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the Classroom

Students will have their choice in

Students will be able to either bring their
own device or use our provided Windows 10
and Mac OS X powered computers.

Students run the discussion

Demonstrational program flow chart

Students will design their own programs,

beginning with the basic logical structures
shown by flow charts.

Computer science and logic is not something

that can merely be taught; it must be learned
by active student engagement. Project work
and discussion will be used for instruction
rather than lecture.

Mr. Posipankos
Computer Science Class

About Me

These flow charts could be made into code

for any computer platform, and the logic in
them is the core of any robust program.
From the flow charts, students will then
write programs in the c++ programming
language, solving problems such as: reading
text files, finding GCF using Euclids
algorithm, computing averages, managing
ticket sales, and more!

Exploring Software Solutions to everyday


Contact Information:
E-Mail: aposi324@live.kutztown.edu
Website: apsosipanko.weebly.com

I have graduated from Kutztown University

with a major in Mathematics and minor in
Software Engineering.
In my free time I like to program for
freeware software projects, and animate for
game projects.

Use computer science to help

students not only learn to program,
but also learn how we think
Computer science acts as a demonstration to
the structure of the logic which we use to
think, both linear and cyclical.

My goals and missions for

computer science I students

I believe in teaching students how to

Students will learn to solve the problems
assigned to them via consult rather than
pure instruction.

Students will
Split complex problems into their
basic components
The foundation of computer science and
software engineering is logic. In computer
science I, we will learn to solve problems by
breaking them down into their core

Write computer programs in C++

Solve abstract problems with logical


Although most of what we learn will be

applicable to any language, we will be
learning via the industry standard C++.

Through programming, students will learn

to break down even the most complex
programs into the simplest steps.

Learn to navigate a Unix desktop


In our classroom, we will take an objectoriented approach to programming, meaning

that programs will be divided into smaller,
easier to manage sub-programs.

The text-based Unix environment is

commonly used for administrative tasks, and
provides a robust computing experience.

Learn to program with a focus on best


Everybody in this county should

By following best practices, students will

learn to fit into many software projects and
teams to come.

learn to program a computer

because it teaches you how to think.
Steve Jobs

Build a foundation for learning to

We will be learning the basics of
programming, which is applicable to any
programming language.

Expand their minds and gain

marketable skills!