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The Locations

What to Bring Places to stay

Rock Creek Station
& Stricker Homesite
Your fantastic Dabling book! Reputable Hotels
In the 1840s, a rush of settlers followed the We’ll be putting it to good use, plus it’s
Oregon Trail to the Oregon country. Rock always handy to have around. AmeriTel Inns: 539 Pole Line Rd
Creek was a popular camping spot along the
Trail from the outset, and wagon ruts can Best Western: 1377 Blue Lakes Blvd
still be seen at the site. Potluck item for lunch
We’re barbecuing chicken, hamburgers, and Comfort Inn: 1910 Fillmore Avenue North
When gold miners who rushed to southern hot dogs. Meat, buns, utensils, and drinks
Idaho in the early 1860s needed delivery of will be provided. Bring that one thing you Days Inn: 1200 Centennial Spur, Jerome (at
freight and mail, Rock Creek became a stop want to be share with everyone! the Twin Falls exit – Exit 173)
on what became the Kelton Wagon Road. In
1864, it became a “home station,” where Hampton Inn: 1658 Fillmore Street North
stage drivers and attendants lived while they Item for Family Store
were off duty and where passengers could All proceeds benefit the Dabling Family Motel 6: 1472 Blue Lakes Blvd
buy a meal or a night's lodging. Foundation, so bring great stuff and be ready
to empty your pockets! Red Lion: 1357 Blue Lakes Blvd
The original station consisted of a lava-rock
building that served as a hotel and barn. In Shilo Inn: 1586 Blue Lakes Blvd
1865 a store was built at the site. A small Extras
community grew up around the business, Chairs and blankets to sit on, plus photo Super 8: 1260 Blue Lakes Blvd
which also became a social center. In 1884 albums and family stories.
the Oregon Short Line Railroad was Wingate by Wyndham: 379 Crossroads
constructed on the north side of the Snake Points Blvd, Jerome (at Exit 173)
River -- across the river from Rock Creek --
and ultimately contributed to a decline in the Questions, comments, or
community's importance. RV and Camping
compliments? Contact:
Shoshone Falls Park Nat-Soo-Pah: 2738 E 2400 N
Beth Swenson
Called “The Niagara of the West,” these Call or text: (208) 293-5047
magnificent falls thunder an amazing 212 feet Email: Anderson Camp: I-84 exit 182
(36 feet higher than the real Niagara!). When Blog:
Twin Falls was first settled, the people could
hear the booming roar of the falls, although Drop me an email to let me know how KOA Kampgrounds: 5431 US Hwy 93 (off
the town was over 5 miles away. many are coming. Also, send family photos Exit 173)
and stories and I’ll put them on the blog!
Schedule of Events Places to Visit

July 16 Shoshone Falls and

Twin Falls – see
6-9pm: Tour of Stricker Ranch
Meet at the Ranch. Pizza will be
“The Niagara of the
West” and what the
Fall in Love with
provided city was named for.
the Dablings
July 17 Dierkes Lake – Go boating, cliff jumping, or
Location: Shoshone Falls Park swimming in the Snake River.

10am: Opening Ceremonies

Sign in, meet and greet. Shoshone Ice Caves – Walk through a real
lava tube, where the ice remains year round!
11am: Family Business Meeting / Family
Perrine Bridge and
12-2pm: Potluck Lunch & Family Snake River Canyon –
Store/Auction Walk out onto the
Food, food, food! Be sure to peruse the bridge for awe-
items for sale at the Dabling Family Store! inspiring views, 436

2-3:30pm: Get To Know Your Relatives

feet above the Snake
All Over Again!
We see each other each year, but this is the
time that we’ll REALLY get to know one
another. Who knows – maybe we’ll find out Oakley Historic District – about 90% of this
some family secrets! town is on the Historic Registry. Check out
the Victorian homes, the Opera House, or
3:30-4:30pm: Get To Know Your Ancestors the museum.
Sure, we’re related to them, but how much
do we actually know?
Balanced Rock – Dabling Family Reunion
4:30-5pm: Closing Ceremonies shaped by the
Wrap up any loose ends, hugs and kisses, wind, this amazing July 16-17, 2010
say our goodbyes. rock has stood the
test of time.
Twin Falls, Idaho
(All times are “ish” except for starting times.)

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