out on the market
lead to yo-yo diets, because they begin with results, but then we plateau.
This happens because the body recognizes that it is starving, so it drops its
Leptin hormone production, the Master Control hormone that controls fat
burning, and puts the body into Survival Mode in an attempt to maintain the
health of the body, which actually stops fat-burning. The metabolism MUST be
fed, not starved, to burn off body fat. Nutritional fats feed hormone
production, which in turn burns body fat, and, as said before, Testosterone is
the only hormone that can burn the Visceral fat around your belly and hips.
Again, the weight lost from starving ourselves is from muscle mass, because
into the ground because it goes against what most everyone believes -- but
have they EVER stopped to wonder WHY their reduced-calorie and/or low-fat

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diets ALWAYS fail?). At the end of such starvation diets, we might lose some
DIET. And with lost muscle, we might look even flabbier! Or we might look
skinny fat, or skinny but STILL loaded with jiggling, cheesy cellulite!
Indeed, have you every seen anorexic people who have starved themselves to
skin and bones, but even though they have absolutely NO muscle mass to speak
of, they might STILL carry that butt-ugly cellulite? And you always overhear
them saying things like, I just need to lose 5 more pounds... I see it all
the time in obsessive dieters here in Central Florida, young and old alike,
especially in college students why still want fit in those scary-looking size
zero jeans. They also do not seem to go very long before succumbing to
nutritional collapse, or in worse cases, ORGAN collapse. Some diet...
Our focus is to activate our metabolism and burn body fat while BUILDING
muscle, NOT burning it. This requires fuel with high-intensity resistance
exercise to activate Leptin, which activates Testosterone to burn body fat and
control musculature. Testosterone is a natural steroid with none of the side
effects of injected steroids or Testosterone Replacement Therapy, which come
either from synthetic sources or animals, such as bovines, which, because they
are not biologically compatible to humans, and, as regaled before, can cause
enlarged heart, liver problems/cancer, heart attacks, and psychosis.
--------------------------Always read the fine print that list your food ingredients!!! One rule of
thumb is that if you cannot pronounce an additive, it is likely not good for
you! They are listed from largest quantities to smallest. Select food with NO
additives or with additives you actually understand and it makes sense.
But watch out! Quantities below a certain miniscule percentage per serving are
not required by the FDA to be listed on the product label! Tiny quantities of
something might be assumed to be harmless, but that is NOT ALWAYS SO!
This brings me BACK to the preservative tBHQ, which is largely unlisted in
ingredients because its quantity is so tiny, about 0.02% per serving, but it
is added to gluten-based products like wheat flour, and also to nuts, eggs,
and dairy, to extend their shelf-life, but it will often trigger POWERFUL
such as gluten, nuts, or dairy, not tBHQ, because without molecular testing,
no one but the product manufacturer even knows tBHQ is contained within it!
Also be careful of advertiser boasts. It is like walking by the kitchen of
some Chinese restaurants. They can tell you their food contains no monosodium
glutamate (MSG, which narrows arterial pathways and therefore causes swelling
and water retention, sometimes SEVERELY), but you always seem to see a large
open vat of it sitting on a counter somewhere in there when you peek in.
For example, a package might report it contains cinnamon powder, but 80% of
the time, calling the vendor can reveal it is in fact sawdust saturated with
cinnamon-flavored hydrogenated vegetable oil (man-modified trans fat). Or, a
nonstick cooking spray might report it contains only coconut oil (one of the
most beneficial nutritional fats known to man, next to the CLA Fat in dairy),
with a bit of soy lecithin as a non-stick agent, but going to the product
source can reveal the oil is actually highly processed vegetable oil (AKA man-

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modified trans fat) that is CHEMICALLY flavored, which is typically high in

Omega-6 and low in Omega-3. Even if it is real coconut oil, make sure it is
not bleached and/or chemically processed. VERY unhealthy! However, unprocessed
(advertised as virgin, and especially unrefined; cold-pressed) vegetable
oil is OK. This goes for coconut oil and olive oil as well.
NOTE: Manufacturers who use the less expensive high-heat extraction method to
derive nutrients, fats, and oils from source material alter the products
chemistry through this process, such as turning any starches to sugar, and
even turning milk into a MUCH less nutritious, sugar-packed beverage with
little advantage except for its calcium, protein, telomerase enzymes, and
Conjugated Linolic Acid (if not removed to advertise it as low-fat or skim).
Consider these examples GOOD FOODS (most of this data is sourced from free
material provided by BioTrust Nutrition at http://sem.biotrust.com):
Avocados are rich in vitamins and healthy monounsaturated fats (MUFAs).
They also contain 5 grams of fiber in just one-half cup! Between its fiber and
healthy fats, they can make you feel full for hours. Avocado also makes a good
snack, a dinner side dish, and a great ingredient for salads.
Avocado is a nutrient-dense fruit that contains lots of essential nutrients
that are important to optimizing your health and for body-fat-burning, plus
fiber, vitamin K, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, pantothenic acid,
potassium, riboflavin, and niacin.
Avocados are also loaded with oleic acid, which affects appetite regulation.
Oleic acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid in various animal and vegetable
fats and oils, stimulates production of oleoylethanolamide (OEA) by the small
intestine. OEA helps in the suppression of your appetite by triggering
appetite receptors in the brain. This is important, because the brain and gut
are connected by large central-body nerve bundles, entirely bypassing the
spinal chord. Indeed, your Gastro-Intestinal Tract contains more neurons than
the brain and the spinal chord COMBINED, being LITERALLY your second brain.
Think about that the next time you get a gut feeling about something.
Eating avocado with a meal also improves satisfaction considerably and reduces
any desire to snack for hours afterward. It has also been found that people
who ate half an avocado along with their mid-day meal reported a 23% increase
in satisfaction, a 40% decrease in any desire to eat during the three hours
afterward, and a 28% decrease in the desire to eat 5 hours afterward. Research
has also shown that avocados improve Insulin efficiency significantly, and
that means avocados can help improve carbohydrate management.
In one study examining the dietary habits of over 17,000 people, it was found
that those who ate avocados regularly tended to have lower body weight, a
lower body mass index, and a lower waist circumference. Further, it also
showed that eating avocados along with vegetables improved the absorption of
fat-fighting phytochemicals significantly, which combat oxidative stress,
which is associated with aging, obesity, and DNA damage.

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When avocado or avocado oil was added to salsa, phytochemical absorption was
up to 400% higher than without it. Further, when salads included avocado, it
was found that the potent antioxidant absorption went up to 1500% higher.
Blueberries. Health benefits of blueberries, with their dark pigment that
indicate rich polyphenol content, have been a part of many nutrition studies.
They indicate that polyphenol nutrients have cardioprotective effects and
additional benefits ranging from optimizing metabolic health to anti-aging.
Research has recently shown that these polyphenols play a significant role in
reducing body fat. Of note, polyphenols were found to block the formation of
Visceral Fat cells. It was also found that eating blueberries seems to
accelerate muscle recovery when combined with exercise. People who drank a
blueberry smoothie before and after exercise had less muscle soreness and
faster strength recovery. This resulted in more frequent exercise and improved
performance. Polyphenols also helps prevent losing muscle mass on reducedcalorie diets. This is important because muscle loss leads to lower
metabolisms, less calorie-burning, looking skinny fat, and rapid rebound
weight gain when resuming normal eating after a reduced-calorie diet.
Anthocyanins, the antioxidant pigments that give rich color to blueberries,
are known for a range of health benefits, including optimizing carbohydrate
metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G), a member of
the anthocyanin group, has been shown to enhance insulin efficiency and
improve carbohydrate metabolism, which has significant implications in
optimizing fat mass loss and general weight management. Anthocyanins also have
a unique effect on fat cells that have led to the conclusion that they play a
role in improving metabolic health. Investigating the effects of anthocyanins
on fat cells (adipocytes) have shown that anthocyanins have a significant
anti-obesity and ameliorate adipocyte function and for preventing metabolic
The benefits that are associated with blueberries might also extend to other
dark-colored anthocyanin-rich berries, which also contain plenty of appetitesatisfying fiber and phytochemical antioxidants.
Berries like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and cherries (though
cherries are a fruit, not a berry) are some of the BEST carbs you can eat.
They are packed with fiber and antioxidants, and are low on the Glycemic
Index, most especially cherries, which has a Glycemic Index of just 22.
Apples. The nutritional value of an apple can appear unimpressive. Though
apples are a good source of fiber (including both soluble and insoluble
pectin) and vitamin C, they do not have considerable amounts of other vitamins
and minerals. Yet, they make up for this in their fat-fighting Polyphenols,
including Flavonols, such as Quercetin, Catechins, including Epicatechin,
Anthocyanins (in red-skinned apples), Chlorogenic acid, and Phloridizin.
Research conducted on polyphenols has demonstrated significant carbohydrate
metabolism benefits:
Quercetin, a flavonol found in many fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains,
has been shown to inhibit digestive enzymes like alpha-amylase and alphaglucosidase, which break down carbohydrates into absorbable sugars. Quercetin
has also been shown to effectively reduce blood-sugar after a meal.

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Its polyphenols, phenolic acids, and tannins have been shown to reduce
carbohydrate absorption in the small intestine.
Polyphenols are shown to enhance insulin sensitivity and efficiency,
promoting muscle cell uptake of carbohydrates, to be stored as energy.
In addition to insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate metabolism improvements,
polyphenols appear to have major gut health benefits. In laboratory animals,
it has been found that consuming polyphenol-rich apples results in positive
changes in the gut microbiota and in immune system function.
When it comes to the battle of the midriff bulge, one of the most important
factors is satiety, which indicates how the sense of hunger is abated. Thus,
when trying to control consuming excess calories, it is important to choose
foods that have high satiety values.
Cruciferous vegetables seem to have more fat-fighting and health-boosting
benefits than nearly any other group of vegetables. There are many choices
from which to pick from, including broccoli, kale, cauliflower, brussels
sprouts, rutabaga, cabbage, bok choy, swiss chard, turnips, arugula, collard
greens, watercress and radishes.
Cruciferous vegetables are high in fiber, promoting healthy gastro-intestinal
function, satiety, and weight management. One serving of any of the above
vegetables provides from 3 to 7 grams of appetite-satisfying fiber with only
about 30 to 40 calories.
A benefit of cruciferous vegetables in women is its ability to help promote
healthy Estrogen metabolism through a phytonutrient called indole-3-carbinol
(I3C). I3C helps promote an increased ratio of good (2-hydroxy estrogen) to
bad estrogen (16-hydroxy estrogen). The good 2-hydroxy estrogen is a less
active form that is typically excreted from the body more rapidly.
Spinach is one of the most nutrient-dense foods, and is loaded with
essential vitamins, minerals, and abundant phytochemicals. Spinach is an great
source of vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, copper,
vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, fiber,
phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc and choline.
All this comes at a low caloric price. A single cup of spinach contains only 7
calories. Spinach is also a rich source of phytonutrients and antioxidants,
like the carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin, neoxanthin, and violaxanthin.
The phytonutrients and antioxidants in spinach helps scavenge Free Radicals
and supports a healthy inflammatory response. The research is becoming clear
that inflammation plays an important role in obesity, and vice versa. Thus,
including anti-inflammatory foods like spinach in your diet is central to
optimizing overall health and body weight.
Kiwifruit, or Chinese Gooseberry, is a low-energy-dense food with good
carbs. Kiwifruit, like cherries, contain serotonin and has been shown to have
beneficial effects on sleep. In a study published in the Asia Pacific Journal
of Clinical Nutrition, researchers from Taiwan found that middle-aged adults
consuming two kiwifruits an hour before bed each night for four weeks

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experienced improved sleep -- both total sleep time and sleep efficiency. They
concluded that Kiwifruit consumption may improve sleep onset, duration, and
efficiency in adults with selfreported sleep disturbances.
Low in calories and high in water content, Kiwifruit makes a fantastic pre-bed
meal. It is also a good source of fiber, and this is of particular note
because it provides what is referred to as prebiotic fiber.
A prebiotic is a selectively fermented ingredient that allows specific
changes, both in the composition and/or activity in the gastrointestinal
microflora, that confer benefits. Thus, the pectin found in kiwifruit
stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract.
This is important for many reasons because gut bacteria -- and an optimal
balance of healthy gut bacteria -- play roles in digestive system health and
function, overall health, immune system function, wellbeing, metabolism, the
respiratory (lungs) and integumentary (skin) systems, and more.
Regarding fat loss, the evidence that gut bacteria contribute to energy
balance is so strong that Dr. Patrice Cani and her colleagues at the
Metabolism and Nutrition Research Group in Belgium have coined the term
MicrObesity to describe the relationship between gut dysbiosis (an
imbalance of gut bacteria) and obesity.
Bananas. You usually do not see this on a fat-loss food list. Yet, without
this fruit, you can miss out on very important fat-burning nutrients. On top
of being a source of potassium, bananas are a great source of Vitamin B6,
Vitamin C, Fiber, Manganese, Biotin and Copper.
Bananas are one of the best sources of RESISTENT STARCH; a type of carb that
is not digested. Resistant starch is technically not classified as a fiber,
yet research shows that it should be! With nearly 5 grams of resistant starch
per banana, the net carbohydrate content is considerably low. Multiple studies
show that naturally-occurring resistant starch increases satiety and reduces
food intake. It has also been shown that consuming resistant starch increases
fat burning, decreases fat storage, and improves insulin sensitivity. It has
been speculated that resistant starch may also increase the thermic effect of
feeding, which means that it boosts the metabolism, as well as promotes weight
loss and in preserving calorie-burning muscle.
On top of resistant starch, bananas also contain a prebiotics type of fiber, a
non-digestible food ingredient that beneficially affects the host by
selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of one or a limited number
of bacteria in the colon, and thus improves host health. Hence, prebiotics
preferentially stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive
tract. This is important for many reasons because an proper balance of healthy
gut bacteria play a strong role in digestive system health and function,
overall health, immune function,
metabolism, the respiratory and
integumentary systems, and more.
Grapefruit. While for decades the media has ballyhooed grapefruits as an
effective, yet largely unsubstantiated aid to weight loss, there is in fact
lots of science to support it. When comparing whole fruits, grapefruits
contain about 26% more vitamin C. In a study, German researchers found that,
when faced with a stressful situation (e.g., public speaking), healthy young

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adults who supplemented with vitamin C experienced reduced blood pressure, a

decreased stress response, and significant reductions in the hormone Cortisol.
Cortisol is one of the bodys primary stress hormones and can have a powerful
impact on fat loss and weight gain. Cortisol is associated with increased
intra-abdominal Visceral Fat storage, an excess of which is detrimental to
overall health and is associated with many metabolic abnormalities.
In addition to its vitamin C, grapefruits are a good source of fiber, which
helps slow gastric emptying and increases satiety. More, grapefruits have a
high water content (about 91%), and they are considered a low-energy-dense
food. These are factors that play a important role in appetite control and
weight management.
In a study published in the journal Nutrition & Metabolism, researchers from
Vanderbilt found that when subjects added half of a grapefruit before meals in
a reduced-calorie diet they ended up consuming up to 500 fewer calories per
day -- without any increase in hunger -- which had an impact on weight loss.
With the addition of grapefruit, the participants rate of weight loss
increased by over 13% compared to following a reduced-calorie diet without it.
In a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, researchers from the
Scripps Clinic in California found that overweight people daily consumied
fresh grapefruit before each meal lost 5 TIMES more weight than their placebo
group over 12 weeks. Not just that, but it was found that the addition of
grapefruit improved insulin sensitivity significantly, which is tied to
carbohydrate metabolism and weight management.
Grapefruit also contains naringin, a potent antioxidant that helps protect
cells from Free Radicals. Free Radicals lead to oxidative stress, which is
associated with aging, reduced carbohydrate tolerance, and obesity. Naringin
is broken down into naringenin, a compound that has been shown to activate an
important enzyme called AMPK (5 Adenosine Monophosphate-activated Protein
Kinase), which facilitates the uptake of carbohydrates into muscles to be used
for energy (instead of being stored as fat). Also, naringenin has also been
shown to reduce adipogenesis -- a clinical name for the creation of new
Visceral Fat cells -- as well as increase in fat-burning.
Parsley is a fantastic source of anti-oxidant nutrients like flavonoids
(luteolin) and Vitamin C, increasing the antioxidant capacity of the blood.
Parsley regulates your cholesterol levels by getting rid of the Free Radicals.
Lemons are a fruit known for its fat burning properties and is typically
part of every weight-loss diet. Though they have acidic taste, lemons alkalize
your body because of their citric and ascorbic acid, which are natural antioxidants. Lemons are also a great source of dietary fiber.
Eggs (pasture-raised -- not cooped up in small cages or crammed in cagefree barns) are a great source of nutritional fat and high-quality protein (6
grams); just do not skip out on the yolk! The yolk is the most nutritious part
of the egg, providing over 11 vitamins and minerals, such as Choline, Lutein
and zeaxanthin (potent antioxidants that fight Free Radicals and help prevent
macular degeneration), Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Beta-Carotene, Selenium,
Phosphorus, Potassium, and includes nearly 100% of the daily RDI of B12 from

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just 3 eggs daily. They are also a great pre-bedtime snack. Eggs are also an
incredible booster for the metabolism.
While all eggs are a good source of Vitamin A, pasture-raised eggs contain
over 67% more Vitamin A compared to caged eggs, including SEVEN times more
Beta-Carotene. They also contain THREE times more Vitamin E.
Plain Greek Yogurt and Plain Cottage Cheese (organic preferred) are both
GREAT metabolism-boosters. Researchers from McMaster University found that
eating a dairy-rich (15% of total energy intake), high-protein (30% total
energy intake) diet, people lost more body fat, Visceral Fat, and trunk fat
over 16 weeks when compared to those consuming a standard protein intake and
either moderate (7.5%) or low (2%) levels of dairy. Even more, the high-dairy,
high-protein group also gained lean body mass while losing body fat.
Greek yogurt contains more than double the protein compared to regular yogurt
and only about one-third the amount of sugar. Even more, authentic strained
Greek yogurt is rich in multiple sources of probiotics. Research indicates
that the gut flora of obese people significantly differs from thin people.
Recent research published in the British Journal of Nutrition suggests that
certain probiotics from the Lactobacillus family of bacteria, which are
prominent in Greek yogurt, may help you lose weight and keep it off.
Cottage cheese goes hand-in-hand with Greek yogurt. Cottage cheese packs a
whopping 26 grams of protein per single cup, and it is also a good source of
calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B12, selenium, and phosphorus. Cottage cheese is
rich in casein protein, which is known as a slow-digesting protein. In fact,
studies show that levels of amino acids remain elevated upwards of 5 hours
after the ingestion of casein protein.
A single cup of cottage cheese is packed with branched-chain amino acids
(BCAAs), including over 2.5 grams of leucine (an alpha-amino acid used in the
biosynthesis of proteins), which is essential to muscle health. BCAAs are
crucial to exercise performance, muscle recovery, and supporting carbohydrate
metabolism. The amino acid leucine is considered to be the anabolic trigger
for muscle recovery and growth, and there appears to be a threshold (around
3 grams per meal) for maximizing muscle protein synthesis.
Virgin, unrefined (cold-pressed) Coconut oil is one of the richest sources
of one of our most beneficial nutritional fats in existance, which is MEDIUM
CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES (MCTs). MCTs have been shown in every study to improve
brain function, help regulate cholesterol, improve skin and hair health, and
also helps burn more body fat. It is also an excellent metabolism-booster.
Non-irradiated Cinnimomum Cassia Bark (Cinnamon Sticks) are great for
increasing our Insulin sensitivity, so that consumed Glucose is directed to
provide energy to our bodies. Low Insulin Sensitivity causes Glucose to be
stored as fat, which results in a conditioned defined as Type-2 Diabetes. Most
off-the-shelf ground cinnamon is irradiated and most of its useful benefits
are therefore lost. Grinding bark sticks that have not been irradiated are a
little more expensive, because fewer people purchase it, but 6 grams of nonirradiated Cinnimomum Cassia Bark can reduce fasting blood-Glucose by 18% to
29% in as little as 6 weeks. BUT BE CAREFUL! The powdered cinnamon you might
already have in your kitchen likely is not cinnamon AT ALL if you bought it at
the grocery store. Out of 12 ground cinnamon specimens examined by the New

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York Board of Health, only three contained any cinnamon whatsoever and even
those were largely mixed with SAWDUST. The others were almost entirely
composed of sawdust, starch, and cinnamon flavored oil!
Conjugated Linolic Acid (CLA), a nutritional fat in dairy products like
milk and cheese (most in fetta and goat cheese), especially from GRASS-FED
cows and goats, which is also better-tasting.
CLA is linked to accelerated levels of fat-burning. So, stay away from low-fat
milk! Growing up, I drank milk straight from cows on an Iowa farm, in large
quantities, without the cream skimmed off -- this is kind of hard to do anyway
when you are squirting the teet directly into a drinking cup. We also would
put it in a mason jar and shake it for several minutes to transform it into
the best-tasting butter you ever had in your life. Put that on fresh, hot
homemade bread, it was absolute HEAVEN!. Even so, I was still the thinnest,
most fat-free kid you had ever met, though my mother often got upset because
neighbors would actually accuse her of starving me, even as I almost ate both
my folks out of house and home.
Plus, the milk I drank straight from our Simmental cattle, and especially our
one odd cow, a Brown Swiss gentle giant lovingly named Frosty, was quite
obviously not homogenized or pasteurized, so its starches were not transformed
into heavier-carbohydrate sugars and the milks abundant Telomerase molecules
were not spoiled or lost.
Telomerase chains cap the ends of our chromosomes on our DNA strands, and
segments flake off each time the cell divides. When Telomerase caps become
small, the cell can no longer divide and we show aging via cell degradation,
though fresh, whole, unprocessed milk can restore those Telomerase molecules.
This may be why all those dairy farm kids in the US Midwest stayed youngerlooking for so many years afterward. Now, for some stupid reason, bureaucrats
suffering cranial-rectitis in Washington DC think you are committing some sort
of crime if you do not first ruin the milk by first pre-processing it and
turning it into a witchs brew that will quickly spoil into rotgut toxic waste
instead of yummy yogurt.
Natural fats feed the hormone factory in our Endocrine glands, and are the
father of Testosterone, the key to fat-burning. Without fatty foods, we
produce less Testosterone, which means we will instead store more fat.
Sprouted Grain Bread. Sprouted grain breads, like Ezekiel 4:9 bread (one of
the most popular brands of sprouted grain bread) is a great way to include
bread in your diet without the issues associated with white breads and 100%
whole wheat breads. Ezekiel bread is organic, sprouted, 100% whole grain
flourless bread. A 2-slice serving even contains 8 grams of complete protein
and 6 grams of fiber. So do not give up the bread, just choose the right kind!
Quinoa. While brown rice is thought to be the healthy grain, quinoa is even
better. Quinoa is a gluten-free grain that contains double the protein of
brown rice along with greater fiber content and a lower glycemic index. Quinoa
is the ONLY grain to contain complete protein and the full spectrum of amino
acids. It comes in several varieties, including oatmeal-like flakes and a
wholegrain rice-like form. Use it as an oatmeal substitute for breakfast, in
salads or casseroles, or as a whole-grain, high protein side item to any meal.

