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Marvel Comics Avengers Chronological Appearances

By Bob Wolniak

ased initially on the Bob Fronczak list from Avengers Assemble and Avengers Forever websites. But unlike Mr.
Fronczaks list (that stops about the time of Heroes Reborn) this is NOT an attempt at a Marvel continuity
(harmony of Marvel titles in time within the fictional universe), but Avengers appearances in order in approx. real
world release order. I define Avengers appearances as team appearances, not individual Avengers or even in some
cases where several individual Avengers are together (but eventually a judgment call has to be made on some of
those instances). I have included some non-Avengers appearances since they are important to a key storyline that
does tie to the Avengers, but noted if they did not have a team appearance.
Blue (purple for WCA & Ultimates) indicates an Avengers title, whether ongoing or limited series. I have decided
that Force Works is not strictly an Avengers title, nor is Thunderbolts, Defenders or even Vision/Scarlet Witch miniseries, although each book correlates, crosses over and frequently contains guest appearances of the Avengers as a
team. In those cases, the individual issues are listed. I have also decided that individual Avengers ongoing or
limited series books are not Avengers team appearances, so I have no interest in the tedious tracking of every
Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, or Hank Pym title unless they contain a team appearance or x-over. The same
applies to Avengers Spotlight (largely a Hawkeye series, with other individual appearances), Captain Marvel, Ms.
Marvel, Vision, Wonder Man, Hulk, She-Hulk, Black Panther, Quicksilver, Thunderstrike, War Machine, Black
Widow, Sub-Mariner, Hercules, and other such books or limited series. Especially now that the New Avengers have
Wolverine and Spider-Man, if one were to track every appearance of every individual Avenger that was ever on the
team, youd have to track a good majority of the entire Marvel Chronology Project from the 1940s to the present!
Instead I am aiming at a more manageable team appearance list since their 1963 formation.
Green indicates a major appearance outside an Avengers title. These may be Avengers storylines in other titles, or
some sort of historically important team appearance even if it wasnt really an Avengers story. I admit there is some
subjectivity between green and black.
Black indicates a minor appearance or a necessary part or correlation to a storyline without an Avengers appearance.
In some cases I will indicate how minor by listing the number of panels or pages the Avengers appear in.
Technically, these are not Avengers storylines, but may have some sort of appearance.

Avengers vol. 1 #1
Avengers vol. 1 #2
Tales of Suspense #49
Avengers vol. 1 #3
Avengers vol. 1 #4
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #25
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #26
Avengers vol. 1 #5
Avengers vol. 1 #6
Journey In. Mystery #101
Journey In. Mystery #105
Tales of Suspense #56
Avengers vol. 1 #7
Journey In. Mystery #108
Tales to Astonish #59
Am. Spider-Man An. #1
Tales of Suspense #58
Avengers vol. 1 #8
Am. Spider-Man vol.1#18
Avengers vol. 1 #9
Tales of Suspense #59
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #31
Tales of Suspense #60
Avengers vol. 1 #10
X-Men vol. 1 #9
Avengers vol. 1 #11

Loki, team forms (Giant Man, Wasp, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man) 11/63
1st Space Phantom. Immortus behind the scenes. Lee, Kirby. 12/63
IM story, Avengers cameo as civilians. 1 panel.
Sub-Mariner, Hulk (see Journey Into Mystery #112). Lee, Kirby.
1st Silver Age Captain America! Sub-Mariner, Bucky. Lee, Kirby.
FF vs. Hulk, part 1. Avengers search for Hulk. 2 panels. Lee, Kirby.
FF vs. Hulk, part 2. Avengers on cover! Lee, Kirby.
1st Lava Men. Lee, Kirby. 5/64
1st Masters of Evil (Zemo, Melter,Enchantress, Executioner, B. Knight)
Thor refuses Avengers help. 9 panels.
Avengers meeting. Avengers splash page! 5 panels.
Avengers attempt to contact IM to no avail. 3 panels.
Masters of Evil. Odin. Lee, Kirby. 8/64
Thor refuses Avengers help. 4 panels.
Avengers workout! Avengers splash page! 5 panels.
1 panel.
IM vs. Cap. Giant Man and Wasp capture Chameleon.
1st Kang! Rama-Tut, Dr. Doom. Lee, Kirby. 9/64
Part of one panel has Avengers pondering SMs defeat by the Goblin.
1st Wonder Man. Masters of Evil. Lee, Heck. 10/64
Avengers go to charity show. 5 panels.
FF keeps Avengers from intervening in hostage situation. 9 panels.
Avengers call IM. 1 panel. Hawkeye & Widow app.
1st Immortus. Masters of Evil. Lee, Heck. 11/64
Avengers hinder X-Mens pursuit of Lucifer. Avengers on cover.
Spider-Man! Kang, Spider-Man robot. Lee, Heck. 12/64



