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This Amenert is nee as of tie iv and company (he i WHEREBY JT 1S MUTUALLY AGREED by te pares flows: ARTICLE 1 Appointment) + 5 The Cay hry soit Azo ity he Aa for Einar A Teams en eee nite, BSSTEM. _Brmandcopcions est out in hs Apuement and Addenda Giro ARTICLE 2 (Date ate Respooibitis of seats) In acting hereunder and pectoomin the series heres species the Asi alll . tines toe their best ellie to promote ar onl a to protest the nerstsof th (Company and avoid los kanecasaryexpease, andthe Agents Stall be able fr and.” ‘ fall indemnify tm Company seine any kind 0 om or carnage incoed. by the ‘Coaany for any act omission, deft, mistake, cor and/or neisene= done" Se | tomumlad by the Agesuy or Wat empleoes or subageats of any tue ectracton : pointed by ihe Agetsesseredonng mdr tema oper d te. "ARTICLE 3. (Stofe of agent? Busines) noe “Te Ages sal provide acer agency sender wt wi om fine ip tne be ‘uel ye Compe ed sccm eb ot sine oe fllowing ais . (@) Hosbanding (0) sarang bart for all erste ued) operated ehateed ocrmanaged by the =, “Company (ernst rfeec tow “the ves") f (2) Provide for toe cary and clearance ofthe veel G Bons for the stant of pot cups and any des pupae inact of - @, senoee forthe siply of ful waar, provisions and desk and engine room 5) Anos forany emergency repair reqifed io be Gone tothe ves. i (G)s Amuse fo any other tras or laattes af deemed to Ue 3 cen "S asbandins ces fore vse am gs i (0) Comp Booking sed0peration : . ev (€), Sot and Sook ctrs0 on the vel in acerdance withthe Company's “Gane the Company's inptrseions then in ote, apa subject 10 Bl oF Latin clauses and exceptions agoptea by the Company . ‘@)yupse Bly of Lang and ceer amar doeamens to shippers in de form, : <2 pres bythe Company. = 21 Gy nang for nevedoreg and other cago handling operations: (2), Avant for tne delnery pf cargo (0 couigness of Io oneamies when the TY Gage sl be trasnippediforwanied to ler porslacis) in seeorance 1 withthe Bis of Lacing moe by or op Beal tthe Company, “a ig 5) Fesform the woking misting to general ange iacudhg election’ of documents (LE Late of Guarantee avetge Bonds Siatebaee Commercial Lnvoicn eit) and each depea ie aesoranes wie 4 Samper inet, {65 Paroom the complete extedy, contol and pein ofthe Company Semed or leased Baipmenté) (Contac Chess, ch Gale ee pment shal be pled andor opeited Ia the oes (0) Vest Option Make bes tions for the mes ceonomiel, efficent and quickest possi dispatch of the veses a te ports eapogiy endeering to Kaen Pee Schedules the Coman’sincrvesels i (© Chime . imvstante at the request ofthe Company or he Comany'steses al mage $B Fels, Cano and personne, and report Sisan hn wate ig he Oona ad in acordaee wi the inition ofthe Company sol of te Gone ‘mak, au, apportion, sale aad dea wi any cas on babel of ee Se Company ois vest Ie excel stipe heres ea he ee f ay ts al crs earls ofthe amomnt inched ie ates ea Gilen sporoal of the Compary, umn ethenne ancien oe Compeey (© "Cotten ad Renita Sale at east ad char monies us nd parle oth Company oe Acca 2394 promptly set them tothe Company ia sith a anne prosaed for ie is Agreement and A@dendum Ne © tmvestizntin sd information (1) Savage, to he bist of their eapabliy, and repre fuly om port condos, Snail, eommecil adler enjome Gaoltons ree poleal sheatons preveling in te are, when ramel G9 m9 Uy te (2) Report spiodaeiafermaton neung be exten ofthe (on) tom tne tote ° (@) Gres Perform sich other aciwitins ‘nd ucis th connection with provisions of tis ABeimentutay be rqused by the Company of Frean* pete Bits ortaaine) i BORG Sy vies sponded orn Arie 3 of Agent te apts, | z it fetby-athossed to sign, on behalf the Company, tne Compass Sie ot : [ing at tos specimen sgnatue of each delesied perv of ie Aceves sal registred withthe Company ARTICLE'S (Stereo) § ‘The Assn hal ws tis bast endcovous to aacge steedoring on the best posse {eens sonfient wth efceny, promded, boweer th in ts event te Cosme i has desiated speci: sigredares(o attend the veel, he Agwnts see wo ae, ssiecors, + 2 nvelid nlc tno oping. Asoent effected) th Agents i a ee ‘connection with the duties assumed by them