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Beans, Lentils, and other Legumes. Beans and Lentils, both part of the
legume family, is packed with fiber and protein. They come in many different
varieties: lentils, chickpeas, black eyed peas, black beans, red beans, kidney
beans, navy beans, butter beans, lima beans, pinto beans, and More.
Honorable mentions include GREAT metabolism-boosters, are Sweet Potatoes
(high in fiber and vitamins), Green Tea (exerts several antiobesity
effects), Coffee (protects against type 2 diabetes, Parkinsons disease, liver
cancer, and liver cirrhosis, associated with a substantially lower risk of
type 2 diabetes, an inverse relationship with Alzheimers disease, suggesting
that coffee may have protective benefits against dementia), and Dark Chocolate
(shown to have some unique fat loss properties, helps control both hunger and
your cravings for sweets, increased lipolysis (the-break down of fat), and
researchers found significant insulin sensitivity benefits associated with the
naturally-occurring polyphenols found in dark chocolate rich in cocoa).
NOTE: A new study reports drinking coffee twice daily can repair most damage
done to the liver and spleen. Indeed, most damage to our bodies, including
decades of bad eating and even obesity, can be repaired, because that is what
our body is designed to do, if we will only let it do its job and stop gumming
up the works with useless junk and sugar-packed fat-free food bombs.
Consider these details of example BAD FOODS:
You should NEVER, EVER consume HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, the worst
carbohydrate EVER to be consumed on the planet, due to its long list of
negative side-effects, such as weight gain, obesity, increased risk of
developing Type-2 Diabetes, hypertension, excessive Cholesterol levels, liver
damage, and a string of other side-effects, to include reducing your Insulin
Sensitivity. This manmade sweetener, created by the food industry, spikes
blood sugar levels higher than virtually any other carbohydrate on the planet!
It is linked to hampering memory, slowing brain activity, and increasing your
risk of Alzheimers disease.
Avoid store-bought fruit juice. Drink the real thing. Researchers compared
eating whole apples to drinking apple juice and the impact on various markers
of overall health. Subjects that ate whole apples experienced significant
decreases in LDL cholesterol whereas the subjects who consumed apple juice
actually saw significant increases in LDL cholesterol. A single medium-sized
orange contains about 60 calories and 15 grams of carbohydrates, with 3 grams
of fiber and 12 grams of sugar. An 8-ounce glass of commercial orange juice,
on the other hand, contains double the carbohydrates and sugar (with
negligible fiber) and nearly twice as many calories. Juicing at home -- with
REAL fruits AND vegetables -- is a different story, and including small
amounts of homemade juice is acceptable. What may SHOCK you, however, is that
something that people reach for all the time to support their weight loss goal
-- a fruit smoothie -- can actually have THREE TIMES MORE sugar than a can of
soda if buying one of these so-called healthy beverages at your local
smoothie shop. These popular smoothie chains offer options that are supposed
to help folks trim down, shape up, and snack right, yet these smoothies
can contain upwards of 100 grams of sugar in a serving -- and these are the
SMALL sizes. As a point of reference, that is a whopping 25 teaspoons of table
sugar. What is more, carbohydrate-laden foods like these have the greatest

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impact on insulin secretion. As a storage hormone, insulins task is to push

nutrients into the bodys tissues, like muscle and fat and the liver. Insulin
can also put the brakes on lipolysis and fat oxidation (e.g., fat burning) and
can increase the storage of carbohydrates as fat. Instead, use real fruit, and
be absolutely sure to add some high-quality protein.
Baked potato chips contain more health-damaging ingredients, such as
additives and preservatives, and are more heavily processed than regular
potato chips! Baked potato chips usually are made from dried potatoes. Dried
potatoes are subjected to very high heat. This causes its healthy starches to
form a compound called acrylamide, which is known to have devastating effects
on health. Even more, baked potato chips frequently contain geneticallymodified corn- and soy-based ingredients. In the case of corn, these often
manifest in the form of Omega-6-rich inflammatory oils and refined sugars.
Further new studies show that GMO corn, wheat and soy, due to their high
Omega-6 fatty acids and the inflammation they cause, make you age faster!
Pretzels, which are a favorite among health enthusiasts as a low-fat snack,
actually belong on the shelf next to the baked potato chips. They are made
from the same type of high glycemic, void-of-all-nutrition refined flour as
white bread, and they contain some of those very same corn-derived ingredients
(corn oil and corn sugar) that you will find in baked potato chips.
Popcorn may also be added to this category, as store-bought and movie
theater varieties are typically packed with inflammatory fats, trans fats, and
sodium. As previously mentioned, nearly 90% of all corn crops in the US are
genetically modified (i.e., GMO), which poses additional health, ethical, and
environmental concerns. What is more, portion control is also an issue with
popcorn (660 calories in 1 serving), as most people do not stop until they
crunch down on one of the un-popped kernels at the bottom of the bag or bowl.
Manmade fats. Unlike Polyunsaturated fats, which are lipids in which the
constituent hydrocarbon chain possesses two or more carbon-carbon double bonds
and that the molecules contain less than the maximum amount of hydrogen, found
mostly in nuts, seeds, fish, algae, leafy greens, and krill, you should avoid
manmade fats! These are the REAL source of BAD non-native LDL cholesterol.
Margarines. Use real butter rather than margarine. Margarines contains
artery-clogging manmade fats, such as trans fats (this constitutes most of the
blood lipids that are sticky and clings to the walls of your arterial
pathways, NOT the natural, good nutritional fats), and be cautious of some
vegetable oils, because the highly processed varieties often contain extremely
high levels of inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids, to include even many of the
so-called healthy varieties.
Man-modified forms of fats, often chemically altered by less-expensive
fast-extraction processes, result in unnatural molecules that the human body
is not exactly sure how to process, which they cannot do most of the time, but
because they are molecularly SIMILAR to natural fats that the body needs, the
body opts to set them aside in fat cells rather than flush them out through
the kidneys and colon, because the body does not waste anything it might
somehow figure out how to use later. Hence, the myth that fat puts on fat
was born. They should rephrase this to unnatural fat puts on fat.

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Refined-Flour Breads. Breads should be avoided, especially high glycemic,

void-of-all-nutrition white bread, which is highly processed. However, some
so-called healthier breads, such as 100% Whole Wheat, are often actually
highly processed white bread that has had color added to appear healthier,
so you end up with Whole Wheat bread that contains absolutely no Whole
Wheat. True whole grains contain the entire grain -- the bran, the germ, and
the endosperm -- whereas refined grains involve the removal of the bran and
the germ, which all but removes the fiber, B vitamins, and iron. Some such
breads declare themselves to be 100% Whole Wheat by adding the pre-processed
bran BACK into the colored white bread. This pre-digested (pre-broken-down)
form of the bran causes the carbohydrates to be more readily absorbed by the
body and results in greater fat storage. This defeats the whole point of going
to 100% Whole Wheat in the first place. Besides, TRUE whole wheat bread is a
bit grainy, whereas fake and reconstituted whole wheat bread looks exactly
like a loaf of white bread, except for its color (some of vendors may be more
forthcoming and note -- and always in fine print -- that it is RECONSTITUTED
whole wheat, but this is not really true at a TECHNICAL level, because the
benefits of truly whole-grain wheat have been completely lost!).
To clarify, most cheap store-brand 100% Whole Wheat, to include many namebrand varieties, is actually colored, highly-processed white bread with its
pre-ground bran added back in. This form of Whole Wheat has absolutely NO
health benefits over the poor benefits of white bread.
Although we must cut down our constant consumption of sugar, we should use
limited amounts of natural sugar instead of sugar substitutes, such as
Splenda, PureVia, Sweet n Low, XyloSweet, and NutraSweet. Americans eat 165
pounds of sugar each year that is added to pre-packaged meals (that is, sugar
that WE did not add ourselves), and sugar substitutes are on the rise as well,
which are individually hundreds of times sweeter than table sugar. Apart from
products such as NutraSweet (chemical Aspartame) being derived from wood-grain
alcohol (Mmmm! Now is that appetizing or what?), it has 90 known health risks,
to include blindness, numbness in extremities, and migraines, sugar
substitutes can damage the spleen and even the liver, which regulates our
sugar consumption, and fooling the spleen can cause long-term health risks.
Even the substitutes made from fruit sugar, advertised as health-conscious,
is just as bad, because the sugar benefit that is required to properly build
our DNA is actually missing, though we are fooling the spleen into working as
if it is whole sugar, which throws off our Insulin hormone sensitivity and can
lead to diabetes. This imbalance forces a system-wide nutritional imbalance
that will accumulate and can become worse or even catastrophic over time.
Low-Fat or Fat-Free ANYTHING. For decades a diet of low-fat and high grains
was recommended for losing weight, but low-fat or fat-free food actually
retard or stop our hormone production, to include all of our fat-burning
hormones, such as Leptin and Testosterone, and will in fact cause the body to
store more belly fat and burn off our muscle tissue instead.
Sadly, grains and other high carbohydrate foods form the foundation of the
out-dated food pyramid of the Standard American Diet, and is the foundation
for the miss-informed healthy diet, all the while nutritional fats, which
fuels our metabolism and allows our body fat to burn off, are demonized.
Unfortunately, these recommendations are far from the ideal path to a flat,
fat-free belly. A diet high in wheat and other grains inevitably leads to high

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blood sugar and poor sensitivity to the hormone Insulin. In turn, poor Insulin
sensitivity has been shown to be a major cause of abdominal fat accumulation.
Even worse, the more abdominal fat you gain, the worse your Insulin
sensitivity becomes, and thus this vicious cycle repeats, often leading to
out-of-control belly fat storage over time.
Food Fats, on the other hand, are instrumental in the regulation of your
hormonal balance, including the major fat-burning hormones, Leptin and
Testosterone. When you learn how to choose the right fats, replacing high-carb
items, such as bread, bagels, muffins, baked goods, with more of the fatburning, healthful fatty foods, you will be well on your way to a flatter
belly. All of these fattening foods improve your overall fat-burning hormone
balance, satiety, and feelings of fullness after a meal.
Leptin, the key hormone that controls whether fat is to be stored or is to be
burned off, also directly controls our feelings of hunger, as we had covered
earlier. That is why starvation diets, such as food abstinence and low-calorie
diets, and especially low-fat, or worse, fat-free diets force our bodies into
Survival Mode, and stops our production of Leptin and Testosterone, thus
forcing us to feel hungry and to store more fat, and it will sacrifice our
muscle mass to do it.
Avoid processed (highly-pulverized) foods as much as possible (we might
hope to avoid them ENTIRELY, but they always seem to keep sneaking them in our
food wherever they can, hiding them behind blazing headlines of Healthy and
Nutritious), because they contain exceedingly high levels of the normally
healthful (at low levels) Omega-6 inflammatory fatty acids, and if they are
out of balance with your levels of Omega-3s, you can easily suffer weight
People who eat lots of processed foods, such as fast food or pre-made meals,
typically have 25 times more inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids in their bodies
than they have anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids, and they are therefore
more likely to suffer illness and low body pH levels, making our bodies
acidic, and therefore much more susceptible to illness and cancer, which, as
said before, can only thrive in an acidic environment. The Omega-6 to Omega-3
ratio in our bodies should actually be balanced 1-to-1.
Think of processed food as a way for manufacturers to slyly add bulk fillers
to your food that consist of things that they are otherwise stuck with
disposing of themselves at additional cost and that consumers will not
consciously purchase from the store shelf, such as chicken beaks, guts, and
feathers, and cow hides, hooves, and anuses.
This is clearly a convenient way for them to get you to buy, and thus get rid
of their waste product that they would otherwise have to finance. Granted, it
might result in you paying a lower over-all fee, but I personally would not
mind paying a little extra for them to hold the mustard, beef anuses and hide
in my hamburger.
Be careful of packaging that advertises so-called natural ingredients.
Pay close attention to its sugar content. Because sugar is actually a natural
ingredient, you will sometimes find significant levels of sugar added to a
product. One of my favorites is off-brand sugar-frosted corn flakes I found
one day that boasted its healthy content. On top of its main, first-named

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ingredient being sugar, it also contained GMO corn, which is high in Omega-6
inflammatory fatty acids that are tied tightly to faster aging. Worse, some of
its natural ingredients included unpronounceable additives, to include tBHQ
(tert-Butylhydroquinone) that I have covered earlier, which, even into tinyenough quantities to not being required to be listed on the packaging by the
FDA, can cause projectile vomiting and intense, uncontrollable diarrhea, and
which I actually blame for the recent proliferation of Celiac Disease cases,
because tBHQ is added to gluten-based flours, nuts, and dairy.
Just because something is not listed on the packaging does not mean that it
does not contain something. As I ranted before, if something is added that is
considered so minor that it does not merit inclusion in an ingredients list,
then WHY BOTHING ADDING THE INGREDIENT? The FDA directive MUST be changed to
list ALL ingredients, ESPECIALLY preservatives!
The biggest problem is that sometimes contacting the manufacturer about the
total list of ingredients of their products will only result in the publicly
available content list. You usually hear some blather about proprietary
content, kind of like the stupid secret ingredient in Kentucky Fried Chicken
(which I find totally unimpressive -- though I personally think Lees,
Popeyes, and Roy Rogers fried chicken is MUCH better). If they do not divulge
AT LEAST their preservatives, then they likely have something to hide!
-----------------------------We must take good care of our Gastro-Intestinal Tract (GI tract). In reality,
your GI tract is MUCH more than a digestion center; in fact, it is quite
literally your Second Brain, storing more neurons that your brain and spinal
chord combined (as I mentioned earlier in this book), as well as being home
to 80% of your bodys immune system.
With regard to fat loss, the evidence that gut bacteria contribute to energy
balance (or, weight management) is so strong that Dr. Patrice Cani and her
colleagues at the Metabolism and Nutrition Research Group in Belgium have
coined the term MicrObesity to describe the relationship between gut
dysbiosis (a microbial imbalance on or inside the body, most commonly
reported as a condition in the digestive tract) and obesity. Among the many
fascinating discoveries that researchers found connecting gut bacteria to
weight management include:
A research team led by Dr. Jeffrey Gordon at the Washington University
School of Medicine showed that obese and lean human twins have clear
differences in their gut microbial communities. Notably, the gut flora in
obese twins contains less diverse bacterial species.
Dr. Gordon and his team showed that when fecal material, which is rich in
gut bacteria, from an obese person is transplanted into the gut of a healthy
lab rat, the animal will gain a significant amount of weight regardless of the
fact that the animals diet remained unchanged.
In a study performed at the Obesity, Metabolism & Nutritional Institute at
Massachusetts General Hospital, they found that changes in the gut flora in
part responsible for the weight loss and reduced body fat observed in mice
following gastric bypass surgery.

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Take steps to improve the balance of healthy gut bacteria, which includes
providing important support nutrients like consuming prebiotic fiber found in
bananas, has important implications toward minimizing body fat and optimizing
weight. If you would not kill the good bacteria in milk through high-heat
Homogenization and Pasteurization processing, this would be a lot easier!
--------Breathing is EXTREMELY important to our health and well-being. It is so
important that I find it amazing that so few exercise and diet program even
consider it, even MAX Workouts, Abs After 40, and Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0
do not even consider it. Every time you exhale, your Endocrine glands kick out
Endorphins, Testosterone, Adrenaline, and HGH. Indeed, I first figured out the
endorphin connection early on as a child. For example, stand in a hot shower
and let the water splash off your arm. When you exhale, you will not feel the
hot discomfort of the hot water. It is the same with a womans breathing
during childbirth. Most midwives have no idea why breathing eases the pain, so
they just have the mother do it. When one of our soldiers in the field was
shot, they automatically did breathing, which eased the pain (along with
eating dark chocolate, which is LOADED with Endorphins).
We have such tremendous power over our bodies (though those who would presumed
to have control over us do not want us to be aware of that!), we can even WILL
our body to kick out MORE Testosterone, Endorphins, Adrenaline, and HGH.
Leptin is the hormone that controls whether fat cells are created or
dismantled for energy. With an activated metabolism, sufficient heart rate,
and the presence of Testosterone, Leptin directs the Visceral Fat reserves to
be burned off. Testosterone binds with a Visceral Fat cell and breaks it down,
releasing the resulting energy components into the bloodstream. The spent
Testosterone is broken down and its molecules are absorbed for other purposes.
There are three types of breathing. There is breathing high in the chest,
feeling like you are breathing in your collar bones, which is the least
efficient form of breathing for oxygen intake. You might do this when
apprehensive or fearful. There is breathing through the chest, like Superman
and most-all adults do, which is more efficient, but not optimal for oxygen
intake. Finally, there is breathing through the diaphragm; the stomach. It is
the most efficient and allows the body to absorb the most oxygen. Babies
breathe this way naturally. What made us stop doing it as we grew older?
Also, sitting still and listening to your breathing can calm you and reduce
the levels of Cortisol and Free Radicals in your system. If you think that
Transcendental Meditation gurus are concentrating on higher-level spiritual
thoughts when they meditate, you are wrong -- they are just listening to their
breathing. It is very relaxing. Inhaling through the nose into the diaphragm
and audibly exhaling through the mouth gives you a good, steady rhythm to
focus on, though actually doing alternating nose and mouth breathing is purely
optional. The nose or the mouth alone is good enough for me.
NEVER SLOUCH. Though slouching will not ruin your posture, contrary to
ingrained myth, it does reduce the bodys capacity for oxygen intake, making
it much more difficult to breath through the diaphragm, resulting in shallow
breathing. Keeping you back straight, maybe slightly arched back, with your
head up and facing straight forward, allows maximum expansion in your lungs
and airflow through your windpipes.

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By the way, did you know that yawning is not really a reaction to being tired,
though it happens most often when we ARE tired (brought on by low oxygen)? It
is because we are breathing too shallowly, and our bodies are trying to get a
lung-full of oxygen to keep its oxidizing, fuel-burning furnace running.
------------The average person walks around with anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds of fecal
matter stuck to the walls of their colon, thanks to years of consuming very
sticky manmade trans fats. Prunes followed by a hot beverage such as hot
coffee or hot tea will flush a great deal of this excess baggage from your
system and your gut area will feel less bloated. Augment this with several
cups of warm water (warm water is better for detox). Repeat this periodically
for regular system maintenance (5 heated prunes in water are good for gentle
regularity). Getting off-the-shelf detox tablets from a local drug store,
such as a bottle of aecia berry detox lozenges, work really well. Sunflower
seeds are also a good and gentle detox, plus they are high in flax and vitamin
E. Pumpkin seeds are also good, and are a good source of protein.
Biologically, humans should actually drink warm or hot water, NOT cold water.
It is a pure, natural, and gentle detox that helps cleanse both the colon and
the kidneys. That is why people often need to visit the bathroom after
drinking hot coffee or tea.
Instead of drinking only water, you can also drink coffee or tea.
-------------------------------------------------------I know people who will drink cold water because they know that the body burns
1 calorie to warm up one Cubic Centimeter (1 Milliliter) of water 1 degree
Celsius. What they might not realize is the Calorie referred to is not what we
consider a Dietary Calorie, which is actually 1 Kilocalorie, or 1 Large
Calorie. It takes 1,000 ACTUAL Calories to equal one of our Dietary Calories.
Thus, if you drank 1,000 cubic centimeters, or 1 Liter of water, you would
only burn off 20 Dietary Calories to warm that water up by 20 degrees Celsius.
I feel bloated and need to run to the bathroom just thinking about that.
--------------Speaking of which, always monitor the color of your urine. If it is a light
yellow, you are properly hydrating yourself. If it is darker, you need more
water. Do not try to lose weight by dropping water weight. It will starve your
system, make your circulation more sluggish, and prevent proper nutrients from
being carried to your cells. Drinking lots of water will simply pass through
your system. You should drink at least 8 cups of water per day.
Fluid rich with oxygen, vitamins and other nutrients passes all the time from
the capillaries (the smallest blood vessels) into the surrounding tissues,
where it is known as tissue fluid or interstitial fluid. This fluid nourishes
the cells and eventually should return to the capillaries. Water retention is
said to occur as a result of changes in the pressure inside the capillaries,
or changes that make the capillary walls too leaky (see edema and vascular
permeability). If the pressure is wrong, or the capillaries are too leaky,
then too much fluid will be released into the tissue spaces between the cells.

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Sometimes so much fluid is released that it cannot all return to the

capillaries and remains in the tissues, where it causes the swelling and
water-logging which is experienced as water retention.
Another set of vessels known as the lymphatic system acts like an overflow
and can return a lot of excess fluid back to the bloodstream. But even the
lymphatic system can be overwhelmed. If there is too much fluid, or if the
lymphatic system is congested, then the fluid will remain in the tissues,
causing swellings in legs, ankles, feet, abdomen or elsewhere on the body.
The body uses a complex system of hormones and hormone-like substances called
prostaglandins to keep its volume of fluid at a constant level. If one were to
intake an excessive amount of fluid in one day, the amount of fluid would not
be affected in the long-term. This is because the kidneys quickly excrete the
excess in the form of urine. Likewise, if one did not get enough to drink, the
body would hold on to its fluids and urinate less than usual. Imbalances in
this system can lead to water retention, which can range from mild and
unnoticeable to symptomatic with swelling.
Those who suffer from Water Retention (edema, or hydrops) is typically caused
by diet, mostly by eating immoderate salty food, though hormonal imbalances is
also typical. Toxins in our system, which often reveals itself as waterbloated fat cells, or Cellulite, can be reversed over time by bathing in a hot
bath with 2 pounds of baking soda, along with the squeezing from 3 lemons to
electrically activate the water, which will then leach the toxins right out
through the pores of the skin that have been opened by the hot water.
-------------------------------While on the subject of what to do for our personal health and how to reduce
stress, human should also evacuate their bowels (shit) by squatting, because
that is how our rectum is specifically designed to do it, because our rectal
muscle almost cut off easy evacuation from the rectum when we take a chairtype sitting position (the same principle applies to birthing; it is easier to
squat or use birthing chairs than lying down). But the Commode company did not
think of that -- they simply replaced the expensive adult potty chairs with
less nose-squenching convenience. For easier evacuation, raise your feet up on
a box. This causes less stress and easier evacuation, and therefore less
Cortisol stress hormone output. Potty-stools to provide this convenience are
now on the market in a variety of useful configurations, though a box, like a
half-sized milk crate, works just fine and are a lot less expensive.
---------------------Assuming Power Poses might sound stupid, but it was proven in a Harvard
University study that holding such a power pose for two minutes can increase
Testosterone production by up to 20% by allowing you to lower Cortisol stress
hormones in your body, which are on a see-saw with Testosterone!
The classic boss or lordly overseer poses work very well. One example is
the hands on hip, chest out, and feet braced shoulder-width apart. Another
classic is the ever-popular feet kicked up on a desk as you lean back in a
chair with your hands interlocked on your lap (the smoky stogy is optional).
You can also assume any of the many popular and classic Superman or Neo
(Matrix) poses (Neo borrowed from Superman), or other classic Comic Book Hero

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poses (they bleed and convey power, which is why comics use them). Do whatever
makes you feel powerful and singularly primal, and maybe with just a hint of
narcissistic superiority. Doing this will calm you and reduce stress very
quickly, and thus raise your Testosterone level.
Watch impressionable kids. Kids assume these poses all the time when they play
at being the hero. By feeling and believing a sense of personal empowerment
within ourselves, our Endocrine system automatically react to it and
immediately begin sending out bursts of Testosterone every time we exhale. The
automatic systems of your body assume that power requires strength and
virility, which only Testosterone can answer the call for. Force your body to
answer the call.
Even during exercise, we can actually WILL out metabolism to activate faster
and to WILL even more Endorphins, Leptin, Testosterone, HGH, and Adrenaline
than it would already to be generated. Our minds are vastly more powerful that
the average person might ever venture to believe that they are.
In contrast to assuming such Alpha poses, assuming Beta (submissive)
postures for two minutes, like stopping, will actually raise your Cortisol
level, which consequently lowers your Testosterone level.
In one study, a group of men were set in competition with each other. Among
the losers, when offered a chance to take the challenger again, those who had
high Testosterone and low Cortisol ALWAYS opted to take up the challenge,
whereas those among the losers who had high Cortisol and low Testosterone
levels ALWAYS backed out of the challenge and none of them competed.
----------------------------Another important reason to avoid processed (pre-pulverized) food as well as
fish raised in fish farms is because they are very high in inflammatory Omega6 fatty acids (Omega-6 fats readily deteriorate to form inflammatory Free
Radicals). Moderate levels of Omega-6 is essential for health, but it should
be balanced with anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids. As said before, these
should be balanced 1-to-1. But, because of the proliferation of processed food
and feeding stock contaminated feed, humans usually are imbalanced by having
25 times more Omega-6 in their system than they do of Omega-3!
The results of excessive Omega-6 is toxic inflammation overload that spreads
throughout the body, leading to an acidic system, which can destroy your
health by causing inflammation in your heart and your brain, accelerating
aging in your skin, causing stiffness and pain in your joints, and can even
suppressed the immune system (most of which is in your digestive tract).
Anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acid, on the other hand, is good for a
stronger heart, sharper mind, smoother skin, easier weight management, eases
stiffness, supports weight loss (a double-blind study showed that those who
took Omega-3s lost 20% more weight than those who did not), enhancing your
characteristics also act like an internal sunscreen, enhancing UV protection
by up to 70%. Also, Omega-3s decrease Cortisol levels and significantly
decrease body fat. Alarmingly, 20% of all deaths in men worldwide may be
related to Omega-3 deficiencies.

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Toxic inflammation from excessive Omega-6 has also been shown to disrupt your
bodys ability to burn fat, making it nearly impossible for you to realize the
weight loss goals that you are working so hard to achieve. Ingestion of Omega6 fatty acids stimulates the release of pro-inflammatory molecules called
eicosanoids. When these inflammatory molecules are continually present due to
daily excessive Omega-6 intake, they essentially act as a persistent slowburning fire that wreaks havoc on your insides and causes damage to the
healthy tissues of your body, damaging cardiac tissue and blood vessels
(causing your arterial walls to thicken and your blood passageways to narrow),
joint tissue, gut lining, endocrine glands, skin, and even brain tissue. And
if this were not enough, too much Omega-6 in your diet also suppresses your
immune system, making you much more susceptible to illness and disease.
Sources for high levels of inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids include nonorganic beef, poultry, and pork, traditionally raised eggs from caged
chickens, non-organic dairy products such as yogurt, milk, butter and cheese,
farm-raised fish, non-organic peanut butter, and 99% of processed foods that
come from a box, container or jar.
By the way, most stock animals are fed to make them fat, not healthy, which is
why they are caged and packed tight (not to mention they are typically fed
steroids to make them balloon up faster). This causes high levels of stress,
hence high levels of Cortisol Stress Hormones. And Cortisol, along with their
high carbohydrate diet, makes them fat. And you end up eating that hate by
consuming their extremely high levels of stress hormones.
----------------------------------------------What is better to the health-conscious than no calories, no cholesterol and no
fat absorption? Olestra, a large lipid molecule that is too massive to be
absorbed by the body, was marketed under the name Olean, and was approved by
the FDA as a food additive in January 1996. It was thought to be the miracle
fat that would replace cooking oils, shortening, and even the stick of butter.
But olestra has a big problem! It not just removed absorbable fat from food,
but it also informed the body it was starving, it shut down fat-burning, and
it prevented the absorption of essential vitamins. If that were not enough,
cramps, gas and diarrhea were some of its less glamorous side-effects.
A study released by Purdue University revealed that rats fed potato chips
containing Olean as part of a high-fat diet ate more food overall, and gained
more weight than those rats who were fed a high fat diet and regular (fatladen) potato chips. This result went against the common notion that using
lower-calorie, lower-fat food instead of regular-fat food would help reduce
overall caloric intake and encourage weight loss. By now, that should be a big
DUH to you! The rats body thought it was starving because it did not absorb
fats, so it stopped fat-burning and all nutrients were stored in survival fat.
When the body receives signals that a nutrient is fatty, but no calories come
from it (because these lipids are too large to absorb), the body can get
cynical. As a result, when absorbable lipids DO arrive, the body might stop
expending any energy to prepare for trying to digest them. Consider the kid
who cried Wolf! as a prank to spook everyone in his village once too often.
When a real wolf eventually tracked him down, no one responded to his cries.

