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JULY 2015

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Cookout classics get
a meatless makeover



The new
super healers

BURNING, p. 24


Antiaging Plan

mykind Organics vitamins are Certied USDA Organic,

Non-GMO Project Veried, made from more than
30 whole foods, fruits and vegetables.

and could not nd one that I would take, let alone recommend to anyone. I was surprised they
didnt exist and went looking for a partner to create them.
I teamed up with Garden of Life because we share the same vision of bringing the highest-quality
vitamins (unlike many that are derived from petroleum chemicals and synthesized in labs)
to families everywhere.
I wanted to take a multi from the same types of organic, nutritious foods I eat in my daily diet.
I didnt want a bottle of chemical isolates dressed up with organic uff. The multi that I wanted
to take didnt exist, so that is why we created mykind Organics.
Alicia Silverstone
Actress , NY Times Best-Selling Author, Health Advocate

Empowering Extraordinary Health

or free Natures Way Organic Coconut Oil

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JULY 2015 / VOLUME 77 / NUMBER 7

ro o
Roasted Mu sh



30 21-Day Aging Challenge

10 TREND WATCH Is the Sun Your Friend?

Could you live to be 100? These days,

its entirely possible. But living longer
is only half the battleaging well is
the real key. Here are 21 top strategies
for healthy aging to keep you looking
and feeling great through your 60s,
70s, and beyond.

36 Healthy Vegan BBQ

Make meatless cookouts a breeze

this summer with this collection of
delicious vegan recipes and cooking
tips that are guaranteed to please
even the pickiest eaters.

42 Mushroom Magic

Though theyve been in use for

thousands of years, medicinal
mushrooms have never been more
popular than they are today. Heres a
look at some of our favorites.

Michael Holick, PhD, MD, tells why

getting vitamin D from the sun, in
addition to supplements, is important.
Plus: five ways to prevent skin cancer.

18 HOT BUYS July Fireworks

New products: A cutting-edge antiaging supplement, sugar-free tonic

water, gluten-free figgy treats, potent
new probiotics, and a powerful-yetportable blender.


Known for its wound-healing properties,
calendula also offers a host of benefits
for skin and hair.

22 ASK THE ND Healing Hepatitis C

Promising treatments for hepatitis C and

overall liver support.


What you need to know about this key

enzyme for fat burning and metabolism.


p. 42


Gluten-Free Enzymes
If you have trouble digesting gluten, these
supplements can be a lifesaver.


Whats All the Buzz About?

From bee stings to rashes, summer is
the season for skin irritations. But Apis
mellifica can help.


Cutting Sugar From Your Diet

Three comprehensive strategies
developed by top experts to help you
kick the sweet stuff to the curb.


Product Spotlight
Six stellar supplements that are at the
top of our shopping list right now.


Play it Cool!
Quench your thirst and get an extra
dose of antioxidants with our Iced
Green Tea Limeade.

Add a Hint
of Mint!

How to liven up
summer recipes
from ice water to
saladswith a
sprig of refreshing
mint, p. 10.

JULY 2015


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form of curcumin

Theracurmin represents a major scientic breakthrough and

is the #1 absorbed form of curcumin. Finally, the powerful
health benets of curcumin can be fully realized!
Dr. Michael Murray
Co-author of The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

CurcuminRich Theracurmin

Clinically proven most bioavailable curcumin!

Supports the bodys natural

inammatory response*
Supports joint health and
Promotes heart and
vascular health*


Scientic scrutiny revealed that Theracurmin was more bioavailable on a milligram-to-milligram

basis than other leading enhanced and regular forms of curcumin.

As measured by SPINS 2014 data.

* The statements made in this advertisement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug
Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

editors note


ets be honest: mushrooms are one of those foods, like okra, coconut, or
cilantro, with no middle ground. People seem to either love themor hate
them. I fall into the rst category. Mushrooms (all varieties!) are my favorite
vegetable. In fact, my whole family loves mushrooms, thanks in part to my moms
special stued mushrooms that she makes for holidays and special occasions.
While Ive eaten more than my fair share of mushrooms, I hadnt tried a
medicinal mushroom supplement until a few years ago. I was pleasantly
surprised after taking the product for a few weeks: It felt as though the
mushrooms brought my body into alignmentmy energy level increased and I
felt stronger and more focused. When I nished the bottle and went a few days
without the capsules, I noticed a dierence. I was hooked, and Ive been a
medicinal mushroom fan ever since.
Science strongly backs up the use of medicinal mushrooms for health and
wellness. In Mushroom Magic on p. 42, author Lisa Turner delves into the
varied benets of medicinal mushrooms. Learn how each one helps heal the
body in a dierent way. The mushroom lions mane, for example, is a powerful brain tonic. Studies on lions mane show that the mushroom helps enhance
cognition and memory. And cordyceps (my favorite) boosts energy and stamina,
according to research.
For women, medicinal mushrooms may oer an extra benet of reducing
breast cancer risk. Medicinal mushrooms oer important support for breast
health, particularly coriolus, reishi, agaricus, cordyceps, umbellatus, and maitake
mushroom species, says Isaac Eliaz, MD, an expert on integrative oncology. Eliaz,
who is the medical director of Amitabha Medical Clinic in Santa Rosa, Calif., uses
a formula that includes botanically grown medicinal mushrooms to treat women
with breast cancer. (You can learn more about this at dreliaz.org.)
Even if you cant stand eating mushrooms, I encourage you to try a medicinal
mushroom supplement. You may nd, as I did, that they become one of your
favorite ways to stay healthy and energized.

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Web Exclusive Recipe Download!

recipes: Chocolate Cherry and Apple Cherry Fig!



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by Vera Tweed

A proprietary extract of French
maritime bark, Pycnogenol
improves the health of arteries,
according to an Italian study published in International Angiology.
Researchers compared effects of
a healthy diet and exercise, with
and without Pycnogenol, among
93 people who had borderline high
blood pressure, cholesterol, or
blood sugar. Compared to diet and
exercise alone, Pycnogenol
improved all three markers, indicating reduced risk for heart disease.
Ultrasound showed that 150 mg
daily of the supplement improved
function of the inner lining of
blood vesselsthe endotheliumwhich helps to regulate the
contraction and dilation of arteries.

A cup of low-calorie cranberry
juice, twice daily, can reduce key
risk factors for heart disease, says
a study published in the Journal of
Nutrition. Researchers compared
the juice with a placebo among 56
men and women with an average
age of 50. During a period of eight
juice lowered chronic
inflammation by 44
percent and
harmful levels
of triglycerides, blood
pressure, and
blood sugar.


JULY 2015

Exposure to
sunlight has a lot
of benefits above
and beyond
vitamin D, says
Michael Holick,
PhD, MD.


Conventional wisdom says that you should always wear sunscreen or protective clothing
and get your vitamin D from food and supplements, but science doesnt agree. Exposure
to sunlight has a lot of benets above and beyond producing vitamin D, says Michael
Holick, PhD, MD, professor at Boston University School of Medicine, author of The
Vitamin D Solution, and arguably the worlds leading expert on healthy sun exposure.
Holick has been researching the subject for more than 30 years, and discovered
many sun facts that we now take for granted: that winter sun in northern climates
doesnt lead to vitamin D production in the skin, for example. And surprisingly, that
sun exposure generally reduces risk for all cancers except nondeadly, nonmelanoma
skin cancer. People who are especially sun-sensitive
or are genetically predisposed to melanoma are
exceptions. [Editors note: For more information on
skin cancer prevention, see p. 16.]
Unlike humans, cats cant make

Unique Sun Benefits

Although Holick recommends taking 1,5002,000 IU
of vitamin D daily in supplement form, year-round,
there are additional benets only the sun can deliver. Sunlight makes you feel better, he says, because
it triggers production of beta-endorphinsnatural
feel-good chemicalsin the skin. And, sun-exposed
skin makes nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels
and may help reduce blood pressure.

vitamin D in the sun, so they must

get the nutrient from food. At the
University of Edinburgh in Scotland, a study of 99 pet cats found
that higher vitamin D levels in food
helped the felines recover from virtually any type of illness. However,
too much vitamin D can be toxic to
cats, so stick to food-based sources
of the vitamin.

What to Do
I encourage sensible sun exposure, says Holick. That means: never get a sunburn;
always protect your face; but do expose your arms, legs, abdomen, and/or back.
The optimal amount of sun you need depends upon your skin type, location, time of
day, and season. To work out the details, Holick helped develop an app that uses your
phones GPS to calculate your optimum sun time anywhere in the world. Both free and
paid versions are available from app stores and at dminder.ontometrics.com

Go beyond the cosmetic counter to have healthy, glowing
beauty from within. At NeoCell, we have always known
that healthy hair, skin, and nails on the inside equals natural
beauty on the outside.*

Based on 2014 NeoCell
Collagen study.

2015 NeoCell corp



Its like a natural

safety net
for your family

Chipotle Says No to GMOs

Long lasting DEET-free

protection against:
 Black ies
Bug-bite diseases

Proven natural botanical formula

Gentle on skin, safe for the entire family
pump spray or convenient
towelettes (great for small children!)
At natural product stores nationwide



The natural way to keep bugs away


Inspired by nature

In April, Chipotle Mexican Grill became the first restaurant chain to remove all direct sources of
genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from the ingredients it uses for cooking. According to the
company, the tortillas, corn, rice, beans, vegetables, chips, salsa, and marinades used to cook its
meats are all non-GMO.
The Denver-based chain, which has more than 1,500 restaurants in the United States as well as
locations in Canada, Paris, and London, also now uses GMO-free sunflower oil and rice bran oil in
place of the soybean oil it used to use.
When it comes to our food, genetically modified ingredients dont make the cut, reads an
official announcement on the Chipotle website. The food we serve should be made with ingredients raised with care for animals, farmers, and the environment. Were doubtful that the GMO
ingredients that used to be in our food meet these criteria.
However, the meat and dairy served at Chipotle are likely to come from animals given at least
some GMO feed. The company says it is working to source meat and dairy exclusively from
animals never fed GMOs. But right now, customers should order vegan choices for truly GMO-free
meals. In addition, many of the beverages sold at the chain contain genetically modified ingredients, including those containing corn syrup, which is usually made from GMO corn.
Ridding the supply chain of genetically altered components is difficult for most restaurants.
One of the reasons Chipotle was able to do this is because they have just 68 ingredients total on
their menuthis includes salt and pepper. The majority of its ingredients are whole, unprocessed
foods that dont come in a GMO variety. To learn more, visit chipotle.com/gmo.
Melissa Diane Smith


Chipotle Menu Items


The following add-ons are included for each dish below: black beans, brown rice,
fajita vegetable mix, and fresh tomato salsa. Tabulate the nutritional info for your
Chipotle favorites at chipotle.com (click on the Nutrition tab at the top of the homepage).