Journey In. Mystery #112

Avengers vol. 1 #12
Avengers vol. 1 #13
Avengers vol. 1 #14
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #36
Avengers vol. 1 #15
Avengers vol. 1 #16
Avengers vol. 1 #17
Journey In. Mystery #120
Avengers vol. 1 #18
Fantastic Four vol. 1 An 3
Avengers vol. 1 #19
Avengers vol. 1 #20
Avengers vol. 1 #21
Avengers vol. 1 #22
Avengers vol. 1 #23
Avengers vol. 1 #24
Avengers vol. 1 #25
Tales of Suspense #72
Avengers vol. 1 #26
Avengers vol. 1 #27
Avengers vol. 1 #28
Avengers vol. 1 #29
Avengers vol. 1 #30
Avengers vol. 1 #31
Avengers vol. 1 #32
Avengers vol. 1 #33
Tales of Suspense #84
Am. Spider-Man An. #3
Avengers vol. 1 # 34
Avengers vol. 1 # 35
Avengers vol. 1 # 36
Avengers vol. 1 # 37
Avengers vol. 1 # 38
Avengers vol. 1 # 39
Avengers vol. 1 # 40
Strange Tales #156
Avengers vol. 1 # 41
Avengers vol. 1 # 42
Marvel Novel Series #9
Avengers vol. 1 # 43
Avengers vol. 1 # 44
Tales of Suspense #92
Avengers vol. 1 An #1
Avengers vol. 1 # 45
Avengers vol. 1 # 46
Avengers vol. 1 # 47
Avengers vol. 1 # 48
Avengers vol. 1 # 49
Avengers vol. 1 # 50
Cap America vol. 1 #100
Avengers vol. 1 # 51
Not Brand Echh #8
Avengers vol. 1 # 52
X-Men vol. 1 # 45
Avengers vol. 1 # 53
Avengers vol. 1 # 54
Avengers vol. 1 # 55
Captain America Novel

Thor vs. Hulk! Flashback sequences to Avengers #3. Lee, Kirby.

Mole Man. Red Ghost. Lee, Heck. 1/65
1st Nefaria. Fantastic Four. Wasp wounded. Lee, Heck. 2/65
Kallusians. Leiber, Heck, Kirby. 3/65
Avengers attend Reed & Sues engagement party. 2 panels.
Death of Zemo! Masters of Evil. Lee, Kirby, Heck. 4/65
New Lineup! (Cap, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver)
Minotaur. Mole Man, Leader. Lee, Heck, Kirby. 6/65
Thor meets new Avengers. 4 panels.
Commissar. Lee, Heck. 7/65
Old and new Avengers at Reed & Sues wedding.
1st Swordsman. Hydra. Lee, Heck. Part One. 8/65
Mandarin. Swordsman. Lee, Heck. 9/65
1st Power Man (Thunderbolts Atlas). Enchantress. Lee, Heck, Wood.
Enchantress. Circus of Crime. Power Man. Lee, Heck, Wood. 11/65
1st Ravonna. Kang. Lee, Heck. 12/65
Kang, pt. 2. Lee, Heck. 1/66
Dr. Doom. Fantastic Four. Lee, Heck. 2/66
Cap tells Avengers WWII story. 4 panels.
Attuma, Beetle, Puppet Master. Lee, Heck. 3/66
Collector, Attuma, Beetle. Lee, Heck. 4/66
Pym becomes Goliath. Lee, Heck. 5/66
Black Widow. Lee, Heck. 6/66
Swordsman, Power Man. Lee, Heck. 7/66
The Keeper. Lee, Heck. 8/66
Sons of Serpent, Black Widow. Lee, Heck. 9/66
Supreme Serpent, Black Widow. Lee, Heck. 10/66
Avengers place Adaptoid in mansion. Splash page. 5 panels.
Avengers ask Spidey to tackle the Hulk! Avengers cover!
Living Laser. Lee, Heck. 11/66
Ultrana. Thomas, Heck. 12/66
Ixar, Transians. Thomas, Heck. 1/67
Ultroids. Kane cover. Thomas, Heck. 2/67
Hercules. Kane cover. Enchantress, Power man, Ares. 3/67
Mad Thinker. Hercules. Thomas, Heck. 4/67
Cosmic Cube. Red Skull, Mole Man, Sub-Mariner. Thomas, Heck
Shocked heroes learn of Hydras plan to release plague. 2 panels.
Diablo. Dragon Man. Thomas, Buscema. 6/67
Dragon Man, pt. 2. Thomas, Buscema. 7/67
The Avengers Battle the Earth Wrecker by Otto Binder.
1st Red Guardian. Thomas, Buscema. 8/67
Pt. 2, Black Widow, Red Guardian. 9/67
Avengers speak with Cap after returning from overseas. 2 panels.
Mandarin, Living Laser, Ultimo, Executioner, Power Man, Swordsman
Super-Adaptoid. Thomas, Heck. 10/67
Whirlwind. Thomas, Buscema. 11/67
Magneto. Back Knight. Thomas, Buscema, Tuska. 12/67
New Black Knight. Thomas, Tuska. 1/68
Magneto. 1st Typhon. Thomas, Buscema. 2/68
Pt. 2 Typhon vs. Hercules. Thomas, Buscema. 3/68
Cap recalls modern origin. Panther guest star. On cover! Lee/Kirby
Collector. Hulk. Thomas, Buscema. 4/68
(Satire) Flighty Revengers short. Forbush Man. Thomas/Colan
1st Grim Reaper! Thomas, Buscema. 5/68
Part 1 of x-over. Magneto and Brotherhood of mutants. Buscema
Part 2 of x-over. Magneto and Brotherhood of mutants. Buscema
Masters of Evil. Crimson Cowl. Thomas, Buscema, Tuska. 7/68
Crimson Cowl. Ultron-5. Thomas, Buscema. 8/68
The Great Gold Steal (Bantam). See chapter 5.



