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oar Y Ds WS 13.9 ee ts PL) a LEW wd a a Ct VET Ta, : Sarin aT vie) FAMOUS oN NOVEMBER/DECEMh NUMBER 258 _. Opening Wounds + St Fangmail © RS Mystery Photo * THE LADIES OF EVIL DEAD Spend time with the ladies that kicked some Ash EVIL DEAD LIVES ON tor or Greatest Actor? WHICH WITCH? From Salem to SUSPIRIA, from WICKED to WICKER MAN, we've gat ‘em all SEASON OF THE WITCH Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. . especially in Salem, MA, SHEDDING LIGHT ON LUNA Beyond the pages with the creators of FM's first comic FM COMICS PREVIEW: LUNA #1 A sneak peek at issue #1 of this epic werewolf tale VAMPIRELLA VAMPIRELLA’S FELLA Rare photos and insights from one of Vampirellals mast diligent disciples IF THE SUIT FITS. ne of the first to don the nigh impossible red outfit recounts costumes, conventions, and friend Heidi Saha 38 INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE(LLA CREATOR) (ur good Unole waxes nostalgic about typewriters, tall buldings, and taller tales VAMPI’S NATAL NIGHT Fram aur Editor-n-Ohief's very own typewriter comes the tale of Vamprs origin THE LADY IS A VAMP A.small sample of some of Hollywood's most sultry suckers MONSTER MASTERCLASS Oscar-winner Dave Elsey shows you how to make a Hollywood-style zombie in your awn bedroom (and be the coolest one at the Halloween parties!) THE POST MASK ALWAYS FITS NICE Don Post Jr. spins tales of his father, Don Post Studios, and how he's keeping that legacy alive and well in the 21st century FATHER OF THE BRIDE B Learn how at just 16 years of age, one of Hollywood's most suocessful producers created his ‘own BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN ) BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN The second installment of Kevin Burns’ comic adaptation of @ horrar classic What If? * 80 Famous Last Words ee ol alae Perio) Lae Ta ts aa US ae sg CT ‘AROUND HIM. BY NOW, ASH IS THE STUFF OF CULT CINEMA LEGEND: AVERAGE GUY FACES THE IMPOSSIBLE, BATTLING POSSESSED Sa a Sat a) A a Ue aa ESE Tae) NC aa) Se ER eee ae SN I A 0 3 eT Rae) THROUGHOUT, HIS GREATEST CHALLENGES UU aoe CC In 1978, fresh out of Michigan State University, Sam Raimi took a small group Cee eee ret eae ee cae es PCM Meteo Cn ee eee several buckets of blood, and special effects ST eo Stan ee ee Cer em ae Sees ey eee et ete anos en ers ets Bruce” here) was. the one possessed, CUM oases ere cream ue nae nc aceon ee ae eee Teun eee Cea ee ee Sec eset en ets eaten crew neta eS a na eee! Foe rete rarer ceca ae aed pears eran ace Ro ad before them, Raimi and crew headed for the Sees oe arse ee he Ce Oe ee 10 ee ele Decent Baker, Therese Tilly (then billed as Sarah rs “ SS SC a } Oe eae cc! gS PSC SDs ey Oe ce oe ec ete eae Sen ec Pu LeRoy eee CRE Tran hhouse...crew and all,” the theatre-trained eid Sec een sister “Shelly.” also recalls the ambiguity Ceram cs Saeed script was maybe 30 pages, and we were Po ea nas ers trees ere eed Aut ee een Kandarian Book of the Dead. The Pee eee rc mete ad the group one by one. Side- oe em women in the film take center emer neg Seema are blood and severed limbs to ps. emerge atthe end Cerrar Cenc Preeti eat Ee ee nS Ce eats Poem Ce Cee esac neers ace aa) been used by wild animals, and Ronee ee a Dee OR eaG) onc For Sullivan, the opportunity to Re Sn atc Se CLL td ees a Grr) FEO aU aed eee Oe anon what ended up being used was improvised while shooting. Remembers Baker, “Tom Se Ce ad shooting. We'd be eating chicken dinner for a crew meal one night and the bones ee ae Secs the stove the next day for use in the mavie.” ‘The make-up was intense. and cert Cee ae eee ee se the leading ladies, they also had to sport specially designed contact lenses that came SO DST oe er ie ene how important cleanliness was to avoid ctions. There wasn't even running Su Sa eA Peteeicar ere ro Sean uns ‘was another thing they just came at me and Seas Coe ca Despite oceasional concems,it was cleat Cort