hereunder shall spore of be Conpary. chines "a sine of Agremere The sarily and wheg cgeteg oe Company, endeavour, forth best iterate of the Compeny, to nessa nig oe artes eaacersed for fv ie Ey sndlor adding andor deleting provisions, clouses tn Oe sndler trom te contems of the sid steveteving andlor lenis opens ARTICLE 6 ARTICLE 7 ARTICLE & ARTICLE 10 & = tn eis the Company ss $008 eaton and requests the Agents by wing wo d 0, the [ess sha be obliges fo exer hue best eos foumprove series of the teed Toe teint operons pointes bythe gents ana su fot ofthe Agents Shel Flat topeally nen te Comoaty spsibenly so request in wan, to Cran he ppon inne ofthe tesecore andorra opesnions (Subaserts) The Agents stall have the raht to appoint sib [Ata of bors covered by ta Agreement Where the Agens do not maintain thei oem (thas, provided oat strappoutmente sal be mae sujet fe the por approval it Sroting of the Comseny, Uf tke Company has reason 10 be csatisied with an oepint 59 appoint, tie Agere hal, promptly upon feceipt of parla of the Boakinps cetpient a to nach subagene, vestigate, the coms and report thereon fo the Company. The agsnts shall make 2 erage in the appoiatmest of 2 Sulrapet if ceqeste in weing bythe Cams To €® 50. sens at ay pots or sluts within the (Moai and Funds caves by Agents) ‘Tre Agents hereby sckrowiedge tat any enits andor funds cote by she Azsaits 2 behalf of the Cores by vrte of tis Agnecy Astermect includ the Adcende Stereo ae excoshely ce poperty of the Comogany. The Ages hercy further ounowiaige thet noch monies andor funds are colctad by the At rlely in the SQiocy a Mancscaces oo bebalf of th Company and tewefore the Agents sta Gaver auch moni tndjor funds 29 ealleted to te: posession of the Pracioals ‘without undue delay. sen monies endor Fund or propery sal pee mani, fights and othe chars, ccoonts recerable and other charges to be coleied (om sippes, cchsanees ard ther eusomers of he Compas. Wis expreniy undewstogd and apred that ny monies indo funds ncuding right Ms oxreliaed ‘by te ageats Go befall of the Company, st well as any funds [husced by the Company, shetber retraed fo tae Company oF rmaning m = Xen fouesio, soa long slay 1 the Comany free an clear pf eny chs of ‘Be Agena ov my ot the Agents crits and theve/ore she Agen standard of care sibling ee asics nor fone abe tat ofa pren mandatary ‘The Aedes dat sta ines maintain paste records from tose of the Agenis ane ‘Siler nig, cary indenting sseh monies and/or Lunds 2 the property of te Compeay. daasé upon ihe mute! sndermandines egresed as abe, the Agen hereby ages 9 Delo the aesourcne prosedurs oF te Company 38 proved pee AGdendera No, 2 . (Conforens Rules, e2) ‘The Asn al coseve sn ebite bya he rls, ogletion an right ated ofthe Clnietaces Feige Agecnents sadjor any oer aeerments jlo which he (Compe enter with ner sslpping eompaties sndfor other conte, covenng the {eee routes where te Agents vepesnt the Company. (Probiition to ba Compete’ Agnats) : ‘Toe Agents shal ot rprseat diy or indrety, noe, Besore the Agtots of any onpetior ofthe Cmaguey without che casert in wnting hereto ofthe Company (Securities ‘Toe Agent shall soba to the Company secnityecceptable to ost the ABims! Fil perfomance of ther duties pomuaot to tus Agresmant, The sesuity reauied by the Company shale asic form and substance sezepabl to he Company, wee ‘eh sourney Shall bea Later of Cadi, Boed ov soca omer (llr as may Berend Upon bythe pares. ARTICLE 12, ARTICLE 13. <(e) Eonglidance toes ye alg alex’ messes, exe and Telegram apd fore ARTICLE 14 ARTICLE 15 ARTICLE Is ARTICLE 17 (Change of Agen’ Stara ‘Taw agents shal prompty inform the Company of sny change or medication i te Seope ofits cogonte busines, af wel a infor the Company of any chake of Hiotaeess noling eorioling eres of tie gents and of any change of the ofBce fd key parcel of he Age (Commision) ‘Se Gompenyshallcompenste the Agent on cgrmission bat in aeordance with the elute itarted hero. Adcenauin No. Payment of comission on Far oF ‘RE Santes by the Ages within the purview of tus Agzeevet shal be made om 8 is egencing te ApS per wed Sais Upon ‘spporang dosure Sete in sich connect (Cost and Expenses) Ape