Avengers vol. 1 # 56
Avengers vol. 1 An #2
Avengers vol. 1 # 57
Sub-Mariner vol. 1 # 8
Avengers vol. 1 # 58
Avengers vol. 1 # 59
Avengers vol. 1 # 60
Cap America vol. 1 #113
Dr. Strange vol. 1 #178
Avengers vol. 1 # 61
Not Brand Echh #12
Avengers vol. 1 # 62
Avengers vol. 1 # 63
Sub-Mariner vol. 1 #14
Cap Marvel vol. 1 #14
Daredevil vol. 1 #52
Avengers vol. 1 # 64
Avengers vol. 1 # 65
Cap America vol. 1 #114
Jungle Action # 16
Cap America vol.1 #116
Avengers vol. 1 # 66
Captain Marvel vol. 1 #17
Avengers vol. 1 # 67
Avengers vol. 1 # 68
Iron Man vol. 1 #18
Iron Man vol. 1 #19
Avengers vol. 1 #69
Avengers vol. 1 #70
Avengers vol. 1 #71
Invaders Annual # 1
Avengers vol. 1 #72
Avengers vol. 1 #73
Avengers vol. 1 #74
Cap America vol. 1 #121
Avengers vol. 1 #75
Avengers vol. 1 #76
Incred. Hulk vol. 2 #128
Avengers vol. 1 #77
Avengers vol. 1 #78
Avengers vol. 1 #79
Avengers vol. 1 #80
Avengers vol. 1 #81
Daredevil vol. 1 #69
Avengers vol. 1 #82
Avengers vol. 1 #83
Ka-Zar Quartly Vol.1 # 1
Avengers vol. 1 #84
Justice League (DC) #87
Avengers vol. 1 #85
Avengers vol. 1 #86
Avengers vol. 1 #87
Sub-Mariner vol. 1 #35
Avengers vol. 1 #88
Incred. Hulk vol. 2 #140
Iron Man vol. 1 #39
Avengers vol. 1 #89
Avengers vol. 1 #90
Avengers vol. 1 #91

