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Shepherd in Mythology

The shepherd is the powerful mythological figure.Shephereds were central to

Greek and Roman mythology like their god orphew apallow, pan, Paris and
Endymion all spent time, looking after sheep.
And the famous story of shepherd Endymion fallen in love with good-looking
shepherd the goddess Salina (or luna) asked zeus to him to sleep on a
permanant basis . Salena and Endymion became popular theme in French
Zococo and romantic Paintings.
Probably the most all-encompassing classical shepherd is Hermes the ram
bearer, he is called the lord of herds, who always carries a ram on his
shoulders. The shepherd guides and cares about his herds, he is wise and
gods delegate on Earth .He also symbolizes the change from a hunter
gather to a pastoral society, he has great respect in ancient time. Thats why
they always become Centre of Greek and other writers. As the familiar
classical mythology involves potential heroes, such as Oedipus, pairs
Romulus and remes being abandoned in babyhood than saved and brought
up by shepherds.
Reference: It is taken from Google link www.magic-nation.co.uk/shep8htm.

My STORY (shepherd)
It was started when oracle was given to laius that youll be killed by your own
son. But nobody stopped it and his son was born, It was miserable fortune for
laius and for me too because soon they bound me in killing that baby.
They told me to leave it on mountain of Cithaeron that animal and birds soon
kill the baby , but I couldnt do that because I felt pity on a baby so, I gave
that child to my fellow shepherd of Corinth that he would take him away so
that everyone live in calm.
But after some time I listened that the child was adopted by the king and
queen of Corinth and the baby was named Oedipus the baby became young
and he went to depbli for the truth about his life oracle said he would kill his
father and marry his mother. I saw the actions were running to climx.
I was more shocked when I was going with king Laius we were at place, were
three roads meet, the son killed his father. I was shocked when I saw the
baby he was slaughtering the bodyguards of king only I was survived before
he turned to me I escaped Now I was sure that Prophecy was so true and I
realized my mistake, but it was too take.
Oedipus was running like horse he defeated spinx and came to Thebes all
Thebes were raising slogans of Oedipus only. I was unhappy and silent. Soon
he married to her mother Jocasta, I couldnt see that all, I requested Jocasta
to give permission to leave palace and become shepherd once again. She
agreed and let me gone. I heard that Thebes were covered by plague. I knew
gods are showing their anger. Creon bad been sent to depbli and was said
that find the murdered of Laius, Oedipus was finding the murderer alas! Soon
terresia told the truth. I felt sorry for kings tension he was blaming on
everyone. Jocasta was saying prophecy would be wrong, but I knew it was
true, she told the story of murder than Oedipus became more suspected.
Soon I was called I knew that the truth would be unhide when my friend
Corinthian shepherd came as messenger and informed that polybus father of

Oedipus is dead but also told that Oedipus was adopted by polybus. He is not
his real father. He also disclosed that I gave him child.
I saw Oedipus was in full anger but that he whom could slaughter might
himself, but Jocasta hanged herself. Oedipus saw Jocasta hanged he plucked
a pin from her dress and blinded himself. Oedipus accepted fortune and ready
to suffer.

Google search engine www.classicpages.com

Written by Tobafayeye

Role of Shepherd

The oracle told the king Laius that youll have son who will kill you and marry
his own mother .So they soon determined to kill him, Jocasta gave it to
shepherd of Thebes to kill him by leaving him alone but the shepherd gave
baby to fellow shepherd of Corinth, the Corinthian knew it that king and
queen of Corinth are childless so theyll adopt it and also give me reward for
Although shepherd of Thebes appeared less in play of Oedipus rex, but he is
one of the important characters, he was the only witness of kings murder.
When Oedipus entered in palace of Thebes he left royal palace and became
shepherd again.
Shephered is a ghost servant he was aware of oracle, when he learned that
oedipus killed his own father, that time he does not fulfill his duty to tell
jocasta all, the truth about oedipus that he tells in last of scene. If he had told
this all before the match of marrige between oedipus and jocasta, The
oedipus would have been less cursed.
Shephered was not only protector of animals , being a servant , it was also
the duty of him to save of life of master's child which he before did . But at
the time when king was being killed, the shephered ran away and escaped.
finally the situation walked toward worse.
In the drama role act was played to two shephereds one from thebes and
other from corinth. The later one is also the messenger.And in last when a
messenger from Corinth said that Oedipus was given by shepherd of Thebes,
than shepherd of Thebes appeared as old man and he was not willing to tell
about the truth, but the punishment threats from Oedipus made him
frightened. He solved the riddle of Oedipus life that he gave child to corinath
messenger and Oedipus is killer of Laius his father.

First paragraph is taken from the book of Oedipus Rex Page 368.

