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Willach Pharmacy Solutions.

T h e r i g h t p re s c r i p t i o n f o r e v e r y p h a r m a c y .

T h e p h a r m a c y o f t h e f u t u re , t o d a y .
Willach storage and automated
d i s p e n s i n g s o l u t i o n s i m p ro v e
efficiency and optimise use of space.
This allows you and your staff to work
f a s t e r a n d o f f e r a b ro a d e r r a n g e o f
s e r v i c e s t o h i g h e r s t a n d a rd s .

Increasing workload and decreasing margins demand an

efficient workflow and tight stock control.
A uniquely tailored combination of high density storage and
compact robotic systems means much more usable space in
your pharmacy and more efficient, orderly processes.
The right layout makes it easy to deliver a greater number of
services more efficiently than ever. Youll be able to look after
more patients, improve your customer satisfaction levels and
satisfy the requirements of commissioners.
Willach Pharmacy Solutions enables you to streamline the
dispensing process, giving you the capacity and capability to
develop your business further.

I n t h e s e p h a r m a c i e s t h e f u t u re h a s a l re a d y a r r i v e d .
Abbey Pharmacy
Rotherham (South Yorkshire), UK

Tanday Pharmacy
Salisbury (Wiltshire), UK

Willach Pharmacy Solutions has enabled us to

spend more time with patients and less time on
processes. The CONSIS robot improves safety
and efficiency, which alleviates a huge amount
of pressure. We have improved the quality of our
services and increased profit. Willach makes
high-specification, reliable equipment and has a
comittment to customer satisfaction
which nurtures a relationship extending
far beyond a sales transaction.

The design of our new pharmacy and the

change to practise forward dispensing created a
completely new experience compared to running
a traditional pharmacy. The CONSIS robot with its
integrated automated labelling device optimises
the workflow and makes the pharmacy more
profitable. Even the dispensing errors were
reduced dramatically, which increases
safety and customers satisfaction.
Our staff are now more motivated
because they can concentrate better on
their work in the dispensary and spend
more time with the customer.

Andrew & Sally Porter,

pharmacy owners

Harinder and Perdeep Tanday,

pharmacy owners

Peter Buckley Pharmacy

Clitheroe (Lancashire), UK

Ogle Pharmacy Pershore

Pershore (Worcestershire), UK

The CONSIS robot and the FAMA drawer system

enabled us to gain space for a consultation room
and to enlarge retail shelf space. The CONSIS
Labelmaster labels the packs in a fully automated,
error-free process. Finally, the Willach solution
saves us time and has enabled us to significantly
increase turnover and customer satisfaction.

We relocated the pharmacy to the existing original

premises within Pershore where the pharmacy was
originally founded. We decided to use the move as an
opportunity to update the business by reorganising
its logistics and introducing innovative technology.
Willach supported us through the project. It was an
exciting challenge to gain maximum efficiency on the
smallest footprint. We can handle
over 12,000 prescriptions a month in
a relatively small pharmacy of 43m
thanks to the Willach solution.

Peter Buckley,
pharmacy owner

Gerry Ogle,
pharmacy owner

A m o d e r n d e s i g n a n d i m p ro v e d s t o c k
o rg a n i s a t i o n c a n m a k e a n y p h a r m a c y
s i g n i f i c a n t ly m o re e f f i c i e n t .
T h i s le a d s d i re c t ly t o h a p p i e r c u s t o m e r s
a n d f i n a n c i a l g ro w t h .
The first step towards improved efficiency involves dividing
the pharmacy into logical areas defined by their functions.
Storage matters even more than you might think. And knowing
which products to stock is just as important as arranging them
We design productive and ingenious pharmacy layouts. Our
innovative systems deliver better stock choice and control
and enable faster dispensing, all tailor-made in a sleek and
professional package.
Cut the storage space you need by more than half, using the
high-density, flexible FAMA drawer and shelving systems.
Free up hours of working time by using CONSIS robots to
automate the stocking and dispensing of medicines.
More space. More time. More profit.

Fo r t r a d i t i o n a l p h a r m a c i e s .
T h e FA M A D R AW E R S O L U T I O N .
It seems hard to believe, but the average pharmacy gets double
the storage space when it uses our FAMA pharmacy drawers to
store medicine packs rather than conventional shelving.

Space is saved thanks to the high storage density of FAMA
drawers (up to 18,000 packs in just 6 bays a 3m footprint)


You save space, time, and open up the possibility of extra income.

Time is saved thanks to the quicker sorting process and the

ease with which packs are located


Shorter waiting times for customers collecting

prescriptions, as these are stored by the till in FAMA
underbench drawers designed expressly for logical,
speedy access

A better way of working.






FAMA underbench drawers

FAMA large capacity drawers


Fo r t h e b e s t c o s t / b e n e f i t r a t i o .
T h e CO N S I S L E A N S O L U T I O N .
Imagine 80% of your most commonplace medicines being
stored and dispensed automatically. Add automatic labelling
if you like. Slow-movers and products unsuitable for automated
stocking can be stored in ultra-efficient FAMA drawers, while
packs awaiting collection slot into place in FAMA underbench




What it all means


Impressive space gain thanks to CONSIS robot storage

density (up to 10,120 packs in a footprint of just 4.2m2)
Time saved through faster storage and fully automated






Improved patient safety fully automated dispensing and

labelling reduce human error


Shorter waiting times for customers, with efficient storage

at the till
Greater customer loyalty, especially if you introduce
forward dispensing*



Increasing your profit margin.

