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Third Grades Weekly Newsletter

October 17, 2016

Lanier Elementary School

Dates to Remember!

October 24 28th Red Ribbon Week

October 27th Picture make up day

This Week in School

Math- Properties of multiplication, Commutative,
Associative, Distributive, Identity, and Zero Property
Reading- Identify characters traits, motivations and
actions in a story and determine the central message,
moral or theme from a folktale, fable and myth
Writing- -identify the components of realistic fiction, write
realistic fiction stories, and demonstrate command of the
conventions of standards capitalization, punctuation, and
spelling when writing
Grammar: Use comparative and superlative adjectives
Science: How does heat travel? Conduction, convection,
radiation. What are conductors and insulators?
Social Studies: Identify the 3 levels of government:
(local, state, national), explain some of the jobs and
responsibilities of the local government

All students are now working on their multiplication math
facts. Your child should be practicing 5 to 10 minutes each
night on these facts. Please see the websites below for
math fact practice help or the sheet in their TEAM Binder.


Helpful Websites to Use At Home
(MATH FACT PRACITICE) Launch Point Link Students can access
FASTT Math (HMH) and many other websites from this
link. They must log in with their 6-digit student id.


Red Ribbon Week

October 24October 28 2016
Oct. 24 - Team Up Against Drugs! Wear your team
Oct. 25th - I Can Be Anything I Want to Be- Drug Free!
Dress up in a career outfit showing off what you want to be
when you grow up
Oct. 26th - Wear Red Day!
Oct. 27th - Dress up 80s style!
Oct. 28th - Dress like a super hero! No masks allowed at



Third Grade is in need of 4 pumpkins, one
for each homeroom. We have a very fun
and educational activity planned for Friday,
October 28th. Please contact your childs
teacher if you can send in a pumpkin. Thank
you- Third Grade Teachers.
Reading Bingo Boards
We are now accepting the Orange Reading
Bingo Boards. The next Reading Celebration is
scheduled for Friday, October 28th. It will be
a Just Dance Party. If you have not received
the orange board, make sure you complete the
Red Bingo Board ASAP so you can get started
on the orange.
Homework Written AssignmentsAll due by Friday
Math Math Sheet - one page of the skills we are working
on each week (Due Friday)
Spelling Homework Begins this week! Spelling tests will
be given each Friday. The words for this week are: film,
blind, child, find, cost, moth, most, scold, both, roll, before,
friends, know, looked, went
RAH Log (Read at Home) - Complete RAH log each night
Monday through Thursday, recommendation is 15-20
minutes. Record the books read on RAH Log in T.E.A.M.
MAH (Math at Home) - Initial agenda, complete math facts
practice each night Monday through Thursday,
recommendation is 5-10 minutes math facts practice.
Dojo Tracker Please sign each Friday!

Ways to Help PTO

Collect box tops - Students name goes in raffle for $100

gift card to Academy Sports, $50 Wal-Mart Card and a $25
Kroger card, ends October 21st , the students name goes
in every time 25 box tops are turned in
Collect bottle caps with codes from your favorite drinks
(Coke products and PowerAde)

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