poet ori nt sparing cures Copy hal arte {ep “An expenses stun fsutrd fm eomnection ith work on board the wens as Shel ap all othr expener necesuly ‘ncumed forthe proger operauon oF Se esilg suchas port “hree, dues, plage and the Ie cop sss ang out bi tnt im connection with te Companys consspondens any out, al et cupenate the camesti¢ cou Bisinese, Tae spondence expense () Aberssngan 5 by he Comoan (eo) Alvexpenss for pr ting the Company’ fons suchas Manlfens, Bil OCLading, Daven Gries of az avtnoraed bythe Company oe peued by direct gutonsauon of the Company. f sling cards and other public sate as auiostaed te) Tr tay tine the Aponte’ books, ors. and restive Socumeses neonate foer sopuiee in ts Agreement ind Agenda ‘Horta which the ap ss all perform on bea of the Compeny,incling 6 298 intel to, te Age ss-ords of funds colesae on behalf of the Company, 28 ‘Ra? Goeumene” as acsrts cesig (oe Company's busines and the Ages [EitSeagdocuee uv cunt pacodid bisce shest and setmont of roi sot Jog ved by v1 -udior ce cond. able aecoucaot. Ta Agenss call coopers ‘Sis the Comp. “ysepsasatives in Suing such aecovntng books records and Gpeurents Uye 1 retuct of te Company, tbe Agents tall from dine to tine tomplly sibrs) \ates scgorte (othe Company, ia sich fem af Tay He accept [ihe compary “The Agent st it atither iunsfer or -ssign.aor attempr to tragfer or assign any dght of Ghai: steed m the Agrement without the pfior wotten content of the Sco sal ets enlepue tor axterpt to deleste ary of ofthe as) aan, that abba oas consined in tos agroment without the prior waten Con Compan * (Supescd ap Clauss) vol a Je Ag pment supersedes sin -sanesis ny and/'all pir agrenments exares oF Tnpsce any bosocsn tne gor. ato rlting tatters agred upon Herein, Ta ‘Agr an eosin 00 UBB on ibe patiy ana ey nt be sane, We ormodiles eg aswt e-ign paris hei, (Ettoctve Peis Ce ‘Tas Agremen: saa. co be caler by ruben €~ Shining even bp aie wey ‘ita, gdje to sagen aan ti wf scp. fovea Nines (90) days notion thereof 19 aime. ay ARTICLE 19 ARTICLE20 ‘ARTICLE 21 ARTICLE 22, WITHOUT prejusice an remedy wich the Company ogy have eins? the Agunts {foc bese ar aon-perocmance of this Amcement the Corsany may by waten notice Ferthwith ermine tht Asooment= : (2 Ode pues conning 8 Sach of any off arvisons orb sty of (0) the Agents shag into Tuidation or shall became benkrent or insolent oF shall ener ino 2 Deed of Arrangement forthe benefit oftheir crete or fa _. Receiver shall be appointed of the Agents enderaking and ass (or an part Beret) (i, iom the exising conition ofthe Agetissndfor othr cucumstnees, the Company ceasonaby considered wat there 2 danger of the Agents becoming Insoient of of ther ais ancesing their et (agent duty after tenis) Tesniscuin of ts Agent scoring to Anise 17 and 18, the Ate hal dsiver (othe Company at ties of osteanding dims oy thd pris aguas the Company and sa connie un thee beat effort eal any uh owing the Company i spat of backing mae of get cade of aniaded poet the tte ‘of teohinstion. Within Thing (0) eye Of tensiaton of hi Aveement unless thers aged, tm Agent al ieder a satament of account To he Company, i ‘Slompenely pes iy mento he Conse (Governing Lam) 3 ‘Ths Aweereat Sal) Se gorerad by end gonsirind'in accordance with the lw of Tapes. (acblrion) ‘say efernce of oinon cr any cum or gts isn tof hs Aaemént sab B seited by abitation in TOAD, Each garey tall appoint one acbiiatr with power {eo sch arbiters ta appoin, if aucasiy, an umpire. Any such aoluaton shal be tffeced under the arovsion af te "Code of Cel Procedure of Jepan 1690 regarding ‘arbicailon Proceeding” or any sateton modifeton or reenactment eof for he ‘ie beige ia fee oss her satya he sess for such sty mt fo blow For tbe Company ‘ : at adres: aie Aadiese For the Agent: Mai Adaess Cie aserast & es ARTICLE 23. (Countrpars) . ‘Tis Anrument has bees prepared in duplicate counterpss. Exch propery sxeewtes ounietpart Sia be deemed an origi), and it shal nol be necessary in making proof ‘this Aarsmantt9 produce or sous! for mare tan one ss countespar. IN WETNESS whet the pares bust buvecauend this Aceement 10 Se executed in manner Sree spring o fhe ay 2 year eerbefone is we.