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Before we commit to a fitness program, we must first be sure we are capable of

participating in it! Nothing is worse than getting motivated to get fit, but
THEN discover that we cannot perform the exercises of our selected program.
Some dieters starve themselves on reduce-calorie diets. Others, whose fat-free
diets disable their Leptin receptors, end up packing on weight. Both often
sport saggy fat because their muscle had to be burned as fuel while their fat
was reserved because the body WAS, or it ASSUMED it was starving. Both result
in slow metabolisms and can spawn inflammation, making exercise uncomfortable.
If you cannot do 5 Push-Ups, 10 Jumping-Jacks, or climb a flight of stairs
without resting, then you absolutely need to build up strength and stamina
even before you can think about doing ANY anaerobic resistance exercises.
I meet people every day so frail that they feel useless in a gym and slink
out, abandoning it without looking back. If they only knew that they DO have
the capability to reshape their body and to look like a Greek God or Goddess.
NOTE: I am NO FAN of workout supplements. No matter how its advocates spin
their virtues, they are in the end unnatural augmentation. Even so, I DO
advocate full-spectrum vitamins to offset inadequate diets. Yet, what I feel
can actually help FRAIL people build up stamina so to perform exercise is by
augmenting their stores of CREATINE, which is now considered a Super Nutrient.
Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid produced primarily in the kidneys and
liver from the amino acids glycine and arginine, and is stored in tissue with
high energy demands. The average adult stores 120g to 140g creatine in the
body, with skeletal muscle storing about 95% of this pool. Our muscle is also
composed of 0.50% creatine, our testes or ovaries 0.18%, our brain 0.14%, and
the kidneys and liver 0.01%. Interestingly, 1% of human blood is also composed
of creatine, where our highest non-storage concentration of it can be found.
Creatine as a dietary supplement will help supply natural and ready energy to
all cells of the body, but primarily to muscle fibers. This effect is achieved
by increasing the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a small compact
molecule, considered the energy currency of life. It is a high-energy coenzyme
used throughout ones system to transfer stored energy between cells.
In a sluggish metabolism, creatine might barely be produced, which will make
us frail. Supplementing our diet with creatine increases our stores of it, and
we will find energy we never thought we had. It excites our metabolism, which
helps muscles rebuild, get harder and stronger. You will even lose fat as the
metabolism injects more Testosterone into your system. It supports muscle
strength, power and recovery from intense exercise and enhances the production
of higher muscular force, especially during short bouts of maximal exercise.
If you buy plain creatine in a tub with no fruit flavors or added sugar, it
run about $9 for 14 ounces. Add some to a shake or even mix it into your food.

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-------------------------------------------------The FIRST things you need to do is cut most carbohydrates, ESPECIALLY sugars,
ALL processed foods, ALL low-fat/fat-free foods, STOP reduced-calorie dieting,
and INCREASE nutritional fats and protein intake. Eat healthy! We have already
covered good and bad foods and sites to visit to get back on track, such as
the abundant articles at www.biotrust.com and www.foodbabe.com to get started.
Next, you need to have some muscle to speak of in order to just perform ANY
kind of exercise. You can start this process by doing simple but challenging
things you can find around the house, and you can also monitor your progress
by noting when executing these simple tasks no longer requires effort.
If you have a hefty book, a big dictionary, a stool, or some object in the
house that you often walk by, and it makes you let out a little umph! when
you lift it, then make that a goal object. Every time you walk by it, try to
lift it over your head, or as close as you can get it. Do this EVERY time you
pass it (do not cheat by implementing strategic alternative paths through the
house)! Soon you WILL discover that it becomes absolutely no effort to lift!
If you are SERIOUS about doing something to get yourself in much better shape,
then DO NOT AVOID HOUSEWORK!!! You have NO IDEA how much strength and stamina
you build up just scrubbing down the kitchen or the bathroom until it is
sparkling clean and you could eat off its floor (my mother used to say that
these rooms are never really clean until they smell like chemicals).
Scrubbing builds a LOT of strength. If you are a guy who is lazy enough to
leave the wife to do all the housework, then you might not want to ever piss
her off so she goes and kicks your ass the next time you track buckets of mud
into a freshly-scrubbed kitchen! THAT is how much strength you can build up.
Vacuuming the floor and scrubbing tile or linoleum floors, especially when you
do hand-scrubbing (I do!), are GREAT exercises you should NEVER underestimate.
They provide INTENSE arm, chest, leg, shoulder, and back workouts. It is also
an absolutely FANTASIC strengthening exercise for all of your core muscles!
Walk the dog through the neighborhood. Or, just walk to the end of the block
and back. Do that until it is no longer exhausting. Next, start walking AROUND
the block. Work up to a mile. Many of the larger department stores, like
Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, JC Pennies, etc., have main outer runway isles that
are about 1/4 mile in total length. Walk around it 4 times. Where I work, we
have people who come in every single morning to do just that.
Once you breach the 1 mile mark, try 2, and then work up to 5. My walks are
11.5 miles across rough terrain and through woods. I even walk through the dry
ditches alongside roads rather than do less effort walking smooth roadbeds.
This is more gentle on your joints than jogging, but burns as many calories.
Walking opens your capillaries, improves blood circulation, clears your lungs,
relieves stress, builds endurance, and makes you FEEL fit. Indeed, walking
with hand and/or ankle weights can get you exercise-ready even faster!

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---------------------------------------------------Another way to tone muscle and get fit enough for more strenuous exercises is
simple tensing exercise. This is so when you move at your joints, all the
working muscles for that movement are resisted by opposing muscles. In using
ALL your muscles in movement you can build a LOT of strength. It can even look
like you are performing the gracefulness of Tai Chi, yet far more strenuously
and with much more intense effort and concentration. Even perform this type of
resistance tensing with your breathing. Tense the abdominal muscles WHENEVER
you think of it, and then breathe deeply through your diaphragm. Do muscular
contractions to resist the expansion and also to assist the exhalation with
the muscles of your core. You will soon notice that your stomach is not so
soft. It also helps strengthen and tighten your stomach to remain flatter.
Much earlier we covered Power Poses. We can take power poses to a whole new
and much more powerful level when they are used alongside tensing exercise.
This will not only help you FEEL stronger, it can actually MAKE you stronger.
Such exercise will start toning up your muscles with the 20% additional
Testosterone you body will start producing from those power poses, to include
EVEN MORE from the STRENUOUS resistance exercise you are putting your muscles
through. Remember, all strenuous muscular resistance increases Testosterone
production, so ALWAYS take the initiative to make ANY exercise strenuous!
Indeed, between housework, walking, and these tensing exercises, I lost fat
and built muscle in a single month. It was not enough to result in a headturning beach body, but the difference was critically noticed by others.
Notice that standing in front of a mirror to do these exercises REALLY helps.
This is not for vanitys sake, but to help you to monitor your progress. Pay
close attention to the things you do not like seeing, like those love handles.
Make it a goal to do things that exercise and applies LOTS of tension on the
muscles in those areas. Do that by noticing how your muscles tense naturally
when you do certain things, like pushing down on the top of a chair, lifting
it, or doing it sideways. In time you will see those muffins start to shrink.
Convert ANY effort into an exercise. This includes holding compressions and
pulls in order to sustain more time under tension. This builds endurance and
greater muscular strength. Release tension slowly so to not lose strengthening
benefits. If you can, repeat such exercises with AT LEAST 8 repetitions. Rest,
and then do another exercise, like squatting down as far as you can and then
standing back up 8 times. Add resistance by keeping the legs slightly bent at
all times, or hold something heavy, like a pair of dumbbells, but repeat this
exercise! To get any real benefit from an exercise, we have to repeat it again
and again. You might even add Push-Ups to the mix to make it closer to a full
workout. Do them from your knees if you have to, but PLEASE, just do them!
Also, ALWAYS be vigilant to your physical posture and to your breathing. Your
posture is EXTREMELY important to the perception you have of yourself AND to
your consumption of oxygen. Poor posture projects weak attitude and it also
results in poor oxygen consumption because poor posture also restricts deeper
breathing. Never forget that oxygen is the primary fuel your body absolutely
requires to metabolize nutrients, and NEVER forget that oxygen is required by
Testosterone so it can in fact melt fat in order to fuel a faster metabolism.

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Your posture always conveys your sense of presence. Have you ever seen
someone walk into a room and they command everyones attention? THAT is BEING
an ALPHA. Feel powerful to become powerful (just do not add arrogance to it)!
We always start with the Superman (or Superwoman). Stand fully erect with
legs more than shoulder-width apart with toes rotated slightly outward, with
arms straight at about 45 degrees comfortably up from the side. Clench fists
and tense ALL the muscles in the body REALLY tight. You should feel a LOT of
intensity in your shoulders, arms, and down your Traps (the trapezoids in your
central upper back) and Laterals (lower wings). DO NOT forget your legs. You
legs are 50% of your bodys muscle. You should NEVER forget about your legs.
Close your eyes if it helps, and simply become body-aware. Notice how each
muscle tenses, and search for muscles you might not be tensing and tense them.
Next, start moving your arms in synch, or even in separate motions, turn at
your hips and rotate on the pads of your feet. Rotate your arms. Feel the
muscles change intensity and resistance as you move, and try to move in ways
that will allow you to flex and exercise EVERY muscle in your body. Play some
soft easy music in the background, like classical, soft jazz, new age music,
or especially a play-list of YOUR favorite easy-listening music to help you
get in tune with your body and with inner peace. Even become deeply aware of
your rhythmic breathing, which is the focus of Transcendental Meditation.
These exercises are also EXTREMELY relaxing. They can also motivate your body
to tone its muscle and to activate healthier blood circulation. Using INTENSE
effort, you can get your heart pumping and force your metabolism to kick out
even more Testosterone, far beyond the 20% gain from power poses alone.


-------------------------------------We should never forget exercising facial muscles. Have you seen people with
saggy faces? It is not just the loss of skin Elastin as we age (the stuff that
makes skin pliant and bounce back into shape when pinched or poked), which we
can FULLY RECOVER by reactivating our Metabolisms production of HGH through
intense exercise, but our facial muscles can become weak and therefore droop.
By exercising facial muscles, they become strong and firm and that sagginess
WILL fade, rolling back the years on your appearance! It also gets your body
used to circulating more blood throughout that tissue, which reverses aging,
putting more color in your skin and nurturing it to give it a youthful glow.
Facial exercise looks odd to spectators, so do not do it around people unless
you are entertaining a child or a family pet. Tighten the muscles in your
ENTIRE face, including your lips. Add resistance by shifting your jaw, lips,
and head angles. Go ahead! MAKE an ugly, happy, excited, or WEIRD face! And do
not forget your neck! Saggy neck is not a trait of beauty, so tighten those
muscles and rediscover firmness you might have thought you lost with age.
You also need to massage not just you body muscles to improve circulation in
them, but you need to massage your face and neck as well. The internet is
LOADED with guides and videos on how to exercise and massage them. Between
facial exercise and massage, it blows me away that people will still choose
expensive cosmetic surgery when the issue is so easy to fix naturally at home.

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------------------I mentioned above that posture is extremely important. I said that it conveys
to the world your sense of presence and how it displays to others your sense
of yourself, AND your level of threat to them. Do you have an Alpha posture,
where you can command a room, or are you telling everyone that you are a Beta?
Do you stand with your knees slightly bent? Does your pelvis tilt forward? Do
your shoulders droop forward? Does your neck tilt your head forward? These are
ALL Beta postures, conveying a sense of inferiority and submission to others.
Posture is VERY easy to fix, but many people go about addressing it all wrong.
Bent knees while standing is the easiest to fix - just straighten your legs.
The point is, you just need to be aware that you are stooping yourself. This
puts you in a submissive posture by lowering your height to others.
Pelvic tilt is most-often caused by sitting too long, causing your Hip Flexor
muscles to become tight and pull your pelvis forward. This also lowers your
height to others, telegraphing submission. You can fix it by stretching your
hip flexors or by simply strongly bunching up the muscles in your butt.
Drooping shoulders is a sign of submission. It also lessens any V-frame you
might have, makes your shoulders look more rounded, it makes you look tired,
and it reduces the breadth of your chest. This can even happen in musclebuilding when people focus on the frontal muscles that they can see, but
ignore their back, because they cannot see it, and so tend to ignore it. The
problem is that when the pectoral chest muscles are stronger or even tight,
they overpower the anterior muscles and pull and also stoop your shoulders.
Fixing that simply involves pulling your shoulders back, focusing on pulling
muscles into the center of your back, between your shoulder blades. But
walking around like that can make you look a bit odd. What you need to do is
strengthen your back. You can start this by stretching Resistance Bands in
front of you. You can also address it by fixing neck tilt, shown below.
Tilted neck is a STRONG sign of submission. It lowers your height, it pulls
your shoulders forward to make them look more rounded, it makes your chest
smaller, it reduces any body V-frame, and makes you look smaller and weaker
all around, which also conveys less of a threat to others. Many people
simply try to pull their head and chin back, but that truly looks WEIRD.
An EASIER way to address it is to instead simply be aware of the placement of
your Sternum. Your sternum is the center front chest bone that ribs attach to.
Put particular focus to its top, which is the dimple at the base of your
throat where the collar bones come together. If it is tilting forward, where
it is as forward as the rest of the sternum, your neck and your shoulders are
pulled forward. To fix it, simply tilt your sternum back until the top of the
sternum is behind the rest of the bone. This automatically straightens your
neck and also pulls your shoulders back. It also makes you look MUCH stronger.

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Apart of the general activities already explained, you can greatly accelerate
results by doing exercises using simple objects or home-brew gym equipment.
This subject was already covered earlier in this book. Dumbbells are pieces of
equipment that are absolutely essential. Granted, it IS possible to use only
body weight, but you can greatly intensify any such effort with dumbbells.
Though you can actually make your own dumbbells, buying them is much easier.
Make sure the ones you use are not too difficult to lift. You should feel good
resistance, but not enough to draw a gasp. We are trying to get you fit, not
pull your arms off. If you can manage lifting them up from your sides to a Tstance and hold them for 10 seconds with minimal jelly-arms then that is a
good weight. Typically 10 to 15 pounds for men, and 6 to 10 pounds for women.
Start lighter if need be, but PLEASE FORGET the 2 or 3 pound Barbie weights!
Tennis balls are FANTASTIC accessories! You can use them in conjunction with
tensing exercises to REALLY strengthen the chest, exercise your shoulders and
core, and even harden the hands and forearms (in time you can crush the balls
with just a little effort - great for securing misbehaving kids who attempt
flight). Press them together to strengthen the chest. You can even press them
together vertically to exercise the biceps in one arm and the triceps in the
other. Notice you can shift the focus on muscles by changing the angle you
hold them. For example, press them hard together below the beltline. Extend
you arms until they are straight and feel the focus on muscles change. Raise
your arms up to chest-high and feel the shift, then pull them in against your
chest. Move them over the head, behind it, or even press them together behind
your back. Press each ball to the outside of your legs, against their fronts,
or even against your butt, or bend over and press them together as far back of
you as you can reach. You can REALLY strengthen your body with them. Further,
do squats in conjunction with these exercises for added strength benefits.
Also, you can do lunges (we will explain how to do squats and lunges later).
You can also use these tennis balls in full-body workouts to great effect,
even when doing Push-Ups for greater core strength, against door jams, counter
tops, or basically against whatever you can seat them to. Be creative! Explore
doing different things with them and discover which muscles are exercised by
them. The possibilities are endless, as are the fitness benefits.
Cut an 18- to 24-inch section of a 2-inch-thick wooden dowel. These dowels
usually come in 6-foot lengths, but you can have the hardware store or lumber
yard where you get it cut it for you. It does not need to be EXACTLY 2-feet
long, but it is optimal. If you even have a vacuum cleaner hose pipe that is
18-24 inches long, that will work just as well (I started out with one).
Compress its ends, both in front and behind the back. Gripping it so will
strengthen a lot of muscle. Move your hands down the shaft to grip with both
hands closer to each other. This is like exercising with tennis balls, but

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MUCH MORE intense. With hands close together and gripping the dowel, holding
it straight out from your naval, or the chest, or above you, you can build a
lot of muscle pressing or pulling. Men can use it to build larger and stronger
chest muscles and work off any man-boobs they might have, and fast! The
ladies, however, will notice that certain things start defying gravity in
that special way they did back in their 20s. Being a more resilient fat than
regular fat you find on your arms or shins, the ladies should not worry about
losing much there. Besides, stronger pectorals provide natural support.
With a small piece of non-slick rubber to protect a floor or other surface
(rubber shelf liner works GREAT -- the type you can use to twist off tight jar
lids with), you can press the dowel into the floor with both hands on the top
end to strengthen arms, chest, and especially your core. Do it to from the
side of each leg for added core strengthening, one- or two-handed. You can
also do it on a counter-top to change angles and work muscles differently.
You can even use the dowel when performing your muscle-tensing exercises.
I usually start tensing exercise barehanded, then use tennis balls, and finish
with the dowel. In short order, I can be sweating in buckets before I start my
regular exercise, my heart will pound because enough muscle was recruited, my
chest will heave because my body is in oxygen deficit, and my metabolism can
ALREADY be activated and kicking out hormones, and Testosterone will already
be available to burn fat, and later to build muscle once my workout is over.
Indeed, in a rush, I can just use the dowel to activate my metabolism. Even
so, DO NOT expect for this to happen when you first start doing it. The more
you activate your metabolism, the easier it WILL become. In fact, by first
using power poses, then muscle resistance, and mentally WILLING the metabolism
to activate, the harder you muscles will actually work to activate it.
You can go to most retail stores that receive pallets of merchandise in their
warehouse and ask someone if you can beg two or four oversized rubber bands.
If they stare at you, just explain that they are large rubber bands about 44inches long that some pallets are often strapped with to hold stacked boxes in
place. Many warehouses get so many of them that they run out of places to
store them, and so toss excess quantities out, so ask on a truck-delivery day.
You can easily order them online for $2 apiece, or you can buy latex Circle
Resistance Bands in sporting goods departments. These come as 1 band or a set
of 3 (for varied resistance). These last longer and are not too expensive.
I set up a gym in my garage. I bought sturdy hooks from a home improvement
department and secured them DEEP in a pair of 2x4 wall studs that were 9-10
feet apart. With 6 hooks, I put one pair about 4 inches from the floor (hook
down), another pair hip-high, and the third pair about 6 inches above my head.
With these, you can do AND INVENT a broad range of exercises by double-looping
a band on each side. You can get a killer workout using them. Any strengthtraining exercise you can find online for gym weighted pulleys, or even a
Tricep Pull-Down, you can duplicate them with your new make-shift gym. Use TWO
double-looped bands on each side to double the resistance.

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Hooking a doubled-band low on the right hip hook, standing near it with it on
your right side, turn left to face 3/4 away from it, grip the band in your
right fist and swing and move ONLY the arm, held straight and rigid, up and
across your chest to your upper left slow and controlled. You can REALLY work
your forward deltoid in your shoulder this way. Reverse it for the left arm.
Stand sideways to the band on the ankle hook, grip it in your fist on a
straight arm and pull straight up to exercise your medial shoulder deltoid.
Kneel down facing the hook squarely about a pace or so away, grip the band on
that hook in one fist and pull only the elbow straight back from it, fist and
elbow on the shoulder plane. This really works the rear shoulder deltoid.
All 3 exercises, doing 10-20 reps apiece on each arm, slow and controlled, can
help you build up stronger, larger, more powerful, and impressive shoulders,
enhancing your upper body strength and appearance. Perform another exercise to
let the shoulders rest, but then come back to repeat the 3 deltoid exercises.
Normally, you want to repeat any exercise Set 3-5 times.
If on the go, you can anchor the bands with a foot and do the exercises from
there! For rear deltoids, bend to face the foot and cinch the bands lower.
Setting doubled bands on matching hooks at any level you can exercise, harden,
and strengthen the pectorals in your chest. From whatever height, pull the
bands with straight rigid arms and wrists from the hook direction to groin
level. Do at least 10-20 reps slow and controlled in each Set.
Notice how your muscles react from the different angles. Different muscles or
different parts of those muscles are exercised based upon that angle.
With a doubled band on any hook, stand sideways and grip it in both hands with
arms straight out ahead. Step away to add a good but not uncomfortable amount
of tension. This strengthens your core as it works to keep your spine from
twisting or bending. Do this for both sides. If you want to twist, DO NOT USE
YOUR SPINE, but ALWAYS keep your back straight and turn at your hips, rotating
away from the hook, to SERIOUSLY work your core (this is a Core Chop).
You can also hold the band at the center of your chest. Next, stretch the arms
straight up, or even outward. Pause for a second and then finally return. Such
variations apply entirely different stresses to the core as it works to keep
your back straight against the resistance. Do 10-20 reps in each Set.
You can slip a doubled loop around your ankles and do leg lifts while lying on
your side to strengthen the quads in your upper thighs, and then switch sides
to do the other. Hard quads look so sexy at the beach.
From a low hook and a foot slipped into the loop, doubled or not, stand
sideways to the hook and step away to get good tension on the band, hold onto
something and pull your straight leg away from the hook to exercise the inner
thigh (adductor magnus), helping to work off fat we can accumulate down there.
I have even taken the 4-foot section of the dowel I had cut my 2-foot dowel
from, and added deep-set eye-hooks at both ends so I can loop bands on those
ends and duplicate barbell weight presses, pulls, curls, and lifts.

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Sitting at a sturdy desk that has a leg well you can press you legs against
both sides can give you a good workout. Consider what is at hand. You have the
well for leg exercise, the top to press against, its corners to do compression
exercises, the desk has weight to lift against, you can do Inclined Push-Ups
against an edge, and from which you can do Bench Dips or Declined Push-Ups.
Indeed, with a little creativity, you can get a full and exhausting workout
from just using body-weight and an office desk.
This has become to be known as Deskercise. You can go online and search for
desk workout and find lots and lots of exercises you can do from your desk.
You can even find wall charts with dozens of exercises listed. This has caught
on so much that some people even sell Deskercise equipment, to include the
bizarre, like balance ball chairs, desk-bikes, mini-steppers, and sit-walkers.
A sturdy wood or metal chair with a strong straight back is an ideal workout
machine. It is incredible how fit you can get using it. Indeed, because
anyone will sell anything, you can actually find exercise machines built
around the chair concept, complete with pulleys and straps to give you a full
body workout. I am surprised that none of the models feature a cup-holder.
Chairs are great for Step-Ups, Dumbbell Step-Ups, Single-Leg Step-Ups, or my
favorite, Reverse Lunge With Single-Leg Step-Up and Knee-Lift, among many
others. You can also lift it to exercise biceps, push down on it to exercise
the triceps, compress the back for the pecs and shoulder, pull on the back to
exercise your back. You can also do Bench-Dips, Inclined/Declined Push-Ups,
Bridges, and so on, to include even sitting on the chair to rest.
I will soon explain all the exercises. From this you can translate the lingo
to know what is meant in an exercise you might no be familiar with.
The ONLY bicycle-pump-like device I do know that DOES work is a Bullworker, in
either the BowClassic or SteelBow configuration (see www.bullworker.com). This
is the ONLY device I know that does as it promises, because it can actually
SURPASS a full (& expensive!) free-weight set and provide EXCELLENT resistance
exercises, giving you Isometric, Isotonic, and Isomotion muscle resistance.
Latex Circle Resistance Bands are straps, much like the oversized rubber bands
I discussed earlier. You can buy them wherever exercise equipment is sold. I
like those from C9 Champion and P90X. But that is just me. I do prefer the C9
Circle Resistance Bands set. It features 3 natural rubber latex circle bands
in three resistance levels so you can customize the intensity of your workout.
A Latex Resistance Band is a strap with foam-handle grips. Again, I like those
from C9 and P90X. I use the C9 3-in-1 Resistance Band. It features three
interchangeable resistance bands, and you can use one band or use all three,
giving you lots of resistance options and variety for your workout. It has
foam handles to provide a comfortable grip and plenty of hand clearance. These
bands allows you to do traditional resistance band exercises like bicep curls,
tricep kickbacks, shoulder exercises, front arm raises, core exercises, etc.

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But, if you use multiple bands, be sure all are seated well on the handle clip
so they do not slip off. This is easy to verify, but just be mindful.
A Tricep Pulldown is a strap with tug rope handles at the user end, where you
will grip each knotted rope handle and pull back or down. This is great for
Triceps Pull-Downs, Triceps Press-Outs, Standing Crunch, and Kneeling Crunch,
where you can exercise either the lower or upper abdomen. The upper abdomen is
your Six Pack. The lower abdomen is four muscles below the naval that few
people think about, though sometimes you DO see a 10-Pack on certain people.
For additional resistance and challenge, you can also pull the knots away from
each other laterally, which will greatly increase the resistance difficulty as
well as recruit more muscle fiber into the exercise, improving its results.
I personally like the P90X Tricep Pulldown with 3 Resistance Bands. This
allows you to do gym-quality triceps work at home. Three resistance bands
allow you to adjust it to your strength level. The great thing about it is
that it has a multi-knobbed strap at the end that you can fit over a closed
door (well, closed AFTER you slip it over the door), allowing easy setup and
takedown on any standard home door with frame at any desired length.
Push-Up Bars are great for doing DEEP Push-Ups, more intense X-Plank core
exercise, and as an aid for those suffering wrist issues, helping with both
Push-Ups and reverse plank exercises, to build upper-body strength with less
strain on wrists and forearms. Although you can use dumbbells instead, Push-Up
Bars are much more stable. I have a pair from WEIDER that are REALLY good.
They are metal with foam grips and non-slip plastic and rubber bases.
Have you seen someone looking seriously fit, but they cannot do one Pull-Up?
This is more common that you think. This is a sign of an imbalanced exercise
regimen. You must do FUNCTIONAL exercise, allowing crossover to real-life
activity. So instead of focusing only on Bicep Curls, you need to also focus
on shoulders, upper back, and abs, which are all involved in PULLING. If you
think this is not common, then why do you think there are a plethora of videos
online to teach you how to do your first Pull-Up?
I like the P90X Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar. Using gravity and angular resistance,
it can slip over most any standard overhead door-jam for easy setup and takedown. You can also flip it onto a floor mat and do some deep, slightly
inclined Push-Ups.
A Roller or a home-made 4 PVC tube to exercise sore muscles. This is BETTER
than static stretches, because static stretches can sap a lot of strength that
will be lost for the actual workout or competition. Rolling is fast, easy, and
I cut a PVC Roller, but I also like my GAIAM Restore Deep Tissue Foam Roller.
It is a 5 x 13 PVC tube with a 1/4 fingered surface (adding 1/2 inch) and
feels like someone digging their fingers deep into my muscle tissue, getting
the blood circulating and relieving any soreness.

