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; Basle Description Sonic Nausea Machine ‘Your NAUSEA MACHINE produces high frequency secoustical shergy that causes natisea, headaches, disorientation and general nfortabiliy. ean be use to discourage people frm com furniture, tbles et. Determining source ofthe sound is ificul for most people ws they felt NAUSEA1 SCHEMATIC e e 10K Trimmer pot 2.2K 1/4 W (ved red,red) 10 ohm 1/4 WY (bbl) 100 nafa 25 V vertical electraly tie capacitor 047 raf 50 Vp «lH mfdl 50 V dive capacitor Lilt high Q inductors for ( 555 DIF Special plezocleetric transducer Battery snap clip Ld” X 1.6" 1 Grid perfboard 9 Volt transistor or 8.AA batteries for 12 volts. Assemble board as shoun using the component leads for connec 3. Route wire runs as shown by dashed lines on assembly ‘and avoid bare Wire bridges, cold solder joints, potential shorts and excess solder, Note proper position of 11 and polariza- tion of C1 | Apply power viaa battery or bench supply and tune R1 for a clear | piercing tone. If you have a scope, tune for a 30 to 40 volt sinusoi- | dal wave of 15 khvzacross TDI. You may tune the eireuit for a | higher frequency around 20 khz.by shorting Out one of the induc- 4 | tors. This is usually required if the circuit bothers people when being used to control pets. Battery drain is around 50 ma and can, range from 6 tol S volts. BOARD ASSEMBLY OF NAUSEA MACHINE om) IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER WE SUGGEST OUR HGCATL GENERAL CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES