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My favorita city is Ccuta, the city where my family lives in Cucuta People are very friendly
and the food is delicious. Cucuta is beautiful, it is a small town and not expensive. It is a
city surrounded by lots of nature, there are many trees in the city, and is considered the
greenest city in Colombia, the weather is hot, hot, and sunny.
There are many bus and taxis in Cucuta, so they have no problems with transport, The
only negative is traffic jams.
There is a tourist site Cucuta known as "Pozo Azul" You can take a tour of the nature and
end of the route there is a blue lake where you can swim and enjoy the scenery. This site
is near the road called "Ring Road". In Ccuta the border with Venezuela is closed, there
are places to visit, water park, a swimming pool, soccer field sport.
Near the city of Cucuta, there are villages cold weather, rarely visited the town Chinacota,
because there are many nature and is a very quiet place to rest, you can also rent cabins
to rest.

Bogota is bigger than Ccuta.

Ccuta is smaller than Bogota.
Ccuta is hotter than Bogota.
Bogota is colder than Ccuta.
Bogota is older than Ccuta.
In Ccuta There are more nature and forest than in Bogota.
Bogota is noisier than Ccuta.
In Bogota you get stressed easier than in Ccuta.
Bogota is more populated than Ccuta.
Bogota is more polluted than Ccuta.
Bogota is more modern than Ccuta.
Bogota is dirtier than Ccuta.