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Chloe Jane Emmanuelle B.

Hilario BSN 4B
Situation 1
1. Should Isaac confront Jason and tell him that he knows he has been using and
selling shabu?
Isaac should confront Jason because nothing else is the right thing to do than to
face the truth. According to John 8:32 You will know the truth and the truth will
set you free.
2. Should Isaac tell a school counselor? the police? Why or Why not?
I think he should tell a school counselor first so that he could get some advice
from him/her. In this way he could find a way to tell the truth about Jason and not
put Jason into shame or danger. Maybe Jason doesnt need a police but he
needs someone to talk to about why hes doing a prohibited activity.
3. What principle/s of Christian Ethics should apply to support your answer?
Principle of Veracity. The duty to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the
Situation 2
1. What Ethical concerns associated with this case?
Principle of inviolability of life The dignity of human procreation is being
challenged by this case.
2. What situations in the case that violate the principles of Natural Law? Why?
The in vitro fertilization itself is a violation of the natural law since it is an artificial
conception of a child. Also the freezing of the embryo is a violation of the natural
law since it has never been in the natural law that a fertilized egg can be froze for
a long time and it is not part of the will of God.

3. As student nurses, which is more important Natural Law or Civil Law? Why?
As a student nurse, I think both are equally important. This is because both laws
have been formulated with right justification and are all intended to do good.
Following these laws for me, varies from the situation, its risks, its benefits and
also depends on the belief of the person/people concerned in a certain situation
that requires these laws. They also have to weigh if natural law outweighs the
benefits of the civil law or vice versa.