*Forward dispensing means making prescriptions

up at the counter, in view of the customer.

FAMA underbench drawers

FAMA large capacity drawers

CONSIS robot

CONSIS Labelmaster (fully automated labelling)

CONSIS dispensing points









The CONSIS Max Solution puts your pharmacy streets ahead of

the competition. Our top of the range CONSIS stores the entire
range of medicine packs suitable for automation, including
fully automated storage, labelling and dispensing. Split packs
can be stored in automatic dispensing equipment or FAMA
drawers; whichever creates the smoothest workflow for your
requirements. Nursing home and home delivery packs are
delivered to dedicated dispensing points in the dispensary.
Introduce forward dispensing* to give your customers a faster
and more personal service.


Fo r p h a r m a c i s t s w h o n e e d t h a t l i t t le b i t m o re .
T h e CO N S I S M A X S O L U T I O N .

Why go for the CONSIS Max Solution?

Optimise your workflows with maximum automation


Save working time with fully automated storing

Save space with a higher possible storage density than any
other solution (up to 16,560 packs in a footprint of just 10m2)



Increase patient safety by reducing the risk of human error

thanks to automatic labelling



Reduce waiting times for customers through rapid dispensing

using two robot arms
Increase customer loyalty by introducing forward dispensing*
The most advanced pharmacy possible.
*Forward dispensing means making prescriptions up at the counter, in view of the customer.


FAMA underbench drawers

FAMA worktop shelves

CONSIS robot

CONSIS Labelmaster (fully automated labelling)

CONSIS Stockmaster (fully automated storing)

CONSIS dispensing points


Willach Pharmacy Solutions.

T h e a n s w e r t o a l l y o u r re q u i re m e n t s .
We take a holistic approach to pharmacy efficiency.
Well spend time with you to analyse your existing
workflows, customer needs and space availability, to
establish the best opportunities for increased efficiency and
profit. We can even put you in touch with expert finance and
leasing partners if you need any help with funding.
Site planning & pharmacy design
Once youve chosen your preferred Willach
solution, well draw a precise, tailored plan for
your pharmacy. Over the decades weve built a large and
trustworthy network of architects and shop-fitters in
the UK and throughout Europe specialising in pharmacy
planning and fit-out.
CONSIS robots are compatible with all
leading pharmacy software systems in the UK.
Whats more, we provide the right interface to let your
stock management software communicate with CONSIS
Navigator, the robots stock management software. It allows
barcode scanning and pack recognition for easy CONSIS
restocking. Its touch-screen compatible and extremely

We carry out full installation and employee
training. But it doesnt end there; we also provide
support after the installation, to ensure that all workflows
are properly in place.
Customer service
We offer a free service hotline to answer your
queries after installation. We also have a highly
responsive local service team in case a technical problem
needs fixing on site.
Climate & environmental protection
We take environmental and climatic concerns
very seriously, and take a responsible approach
to every aspect of our operations. CONSIS robots are
specifically designed to require very low levels of electricity
consumption, to keep your costs down, and the cost to the
environment at a minimum.

Willach has been setting benchmarks

in pharmacy technology for decades.

Willach, founded in 1889, is one of the worlds leading

providers of pharmacy storage systems and automation
solutions, with over 50 years in the business. With the
FAMA drawer system and CONSIS automation solutions,
we provide conventional and computer-assisted storage
systems from a single source, achieving seamless
integration of pharmacy processes.
We owe our success to a ceaseless commitment to
technical progress and our state-of-the-art production
facilities. Our European pharmacy products are designed,
developed and produced exclusively in Germany in
accordance with the most exacting of quality standards.

Willach Pharmacy Solutions GmbH

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Willach Pharmacy Solutions.

Yo u r p a r t n e r i n t h e U n i t e d K i n g d o m f o r e f f i c i e n t m e d i c i n e l o g i s t i c s .

Willach UK Ltd is based in Birmingham. Our Concorde House office is the hub for all UK operations, offering
consultancy, sales and servicing. We visit individual pharmacies throughout the country to provide a personal,
no-obligation, free consultation.

Willach UK Ltd
C o n c o rd e H o u s e
Tr i n i t y P a r k , S o l i h u l l
Birmingham, B37 7UQ
United Kingdom
Phone +44 (0) 1216 355 025

Willach Pharmacy Solutions. The right prescription for every pharmacy.

Willach is the market leader in Europe for medicine storage and dispensing equipment. With FAMA and CONSIS, Willach can provide whole system
solutions for the conventional and fully automated storage of medicine packages, for any type of pharmacy, for any size of pharmacy. Willach
undertakes all product development and production in Germany to assure the highest quality standards.

robotic systems

drawer systems

shelving systems

CONSIS robotic dispensers offer a tailormade and highly efficient automation concept for your pharmacy. Whether you want
to save time or gain space, CONSIS has
the right solution for every situation.

FAMA drawers provide fast access to

packages, with good visibility, excellent
space utilisation and ergonomically
perfect operation. No other system offers
you drawers that can store more packages within the same space.

FAMA shelving systems were developed

as a modular system to achieve the
greatest possible flexibility. They can
be adapted precisely to your individual
requirements, storing the items in trays,
drawers or on flat shelves. Worktops can
be integrated as well.


All Willach systems are subject to rigorous testing and demanding quality standards at our product development and production facilities in Germany.