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The Windriders are an elven knighthood of griffon
riders founded over 2,500 years ago. Their numbers
are diminished due to the twin tragedies that struck
the elves in 421 AC (38 SC), but they remain
formidable both in the air and on land. Scattered
across Ansalon, the Windriders seek to regroup the
disparate elven races and bring all elves together
beneath one banner for the betterment of all.
Roleplaying Windrider membership
The Silvanesti senate had once mandated that
Windriders be drawn from the high-caste ranks of
House Protector. During the Third Dragon War, the
senate decreed that highborn members of House
Mystic could join the wizard division of Windriders
as long as they possessed the appropriate magical
Enthia largely respected Kithallowing all elves to join the Windriders, provided
they possessed the requisite skills.
Now that the Windriders have unified, their
recruiting process is markedly similar to that used
by the Qualinesti. Any adult elf who is not devoted
to another organization (such as the kirath) can
simply ask a ranking Windrider if he may be tested
for the order. Windrider tests involve rigorous
martial and endurance training as well as a
personality test to ensure that the aspirant will be
able to get along with a griffon. Those who fail are
politely but firmly offered a position in the
Wildrunners. Unfortunately, the number of
Windrider recruits has sharply dropped since the
separation of the Windriders from the bulk of the
elven population in Khur, and some Windriders are
approaching prospects instead of waiting for their
order to expand.

Restriction: Elves Only

Only elves can be windriders. The windrider is a
uniquely elvish concept.
Your DM can lift this restriction to better suit the
campaign. The restriction exists for Dragonlance. It
version of Dragonlance.

Non-elven windriders
In the various Dragonlance novels, windriders have
always been elves, but in your campaign you may see fit
to relax this requirement, allowing half-elves and those
that have served the interests of elvenkind to join this
august body of aerial cavalry.

Windrider feats
If feats are allowed in your campaign, it would behoove
the windrider to take the mounted combatant feat.

Griffon Mount
At 3rd level, you gain a griffon mount (see the
Monster Manual for your griffon's base statistics).
The movement cost of mounting your griffon is 5
Griffon Wizards
Many elven wizards that multiclass into the windrider
subclass come to be known as griffon wizards. These
wizards are almost alwayss White Robe Wizards of High

Mount Attack
Starting at 7th level, when controlling your mount, it
has the option to Attack, in addition to Dash,
Disengage, and Dodge.

Mount Scout
Starting at 10th level, when controlling your mount,
it has the option to Search, in addition to Attack,
Dash, Disengage, and Dodge.

Mount Evasion
Beginning at 15th level, when your mount is
subjected to an effect that allows it to make a
Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, it
instead takes no damage if it succeeds on the
saving throw, and only half damage if it fails.

Griffon Lord
Starting at 18th level, while mounted on your griffon,
you have advantage on ranged attack rolls against
any unmounted creature that is smaller than your

by Ray Cordova, iltharanos@yahoo.com

last updated on September 17, 2016 at 14:09:18 PM

Improved Griffon Mounts

As the windrider levels up, she will find her mount
becomes comparatively less impressive. One way to
alleviate this is to take advantage of the new animal
training downtime activity.