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Are you doing

OCR Classics
at GCSE or A Level?

Look inside to see our

comprehensive suite of
endorsed resources
We are the preferred publisher partner for OCR Classics. These texts are endorsed by
OCR for use with the new GCSE Latin and Classical Civilisation specifications.

Prose and poetry

extracts from the
source texts used in
the exam – accessible
for both Foundation
and Higher candidates

Notes, glossaries and

extensive vocabulary
to help students
tackle Latin

The anthology groups

texts by themes to
appeal to all your
GCSE learners

GCSE Latin Anthology for OCR Students’ Book Audio recordings on the accompanying CD-ROM

Suitable for the full

and short course
specifications – both
Foundation and Higher

There is a chapter
on each unit (both
examined and
controlled assessment)
with exam preparation,
background notes and
tips for further research

A dedicated section
on exam skills and
recommendations for
further reading, plus a
CD-ROM with audio
recordings, encourages
and motivates students
GCSE Classical Civilisation for OCR Students’ Book

The Teacher’s Manuals provide support for

non-specialists such as background notes
and guidance, as well as extra ideas and
suggestions for more experienced teachers.
Our easy-to-use, flexible OxBox CD-ROMs are
proving popular with Classics teachers across the UK.

Helps your students get to grips with

OCR GCE Latin with activities and
resources, accompanied by teacher
notes and classroom presentations
Offers graded translations, prose
and verse extracts, practice texts to
support Latin unseens, literary skills,
vocabulary and grammar practice
Allows you to customise the
activities and add your own
resources into the OxBox to build
a library of material

How to Evaluate
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GCSE Classical Civilisation for OCR Address
Students’ Book
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GCSE Classical Civilisation for OCR
Teacher’s Handbook
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Classical Civilisation for OCR
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resources from Oxford:
Classical Civilisation for OCR
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Latin for OCR AS OxBox CD-ROM
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Latin for OCR A2 OxBox CD-ROM

products and offers. Your email

978 019 912663 7 address will not be sold or passed
onto third parties outside OUP.
Supports units CC1, CC4, CC6 at AS
and CC7-10 at A2 with original source
material, customisable worksheets,
revision tests and visual resources
Brings classical civilisation to life with
photos, documents and commentaries
Allows you to add your own resources
into the OxBox CD-ROM to create your
own bank of personal material

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E schools.orders.uk@oup.com • W www.oxfordsecondary.co.uk/classics

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