Bucky, Zemo, Scarlet Centurion. Thomas, Buscema. 9/68

Scarlet Centurion. Old team vs. New. Aven-jerks featurette. Buscema.
1st Vision! Ultron-5. Thomas, Buscema. 10/68
Sub-Mariner vs. Thing. Avengers awaiting mtg. 1 panel. Buscema.
Ultron in flashback. Even an android can cry Pt. 2. Thomas, Buscema
1st Yellowjacket! Thomas, Buscema. 12/68
Pym Wedding. Yellowjacket revealed. Circus of crime. Buscema. 1/69
Avengers gassed by Hydra at Caps funeral. Steranko art!
Part 1 of x-over. Black Knight and Doc tackle Son of Satannish.
Part 2 of x-over. Dr. Strange & team against Surtur, Ymir, & Marduk.
(Satire) Revengers short. Real As read comic. J. Buscema art.
1st Man-Ape. In Wakanda, Panther battles Man-Ape. Thomas/Buscema
Puppet Master, Egghead, Mad Thinker. Hawkeye becomes new Goliath
Pt. 2, Orig. Torch & Namor fight P. Master, Egghead & Thinker. 1 pan.
Pt. 3, P. Master has IM take on CM. 1 panel. Springer art.
B. Panther aids DD after searching for Hawkeye. 3 panels. B. Smith art.
Pt. 4, Egghead threatens America w/ orbiting death-ray. Thomas/Colan
Egghead hires Swordsman and are defeated by Goliath. Thomas/Colan
Cosmic Cube switches Cap and Skull. 5 panels. Lee/Romita
1 panel as Vennom explains how he got to Wakanda. Graham art.
Cap as Skull goes to Avengers Mansion. Fight ensues. Lee/Colan
Ultron recreated out of adamantium! Thomas/Buscema (great cover!)
New costume. Rick Jones tells his story. 1 large panel. Kane art.
Ultron story, pt. 2. Vision defeated. Thomas/Barry Windsor-Smith.
Ultron self-destructs in finale. Thomas/S. Buscema. 9/69
Midas & Madame Masque. Avengers appear to rescue Tony Stark.
Midas & Madame Masque. CA announces Tonys operation. Tuska
Kang, Growing Man & Grandmaster. Pt. 1. Thomas/S. Buscema.
1st Squadron Sinister! 1st appearance. Pt. 2. Thomas/S. Buscema. 11/69
Bk. Knight joins. Invaders. Kang defeated. Pt. 3. Thomas/ S. Buscema
WW II Invaders vs. Avengers! Tie in As # 71. 21 panels. Robbins.
1st Zodiac. Nick Fury guest stars. Thomas/ S. Buscema. 1/70
1st Sons of Serpent. Wakandans. Panther captured. Thomas/Trimpe
Pt. 2. Serpents defeated. Thomas/ J. Buscema. 3/70
Cap against Man-brute. Yellowjacket and Wasp in 2 panels. Lee/Colan
1st Arkon. Quicksilver & S. Witch re-join. Pt. 1. Thomas/J. Buscema
Pt. 2. Arkon stopped, returns home. Thomas/J. Buscema. 5/70
Avengers join in a search for the Hulk. Full story appearance.
Split-Second Squad. Avengers for hire! Thomas/ J. Buscema. 6/70
Lethal Legion capture Panther. Thomas/ J. Buscema. 7/70
Pt. 2. Legion defeated. Thomas/ J. Buscema. 8/70
1st Red Wolf. Zodiac. Avengers divide. Thomas/ J. Buscema. 9/70
Red Wolf defeats Van Lunt. Pt. 2. Thomas/ J. Buscema. 11/70
Panther arrives late to help DD after Avengers mtg. No panels. Colan
Pt. 3. DD guest stars. Rescue NY from Zodiac. Thomas/ J. Buscema
1st Valkyrie & Lady Liberators. Enchantress. Thomas/ J. Buscema
Huntsman vs. Herc and Avengers. 11 page story. Springer
Arkon, Enchantress. Thomas/Buscema. 2/71
JLA battle 4 Avengers knock-offs from planet Angor. Friedrich/Dillin
1st Squadron Supreme! Alt. earth. Brain-child. Thomas/J. Buscema
Brain-child, pt. 2. Squadron Supreme. Thomas/ S. Buscema. 4/71
Origin of Black panther! Klaw. AIM. Thomas/ S. Buscema. 5/71
Pre-defenders vs. Avengers! On cover! Thomas/S. Buscema
Psyklop, Hulk, Falcon. Harlan Ellison plot! Thomas/ S. Buscema
Hulk vs. Psyklop, pt. 2 of x-over. Avengers appear in a recap.
Avengers rescue IM from White Dragon lackeys. 7 panels. Trimpe
Kree/Skrull Saga. Cap. MarVell. Ronan, Sentry. Thomas/S. Buscema
Pt. 2. Ronan, Sentry, MarVell. Thomas/ S. Buscema. 8/71
Pt. 3. Kree/Skrull War begins. Thomas/S. Buscema. 9/71