ne ene aa ee ey very fiiendly, fun, and creative.” relates Tilly. “Even though Sam had us doing these crazy things, we were all on board ea et ee ee a nee et reer Additional shooting continued into the re a nescan Cee EL mea Peete eee Ser ae success to spawn a sequel, which started Sees rors Pa Port read aOR de ST ee ea Ry 5,000 Cocca) Pes ae DESPITE OCCAISONAL CONCERNS, IT WAS CLEAR FROM THE START So ae a UU Ta IE Ue EVIL DEAD II out-id its predecessor in Reem Seay special attention paid to effects. In addition to retuming Campbell and Raimi, the eee Re er ee ne nn er ee as time: Robert Kurtzman, Greg Nicotero, Mark Shostrom, and Tom Sullivan all Pe eee Boner oe NS ucec ean carr AUTO een re set the bar at the time for fantasy horror, ATT ce Cee ete De Ra CLEe A ONT Doar Reo SSeS er ea) ae ee coy Cree ume ad Serene re ac ‘were referred to as deadites, and they ‘were almost all made from Taltman’s coy ee sen IE} million budget, and once again he set out to one-up his previous efforts. Unlike the start of the second film in the series, ARMY CON eee ca eee Same Oa eer Rr nn Se as Fev continuance of the story from the first entry, instead Pe een oC et cree) to reckon with his inhuman sister and other nasty products ‘of the forest, but this round sees him fighting off his own Pe ee mS chainsav, among other things, Sr ue as Geeta Monn eect) RST ete ec Te ess Seco Se enn) the dramatic, surprise adventure set in mot Dee eee mn Ud RSM eee nua ec ee er ac artists were becoming as well known and oft-diseussed as Cee acd Sera en cnn as eek cr) Teta Ce uc ao ac CO ea re Ce into professional rutsince playing a much less-defenseless CNS EN CLEMO CR BLANCO oA) Se ee a Celera for some work. “I went over to their shop and said, ‘What can | do for you?” They said, “We have to build this army and we need bodies.’ So I got a SAG day rate for casting cs Peds ace Lhd) eC RU eet ae ae Coe er ee or Pee a ey eee RUN eee ee eee nny retrieve the Necronomicon from a far away cemetery in effort to execs ‘The script was even more effects-heavy than the previous film, and many stunt actors were needed to flesh out all the memorable ee Seca a ener os eg swoops down and nabs Sheila, the object of Ash’s affection, 22- Seon cca oreo rete ere na ac Se can ean er Sc eo ER eer ons See eee Ce eaten nen it all The heavy suit took four people to operate and move, but despite the challenge ofthe extra weight and new surroundings, Hoss relished the experience. “Iwas young and game for anything In addition to being tapped for a role as the “Posessed Witch,” Patricia Tallman was elected as one of the deadite army primaries Ron cee cea eee eed eee eee CRS Cee nee aes where Tippi Hedrin had a wild cat rescue. Lions and tigers. At night, because we had horses, the lions could smell the horses and the lions would roar: Of course this made the horses freak, and I'm 1 foot soldier in the army in front of the horses saying, “Ok you Pe Se ee eet eee err ha The result was a period piece comedy-horror epic that surprised See ee ity SE Ta Ua TENIN RIS RE-VISITATION OF ASH. Cae eee eee) Se ee ON en eee nee aT “Evil Ash,” and once again he has his girlfriend tum on him in the es Ga oleae a een its origin, raking in over $4 million on opening weekend alone. ‘The suecess ofthe third film was only the beginning for the EVIL Dee eae re ee ens ew ea ee and Ellen Sandweiss as “The Ladies of Evil Dead,” admits, “We orotate eee eto eee em ete ars CR octet eee ets nobody picks up. It wasn’t until 2001. when Betsy contacted us Ro caren OR een Mme ie etn ‘make an appearance. We just had no idea.” eae ie Chay Or Reem there have been video games, action figures, t-shirts, costumes, and ‘eomie books paying homage to the series. A rumor is circulating peruse te OA oO er ea tees Seen ae eS eae) another whirl? re Ce Saeed OMS ST Pog esd cr) brat COL fone erer ty oer crete ene er ON SALE Now . rary Pec eens Te} FOR THOSE WITH roti. Sidi) v\ Coma y7) Coenen ae aR sag (CAMPBELL FOR THE FIRST TIME; | Mi SET BUT NOT FOR THE OBVIOUS REASONS. 