Steak Burrito with Flour Tortilla


Burrito Bowl with Chicken


Tacos with Soft Corn Tortillas and Carnitas (pork)


Salad with Sofritas (braised, shredded tofu)


Weve all faked a headache or used the excuse Im too tired but the
truth is many of us really are too tiredtoo tired for a little romance, too
tired for exercise, and too tired to concentrate. Life is busy and trying to
especially if you are iron deficient. Never mind the fact that those dark
circles under your eyes and pale skin can leave you feeling unattractive.
When going to bed early is your idea of a good time, its time for a change.


Iron defciency afects

20% to 25% of the world
population,1 with irondefciency anemia the
most common type
of anemia.

. McLean E, Cogswell M, Egli I, et al. Worldwide prevalence of anaemia, WHO Vitamin and Mineral Surveillance
Information System, 1993-2005. Public Health Nutrition 2009; 12(4): 444-54.

We all need iron for energy.

Women are especially prone to iron deficiency due to periods, pregnancy,
and breast-feeding. In fact, menstruation is the main reason women
are 10 times more likely than men to suffer from low iron levels. Just a
few consecutive heavy periods can cause iron losses that are difficult to
reverse without supplementation.

symptom checklist:

Is iron missing in your diet?

Are you iron-deficient?

Do you often feel weak?
Do you look pale, lack appetite, or feel tired?
Are you often cold or chilly?
Do you have brittle hair and nails?
Are you vegetarian?
The more questions you answered yes to, the
higher your risk of being iron deficient.

If your diet hasnt been giving you the recommended 18 mg of iron a

day and youre feeling tired and run-down, Floradix Liquid Iron and
Vitamins Formula could be the simple solution. In addition to iron,
Floradixs gentle formula contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, as well as
vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the body absorb
the form of iron found in fruits
and vegetables, like those found in
Floradixs liquid base.

Feel the diference Floradix makes:


Dairy-, lactose-, & alcohol-free
Free of artificial colors & flavors
Safe, utilizable dosage


Formulated for maximum absorption

Contains whole food & herbal extracts
Certified kosher
Suitable for vegetarians




An analysis of the diets of nearly 3,200 Americans, published in JAMA Ophthalmology, has found
a link between taking too much calcium and the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a common cause of vision loss among older people. Although researchers didnt
conclude that calcium causes the eye disease, they did find increased incidence of AMD in people
who consumed more than 800 mg daily of calcium from food and supplements. Earlier research,
at the University of Maryland, discovered that fatty protein deposits, which are known to block
vision, develop around tiny deposits of calcium in the eye.




My hair became thinner and I was totally freaking out. After trying Hair Volume, I was impressed.
My hair appears healthy. Im so happy I have found
these tablets! / BY AMY
I love Hair Volume! My hair brush
doesnt make me panic anymore. Much less
hair on it. Thank you for this great supplement!
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This
product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may
vary. Testimonials are not proof of efficacy. To make sure this product is right for you,
always read the label and follow the instructions.

Older people who eat one to two daily

servings of leafy green vegetables
are mentally 11 years younger than
those who eat none, according to a Rush
University study of 954 people with an
average age of 81. Since declining cognitive ability is central to Alzheimers disease
and dementia, increasing consumption of
green leafy vegetables could offer a very
simple, affordable, and non-invasive way
of potentially protecting your brain from
Alzheimers disease and dementia, said
lead researcher Martha Clare Morris, ScD.



Routinely getting insufficient sleep

increases the odds of being obese by 72
percent, according to a study of 552 people
who had just been diagnosed with type
2 diabetes. The research, presented at an
annual meeting of the Endocrine Society,
found that losing as little as 30 minutes
of sleep daily increased risk for both weight
gain and diabetes.

People who watch less television walk
faster and are physiologically younger,
according to a study of more than 6,000
British men and women between the ages
of 48 and 92. The study, published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, found
that those who watched less than two
hours of TV daily were, in terms of walking
speed, four years younger than those who
watched more than four hours per day.

Cool O with Mint

In summer drinks and salads, fresh mint leaves add calming aroma, refreshing flavor,
and a dash of vitamins and minerals. An antioxidant in mint, rosmarinic acid, is antiinflammatory and may help to relieve seasonal allergies. Mint is also a natural digestive
aid. Here are some simple ways to enjoy these benefits:

> Give water a hint of natural sweetness by keeping a bunch of fresh mint in your water
pitcher in the fridge.

> Blend watermelon and ice, and then add a


few leaves of mint per glass. For extra flavor,

muddle the mint firstpress (but dont
shred) the leaves with a muddler or handle
of a wooden spoon.
Add mint leaves to salads. Mint works well
with cucumber, tomatoes, and feta cheese.

Standing desks are gaining popularity in an
effort to counteract the pitfalls of sitting too
much. Studies show that kids think better on
their feet, adults reduce health risks, and both
burn more calories when standing for part of day.

> A study of nearly 300 children by Texas


A&M University found that kids participated

more, answered more questions, and were
less distracted when standing.
A study of 28 office workers by the University of Minnesota found that standing for
about half the day left people feeling more
relaxed, calm, and energetic, and less tired
or sluggish.

To check out how many calories you could

burn by standing for part of the day, instead
of sitting, download an app at varidesk.com.


the Way
You Age

Spotlight on Summer Skin Care

By Michael T. Murray, ND

Are you doing all that you can to protect your skin? Sunscreen is vital for skin
cancer prevention, but so too are the foods you eat and the nutrients you take.
Here are 5 things you can do nutritionally to protect your skin


Research points to the Mediterranean diet

as possibly the best diet for healthy skin and
the prevention of skin cancer. This includes:

> An abundance of fruit, vegetables, potatoes,

beans, nuts, and seeds;

Available in
Mixed Berry & Tropical Flavors

Type I, II & III*

Scientists reveal that afer 30 years

of age the body starts reducing
collagen production at the rate of
1.5% per year. Dr. Venessas AntiAging 3TM is formulated for rapid cell
renewal and tissue repair to keep you
healthy and young. Redefne the way
you age. Start today.
Check Out Our New Packaging:

> A focus on fresh and locally grown foods;

> Very few sweets;
> Low-to-moderate consumption of dairy;
> High intake of fish;
> Moderate (about one to four times weekly)

intake of poultry and eggs;

Small amounts of red meat;
Olive oil as the principal source of fat;
Low-to-moderate intake of wine.


Population-based studies show that a

higher intake of olives is associated with fewer
wrinkles. The polyphenols from olives have
also been shown to increase antioxidant
defenses within the skin against sun damage.
Researchers in Italy found a protective effect
from weekly consumption of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids (50 percent reduced skin cancer
risk) and high consumption of vegetables
(also a 50 percent reduced risk). Other studies

have shown that omega-3 fatty acid intake is

inversely related to melanoma.


Studies also indicate that

green tea is protective against
skin cancer. The beneficial
compounds are the polyphenols,
similar to those found in olives.
Try: Pukka Organic Supreme Matcha Green Tea.


A report presented at the

American Society of Clinical
Oncology found that people who
took niacinamide supplements
reduced their risk of developing
skin cancer by 23 percent. Try:
Solgar Niacin 100 mg.


Low levels of vitamin D3 are

linked to an increased risk for skin
cancer. Taking the supplement daily
can help provide optimal D3 levels.
Your optimum dosage is based upon
your exposure to sunlight on a large portion of
your skin. Try: Bluebonnet Chewable Vitamin D3.


Dr. Venessas



w w w. DrVenessa. com

The assault of the elements on hot summer daysfrom sun, wind, chlorine, and salt
watercan take a toll on your skin. Keep these remedies on hand for sweet relief.
ALOE VERA GEL is a tried and tested remedy for sunburn, itching from insect bites, and
rashes from poison ivy. A South African study found that aloe even reduced the production
of melanin, the pigment in age spots. Gently washing irritated skin with CHAMOMILE TEA,
brewed and then cooled, is another soothing treatment. APPLE
CIDER VINEGAR can be applied topically, using a cotton swab,
to help relieve sunburn pain. Certain herbs such as DONG-QUAI are
helpful at easing pain from sunburn and minor burns. You can find
herbal skin creams at your local health food store. Try: Solstice
Medicine Company Ching Wan Hung Soothing Herbal Balm for Burns.

I will survive.

Get probiotics past stomach acid

with Probiotic Pearls, the patented, triplelayer softgel that delivers active cultures where
theyre needed most for digestive balance.*


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other use constitutes fraud. Consumer pays any sales tax. RETAILER:
Enzymatic Therapy will reimburse you the face value of $3.00 plus 8 cents
handling, provided you redeem coupon on the Probiotic Pearls product.
Any other use constitutes fraud. Invoices supporting purchases may be
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consumers to Enzymatic Therapy, CMS Department #20065, 1 Fawcett
Drive, Del Rio, TX 78840. Enzymatic Therapy will send you a check for
$3.08 for each coupon you receive from consumers and send to us.

hot buys |


Celebrate your summer with these hot new finds
The Long and
Short of It
The length of your telomeres
(protective tips on the ends of
your chromosomes) has a lot
to do with aging. Young cells
have long telomeres, while older
cells have shorter ones. As a
cell divides, its telomeres get
shorter, and lifestyle factors can
also impact telomere length.
The good news is you may be
able to help to slow down the
shortening of telomeres
even lengthen them, and
thereby slow down the aging
processwith an enzyme
known as telomerase.

Enzymedica Telomere Plus

contains vitamin D3 and botanicals shown to activate telomerase, including a proprietary
Telomerin blend (astragalus
root, broccoli seed extract, and

Get Figgy with It

Remember Fig Newtons? They were likely one of your favorites when
you were a kid. Now, Natures Bakery Gluten-Free Fig Bar offers a
taste-alike snack with zero gluten; no artificial flavors, colors, or highfructose corn syrup; and all the health benefits of ancient grains. These
bars will take you back and are sure to become your go-to snack. Plus,
they pack easily in a purse or gym bag for healthy energy on the go.
Try them in Raspberry, Pomegranate, and Blueberry flavors too.

Put It On Ice
On hot summer days, the
sound of ice clinking in glasses
can be heard in backyards
and patios everywhere. And
tonic water is a staple in mixed
drinks, from juice spritzers to
classic cocktails. But most tonic
waters are loaded with sugar
or artificial sweeteners. Not
Zevia Tonic Water, a zerocalorie mixer. Sweetened with
stevia, this fizzy alternative has
no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and zero calories. And
subtle hints of orange, lime,
and lemon give it a clean and
sophisticated flavor.