Am. Adventures # 7
Am. Adventures # 8
Avengers vol.1 #92
Avengers vol.1 #93
Avengers vol.1 #94
Am. Adventures # 9
Am. Adventures # 10
Avengers vol.1 #95
Avengers vol.1 #96
Avengers vol.1 #97
Avengers vol.1 #98
Avengers vol.1 #99
Avengers vol.1 #100
Avengers vol. 1 #101
Incred. Hulk vol. 2 #153
Avengers vol.1 #102
Avengers vol.1 #103
Avengers vol.1 #104
Cap America vol.1 #154
Avengers vol.1 #105
Marvel Team-Up #7
Avengers vol.1 #106
Avengers vol.1 #107
Avengers vol.1 #108
Avengers vol. 1 #109
Marvel Feature #10
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #133
Avengers vol. 1 #110
Daredevil vol. 1 #99
Avengers vol. 1 #111
Avengers vol. 1 #112
Marvel Team-Up #9
Marvel Team-Up #10
Marvel Team-Up #11
Avengers vol. 1 #113
Avengers vol. 1 #114
Avengers vol. 1 #115
Defenders vol. 1 #8
Avengers vol. 1 #116
Defenders vol. 1 #9
Avengers vol. 1 #117
Defenders vol. 1 #10
Avengers vol. 1 #118
Defenders vol. 1 #11
Avengers vol. 1 #119
Iron Man vol. 1 #55
Iron Man vol. 1 #56
Captain Marvel vol. 1 # 27
Captain Marvel vol. 1 #28
Captain Marvel vol. 1 #30
Avengers vol. 1 #120
Avengers vol. 1 #121
Avengers vol. 1 #122
Avengers vol. 1 #123
Avengers vol. 1 #124
Avengers vol. 1 #125
Captain Marvel vol. 1 #31
Captain Marvel vol. 1 #32

BW comes to Av. Mansion sees Goliath. Inhumans. Adams art.
Thor vs. Inhumans. Avengers splash. Thomas/Adams.
Pt. 4. Super-Skrull. FF, SHIELD. Thomas/ S. Buscema. Adams cover.
Pt. 5. Ant-Man in Visions body. 25 cents. Thomas/Neal Adams art!
Pt. 6. 1st Mandroids. Triton. 20 cents. Thomas/Adams & J. Buscema.
Magneto vs. Inhumans pt. 1. No Avengers appearance.
pt. 2. No Avengers appearance, but continues into Avengers #95
Pt. 7. Inhumans. Maximus. Thomas/ Adams. 1/72
Pt. 8. Kree/Skrull war. Annihilus. Thomas/Adams. 2/72
Pt. 9. End of war. Rick Jones saves the day. Thomas/ J. Buscema.
Ares. Pt. 1. Hawkeye and Hercules return. Thomas/Windsor-Smith
Ares. Pt. 2. Ares defeats Avengers. Thomas/Windsor-Smith. 5/72
Pt. 3. Avengers past & present defeat Ares. Thomas/Windsor-Smith
Watcher, Tippit. Doomed future. Ellison plot! Thomas/R. Buckler
Avengers appear at trial as witnesses for the Hulk's defense.
Grim Reaper. Sentinels. Thomas/Buckler. 8/72
Pt. 2. Sentinels. Thomas/Buckler. 9/72
Pt. 3. Trask dies. Thomas/Buckler. 10/72
Falcon goes to the Mansion to warn the Avengers of a fake Cap.
Savage Land Mutates. Space Phantom. Englehart/J. Buscema
Spider-Man and Thor. Not an Avengers appearance.
Sp. Phantom, Grim Reaper and Hydra. Englehart/Buckler/Tuska
Sp. Phantom and Reaper continued. Englehart/Tuska/Starlin. 1/73
Finale. Marvel send Phantom into limbo. Englehart/Heck/Cockrum
Imus Champion. Hawkeye quits. Englehart/Heck. 3/73
Avengers greet Ant-Man & Wasp after battling Dr. Nemesis. 2 panels
Avengers comment on a story about the Thing/Thundra fight. 1 panel
Magneto. X-Men! Quicksilver engaged/quits. Englehart/Heck. 4/73
Hawkeye vs. DD. Avengers seek DDs aid. Continues into A #111.
DD & Black Widow help defeat Magneto. Englehart/Heck. 5/73
Lion God. Englehart/Heck. 6/73
Tomorrow War pt. 1. IM and Spidey vs. Zarrko & Kang. Andru
pt. 2. Spidey and Human torch. No Avengers appearance. Mooney
As freed by Spider-Man & Inhumans from Kang & Tomorrow Man
Living Bombs. Englehart/ Bob Brown. 7/73
Lion God. Swordsman meets Mantis. Englehart/ Brown. 8/73
Prologue to A-D war. Dormammu, Loki. Englehart/Brown. 9/73
Avengers - Defenders War Prologue: Loki/Dormammu last 3 pages.
Silver Surfer vs. Vision/Witch. Evil Eye. Englehart/Brown. 10/73
Avengers - Defenders War: IM vs. Hawkeye, Dr. S vs. B. Panther.
Cap vs. Sub-Mariner. Valkyrie vs. Swordsman. Engleahrt/Brown
Avengers - Defenders War: Thor vs. Hulk! Unite for finale.
Finale. Avengers & Defenders defeat Loki, etc. Englehart/Brown
Avengers - Defenders War; Epilogue. 3 panels. Black Knight.
The Collector. Halloween Parade in Rutland. Englehart/Brown. 1/74
Drax and IM vs. Blood Brothers. Thanos appearance. No Avengers.
Mansion, Jarvis, Rasputin, Fangor. No Avengers appearance. Starlin
Thanos has Rick, Super-Skrull vs. Cap. As on one page. Starlin
On cover! Thanos vs. Drax. CM vs. Controller. Starlin
Cap vs. Controller, rescues Lou Ann. No As appearance. IM. Starlin
Zodiac. Englehart/Brown/Heck. 2/74
Pt. 2 of Zodiac. Englehart/ J. Buscema/Heck. 3/74
Pt. 3 of Zodiac. Libra is Mantis father. Englehart/Brown. 4/74
Origin for Mantis. Libra. Viet Nam. Englehart/Brown. 5/74
Pt. 1 of Jarvis interview. Jarvis on cover.
Star-Stalker, Kree, Priests of Pama. Englehart/J. Buscema. 6/74
Drax, CM, As thwart Thanos invasion. Englehart/ J. Buscema
CM & Avengers vs. Thanos. On cover! Starlin story & art.
CM & Avengers vs. Thanos. Starlin story & art.


