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“ (Everything | Do) | DO IT FOR YOU from the Motion Picture ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES Words and Music by BRYAN ADAMS, ROBERT JOHN LANGE and MICHAEL KAMEN Slow! Absus/Db GbyDb ee" & AbsusyDb vb Look in - to my Look in - to your you will see you will find Db Dbsus2 AbjD> Ee = te search your soul, take my _—_iife, Copyright © 1981 ALMO MUSIC CORP, 2855 MUSIC. MIRACLE CREEK MUSIC, INC, ZOMBA ENTERPRISES, INC. nd ZACHARY CREEK MUSIC INC ‘Allright for 2855 MUSIC Controlled ana Admired by IMO MUSK CORP, he Reed ec uaiatared by A Go Dbyjab Ab Ebm Dbm & ee 2 e a find me there you'll searchin. more. Don’t tell me it's not worth fight - ing give it all I would sac -- ti - fice, Don’t tell ‘me it's not worth fight - ing = = oe = You can't tell it's not worth dy - ing T can't help there's noth - ing = T want Absus bs could give ao AD Absus4 Gh{add2) Gb(ada2) Db Bn Ab Abs ab - = = e Oh, you can’t me it’s not worth try - ing for. = x me ae Db = = = & ee hhelp it, there’s noth-ing 1 want more. Absus AbD a Ab asia) =" fe a” chm Diab & be—D i ‘You know it’s true, Absus ab 4 obs Db