Get Personal
Big, cumbersome, and heavy. That describes most blenders. Now, the
new S-Series Vitamix Personal Blender S50 pulverizes that notion.
This blender is lightweight, portable, and engineered to go
anywhere. You get all the quality and performance you would expect
from a Vitamix, but in a compact, convenient size. Create single or
double servings of your favorite recipesthese blenders are versatile
enough for every meal of the day. Each is equipped with two containers,
pre-programmed settings, and an automatic shut-off.


JULY 2015

The Magic of ME-3

What can a probiotic called Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 do for you?
This unique strain is able to produce the super antioxidant glutathione,
often called the master antioxidant, as it is vital for supporting
cardiovascular tissue, promoting healthy liver function, and maintaining
a healthy immune system. And ME-3 is in all three of Essential

Formulas new RegActiv line: Cardio Wellness; Detox & Liver

Health; and Immune & Vitality. The ME-3 probiotic strain in these
formulas helps the body to generate and maintain healthy glutathione
levels, and each contains other targeted supportive ingredients.

Is it COOL in here
or is it just me?
Dont let menopause get you so hot
and bothered. Chill out with Remifemin,
the herbal extract clinically proven to reduce
hot ashes, night sweats and mood swings.*


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Enzymatic Therapy will reimburse you the face value of $4.00 plus 8 cents
handling, provided you redeem coupon on the Remifemin product. Any
other use constitutes fraud. Invoices supporting purchases may be
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Cash value 1/20 cent. Redeem by mailing coupons you receive from
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Drive, Del Rio, TX 78840. Enzymatic Therapy will send you a check for
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natural beauty |


Have a cut that wont heal? Dry, flaky skin? Minor burn?
Calendula can come to the rescue | by Sherrie Strausfogel

alendula (Calendula ocinalis) is

one of the most versatile natural
skin remedies around. It has been used
since at least the 12th century to heal
wounds and skin irritations, including dry
or chapped skin, minor burns, cuts and
scrapes, rashes, acne, eczema, athletes
foot, and insect bites.
Calendula, also known as pot marigold,
contains high amounts of avonoids,
plant-based antioxidants that protect
cells from free-radical damage. Calendula
ghts inammation, viruses, bacteria, and
fungal infections. Scientic studies have
shown that extracts of calendula can
speed the healing of wounds and burns
by increasing blood ow to the aected
area and promoting the production of
collagen, which helps the body replace
damaged tissue.
Calendulas soothing and moisturizing
properties help protect skin from premature
aging and thinning and even blemishes.
It also improves hydration and rmness,
and is gentle enough to use on delicate
skin and babies.

Sherrie Strausfogel is the author of Hawaiis Spa

Experience: Rejuvenating Secrets of the Islands. Her
articles about beauty, spas, health, cuisine, and travel
have appeared in more than 100 magazines, newspapers,
guidebooks, and websites. She is based in Honolulu.

Nurture sensitive skin

with Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream. This gentle
cream calms, moisturizes,
and protects your babys
faceand yourswith a 96
percent organic mixture of
biodynamic calendula flower
extract, sesame seed oil,
sweet almond oil, and pure
beeswax. The light natural
scent will remind you of the
delicate marigold.

Cleanse sensitive and dehydrated skin with

Badger Unscented Face Cleansing Oil. Organic
calendula extract reduces irritation and redness;
castor and apricot fruit oils lift dirt and
impurities; and olive and sunflower seed oils replenish essential vitamins, fatty acids, and natural
oils. This gentle formula dissolves makeup, cleans
without stripping or drying skin, and leaves skin
feeling balanced and glowing.

Soothe and moisturize

your entire body with
Boiron Calendula Lotion.
Homeopathic calendula
works naturally with the
body to heal skin irritations.
Use it as first aid for sunburn and rashes, or as an
everyday hand and body
lotion to moisturize dry
or sensitive skin.

Make your
own calendulainfused oil! Visit
com for the
Leave-In Conditioning Mist.
This lightweight spray
combines the antioxidant
benefits of green tea with
soothing and protecting
calendula extract. Broccoli
smoothes frizz and gives hair a natural shine.
Chamomile strengthens hair and soothes the
scalp. Rosemary stimulates hair growth and
adds volume. Soy proteins lock in moisture.


JULY 2015

Clean up your act.

When life gets dirty hit the refresh

button with Whole Body Cleanse, the
complete system for eliminating toxins
and restoring digestive balance.*


EXPIRES 10/31/2015

Save 5

$ .00

on any ONE Whole Body Cleanse product

Save on your favorite products
with valuable retail coupons
at coupons.enzy.com

ask the naturopath |


A trio of nutrients
can help reverse liver
damage, whether or
not drug therapy is
used | by Emily A. Kane, ND, LAc

Emily A. Kane, ND, LAc, has a

private naturopathic practice in
Juneau, Alaska, where she lives
with her husband and daughter.
She is the author of two books
on health, including Managing
Menopause Naturally. Visit her
online at dremilykane.com.

All thistle
plants are
healing to
the liver,
and milk
thistle is no


I have hepatitis C, and Ive

heard theres a new miracle
drug out there for my condition. Can
you tell me if it works and if you think I
should try it? Victor R., Los Angeles

epatitis C is a blood disease acquired

by blood-to-blood contact with an
infected person. Risk factors include blood
transfusion history (the blood supply
has been tested since 1990), IV drug use,
having sex with someone who has used
IV drugs, and tattoos (make sure the artist
opens a new bottle of ink).
More than 3 million people in the
U.S. are infected with hepatitis C; most of
them are baby boomers born between
1945 and 1965. Of those infected with
the virus, the majority develop chronic
hepatitis C, which can result in severe
liver damage, long-term health problems,
and even death.

Liver Health Basics

The liver is the major organ of detoxication. Everything that goes into your
digestive system is processed into microunits and absorbed into the bloodstream
through the villi of the small intestine. The
network of blood vessels outside the small
intestine leads into the portal vein, which
brings all the newly absorbed nutrients
through a rst pass in the liver.
Liver damage begins with fatty liver.
Fat builds up around the liver cells in an
attempt to wall o toxins. Fatty liver can
progress to cirrhosis, which means scarring
of the liver tissue, rendering it incapable of
performing various jobs such as producing


JULY 2015

bile and sorting out hormone recycling.

After cirrhosis, the damage can worsen
further to necrosis, or tissue death.
Until a decade ago, the only way to
diagnosis hepatitis C and other liver
diseases was with a long-needle biopsy.
Recent advances in ultrasound technology
have made the process less invasive,
especially a software known as elastography. It allows the ultrasound image to
be manipulated, which provides a more
detailed look at tissue changes in the
liver. If youre considering a liver biopsy,
see if a hospital or clinic near you has this
noninvasive ultrasound option instead.

Drug Treatment Options

Until recently, the drugs for the subtype
of hepatitis C most prevalent in North
America (subtype 1b) were not particularly
eective, and also had serious side eects.
Many hepatitis C patients in the past two
decades have died from the eects of
interferon (rst given in 1991) and ribavirin
(rst given in 1998, often in combination

with interferon) on their immune systems.

Interferon typically causes u-like
symptoms, muscle and joint pain, anxiety,
and intense irritability. The New England
Journal of Medicine published a trial of
about 1,000 hepatitis C patients who took
interferon and had no improvement compared to control groups. Ribavirin also has
its problems: it can destroy red blood cells
and increase the risk of heart attacks.
In 2011 a new class of drugs called
direct acting antivirals (DAAs) were introduced, and the latest one, Harvoni, shows
great promise. Harvoni is taken orally, one
pill daily, usually for about 12 weeks. So
far, Harvoni has produced a 9799 percent
cure rate for patients with subtype 1b. The
patients I know who completed the course
of Harvoni have reported zero to very-lowlevel side eects (mild nausea and headache). Cure means no viral load detected
in a blood test. This is unprecedented in the
world of hepatitis C treatment. When the
viral load goes to zero, the risk factors for
liver problems virtually disappear as well.

All-Natural Berkson Protocol

You might think its odd for a naturopathic physician to praise a drug. In general,
naturopaths are less impressed with
pharmaceutical therapy because drugs
often produce damaging side eects, and
they dont necessarily cure the problem.
Changing lifestyle habits (drinking more
water, eating more vegetables, getting
enough sleep and exercise) is much
more likely to produce lasting cures
for whatever ails you. And herbal and
physical medicine are often very eective
in moving patients along a continuum
toward optimal health without unwanted
side eects.
But Harvoni seems to hold the potential
for a real cure for a major strain of hepatitis
C, which could save countless lives. Unfortunately, the drug is so expensive that few
people can aord it unless they have very
good insurance.

There are, however, many ways to live

better with hepatitis C if you cant get
the drug. All of my hepatitis C patients
have been on the Berkson protocol for
as long as 20 yearssince it rst became
widely known. Burton Berkson, MD,* was
initially motivated by the poor ecacy
and side eects of drugs available for
hepatitis C. Through extensive research,
he found that a combination of 900 mg
of silymarin (from milk thistle), 600
mg of alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), and 400
mcg of selenium, taken daily, ideally in
23 divided doses, can be eective for
hepatitis C.
All thistle plants, including artichokes,
are healing to the liver, and milk thistle is
no exceptionit is one of the most highly
researched herbal remedies in the world.
A lot of the early literature on milk thistle
came out of Russia, where alcoholic
hepatitis is rampant. Selenium is a trace

mineral involved in at least 75 percent of

all enzymatic reactions in the body. Detox
is basically driven through biochemical
enzyme pathways in the liver.
ALA is a short-chain fatty acid that
helps increase insulin sensitivity, and is
useful in treating metabolic syndrome,
which often features the early phases
of fatty liver. ALA also helps neutralize
free radicals and reduce cellular damage.
Research has conrmed the usefulness of
ALA in treating a variety of liver ailments.
Im convinced that one of the reasons
my patients who took Harvoni got a
complete cure with minimal side eects
is that they had been following Berksons
protocol for years, as well as abstaining
from all alcohol and other drugs, including
OTC products such as Tylenol, most of
which are toxic to the liver.
[Editors note: For more information on
Burton Berkson, visit drberkson.com.]

second opinion |


What you need to know about this key
fat-burning enzyme | by Michael T. Murray, ND

f I told you that weight loss was simply a

matter of turning on a key enzyme in the
body that would burn fat and turn up your
metabolism, would you believe it? Well, scientists may have found this master switch
for weight loss in the form of activated
protein kinase, or AMPk for short.
AMPk is found in every cell in the body
and serves as a master regulating switch
in energy metabolism. Overall, this enzyme
plays a major role in determining our body
fat composition. When were young, AMPk
is more active, but as we age the cellular
AMPk activation decreases, leading to fat
accumulation and loss of muscle mass.
The good news is that researchers
are discovering ways to enhance AMPk.
Specically, certain dietary strategies and
food components greatly inuence AMPk
activity. Not surprisingly, these natural
approaches hold great promise in the goal
of near-eortless weight loss as a result.

