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Gary Walby

A highly experienced Technical Sales Professional whose progressive career has been based upon a
platform of knowledge and experience within highly successful specialist construction suppliers. A Senior
Technical Sales Specialist with extensive experience in providing complete solutions for both public and
private sector projects and organisations. Skilled in delivering innovative solutions to optimise the
construction process and improve build profitability.
The ability to communicate at all levels has been pivotal in forming successful business relationships. As
an effective team leader with the essential motivational skills required to deliver excellence within a
culture of continuous improvement, now seeking challenging technical sales opportunities with leading
supply companies.


• Sales Engineer – Corden Group Ltd (2008 – Current)
• Technical Sales Director – Prepour Ltd (1990 – 2008)
• Business Manager – Sheffield Insulations Ltd (1988 – 1990)
• Sales Manager – Schlegel Engineering Ltd (1981 – 1990)

• An exceptional Sales Professional and Senior level solutions provider
• Sound analytical and tactical business skills to develop client sales strategies and translate
into reality
• Well developed stakeholder engagement skills. Good at identifying strategic business
• Strong motivational, communication and interpersonal skills with high impact at buyer level
• Experienced in managing strategic requirements within client organisations. Flexible and
• Highly organised, planning & delivering key aspects of client projects on time and within
• Devising and developing improvements for clients, based upon problem diagnosis and
performance analysis
• Identifying requirements and managing expectations with senior level decision makers
• Excellent communication skills, presenting at user groups and conferences
• Excellent strategic and tactical business skills, with the ability conceive new routes to market
and directly translate them into increased sales and profitability
• Highly experienced in creating and managing dynamic senior client account relationships
• Leading sales teams, including appraisals, based upon key performance indicators

• Won a significant contract with Jaguar/ Land Rover for 48,000 Square Meters of Grid Force ground
stabilisation product and a 500 car space car park for Twycross Zoo
• At Corden Group secured a major new channel to market for the concrete square bar product,
resulting in the sale of all available production and providing sales of £3 Million to key clients including
Sheffield Insulation and Selsa
• Grew sales form £500 K to over £ 7 Million a year a Prepour in under 3 years, developing a national
sales platform
• Securing major contracts with clients Stewards Industrial Flooring, Ervine Whitlock and Winvic at
Prepour which increased sales to £27 Million, prior to the business sale in 2008
• Developed an extensive client list and senior buyer network whilst at Schlegel Engineering, across
the UK, having secured major accounts and project work in the M25 region, the midlands, Wales, the
North and Scotland
• Developed strong commercial relationships with major accounts at Jewsons, Buildbase, Weldon Plant
and Vinci Group, targeting products including flooring, waterproofing and groundwork items

Gary Walby Tel: 01676 530637 Email: garywalby@gmail.com


2008 – Current: Corden Group Ltd

Sales Engineer
As the principle Sales Engineer for Corden Group, selected to drive the sales of the “Grid Force” product,
targeting major ground stabilisation schemes.
• Identified key channels to market and targeted clients and projects to break the product into this
important market place.
• Identified significant product benefits when compared to the key competitors in the market place
• Resolved product issues identified when used in large area stabilisation, with the introduction of
expansion joints
• Secured a major contract with Jaguar/ Land Rover to supply 48 KM squared of product at their
main facility
Success of the “Grid Force” work resulted in being asked to secure significant new sales for the Concrete
Square Bar reinforcement product.
• Secured several major clients for the product range, driving sales up to £3 Million and resulting in
selling of the entire current UK production capacity

1990- 2008: Prepour Ltd

Technical Sales Director
Coming on board in the formative period of the business as the principle Sales Manager for the business.
Developed a strong regional presence, resulting in the growth of sales from £500k in year one to over £7
Million by year five.
• Having established strong localised sales of £7 Million, increased the sales regions, targeting key
clients to offer a one stop solution for technical product supply on a larger and then country wide
• Sales increased significantly resulting in the operational side of the business moving to a 24 hour
operation to meet required volume
• Broke into new aligned product areas driving the ability for the company to offer a single supplier
platform for complex construction project
• Increased efficiency resulted in a significant cost advantage for the full portfolio of products,
consolidating an important price advantage underlines by exceptional sales and service
• Sales grew from £7 Million to over £27 Million driven by new product ranges (mesh flooring
reinforcement, specialist brickwork ranges) and dynamic sales channel activity and the winning of
major national contracts to Ervine Whitlock for their MOD contracts

1988– 1990: Sheffield Insulation Ltd

Business Manager

1981 – 1988: Schegel Engineering Ltd

Sales Manager
Junior Sales Engineer

1979 – 1981: SEV Ltd

National Account Manager

Gary Walby Tel: 01676 530637 Email: garywalby@gmail.com

1972 – 1979: Which Magazine Ltd -
Project Manager

Address: Balsall Common, Coventry Tel: 01676 530637 Email: garywalby@gmail.com

Education: Ordinary Tec Cert Mechanical & Prod Engineering

Higher Technical Diploma in Mechanical & ONC Chemistry
Production Engineering
7 GCSE O levels including Maths & English
Higher Technical Certificate in Mechanical &
Advanced and Higher Level – Institute of Marketing
Production Engineering
and Sales

Nationality: British
Driving: Full clean licence
Health: Excellent, non smoker
Interests: Sport; Football, badminton, reading and current affairs; family life
References: Available on request

A high performing Technical Sales Manager, who has had a direct impact, consistently delivering both
exceptional new and account business, whilst developing major sales opportunities that focus on
matching the client’s needs to the ideal product.

Enthusiasm, loyalty, knowledge and ability have provided strong revenue success, with major client
responsibility as the leading sales and profitability driver within the business.

Worked to targeted deadlines under sensitive, pressured circumstances, involving specific project
objectives and client management, which were often ambitious and exceeded expectations.

Commercial experience includes specifying and delivering the optimum client product solution, to drive up
sales values, whilst ensuring the best service delivery.

Has a strong passion for successful sales development and client management and is now looking
forward to delivering exceptional sales figures, in a dynamic product and services provider.

Gary Walby Tel: 01676 530637 Email: garywalby@gmail.com