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-A written explanation of the quality of using these methods

Non edited image

Edited image
At first to edit this image I
used the filter Valencia as it
made the image appear
brighter and almost
delicate in a
sense.However I then used
the brightness tool and
darkened the image (54)
which helped to emphasize
certain features especially
the massive glass bottle
which is the main
focus.Following this I used
the tool contrast (20) which
reinforced the glass bottle
being the main focus yet again.
After this I used the tool structure (74) as it made the image to
appear to have more detail to it,this is shown as the bee looks more
faded however you can still see the detail on the bee.To make the
image seem more warm and appear more friendly I used the tool
warmth (16) as it made it seem more sunny which is associated with
the animal in the image.Following this I then highlighted (84) to
make the image appear more brighter and not as dull which then
suited the other tools best aswell.The last tool I used was
sharpening(10) as it just made the image appear to be off a higher
quality.My partner said that it reminds her of Alice in Wonderland
and has a magical vibe which is what I was aiming for.