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Numerous studies have shown that high-intensity resistance training, such as

with weights, can have a profound impact on improving Insulin sensitivity,
with the most beneficial effects seen in sessions that incorporate many
repetitions and Sets, such as 5 Sets of at least 8 reps per body part,
repeated for a total of 3 exercises per body part.
You should first focus on maximizing Insulin sensitivity, to enable burning
off as much fat as possible. Excess fat stands in the way of getting fit. This
initial exercise should also get you fit for the next phase or level, where
you really start building muscle. By your final phase, you should be doing the
exercises with the GREATEST intensity, burning off any remaining belly fat and
building muscle. By then it might amaze you that you can perform such feats.
A truly successful high-intensity anaerobic workout program MUST also exhibit
3 key features: Strength Training, Circuit Training, and Interval Training.
Strength Training is what we have talked about all throughout this book -muscle resistance with high-intensity. This activates our metabolism to get it
to kick out more Testosterone, to build muscle, to burn fat, to make you much
more popular in the bedroom, and it restores Insulin sensitivity.
Circuit Training is nothing complicated, and we have been talking about it
as well. This is to perform cycles or rounds of Workout Sets, which consist
from one to several exercises, which you must cycle through at least 3 times.
Interval Training is what you do when you perform a Workout Set. You
exercise with intensity, rest, exercise, rest, and so on. For example, you
might perform an exercise intensely for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds,
perform another exercise intensely for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, etc.
This Interval Training technique, or protocol is loosely called a Tabata,
short for the Tabata Protocol, named for the scientist, Dr. Izumi Tabata,
whose experiments revealed the secrets to EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen
Consumption). It proved that the approach of short intense exercises broken up
by very short rest periods during a 20-minute time frame produced markedly
more significant results than a long, moderate workout of an hour or more.
NOTE: Dr. Izumi Tabata is dean of the Ritsumeikan University Graduate School
of Sport and Health Science. His most famous article, "Effects of moderateintensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic
capacity and VO2max", published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports
and Exercise in 1996, reported the results of the protocol used by the
Japanese speed skating team. It was the first work that revealed the secret to
the relationship between fitness using intense anaerobic exercise and EPOC,
and the greater benefits of exercising for a shorter period of time.
Technically, a Tabata is based around 20 seconds of intense exercise and 10
seconds of rest. VO2max simply refers to maximal oxygen uptake.

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------------------------------------Consider performing Lying Heel-Tap Crunches.
Lying Heel-Tap Crunches are not the aerobic crunches that can lead to neck
injuries, but they are actually fat-burning anaerobic Pilates.
To perform Lying Heel-Tap Crunches is simple (well, to
not be). Lie flat on your back. Lift your knees up so
from the floor and your shins are bent 90 degrees down
lower legs parallel to the floor. With arms straight
your fingertips toward your ankles.

actually DO them might

they are 90-degrees up
from them, making your
and hands flat, point

To do a single repetition, pull your shoulders up 6 to 8 inches from the floor

USING YOUR CORE, with specific focus on your abdominal muscles (DO NOT cheat
by HEAVING or rocking your shoulders, which does your core NO GOOD) and reach,
NOT BOLT, for your ankles. You might also see this demonstrated by reaching
over the knees and tapping the lower shins.
Hold that crunch for a half-second, no matter how far you have actually
reached (maybe half-way), and then return flat to the floor. Please, DO NOT
let gravity drop you back to the floor in a collapse, but let your core LOWER
you back down. You are trying to strengthen your core, NOT gravity.
This exercise REALLY works your abdominal muscles. When you first perform
these exercises, not only will you likely not be able to REACH or even get
your fingertips CLOSE to your ankles, but you will probably INSTANTLY HATE
THIS EXERCISE, largely because this exercise is difficult to execute.
Difficult, at least, when you first start to perform them...
Indeed, in trying to knock out just 10 repetitions, you might actually be
thinking about taking a rest after performing just 4 of them.
HOWEVER, having said that, once you DO see the results of performing this
exercise, this loathed exercise might well in fact become one of your most
beloved favorites. This is because the results of performing them are FAST!
The first time I did Heel-Tap Crunches as active rest between each exercise,
it felt like they were killing me. Even though by then I was in moderately
good shape, I was still struggling like a rookie to perform 10 reps of them.
Worse, these Heel-Tap Crunches were the required active rest exercise on my
intensive cardio day during the middle of the program I was doing, added as a
Superset exercise for EACH of the 5 exercises in the Set. Because I was
performing 5 cycles of this Set, that meant that I had to do not just 10 of
these torturous crunches, and not just 50 total for a single Set, but a GRAND
TOTAL of 250 for the entire Workout! The next morning, after the first day of
them, my abdominal muscles might have considerably ached, but the results I
saw in the bathroom mirror on my sore tummy dropped my jaw. It was flat!
As you progress, these will become easier and easier. By the end of your
program, you will be able to do them quite easily, and even be able to do
Lying Toe-Tap Crunches, because your tummy will no longer be in the way!

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-------------------------------------------Some programs, like Abs After 40 (www.getabsafter40.com) and Six Pack
Shortcuts 2.0 (www.sixpackshortcuts.com), are broken up into 3 Phases over a
12-week period, where each Phase is 4 weeks long.
The reason why these two programs use 3 Phases is quite simple:
In the first month, Phase 1, they start you on intense Cardio to burn off as
much fat as possible, focusing the generated Testosterone on trimming your
body fat. This work will also make you as Insulin sensitive as possible so
your fat CAN in fact be burned off. That body fat presently stands in the way
of Testosterone being able to sculpt your musculature, so you MUST drop fat.
Intense cardio also builds endurance so you become fit enough for Phase 2.
In the second month, Phase 2, with less fat to keep Testosterone from building
muscle, you merge Muscle Resistance with Cardio. This gets Testosterone REALLY
flowing (muscle resistance is a turbo booster for Testosterone release). You
will continue to burn off fat, but you now start sculpting muscle due to more
available Testosterone. Your Visceral Fat had previously been produced lots of
Amoratase enzymes that had converted most Testosterone to Estrogen, promoting
fat build-up. This also gets you fit enough for greater intensity in Phase 3.
During the third and final month, Phase 3, you focus on Resistance Exercises
with HEAVY INTENSITY, putting your body into FULL fat-burning and musclebuilding mode. Here you are working to get rid of the last of your excess fat,
especially midriff fat, and building up and strengthening your musculature.
Additionally, in Abs After 40, during Phase 3, you also do a Scorch Set called
the A40s (Ab-40s) at the end of EACH exercise Set. This is 4 focused corestrengthening exercises: Flutter Kicks, Lying Heel-Tap Crunches, Seated PullIns, and Reverse Crunches, with 10 reps each and no rest between each exercise
(40 reps total). See www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUxsfaPBM6I for a video of its
creator, Mark McIlyar, explaining and demonstrating an A40 Scorch Set. For as
simple as they are, I can attest that THEY REALLY DO WORK! When we discuss
these exercises later, I will offer alterations to make them MORE challenging.
I also like how MAX Workouts (www.maxworkouts.com) sets up their 12-week
calendar, dividing it into 4 Levels, where each Level is 3 weeks long. The
reason for the 3 week period is that the body adapts to exercises, and after 3
weeks the benefits can start waning and become flat (plateau). However, we
will also address this issue in this book to show you how to change up your
exercises to keep your body guessing, so that you will never plateau.
Each MAXWO level has a mix of strength training, circuit training and interval
training. Each level also has specific goals, such as to increase the amount
of weight lifted, decrease rest intervals, or increase the reps performed.
The programs advocated herein work under the PROVEN fact that fitness depends
on INTENSITY, not TIME. Intensity is critically important, but it is too often
ignored by most fitness programs, and even by expensive personal trainers. The
reason is that for most people, applying intensity to a workout IS HARD WORK
and it requires focus on method and execution! Yet, the benefits of a 20minute high-intensity anaerobic workout are far superior to the typically
longer and much more moderate anaerobic workouts of an hour or more.

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-----------------------------------Your program should feature AT LEAST 3 phases that cover an optimal 12-week
period. If you are very over-weight, you will likely want to go through the
entire program AGAIN. The three programs I recommend are yours after purchase
and you are therefore free to go through them as many times as you choose.
The first phase should focus on heavy cardio to correct any lowered Insulin
sensitivity, which a person with any amount of excessive fat accumulation will
have to one degree or another. Increased Insulin sensitivity enables us not
only to effectively burn off fat, but to actually burn fat AT ALL. As long as
we suffer Insulin insensitivity, Glucose in the blood more likely goes to fat
storage than to muscle. By exercising using muscle resistance with weights or
body weight, we can force more Glucose into our muscles and less to fat.
You will probably get sore during this initial phase, especially if you are
not used to exercising. But take that as a sign that your muscles are already
starting to get rid of weak muscle fibers and are now building stronger ones.
As your muscles ache, just remember muscle burns 3 times more calories than
fat. The muscle resistance engenders more Testosterone, which also improves
stamina and your sex life. Plus, a single sex act can burn off 500 calories!
Working your muscles with intensity and resistance also signals the body to
inject more Testosterone into the bloodstream. But to get Testosterone to be
produced, we must be sure to be feeding our metabolism with nutritional fats.
Most people are typically afraid to eat fats and not cut calories due to the
HORRIBLE diet advice pounded into them for decades from governmental decrees.
Honestly, if you examine their dieting advice, it is as if they WANT us to be
sluggish and fat. Worse, they seem to want us to be dimwitted with all the
mind-slowing sugars they allow to be dumped into processed food. Indeed, those
who lust for power NEED us to be acquiescent. George Orwells 1984 gives a
great look at such a paradigm. Soviet-era Communism had been its basis, which
was REALLY an Autocratic Bureaucracy, but it might not be far from the truth.
A good starter food is plain whole cottage cheese. It is PACKED with loads of
good slow-digesting protein and CLA fat, the most potent body-fat-burning
nutritional fat EVER. Between protein and healthy fat, you will begin to
incinerate calories. It also engenders Testosterone. Another good source is 3
whole eggs each day. Fry it in virgin and unrefined coconut oil or olive oil.
Get COMPLETELY AWAY from processed food, pre-made meals, HFCS, and trans fats.
For goodness sake, avoid low-fat or fat-free ANYTHING, and ANYTHING pre-loaded
with more than 5 grams of sugar (1 teaspoon) per serving. Be sure to add homeground cinnamon to your diet to help get your blood lipids back on track.
Blood fats are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for life and healthy metabolic function.
The middle phase of your program should include progressively more resistance
exercise to build up your muscles. You will also likely experience a lot more
muscle soreness as the old weak fibers are broken down to be reinforced and
made harder and stronger. You should also start seeing muscle definition below
the thinning skin layers. Again, you WANT to build plenty of strong lean
muscle, because this then allows you to burn LOADS of calories day AND night.

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The last phase should really focus on muscle-resistance and put your body
through the wringer. You want to burn off as much of your remaining fat as
possible and to really start building that muscle up, now that so much more
Testosterone will be available for that purpose. This final phase of your
program should also be the MOST difficult, putting you through intense
workouts that will leave you exhausted, even after only 20 minutes.
As you advance in each phase, you should discover that most or all joint aches
and pains will diminish or disappear (unless it is due to a permanent injury),
largely through a better diet and an awakening metabolism. You might begin
barely able to go into a squat or a lunge, but will most-likely end the phase
being able to do deeper and deeper squats and lunges. Therefore, if you cannot
begin by performing an exercise perfectly as it is described, just do what you
CAN do, and in time you should be able to achieve it more and more perfectly.
Each phase, whether 3 or 4 weeks long, depending on if you set up 3 phases (4
weeks each) or 4 phases (3 weeks each), should be designed as repeating cycles
of 7 days. So each week in a phase reflects the same exercises.
You should set each week to start on Monday and end on Friday. This leaves
Saturday and Sunday as needed recovery days. During these two days, your
muscles have time to recover and reinforce, making them stronger and more
powerful. However, you can adjust this calendar to suit your schedule.
Monday could be the ease-in day, though still difficult in that it will work
you hard. Save the REALLY hard stuff for the fourth day, Thursday. This day
should be your heavy cardio day, where you should plan to work your butt off.
The final day, Friday, is up to you. I like to use it to do free-form and mix
up the exercises I was doing during the week, along with working out with my
gym equipment (we covered easy ideas on decent home-made equipment earlier).
Even so, you should expect that as you progress during each week of a phase to
be able to do more and more than the previous week, and with much less rest.
For example, when you first start out, a session might leave you totally
exhausted, even if you rest a whole minute (BUT NO MORE!) between each
exercise. But as you progress, you should find that you need less rest, or you
can do more repetitions or more cycles of an exercise Set. The point is, you
want to END every session feeling just as spent as you did on your very first
session, even though you can now do much more AND with much more intensity.
You ALWAYS want to end EVERY session feeling like a spent rookie.
To begin a workout, you should first warm up, just to get your heart pumping.
If you are fit, then Jogging-In-Place for AT LEAST 30 seconds, and then do
FULL Jumping-Jacks for at least 30 seconds, but NOT the lame Jumping-Jacks I
too often see most people do, whose arms and legs look like they are floppy
wet socks. If you are a rookie, then just Jog-In-Place for 15 to 30 seconds.
If you can high-step in the jog, then please do so. Try to work your arms as
much as possible, to start pumping blood throughout your body.
Indeed, Jogging-In-Place might also be a good time to work on body tensing
exercises, if for no other reason than to cut down on jiggling fat.

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You can also choose to start instead with, or add on 10 Squats or even 10
Push-Ups, even if you have to start out by doing the Push-Ups from your knees.
The point of a warm-up is to get your heart pumping, to work up a light sweat,
and to loosen up your muscles and joints. An active warm-up is MUCH better and
healthier for limbering up than performing traditional static stretches, which
fitness coaches are now starting to advise people against.
For the weekly schedule in each phase, you should define a different Exercise
Set for each workout day, Monday Through Thursday. Friday should be designed
to be optional, but there to provide for accelerated results.
Each Set should be repeated at least 3 times during a workout, with a 1 minute
MAXIMUM of rest between cycles, but no more. We do not want our body to think
we are in Full Recovery UNTIL we finish our workout, which can throw off and
minimize the effects of the EPOC state we are trying to build up.
Each Workout Set should consist of 4 to 6 exercises with a minimal rest period
from anywhere from NONE, 10 seconds, to 1 minute between them, BUT NO LONGER.
The shorter your rest period, the more benefit you will get from the workout.
Therefore, if it is possible for you to go straight into the next exercise
WITHOUT rest, even if it is just for a few of them, then be sure to do that.
You can also design exercises that work several muscle groups simultaneously
and can accomplish the needs of a Set in just 1 or 2 or even 3 exercises.
You want to work each muscle group focused on that day at least 3 times during
each Set, and perform each exercise with at least 8 repetitions, though 10 is
better and gives faster results. And strangely, 10 is easier to count off.
After the first Phase, you should plan on incorporating Supersets, where you
DOUBLE the exercises, so you do 3 to 6 Supersets per Set (6-12 exercises
total), where a Superset is two back-to-back exercises with no rest between
them. This is to challenge you and create an even greater oxygen deficit and
to produce even more Testosterone to burn fat faster and strengthen muscle.
You should also quickly start Active Rest, if you do rest between exercises,
ESPECIALLY on ALL heavy cardio days, when the exercise of Active Rest should
be REQUIRED, as it can be used as a Superset to the exercise just performed.
This can start as jogging-in-place, but soon you should start doing Standing
Elbow-To-Knee Crunches, and later more difficult Lying Heel-Tap Crunches.
It is important to also keep your daily exercise routine within 20- to 35minutes, but to still get your heart pounding, your sweat rolling, and get you
out of breath. Remember, we want to keep the daily routine short-duration
because we want to massively build up our energy expenditure and then stop.
Actually, you should look forward to getting mildly lightheaded before you can
finish, or when you start the second cycle of your Workout Set for the day.
This mild lightheadedness (I also notice my palms feel cooler against my skin)
is not a physiological issue to be concerned with. It just is a sign that your
worked muscles have managed to spend their Glycogen, the multi-branch Glucose

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chains of energy reserves stored within them. It also signals you have
attained oxygen deficit and you will now start burning body fat! This is also
a really good sign that the intensity of your workout is right on track.
The more winded you feel, the more oxygen stores your body must recover during
EPOC (Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) after you finish exercising.
Indeed, once you start seeing the positive results of doing this, and this
will NOT take long, even if your heart was not fully committed to this process
at the start, you will most likely start working out with even MORE intensity,
and push yourself through yet ANOTHER Set to push your EPOC even deeper.
When you have managed to heat up by burning more calories, you start sweating
to cool down, and as you are working muscle and challenging them Testosterone
hormones will start rushing throughout your body. This is also a sign that you
will be burning off not just fat, but Visceral Fat on you belly, hips, thighs
and butt after you finish your workout. While you are DOING your workout, your
body will be burning regular under-skin fat.
You should perform a MINIMUM of 3 cycles (20 minutes) of your Workout Set for
each day. Try to do 5 cycles (35 minutes) if you want accelerated results.
But REALLY, it is better if you can do each exercise with sufficiently added
resistance and concentrated intensity that you feel absolutely spent after
just 3 cycles. If you can still do 5 cycles after doing each exercise with
sufficient resistance to make them as difficult as possible, then you are
either super-human (HOPEFULLY!) or you are doing them half-assed.
Again, you ALWAYS want to come out of a workout feeling like a spent rookie.
The real trick to all this is to order the exercises of your workout routines
into the most balanced and optimal daily Sets that not just provide the best
and fastest results, but at the same time they also do not over-exercise some
groups of muscles and under-exercise joint-opposing muscle groups.
To reiterate by stating yet again some text we opened this section with, the
most beneficial effects is seen in sessions that incorporate many repetitions
and Sets, such as 5 Sets of at least 8 reps per body part, repeated for a
total of 3 exercises per body part. I highly recommend AT LEAST 10-12 reps.
You can of course separate days by switching workout focus between upper body,
back, arms, or lower body, but the fourth workout day of the week should be
the MOST DIFFICULT, covering MOST muscle groups in intensive cardio coupled
with resistance, and it should work you until you are too pooped to pop.
You must also be sure to insert variety into your workouts so you can avoid
waning results, which can happen in as little as 3 weeks because your body,
ever endeavoring to perform repetitious tasks efficiently, might adapt itself
by then so to be optimized to any sequence of repeated motor activity.
This is usually why we pay others to figure out such things, so we can just do
them and not need to stand about in lab coats, hum and haw, conduct controlled
studies, poke and torment volunteers, and make response notes on clipboards.

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How I personally started to get back to a fit body was a bit unorthodox when
compared to most popular fad fitness and diet programs.
I developed a PERSONAL 3-month fitness and diet program after very extensive
research. My program helped me drop 75 pounds and 10 inches from my waist,
even though I might still chomp supreme pizza or hamburgers, getting down to a
mid-stage 190 pounds and a 38-inch waist without starving myself or harming my
health (and I have lost MUCH more since then; 25 pounds and 6 inches, though
adding a LOT of TONED muscle mass at the same time!). In fact, I had to
actually INCREASE my calorie intake to almost 5000 calories per day at one
point during my program just to keep from losing weight TOO fast, losing fatmass that previously would not drop no matter WHAT I had tried in desperation!
This substantial weight loss, using actual science as my guide, was from
trimming mostly body fat and the exceptionally hard-to-lose Visceral Fat
around my body, but also purposefully dropping some excess, but soft muscle
mass. I had left software-engineering and its heavy snack food diet that was
LITERALLY killing me to work in a retail warehouse and shoulder HEAVY boxes up
and down very tall ladders all day, so I was built like a linebacker, but my
resulting voracious appetite still led me down the road to some very poor food
choices, such as processed food, high carbs, and low fat, which was all the
complete opposite of what I should have been doing to manage my weight.
My diet program (ACTUALLY just some guidelines), based upon this research,
runs counter to all popular fad diets because my program was based on actual
scientific studies and research, not on the diet myths, speculations, or diet
fads that run rampant on the internet! For example, I got completely away from
low-fat foods, which actually starves our metabolism and causes it to slow
down to almost a stand-still (and this causes our Testosterone levels to drop
into the basement, which also means NO fat-burning), to include cutting out
all that gluten-free food that is in truth not good for ANYONE, including
those suffering from Celiac Disease (the reason for Gluten-free food in the
first place, to help people dealing with this disorder -- which I personally
feel is all due to the hidden tBHQ added to glutens, nuts, milk, etc., to
extend their shelf-life, which can cause SEVERE allergic reactions), and all
that sugar-packed, highly toxic pre-packaged trans-fat-laden processed food,
plus all those other processed foods that are often heavily advertised as
being Healthy-Minded (you will in time discover what a criminal lie all that
malarkey is!). Also, go with REAL butter, NEVER substitutes or margarine!
I did not follow any restrictive diet, but I simply used my research into
nutritious foods and those to avoid as general guidelines. There were no
required meals, snacks, or any of that tripe. I ate to suit the needs of my
body, not the needs of someone elses body. Even the meal plans of the
programs I recommend are in fact general guidelines, filled with great tips.
I started with a detox (the good ol colon cleanse). I used
hot coffee; a POTENT combination (you can also use several
little water). If you have some free alone time, do most of
and chase that with two cups of hot coffee or tea, and then

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prunes followed by
prunes heated in a
a carton of prunes
at least 16 ounces

of warm water. You will find out that your friends were right -- you WERE full
of it (15-30 pounds). Sometimes you will almost make it out of the bathroom
before performing a smart (or DESPERATE) about-face and put in some more time
to contemplate matters of the universe, all while bracing yourself to prevent
Earth escape velocity. You may need to repeat this every week or two for the
next month or so. All that glued crap will NEVER break loose in just one go.
The above can keep you occupied for up to 6 hours. Not to make light of it,
though toilet humor is the funniest humor around, but you will wonder where
all of it came from, as if that were not obvious! It has probably been glued
to the walls of your colon for YEARS. It will also flush out a great volume of
bad bacteria from your colon. This is especially important if you have
digestive issues, such as high volumes of bad bacteria (Dysbiosis). It will
clear the path for good bacteria to properly populate your colon, which is
cultured and nurtured in your appendix. Yes, it DOES have a purpose! You may
need to consume probiotic pills if yours was removed -- I was lucky enough to
have mine grow back (!) -- but make sure you use a source that provides ample
quantities. Most off-the-shelf probiotics, especially smoothies, have only 32%
surviving cultures after any sort of prior shelf life, and then stomach acid
will leave only an average of 3.9% to survive entering the colon.
NOTE: Many will advise against detox, but a change to healthy living is NEVER
enough to break up the hard-packed fecal matter LITERALLY glued to your colon
by all those years of consuming extremely sticky manmade trans fats. It would
be like trying to wash off dried Super Glue (Cyanoacrylate) with water!
Once I survived detox, I started my dietary program by consuming only
healthy food. This regimen started out with yogurt, 12 to 24 ounces per day,
along with 12 to 24 ounces of plain cottage cheese along with 3 cups of mixed
berries (blueberries, blackberries, and red raspberries). I treated myself
with roasted cage-free chicken or wild salmon. I drank only hot espresso at
least twice a day, along with 8 cups of warm water. I finish exercise sessions
with a 3-egg omelet with 5-ounces of tuna (in water) and 1/2 of a avocado. Add
REAL cheese as a treat. I ate the other half of the avocado on the side. Even
when I drank fruit juice, I squeezed it to avoid extra vendor-added sugars.
Coffee and caffeine-type teas, such as green tea or black tea, helps repair
most damage to the liver. The liver is important because it regulates your
Glucose (blood-sugar) and your lipids, such as LDL and HDL cholesterols.
Warm water is MUCH better than cold water for your digestion and is also a
natural detox, which means your regularity can be more on track than popping a
pill or chewable tab when your plumbing starts to feel backed up.
The high dairy diet, both yogurt and especially cottage cheese, provides you
with HIGH volumes of protein; 72 grams in 24 ounces of cottage cheese, a
source of excellent slow-digesting and healthy creatin protein, and A WHOLE
LOT cheaper than those 50-gram protein shakes loaded mostly with fasterdigesting whey protein. Whey has an absorption window of only 1.5 hours.
However, your body will absorb only about 8 grams of protein per hour. The
protein in cottage cheese and yogurt has a MUCH LONGER absorption window,
lasting many hours. It also coats the digestive tract and relieves most
digestive issues. Protein also causes your body to burn more calories, ALONG

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with the fact that 35% of the calories from it are burned off by the body just
to digest it. On top of that, these products contain CLA fat (Conjugated
Linolic Acid), especially from grass-fed cows. As said before, CLA fats are
linked to accelerated body-fat-burning, which is the absolutely most potent
fat-burning nutritional fat in existence! This is because CLA fat is also
strongly linked to Testosterone production, which is our fat-burning hormone.
The berries, especially a high anti-oxidant blend that includes cherries and
pomegranate seeds, are very high in starch and fiber to cleanse the digestive
tract, aid fat-burning, and feed good gut bacteria. It also helps the body
resist pain and aids the immune system in the GI tract (as does the dairy).
I also began intense, but short-duration resistance exercise sessions with
only 5-30 seconds rest periods, to strengthen muscle and burn fat, working
hard enough to get the heart REALLY pumping and the sweat REALLY rolling. I
designed my Sets by modifying recent US Army exercises into high-intensity
compound-muscle anaerobic exercises. By strenuously exercising as many muscles
as I could at the same time and achieving Failure, I could activate my
metabolism and get my body kicking out large volumes of Testosterone to burn
body fat and build muscle. As muscle built up, calorie-burning became easier,
because, even at rest, muscle burns 3 times more calories than fat.
In my 20s, I had built up muscle using a Bullworker (BowClassic), which I got
from https://bullworker.com. This time, I got the SteelBow (shorter, but much
better -- both are $69.95). It also offers MORE exercises than free-weights. I
picked up a couple 15-pound dumbbells, and a few oversized rubber bands from
our warehouse I found in the trash. I also used two tennis balls for hand and
forearm strengthening, and also great for body-tensing exercise. I further cut
a 24-inch section of a 2-inch thick wooden dowel. This works great for a broad
range of resistance exercises one can invent. They are also great for working
off man-boobs and for making the ladies once again defy gravity in that
special way by strengthening their pecs. It is also very good for full-body
tensing exercises, as are the bands (I usually begin with tennis balls, and
then switch to the dowel, and then the bands). These make a GREAT poor mans
Bullworker. I also did lots of stretched-leg walking (11.5 miles/day) while
doing resistance exercises to strengthen myself, build up my legs, make fat on
my glutes disappear, and burn body fat.
Two months into my program, after I had already dropped 60 pounds and 8 inches
from my waist, I started looking into EVEN FASTER methods of dropping fat and
building muscle. By then I had verified that AEROBICS were a waste of my time,
and that I should be looking FULLY into ANAEROBICS, because websites devoted
to it were providing better and faster results. I was also concerned that what
belly fat I still had was dropping much slower than I would have liked.
That was when I started looking around the internet to see if there were
exercise programs for us older folks. In doing that, I came across Abs after
40 (AA40: www.getabsafter40.com). I dissected all the information I could
find on it, I found its creators YouTube channel (Mark McIlyar), and it being
the most popular men-over-40 fitness web channel on YouTube, I found plenty of
videos and plenty of presentations that provided the science behind his
program, which fully concurred with all my research. It also featured easier
exercises that were often MORE effective that those I had developed. After 2
weeks of deep evaluation, I was sold and purchased the program, with plans to
start it after my self-designed 3-month program ended at the end of the month.

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After signing up, I also took advantage of an markedly discounted upgrade to

Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0 (www.sixpackshortcuts.com), an affiliated program by
the late Clark Shao that Mark helped design (they work from the same Houstonarea gym). This is a far more strenuous program that is also designed not to
just burn fat, but also for building much larger-than-lean muscles.
Two weeks later, while evaluating many dozens of other programs, I came across
MAX Workouts, created by Shin Ohtake (www.maxworkouts.com) out of Los
Angeles. This last program blew me away. Being detail-oriented, I admire
Shins full attention to detail. It was incredible -- he managed to create
exercises that combined an entire Set into typically a SINGLE exercise.
By this time I had started the Abs After 40 program and was experimenting
with both MAX Workouts and Six Pack Shortcuts 2.0. I was blown away by all
three, and was amazed that even though some of the Sets were easier than many
of those I had designed, I found that my metabolism was activating a whole lot
faster! It was now firing up within 10 minutes instead of 15, which gave me a
larger window for extending the oxygen deficit I was trying to achieve. This
also allowed me to shorten my workout period from 40 minutes down to less than
half an hour by increasing the intensity of the workout. This also resulted in
faster fat-loss and muscle-strengthening.
In the end I discovered my own designed exercise and diet program was actually
a cross between Abs After 40 and MAX Workouts, using a great many of the
very same exercises and diet advice. The biggest difference was that my own
program had not yet gone through the thorough testing as these other programs,
they being able to take advantage of a large client base to test and refine
exercises and sequencing. Mine was also less high-intensity. Thus, it was not
as effective in providing the MUCH FASTER results these programs provided.
Although I knew that in time I would have managed to whittle my own fitness
program down to the 20-minute window I was shooting for and it would also
align more closely with the Tabata Protocol of intense exercise broken up by
very short rest breaks, why bother when VERY inexpensive programs ALREADY
EXIST that can do all of that for you?
I have no regrets, and I am glad that others are taking advantage of the
amazing, almost hidden science behind Visceral Fat loss through EPOC and
restoring ones fitness and metabolism back to what it was in our 20s.
Do not be discouraged if you have gone through a 12-week program, and even
though you will lose a LOT of fat-weight if you follow it without cheating,
you might still find a little flab remaining due to loose skin, or the muscles
do not have the definition you would like to have seen. IT WILL COME!!! Even I
had some initial disappointment, but I stuck with the diet program and
continued my fitness regimen. My particular problem was that because I had
lost so much weight (105 pounds), my over-sized flesh suit needed more time
to catch up. Though I looked fit, it initially hung a little bit loose if I
leaned over, though even this did not conceal much of the strong muscular
definition I developed. But, as a couple of months passed, my body selfoptimized and trimmed my flesh back to fit my leaner musculature, and then, as
if from nowhere, my abdominal definition appeared as the added bulk of the
excess flesh dropped, which also shrank my waist a couple more inches.

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In the next section I will list numerous sample exercises used by fitness and
diet programs such as those I have recommended, plus variations you can use to
change up the follow-up sessions they suggest you perform to sustain the lean
and fit body you will have worked so very hard to build, or continue to build.
Even if you instead chose a plan like Athlean-X, Sweat With Kayla, a selfdesigned program or another regimen, PLEASE apply the values I share here so
you will end up fully satisfied with your fitness curriculum. In a few short
months you CAN find a hot physique reflecting back at you in the mirror you
will NOT cover up or be embarrassed to show off while at play or on the beach!
It is important you become familiar with a variety of exercises so you do not
begin any program feeling like a rookie. Thus, if the program instructs you to
perform Seated Hammer Curls, you will not stare blankly off into space before
checking your computer or phone for a video or to re-read an instruction list.
Familiarity with an exercise Set before doing it keeps rest periods minimal. A
pre-workout 1-rep dry run of each exercise can also help you to warm up.
Properly sequencing exercises into Sets of high-intensity, muscularly-balanced
anaerobic workouts can crank up your metabolism and elevate your Testosterone
production, which your body will then use to break down excess body fat and
build the lean, fit musculature that it was actually DESIGNED to sustain, if
bad diet advice and sedentary lifestyle choices had not sabotaged its efforts.
------------------------The four fundamental exercises required for building a strong and evenly-built
musculature are Dead-lifts, Squats, Pull-Ups, and Press-Ups. All other
exercises are designed around them. They are also complementary. For example,
a Dead-lift (getting up), such as getting up from a Squat, complement a Squat
(getting down). A Pull-Up (pulling your body up) complements a Press-Up
(pressing weight up; pushing your body down). These exercises also work all
major muscles groups to one degree or another. A Dead-Lift works mainly your
lower legs and glutes. A Squat works mainly the quads in your thighs. A PressUp exercises mainly the deltoids in your shoulder and the triceps. A Pull-Up
exercises mainly your biceps, shoulder deltoids, and upper back.
What is worked by ALL exercise, even just picking up a coin from the floor, is
your core. EVERYTHING, every motion that you endeavor in any bodily movement
utilizes your core muscles. But you might wonder, if that were true, then why
is everyone not walking around sporting a Six Pack? Well, ACTUALLY they are;
even sedentary people. They are just hiding it behind a layer of fat!
-----------------------Our STARTING POSITION for each exercise is EXTREMELY important. How we begin
an individual exercise expresses our attitude and the commitment level we have
to the task at hand. It REALLY helps to pretend someone is watching. Indeed,
you can even get HIGHLY motivated if you pretend you are instructing others in
the execution of a workout, helping YOU to really focus on proper execution.

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The start position, just like the exercise we are intending to execute from
it, should be carried out in rigid, military-like focus. By keeping our minds
and bodies disciplined and by only applying motion to those parts of our body
that are in fact the target or targets of the exercise, we will end up working
those targeted areas far more effectively with better results by avoiding the
cheats of shifting all or part of the effort to other muscles in our body.
We must be absolutely alert to how our body is reacting to each exercise being
executed, and we must ALWAYS be proactive in experimenting with variations to
our performance of it to NEVER make it easier, BUT TO MAKE IT MORE DIFFICULT,
challenging our bodies to greater exertion against greater muscle resistance.
Remember, the more muscular resistance you experience, the more muscle fibers
will be recruited to incite your heart to start pounding, your chest to start
pumping, and the sweat to start pouring. The faster you achieve this anaerobic
state, the faster your metabolism will be activated to force your Endocrine
system to thrust out substantial quantities of Testosterone with every exhaled
breath, and consequently the more fat you will burn, the leaner you will get,
and the deeper the bodys oxygen deficit will be, so you can keep burning off
Visceral Fat for up to 48 hours after you finish your exercise session.
Going through the motions of an exercise is NEVER enough. THERE IS NO BENEFIT
TO IT! It is cheating, and the only one who is cheated by it is you! You must
take the work SERIOUSLY, and be absolutely focused on it. Doing any exercise
only half-assed will give you ONLY half-assed results. Two people can stand
side-by-side and perform the very same exercises for the very same durations,
but the one most focused on getting as much effort and resistance out of each
exercise will leave the other person, who might just go through the motions,
trailing far behind when it comes to achieving impressive results.
For example, consider doing Dumbbell Curls. I mean, REALLY, how hard can that
be, right? But did you know that MOST EVERYONE performs them incorrectly?
You think that you can stand facing forward with your body straight and your
feet about shoulder-width apart, and with your arms fully extended down, palms
forward holding a dumbbell in underhand grips, and looking directly ahead, you
think that all you need to do is use your biceps to pull the weight up until
your forearms are angled up almost 90 degrees, and then lower them back down.
How hard is that? It is harder than you think. To demonstrate this, try it and
knock out bicep curls until Failure (you cannot do any more). Did you swing
your shoulders at any time? Did you bend at the wrists at any time? Did you
let gravity drop the weight down at any time? Did you rock your torso back and
forth or even arch your spine to get the last few reps out?
I have seen people using their shoulders near the end of a set of bicep curls
when they reach the point of Failure, but they think they can still do more.
What most of them then do is to actually just rock their shoulders as they
arch their spine, and at the same time the weight is by then typically
remaining almost motionless in fixed space as they shift themselves AROUND the
dumbbells to make it look as if they are still performing bicep curls.
To get the most effective results from curls, you must perform them CORRECTLY.

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You should NEVER use momentum to help the exercise, such as letting a dumbbell
drop, and therefore using gravity instead of using muscle to lower it, or
swinging your shoulders, back, elbows, or curling your wrists when doing bicep
curls, which subtracts effort from your biceps. Rather, lock your shoulders,
back, elbows and wrists at fixed positions. This way you will not cheat by
utilizing other muscles when you are actually focused on one muscle group.
Also, pause between each major movement to dissipate momentum. Riding momentum
reduces the effectiveness of an exercise, and the results you desire will take
longer to achieve. Use a weight that seems easy, but gives enough resistance
that you can soon feel the burn from it. When you feel this discomfort, you
are benefiting from the exercise. So when you feel it, instead of stopping,
try to tough it through a few more repetitions. You will not regret it.
As explained earlier, we are as much as 1.75 times stronger in the eccentric
phase (muscle lengthening, such as lowering a weight back down from a curl)
than in the concentric phase (muscle compression; doing the curl) because in
eccentric motion, the resistance is always greater than the force produced.
Normally when we perform a 2-step exercise like Dumbbell Curls, we just do it
in a simple 2-second count. Instead, we should curl on an explosive 1-count,
but the eccentric extension should be on an even 3- to 6-count! You should
NEVER ignore the eccentric motion and let the weight fall with gravity (which
is cheating and you also lose exercise benefit), but lower the weight at a
controlled tempo, giving you more time under tension. Thus, a simple way to
build muscle and strength is to have an explosive concentric motion and a
longer tempo for eccentric motion. This PROPERLY exercises the muscles.
You will notice immediately that these exercises will suddenly become much
more difficult, and even a comfortable dumbbell can appear to be even heavier,
but the benefits of performing them this way are colossal!
One of the greatest benefits from doing exercises in this manner is that you
will notice that your muscular strength increases MUCH faster, your lean
musculature will become more defined, and when it is applied to anaerobic
exercises, you might notice you burn even MORE fat, and feel the burn in
your muscles faster. I even extend the eccentric motion on certain non-weight
exercises that uses my body-weight instead. Blasting through a Set in record
time without focusing on execution performance is not efficiency!
To demonstrate focused attention to exercise, we are going to try Seated
Dumbbell Concentration Curls using correct form.
Sit upright on a chair or a bench. Spread your legs about 30 degrees apart.
Bend over from the hips with a straight back. Rest the elbow of the left arm
behind the knee on the left leg and lay its palm on the right leg, back from
its knee. Extend the right arm straight down, palm out and underhand-gripping
a dumbbell securely, resting the back of its elbow just below where your left
hand and right leg join, to cradle the right arm securely.
Now do 12 controlled curls with absolute focus on using ONLY the biceps of the
right arm, and be sure to keep your wrists, shoulders, and all contact points
rigid. Remember to lower the weight from the curl AT LEAST 3 times longer than

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you did the curl. Doing an easy 4-count really helps to maintain an even
tempo. Do 12 reps (1-2-3-1, 1-2-3-2, 1-2-3-3, etc.). Next, without rest (none
needed because the other arm was resting) switch and do the curl with the left
arm the same way. Without rest, keep switching arms. It will not take many
cycles until you achieve Failure, where you cannot do any more.
This exercise probably demonstrates focused exercise the absolute best. This
is how you should perform ALL your exercises. Try to apply that rigidity to
performing regular bicep curls. The difference is amazing, and the results
will NOT be disappointing! The next day your arms might ache, but you will
also notice a leaner and stronger change in them as well.
There are two basic stances for standing erect. Having been in the military, I
will refer to them as Standing at Attention and Standing At Ease.
Both are essentially the same, except for the placement of the feet. Ignoring
arm positions, our bodies are straight, rigid, and we are facing squarely
forward. At Attention, our feet are only slightly part. When At Ease, the
change is that our feet are more separated, being a little more than shoulderwidth apart, with our toes pointed a comfortable angle outward to give us a
stable base. This position is often referred to as an Athletic Stance.
We start At Attention to Jog-In-Place or do Jumping Jacks; warm-up exercises
to get the heart pumping. I assume this stance before moving into another
starting position, usually after reciting my mantra, Dont be a lazy ass!
We start At Ease for Standing Bicep Curls, Squats, Squats with Dumbbell
Presses, Standing Dumbbell Shrugs, Standing Behind-the-Back Dumbbell Shrugs,
Dumbbell Side-Bends, Dumbbell Good Mornings, Skater Jumps, Burpies (some call
them Squat-Thrusts), Quiet Burpies, Ab Twists, High Knee Taps, Step-Ups and
Standing At Ease, bend slightly at your knees with thighs angled at about 45
degrees, though the knees should not be so far forward that you cannot glance
down and not see your toes. You hands are in fists and the knuckles of each
hand are together (you can also clasp palms). This just gets the arms out of
the way so they cannot provide momentum-assists. Your back is straight and
tilted forward enough for good balance. Butt pushed back. Face straight ahead.
For more resistance, squat further down, which also causes you to tilt your
straight back further forward. This puts more pressure on your thighs, glutes,
and lower back. You can also exercise pecs and shoulders by clasping your
hands and pressing them together. Still, keep your toes in sight.
This stance is good for Side-Steps with Squats, which are FANTASTIC for
quickly burning off that saggy fat that collects on the inside of our thighs
and forces us to wear those ugly cargo shorts. It is also a good start
position for various Lunges, Core Rotations, Punches, Kicks, Rows, Overhand
Grip Dumbbell Rows, Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks, and a variety of Squats.
Many people demonstrate lunges and squats with their legs STRAIGHT. You CAN do
them that way, but by KEEPING them bent offers significantly more resistance!

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Clearly, most everyone knows how to sit on a chair or on a bench (I prefer a
chair because I get better resistance). But like in school, you should sit
comfortably, NOT slouched, with feet flat on the floor and back straight and
vertical. This is good for exercises like Seated Alternating Hammer Curls,
Seated Shrugs, and Seated Dumbbell Tricep Extensions. Some exercises lean you
forward, such as doing Seated Rows and Seated Dumbbell Concentration Curls.
A variation on this, where you do behind-the-back Push-Ups on a bench or
chair, is the Bench Dip, with your feet extended out and your heels resting on
the floor. Some people prefer using a bench or a coffee table for a wider
grip, which is good to start, but being in tighter on a chair, such as each
palm resting on its forward corners, offers better resistance and gets easier
once strength builds up. If needed, use a table, but in that case be sure to
add at least 5 more reps to get the full benefit of the exercise, because a
higher upward angle makes it easier to do all-around.
Also, lower your butt down toward the floor only as far as you are comfortable
or feel capable of doing. Some people with shoulder issues or bad rotator cups
cannot lower themselves down very far. Just do what you are able to do.
This is often referred to as the Push-Up Position, and the military refers to
this as The Prone Position, such as Assume the position and give me 20.
The ankles are together, the legs are together and straight, the back is
straight (NO DROOP) and you are looking directly at the floor or up and ahead.
You can grip a pair of Dumbbells lying at the hand position on the floor for
gentler wrist stability if you have issues where you cannot comfortably put
your hands flat on the floor and extend the arms straight up from them. You
can also use an inexpensive pair of Push-Up Bars for even better stability.
Use this start position for doing Push-Ups, Diamond Push-Ups (Marine PushUps), Shoulder Touch Planks, Commando Planks, Inchworm Push-Ups, and Dumbbell
Row Push-Ups. If you have weak legs, do these from your knees to reduce stress
on your legs and shoulders (and then build up your legs).
With the feet spread and the hands forward of the shoulders, this is called an
X-Plank, and is a great hold position for core/ab strengthening. You can also
do these from the elbows for a lot more deltoid (shoulder muscles) resistance
(the same goes for Shoulder Touch Planks). Extend the hands or elbows EVEN
FURTHER forward for a KILLER challenge and greater core-muscle strengthening!
Also, with feel elevated on a chair or bench, you can do Declined Push-Ups.
These shift more work to the upper arms, upper chest, upper back, triceps and
shoulders. Because the work is likewise distributed to so many muscles, these
are often easier to do, though they might look more difficult.
There is also a thing called a Reverse Plank. Basically, you sit on the floor,
plant you hands on the floor (or use dumbbells or Push-Up Bars) at about 45
degrees out and behind you, plant you feet flat on the floor, legs spread, and
elevate the hips. The higher you hold your hips, the more resistance you get,
and the more you work your glutes. These are good for Reverse Plank Kicks. The
higher and more controlled your kick, the more benefit you get from it.

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Though in the military, this would refer to the Push-Up position, here it
means laying flat on your stomach. These are good for Prone Leg Curls and
Prone Back Extensions (some call these Lying Back Extensions or Superman).
This is not boasting to everyone how big the fish was that got away, but this
is Lying flat on you back with body straight. The head can be raised to
recruit more muscle. With this position you can start Flutter Kicks, Lying
Single Leg Raises, Dumbbell Flys, Lying Dumbbell Presses, and Leg Lay-Overs.
In exercises without weights, you can extend your arms on the floor above
your head to add more resistance to your core, looking like you are about to
dive into water. For added resistance, you can hold one or two dumbbells aloft
at a rear angle of about 45 degrees to work your core even more.
A variation of this position is to have your feet pulled in to raise your
knees, but only enough that you can, with a straight back, still tilt up to
sit. You might do Seated Ab-Twists or Seated Leg Pull-Ins with this.
Another variation is to lay flat but have the knees up at 90 degrees from the
body, the shins bent at 90 degrees, parallel to the floor, and from that do
Bicycles, Lying Heel-Tap Crunches, or Lying Toe-Tap Crunches (you might have
to start these out as Lying Calf-Tap Crunches until the gut disappears).
With the back straight, simply get onto your hands and knees. These are good
for starting Alternating Rear Leg Kick-Backs. Watch out that the kids do not
find this an opportunity to climb on your back, though this WOULD provide you
with greater resistance. Some pooped people assume this position just to rest!
There are basically three different bridges. The first is Glute Bridges, which
starts as a Reverse Plank, where you raise and lower your hips as high as you
can. Your spouse might find a use for you perfecting this exercise.
Another is Leaning Glute Bridges, resting your shoulders against a bench or
chair. These are usually performed while holding a dumbbell in your lap. Rest
two dumbbells, one on each hip, for even greater resistance and benefit.
A variation on the above, called Lying Glute Bridges, are done by instead
lying your shoulders on the floor. These are usually performed while holding a
dumbbell on each hip for greater resistance, though you can also do it with
just one dumbbell cradled in your lap.
--------------------------------Rather that doing static stretches, which can sap you of energy and reduce the
oxygen deficit we are trying to build up, you might wonder if we should then
simply go into a workout cold. If you have some muscle stiffness, that is
not a very inviting idea. Being one who climbs tall ladders with heavy boxes
on my shoulders all day, my knees can sometimes feel a bit stiff.
Using a Roller can help with muscle soreness and get blood circulating through
tired joints, but often we need only a few reps of dynamic warm-ups.

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The most popular dynamic warm-ups are Jogging-In-Place and Jumping Jacks.
These are a staple in military warm-ups. They get your heart pumping, your
lungs pumping oxygen, and they work up a light sweat. You might do 30 seconds
of Jogging-In-Place, and then 30 seconds of Jumping Jacks. If you are not in a
descent level of fitness yet, however, 15 to 30 seconds of Jogging-In-Place
can get you into a good preparatory state for fitness exercise.
If my knees are a bit stiff, I like to do a few Squats to limber up, doing
them with arms planed straight out ahead, or even in a boxer stance.
Another dynamic warm-up is knocking out a few Push-Ups, or, if you are focused
on REALLY getting a workout, knock out Burpies in conjunction with 2 pushups
for a great 8-count exercise. Pull-Ups are also a great way to get warmed up
fast, along with some leg exercise, such as Squats before or after.


There are 6 basic exercises used in most fat-burning high-intensity but lowimpact anaerobic exercises. Some of these exercises expect to be performed
alone, or in conjunction with another exercise and/or through variations.
Others will expect dumbbells weights to be added to the exercise to provide
additional resistance, though most exercises that do not require weights can
certainly have them, or Circle Resistance Bands or even oversized rubber bands
added to supply supplemental resistance, giving better and faster results.
Much better results are obtained by maintaining a rigid, disciplined form, and
by applying resistance from muscles that oppose the muscles being exercised.
These exercises are Squats, Lunges, Anaerobic Crunches, Presses, and Flys.
All the exercises I include in this section will be listed with basic
instructions on how to perform them. More detailed instructions and video
demonstrations for them can be found by searching for them online. You might
see some people demonstrate (or even name) them a little differently, but you
can also add your own variations on them as well, to increase resistance.
The exercises listed here are common to a great many regimens, and some have
existed since Jack Lalanne, the Godfather of modern fitness, opened the
worlds first health club in Oakland, California in 1936. Although most of
these exercises have existed since those performing strength and weight
training first experimented on techniques to increase results through better
resistance, and some have even been enhanced by experts in sports medicine
applying science to these methods, most of them were invented as a means to an
end by people just like you and me, using what they had at hand, like a chair,
a stick, or a bicycle inner-tube to build up and define a fit musculature.
I will divide this rather extensive list of sample exercises under various
headings, based on the basic type of exercise. These basic exercises types
are: Bridges, Burpies, Core Rotations, Crunches, Curls, Flys, Lunges, Planks,
Presses, Prones, Push-Ups, Rows, Shrugs, Squats, Step-Ups, Tricep Extensions,
Miscellaneous Lying, Miscellaneous Standing, Miscellaneous Standing with
Dumbbells, and a few PURELY Miscellaneous exercises.

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I will briefly describe each exercise so you will have some familiarity with
it, and you could even apply your interpretation of it to adequately perform
them (all exercises are, after all, PERSONAL, and MUST be tailored to your
body and its capacity for mobility). However, you are, again, encouraged to
look them up on the internet, or to purchase one of the suggested inexpensive
programs to get access to demonstration videos from their creators.
If you decide to start your own program, consider the advice offered earlier
on how you must order your exercises. Quite honestly, I strongly suggest you
go with one of the inexpensive programs I have advocated, where everything has
already been tested and figured out for you, so you can just perform them.
The easiest program to follow is Abs After 40 (www.getabsafter40.com), and
it is gentle on the more elder in that it is friendlier to the joints. The
most inexpensive is MAX Workouts ((www.maxworkouts.com), but it offers much
more intense exercises that work to activate your metabolism even faster. The
most advanced program, and I suggest it for men only, is Six Pack Shortcuts
2.0 (www.sixpackshortcuts.com). It is great start program for the younger
guys and for those who are already lean and fit. It is a perfect follow-up to
both Abs After 40 and MAX Workouts. The reason I suggest it for men only
is because it focuses on building up a larger, more robust and more powerful
body. Besides, I have not met many women who want to focus on gaining larger,
more defined muscles and get generally bulkier who are not also body-builders.
NOTE: Some of these exercises are difficult to perform for the first time.
Practice makes them easy, so practice before you show them off to others!
Glute Bridges (AKA Hip Raises or Glute Thusters)
Lean back and rest your shoulders on a bench, a chair, or an ottoman. Always
keep your back straight. Spread your legs comfortably and pull your feet in
below your knees and flat on the floor. Raise your butt as high as you can,
hold for a second, and then lower it to just above the floor to complete 1
rep. For more of a challenge, rest a dumbbell in your lap and hold it in place
with your hands. Add another dumbbell and stand each one vertically on a hip
for even more of a challenge. This is a 2-count exercise.
Lying Glute Bridges
Rest your shoulders on the floor. Always keep your back straight. Spread your
legs comfortably and pull your feet in below your knees and flat on the floor.
Raise your butt as high as you can, hold for a moment, and then lower it to
just above the floor to complete 1 rep. For more of a challenge, rest a
dumbbell in your lap and hold it in place with your hands. Add another
dumbbell and stand each one vertically on a hip for even more of a
challenge. This is a 2-count exercise.
Reverse Plank Kicks (AKA Bridge Kicks)
Assume the Reverse Plank starting position. Extend the right foot up as high
as you can, pointing it toward the ceiling, straightening the leg as much as
you can. Do not actually KICK, but do raise it quickly. Hold it aloft for a
moment and then lower it back down to rest the foot on the floor. Next, do the
same thing with the other foot. This 4-count exercise constitutes 1 rep.