The Importance
role.of shepherd
Shepherd has the supportive role in this drama. His role is too much
important because it could be a single clue of secret , on which whole drama
is standing. He is a pillar of the drama we can say because he saves the baby

and gave on other face to drama or next step for continutiy of drama .His role
gave a turning point to whole drama, his role gave attractive and a serious
mood to the drama.
Drama is busy in varieties of actions and faces, otherwise the role of
shepherd could be narrative and ankering part or the drama . He knew the
secret, means he knew the path to make story perfect. A crusial role he has
because some sort or requirment he fills of drama.
Shephereds role has a great importance in proving the creon as man of
honest , and also it proved the terresia true prophet . shephereds role also
declared that none any tradegy was made in intrest of creon or terresia . He
also proved to decline all blaims of oedipus which were imposed upon
An already told shephered's story of robbers and three roads told to jocasta ,
resulted in protection of creons life by diverging the investion of oedipus
toward search of killer other wise might the creon be executed.
Act played by shephered have utmost importance in relaying the prophecy
true. He supported the prophecy of terresia and put importance to the voice
of terresias . His acts also declared the power of God.The chain of events in
drama have been iginited to began with role of shephered, and also these
events are also sent to finishing by reveling the truth of shephered.
According to Richard Latimore In the book of oedipus Rex Page 295. The plot
of Oedipus from beginning to the end concerns with the investigation of
events which have already happened. The shepherd knew all the past events
and in final revelation of the truth about Oedipus the shepherd admitted that
he gave the messenger a baby boy and that boy was Laius son, the same son
that Jocasta and Laius ordered to be killed because of oracle. Shepherd was
only witness of Laius murder and with is revelation Oedipus stopped his
search of truth.

final paragraph is taken from Oedipus Rex Book page 202,204.

Shepherd as a liar
From very beginning till end shepherd used to tell lie. His role was dishonest
and coward. He lied Jocasta that he has left child on mountain he deceived
Jocasta and Laius by saving child. Moreover when Oedipus killed the father
and his fellowmen he cowardly fled and reached at palace where he lied
again that king was killed by robbers. And when Oedipus came to Thebes and
married to Jocasta his mother, the shepherd didnt dare to tell the truth and
just saw the worst happening so he left palace and became shepherd again.
In last when king called shepherd to palace he first expected that to be
questioned about murder of Laius but the king asked the messenger of
corinath to recognize the shepherd and Corinthian knew him and recognized
but shepherd didnt want to tell the truth but, the king threatened him to
death so he spoke the truth which he dishonestly kept for long time.

These lines are taken from Oedipus Rex Book page 294.
First shepherd expected to be questioned about murder of Laius but king
asked messenger of Corinthian to recognize the shepherd.

Terresia Vs Shepherd

The persons knew the truth about the mysterious life of Oedipus. One was
terresia a blind prophet who knew the truth through his power and relation
with the God Apallow, and other is shepherd of Thebes who knew the truth.
since very beginning because as he saved the child mystery began.
When terresia told the truth Oedipus showed anger of heat, he didnt believe
the prophet and also mocked at his blindness. But when shepherd told the
truth he completely believed him without being rude it might be happened
because Oedipus was already suspected about his tragic mystery or he was
not believer of prophet. He believed shepherd as he was the witness of every
Terresia was well aware that power of God is superior than oedipus , so he
dare to speak the oedipus and revealed the truth for sake of fate and
prophecy . while shephered was also aware of God powers but he didn't dare
to talk oedipus and he revealed the truth because of fear , torcher,and
harrasment created by king.
Terresia never had any name of pity in his dictionary in the whole act. He
showed strictness to oedipus . But shephered as a common man had pity and
emotional on oedipus when he saved him when he was a baby.
terresia and shepherd both were unwilling to tell the truth but terresia was
true prophet he was not feared of Oedipus but he believed that if knowledge
didnt give any fruit to anyone rather than suffer, it should be hidden and
whatever he said it became true .On other hand shepherd was dishonest he
was feared of punishment so, he used to lie and hide the truth.


These lines are taken from Oedipus rex book page 366if knowledge
didnt give any fruit to any one rather than suffer it should be hidden

Pity in Shepherd
According to Aristotle tragedy arouses the feeling of pity and chiefly for the
heros tragic fate. At first we feel pity for infant whose parent wanted him to
be killed, then we feel pity father is by own son, after that Jocasta hanged
herself and Oedipus blinded himself, moreover Shepherd in the play had also
pity for Oedipus and when Oedipus asked him that he saved him. He said
pitied on baby my king and thought that man would take him far away to his
country and saved him but, for what a fate for you, no man living is more
wretched than Oedipus.
In my opinion when Jocasta gave him hardly 3 days born baby to expose on
mountain of Carthon without showing any grief but, Shepherd who was not
blood relative of Oedipus, he was not cruel as his parents. He saved the child
by giving him to fellow herdsman, without any fear of oracle.

(1)1st paragraph is taken from Oedipus Rex Book page no 273,274.These lines
are taken from www.enotes.com.
(2)Pitied on baby my king, and thought that man would take him far away, to
his country and saved him, but what a fate for you.

Shepherd in Mythology

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