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Michaela Cross

3323 Ingersoll Ave #203

Des Moines, Iowa 50312
(515) 865 5231

Drake University (Des Moines, Iowa)
Master of Arts in Teaching
Endorsements: Journalism (5-12) and ESL (K-12)
GPA: 3.93
Drake University (Des Moines, Iowa)
Bachelor of Arts
BA in Radio/Television Production
BA in Politics
Concentration in Video/Documentary Production
University of Salzburg (Salzburg, Austria)
Semester abroad, concentration in WWII and Political Science

January 2014 December 2016

August 2005 May 2009

February 2008 May 2008

Teaching Experience
Roosevelt High School (Des Moines, Iowa)
August 2016 December 2016
Student Teacher
Teach Journalism, Mass Communications, Newspaper, and Yearbook
Write unit and lesson plans to meet state standards for 200 students, create and grade individual
assignments and assessments, and produce individual behavior plans
Differentiate lessons and assessments for ELLs and students with individual learning needs
Use Infinite Campus to take attendance, communicate with parents, and to report grades
Roosevelt High School (Des Moines, Iowa)
August 2015 December 2015
Practicum Student
Observed English, Journalism, Mass Communications, Newspaper, and Yearbook classes
Co-taught lessons, including walking students through a graphic organizer and an activity on political cartoons
and satire in the media
Lutheran Services in Iowa (Des Moines, Iowa)
English Teacher
Taught English to adult Bhutanese refugees
Developed and conducted lesson plans to improve reading and writing
River Woods Elementary (Des Moines, Iowa)
Practicum Student
Observed an ESL pullout classroom in a diverse school setting
Co-taught lessons to students in kindergarten to 5th grade
Assessed students on sight words

June 2015 August 2015

February 2015 May 2015

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Teaching Experience Continued

Hoover High School (Des Moines, Iowa)
Practicum Student
Observed English 1 and ELL 2, 3, and 4
Answered students questions regarding assignments and clarified directions

February 2014 May 2014

Somdet Pittayakom Secondary School (Somdet, Thailand)

October 2013 September 2014
English Teacher
Taught English to 6th to 12th grade students in rural Thailand
Planned lessons around listening and speaking
Facilitated small group, advanced English language and culture classes for students traveling abroad and
wanting to continue English in college

Relevant Experience
Embarc (Des Moines, Iowa)
June 2016 August 2016
Walk-in Clinic Assistant
Assisted Burmese refugees, who do not speak English, with reading mail, paying bills, or applying for state
Used translators to communicate with Burmese refugees to make sure their needs were met
KOSAMA (Des Moines, Iowa)
July 2011 August 2013
Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Taught kettlebells, plyometrics, TRX, and Pilates to classes of 25 or more
Organized and motivated small groups for 5k races, 10-week weigh-ins and fitness tests
ING/Cognizant (Des Moines, Iowa)
January 2011 November 2012
Customer Service Representative and Commissions Counselor
Completed 85 to 100 calls a day in an inbound call center with a 97% Quality Assurance rating
Submitted mutual fund trades on the New York Stock Exchange for customers
Determined commissions for licensed financial agents and communicated amounts to agents through email
and telephone
Managed insurance payments for over 100 agents and calculated insurance premiums
Drake University Athletics (Des Moines, Iowa)
August 2008 May 2009
Director and Producer of Student Video
Produced, directed, and edited video for game introductions and advertisements played at football, volleyball,
and basketball games
Managed a staff of 5 to 10, including camera operators and sound technicians
Directed live video footage for all home football, volleyball, and basketball games
Nashville Public Television
Summer 2006 and Summer 2007
Camera Operator, On-location assistant
Operated cameras in-studio and on-location
Assisted with setting up and tearing down sets, micing guests, and adjusting lighting