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BEX Characteristics Variables & RRI (Report to Report Interface)

Characteristics Variables - Manual entry

Save and run query...

Characteristics Variable - Replacement path

RRI( Report to Report Interface)
RRI is a technique used in SAP BW to link reports for Drill-through reporting. It calls a 2nd more
detailed report (receiver query) from an initial request (sender query). It allows the drilled down from
InfoCube to DSO objects for more detailed reporting.
We will create 2 queries one with less details and other with more details..
1st query

Create this variable with manual entry...

Now save the query..

Create 2 nd query..

create a new variable with replacement path..

give the 1st query name here

Save query..

Now goto Tcode RSBBS

Now goto Tcode RSRT and run the 1st Query..

This is how we jump from one query to next query..

In this scenario, if we want only details of one material 'M03'..