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Start At Attention. Drop down into a Plank position by placing your palms flat
on the floor and then smartly kicking both feet out behind you to a Plank.
From this rigid position, do 1 full Push-Up, as deep as you can go. Next, hop
to tuck both legs under you and then push off the floor with your hands as you
pull your upper body back. Instead of just standing up, explode upward in a
jump, reaching both hands for the ceiling. This is 7-count exercise.
If full Burpies is too difficult, skip the jump, making a 6-count exercise.
You can alternatively, or also skip the Push-Up. Burpies without the jump or
Push-Up was once called the military Squat Thrust for a 4-count exercise.
Another variation is Burpies without a jump, but performing 2 consecutive
Push-Ups. This was once called the military Eight-Count Push-Up.
Quiet Burpies
Start At Attention. Drop your palms flat to the floor and extend one leg out
behind you, and then the other, to assume a Plank position. Next, tuck one leg
under you, and then the other, and then push off the floor with your hands (I
roll up onto my fingertips) as you rotate your upper body back to stand back
up At Attention. This is a 6-count exercise. This DOES get easier.
Core Rotations are also called Ab Twists, or more accurately as Torso Twists,
because they are meant to exercise your entire core.
Core Rotation
Start At Attention. Bring fists up together in the center of your chest.
Rotate at your waist left, return to center, then rotate right, and return to
center. Be sure to pause on each movement. Many people demonstrate this by
pausing only at the center position, but pausing after each movement in this
4-count exercise makes it easier to count off and it also gives you greater
exercise benefit by preventing you from riding momentum as your body tries to
naturally return to center. You can also grip a dumbbell at your chest for
added resistance by holding it vertically in a microphone grip, holding its
bar with one hand, and wrapping that hand with the other. Hold two dumbbells
pressed together, one in each hand, for even more resistance.
Seated Core Rotation
Sit on the floor. Pull your feet in to comfortably to raise your knees,
resting the feet flat on the floor. Tilt your straight back up at about 45
degrees. Do Core Rotations from this position. You can hold a medicine ball or
grip a dumbbell for added resistance. Use two dumbbells for more resistance.
Note that some people demonstrate this using dumbbells by tapping the bottom
bell of the dumbbell(s) on the floor (preferably carpeted or a mat - a spouse
tends to get a bit over-excited when it is tile, linoleum or wood).
Lateral Lunge with Core Rotation
Start At Attention. Fists are together, resting against the chest. You back is
always straight. Take a wide step off to one side as you go into a squat.
Plant the extended foot flat on the floor, raise yourself back up, raising
yourself on the extended leg as you pull the other leg to it. Once you are up,
perform a Core Rotation. You can grip a dumbbell for added resistance. Use two

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dumbbells for even greater resistance. You can also add resistance by keeping
the knees bent, like in the Boxer start position. In that case, when you come
up from the squat, be sure to keep your knees slightly bent. Complement it by
doing the next lunge on the other foot. A single rep is constituted as one
lunge to each side with their Core Rotations, accounting for two lunges and
two Core Rotations, making this a 12-count exercise. My own personal variation
on this is to start my Core Rotation in the direction of the foot that I had
extended out in the Lunge.
Bicycle Crunches (AKA Bicycles)
Lie flat on your back. Lift your knees up so they are 90-degrees up from the
floor and your shins are bent 90 degrees down from them, making your lower
legs parallel to the floor. Bring you hands up close to your temples with
elbows pointed either in line with your shoulders, or at an angle half-way
from your shoulders to your knees. Using your core, pull one shoulder 6 to 8
inches from the floor and extend that elbow to the opposite knee, pulling, not
jerking, that knee toward the elbow. Try to tap your elbow on the knee. If you
cannot -- consider it something to work on. Let your core lower your shoulder
back down and then do it with the other shoulder. Each tap counts as 1 rep.
Sprinter Sit-Up Crunches (AKA Sprinter Sit-Ups)
These are performed like Bicycle Crunches, except that you hold the contact
between the elbow and knee for 1 to 3 seconds. The longer you can hold it, the
more difficult it will be, but the greater the exercise benefits are.
Lying Heel-Tap Crunches
Lie flat on your back. Lift your knees up so they are 90-degrees up from the
floor and your shins are bent 90 degrees down from them, making your lower
legs parallel to the floor. With arms straight and hands flat, point your
fingertips toward your ankles. To do a single repetition, pull your shoulders
up 6 to 8 inches from the floor USING YOUR CORE, with specific focus on your
abdominal muscles and reach, NOT BOLT, for your ankles. You might also see
this demonstrated by reaching over the knees and tapping the lower shins. Hold
that crunch for a half-second, no matter how far you have actually reached,
and then return flat to the floor. Please let your core lower you back down.
Reverse Crunches
Lie flat on your back. Legs are straight and together with toes pointed away
from you. The legs are slightly off the floor. You can rest your arms anywhere
to stabilize yourself. Some people like to put them off to the side, others
under their butt, and others stretch their arms above their heads on the
floor to add more resistance to their core, looking like they are about to
dive into water. Next, evenly pull your straight legs together overhead as
high as you can WITHOUT raising your butt from the floor (if you raise your
butt, you are flexing your spine). I like to keep the angle of my raised legs
less than 90 degrees, just to keep more resistance on my core. If this is too
difficult, bend at your knees as much as needed to ease the tension.
To add even more core resistance, hold one or two dumbbells stretched out past
your head. Raise them up from the floor and hold them aloft, or arc them up
with straight arms. Do not raise them to 90 degrees, where resistance wanes.
Also, using two dumbbells, I hold them together, both oriented vertically, and
cradle the upper bells in each palm by making a diamond with both hands.

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Standing Knee-to-Elbow Crunches

This is like doing a Bicycle, but standing. Start At Ease. Bring you hands up
close to your temples with elbows pointed either in line with your shoulders,
or at an angle half-way from your shoulders and forward. Perform a High-Knee
Pull by raising one knee up as you bring the opposite elbow down and over to
tap that knee. Return the foot flat to the floor as you erect yourself and
face forward. Do the same with the other knee. Each tap counts as 1 rep.
Side Knee-Up Crunches (AKA Side Knee-Ups)
This exercise is a variation on Standing Knee-to-Elbow Crunches, but puts more
focus on the Oblique muscles in the sides of your core and does not require
contact. Start At Ease. Bring you hands up close to your temples with elbows
pointed either in line with your shoulders, or at an angle half-way from your
shoulders and forward. Do a High-Knee Pull by raising one knee up off toward
the side. With the elbow on the SAME side, crunch your core to the side, which
naturally pulls that elbow down to that side. Return erect and do the other
side. Doing both sides counts as 1 rep, accounting for a 4-count exercise.
Towel Sit-Up Crunches (AKA Towel Sit-Ups)
Lie flat on your back. Pull your feet in to raise your knees, resting the feet
flat on the floor. Hold a hand towel between fists, arms straight and held
aloft directly overhead. The towel keeps your hands occupied and keeps them
about shoulder-width apart. Using your core, raise your shoulders about 6 to 8
inches off the floor as you push the towel upward. Hold that for a second,
and then let your core lower your shoulders back down. That counts as 1 rep.
Leg Lay-Over Crunches (AKA Lag Lay-Overs)
Lie flat on your back. Rest your hands off the sides for support. Lift the
legs up from the floor at least 45 degrees or higher. Try to keep your legs
straight. Turing at your waist, rotate the legs to the left, bringing your
fell as close to the floor as you can, and then return them to center. Then
rotate to the right, again bringing your feet as close to the floor as you
can, and finally return them to center. This 4-count exercise is performed
evenly. The slower the motion, the more tension you feel. If these are too
difficult, you can bend at the knees a little to reduce the tension.
Elevated Toe-Reach Crunches (AKA Elevated Toe-Reaches)
Lie flat on your back. Rest your hands down at your sides. Lift the legs from
the floor at least 45 degrees or higher. Try to keep your legs straight. To
perform a rep, evenly raise your shoulders 6 to 8 inches off the floor as your
reach your fingers up to tap your toes, or as close as you can get. Hold that
crunch for a moment. Finally, return your shoulders and arms to the floor.
Dumbbell Pull-Over Crunches (AKA Dumbbell Pull-Overs)
Start in a Leaning Bridge by supporting your shoulders on the edge of a bench,
across a chair, or an ottoman. Plant your feet on the floor with your knees
directly above your feet and raise your butt up to form a table with your
stomach. Your back is straight. Forming a diamond with your hands, support a
vertical dumbbell back behind your head with the arms fully extended. To
perform a rep, slowly rotate your arms to above your head, lifting the
dumbbell aloft. Do not get to a right angle, because that will reduce the
tension. Hold that position for a moment, and then lower the dumbbell back
down. You can also perform this exercise by lying on the floor, but you should
be sure to always hold the dumbbell minimally just above the floor.

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Bicep Curls
Standing or seated, lock the elbows into the ribs directly below the
shoulders. Arms extend straight down with palms forward, gripping a dumbbell
firmly in each hand. Without shifting the elbow or shoulders, or bending at
the wrists, raise both dumbbells as far as you can rotate them using ONLY the
elbows. Pause, and then slowly lower them all the way down to your side,
taking at least 3 times as long as you raised them. This represents 1 rep.
Alternating Bicep Curls
These are like Bicep Curls, except you alternate, doing one dumbbell at a
time. Curl and uncurl one side, and then do the other. Once you complete both
curls, this represents 1 rep.
Concentration Curls (AKA Seated Curls)
Sit upright on a chair or a bench. Legs are spread around 30 degrees apart,
bend over with back straight to rest the elbow of the left arm behind the knee
on the left leg, lay the palm on the right leg, back from its knee. Extend the
right arm straight down, palm out and gripping a dumbbell securely, resting
the back of its elbow just below where your left hand and right leg join, to
cradle the right arm securely. Now do a single-arm Bicep Curl from that
position. Do all your reps. Next, switch arms to do reps with the other arm.
Hammer Curls
These are like Bicep Curls, except that you hold the dumbbells at right angles
to regular curls in suitcase grips, looking like you are swinging hammers.
Alternating Hammer Curls
These are like Hammer Curls, except you do one dumbbell at a time. Curl and
uncurl one side, and then do the other. Once you complete both curls, this
represents 1 rep. You can perform these standing or seated.
Floor Dumbbell Flys (AKA Dumbbell Flys)
Lay on the floor. Pull your feet in to comfortably raise your knees, resting
the feet flat on the floor. Arms are straight out to the side with palms up.
Grip a dumbbell in each fist and keep the dumbbells off the floor by bending
up at your elbows about 15 degrees. To perform a rep, raise both dumbbells
until they are over your chest. You do not want to reduce tension by raising
them up to 90 degrees. Next, lower both of them slowly back down to the
starting position. That completes 1 rep.
If this seems too difficult, increase the angle you bend at your elbows. If
you want additional core resistance, extend the legs straight out and hold
your heels above the floor at a preferred height.
Bent Over Rear Delt Flys
Start At Ease. Bend over at the hips. The knees are bend as needed. The back
is straight. The butt is pushed back. Look forward. Grip dumbbells in both
hands in a suitcase grip, and arms angled out and bent down at the elbows
about 15 degrees. With focus on the back of the shoulders, pull both dumbbells
up without changing the angle of the elbow and rotate ONLY at the shoulders.

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Frontal Flys
Start At Ease. Grip a dumbbell in each hand in a suitcase grip. The arms are
down at your sides. Using ONLY your shoulder muscles, WITHOUT swinging your
shoulders or moving the rest of your body, swing the dumbbells evenly up in
front of you until your fists are next to each other and are out in front of
your face. Hold that for a moment, and then lower the dumbbells slowly, taking
3 times longer to lower them as you did to raise them. Thus, as a 4-count
exercise, you raise them on a 1-count and lower them on a 3-count.
Shoulder Flys
Start At Ease. Grip a dumbbell in each hand. The bells are aligned left and
right with your shoulders. The arms are in front of each leg with an overhand
grip on a dumbbell in each hand (palms toward legs). To perform a rep, lift
the dumbbells straight up in front of the body until the are at about temple
height (raise them as high as you can for more of a challenge). Hold that for
a moment, and then lower the dumbbells down slowly, taking 3 times longer to
lower them as you did to raise them. Thus, as a 4-count exercise, you raise
them on a 1-count and lower them on a 3-count.
Lunges (AKA Forward Lunge)
Start At Attention. Step forward and come down on your other knee (or as close
as you are able). If your forward knee is beyond your toes, you need to step
out further. Your shin should be vertical. Pause at the bottom of the Lunge,
and then return to your feet, pushing yourself back using the forward leg, and
up with your kneeled leg, returning to your starting point and at Attention.
Next, do the same thing with the other leg. Some exercises count a single
Lunge as 1 rep, and other count lunges with both legs as 1 rep. Grip a pair of
dumbbells and hang them down at your side, or resting on your shoulders, for
added resistance.
Reverse Lunges
Start At Attention. Step backward, and slightly off to the outside for better
stability, and come down on the knee of that leg (or as close as you are
able). If your forward knee is beyond your toes, you need to step back
further. Your shin should be vertical. Pause at the bottom of the Lunge, and
then return to your feet, pushing yourself forward and up using the kneeled
leg, returning to your starting point and at Attention. Next, do the same
thing with the other leg. Some exercises count a single Lunge as 1 rep, and
other count lunges with both legs as 1 rep. Grip a pair of dumbbells and hang
them down at your side, or resting on your shoulders, for added resistance.
Lateral Lunges (AKA Side Lunges)
Start At Attention. Fists are together, resting against the chest. You back is
always straight. Take a wide step off to one side as you go into a squat.
Planting the extended foot flat on the floor, raise yourself back up, raising
yourself on the extended leg and you pull the other leg to it. You can grip a
dumbbell for added resistance. Use two dumbbells for even greater resistance.
You can also add resistance by keeping the knees bent, like in the Boxer start
position. In that case, when you come up from the squat, be sure to keep your
knees slightly bent. Complement it by doing the next lunge on the other foot.
A single rep is constituted as one lunge to each side, accounting for two
lunges, making this a 4-count exercise.

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Lateral Lunges With Dumbbells (AKA Side Lunges With Dumbbells)

These are like Lateral Lunges, except that you are holding dumbbells in each
hand at your side in suitcase grips. Hold the dumbbells slightly forward to
clear your hips. Alter your Lateral Lunge so you are stepping off to each side
when you are upright, and THEN going down into a Squat. Also, the leading
dumbbell should naturally descend with you to the outside of the leading leg
as the trailing dumbbell should come down between your knees. Keep your back
straight and do any bending at the hips. To add resistance, perform this
exercise with knees bent at all times, so you are in the semi-squat of the
Boxer stance when standing upright. A single rep is constituted as one lunge
to each side, accounting for two lunges, making this a 4-count exercise.
Walking Lunges
These are a number of Forward Lunges, usually 6, and then an equal number of
Reverse Lunges to return to your start location. Keep low during the walks.
Lunges with Bicep Curls
These are Lunges, except that you hold a pair of dumbbells in suitcase grips
at your side. Once you go into a Lunge, perform a Bicep Curl. Completing the
curl, return upright from the Lunge. For more core exercise, curl one dumbbell
and then the other. You can also do Hammer Curls instead of Bicep Curls.
Reverse Lunges with Bicep Curls
These are Reverse Lunges, except that you hold a pair of dumbbells in suitcase
grips at your side. Once you go down into the lunge, you do a Bicep Curl. Once
you complete the curl, you return upright from the lunge. For more core
exercise, you can curl one dumbbell, and then the other. You can also do
Hammer Curls instead of Bicep Curls.
Lunges with Dumbbell Press-Ups
These are Lunges, except that you support a dumbbell with each hand on a
shoulder. The dumbbells are aligned front to back in suitcase grips, with the
rear bell resting on a shoulder. Once you go down into the lunge, press the
dumbbells straight up, turning them so they are aligned with each other. Lock
your elbows, and then return them down to your shoulders. Once they are
seated, you return upright from the lunge. Alternatively, you can press the
dumbbells aligned front to back during the press. For more core exercise, you
can press and return one dumbbell, and then the other.
Reverse Lunges with Alternating Press Ups
These are Reverse Lunges, except that you support a dumbbell with each hand on
a shoulder. The dumbbells are held in suitcase grips, with the rear bell
resting on your shoulder. As you are going down into the lunge, press the
dumbbell over the kneeling leg straight up, lock your elbow, and then return
it back down to your shoulder. Once it is seated, you return upright from the
lunge. Now do the same for the other leg. If this is too difficult for you,
you can make it easier by just pressing with the opposite dumbbell instead.
Lunges with Dumbbell Rows
With a pair of dumbbells held at your side, go into the Lunge. Once down, make
sure the dumbbells are aligned with each other and lift them, pulling straight
up from the elbows until your elbows are at the height of your shoulders, then
return them back down to your side. You can also do this with a Reverse Lunge.

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Lunges with Reach and Twist (AKA Mobility Lunge)

Go down into the Lunge using your right leg. Next, reach down to the floor
with both hands. Bring your right elbow down as far as you can into the instep of the right foot, arm bent at the elbow to keep the hand off the floor.
Turn at your shoulders to face rightward, twisting and reaching up with the
right arm as your swing and extend it straight up. Hold for a second, and then
bring the hand back to the floor and lift your hips up with your left leg as
high as you can to stretch your right Hamstring. Return the hips back down as
you return to the Lunge position to stretch the Hip Flexor in your left leg.
Finally, return up to At Attention. Now do the same thing for the other leg.
Overhead Reverse Lunge with Twist
Holding a pole or even a broom handle overhead with hands, aligning the pole
with your shoulders but rear of the head. The arms are straight and angled up
about 45 degrees. Now go down into a Reverse Lunge, dropping to your right
knee. Once down, lean to the right (knee-down leg), as though arcing the right
pole end toward the floor. Hold for a moment, and then return upright, and
then return up from the lunge. Now do the same with the left leg.
Overhead Lateral Lunges
Holding a pole or even a broom handle overhead with hands, aligning the pole
with your shoulders but rear of the head. The arms are straight and angled up
about 45 degrees. Now perform Lateral Lunges.
Lateral Lunge with Reach
When performing a Lateral Lunge, modify it by also reaching with the arm
opposite the lunge direction and try to tap the floor beyond lunging foot with
your fingertips, or as close as you can get. Next, pull your other leg along
as you return upright. Now do the same in the other direction.
Split Lunge Rows (AKA Split Squat Rows)
Start At Attention with dumbbells in each hand down at your sides. Go into a
Lunge and tilt your chest, with your back straight, over your raised knee as
you bring the dumbbells along, still extended straight down. Now raise your
elbows in line with your shoulders as you squeeze your shoulder blades
together, pulling the dumbbells up to touch your ribs, and then lower them
back down. Remain in this lunge position for multiple row reps, and then
return upright from the lunge. Now do the same using the other leg.
Alternating Jump Lunges
Start in a Lunge position, but with the lowered knee off from the floor. Jump
up and switch feet, back-to-front, front-to-back, returning to the modified
lunge with the other leg. This counts as 1 rep.
Alternating Reverse Lunge with Single-Leg Step-Up and High-Knee-Lift
With a bench, chair or ottoman just in front of you, start in a kneeled Lunge
position. Raise upright and at the same set the foot of the leg that had been
kneeling up onto the bench. Use that leg to pull the other leg up as you stand
on the bench, but do not rest the other foot on the bench. Instead, raise its
knee high in front of you. Now bring that foot down to stabilize yourself on
the bench. With the first foot, step back from the chair to the floor. Now
bring the foot still on the chair down and go directly onto that legs knee in
a Reverse Lunge. This 6-count exercise represents 1 rep. Reverse the legs on
alternate reps. For more resistance, hold dumbbells down at your sides.

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If you have stability issues, perform this next to a wall so you can reach
over with fingers on the wall to help keep balance. I might need to do this if
I perform my exercises barefoot (which I normally do at home or in the yard).
Lateral Lunges with Core Rotation
You start At Attention. Fists are together, resting against the chest. You
back is always straight. Take a wide step off to one side as you go into a
squat. Planting the extended foot flat on the floor, raise yourself back up,
raising yourself on the extended leg and you pull the other leg to it. Once
you are up, do a Core Rotation. You can grip a dumbbell for added resistance.
Use two dumbbells for even greater resistance. You can also add resistance by
keeping the knees bent, like in the Boxer start position. In that case, when
you come up from the squat, be sure to keep your knees slightly bent.
Complement it by doing the next lunge on the other foot. A single rep is
constituted as 1 lunge to each side with their Core Rotation, accounting for
two lunges and two Core Rotations, making this a 12-count exercise. My own
personal variation on this is to start my Core Rotation in the direction of
the foot that I had extended out in the Lunge.

Planks are performed in what most people consider the Push-Up position. The
hands are on the floor slightly wider than shoulder-width, below the line of
the shoulders, with the thumbs in line with your nipples. The thumbs are
perpendicular to the hands, the fingers are splayed out, and the hands are
then rotated outward slightly, but comfortably (this is less strenuous on the
wrists than keeping the palms aligned with the body with fingers together).
The legs are straight. The back is straight. The feet are normally together,
but it is OK to spread the legs comfortably apart if you need the stability.
If you have wrist issues, you can use Push-Up bars or a pair of dumbbells.
Start in a Plank Position. Spread the legs wide, but comfortably apart. Shift
the hands forward of the shoulders in line with the X you are creating. The
further you extend them, the more resistance you will feel in your core. You
can rest your feet against a wall if your feet keep sliding from the
resistance. For added resistance, instead of resting on your hands, perform
the X-Plank from your elbows. Like with the hands, shift the elbows forward of
the shoulders. Either way, hold this position for at least 30 seconds. Please
do not droop your back.
If an X-Plank is too difficult, try them from your knees until you build up
more leg and core strength. It should not take long.
Knee-to-Elbow Planks
Start in a Plank Position. Your feet can be set slightly apart if you need the
stability. To perform this 4-count rep, evenly bring one knee up to touch the
elbow on its side and then return to the Plank position. Next, bring the other
knee up to touch the elbow on its side, and finally return to the Plank
To add more resistance, extend the palms forward on the floor to put more
tension in the core. To add even more resistance, perform these from your
elbows, and rotate your knees up laterally to touch the back of your arms.

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Shoulder Touch Planks

Start in a Plank Position. For added resistance, instead of resting on your
hands, do the Plank from your elbows, with the elbows directly under the
shoulders. Next, as you shift your body slightly left (for support), use your
right palm to reach over and briefly clasp, tap, or slap your left shoulder.
Return to the Plank position. Now shift your body slightly right as you use
your left palm to reach over and briefly clasp, tap, or slap your right
shoulder. This 4-count exercise constitutes 1 rep. You can set your feet
slightly apart for a more stable base if you have support issues.
Commando Planks (AKA Hydraulic Planks)
Start in a Plank Position. Drop down onto your right elbow, then onto your
left elbow. Next, push yourself back up to your right hand and then the left.
This 4-count exercise constitutes 1 rep. On the next rep, reverse the order.
Plank Dumbbell Rows (AKA Dumbbell Row Push-Ups)
Start in a Plank Position, but support your hands on a pair of dumbbells.
Spread your feet apart for support. Perform a Push-Up, and then raise one
dumbbell up by pulling your elbow straight back to bring the dumbbells up to
the side of the ribcage. Next, do the same with the other dumbbells. Each 4count movement with a dumbbell constitutes 1 rep. If these are too difficult,
or if you have support issues, perform them from your knees.
Plank Reach Under and Twist
Start in a Plank position, but rest on your elbows instead of your hands. The
elbows are positioned directly below the shoulders. Spread your feet well
apart for stability. Raise one arm off the floor and reach under the body as
far as you can toward the other side. Next, swing that arm back and up as you
rotate your body in the same direction to face that side. Return the elbow to
the floor and do the same with the other arm. This is a 6-count exercise.
Plank with Opposite Hand to Toe Reach
Start in a Plank position. Lift the right leg up, swinging it under your body
as you rotate the body to the left. With the left hand, reach down and touch
the right toe. Finally, swing back to return to the Plank position. Now do the
same thing with the other leg. This is not as difficult as it sounds. It is
even easier if you do it at a faster pace.
Plank Crunches (AKA Knee-To-Elbow Planks)
Start in a Plank position. Shifting your weight slightly to the left, raise
you right hand from the floor and bring your right elbow down as you bring
your right knee up to touch them. Finish by returning to the Plank position.
Do the same for the other side. This 4-count exercise constitutes 1 rep.
Plank Jump-Ins
Start in a Plank position. Hop with both feet to bring them up to below your
waist, and then immediately hop back down to the Plank position. This 2-count
exercise constitutes 1 rep, and they are preformed with some rapidity. Thr
faster you do them, the more reps you should perform.
Mountain Climbers
Start in a Plank position. Rest one leg up under the waist. To do a rep, hop
and reverse positions of the feet. Bring one foot up under the waist, and the
other extended back to the Plank. Perform these at a moderate tempo.

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Inclined Mountain Climbers

Start in a plank position, but rest your hands on a bench or chair. Rest one
leg up under the waist. To do a rep, hop and reverse positions of the feet.
Bring one foot up under the waist, and the other extended back to the Plank.
Side Planks
On the floor on your right side, rest on the right elbow and the right heel
and keep your body rigid and aligned. Hold that for 30 seconds, and then do
the other side. You can also rest your hip on the floor, bring it off the
floor by aligning your body, hold, return the hip to the floor, and repeat.
Inclined Dumbbell Presses
Sit on a bench with the back tilted up about 45 degrees. You can also lean
back in a chair, resting your shoulders on the backrest, but being sure to
keep your spine straight. You can even lean back against or on a couch. Hold a
pair of dumbbells in overhand grips and rest them in front of the shoulders,
aligned as though you were holding a barbell. To perform a rep, press the
dumbbells aloft straight up and lock your elbows, and then slowly lower the
dumbbells back to the shoulder position, taking 3 times longer than when
pressing them up. This is a simple 4-count exercise, treating the dumbbellraising step as a 1-count and the dumbbell-lowering step as a 3-count.
Alternating Dumbbell Flat Bench Presses
Lay on a bench, ottoman, or a coffee table. Hold a pair of dumbbells and rest
them in front of the shoulders, aligned as though you were holding a barbell.
To perform a rep, press one dumbbell aloft straight up and lock your elbow,
and then slowly lower the dumbbell back to the shoulder position, taking 3
times longer than when pressing them up. Next, do the same with the other
dumbbell. This is a simple 8-count exercise, treating the dumbbell-raising
steps as 1-counts and the dumbbell-lowering steps as 3-counts.
Shoulder Presses (AKA Dumbbell Presses)
Start At Ease. Grip a pair of dumbbells in your hands and rest them in front
of the shoulders, aligned as though you were holding a barbell. To perform a
rep, press the dumbbells aloft straight up and lock your elbows. Next, slowly
lower the dumbbells to the shoulder position, taking 3 times longer than when
pressing them up. This is a simple 4-count exercise, treating the dumbbellraising step as a 1-count and the dumbbell-lowering step as a 3-count.
You can also perform this exercise by sitting on a bench, a chair, or ottoman.
Another variation is to hold the dumbbells OVER the shoulders, so the inner
bell rests on the shoulder. Lift the dumbbells straight up from there. This
puts more focus on the medial shoulder deltoid.
Arnold Presses
Arnold Presses can be done standing or seated on a bench or chair. Grip a pair
of dumbbells in your hands and rest them in front of the shoulders, aligned as
though you were holding a barbell. The Fists are turned toward the shoulders.
Next, press the dumbbells straight up, rotating the arms to face the fists
away from you at the top of the press. Lock the elbows. Finally, slowly lower
the dumbbells to return to the shoulder position, taking 3 times longer than
when pressing them. This is a simple 4-count exercise, treating the dumbbellraising step as a 1-count and the dumbbell-lowering step as a 3-count.