The Role of Insulin

The most important inuencer of AMPk
activity appears to be the sensitivity of the
cell to the hormone insulin. So insulin resistance can lead to reduced AMPk activity.
Insulin resistance is closely tied to
abdominal obesity. If your waist circumference is larger than your hips, theres
a strong likelihood that you suer from
insulin resistance. As the number and size
of fat cells increase, they lead to a reduction
in compounds that promote insulin action,
including a protein produced by fat cells
known as adiponectin. Making matters
even worse, there is also an increase in the
secretion of a substance known as resistin
that dampens the eects of insulin.
Adiponectin increases the activation of
AMPk, while resistin impairs AMPk activity. So, while adiponectin is associated with
improved insulin sensitivity and metabo-


JULY 2015


One of the most useful clinical determinants of
insulin resistance is simply measuring the waist to
hip ratio. A waist to hip ratio above 1.0 for men and
above 0.8 for women is highly predictive of insulin
resistance. To determine your waist to hip ratio:
Measure the circumference of your waist: _____
Measure the circumference of your hips: _____
Divide the waist measurement by the hip
measurement: Waist/Hip = _____
This is your waist/hip ratio.

lism, resistin is associated with poor blood

sugar control, increased blood lipids, and
the development of atherosclerosis. All of
these eects are due to the inuence these
compounds have on AMPk activity. So the
rst step in improving AMPk is to improve
insulin sensitivity.

Improving Insulin Sensitivity

Improving insulin sensitivity is most
successfully done with a combination of
lifestyle changes, such as increasing physical activity, improving diet and nutrition,
and targeted nutritional supplementation.
One of the most important dietary and
supplement strategies is increasing intake
of water-soluble, viscous dietary ber. This

type of ber is associated with increasing the sensitivity of tissues to insulin and
improving the uptake of glucose by the
muscles, liver, and other tissues, thereby
preventing a sustained elevation of blood
sugar. Particularly good sources of watersoluble, viscous ber are legumes (beans),
oat bran, nuts, seeds, psyllium seed husks,
pears, apples, and most vegetables.
For people with denite insulin resistance and poor blood sugar control, I would
also recommend a highly viscous dietary
ber supplement such as PolyGlycopleX
or PGX. This unique, patented ber matrix
exerts the greatest degree of viscosity and
gel-forming properties, making it many
times more eective than any other ber in

improving insulin sensitivity and activating

AMPk. The typical dosage for PGX is 2.55
grams before meals.

Other Ways to Activate AMPk

In addition to viscous dietary ber, there
are a number of very important steps to
activate AMPk. Most notable are reducing
calorie intake and engaging in regular exercise. It is also interesting that many components of the traditional Mediterranean
diet activate AMPk: in particular, olive oil,
resveratrol from red wine, and the omega-3
fatty acids EPA and DHA from sh oil.
There are a lot of botanicals that also
activate AMPk, especially mulberry leaf
extract. The mulberry plant (Morus alba)
is probably best known as the food for
silkworms, but it has also been highly regarded in traditional Chinese and Japanese
medicine. Recently, human clinical studies
have conrmed the benets of mulberry

leaf extract in helping to improve blood

sugar control, promote weight loss, and
prevent and treat type 2 diabetes. It also
exerts favorable actions against metabolic
syndrome and cardiovascular disease.
Many of these eects of mulberry leaf
extract are due to its inuence on AMPk
activity. The daily dosage is generally
equivalent to 3,000 mg of dried mulberry
leaves, which is the equivalent of 300 mg
daily of a 10:1 extract.
Bio Nutrition
White Mulberry
Leaf Extract
contains 1,000
mg of mulberry
in a convenient
capsule form.
Take with
meals with
best results.

Another supplement that activates

AMPk is green coee bean extract. The
extract is rich in chlorogenic acid, a compound that has been shown to improve
glucose metabolism, inhibit the accumulation of fat, and decrease the absorption of
glucose in the intestines. Studies show that
green coee bean extract helps promote
weight loss and reduce blood pressure
in people with hypertension. The typical
dosage is 400 mg, three times daily.
Garden of Life
RAW Fit, in
Organic Marley
Coffee flavor,
with green
coffee bean,
can be used
as a meal
for weight loss.

Natural Factors
PGX Daily is
made using
an advanced
delivery system,
so the highly
viscous fiber is
well absorbed.
Take before

Michael T. Murray, ND, is the author of more than 30 books, including The Complete Book of Juicing, Revised and
Updated. He is regarded as one of the worlds top authorities on natural medicine. Visit him online at doctormurray.com.

check out |


If you have trouble digesting gluten, certain enzyme supplements
can be a lifesaver | by Vera Tweed

or more than a decade, scientists

have been looking for ways to use
enzymes to treat issues related to gluten,
a protein found in various varieties of
wheatincluding spelt, kamut, and
triticaleas well as barley and rye. While
a gluten-free diet continues to be the best
solution for full-blown celiac disease, an
autoimmune condition brought on by
exposure to gluten, some enzyme supplements may reduce negative reactions for
those with a mild gluten intolerance.
Although gluten is implicated in both
conditions, they dier in terms of diagnosis.
Celiac disease can be objectively diagnosed
with blood tests that detect specic antibodies, but there is no widely accepted
medical test for non-Celiac gluten sensitivityavoiding all gluten and monitoring
any resulting symptom changes is the
usual method of detection. To complicate
things further, the degree of gluten intolerance can vary, with some people experiencing symptoms from tiny amounts
and others tolerating gluten occasionally.
The underlying mechanisms also differ. In celiac disease, the immune system
attacks the small intestine and triggers
inammation whenever you eat gluten.

It can cause serious intestinal damage,

prevent nutrients from being absorbed,
and lead to other serious illnesses. Although
gluten intolerance doesnt trigger this type
of reaction, bloating, pain, and fatigue are
common symptoms of both conditions.

absorbed and waste can be eliminated.

Gluten is a combination of proteins
that doesnt always get broken down.
Scientists havent gured out exactly
why, but they are making some headway into nding ways to treat the issue.
For example:

The Gluten-Free Trend

With or without digestive problems,
many people now view gluten as an
unhealthy ingredient that should be
avoided. According to Mintel, a global
market research company, 22 percent of
Americans followed a gluten-free diet in
2014, up from 15 percent in the previous
year, but many more choose gluten-free
versions of some foods. Between 2012
and 2014, sales of gluten-free snacks
increased by 163 percent, and sales of
gluten-free foods overall rose by 63 percent.

Gluten Digestion Is Mysterious

In our digestive tract, enzymes and
microbes, also called benecial bacteria
or probiotics, routinely break down all
the food we eat so that nutrients can be

> Microbes: A study at Boston University examined 150 dierent gut microbes
and identied specic ones that are
involved in digesting gluten. This was
preliminary research in a lab setting,
and has not reached the point where
a supplement could eectively provide
the right microbes, but researchers
believe its a fruitful direction toward
a potential solution.
> A new enzyme: Other research
has looked at enzymes that could
conceivably counteract celiac disease,
much as a lactase enzyme enables
people who are lactose intolerant to
eat dairy products. In one study,
researchers engineered an enzyme
they call KumaMax, which broke down
95 percent of a protein believed to cause
celiac disease. This was done in a lab
setting; work has not reached the point
where a product could be manufactured,
but its another promising avenue.

Gluten is a
protein found in
various varieties of wheat,
How Supplements Can Help
including spelt, There are no supplements that cure celiac
barley, and rye. disease or reverse gluten intolerance.
But a specic type of enzyme can help
enhance the breakdown and digestion
of gluten.

> DPP IVSince gluten is made up of a

combination of proteins, a combination
of enzymes may help to break it down.
DPP IV, short for dipeptidyl peptidase
IV, is an enzyme blend designed to


JULY 2015

break down bonds that hold gluten

proteins together, and thus to enhance
their digestion.
DPP IV is an ingredient in a variety of
enzyme supplements. It is also known
to help the body digest casein in dairy
Products containing DPP IV are ideal
for targeting hidden sources of gluten,
whether from restaurant meals or
accidental cases of cross-contamination.
And if you dont have celiac disease, DPP
IV can help reduce symptoms from that
occasional splurge on gluten-containing
foods; although, again, the enzymes
are intended as more of an insurance
against accidental gluten ingestion.
Vera Tweed has been writing about nutrition, fitness, and
healthy living since 1997. She specializes in covering
research and expert knowledge that empowers people to
lead better lives. She is the author of numerous books,
including Hormone Harmony and the Users Guide to
Carnitine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine.


The walls of the intestines can be damaged and become leaky, allowing microscopic
particles to escape from the digestive tract into blood, causing inflammation. Typically
described as leaky gut, this condition can lead to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms
and impair the immune system. Gluten intolerance may contribute to the development of
leaky gut, along with toxins and herbicides, especially those used in industrial production
of soy, corn, and wheat.
A new supplement, called Restore, features a combination of plant-based minerals that
tighten junctions in the intestinal walls to maintain or rebuild a healthy barrier and enable
the digestive system to function properly. This helps to prevent or heal a leaky gut, and to
protect against negative effects of gluten.

Arthur Andrew
Devigest ADS,
a concentrated
source of DDP
IV, is designed
to enhance
both gluten
and casein

Therapy Gluten
Defense is a
vegetarianfriendly supplement with DPP
IV for improved
digestion of gluten and casein.

