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Esteban Castillo

The use of AI in the field of bionic prostheses have enabled the development of
behaviors that correctly emulates the function of a limb of flesh and blood taking into
account that sciences like mechanics, medicine, electronics and computer are on the
cusp working about this theme.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software.
Recognize the term bionic prosthesis taking into account the history that has passed and
the progress that has taken today.
Recognize cave where in artificial intelligence in the process of consolidating a bionic
Conduct an investigation to gather information to meet the application of artificial
intelligence and countless science projects bionic prostheses.
Hugh Herr
Hugh Herr is an MIT professor directs the Biomechanics group who perform the most
sophisticated prosthetics in the world.
Herr had an accident while on climbing at 17 years for severe frostbite on the
extremities that led to the amputation of them. After two decades he decides to make
prosthesis tighten the screw a hook by his passion for mountain climbing.
In prostheses we find:
Sensors: Devices that detect physical quantities possible to control the signal provided
by the sensor
Electrodes: Allows use signals from nerves to control the prosthesis.
Variables Instrumentation: Tilts, pressure, force, acceleration, etc.
Actuator: is the device that transforms hydraulic, pneumatic or electric energy to
activate an automatic process.

Regulator or valve: is the device responsible for controlling the flow of the medium
used (air, current, etc.).
Pre-amplification: electronic devices are used to improve the signal emitted by the
nerves. operational amplifiers instrumentation is used at this stage.
Amplification: 100% signal is reconstructed to optimize control of the devices
according to what is desired.
Signal processing: At this stage the analog signal is manipulated to handle digital signal
so a series of processes is performed in this process involves the IA:
One of the major shortcomings in the creation of bionic prostheses is the cost
that they have to demand more than that there is very large worldwide.
Scientists engaged in the creation of bionic prostheses have very entrenched
knowledge in the subject because more engineering have resorted to such fields
as medicine to know about the nerves of the human body.
AI is applied to perform the algorithm that will preside over the decisions that
are sent from the brain to the prosthesis , taking into account positions , tilt ,
strength and characteristics of each limb with their previous study .