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Chapter : How the State Government works?
Q1. How is an MLA elected?
Ans. Each state in India is divided into different areas called constituencies.
From each constituency people elect one representative who then becomes
the member of the legislative assembly.
Q2. How does an MLA become a Chief Minister?
Ans. After the elections, the MLAs belonging to the ruling party elect their
leader who becomes the chief minister.
Q3. What is the chief function of a governor?
Ans. The chief function of a governor is to appoint the Chief Minister and
other ministers.
Q4. What is a press conference?
Ans. A gathering of journalists from the media who are invited to hear about
and ask questions on a particular issue and are then expected to report on
this to the larger public.
Q5. What is legislature?
Ans. All the MLAS who gather together in the Legislative Assembly is called
Q6. What is the function of the members of the Legislative Assembly?
Ans. Whatever decisions are to be taken by the government have to be
approved by the member of the legislative assembly. In a democracy, these
members can ask questions, debate on important issues, decide where
money should be spent etc. They have the main authority.
Q7. Describe the functions of Legislative assembly.

Ans. In the legislative assembly, the MLAs belonging to all the parties meet
and discuss various issues concerning the state. During the discussions,
MLAs can express their opinion, ask questions related to issue or give
suggestions. The minister of the concerned department replies to the
questions and informs the assemblies about the steps taken.
Q8. Who approves the work done by various departments of the government?
Ans. MLAs.
Q9. Explain the functions of the chief minister and other monisters.
Ans. The head of the government of the state is called the chief minister.
One important function of the CM is to select the other MLAs of his party as
ministers. The chief minister and other ministers have the responsibility of
running various government departments or ministeries.
Ministers take actions and implement decisions through various departments
like the Public works department, health department, education department
The CM and ministers can also decide to make new laws.
The CM and ministers also have to explain and answer the questions raised
by the press.
Q10. How do people who are MLAs become ministers?
Ans. After the elections, the MLAs belonging to the ruling party elect their
leader who becomes the CM of the state. The CM then selects other MLAs of
his party as ministers.
Q11. What is a legislative assembly?
Ans. It is a place where all the MLAs, whether from the ruling party or from
the opposition meet and discuss various things.
Q12. How do some MLAs have dual responsibility?
Ans. Some MLAs have dual responsibilities, one as an MLA of his
constituency from he won and as a minister of the department assigned to

Q13. What does the word government refer to?

Ans. In common usage the word refers to the government department and
various ministers who head them. The overall head is the Chief Minister.
Q14. What is the purpose behind holding a press conference?
Ans. In a press conference large number of people from different newspapers
are present. The minister and some government officials are also present.
The minister explains the steps the government has taken. Reporters ask
many questions at this meeting. These discussions are then reported in
different newspapers.