The Future of Holistic Health:

RegActiv with ME-3the Patented Probiotic Proven
to Produce Glutathione, the Master-Antioxidant
Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3, is the ONLY probiotic proven to actually produce glutathione in the body, which has
powerful effects for Cardio, Detox, and Immune System Wellness. Glutathione, utilized by every cell in the body, plays a
crucial role in maintaining cellular health during daily exposure to free radicals, common environmental toxins and the
effects of aging. RegActiv formulas combine ME-3 with other established condition-specic ingredients for synergistic
health promoting effects.*

Revolutionary. Remarkable. RegActiv.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

with DPP IV
helps enhance
digestion of
foods with
gluten and
casein. Its also


The cleaner and more natural the foods are

that you put into your body, the more amazing
they will make you feel. Garden of Life
RAW Fit, is the cleanest most natural way
to support your diet and exercise program.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


28g of RAW, organic plant-based protein
4g of ber from organic ax & chia
Probiotics & enzymes to promote
healthy digestion


Whole food chromium
Organic cinnamon
RAW Organic Svetol
(clinically studied green coffee bean extract)

you WANT

Empowering Extraordinary Health



Aging well is very much

about how you feel every
day. Do you have plenty
of energy? Are your joints
pain-free and flexible? Are your
bones strong, so that you maintain
a youthful posture? Weve put
together 21 tipsa 21-Day
Challenge of sortsdesigned with
your longevity in mind. BY KIM ERICKSON

an you live to be 100? Its denitely

possible! The United States leads the
world in centenariansthose who live
to age 100 or beyond. But the bigger question
is, how well can you live as you grow older?
Start now with the following suggestions,
and your journey through life will be a happier,
healthier one.
Listen to a Podcast of centenarian expert Dan
Buettner entitled
The Fountain
of Youth, a
two-part TED
Radio Hour series
available at npr.
Buettner has traveled the globe
studying "Blue
Zones," areas
where people
live longer than


JULY 2015

Pay a lot of Attention

to Inammation

How quicklyor slowlyyou age is

determined by two key processes:
inammation and the production of free
radicals. Each one is triggeredor preventedby specic things in your diet,
environment, and way of life. In a positive sense, inammation is a protective
response to irritation, injury, or infection.
We experience it as redness, swelling,
heat, or pain, and its easy to see when
you scratch or cut your nger. Inammation is a vital part of the healing process
as your body ghts the injury, and it
helps to protect you against infection.
But the inammatory response can go
awry and speed up the aging process.
Levels of inammation can be measured with a blood test for C-reactive
protein, or CRP. Although it isnt usually
part of a check-up for a healthy person,
CRP tests in studies show that an unhealthy lifestyle increases inammation.
But it can be reduced with the right diet,
exercise, and specic supplements.

Avoid Common
Inammation Triggers

ies, sh, and mice. All told, more than

4,500 published studies have looked at
resveratrol in the past few decades.
Researchers at the National Institutes
of Health estimate that you would have
to drink 667 bottles of wine to get 1,000
mg of resveratrol, a therapeutic dose for
people with health risks.

Hyaluronic acid, found in the uid that

lubricates and cushions joints, can help
relieve joint pain. Studies have shown that
oral supplements of hyaluronic acid can
also be absorbed to enhance lubrication
of joints. For example, one study of people
with osteoarthritis, published in Nutrition
Journal, found that the supplement produced relief after eight weeks of daily use.

Relieve Pain
with Turmeric

Delay Aging
with Healthy Fats

Omega-3 fats found in sh contain

antioxidants that ght free radicals and
reduce inammation
To avoid burping or belching after
taking a sh oil supplement, use a product that is both enteric-coated and also
pharmaceutical-grade. Some people nd
that storing sh oils in the refrigerator
also helps reduce burping, and extends
the shelf life of the product.

More than 1,000 years ago, an ayurvedic

remedy described as a weak wine was
used as a heart tonic in India. According
to scientists at the University of Illinois, resveratrol made up a signicant
portion of that brew. In 2003, interest in
resveratrol skyrocketed after Harvard
researchers found that it extends the life
of yeast cells. In later studies, resveratrol
has increased the lifespan of worms, fruit

Discover Hyaluronic Acid

for Healthy Joints

These include:
* Rened and processed foods
* Fruits and vegetables that are depleted
of antioxidant nutrients
* Sugary drinks
* Lack of physical activity
* Toxins in our food, water, and air
* Lack of sleep
* Stress

Try a Resveratrol

Reduce Age-Related
Macular Degeneration

The Age-Related Eye Disease Study

(AREDS) found that the following
antioxidant combination, taken daily,
helps reduce the risk or progression
of age-related macular degeneration:
* VITAMIN C: 500 mg

One of the most powerful natural antiinammatories is curcuminan ingredient in turmeric, the Indian spice that gives
curry its telltale yellow color. Clinically,
curcumin has worked as well as cortisone
for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis,
and post-operative inammation. In one
double-blind crossover study, taking a
daily dose of curcumin relieved morning
stiness and joint swelling better than a
corticosteroid drug. It also improved walking time in those suering from arthritis.
Best of all, the curcumin was well-tolerated and produced no side eects.

Use Types I and III Collagen

for Younger-Looking Skin

Starting in your 20s, your collagen levels

begin to decline. By the time women hit
menopause, skin produces 30 percent less
collagen. But studies show that supplementing with Types I and III collagen not
only slows the loss of collagen in the skin,
it improves existing collagen. This may
help reduce the appearance of age-related changes like wrinkles and sagging.

Build Better Bones

In Canada, researchers tested a combination of nutrients, including magnesium,

sh oil, and vitamins D and K2, in a group
of women with bone loss. After taking the
supplements for one year, the improvement
was comparable to that of a bone-building
drug such Fosamax. Vitamin C, folic acid,
zinc, manganese, potassium, strontium, and
boron also support bone health.
JULY 2015





Watch Your
Calcium Intake

Its true that we need calcium for healthy

bones, but too much of this mineral
and too little magnesiumis a cause of
osteoporosis. In the days of the caveman,
the ratio of calcium to magnesium was
1:1. Today, it ranges between 5:1 and 15:1,
causing an imbalance that can be deadly.
Without enough magnesium, calcium
can go to the wrong places in our bodies.
It can be deposited in our joints, contributing to arthritis, and in our arteries,
which leads to heart disease. And, it can
go to the kidneys and be turned into
painful kidney stones.


Find Out if You Are

Magnesium Decient

If you have one or more of these symptoms,

a lack of magnesium may be to blame.
* A diagnosis of low bone density
or osteoporosis
* Abnormal heart rhythms
* Agitation
* Anxiety
* Blood pressure that is high
* Blood sugar that is elevated
* Chocolate cravings
* Confusion
* Constipation
* Depression
* Diabetes or prediabetes
* Excessive sensitivity to noise or pain
* Exhaustion
* Fatigue
* Headaches
* Hyperventilation
* Insomnia
* Irritability
* Learning disabilities
* Low energy
* Muscle cramping or spasms
* Muscle weakness
* Nausea
* Numbness
* Poor appetite or anorexia
* Poor balance
* Poor nail growth
* Restless leg syndrome


JULY 2015


Combat Fatigue
with D-Ribose

This supplement increases energy production on a cellular level. In studies, it

has dramatically improved the physical
and mental energy of athletes and people
with heart failure, chronic fatigue. Ribose
comes in pills, or you can add a scoop of
ribose powder (about 5 grams) to juice or
smoothies. Levels build up in your body,
so start by taking it two or three times
daily to give you a boost, and after a few
weeks, scale back to once daily to maintain healthy energy levels.


Check Your Vitamin B12


As you get older, your system doesnt

absorb vitamin B12 as well as it used to.
This is especially true if you take antacids, because stomach acid is necessary to
absorb the vitamin. Consequently, taking
a larger amount than what is commonly
found in a multivitamin is a good way to
give yourself an energy boost. Use the
methylcobalamin form over cobalamin
(the more common type of vitamin B12).
Methylcobalamin, which may cost a
little more, is a body-ready form of the
nutrient and more easily absorbed.
Lower-than-optimum levels of B12 can
cause fatigue, nervousness, numbness or
a tingling sensation in the ngers or toes,
diarrhea, or shortness of breath. All the
B vitamins are necessary for a healthy
nervous system but B12 is one that is often
depleted with age.


Use CoQ10 Daily

A nutrient found in organ meats

and made by our bodies, CoQ10 levels
start to decline in our mid-30s. Supplements help the heart and all our
other muscles to generate energy more
eciently. Studies have shown that it
improves heart function among people
with heart failureeven in severe cases.
It also protects the heart against disease,
and slows down the aging process in
this vital organ. CoQ10 and ribose work
together synergistically.


Try Glucosamine
for Glucose Control

A team of German genetic specialists

recently discovered that glucosamine
the popular joint-health remedyalso
improves glucose metabolism and blood
sugar levels. These ndings were conrmed by lab studies and published in
Nature Communications.


Eat an Avocado a Day

Move over apples! Adding an

avocado to your daily diet can help improve your cholesterol levels. These were
the ndings of a new study by researchers at Pennsylvania State University.


Take Vitamin Dfor

Your Heart

A daily dose of vitamin D may improve

your hearts response to physical stressors,
say Canadian researchers at the University of Calgary. Their recent trial found
that taking 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily
could protect against stressors like an
overly zealous workout or extreme environmental conditions that may increase
the risk of a deadly cardiovascular event.


PS: Support Your

Brain Health

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a type of fat

thats found in cell membranes throughout the body. In the brain, PS enhances
the synthesis and release of neurotransmitters and regulates the actions of
synapses, and is essential to normal brain
function. Studies show that PS can restore
age-related memory loss, improve concentration, enhance learning, and restore the
function of worn-out nerve cells.

Sometimes pain is inevitable,

but sufering can be optional.
Kyolic Curcumin is a powerful new formula to help support healthy
infammation response.* This synergistic combination contains the
antioxidant properties of odorless Aged Garlic Extract along with a
proprietary turmeric complex made from a unique blend of Curcumin


and Phosphatidylcholine for increased absorption and bioavailability.*

Take Kyolic Curcumin every day to provide natural support for healthy infammation response, joint and
muscle health, cardiovascular beneft, colon and liver function, as well as other nutritional benefts. *

Take the frst step with Kyolic Curcumin the rest is easy.
Call 1-800-421-29
ar you.
n and a store ne
for m
Wakunaga of America Co., Ltd., Mission Viejo, CA 92691 (800) 421-2998 www.kyolic.com
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Kyolic is a registered trademark of Wakunaga of America Co., Ltd.




Sleep Better (and

More!) with Melatonin

Melatonin is well regarded for its ability

to scavenge free radicals. Since melatonin is both water- and fat-soluble, it
moves easily through cell membranes,
allowing it to clean up free radicals
where they can do the most damage.
Melatonin has been shown to protect
cellular mitochondria, the energy-producing factories within the cells. It can
even help protect our precious DNA.
Adding melatonin to your supplement
regimen can be benecial in a number of
ways. First, its an excellent and gentle way
to encourage sleep, which can be particularly helpful for people suering from insomnia. It can also help people who travel
and must contend with jet lag, supporting

their eorts to adjust to distant time

zones. And, of course, it can also benet
people who work the late shift and
have no choice but to grab their sleep in
the daytime. Taking as little as 0.5 mg of
melatonin can be therapeutic, although
it is safe to take up to 5 mg per day.


Get Back to Nature

Turns out that communing

with nature is really good for the soul.
Research shows that spending just 20
minutes outside in good weather not
only improves mood, but it also broadens
thinking and increases working memory.
The ideal outdoor temperature at which
happiness is maximized is 57F, according to a study by the American Meteorological Society.