1 HAD Ca aay ea a Se US TY a ae eS Te ai Nae eo eo De a ae ead few actors on the planet who have played Dee eee roe a ei etre a eee ee ey eee) ee mS Coe cae Pea See eee ‘ads. Sure, you'd want his characters on Set nee cs ees you'd probably end up wanting to kill him Sor ree ecm ee ea eon appearing, was that Bruce Campbell would, in fact, be a jerk, a cad, and possibly even Rea ea eet ae Cai worth his or her salt not to use that word eee ceo eS chance.) That Bruce Campbell hadn’t been acting in all of those movies... he was just Pee CeO ca nc Ey Cece eo! eer ae Se and his fans laughed, joked, and smiled. That’s when I realized that Bruce Campbell Se ee cee nee Actor Who Ever Lived! When I finally approached him, 1 introduced myself and said, “Bruce, | have ee a ny is that my wife thinks you're an extremely attractive man.” (She does.) He smiled and ee ey ee ee wits Poe cy Ae Sn es Soc eRe ae nee nae meres Pee eee my favorite genre stars. And standing there tea Peery Cae ee Eom SS ee had headed off to the movies. If memory serves, we didn’t know what was playi eee een Jonesing for a sci-fi or horror flick. T knew Cc so ea ray er ese ea ay EVIL DEAD. To this day, it’s still one of ae eee Rene ete ey Ret nee nc Stephen King: “... The most ferociously eee eT! read everything that King had written up 10 that point and had just that week finished Pere ee ea RC een eat! told me I should go and see CHU CHU Nearer tes ree rcue Rr) rT Ada Ue COS Renee! ee oe cn on either DVD or Blu-ray, watch it in one ee Lesnar! Peon ee Ue ce ean er eae ne ee 40 million of us who have already seen ita Peer nea acay Po ei ee ey pee oo BARRE CHARD RIES CHELEEAGH| Enea Oh yeah. eC ee ed theater and took our usual ee es Re as a a) ere ec es POC eM UO ELON Peer ee aoa a Se ee ees Rae eee ens Crea ea eee a fiend Bob even joined in; when the bench ee eee the cabin, he started singing “The Litle Ps er Sc ae then and there the thee of us invented the famed MST3K formula. (Okay, I might be exaggerating a wee bit) Ren ere a UM CCRC SRC aan ae Cnn oe ee ee serious horror movies that, in one way or another, changed the genre, The last thing eet eas ROR ene another game-changer. But I was. Stating ete eee eee eee ans ordinary. The direeting, make-up, musi, Re ee to give me something with a familiar feel Co ee ea Pee er ees see entertained—something that didn’t happen SOR LS Reese POPE EN ag aa love how Ash has gone from a squirelly tag-along to a cocky blowhard and true horror movie legend, and how an all out pore Sere eo Se into the perfect horrorcomedy’ franchise pO coat oi) But with all due respect to the sequels, erg ee ee eee oe oan Cees In subsequent years, I've had the distinet pleasure of meeting Bruce Campbell, Hal Pee cee Cae) ee cee ee ee ee Pee eee eed Cees eae) ceri Cee] Cr Scored ere conan re eS Re ee ea) Scene ae Cee econ en ne eo hele oes professional. Tom — Sullivan—brilliant cee! Pe as aes aCe) te ee eee Oey Rea enn enc Can agen aU) ee cee ae with, super fan-friendly, and eager to eR Ce ae ee ee eS ea ee any modern classic—a genre-bender. All of ce ener ee eee with, love their fans, and make frequent convention visits. That means many of the em Ade Doe aoe Se Re eee aoa eee ee ea eS eR ae Ce en eet ee ee et) CR UU eed Fry) stop fo reflect on the little things in life-like re en) Cre og Seton ee a Oe Otc home video market, it’s been out in every ee en ee CR LaserDise, DVD and Blu-ray, I’ve plunked COS ceca credit on the next one.) But the plus to that many video releases is the fact there are Pace ene eat eee en eee Robert G. Tapert, and Sam Raimi, together See Roe an books about THE EVIL DEAD and you have a neatly tuition-fiee college course in the good, bad, and ugly of guerilla movie Mee ee ny all levels for decades to come. Sr ae aa ce ee eee Ty Cee ee eee Saat an ee used at a Sargento's Board meeting. But 30, ee eee needed, Although a bit rough around the Creu Cen ie mee re ory