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Madrid, 01 February 2016


X-ELIO ENERGY, S.L is a brand new leading global developer of renewable energies that relies on a large expertise
in the solar sector.
The X-ELIO ENERGY, S.L. managers are aware of the significance of implementing environmentally friendly measures
to their everyday activities, as well as of their employees' health and safety, and the importance, for both companies,
of meeting their customers' needs and expectations in the provision of the following services:
Design, construction and implementation of the solar photovoltaic facilities.

In order to fulfil this commitment, X-ELIO ENERGY, S.L. has set up an Integrated Management System to implement
Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety measures in the Workplace in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO
9001:2008, UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. Similarly, the main cornerstones of these
Systems are:

Setting the Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety standards in the Workplace as strategic elements for
the operation of both companies.

Complying with all legal and regulatory requirements, and all commitments undertaken by both organisations
related to quality, environment and the health and safety of their workers.

Understanding the current and future needs of our customers in order to achieve full customer satisfaction.

Providing effective technical advice, continuous care, meeting agreed deadlines and immediate care to deal
with potential claims.

Promoting training and awareness among our employees by ensuring the level of training, motivation and
technical means necessary for the efficient performance of their activities.

Targeting our efforts to continuously improve the quality of our services as well as the efficiency of our
processes, boosting our relationships with our customers.

Planning our activities in such a way that it ensures the prevention of pollution, damage, and impairment of the
health of our employees, promoting the continuous improvement of our environmental and work-related

Promoting communication mainly by informing our employees of the commitments undertaken with regards to
quality, environment and occupational health and safety.

Creating a work environment facilitating appropriate personnel participation in all activities and in achieving our

Planning our activities so as to ensure pollution prevention, promoting the continuous improvement of our
performance in the environmental realm.

Promoting the rational and efficient use of natural resources, and implementing actions aimed at reducing,
reusing and recycling the materials we generate as a result of our activities.

Minimising the environmental impact caused by our activities with particular emphasis on the waste generated,
especially hazardous waste.

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This policy, adapted to both organisations, provides the framework for setting and reviewing goals, is communicated to and
understood by all personnel, there being a commitment on your part to be involved with Quality, Environmental and
employee Health and Safety Management.

ANEXO I del MM. Ed.00