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Springs are an essential part of your cars suspension system. They absorb much of the initial road shocks.

Lowering springs are ideal if you want to lower your car to get cool looks and a sportier ride. Most lowering springs
can give your car cool looks. SPAX Lowering springs deliver MUCH MORE.

Lowering makes your car less top heavy. When combined with SPAX optimised spring rates, you get less body roll,
reduced bottoming out and better handling. Most SPAX Lowering springsare progressively wound. This offers a softer
ride at low speeds and a stiffer ride at high speeds, when you need it most.
SPAX Lowering springs are designed, manufactured and tested to German TUV standards, the toughest in Europe.
They are made using only the finest Chrome Silicon steel, They are shot peened, oven cured (to prevent sagging)
and epoxy powder coated (to give the best possible corrosion resistance).
Reduced body roll, predictable handling and a dependable quality product will help keep you and your car on the
SPAXs massive buying power, superior manufacturing systems and Factory Direct pricing allows you to buy a
premium product at what is often below the price of a budget brand.

What our customers say about SPAX Lowering Springs Ive got a set of spax ssx springs fitted to my
2001 berlingo -35mm, The van Handles much sharper, and ride is firmer as youd expect with
lowered uprated springs but it is still very comfortable.

For the ideal balancing of lateral forces

Kraemer & Freund offers approximately 3,300 passenger car series replacement springs in original equipment
manufacturer quality. The highlights include the side load springs that are being installed in more and more vehicles
as standard. Thanks to the curved shape, the "banana spring" also possesses a lateral force component in addition
to its normal longitudinal forces.
The product benefits at a glance:

Compensation of occurring lateral forces at the McPherson strut on the front axle

Targeted relief of the piston rod at the shock absorbers

Premium chrome vanadium or chrome silicon steels for extremely high rupture resistance

Hot-set following the forming process in order to prevent height losses

Meticulous surface densification and coating for a long service life

Kraemer & Freund supplies side load springs for example for BMW Mini, Mercedes W211, Mercedes AClass, Ford Galaxy, Audi A2, Audi A4, Audi A6, VW Golf plus and Golf IV vehicle types

Uncompromising original equipment manufacturer quality

Innovative "Made in Germany" technology

Chrome Silicon Recoil Springs

Now treated with Plate+ Penetrating Moly Formulation for longer duty cycle

Our 1911 and 2011 recoil springs are manufactured from Chrome Silicon. Chromium-silicon alloy is
noted for it's hardness and superior performance at extremely high stresses. Because of it's heat
resistance and hardness, the alloy can be used in valve springs and automatic transmissions at
temperatures over 275F. Chrome-silicon was originally developed for recoil springs in anti-aircraft
guns where high resistance to shock loads and long life is needed. The endurance limit of Chromesilicon either before or after shot peening equals that of carbon steel in the same condition. At a given
stress value, it can be used at a temperature 100 degrees Farenheight higher than Chromiumvanadium and higher hardness without breaking. This alloy provides excellent service for applications
in the 5,000 to 50,000 cycle ranges. Available in a sensible range of popular weights, professional
shooters and manufacturers who have tested our springs attest to the fact that our springs meet and
maintain spec performance better than any other recoil spring on the market today.
1911 PERFORMANCE TIP Many of our professional shooters have achieved impressive results by
combining our Chrome Silicon Recoil Springs lighter than "normal" weights with the Sprinco Recoil
Management System. The net result is reduced muzzle dip when the slide returns to battery, hence,
improved rapid-fire control! We recommend running a 2-6 pound lighter load spring than the "factory"
recoil spring. Please contact Technical Support for suggestions with your particular gun and loads.

Resists Taking A Set; Choice Of Three Weights To Match Your Gun

Chrome silicon steel recoil spring resists taking a set even after thousands of compression cycles for improved
performance and reliability. Available in three power ratings, so you can match spring weight to your specific gun and
the type of load you shoot. Use Reduced Power 14 lb. spring for target loads with lighter than standard bullets or
powder charges, Factory Standard 16 lb. spring for all-around reliability with the widest range of ammo, and Extra
Power18 lb. spring for smoother cycling and less slide battering with heavy loads. Each spring comes with an extra
power firing pin spring to ensure positive ignition and an extra margin of safety in preventing accidental discharges.