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Environmental Biotechnology Biot4142

Chapter 1 (Unit I) Introduction

Biotechnology in Environmental Protection Introduction, biological Waste water treatment,
Effective Microbes Technology, Use of genetically engineered organisms, Biological process for
industrial effluent treatment - aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment.
Chapter 2 (Unit II) Removal of specific pollutants
Source of heavy metal pollution, Microbial system for heavy metal accumulation, Biosorption,
Bioleaching, Bioremediation - constraints and properties of bioremediation. Bioremediation
types - applications and examples. Phytoremediation.
Chapter 3 (Unit III) Xenobiotic compounds
Recalcitrant compounds, hazardous wastes, biodegradation of xenobiotics, detoxification
methods. Solid waste - sewage sludge - disposal and utilization.
Chapter 4 (Unit IV) Application of Environmental Biotechnology
Pesticide industry, tannery industry, paper industry, Waste treatment of foods and allied industry,
Distillery industries. Biomass from waste.
Vermicomposting, biodegradable and eco-friendly products. Current status of Environmental
Biotechnology and future.

Assessment Arrangements
Test 1 will be given, which weights out of 20%,
Test 2 will be given, which weights out of 20%
Assignment 1 will be given, which weights out of 5%
Attendance will be taken randomly, which weights out of 5%, and
The remaining 50 % will be for final exam.