Put Another Candle On

Your Birthday Cake

People past their 60th birthday tend to

grow happier, according to studies that
found that older people shown pictures of
faces or situations remember the happier
ones more than the negative ones. Being
grateful is one of the simplest ways to
foster happiness. In one study, researchers found that listing three good things
that happened during the dayno matter
how smallincreased happiness and
decreased depressive symptoms. So take
a few minutes each day to think about
good things that happened. Either write
them down or enter them into an app
such as Happier or The Gratitude Habit.
Kim Erickson is a health, fitness, and beauty writer
and editor based in Las Vegas.


Give Leg Pain

its Walking Papers!

The Healing Revolution is Here.

Learn more at drkings.com & kingbio.com

When it comes to
the power of pure protein,
Bluebonnets kosher- certified
Super Earth Organic VeggieProtein
surpasses all others. It draws its strength
from four of the Earths most potent plant
proteins brown rice, yellow pea, chia, and
quinoa to provide 18 grams of complete and
balanced protein containing all nine essential
amino acids.

In fact, the amino acid profile is comparable

to that of top - quality animal proteins
like whey. Plus, its unrivaled purity
is rooted in the fact that these
proteins are derived exclusively
from sustainable, organic and
non-GMO, dairy/lactose -free
vegetable sources that do
not contain soy or gluten.
So, stay ahead of the pack
with this pure and complete
vegetarian/vegan protein that will take
you as far as you want to go on just
110-125 calories!

Available in five
delicious natural flavors
(original, vanilla, vanilla
chai, chocolate mocha
and chocolate) and in
both 1lb canisters and
convenient, single serving packets

Available in specialty kosher and natural food stores


statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Only those Bluebonnet products bearing the KOF-K emblem

label panel are kosher certied.

on the front

For additional information on Bluebonnet nutritional supplements,

please log on to www.bluebonnetnutrition.com
or write: Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation
12915 Dairy Ashford, Sugar Land, TX 77478 USA




Let your backyard

cookout go meatless,
with exciting results
hat to bring to the meatheavy barbecue, when
everyone's noshing on
fried chicken and ribs? Try
these easy, meat-free dishes.
Fresh, light and perfect for any
summer potluck, they'll wow
meat-eaters and vegans alike!

food photography by
prop styling ROBIN TURK


JULY 2015

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Makes about 2 cups (8 servings)

Serve this fresh dip with organic chips. Two

great options: Organic Summertime Blues
Multigrain Tortilla Chips and Beanitos Original Black Bean Chips.

Members of the
nightshade family,
tomatillos are native
to Mexico, and are a
great source of

1 lb. tomatillos, husked and rinsed well

2 small serrano chilies
4 garlic cloves
1 small yellow onion, quartered
2 limes, juiced
cup fresh cilantro leaves, coarsely
1 tsp. salt

1. Preheat broiler and move rack to top

position. Arrange tomatillos, serrano
chilies, garlic, and onions on large baking
sheet. Broil 57 minutes, 6 inches from
heat, until softened.

2. Remove pan from oven and let cool until

vegetables are easy to handle. Pull stems
from chilies and remove skins from garlic.

3. Combine vegetables in food processor

with lime juice, cilantro, and salt. Process
into a coarse pure. Season with salt and
pepper, and serve with chips.
per serving: 25 cal; 1g pro; 1g total fat (0g sat fat);
6g carb; 0mg chol; 290mg sod; 1g fiber; 3g sugars

JULY 2015


Grilled Hearts of Romaine with

Creamy Avocado Ranch Dressing
Serves 8

Romaine leaves take on a complex, smoky

flavor when grilled. Smother them with freshtasting vegan ranch for a scrumptious salad
that stands up to any steakhouse Caesar.
4 romaine hearts, halved lengthwise
4 medium tomatoes, quartered
cup olive oil, plus additional for brushing
cup cashew butter
1 small avocado, pitted and peeled
cup water
cup apple cider vinegar
2 tsp. honey
2 medium garlic cloves, minced
1 Tbs. dried dill weed

1. Lightly oil grill racks and preheat grill

to medium high. Brush all surfaces of
romaine and tomatoes with olive oil.
Arrange, cut side down, on grill (use a
grill grate for tomatoes). Grill tomatoes
4 minutes, romaine 56 minutes.

2. While lettuce and tomatoes are grilling,

combine remaining ingredients in blender
and process until smooth. Season with
salt and pepper.

3. To serve, arrange lettuce halves and

tomatoes on 8 individual plates. Pour
dressing over all, and serve immediately.
per serving: 280 cal; 5g pro; 25g total fat (4g sat
fat); 13g carb; 0mg chol; 105mg sod; 3g fiber;
4g sugars


JULY 2015

Wash and
dry romaine
leaves before
storing in the
refrigerator to
remove any

Barbecued Tempeh
Serves 8

This recipe contains honey, which may or

may not be part of your vegan diet. You
can easily swap out traditional honey with
a vegan alternative like Bee Free Honee
1 cups tomato pure
cup tomato paste
1 small yellow onion, chopped
1 large garlic clove, chopped
1 medium canned chipotle pepper,
seeds removed
1 tsp. minced fresh rosemary
1 Tbs. molasses
2 Tbs. honey
1 Tbs. tamari
2 blocks tempeh
2 Tbs. olive oil
Ciabatta bread or whole-grain
hamburger buns, optional

1. In medium saucepan, combine tomato

pure, tomato paste, onion, garlic,
chipotle chili, and rosemary. Bring to
a boil, reduce heat, and simmer 10
minutes, uncovered. Transfer to blender,
add molasses, honey, and tamari, and
pure until smooth.

2. Cut each tempeh block in half crosswise,

then split lengthwise to make thinner
slabs. Arrange in baking dish and brush
with oil. Pour barbecue sauce over tempeh, and bake 10 minutes, until sauce is
bubbly and tempeh is cooked through.

3. Remove from oven and let cool. Cover

baking dish to transport to barbecue;
warm tempeh slabs on grill and serve on
buns, if desired.
per serving (without buns): 200 cal; 12g pro; 10g
total fat (2g sat fat); 20g carb; 0mg chol; 450mg sod;
2g fiber; 11g sugars

Tempeh is made
from soybeans that
have been cooked,
fermented, and then
formed into a patty.

JULY 2015


Peaches & Cream-sicles

Makes 6 frozen pops

This sweet treat raises the bar when it

comes to fruity popsicles. Best of all,
its easy to put together.
8 very ripe peaches
cup unrefined cane sugar
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup almond milk

1. Peel and pit peaches (to quickly peel,

drop in boiling water 30 seconds, remove with slotted spoon, and slip skins
off). Combine peaches, sugar, and milks
in blender, and pure until smooth.

2. Transfer mixture to popsicle molds and

freeze 34 hours, or overnight.
per serving: 240 cal; 3g pro; 9g total fat (7g sat fat);
40g carb; 0mg chol; 30mg sod; 3g fiber; 36g sugars

Black Bean and Sweet

Potato Burgers with
Garlicky Chipotle Mayo
Makes 6 burgers

These protein-rich burgers definitely

have a wow factor thanks to the hearty
bean-sweet potato-and-quinoa base.

Grill Talk

The hardest part of

being vegan? Lacking burgers of substance
to throw on the grill. But that's about to
change! This all-star recipe is packed with
protein, loaded with fiber, and easy to grill.
Using a grill basket not only keeps burgers from falling apart during turning, but
segregates your vegan offerings from the
rest of the crew. Rainy days? Bake these in
a 350F oven for 30 minutes, turning once.

1 can black beans,

rinsed and drained well
1 medium baked or roasted sweet
potato, peeled and mashed
cup cooked quinoa or brown rice
cup ground flax
cup finely chopped red onion
cup finely chopped cilantro
tsp. cumin
tsp. salt
tsp. black pepper
Olive oil
cup vegan mayonnaise
tsp. chipotle powder
1 large garlic clove, pressed in a garlic
press or very finely minced
Burger buns, avocado slices, and
arugula, optional

1. Preheat grill to medium. Combine

beans, sweet potato, quinoa, flax,
onion, cilantro, cumin, salt, and pepper in a medium bowl. Mash beans
with a potato masher into an even
consistency. Let stand 5 minutes.

2. Using your hands, form mixture into

6 burgers; generously brush both
sides of burgers with olive oil and
arrange on grill basket. Grill 810
minutes on each side.

3. While burgers are cooking, combine

mayonnaise, chipotle, and garlic
in small bowl. Mix well. To serve,
spread chipotle mayonnaise on both
sides of burger buns. Arrange avocado slices and arugula on bottom
halves, if using. Top with burgers
and top halves of buns, and serve
per serving (without buns): 180 cal; 8g pro;
7g total fat (1g sat fat); 23g carb; 0mg chol;
400mg sod; 7g fiber; 2g sugars

Lisa Turner is a certified food psychology coach, nutritional healer, intuitive eating consultant, and author. She has written five books on food and nutrition and developed the Inspired
Eats iPhone app. Visit her online at inspiredeating.com.


JULY 2015

Syntol AMD will enable you to end the war with Candida
yeast.* This professional strength formula introduces probiotic
spores that aggressively crowd-out Candida yeast.*
Additionally, extremely potent yeast-digesting systemic enzymes
are able to neutralize dead and dying yeast which enables all
users to avoid typical die-o or detox symptoms.*

Users showed
improvements in:

Blood Sample Before Syntol

Live images of blood plasma show
high concentrations of candida
yeast (dark blotches).* Participant
suffers from fatigue, poor memory,
vaginal itching, abdominal
discomfort and poor sleep.

Blood Sample After Syntol

Live blood shows normal Candida
levels.* Participant has indicated
energy levels are higher than
have been experienced in over 10
years.* Vision and digestion are
now normal, and all other issues
have subsided.*

i Gastrointestinal
symptoms including
cramping, bloating,
stomach discomfort
and reflux.
i Toxicity symptoms
including headaches,
excessive fatigue,
muscle weakness, low
sex drive, and blurred
and spotted vision.
i Emotional health
including anxiety,
mood swings,
irritability, inability
to think clearly or
concentrate and poor
i Food cravings
including sweets, lack
of satiety, and general

visit www.syntol.org or call (800) 490-1566
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


The medicinal mushroom category is,
well, mushrooming at health food stores
across the country. Find out how to get
in on all the health benefits LISA TURNER

heres something magical about the mushroom.

