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Shinden Fudo Ryu Dakentaijutsu
(The Immovable Heart School)
Soke Lineage
IkaiHogenbo, TesshinSakabe, Tendo1. Izumo, Kanja Yoshiteru (Kumano)Yeikyu (1113)
2. Minamoto, Hachiman TamenariGenyei (1118)
3. Minamoto, Hachiro TameyoshiHogen (1156)
4. Mizuhara, Kuro YoshinariGenkyu (1204)
5. Mugaibo, ShinnenTempuku (1233)6. Ohkuni, Zenhachiro YoshinobuBunyie (1264)7.
Hata, Saburo Sasukeyasu(?)8. Kotani, Yuhachiro NobuchikaGeboko (1321 or 1331)9.
Kaneko, Jinsuke YoshikiyoShohei (1346)10. Tajima, Genkoro NariyoshiGenchu (1384)
11. Kammon, Kokanja YoshikaneShocho (1428)12. Kimura, HozenKwancho (1460)13. Ibu
ki, YoshihahaBummei (1469)
14. Otsuka, Hakushi Nyudo TadamoriYeisho (1506)
15. Otsuka, Daikuro TadahideTaiyei (1522)16. Abe, MugaTensho (1573)17. Koga, Tar
o KyokokakuTensho (1573)18. Katayama, Hokinokami Mori HisayasuBunroku (1592)19.
Shindo, UnsaiKwanyei (1624-1644)20. Odagiri, Tohyoe YoshihisoKwanyei (1624-1644)
21. Iida, Jubee TameyoshiMeiwa (1764)22. Mori, Genroku MasahideBunkwa (1804)23.
Toyota, Jubei MitsuyoshiKeiyo (1865)24. Toda, Shinryuken Masamitsu (Kobe) (18241909)Meiji (1824-1909)25. Takamatsu, Toshitsugu (Nara) (3.1.1888-1972)Taisho (19
09)26. Hatsumi, Masaaki (Noda) (12.2.1931)Showa (1968)
Studied Tang Dynasty Kempo
1156, escaped to Iga
Shinden Fudo Ryu founder
1190, Lord of Rokusui Genoku Castle
2nd generation founder
3rd generation founder

The founder of this school, Izumo, learned Chinese Kempo boxing. Today, some of
this is still noticeablewithin the techniques.
Izumo Kanja is also credited as being the founder of Kukishinden Ryu Happo Biken
Minamoto Hachiman Tamenari is credited as being the 2nd Soke. At some point in h
is life he fled to Iga.This was possibly a result of being on the losing side at
the end of a battle.
For some unknown reason, the 13th Soke, Ibuki Yoshihara, is also listed as the 2
nd Soke of Shinden FudoRyu.
The 9th, and 10th Soke's, Kaneko Jinsuke Yoshikiyo, and Tajuma Genkuro Nariyoshi
, were Grandmastersof Shinden Fudo Ryu during the Japanese periods Shohei, and G
enchu. These two periods are given namesfrom the southern court, when Japan was
split by two members of the royal family. Each called themselvesthe Emperor of J
apan, and as a result, large battles between the north and south courts occurred
. As a resultof this, many distinguished warriors gained fame, and many schools
appeared based on the skills they hadacquired on the battlefield.Most of the boo
ks on Japanese history by Stephen Turnbull will fully explain the reasons for th
e split between thecourts, and the battles between the two sides. The Kukishinde
n Ryu was created during this turbulent period of Japan's history.
Kuki Takei from the Kuki family of Kukishin Ryu was also from the Shinden Fudo R
yu. TakenakaTetsunoke, senior student of Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, was a
t one time a student at the ShindenFudo Ryu dojo.
"The Ryu originated by Genpachiro Temeyoshi in the mid 12th century. It is trace
d back to Kosshijutsu,which was introduced by Izumo Kanja Yoshitero". 2
The Bugei Ryu-ha Daijiten lists the Soke slightly differently from below, which
is the list provided byHatsumi Sensei, and is missing the 17th and 18th Soke. Th
ere are in addition to the ones already listed:
14th successors: Otsuka, and Kora Taro (Daijiten's replacement)
16th successor: Abe Muga
The Bujinkan's 17th and 18th are missing from the Daijiten list; maybe held by o
ne family or secretly passed.
19th successors: Shindo, Narita Kiyobei (Daijiten's replacement), Narita Takashi
20th successor: Odagiri
The Bugei Ryu-ha Daijiten also lists a Toda Gobei as being the successor to Toyo
ta Jubeii, and not TodaShinryuken. This is possible, as Menkyo Kaiden are often
given to more than one person. Both Toda'strained at the Shinden Fudo Ryu dojo a
t the same time, so it is extremely possible that they both receivedthe Menkyo K
aiden from Toyota.
The Bugei Ryu-ha Daijiten also lists the 16th Soke as Abe Muga, who was Soke in
the Tensho era (1573),as being the Soke in the Karyu era (1326). During times of
war, many people don't have the time to recordthe facts as they happen. General
ly they are written later, and as such mistakes are made. Sometimeseverything is
recorded, and passed on by word of mouth. Over the years this can become grossl

y distorted,and even information is lost, or forgotten.Regardless of the periods

when hey may or may not have lived, it is recorded that Abe Muga lived duringth
e Kamakura era, and came from the Rokujo family, which itself was a branch of th
e Minamoto family(Genji). His mother, Otowa Hime was from the Abe family. The Ab
e family held a set of Amatsu Tatarascrolls known as the Amatsu Tatara Rinpo Hid
en. It is these Amatsu Tatara that the Takagi Yoshin Ryuwas originally based on.
When Abe Muga was a young boy he was adopted, but shortly after this he ran away
to Iga province. Herehe met Koga Taro, who later became the 17th Soke, and then
the 15th Soke, Otsuka Daikuro. From theteachings they imparted on him, Abe is r
eputed to have founded Shinden Fudo Ryu.Later, he wrote a scroll which he named
Fudo Ryu Hyoho-den. In it he wrote the following:
"Some person's must be used for the sake of the nation. This is what martial art
s truly are. It is to protect.These persons gather and use necessary things for
the nation's benefit. From birth one can not master anything. Yet to start from
basic training and developing the proper heart and Ki power one eventuallybecome
s a useful person."
In the scrolls there are other writings by Abe Muga, under the heading Michi No
Hon Tai (True Substance of theWay). These writings are about Kokutai (National
Michi No Hontai
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