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This document is a comparison between the reporting functions available in SAP ECC

PMIS(Plant Maintenance Information system) and SAP BIW reporting objects related to
plant maintenance module.
This paper will examine in detail the standard capabilities of PMIS as reporting tool in
Plant maintenance module and contrast it with the reporting capabilities in SAP BIW
related to plant maintenance needs. It will present the comparative capabilities of these two
reporting options in context of maintenance business requirements in industry.

Further this paper will demonstrate how the standard reporting tools of PMIS and SAP
BIW can be used to implement the reporting requirements in case of standard maintenance
practice techniques through general examples.

1.1 Purpose
This document will serve as a ready reference for finding the implementation feasibility of
Reporting in line with various maintenance strategies commonly applied in industry using
standard PMIS and SAP BIW capabilities.
This will help to estimate on custom development reports needed for plant maintenance
related reporting requirements in an organization.

1.2 Business Benefits

List or details of the business benefits - qualitative/quantitative.
Less time of finalizing plant maintenance reporting requirement (custom or standard)
using Sap ECC system and BIW.

1.3 Process Flow Diagram

Prepare the process flow diagram in Visio, wherever applicable. Otherwise remove this
Flow chart of reporting requirement in a typical industrial setup.

1.4 Business Process Description

Plant Maintenance module of SAP ERP package is used to perform the complete cycle of
business processes related to maintenance activities in an organization. It includes set up of
master data in the SAP system database, providing tools to the end users for performing

and logging day to day maintenance processes and generating on demand reports as needed
by the users and processes.

Organizations use different maintenance methodology and practices aligned to their

business needs for maintenance of their assets. The commonly adopted maintenance
strategies across industries are as following
RCM Reliability centered maintenance
CBM Condition Based monitoring
TPM Total productive maintenance

These methodologies use different KPIs to monitor the maintenance activities performed in
the organization to understand its alignment to the adopted maintenance strategy. These
reports give a ready reference to the maintenance planners for taking corrective steps to
ensure the benefits from using those methodologies.
In a typical scenario, the reports generated from the SAP system (or any ERP) should be
efficient in proving vital information to the maintenance planners leading to ensuring the
adherence to the chosen plant maintenance strategy.