It grows deep in verdant, mossy forests, quiet
and mysterious and hidden from view. Because it
doesnt contain chlorophyll, the mushroom requires no
sunlight. Instead, it exists quite independently, drawing
its nutrients from the organic matter in which it lives.
This has, for thousands of years, enchanted mycophilesthose who passionately study mushrooms
as well as mycophagiststhose who eat mushrooms.
The beguiling mushrooms followers date back to
several hundred years BC in China, where mushrooms
were used for both culinary and medicinal purposes.
The mushrooms medicinal and healing uses have been
conrmed in many recent studies. Mushrooms are rich
in polysaccharide and beta-glucan components that
enhance immune function and protect against cancer.
Most research has focused on shiitakes and specialty
mushrooms, such as maitake and reishi, but common
button mushrooms have recently been shown to protect
against breast cancer by modulating excessive levels
of estrogen. Shiitake, oyster, and maitake mushrooms
are also the best source of L-ergothioneine, a potent
antioxidant. Of more commonly consumed mushrooms,
portabellas and criminis are highest in L-ergothioneine,
followed by white buttons. Portabellas and white buttons are also rich in two important trace minerals
selenium and copper. And there is also some naturally
occurring vitamin D in both types.


JULY 2015

Heal Brain & Body with

Medicinal Mushrooms
Magical as mushrooms are in recipes, sometimes you need a little extra
support. High-quality supplements
concentrate the healing compounds in
mushrooms in one easy dose. Heres a
look at ve standout medicinal mushrooms and their unique health benets.
Each of these can be taken as a single
supplement or as part of a combination
mushroom formula.


GOOD FOR: Cancer Prevention, Blood Sugar

Balance, Immune Support

This King of Mushrooms, as it is

in Japan, contains a unique
compound called maitake D-fraction,
which has been shown to stimulate
cancer-ghting immune cells. Other
research on D-fraction and maitake
has revealed that it can help reduce
high blood sugar in diabetics.


GOOD FOR: Antiaging, Heart Disease,

Inflammation, Cancer Prevention, Ulcers,

and Immune Support


Reishi, which is thought to have the

longest historical use of any medicinal
mushroom, has numerous compounds
that have been shown in scientic studies to have therapeutic eects. In fact, research supports reishis use for boosting
life expectancy, stimulating neurons in
the brain, killing cancer cells, and helping to prevent the development of new
fat cells in overweight individuals.


GOOD FOR: Increased Stamina and Exercise

Performance, Fatigue/Low Energy, Immune

Support, Healthy Libido, Kidney Health


Cordyceps is a fungus that grows on

caterpillars in Tibet (giving it the nickname caterpillar fungus). This energybuilding mushroom has a long history of
use in Chinese medicine. In fact, cordyceps has been used by Olympic athletes
to improve performance.
JULY 2015


mushroom MAGIC

Roasted Mushroom, Lentil,

& Goat Cheese Pt
Makes about 3 cups

This mushroom lovers delight tastes

best chilled. Serve with whole-grain
crackers and endive leaves.

cup brown lentils

2 large garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
1 pound crimini mushrooms, stems
trimmed, coarsely chopped
1 large shallot, chopped {about cup}
2 Tbs. olive oil, divided
cup raw cashews
cup raw walnuts
cup soft, mild goat cheese
2 Tbs. fresh thyme leaves, with additional whole sprigs for garnish

1. Preheat oven to 400F.

2. In medium saucepan, combine lentils
with 1 cups water. Bring to a boil.
Add garlic cloves, reduce heat, and
simmer, partially covered, 2025
minutes, or until lentils are soft and all
of the water is absorbed. (If lentils dry
out during cooking, add more water
2 Tbs. at a time.)

3. While lentils are cooking, place mushrooms and shallots on large baking
sheet. Drizzle with 1 Tbs. of the oil,

Lions Mane

mix with hands to coat, and roast at

400F for 10 minutes.

4. Remove mushrooms from oven, add

cashews and walnuts to pan, and continue roasting for 5 minutes longer,
until mushrooms are tender and nuts
are fragrant.

5. Transfer cooked lentils to a food processor. Add roasted mushroom mixture,

goat cheese, thyme, and process until
smooth, frequently scraping down
sides of food processor with a spatula.
If mixture seems too dry, drizzle remaining 1 Tbs. olive oil through feeder
tube while processing. Season with sea
salt and white pepper.

6. Pack pate into a ramekin, smooth top,

and chill for at least 1 hour before
serving. Garnish top with fresh thyme
per serving: 177 cal; 9g pro; 9g total fat (1g sat
fat); 18g carb; 2mg chol; 20mg sod; 6g fiber;
2g sugars


GOOD FOR: Prevention of Alzheimers, Memory

Enhancement, Mood Disorders, Improved Focus

Known for its beautiful cascading

lions mane has both brain

and immunity-boosting benets. Newer

research shows that compounds in the
mushroom help guard against brain cell
death, thereby enhancing mental clarity
and memory. One clinical study in Phytotherapy Research showed that lions mane
improved brain function among seniors
with mild cognitive impairment.


GOOD FOR: Lowering Blood Sugar, Immune

Support, Antioxidant Support

Chaga is a parasitic fungus that

on birch trees. Its a rich source
of antioxidants and has been shown to
have antibacterial, anti-inammatory,
antiviral, and antitumor eects.


Grifron Maitake
the whole
for a range of
benefits that
includes blood
sugar and
blood pressure


Herb & Spice
lets you reap
the benefits of
wild, raw chaga
in a delicious,


Host Defense
Energy Support features
organic mushrooms that are
grown in the
United States.
This product is
also non-GMO.


Herbs Reishi
Supreme is
made using a
natural extraction process
and has a high
concentration of reishi
extract. The
capsules are

Lisa Turner is a certified food psychology coach, nutritional healer, intuitive eating consultant, and author. Visit her online at inspiredeating.com.


JULY 2015


New Chapter
LifeShield Mind
Force contains
lions mane
for cognitive
support, as well
as reishi and
chaga. Also try
LifeShield Reishi
and Immune

homeopathic healing |



Apis mellifica is the perfect remedy to have on hand for summer bee stings and
rashes. It also helps calm busy bee personalities | by Avghi Constantinides, DHom, HMC, MA

uch! What happens when you are

stung by a bee? Typically, you will
experience a stinging sensation right
away, as well as red swelling and heat
around the area. A sting may even be
accompanied by a feeling of fear.
As a homeopathic practitioner, the remedy I recommend the most for bee stings
is Apis mellica, which is actually made
from female honey bees, including the
stingers. This is a perfect example of the
homeopathic doctrine like cures like, in
which a small amount of a substance that
would cause symptoms similar to what the
patient is experiencing is used to stimulate
the bodys own natural healing response.
Apis mellica is also indicated for other
injuries that result in swelling or stinging
pain, such as puncture wounds and rashes.
Apis mellica is also one I might give to
patients who could be described as busy
bees. They are good multitaskers and may
feel overworked. They are usually running
around from here to there. Their thoughts
hop from one subject to another, and they
can be very fast thinkers. They feel physically strong, but at times emotionally irritable. If they feel betrayed, they will strike
out. They have a strong sense of family
and want to be in control and protect, as a
bee would protect a hive.

When to Use Apis mellifica

Apis mellica may be indicated if:

> The injury is inamed with redness,

burning, and stinging.

> The area is swollen and very sensitive.

> The patient experiences a stinging pain.
> The patient feels anguish and exhaustion, accompanied by a lack of thirst.

> The patient experiences itching or hives.

> The patient feels a great sensitivity of
the injured area to touch.


JULY 2015

Apis mellifica
is actually made
from female
honey bees,
including the


A 32-year-old woman came in to see me. She worked as a professional organizer, and
was friendly and upbeat. She was a fast talker, and quickly switched from one subject
to another. Her main complaint was itchy bumps, a rash that had broken out all over her
torso and limbs accompanied by a burning and stinging sensation. Shed been experiencing symptoms for about two weeks. I asked what had happened in her life about
two weeks ago. She gushed about being asked to be on TV. She was both anxious and
excited about this opportunity that would be great for her career.
I gave her Apis mellifica, at a dose of 30C, three times a week at night. By the third
dose, the rash was gone. She did her appearance on TV with clear skin.

They dont own you.

Pain. Headache. Inflammation.
. Anxiety.
PMS. Arthritis. Stiffness. Joint
Pain. Stress. Low energy.
Whatever your symptoms, they dont own
you. You can get on top of your condition
and keep your body in balance naturally
with Integrative Health Therapies by
Rainbow Light.

Naturally Effective
Our approach is integrative science,
which means we blend powerful
natural ingredients backed by
clinical research with timetested botanicals. The result is
naturally effective formulas that
are balanced to support your
total-body wellness. Best of all,
Integrative Health Therapies
deliver side benets, not
side effects, even with
long-term use.
So, own it. Take charge
of your health, with
Integrative Health Therapies
from Rainbow Light, the
#1 Most Trusted Natural
Vitamin Brand*.

Ready. Set.
Feel the difference.

2015 Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems Santa Cruz, CA 95060



* SPINS data

homeopathic healing
> The patient experiences general soreness.
> The patient experiences pains that jump
from one spot to another.
> The patient feels better with cold
applications; open air; and walking or
changing positions.
> The patient feels worse with heat; after
sleeping; being in an enclosed room; and
getting wet, but better from washing or
moistening the injury with cold water.

Pick Your Potency

Apis mellica is a must in your medicine
cabinet. Its safe for you, your family
members, and even your pets. It is best to
take this remedy internally. For smaller
traumas, start low (1M or 200C pellets),
and increase the potency the greater the
trauma (30C or 12C pellets). For topical
Apis mellica, see a homeopathic doctor.
Avghi Constantinides, DHom, HMC, MA, is a certified
homeopathic practitioner who has been in private
practice in Los Angeles since 1995. Visit her online at

Listening to a patients unique signals is part of a homeopaths job.
When you see a homeopathic practitioner for the first time, that person should hear your
whole life story, so to speak. I tell my new patients, I need to know everythingfrom
bathroom habits to dreams and everything in between. An initial consultation usually runs
anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes. During this time, I listen to a patients story and
health complaints, and then match up a remedy/remedies best suited to that individual.
Working with patients is somewhat like tuning into a radio station. Once I zero in on a patients
station, the signal comes through clearly, and I am able to prescribe the appropriate remedies. Its not always that simplein homeopathy, there are more than 4,000 remedies.
But often, once I hit on the right remedy station, I start to see miracles happen.
[Editors note: To find a licensed homeopath in your area, visit homeopathycenter.org.]

Boiron Apis
mellifica 30C
is indicated for
swelling from
insect bites
and allergies. Dissolve
pellets under
the tongue as

Hylands Hives
is designed to
ease red, swollen, and itchy
rashes without
side effects. This
formula contains
Apis mellifica.

Dr. Kings Natural

Medicine Skin
Irritations & Itch
Relief uses Apis
mellifica and
other remedies
to ease common
skin irritations.
Spray directly into
your mouth.

