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Performance appraisal represents one of the most complex areas facing todays managers when it
comes to managing their employees. Many studies have demonstrated an unusually large impact
of the performance Increment and the level of Motivation of workers, while the level of
Motivation has an impact on productivity and hence, also on performance of business
organizations. Unfortunately, in our region performance appraisal has not still received the
proper attention from neither scholars nor managers of various businesses.

To study the need and importance of Performance Appraisal.

To study the applied performance appraisal techniques in selected


To make data analysis and interpretation based on the perception of

the employee in the organization on Performance Appraisal.

To summarize and find certain suggestions for the impotent of

Performance Appraisal system in the company.

Problem Statement
As the title suggest that this study is to check the appraising method of employee working in
organization. This has following importance:

Identify skillful employees

Impact of employees in an organization
Applied techniques of appraisal for the employees
Analysis of Methods used at different levels of employees
Know the actual Performance Appraisal System for employees
Know the relationship between Top Management and Executive

Literature Review
A performance appraisal is a systematic and periodic process that assesses an individual
employee's job performance and productivity in relation to certain pre-established criteria
and organizational objectives. Other aspects of individual employees are considered as

well, such as organizational citizenship behavior, accomplishments, potential for future

improvement, strengths and weaknesses, etc.
To collect PA data, there are three main methods: objective production, personnel, and
judgmental evaluation. Judgmental evaluations are the most commonly used with a large
variety of evaluation methods. Historically, PA has been conducted annually (long-cycle
appraisals); however, many companies are moving towards shorter cycles (every six
months, every quarter), and some have been moving into short-cycle (weekly, bi-weekly)
PA. The interview could function as "providing feedback to employees, counseling and
developing employees, and conveying and discussing compensation, job status, or
disciplinary decisions". PA is often included in performance management systems. PA
helps the subordinate answer two key questions: first, "What are your expectations of
me?" second, "How am I doing to meet your expectations?
Research is thus an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge making for its
advertisement. It is pursuit of truth with the help of study, observation, comparison and
experiment. In short the search for knowledge through objective and systematic method of
finding solution to problem is research.
Research design is must to focus attention on the following:
Formulating the objective of the study
Designing method of data collection
Selecting the sample
Data collection
Processing and analysing the data
Finding and Descriptions
Descriptive research is adopted for this study. It includes surveys and fact finding enquiries of
different kinds. The major purpose of descriptive research is description of the state affairs as it
exists at present. Descriptive research concerns a univariate question in which we ask about or
state something about the size, form, distribution, or existence of a variable.
The Study is primarily based on the primary data collected through Questionnaire and interview
from the company
Sample Area
Sample Size

: Hyderabad
: 50


For achieving the specific objectives of this study, data were gathered from both primary and
secondary sources.
Primary Data The instrument used to collect primary data is through questionnaire from
the Manager and Executive. It gives first-hand information to the researcher. In this study, a
questionnaire has been prepare with a view to analyse the work
Secondary Data
Various Records of the company.
Different types of system information.
Text Books, Journals, News Papers.
Other Search Engines like Google.com

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