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Second Periodic Test in English IV

I. Listen as the teacher reads the story then answer the questions that follow. Shade your answer.
1. What did the snails do to the vegetables in the garden?
A. They helped the vegetables grow.
B. They destroyed the leaves of the vegetable.
C. They made sure that the vegetables will be free from insects.
D. They provided the vegetables with nutrients.

2. Which of the following is NOT a part of the selection read?

A. Polly and her friends live in a vegetable garden.
B. The duck ate all of the snails in the garden.
C. The snails ate the leaves of the vegetables in the garden.
D. The angry farmer removed the snails from the garden.

3. What happened to the leaves one day?

A. All the vegetables had holes
B. All the snails eat the flowers
C. All the leaves was turned into brown
D. None of the above

4. In the sentence Polly and her friends eat the leaves of the vegetables in the garden. They are always hungry.
Which of the following sentence is a supporting detail?
A. Polly and her friends eat the leaves of the vegetables in the garden.
B. Polly is a garden snail.
C. They always hungry.
D. None of the above.
5. Polly is a garden snail. She lives in a beautiful vegetable garden near a pond. She is one of the many snails in
the garden. She slides and plays with her snail friends every day. Which of the sentence is the main idea?
A. She slides and plays with her snail friends every day.
B. She is one of the many snails in the garden.
C. She lives in a beautiful vegetable garden near a pond.
D. Polly is a garden snail.
6. Where did Polly and her snail friends live?
A. In a pond
B. In a flower garden

C. In a vegetable garden
D. In a tree

7. Farmer Jane happily left the duck in the garden. Why was he happy?
A. The duck will stop the snails from eating the leaves of the vegetables.
B. the duck will eat all of snails in the vegetable garden.
C. The duck and Polly will become good friends.
D. The duck will watch the vegetables while he is away.
II. Listen to the news report and answer the following question.
8. Who were receiving the awards?
A. Tony and Alex
C. Ana and Angel
B. Mary and Grace
D. Ana and Grace
9. What did they receive?
A. cash

B. medals

10. Where did they receive the awards?

C. trophy

D. certificate

A. Tandang Sora Elem. School

B. Leonida Sora Elem School

C. Tandang Imelda Elem. School

D. Bucana Sasahan Elem School

11. When did they receive the awards?

A. Celebration of Christmas Day
B. Celebration of Buwan ng wika

C. Flag raising ceremony

D. Recognition Day

15. The prince thought that the sparrow was impolite so he punished it. Impolite means____________.
A. friendly
B. good mannered
C. bad mannered
D. respectful

12. What did they found at the canteen?

A. baggage
B. box
13. How much money was found in the bag?
A. one thousand
B. five thousand

C. bag

D. cabinet

C. nine thousand

D. ten thousand

14. He saw the sparrow by the window pecking grains. Pecking means____________.
A. counting
B. eating
C. drinking
D. smelling

III. Look at the picture to unlock the underlined words.

16. A chrysalis hangs from a small branch of a tree.
A. cocoon
B. spider
C. snake
D. butterfly
17. The caterpillars crawl in the branch of a tree.
A. run
B. walk
C. move slowly

D. jump

18. The caterpillars are munching on the leaves of the tree.

A. pounding
B. eating
C. crushing

D. playing

D. Read the paragraph carefully then answer the following questions.

Leonardos mother prepares the cake. She fills the table with delicious food and sweets.
She looks out the window and sees Leonardo arriving from school. Mother tells everyone to get ready. As soon
as Leonardo opens the door, everyone starts to sing.
19. What is the mood of the selection?
A. sad
B. festive

C. happy

20. What feeling will Leonardo have when he gets in the house?
A. calm
B. surprised
C. afraid

D. gloomy

D. funny

21. In the story Polly the Snail, what do you think happened to Polly?
A. Polly and the duck become friends
C. The white duck eats the vegetables
B. Polly leave the garden
D. The white duck eats Polly


22. Read the selection. What do you think Nicole and Joy should do?
Nicole and Joy were walking from school, when they noticed a wallet near the trash can.
They picked it up. They opened it and saw five hundred pesos. They looked at each other. Both were hungry.
They stood for a while thinking.
A. Use the money to buy food
B. Throw the wallet in the trash can
C. Get the money and give it to mother
D. Keep the wallet and report it to the Police Station with mother
23. Noreen is a grade four pupil. She is the youngest in her class. The underlined word is a _______.
A. Noun
B. Verb
C. Personal pronoun
D. Possessive pronoun

24. Franzell had a flower garden. She visits it every day after school. What personal pronoun is used to replace
the name of Franzell?
A. she
B. it
C. is
D. of
25. Which of the following words is a personal pronoun?

A. Polly

B. they

C. eat

D. leaves

26. Mother and I buy some lanzones and rambutan. ______ eat all the fruits in the house.
A. they
B. them
C. us
D. we

27. Jades bag is red. Her shoes are also red. That red headband is also hers. Which word is the possessive
A. Jade
B. she
C. her
D. hers
28. The biggest guava belongs to you. It is ________ guava.
A. mine
B. yours
C. your

D. my

29. Today is our scheduled trip to the Science Park. I brought my pink lunch box with me. This pink lunch box
is ___________.
A. mine
B. yours
C. your
D. my

30. Ashera and Justine are responsible children. That project is theirs. The underlined word is a
A. Noun
B. Verb
C. Personal pronoun
D. Possessive pronoun

31. Cristel ________ the front yard every morning.

A. sweep
B. sweeps
C. swept

D. swap

32. Her brothers Kevin and AJ________ the dried leaves in the trash can.
A. gather
B. gathers
C. guthers

D. gathered

33. Last week, Albert and I ___________ to Manila Zoo.

A. goes
B. going
C. go

D. went

34. The pupils answers were incorrect. The teacher explained the lesson again. Incorrect means the answers
were ___________.
A. Right
B. clear
C. wrong
D. loud

35. Grace placed a basket of eggs on her head. The eggs were not evenly distributed in the basket. When
started to walk the basket went sideways and fell. All the eggs broke because the basket was imbalanced.
A. dizzy
B. unstable
C. correct
D. fall
36. He acts like a child; he is immature.
A. Young
B. childlike

C. grown

37. The farmer is busy as a bee. What figure of speech is this?

A. simile
B. metaphor
C. personification
38. They fought like cats and dogs. Example of __________.
A. simile
B. metaphor
C. personification

D. mature
D. irony


D. irony

39. When she saw her abductors she became as cold as ice.
A. simile
B. metaphor
C. personification
D. irony
IV. Follow the directions carefully:
Step 1:
Draw a heart.
Step 2:
Inside the heart write the name of the person who helped
you recently.
Step 3:
Below the heart, tell something to the person who helped

Dolphins come in different sizes. Some are smaller than the average person.
Others, such as the Orca, can be 30 feet long, or more than five times as long as the
average person. Dolphins are thought to be very intelligent. They communicate with each
other using clicks and whistles. All dolphins ar e powerful swimmers.

43-46.Using the template below, write a two-level outline about passage

I. ___________________________________________________________________
A. ________________________________________________________________
B. ________________________________________________________________
C. ________________________________________________________________
47-50. Rewrite the following parts of the letter.
Your loving aunt,
#45A- Santolan Drive
Deca Homes, Jones
June 3
My dearest Rex,
How are you? You mom said youre school is near my office. I did not know you transferred. Please come and
visit me here in the Principals Office. I would love to hear from you soon.



Prepared by:
Teacher I