Dr. Ohhiras Probiotics

Produced and Perfected by Nature

The Best Things in Life are Free . . .of Gluten, Dairy, Allergens, and GMOs. Since its origin over 30 years ago,
Dr. Ohhiras Probiotics has prided itself on purity and the pristine process that creates this certied vegetarian whole food
supplement. Our nourishing prebiotic culture medium is comprised of EXCLUSIVELY pure spring water, fruits, wild vegetables,
mushrooms, and seaweed. This carefully balanced and perfectly blended composition goes through a three-year ancient
fermentation process, allowing it to maximize the natural health-promoting properties of each restorative ingredient. The nal
result is an organic, living fusion that merges and encourages the evolution of your own exclusive internal bacteria, helping to
support a healthy immune system and digestion of crucial micronutrients that your body needs to thrive and ourish.*













Find Dr. Ohhiras Formulas at better health food stores nationwide. www.EssentialFormulas.com (972) 255-3918
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

ask the nutritionist |



Melissa Diane Smith is a trusted,

internationally known journalist
and holistic nutritionist who
specializes in using food as
medicine and has clients
across the country. She is the
cutting-edge author of Going
Against GMOs, Going Against the
Grain and Gluten Free Throughout
the Year and coauthor of Syndrome X. To learn
about her books, long-distance consultations,
nutrition coaching programs, or speaking,
visit her websites www.melissadianesmith.com
and www.againstthegrainnutrition.com.

How do you adopt a sugar-free diet when the sweet stuff is everywhere, and so
hard to resist? We offer not one but three ways to do it with ease | by Melissa Diane Smith


I am 35 pounds overweight and prediabetic. I really want to try to cut

out my sugar, but dont want to fail before I start. Do you have some
suggestions on how to begin? In one of your previous columns, you mentioned
that going sugar-free can be really hard, and that more than likely, there are withdrawal symptoms. Is there a way to minimize that so its not too bad?
Stephanie T., Jacksonville, Fla.

here are several dierent strategies you

can try to cut sugar out of your diet. As
a nutritionist, I individualize a plan adapted
from one or a combination of the following
three programs, depending on a clients
health condition, eating habits, and specic
weaknesses for sugar.

The Sugar Freedom Plan

This is a ve-phase program designed to
gradually reduce and eliminate sugars
and the carbohydrates that fuel sugar
addiction. It was developed by Nicole
Avena, PhD, and John Talbott, authors of
Why Diets Fail (Because Youre Addicted

to Sugar). The plan starts by eliminating sugary beverages. This is followed by

periods of cutting sugar-rich junk foods;
then complex carbs that quickly turn into
sugars, such as bread, pasta, and rice; then
the hidden sugars found in salad dressings,
marinades, and condiments; and nally
maintaining all those phases.
This plan can work well for some
people. But just like sugar, wheat and other
grains can be addictive. Based on what Ive
seen with my clients, eliminating obvious
sources of sugar without also completely
avoiding wheat and other grains doesnt go
far enough and can lead to binges.

JJ Virgins Sugar Impact Diet

Eliminating obvious
sources of sugar
without also avoiding
wheat and other
grain products
doesnt go far
enough for many
sugar addicts, and
can lead to binges.


JULY 2015

This is a three-week program that takes

people from a high-sugar diet to a lowsugar diet. Virgin, a nutritionist, spells out
what I see in my own practicethere are
seven hidden sources of sugar, including
grains, roots, fruits, low-fat and diet foods,
sauces and dressings, sweet drinks, and
sweeteners. In the rst week of the plan,
the idea is to taper from a high-sugarimpact diet to a medium-sugar-impact
diet. Instead of a mun and a latte for
breakfast, a shake made with chia seeds,
protein powder, coconut milk, and berries
is recommended. Instead of a white our
wrap sandwich for lunch, use a rice tortilla
wrap with some wild salmon and lots of
veggies. For a snack, have some coconut
yogurt and fresh fruit. And for dinner, some
sweet potatoes and a grass-fed beef patty
with no bun and more veggies.
After tapering your sugar intake during
that rst week, the next two weeks focus
on substituting medium-sugar-impact

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ask the nutritionist

As part of a sugar-reducing plan, try the sugar-smart alternatives on the right in place
of the drinks and foods that contribute to sugar cravings on the left.


< TRY ...

Regular or diet soft drinks .........................Sparkling mineral water with lemon

Sweet tea ..................................................Brewed tea with lemon
Sweetened vitamin-enhanced water ..........Hint water or Metromint water
Italian dressing ..........................................Extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, & oregano
Ketchup .....................................................Salsa or mustard
Wheat or corn tortillas ............................... Lettuce wraps or coconut wraps (made from
coconut meat and oil)
Pasta .........................................................Spaghetti squash or shiitake noodles
Mashed potatoes .......................................Mashed cauliflower
Potato chips ...............................................Unsweetened kale chips
Corn chips .................................................Flax crackers
Glazed nuts ...............................................Home-toasted raw nuts
Sweetened nut butter on bread .................Unsweetened nut butter on celery sticks

foods for low-sugar-impact foodsand

eliminating fruit. Breakfast might be a
lower-sugar cocoa-cashew shake, followed
by a roast beef veggie wrap with beans for
lunch, a turkey avocado lettuce wrap for a
snack if needed, and some chicken kabobs
with lentils and an artichoke for dinner.
After three weeks, try eating two
medium-sugar-impact foods per day and
see if you start to feel sluggish, notice more
cravings, and/or gain weight. This will help
you decide how much of a sugar impact
your body can handle. I nd many aspects
of this plan helpful, but my clients tend to
feel more satised and have fewer sugar
cravings throughout the day if they eat a
meat-and-vegetable-based meal for breakfast instead of drinking a liquid shake.

The Paleo Approach

Another way to cut sugar is to transition to
a hunter-gatherer Paleo diet, rst by eliminating sugar and grain products, followed
by gradually eliminating dairy and beans.
Focus meals on animal proteins, generous
amounts of nonstarchy vegetables, and
natural fats, such as avocados, olives, nuts
and seeds, and coconut and olive oils.
The combination of these whole foods
keeps blood sugar levels steady and provides ample amounts of nutrients, which

makes low blood sugar levels and sugar

cravings less apt to occur. Switching to a
Paleo diet is a big change for most people,
but some prefer this approach for kicking the sugar habit because they nd that
blood sugar stabilizes and cravings go away
more quickly.
If you try this plan, when you get a
craving, use protein and fatfor example,
a few slices of organic chicken or beef and
unsweetened almond butter spread on
celery sticksto stabilize your blood sugar.
Many people, especially diet-conscious
women, dont eat enough protein and fat to
support steady blood sugar. If protein and
fat dont satisfy, allow yourself some smart
Paleo-based fruit treats, such as:

> Sauted apples in organic coconut oil or

butter, sprinkled with cinnamon. (Add a
few raisins if you need it sweeter in the
beginning weeks.)
> A bowl of berries topped with shredded
coconut and/or unsweetened coconut
milk. (Add some fresh cherries or pineapple cubes for extra sweetness in the
beginning weeks.)
> Almond our or coconut ourbased
pancakes sweetened with unsweetened
applesauce or mashed banana, vanilla
extract, and cinnamon.


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healthy dish


Beat the summer heatand
maybe even live longerwith
this ginger-spiked iced green tea

| by Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, and Jeannette Bessinger, CHHC


Serves 4

For a grab-and-go variation on this health-boosting summer refresher, try

making it with matcha powder (see sidebar, Notes from Chef Jeanette).
4 cups water
4 lemon green tea bags (we like Yogi Lemon Ginger Green Tea)
cup raw local honey, or to taste
1 Tbs. ginger juice, or to taste
Juice of 3 limes
Fresh mint leaves for garnish, optional

notes from ...


You can buy ginger juice premade (we like the Ginger People), put the root
through a juicer, or simply peel and grate a chunk of ginger root and squeeze the
gratings with your hand to produce fresh juice.
While brewed citrus green tea is delicious, if youre in a hurry you can whip
up a cool, refreshing quencher in just minutes by using matcha powder. Matcha
is a nutrient powerhouse, containing more than 100 times the catechins (EGCG)
of regular green tea! Just blend 1 cup of water, 1 cup of ice cubes, 1 teaspoon of
matcha powder (we like Aiya Matcha, cooking grade), -inch peeled ginger root,
the juice and zest of 1 small lime, and a tablespoon or two of raw local honey in a
high-speed blender until frothy. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy at once.

Bring water to a boil and remove from heat. Add tea

bags, and allow to steep for 10 minutes. Remove tea
bags, and stir in honey until dissolved, rewarming
tea slightly, if necessary. Stir in lime and ginger juice.
For Full Pitcher:
Pour hot concentrate into a glass pitcher. Add 12
trays of ice, stirring to combine as it melts. Garnish
with mint leaves, if using.
For Individual Servings:
Pour concentrate into a quart-sized Mason jar, and
store in fridge. To make tea, fill a glass with ice and
top with concentrate to taste. Garnish with mint
leaves, if using.
per serving: 80 cal; 0g pro; 0g total fat (0g sat fat); 21g carb;
0mg chol; 0mg sod; 0g fiber; 17g sugars

Jeannette Bessinger, CHHC, is a certified holistic health counselor and recipe developer. Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, is a nationally known health, nutrition, and weight-loss expert. Bessinger
and Bowden have collaborated on numerous cookbooks, including The 150 Healthiest Slow Cooker Recipes. Visit them online at thecleanfoodcoach.com and jonnybowden.com.


JULY 2015


very time Im asked by a magazine editor to come up with

10 top tips for living longer, I put this tip on the list: Drink
green tea every day! Its loaded with catechins and phenols,
which have been found to protect the heart and brain and extend life, not to mention to help protect against cancera nice
little side eect of this heart-healthy drink. And if that wasnt
enough, green tea can also help you lose weight!
Here, Chef Jeannette combines the healing power of green
tea with ginger, one of the best natural remedies for digestive
disorders on the planetits great for gas, nausea, morning
sickness, and seasickness. And it adds just the right amount of
avor and zing to the iced tea, making it an absolutely perfect,
refreshing drink for a summer day at the beach. Chef Jeannette
recommends either fresh ginger or ginger juice (see Notes from
Chef Jeannette, below). Either works just great.
Noteyou can do a really terric and unusual variation on
this iced green tea beverage by substituting a legendary tea
powder known as matcha for the four lemon green tea bags.
Matcha is a very specic type of premium green tea grown
only in Japan. It has a unique, rich tastefull-bodied, astringent,
with a lingering sweetness. But its also known for its numerous
health benetsrich in nutrients, antioxidants, blood-purifying
chlorophyll, and, of course, the wonderful, calming amino acid,
L-theanine. If you use matcha, just substitute 1 teaspoon of the
powder for the tea bags. Enjoy! Dr. Jonny

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