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First thing to do is to prepare the materials needed.

In preparing for the test for the

presence of fats and oils experiment, peanut seeds were crushed in a mortar and
pestle. The resulting particles were then rubbed in a paper. After being rubbed with
the crushed peanut seeds, the paper was hold up against the light. Repeat the same
procedure with the butter then the results were compared.

In preparing for the solution in testing for the presence of starch, a test tube with 5
ml of distilled water, Iodine solution and thin slices of potato were obtained. First,
the test tube with the water should be added with the potato slices, then it was
heated over a flame until it boiled. Few drops of Iodine solution was then added to
the mixture. A color change was observed in the mixture. Its color changed to a
bluish-black color.
In doing the test for sugar experiment, sugar canes, two test tubes with both
Fehlings solutions A and B were needed. Apple slices were used instead as an
alternative to sugar canes. First, the test tubes were filled with both solutions of
Fehlings. It is important to put the Fehlings solutions first so they could first react
together before adding the apple slices and distilled water. Then, the apple slices
and distilled water was put separately into the two test tubes. The test tubes were
then placed in a beaker with water for five minutes. The results obtained were
compared. The test tube with the apple slices demonstrated color change. The color
turned into a reddish-brown color while the other test tube remained the same.
The last experiment needed an egg white solution, NaOH solution, and a drop of
Copper Sulfate. To prepare for the egg white solution, it had to have a 1:10
proportion wherein it consisted one part of egg white and ten parts of water. Mix
them thoroughly. After preparing for the egg white mixture, transfer 1 mL into a test
tube with 1 mL of NaOH solution then shake it well. A drop of Copper Sulfate was
then added to the mixture then mix it well. The results demonstrated positive for
protein as the color changed to a purple color.