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Lesson Plan Title: Writing a Review

Course/Subject: English


Content Standards/Clear Objective(s):


-Discuss similarities and differences between a book review and a product review
-Create their own example of a review
-Prepare for completing a book review on a recently discussed class novel

Technology Standards
Standard 6: Design---Students apply a number of problem-solving strategies demonstrating the nature of
design, the role of engineering and the role of assessment.

Assessment Types (aligned with objectives):

Pre-Assessment: Students will have previously completed a discussion and reading of a classroom
novel. This novel will give them all of the background knowledge that they will need in order to
complete the review.
Post-Assessment: Students will complete a book review of their own, with all parts included to
show that they have understood the components and comprehension of the novel that was read.

Materials (list):

Powerpoint Presentation


Having established a baseline of students understanding of what a product review consists of,
the teacher will then have the students apply their learned knowledge to a logo of Mcdonalds,
something that is familiar to most students within the class. With this logo representation, they
will apply the product review description.
The teacher will then review some of the most important features of the product review with
participation from the students, giving their own examples of what they created.
The teacher will begin to discuss the multiple ways that creating a book review is similar to the
product review that they just completed off of the powerpoint presentation.
After the review, students will break into pairs and begin to write down the characteristics that
the class novel had for the book review.

Differentiation matching student/s need:

The teacher will look around the room to determine if students understands the requirement of
the assignment and ask probing questions if students appear to be stuck or unfocused.
Students who may have difficulty seeing or hearing will have access to the front of the classroom
for assistance.
Students that may have difficulty writing or expanding upon their thoughts, as specified in their
IEP or 504 may receive a structured visual aid to help complete thoughts.


Students will bring home their examples of the Mcdonalds product review in their journals.
Students will complete their book reviews in pairs and will have to find time outside of class to
coordinate with their partner and compile their information into the final form of the book review.
As a class, we will being student presentations and discussion of the book review.

Evaluation of lesson and adaptation I may need to make to continue work


The next day the teacher can review another form of product review and/or book review example
to review some of the characteristics that the students need to include in their own book reviews.
Giving the students more time for in class collaboration to finish the book reviews.
Supply the students with examples of other books that are similar to the class novel so they can
further their horizons and encourage reading outside of novels that are assigned.
If necessary, I will find additional visual aids to help bring together the different characteristics of
a book review for the visual based learners within my classroom.

Other Comments/Notes:
Prepare the students with additional information on completing reviews, make
worldwide connections that they will be reviewing items, etc for most of their lives in
the real world.