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Lesrelle Thomas
English 1301.31
October 13, 2016
The Hook-Up Culture
The Hook-Up Culture is another way for saying just sex. This is a way for teens to
engage in careless uncommitted sexual intimacy. Teenagers tend to get their feelings involved
during these sexual encounters. Sex is and will not be something that you do just for your own
pleasure. Love making is a beautiful creation designed by God for human beings. Most
adolescences will tell you that The Hook-Up Culture is common amongst minors. Teens in
uncommitted relationships use sex to their advantage with no strings attach. It turns out that
hooking up can leave young adults unprepared for love, encourage lust instead of love, and
changes the perception of marriage.
Having sex leaves teens unprepared for love. Sex without the blessing from God destroys
the individual spirit. We are not only physical beings, but emotional beings as well. When
encountering sexual and lustful desires, we deviate ourselves from what love really is. God is
love and love is God. He is the source of all creation, God love is unconditional, meaning he
loves us all no matter what. Many college students stop attending church their freshman year. In
college, casual sex is normal between 60 and 80 percent of students have had some sort of
hook-up experience (Paul). These statistics may have a relationship with the decline in church
attendance in regard to college. College is a time to prepare students for the future. Casual sex
has a negative influence on students because it renders their ability to recognize true love.
That being said lust is another way of misleading teens and leaving them
unprepared for real love.
Being lustful takes away from love and can be addicting. In the bible it states But each
person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire (James 1:14-15). Meaning lust
does not have a conscience, and will do anything to fulfill the lustful desire. Having a sexual

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appetite robs the beauty in what love really is. The difference between love and lust is that love is
expressing unconditional passion no matter the circumstances. Love is not about what is seen on
the outside, but what is seen on the inside. An example of the negative effects of lust can be
found in modern day media. Famous R&B singer, Chris Brown, experienced the wrath of lust in
2013. He slept with another woman that he was not in a relationship with. This lustful action
hindered his reputation and career. Lust is the physical appearance that one is attracted to, so one
only focusses on the appearance and not the heart of that person.
Not to mention lust can hurt a person without them knowing. Also it changes their
beliefs on marriage.
The Hook-Up Culture changes the perception of marriage. Sex is traditionally between a
husband and wife that love each other. Currently, couples are fearful of commitment and do not
feel the need to get married. In todays society couples do not have the desire to save themselves
before marriage due to the fact that they already had sexual intercourse. Love is the foundation
of all things, and nothing can stop love. Love conquers all things. Most people do not believe in
marriage because they are blinded by lustful actions. People feel like they should not have to
wait for sex until married. By participating in sexual acts, people are not saving themselves
physically and spiritually. When waiting to have sexual intercourse until marriage, the sex is
more desirable, because it is blessed by the creator. Having careless sex before wedding is a
disservice. Both sexes gain soul tides with one another during and after sex. Soul tide is when
two people feel an emotional and spiritual bond. This lead to a disturbance on the body and
Hooking up also known as one nightstand is causing our generation to be unhappy and
unprepared for love. Lust is the gateway drug to non-committed relationships. Marriage is
interpreted as a negative and is often referred to as a death sentence. Hooking up also have a
negative effect on how teens view love. The choice is yours in the end but choose wisely.

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