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Floor Dumbbell Presses

Lay on the floor. Pull your feet in to comfortably raise your knees, resting
the feet flat on the floor. Grip a pair of dumbbells in your hands and rest
them in front of the shoulders, aligned as though you were holding a barbell.
Press the dumbbells aloft straight up and lock your elbows. Next, slowly lower
the dumbbells to the shoulder position, taking 3 times longer than when
pressing them up. This is a simple 4-count exercise, treating the dumbbellraising step as a 1-count and the dumbbell-lowering step as a 3-count.
Prone Back Extensions (AKA Lying Back Extensions or Superman)
Start in the Prone position. Feet are slightly apart. Arm are at your side,
slightly rotated out, with the palms flat to the floor. To perform a rep, arch
the back to raise the head, shoulders, arms and legs from the floor as high as
you can extend them while you rotate the arms around so that the palms face
up. Hold that stretch for at least a second. Return to the floor into the
starting position. The greater the exertions you commit to this exercise, the
more benefit you will get from it. Although this is a slow 2-count exercise, I
like to hold the stretch for at least a 4-count, treating it as a 5-count.
Prone Leg Curls
Start in the Prone position. Feet are slightly apart. Your hands are palms
down with your arms at your side in any comfortable position for stability. To
perform a rep, arch the back to raise the legs off the floor as high as you
can extend them. Hold that stretch for at least a second. Return to the floor
into the starting position. The greater the exertion you commit to this
exercise, the more benefit you will get from it. Although this is a slow 2count exercise, I like to hold the stretch for at least a 4-count.
Prone Paddles (AKA Doggie Paddles)
Start in the Prone position. Feet are slightly apart. Your arms are stretched
out in front of you with your palms about shoulder-width apart with palms
down. Arch your back to lift both arms and legs slightly off the floor. To
perform a rep, raise the right arm and the left leg higher off the floor, and
then as you lower them to just above the floor, raise the left arm and the
right leg. This 2-count exercise is performed relatively quickly, but the more
effort you exert in raising the arms and legs, the greater the benefit.
Prone Cobras
Start in the Prone position. Feet are slightly apart. Your arms are stretched
out in front of you with your palms about shoulder-width apart with palms down
on the floor. To perform a rep, arch your back and raise your head, shoulders,
and arms off the floor as high as you can. Hold that stretch for at least a
second. Return to the floor into the starting position. The more exertion you
commit to this exercise, the more benefit you will get from it. Although this
is a slow 2-count exercise, I like to hold the stretch for at least a 4-count.
Push-Ups start in the Plank position. However, most people, even professional
fitness coaches, either do not perform them properly, or they do not set their
hands in the optimal position for best exercise or best wrist comfort.

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To get in the optimal position, lay flat on your chest in the Prone position.
Bring your feet together and support your legs on your toes. Place your hands
flat on the floor beneath your shoulders. Put your fingers together and align
them parallel with your body, head to toe, with the thumbs extended out at
right angles to the hands. Align the thumbs to your nipples, and then extend
the hands out just beyond your shoulders. Splay your fingers out and rotate
the palms slightly outward at a comfortable angle. Next, straighten and make
your legs rigid, which lifts your knees from the floor. Straighten you back
and tighten the glutes, which will lift your groin off the floor. Putting
tension in your shoulders and the traps between your shoulders, press yourself
up into a Plank. Your chin should be tucked, looking squarely at the floor. If
it is more comfortable, you can look ahead. If you have wrist issues, support
your hands on a pair of dumbbells, or else use a pair of Push-Up Bars.
Start in the Push-Up position as described above. To perform a rep, lower
yourself down until your chest is about 1 inch or the thickness of a hand from
the floor. If you want to perform deeper Push-Ups to get more resistance,
touch your chest to the floor, or raise your hands by supporting them on a
pair of dumbbells or Push-Up Bars, or even a pair of Yoga Blocks, wooden
blocks, or even bricks, and then lower your chest below the tops of the
supports. Return to the Plank Position. This constitutes 1 rep.
You should perform Push-Ups until you are struggling, where you will get the
most benefit from them. To get to this point faster, you can shift your hands
below shoulder level. This will also exercise muscles lower in your back. You
can even bring the hands in closer to the body. This will exercise the
shoulders less, but the triceps more, and put more tension in the center of
your chest to build up the cool rippled pectoral linkages on your sternum.
When they become difficult, you will find you can actually perform several
additional Push-Ups beyond what you thought you could do by simply slowing the
tempo. My last 5 Push-Ups are always performed slowly. This also puts muscles
under tension longer and helps burn off your Glycogen reserves.
You can increase resistance using a Resistance Band or a doubled oversized
rubber band. Loop it around your back and hook the ends in your palms. The
faster you can begin struggling, the greater the exercise benefits will be.
Knee Push-Ups
If you have strength issues in your legs, or you are not yet strong enough in
your shoulders, you can perform Push-Ups from your knees. Rest on your knees
and bend at them to bring the lower legs up at right angles, and interlock the
ankles by crossing them. This helps you focus on keeping your back straight as
you perform the Push-Up. You might see some people do this with their butt
pulled back, so they almost look like they are in a kneeling position instead
of a Plank position, but that gives you very little exercise benefit.
Diamond Push-Ups (AKA Marine Push-Ups)
Start in the Push-Up position, except that your thumbs touch each other, and
the index fingers touch each other, forming a diamond, with the hands directly
under your lower chest, below your nipples. This variation on Push-Ups puts
less tension on your shoulders and puts most of it in your Triceps and the
pectoral muscles linking on your sternum in the center of the chest.

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If they are too difficult, you can separate the hands toward the shoulders to
pass more effort to the shoulders until you can build up your strength.
However, I would prefer you actually stick with the Diamond with your hands
and do them from your knees, just to maintain upper-body tension mostly on the
triceps and pectorals. Your Marine buddies might laugh at you, but you will
find that you will be able to perform standard Diamond Push-Ups very quickly
(beside, my Marine buddies did this off-hours in Basic to build strength).
Once you master Diamond Push-Ups, regular Push-Ups should be a breeze. To make
the Diamond Push-Ups MORE challenging, shift the diamond higher under the
chest, working toward your face. Once you can do them easily from beyond the
shoulders, no one should want to mess with you (or they will do it only ONCE).
Inclined Push-Ups
Supporting your hands on the edge of a bench, a chair, or an ottoman and
perform Push-Ups. These are easier than regular Push-Ups, but they also
exercise additional muscles lower in the body.
Declined Push-Ups
Support your toes on a bench, a chair or an ottoman and perform Push-Ups.
These exercise more muscles in your shoulders and back, which actually makes
them easier than regular Push-Ups, though they might look more difficult. You
are indeed putting more weight on your upper body, but you are distributing
the effort to more muscles in the upper body, making the effort feel easier.
If these are still too difficult, you can rest your knees on the bench and
perform Push-Ups, requiring about half the effort of Declined Push-Ups.
Dumbbell Row Push-Ups (AKA Plank Dumbbell Rows)
Start in the Push-Up position, but support your hands on a pair of dumbbells.
Spread your feet apart for support. Perform a Push-Up, and then raise one
dumbbell up by pulling your elbow straight back to bring the dumbbells up to
the side of the ribcage. Next, do the same with the other dumbbell. Each 4count movement with a dumbbell constitutes 1 rep. If these are too difficult,
or if you have support issues, perform them from your knees.
Plyo Push-Ups
Start in the Push-Up position. Go down into the Push-Up, but when you come
back up, explode off the floor and raise your hands from the floor. Quickly
return your hands to the floor and go into the next Push-Up. If these are too
difficult, do them from your knees.
Push-Ups with Twist (AKA Push-Ups with Rotation)
Start in the Push-Up position. Perform a Push-Up, and then turn your body to
one side and swing the lifted arm straight up, assuming a T position.
Finally, return to the Push-Up position. Perform it again with the other side.
Each 4-count side constitutes 1 rep.
Pike Push-Ups
Start in a Declined Push-Up position, but with your butt pushed high into the
air by bending at the hips (Pike position). Perform Declined Push-Ups from
that position. If they are too difficult, you can do them from your knees, or
by reducing the angle that you bend at your hips.

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Inch Worm Push-Ups

Start At Attention. Squat down and lay your hands about a half-pace in front
of you. Stick your butt up into the air as you straighten your legs and back,
to assume a Pike position. To perform a rep, walk your hands forward until you
are in a Push-Up position and perform 1 Push-Up. Now walk your hands back to
assume the Pike Position. Repeat more reps from this position.
Bent Over Dumbbell Rows (AKA Overhand-Grip Dumbbell Rows)
Start At Ease. Grip a pair of dumbbells that are in line with each other using
an overhand grip (palms facing back). Bend at the knees and tilt over with a
straight back at about 45 degrees. Hold the dumbbells out beyond and below the
knees. To perform a 2-count rep, pull your elbows straight back, tight to the
sides, bringing the dumbbells straight toward the ribcage until you cannot
pull further, and then return them to their starting position. The slower you
perform this exercise, the more resistance you will get from it.
Bent Over Reverse-Grip Dumbbell Rows
Start At Ease. Grip a pair of dumbbells that are in line with each other using
an underhand grip (palms facing forward). Bend at the knees and tilt over with
a straight back at about 45 degrees. Hold the dumbbells out beyond and below
the knees. To perform a 2-count rep, pull your elbows straight back, tight to
the sides, bringing the dumbbells straight toward the ribcage until you cannot
pull further, and then return them to their starting point. The slower you
perform them, the more resistance you will get from it.
Dumbbell Row Push-Ups (AKA Plank Dumbbell Rows)
Start in the Push-Up position, but support your hands on a pair of dumbbells.
Spread your feet apart for support. Perform a Push-Up, and then raise one
dumbbell up by pulling your elbow straight back to bring the dumbbells up to
the side of the ribcage. Next, do the same with the other dumbbells. Each 4count movement with a dumbbell constitutes 1 rep. If these are too difficult,
or if you have support issues, perform them from your knees.
Seated Upright Dumbbell Rows
Sit on a bench or a chair, gripping a pair of dumbbells that are in line with
each other. Normally you perform these with overhand grips (palms facing back)
to exercise the triceps and the shoulders, though you can perform these
underhanded to exercise the biceps and the shoulders. With your back straight
and feet slightly apart, tilt the body over until the dumbbells hang by the
backs of your legs (your chin should be above and just back of the knees).
Using the elbows, tight to the sides, pull the dumbbells straight up in an
even motion until you cannot lift them further, and then lower them down in an
even motion. This 2-count exercise constitutes 1 rep. The slower you perform
them, the more resistance you will get from it.
One Arm Rows
Rest the right hand and right knee on a bench, or a couple of chairs, or even
a sturdy coffee table. Keep your back straight. Suspend a dumbbell from your
left hand on a fully suspended arm, aligning the dumbbell from front to back
in a suitcase grip. With the elbow kept in close to the body, pull the elbow
evenly up to raise the dumbbell up to your ribcage, and then lower it back
down to fully extend the arm. This 2-count exercise constitutes 1 rep. Do all
your reps for that arm, and then switch to exercise the right arm.

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Split Lunge Rows (Split Squat Rows)

Start At Attention, gripping a pair of dumbbells in suitcase grips down at
your side. Go into a lunge position on a leg. Once down on your knee, bend
over to put your chest over your raised knee, which will bring the dumbbells
down on either side of the leg. Remain in the lunge for all the reps of the
Row exercise, and then return to At Attention. Alternate the leg to lunge down
to on each cycle of the Set.
Lateral Dumbbell Rows (AKA Lateral Raises)
Start At Attention, or even sitting on a chair. Your back is straight and
vertical. Grip a pair of dumbbells on each side in suitcase grips. Extend and
raise the elbows outward to hold the dumbbells about level with the hips. To
perform a 2-count rep, evenly raise the elbows up as high as you can and lower
them to the starting position. The dumbbells should rise about 6 to 8 inches.
This seems easy, but after a few reps it will not be. These exercise the
medial deltoids in the shoulder, which can help build up broader shoulders.
Dumbbell High-Pulls (AKA Dumbbell High-Rows)
Start At Ease. Grip a pair of dumbbells in your hands and rest them in front
of the legs, aligned as though you were holding a barbell. With a straight
back, bend at the hips and bend the knees slightly to lower the dumbbells down
to your mid-thighs. To perform a 2-count rep, raise the elbows and dumbbells
evenly, using the body to guide the dumbbells to the upper chest. Pause.
Finally, lower them back to the starting position. For better results, perform
it as a 4-count exercise, where you raise the dumbbells in a 1-count, and
lower them in a 3-count.
Inverted Rows
If you have a bar that can be set horizontally at about 4 feet off the floor,
you can hang from the bar, with body and legs rigid and straight, with the
hands placed about shoulder-width apart. With the arms fully extended, perform
a 2-count rep by pulling your chest up to the bar and then lowering yourself
in an even motion. The slower you perform them, the more resistance and
benefit you will get from it.

Standing Shrugs (AKA Standing Dumbbell Shrugs or Dumbbell Shrugs)
Start At Ease. Grip a pair of dumbbells down at your sides in suitcase grips.
Using only your shoulders, raise the shoulders as high as you can, and then
return to the original stance. It is better if you have heavier dumbbells,
such as 40 pounds, but you can instead simply add more reps. For example, if
you perform 10 reps with 40 pound dumbbells, then with 15 pound dumbbells you
could perform 25-30 reps.
Seated Shrugs
Sit on a bench or chair. Grip a pair of dumbbells down at your sides in
suitcase grips. Using only your shoulders, raise the shoulders as high as you
can, and then return to the original stance. It is better if you have heavier
dumbbells, such as 40 pounds, but you can instead simply add more reps. For
example, if you perform 10 reps with 40 pound dumbbells, then with 15 pound
dumbbells you could perform 25-30 reps.

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Behind the Back Shrugs

Stand At Ease, grip a pair of dumbbells behind your back against your butt,
facing the palms away from you. Bend slightly at the wrists to push the
dumbbells so they will not side against your butt, or else lean back slightly
to bring your wrists off your butt. Using only your shoulders, raise the
shoulders as high as you can, and then return to the original stance. It is
better if you have heavier dumbbells, such as 40 pounds, but you can instead
simply add more reps. For example, if you perform 10 reps with 40 pound
dumbbells, then with 15 pound dumbbells you could perform 25-30 reps.

Air Squat
Stand At Ease. Your hands are down at your sides. As you squat down, push your
butt back and try to keep your knees over your toes. Keep your back straight,
bending at the hips. As you go down, extend your arms straight out ahead to
help keep balance. Try to squat as deeply as you can without discomfort. At
minimum, try to get down so your thighs are at least parallel to the floor,
though going deeper (putting your ass to the grass) is better. Pause at the
bottom, and then stand erect and return your arms to your sides. You can also
start in a Boxer stance and keep fist together during the Squat. You can
always add resistance by keeping the knees slightly bent when upright.
Squats with Dumbbells at Side
This is performed like the Air Squat, except that you hold a pair of dumbbells
at your side in suitcase grips.
Squats with Dumbbells at Shoulders
This is performed like the Air Squat, except that you hold a pair of dumbbells
on your shoulders.
Squats with Dumbbell Press-Ups
Stand At Ease. Support a dumbbell in each hand on a shoulder. The dumbbells
are aligned front to back in suitcase grips, with the rear bell resting on a
shoulder. Perform a Squat and return upright. Next, press the dumbbells
straight up and lock your elbows. Next, slowly lower the dumbbells to the
shoulder position, taking 3 times longer than when pressing them up. This is a
simple 4-count exercise. However, treat the dumbbell-raising step as a 1-count
and the dumbbell-lowering step as a 3-count, making it a 6-count exercise.
Squats with Alternating Dumbbell Press-Ups
These are performed like Squats with Dumbbell Press-Ups, except you perform
single Press-Ups with one dumbbell, and then the other in a 6-count exercise.
Squats with Arnold Presses (AKA Dumbbell Squat Thrusts)
Stand At Ease. Grip a pair of dumbbells in your hands and rest them in front
of the shoulders, aligned as though you were holding a barbell. The Fists are
turned toward the shoulders. Perform a Squat and return upright. Next, press
the dumbbells straight up, rotating the arms to face the fists away from you
at the top of the press. Lock the elbows. Finally, slowly lower the dumbbells
to return to the shoulder position, taking 3 times longer than when pressing
them. This is a simple 4-count exercise, but you should treat the dumbbelllowering step as a 3-count instead of a 1-count, thus making a 6-count.
However, you should add at least 2 more counts per dumbbell being lowered.

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Squats with Dumbbell Rows

Stand At Ease. Grip a pair of dumbbells on each side in suitcase grips. Extend
and raise the elbows outward to hold the dumbbells about level with the hips.
Perform a Squat and return upright. Next, evenly raise the elbows straight up
as high as you can and then lower them back down to the starting position. The
dumbbells should rise about 6 to 8 inches. This is a 4-count exercise.
Squats with Alternating Dumbbell Rows
These are performed like Squats with Dumbbell Rows, except that you perform
single Row with first one dumbbell, and then the other. This becomes a 6-count
Squats with Alternating High-Knee Pulls
Stand At Ease. Perform a Squat and return upright. When you come up, lift one
knee as high as you can (High-Knee Pull). Lift the other knee after the next
squat. This is a 4-count exercise that treats each High-Knee Pull as 1 rep.
Squats with Alternating Kicks
These are performed like Squats with Alternating High-Knee Pulls, except that
you kick the leg up as high as you can.
Chair Squats
Stand At Ease. Stand about a step in front of a bench, chair, or ottoman. You
can adjust the distance by sitting near the edge of the bench, position your
feet flat on the floor, directly below your knees, and then stand up. Put your
fists together in the center of your chest and evenly squat down to BARELY
rest your butt on the bench, and then use your legs to return upright. You can
add resistance by holding one or two dumbbells at your chest. For even more
resistance, extend the dumbbells further out in front of you. Alternatively,
you can stand on one end of a Resistance Band or a doubled oversized rubber
band with the top of the loop gripped by your hands.
Sumo Squats (Sumo Dead Lift)
Stand At Ease. Hold a vertical dumbbell by cupping the upper bell with the
fingers of both hands. You can also do this with two dumbbells pressed
together if they have flat edge surfaces, like octagonal heads. Hold the hands
about belt-high. Go into a Squat as far as you can go, or until the bottom
bell touches the floor. Pause. Finally, return upright, returning your hands
to belt-high.
Sumo Squats with High Pulls
Stand At Ease. Hold a vertical dumbbell by cupping the upper bell with the
fingers of both hands. You can also do this with two dumbbells pressed
together if they have flat edge surfaces, like octagonal heads. Hold the hands
high enough so the top bell is in front of the chin. Go into a Squat as far as
you can go as you lower the dumbbell until the bottom bell touches the floor.
Pause. Finally, return upright, returning the dumbbell to a raised position.
Prison Squats
Stand at Ease. Interlock your fingers behind your head. Point your elbows out
in line with your shoulders. Perform a Squat. This is a 2-count exercise. You
can add resistance by keeping the knees slightly bent when upright.

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Goblet Squats
Stand At Ease. Hold a vertical dumbbell by supporting the upper bell on the
heels of your hands by cupping your hands upward, around the top bell. You can
also do this with two dumbbells pressed together if they have flat edge
surfaces, like octagonal heads. Hold the hands high enough so the top bell is
in front of the chin. Go into a Squat as far as you can go as you hold the
dumbbell in front of your chin.
Jump Squats
Start in a Boxer stance. As you squat down, push your butt back and try to
keep your knees over your toes. Keep your back straight, bending at the hips.
Try to squat as deeply as you can without discomfort. At minimum, try to get
down so your thighs are at least parallel to the floor, though going deeper
(putting your ass to the grass) is better. Pause at the bottom, and then
explode upward into a jump as you reach your hands straight up and reach for
the ceiling. When you land, first land on the toes an roll down the foot to
the heel. Do not land squarely on a flat feet. Next, return to the starting
position. You can also start with your hands down at your side. You can always
add resistance by keeping the knees slightly bent when upright.
Side-Step with Squats
Start in a Boxer stance, but set the feet close together and your are in a
deeper squat, thighs angled no less than 45 degrees. During this exercise,
NEVER straighten your legs, but keep them bent. Also, you should keep the
muscles in the thighs and the butt tight to get the most benefit from this
exercise. To perform a rep, step off to one side with a foot into a wide Boxer
stance and then squat as deep as you can. Come back up into the Boxer and
return the foot to its starting position. Now do the same with the other foot.
This 8-count exercise, with 4 counts on each side, constitutes 1 rep.
Stand At Attention in front of a bench, a chair, or an ottoman. Step up onto
the bench with the right foot. Use that leg to pull the other leg up as you
stand on the bench. With both feel resting on the bench, step back off the
bench with the right foot, followed by the left foot. Switch starting feet on
each rep. To add resistance, hold a pair of dumbbells in suitcase grips at
your side, or rest them on your shoulders.
Step-Up with High-Knee-Lifts
Stand At Attention in front of a bench, a chair, or an ottoman (the higher you
have the step, the more resistance you get out of the exercise). Step up onto
the bench with the right foot. Use the right leg to pull the left leg up as
you stand on the bench, but do not rest the left foot on the bench. Instead,
raise the left knee high in front of you. Now bring the left foot down to
stabilize yourself on the bench. With the right foot, step back from the chair
to the floor, followed by the left foot. Switch starting feet on each rep. To
add resistance, hold a pair of dumbbells in suitcase grips at your side, or
rest them on your shoulders.
Reverse Lunge with Single-Leg Step-Up and High-Knee-Lift
With a bench, chair or ottoman just in front of you, start in a kneeled Lunge
position. Raise upright and at the same set the foot of the leg that had been
kneeling up onto the bench. Use that leg to pull the other leg up as you stand

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on the bench, but do not rest the other foot on the bench. Instead, raise its
knee high in front of you. Now bring that foot down to stabilize yourself on
the bench. With the first foot, step back from the chair to the floor. Now
bring the foot still on the chain down and go directly onto that legs knee in
a Reverse Lunge. This 6-count exercise represents 1 rep. Reverse the legs on
alternate reps. For more resistance, hold dumbbells down at your sides.
These are also called Overhead Tricep Extensions and Overhead Extensions.
Dumbbell Tricep Extensions
Start Seated or standing At Ease. Hold a dumbbell vertically behind your head
by forming a diamond with your hands and supporting the top bell of the
dumbbell in it. With the elbows raised high, lift the dumbbell using only your
elbows without shifting their position, lock the elbows, and then return them
to the starting position. You can add resistance by holding them further back
behind your head. You can also tilt a straight back further to the rear. You
can also support two dumbbells pressed together to increase resistance.
Seated Single Dumbbell Tricep Extensions
Sitting, perform Dumbbell Tricep Extensions, except with only one arm.
Alternating Side Leg Lifts
Lie on the floor on one side. In an even motion, lift the upper leg as high as
you can and lower it back down. Repeat for all the reps of this 2-count
exercise for that leg. Next, switch sides and do all the reps for that leg.
For added resistance, loop your shins with Resistance Circle Bands or else a
doubled-up cargo rubber band.
Alternating Side Leg Lifts With Dumbbell
This is just like Alternating Side Leg Lifts, except that you rest a dumbbell
on the upper leg. Using the upper hand, hold the dumbbell near the knee of the
upper leg, but make sure the arm does not do any of the lifting of the weight.
Lying Flutter Kicks
Lie flat on your back. Rest your hands, palms-down, under the sides of your
butt for support. Keep your legs and back straight. Lift both legs just off
the floor. Raise one leg up at about 45 degrees. To perform a rep, lower the
raised leg down to just above the floor as you raise the other leg to 45
degrees, and then reverse again. Repeat this fairly quickly. For greater
resistance, you can perform these from sitting on a bench, a chair, or an
ottoman. For even more resistance, you can sit up on the floor and do them
that way. You can also hold onto dumbbells on the floor beyond your head on
the floor to put even more resistance on your abdominal muscles. To add even
more resistance, raise the dumbbells at 45 degrees and hold them there.
Lying Scissors Abs
These are like Flutter Kicks, but greatly exaggerated. Lie flat on your back.
Rest your hands, palms-down, under the sides of your butt for support. Keep
your legs and back straight. Lift both legs just off the floor. Raise one leg
up at almost 90 degrees. To perform a rep, lower the raised leg down to just
above the floor as you raise the other leg to almost 90 degrees, and then
reverse again. Repeat this fairly quickly. For greater resistance, you can

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perform these from sitting on a bench, a chair, or an ottoman. For even more
resistance, you can sit up on the floor and do them that way. You can also
hold onto dumbbells on the floor beyond your head on the floor to put even
more resistance on your abdominal muscles. To add even more resistance, raise
the dumbbells at 45 degrees and hold them there.
Lying Single Leg Raises
Lie flat on your back. Rest your hands, palms-down, under the sides of your
butt for support. Keep your legs and back straight. Lift one leg just off the
floor. To perform a rep, raise this leg up to about 45 degrees and lower it
back down to just above the floor. Repeat for all the reps of this 2-count
exercise for that leg. Next, switch legs and do all the reps for that leg. For
added resistance, you can rest a dumbbell near the knee of the exercised leg.
You can also hold onto dumbbells on the floor beyond your head on the floor to
put even more resistance on your abdominal muscles. To add even more
resistance, raise the dumbbells at 45 degrees and hold them there.
Alternating Toe Touches
Lie flat on your back, with legs and arms spread out in an X-configuration.
Hands are facing up. Raise your right arm and left leg, crunching with your
core, and touch the hand to the toe. Return flat to the floor and then do the
same with the other arm and leg. This 4-count exercise constitutes 1 rep.
Lying Lateral Scissors Abs (AKA Ab Scissors)
Lie flat on your back. Rest your hands, palms-down, under the sides of your
butt for support. Keep your legs and back straight. Lift the right leg just
off the floor. Lift the left leg higher, so that crossing it over the other
leg will not cause a collision. To perform a rep, Swing the left leg over the
right leg and the right leg under the left leg. Return to the starting
position as you lower the left leg and raise the right leg to reverse their
position. Now perform another scissor. Keep reversing their position as you
perform this exercise very quickly.

