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Concrete Turnout Ties

voestalpine Nortrak Inc.



Reduced maintenance
Excellent gauge holding and consistency
Longer component lifespan
Greater lateral and vertical strength
Wider tie spacing provides better access for switch
gear and tamping
Can be engineered and produced for specific
applications, speed, and traffic
Can be engineered and produced for a wide variety
of special trackwork and fastening components
No creosote handling

Cement: ASTM C150 Type III Low Alkali (<0.6% Total Alkali)
Flyash: ASTM C618 Class F Flyash (25% of total cementicious content)
Water to Cement Ratio: 0.30 Maximum

No predrilling

Aggregates: Fractured face, hard, non-reactive coarse aggregate

No warped, twisted, bowed, or split ties

and natural, non-reactive concrete sand

No plate cutting or spike kill issues

Concrete Strength: 10,000 psi 28 day compressive

Less labor to install versus wood

Concrete Strength At Prestress Transfer: 5000 PSI for wire, 7000 psi for strand
Prestress Wire: ASTM A881, 5.32 mm diameter, low relaxation,
9000 lbf breaking strength, ASTM A416 3/8" 7-wire strand also available
Tie Lengths: As required, between 83 to 25
Elastic Fastening Systems: Any
Plate Inserts/fasteners: PIM 7/8 with either VAPE or UNC threads
Third Rail Inserts: As required or "pop-up" e-clip shoulders
Cross Section: 10 3/8" depth x 11" base
Weight Per Lineal Foot: 120 lbs
Recommended Tie Spacing: 24 inch
Positive Bending Moment: 390 in-kips minimum
Negative Bending Moment: 300 in-kips minimum
Cross Section: 8" depth x 10 5/8" base
Weight Per Lineal Foot: 85 lbs
Recommended Tie Spacing: 28"-30" center to center
Positive Bending Moment: 200 in-kips minimum
Negative Bending Moment: 170 in-kips minimum
Ties can also be custom designed to meet your needs


The design of the concrete turnout can be a standard

design or customized for a specific application. A variety
of fastening systems can be used. It is recommended
that concrete turnout tie spacing matches the adjacent
track, with 24 inch spacing for heavy haul and up to 30
inch spacing for typical transit. All Nortrak concrete ties
are manufactured using excellent quality concrete; mixed
using a state of the art concrete batching system. 28 day
compressive strength for the concrete exceeds 10,000 psi.
In 2007, Nortrak established a state of the art, prestressed
concrete turnout tie manufacturing operation in Cheyenne, WY.
The plant is directly adjacent to the Cheyenne trackwork operations.
Although the Cheyenne concrete turnout operation is new, Nortrak
had more than 15 years of experience supplying concrete turnout
tie sets to Class I railroads, commuter lines, transit agencies, and
industrial customer, prior to bringing concrete in-house.
The in-house production of Nortrak concrete turnout ties enables
Nortrak to be in complete control of the design, fabrication, and
delivery of concrete turnout ties for customers.
Nortrak's concrete tie personnel are leaders in the industry - active
within PCI (Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute), ACI (American
Concrete Institute), and AREMA.

Nortrak is able to draw on a world of experience and knowledge.

Call us on one of the numbers listed on our web site: www.voestalpine.com/nortrak

Nortrak is a member of the VAE GmbH group

of companies. With sales and production
companies in over 20 countries across the
world, the group has a depth of trackwork
knowledge unrivalled by any other producer.

VAE GmbH is, in turn, a wholly owned

Birmingham, AL

subsidiary of voestalpine AG. Dedicated to

Cheyenne, WY

innovation and technological excellence,

the voestalpine group consists of some 360
facilities in over 60 countries worldwide.

Chicago Heights, IL
Decatur, IL (Foundry)
Newton, KS
Pueblo, CO
Seattle, WA
Southlake, TX
Richmond, BC
Guadalajara, JA

Concrete Turnout Ties Brochure 2015 Printed in Canada