High Knee Taps
Start At Ease. Your palms are open and facing down, held out chest-high in
front of you with the elbows bent at right angles. Raise a knee to tap the
palm of a hand on the raised knee. Taps on both sides count as 1 rep. For more
resistance, raise the hands higher and stretch the knee up higher.
High Knees
Start At Ease. You can hold your hands out with the elbows bent at right
angles, off to the side to keep them out of the way. Quickly hop and raise one
knee as high as you can. As you are dropping that leg back to the floor, hop
on the other leg and bring its knee up high. This 2-count exercise is
performed at a quick pace, as though you are running on small pedestals. For
more resistance, raise the knees higher.
Single-Leg Toe-Touches
Start at Attention. With one hand, bend over evenly to touch the toe on the
other foot as you swing the leg on the same side as the hand back, keeping it
straight. Return upright and do the same with the other hand and leg. This 4count exercise represents 1 rep.

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3 Punch With High Knee Pulls

Start in a Boxer stance. To perform 1 rep, explode the right fist across the
chest to the left as though you were punching something really hard. As you
return the fist, explode the left fist across the chest to the right. As you
return that fist, explode the right fist again across the chest to the left,
and then turn at the hips to the left and pull the right knee up as high to
the chest as you can manage. Finally, return to the Boxer stance and perform
this repetition in the other direction. Each 4-count exercise in one direction
represents 1 rep.
3 Punch With High Kicks
These are performed like 3 Punch With High Knee Pulls, except that you
explosively kick each leg up as high as you can.
Jumping Jacks
Stand At Attention. Keep your arms and legs rigid throughout this exercise.
Start with your hands flat to your sides. Hop as you spread your legs apart at
least shoulder width apart (more for better results) and rotate the straight
arms as you swing them up so you can clap your palms together directly
overhead (I like to simply interlock the palms more quietly in a divers
stance), and then smartly return to the starting position. You might see some
people demonstrate these with bent knees or arched elbows, but this robs your
of the dynamic stretching this warm-up exercises provides you with.
Calf Raises
Start At Attention. Evenly raise yourself up onto your toes and stretch
yourself up as high as you can push yourself on your toes, hold, and ease back
down onto your feet. To add resistance, hold dumbbells at your sides. If these
are still too easy, support a hand against a wall or doorway and rest one foot
on top of the other and perform the reps for one foot, and then switch to do
the other. If these are still too easy, hold a dumbbell in one hand.
Skater Jumps
Start in a Boxer stance, but you can hold your arms off to the side. Hop to
the right onto the right foot, and then hop over to the left onto the left
foot. The distance between hops is about 4 feet, though you can snorten this
distance, or reduce the hops if you suffer bad knees. This 2-count exercise
represents 1 rep. Perform this at an easy, quick tempo, as though you are on
roller skates or ice skates.
Quick Steps
Start in a Boxer stance, but you can hold your arms off to the side. Place one
foot a quarter-pace ahead and the other foot a quarter-pace behind you. To
perform this 2-count exercise, hop and reverse foot positions at a quick pace
and continue reversing foot positions.
Side-To-Side Towel Hops
Start in a Boxer stance, but you can hold your arms off to the side. Place a
towel or some object onto the floor as a centering target on the outside to
one foot. Hop with both feet and land on the other side of the towel, and then
quickly hop back over to the starting position. This 2-count exercise is
performed at an easy, moderate rate.

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Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks
Start in a Boxer stance. Knees are bent a bit further in a semi-squat. The
back is straight and rigid, tilted forward 45 degrees and butt tucked back.
With elbows locked at your sides, hold a pair of dumbbells in suitcase grips.
Your forearms are rotated at the elbows fully forward. Perform a repetition by
evenly rotating the dumbbells to the rear as far as you can without shifting
the position of your elbows. Hold this position for a moment, and then rotate
the arms back forward. This slow 2-count exercise constitutes 1 rep.
Perform this exercise more slowly for even more resistance. Also, holding the
dumbbells longer in the rear position provides building resistance and
provides even better exercise results.
Dumbbell Dead Lifts
This begins much like Bent Over Dumbbell Rows. Start At Ease. Grip a pair of
dumbbells that are in line with each other using an overhand grip (palms
facing back). Bend at the knees and tilt over with a straight back at about 45
degrees. Hold the dumbbells out beyond and well below the knees, close to the
feet. The shoulders are forward enough to be directly above the dumbbells, and
the knees are not extending beyond the toes. To perform a repetition, bring
yourself upright by extending the knees, hip, and low back simultaneously.
Avoid extending the knees before the hips or back, because this can cause the
chest to drop and thus flex the lower back more than it should. When upright,
pull the shoulder back, resting the dumbbells against the top of the front of
the legs. Next, return to the starting position in just as even a motion.
Dumbbell Side Bends
Start At Ease. Hold one dumbbell in your right hand at your side in a suitcase
grip. The left arm can be extended out to the side a little for balance. To
perform a repetition, simply lean to the right at the waist to 45 degrees and
then rise back up to the starting position. Perform all the reps for that arm,
and then switch the dumbbell to the left arm and repeat all the reps for it.
Dumbbell Good Mornings
Stand At Ease. You can hold either a single weight in a 2-hand microphone
grip, or two weights pressed together, in front of you. They can be against
the chest, but the further you hold them out from your chest, the greater the
resistance you will feel. To perform a rep, tilt your straight back forward at
your hips as far forward as you can comfortably go, pushing the butt back for
balance, and bending at the knees to adjust balance. Return upright to
complete this even 2-count rep.
Dumbbell Hang Cleans (AKA Shrug Cleans)
Start At Ease. Grip a pair of dumbbells that are in an overhand grip and rest
them against the waist. You back is straight, tilted forward at the hips
slightly with the butt pulled back. To perform a repetition, extend the arms
to bring the dumbbells down as far as they can go toward your knees. Now
quickly, almost in an explosive move, pull the dumbbells up to about armpit
high as you fully align your body. Next, go into a full Squat while you rotate
the dumbbells around and 'catch' them on your shoulders. Return up from the
Squat. Finally, rotate the dumbbell around and return them to the starting
position. This is a slow-tempo 5-count exercise.

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Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans (AKA Shrug Power Cleans)

Start At Ease. Grip a pair of dumbbells that are in an overhand grip and rest
them against the waist. You back is straight, tilted forward at the hips
slightly with the butt pulled back. To perform a repetition, extend the arms
to bring the dumbbells down as far as they can go toward your knees. Now
quickly, almost in an explosive move, pull the dumbbells up to about armpit
high as you fully align your body. Next, dip your body slightly down as you
shrug your shoulders under the dumbbells while rotating the dumbbells around
and catch them on your shoulders. Once fully erect, rotate the dumbbells and
return to the starting position. This is a slow-tempo 5-count exercise.
Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans with Press-Up
This is the same as Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans, but after catching the
dumbbells on your shoulders and making your body erect, extend the dumbbells
straight up and lock the elbows. Finally, bring the dumbbells back down as you
rotate them and return to the starting position.
Dumbbell One Arm Push Jerk (AKA One Arm Push Jerk)
Start At Ease. Hold one dumbbell on your right shoulder. Hold the left arm out
straight ahead for balance. To perform a repetition, drive the weight straight
up as you go into a Squat to catch the dumbbell on an arm fully extended
vertically. Return back upright with the arm still extended. Finally, bring
the weight back down to the shoulder. Repeat all the reps for this arm, and
then switch arms to perform its reps.
Dumbbell One Arm Power Snatch (AKA One Arm Power Snatch)
Start At Ease. Hold a dumbbell in the right hand in and overhand grip in front
of your groin. The left arm is off to the side as needed for balance. Keep the
back straight and bending only at the knees and hips, dip down in a semisquat, bringing the dumbbell down between the legs. Now quickly stand erect
and pull the dumbbell straight up, pulling it suspended under the hand until
it hangs in front of your chin. Finally lower the dumbbell back to the
starting position. Repeat the reps for this arm, and then switch arms for its
repetitions. Be sure to lift the dumbbell out from the body. If you bring it
up close to the chest, you may feel tightness or a mild pain in the wrist.

Pull-Ups (AKA Chin-Ups)
Start from a dead hanging position from a Pull-Up bar. If need be, bend at the
knees to hang freely beneath the bar. The hands are about shoulder-width apart
on the bar with an overhand grip. Pull the body up until the chin clears the
bar. For safety, DO NOT put the chin over the bar. Finally, descend evenly
until the elbows are again fully extended. If these are too difficult, you can
loop a Circle Resistance Band on the bar and step one foot in the bottom of
the loop so the tension will assist you. The pulling motion is important for
your body to remember, so this will help you when you finally build enough
strength to perform them without the band.
Bench Dips (AKA Seated Dips)
Sit on the front edge of a bench, a chair, or an ottoman. Plant your hands
over the edge of the bench next to your body with your arms fully extended and
the elbows locked. Slide your butt forward off the bench and extend your
straight legs out in front of you, resting on your heels. To perform the 2-

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count repetition, use your shoulders and back to drop your butt down in front
of the bench as far as you can lower yourself, and then lift yourself back up
until your elbows again lock. Slow the tempo for better tension. Strangely, it
also seems easier to do this way.
Seated Leg Pull-Ins
Lay on the floor. Tilt your straight back up and support yourself with both
hands to the side. The legs are straight and the feet are together. Lift the
legs just off the floor. To perform a repetition of this 2-count exercise,
bend at the knees and pull your feet in as close to your butt as you can. You
may need to adjust the tilt of your back to offset the balance. Complete it by
returning the feet back out on straight legs just above the floor. This can
seem difficult to start, but you will quickly find the optimal placement of
your hands and body to make this easy.
Alternating Rear Leg Kickbacks
Start on your hands and knees. Extend one leg as straight as you can behind
you as you tilt your body to raise that leg as high as you can lift it up and
back of you. Return to that knee to the floor and do the same with the other
leg. This 4-count exercise constitutes 1 rep.
Wall Sits
This exercise sounds easy, but it is a killer exercise for your thighs. Lean
up against a wall or a door jam. Slide down until you are in a sitting
position, with your feet flat on the floor directly below your knees, with
your legs spaced comfortably apart, about shoulder-width. Hold this position
for 30 seconds. Perform these for 60 seconds for a challenge.
Wall Sits with Dumbbells
Holding one or two dumbbells against your chest, lean up against a wall or a
door jam. Slide down until you are in a sitting position, with your feet
flat on the floor directly below your knees, with your legs spaced comfortably
apart, about shoulder-width. Hold this position for 30 seconds.


You can get a lot of free information on physical training online.

For example, doing a search for US Army field manual physical training will
give you access to free copies of the US Armys latest FM 21-20 Physical
Fitness Training and FM 7-22 Army Physical Readiness Training field
manuals, plus other military training programs. The manuals claim a focus on
aerobics to get you in top military-grade condition, though I have noticed
that most of them are now ACTUALLY more beneficial anaerobic resistance
You may prefer to search for programs geared toward your preferred branch of
service, such as USMC field manual physical training for US Marine Corps
versions of the above manuals.

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The Athlean-X website (http://athleanx.com) is LOADED with great exercise

demonstrations, advice, and the science behind exercise and your muscles. Not
only can you access lots and lots of free video from their library, but be
sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel and also sign up for their email
updates, which features a link to new videos and workouts. Their program is
designed primarily for men, but does offer programs for women as well.
The Sweat With Kayla website (www.kaylaitsines.com) also features free video
and sample exercises to highlight their program. This site is devoted to
womens fitness and nutrition, and is loaded with tips and healthy recipes.
You can find countless sites just by performing simple searches on exercise,
or by specifying a piece of equipment, like dumbbells, barbells, resistance
bands, exercise rollers, etc.
For example, in one simple search, I found 37 Killer Resistance Band
Exercises To Burn Up Your Muscles Anywhere (http://www.leanitup.com/37killer-resistance-band-exercises-burn-muscles-anywhere/) and 50 Shades of
Glutes: Chair & Band Exercises (http://www.self.com/gallery/50-shades-gluteschair-resistance-band-exercises). You can even find exercises focused around
exercise rollers, which you can use in place of a large Swiss Ball.
There is plenty of help out there. You just need to get proactive in finding
it, and not some sweet treat in the pantry, a trans-fat-laden pre-processed
meal in the freezer, or a quick can of some sugar-packed carbonated beverage.
Do not blame getting older for not exercising or for not remaining healthy! As
Tom Petty once said, If you're not getting older, you're dead. Keep yourself
active so you as you get older, you will also do it gracefully and for a whole
lot longer.
-- David Ross Goben
~ ~
(@ @)

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Free Online PDF Documents Available by David Ross Goben

Four ready-to-read PDF documents are available for both online viewing and free
downloading from Google Docs. They are:
Open Letters Sent to Advocates for the Electric Universe and Expansion
Tectonics Theories, and Exploring How These Theories Connect (155
pages). Since their initial proposals, gathered evidence has only strengthened
the Electric Universe and the Expansion Tectonics theories. In spite of this,
each time additional evidence for either of them surfaces, or another of a fastgrowing body of scientists, especially those of important and augustly
respected note, dares to declare favor for one or the other, select advocates
for presumed standard theories pop up, like South African meerkats alerted
to an impending threat, and respond with typically scripted salvos of protest,
too frequently droning the same old and practiced slogan-laced retorts like
Gregorian Chants, as if their need to deny the publics access to, or worse,
their acceptance of such ideas was a matter of personal or professional
survival. And it may be no wonder. In these last few decades, tenures,
funding, and reputations have often been decided wholly upon which ideas,
real or imagined, are accepted by the general public. We will compare the
evidence between the Electric Universe and the Gravity-Based Universe, and
between Expansion Tectonics and Plate Tectonics. We will also explore the longheld Prime Matter (Aether) theory that can strengthen the liquefacting sand
upon which Particle Physics now finds itself, and which also strongly links the
Electric Universe with Expansion Tectonics and makes these two models all
the more plausible. So, prepare yourself for a Gnostic rollercoaster ride
through an extremely thick ocean of information and history, a great deal of
which had in the past often been intentionally obscured.
View and download this PDF document for free at:

Also available for free on Scribd.com, SlideShare.com, and through web searches.

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Navigating Your Way Through Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic .NET
Application Upgrades (89 pages). This is powerful lap reference and resource
for those needing to upgrade their old VB6 application to the object oriented
universe of Microsoft Dot NET technology. When the majority of VB6
developers demanded the ability to build VB code in a common language IDE
(Integrated Development Environment), have 100% unfettered cross-language
interoperability, and expecting no less than 100% unrestricted object oriented
programming language capabilities, most of them did not have the first clue,
not the slightest understanding, of the earth-shattering impact their
passionate, relentless, spittle-laced howling would have on their beloved VB.
An immense host of them, mostly amateur programmers and hobbyists,
naively believed that after such a necessarily monumental undertaking, they
could simply continue on their merry little way, writing VB code exactly as they
had done before, using the very same often non-uniform syntax that they had
been using before, and, oh yes, they expected there would be a few additional
commands here and there to address full class inheritance, and also allow
seamless access to methods whose source code was written in some other
programming language, such as C++. They did not grok the fact that in order
to provide them with exactly what they were keenly expecting would also
clearly necessitate colossal changes to their beloved VB so that it would be a fully integrated, object oriented environment
that would also interoperate with and act exactly like the other Visual Studio languages (or other .NET-compliant languages).
This requires perfect synchronicity between all those languages; that each of them could clearly understand and use
objects from each other without the slightest misconstruction. This manual makes dealing with those many changes a snap.
View and download this PDF document for free at:

Also available for free on Scribd.com, SlideShare.com, and through web searches.

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Enhancing Visual Basic .NET Applications Far Beyond the Scope of

Visual Basic 6.0 (655 pages). Transitioning from Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
(VB6) to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), at first glance, may look to be
an intimidating endeavor. After all, you have likely heard or read through
copious magazines and blogs that there are huge differences between these
two developmental platforms. Though some of those differences are real,
most others are simply imagined, engendered by nothing more than
unapprised conjecture. Of the real platform deviations, most are simply due to
them having to be expressed differently; plainly because VB.NET strictly follows
a stringent pattern of uniform language syntax, which is something VB6 was
not always good at. Hence, a programming language feature may have to be
implemented under VB.NET using a radically different access conduit than
the way it may have been realized under VB6. Other disparities, some seen
as much more profound, actually end up being VB6 features that VB.NET does
in fact support, but, again, due to tight .NET platform architectural
specifications, VB.NET cannot support them in a like manner, but may by
necessity have to utilize non-VB6-style invocation rules. Nevertheless, by
employing some simple user-defined helper functions, such as will be
demonstrated throughout this document, you can easily emulate lost VB6
commands, or, in most cases, make their functionality more accessible through simpler syntax. Regardless, you will find
that, overall, VB.NET supports all these many differences, both major and minor, in but different forms, and in all it also
implements much more robust techniques to apply their functionality. Many of the major differences bemoaned by many
VB6 purists no longer exist; having existed only in Beta releases of VB.NET, but being addressed by the time of the initial
product launch, or, in more complex cases, in later releases. The biggest problem here is that most new VB.NET
developers still approach problems the same way as they may have faced them under VB6, or had been trained by VB6savy developers. This book helps you to not only break yourself free of that mold, but to really make your VB.NET
application shine by example after example of how to make what was thought to be difficult to be in fact very easy, and it
also provides you with a toolkit you can build yourself, and customized to your needs so that you can really make your
applications stand out from the rest of the pack.
View and download this PDF document for free at:
Also available for free on Scribd.com, SlideShare.com, and through web searches.
Source code is available in a PDF document, Code Excerpts for Enhancing Visual Basic .NET, at:

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Doom 3 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (554 pages). This is an enhanced

novelized exploration into the dark horrors of the 2004 Doom 3 adventure,
perhaps one of the scariest and most densely detailed first-person-shooter
escapades ever conceived, for both the original offering from Id Software and
their later Doom 3 BFG Edition. This walkthrough takes you through the Doom
3 adventure at the Veteran Difficultly level, describing in intimate detail this
quest and the strategies required to both beat this game easily and to explore
areas and find treasures that you may have never before thought existed.
Some of the most arduous battles that gamers often wail and gnash their teeth
about can sometimes be won by using some of the simplest solutions
imaginable, all without cheat codes, but with quick thinking and actual military
techniques. For example, many players dread facing off with the six maggots
(tall man-like demons with razor-sharp talons, two heads, and panther-like ferocity) at
the end of the Alpha Labs Sector 1 level because they always seem to come
to great harm unless, through sometimes pure luck or random fortune, they
can hole up in the left far corner of that locked room and hold the massing
maggot hoard at bay long enough to take them all down in a blazing torrent of
voluble gunfire, but did you know that it is actually stupidly easy to defeat them
pain-free, and on top of that you can do it in perfect safety and at your leisure?
Full descriptions of items, adversaries, strengths, weaknesses, locations,
secrets and caches not mentioned in any other guide, a dense listing of useful
console command codes, and custom modifications are covered, such as how
to play at your monitors maximum resolution, add and/or alter custom
keyboard commands and toggles, and how to easily play Doom 3 BFG Edition on otherwise uncooperative Windows 8.1
systems (not an issue under Windows 10), offering two fast and very easy solutions that have worked on every system
they have ever been tried.

View and download this PDF document for free at:


Also available for free through web searches, and on Scribd.com and SlideShare.com:
Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/263771244/Doom-3-Walkthrough-and-Strategy-Guide
SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/DavidRossGoben/doom-3-walkthrough-and-strategy-guide

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Getting Fit After 40 - A Practical No-Nonsense Guide. A Fitness

Guidebook for Adults Over 40, Yet Useful for Adults of Any Age, to Quickly
Getting Fit, Lean, and Losing Impossible-To-Lose Fat. (168 pages). This
book explores exercise and diet facts and fictions, and also the types of
exercises and foods needed to EASILY defeat the midriff bulge most
people get as they grow older and more sedentary. After age 24, they
might notice fat slowly accumulating around their belly, hips, thighs and
butt. This is largely due to steadily diminishing Testosterone levels. Apart
from making a man a man, both men AND women employ it to maintain
muscle and break down body fat to release its lipids into the bloodstream,
which the bodys cells then absorb for energy. As Testosterone slowly
dwindles, our ability to build and repair muscle and to burn fat likewise
dwindles. By age 40, when our HGH, Human Growth Hormone (our
Fountain of Youth hormone), begins a slow decline as well, this can
make hiding that hard-to-lose fat in time utterly impossible.
This book explains how we can EASILY restore diminishing Testosterone,
HGH and many other hormones to peak levels and quickly lose excess
body fat naturally, and end up looking, feeling, and PHYSICALLY BEING
much younger, using just short exercises and a healthy diet, extending
our lives and getting the lean body we had, or should have had in our
20s! This is based on actual scientific research and PROVEN results, not
celebrity opinions, rumors, or fad diets!
Instead of needing to spend endless hours at the gym, you can devote but 1/2-hour each day, 4 or 5 days a week during a
12-week period following an inexpensive third-party exercise and diet program ($39.95 to $97), with no equipment except
for a pair of dumbbells, in the privacy of your own home!
You will lose actual fat, not muscle-weight, as you normally lose during reduced-calorie or low-fat diets. Reduced-calorie
and low-fat fad diets actually force your body to stop burning fat and will in fact add more body fat, so your body is
instead forced to burn off muscle for fuel! This document will also explain exactly why this happens and how to correct it.
You will lose all this fat-weight without miracle supplements, wonder gizmos, expensive pills or therapies, without going
on a low-fat diet, without drinking tiny shakes, and without having to eat what looks like meals for hamsters. You will do it
through simple and short anaerobic resistance exercises and a more sober and educated understanding of your daily diet
and how it and exercise actually acts upon your physiology. You will learn how to properly fuel your body and your
metabolism, which will give you the day-and-night-running fast metabolism you may have previously just envied in others,
allowing you once more to enjoy steaks, pizzas, hamburgers, and even cheesecake, as most of us could do guilt-free in
our 20s. You will in fact burn it off before it can get to your waist. And, by naturally elevating our Insulin and carbohydrate
sensitivities, the sugars and other carbs we consume will once again properly fuel and maintain muscle, as they should,
instead of being directed to our fat cells!
This book is free to everyone, and you are free to post it online and you can distribute free copies or links to it as you
choose. It is stored as a text file to minimize its size, so adding it as an email attachment will not take much time to upload
or download. You can also used a PDF version.
You can also have people access the text file directly at:
You can also download a PDF version, and you are free to link or distribute that, from:

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Also Available From the Author

A Gnostic Cycle: Exploring the Origin of Christianity (712 pages). In
this book, you are going to explore the bare-boned facts behind a broad
range of Biblical mysteries, digging deep beneath the thick layers of
misunderstood traditions, semantic misconceptions, invented religious
and political dogma, and breath-taking, world-changing events in
history that had been willfully suppressed or misrepresented. Like any
really good who-done-it, you will read tales of sinister deception,
glorious victory, hateful murder, intimate love, rampaging armies,
wholesale genocide, spiritual salvation, and, as you would anticipate in
such mysteries, the heroes and villains are not always who they seem to
be. Listed below is a short list of the hundreds of things you will herein

The Hebrew Bible was written to build self-esteem, not to record concise history.

King David was based upon Pharaoh Thutmosis III.

King Solomon was based upon Pharaoh Amenhotep III.

Moses was based upon Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV).

Joshua (Ye-ho-shua) was based upon Pharaoh Tutankhamun (Amenhotep V).

Joshua was the son of Moses, not of Nun, and lived only until he was 19, not 110.
Jesus was named for Joshua, because it was believed he was his Second Coming.
Jesus was a dynastic king; a direct descendant of the Scythian Anointed Kings.
Jesus married Mary Magdalene, a Royal Princess, and their offspring live today.
The Apostle John Mark was actually Mary Magdalene; the Beloved Disciple.
Simon Zealot was of the Magi, and was one of the most brilliant men of all time.
Lazarus raised Jesus from the grave after his crucifixion.
Judas Iscariot was hung on a tree (ancient slang for a crucifix), not from a rope.
Mary Magdalene was the first Pope of the Church Jesus personally established.
Christianity and Judaism are polytheists, worshipping to this day multiple Gods.
The Holy Spirit is the Jewish Shekinah (Presence of God); the Mother Goddess.
The Father in Heaven (Hebrew Adon) and Yahveh are two competing deities, from ancient Mesopotamia, and are separate
to this day in the Hebrew Bible.
Women are not half the value, but are in fact twice the value of a man.
The Jerusalem Church was actually located in Qumrn, by the Dead Sea.
Original Christian doctrine comes from Chapter 6 of Numbers, from the Hebrew Bible; rules governing the Qumrn Nazarite
(pronounced Nazareth) Order.
The Apostolic Church has tried for centuries to exterminate Jesus Family Line.
True royal blood has different genetic markers than the common population.
The Eucharist is an ancient ceremony, using bread mixed with white powder gold.
The reason we think non-precious metals like gold and silver valuable is spiritual.
The Antichrist was born 8 years after Jesus, yet his sway is more powerful today.

This book is available from your favorite book seller, or directly from Authorhouse or Authorhouse UK Ltd., for either
$17.50USD or for 13.90UK:
http://www.authorhouse.com/Bookstore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=33204 (ph: 1-888-519-5121)
http://www.authorhouse.co.uk/Bookstore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=33204 (ph: 0800-1974150)

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