Captain Marvel vol. 1 #33

Captain Marvel vol. 1 #34
Avengers vol. 1 #126
Marvel Team-Up #20
Giant Size Avengers #1
Cap America vol. 1 #176
Avengers vol. 1 #127

Fantastic Four vol. 1 #150

Avengers vol. 1 #128
Avengers vol. 1 #129
Giant Size Avengers #2
Avengers vol. 1 #130
Avengers vol. 1 #131
Avengers vol. 1 #132
Giant Size Avengers #3
Avengers vol. 1 #133
Avengers vol. 1 #134
Avengers vol. 1 #135
Giant Size Avengers #4
Avengers vol. 1 #136
Marvel Treasury Ed. #7
Giant-size Avengers #5
Avengers vol. 1 #137
Avengers vol .1 #138
Avengers vol. 1 #139
Avengers vol. 1 #140
Avengers vol. 1 #141
Avengers vol. 1 #142
Avengers vol. 1 #143
FOOM #12
Avengers vol. 1 #144
Avengers vol. 1 #145
Avengers vol. 1 #146
Avengers vol. 1 #147
Avengers vol. 1 #148
Avengers vol. 1 #149
Cap America vol. 1 #224
Avengers vol. 1 #150
Avengers vol. 1 #151
Avengers vol. 1 #152
Avengers vol. 1 #153
Avengers Annual #6
Marvel Treasury Ed. #13

Avengers vol. 1 #154

Super Villain Team-Up #9
Avengers vol. 1 #155
Avengers vol. 1 #156
Defenders vol. 1 #44
Marvel Super Special #1
Avengers vol. 1 #157
Avengers vol. 1 #158
What If vol. 1 #2
Avengers vol. 1 #159
Avengers vol. 1 #160
What If vol. 1 # 3
Captain Marvel vol. 1 #50

CM & Avengers defeat Thanos. Starlin story & art.
Epilogue. Nitro vs. Mar-Vell. (Eventually leads to his death) Starlin
Klaw, Solarr attack. Panther leaves. Cap quits. Englehart/Brown.
Black Panther and Spidey, shortly after Avengers #126. No panels.
Nuklo, Whizzer. And 2 reprinted stories. Roy Thomas/Rich Buckler
Avengers discuss future of Cap following the Secret Empire storyline.
Omega robot = Ultron. Pt. 1. Inhumans, FF, As at Quicksilver/Crystal
wedding. Englehart/S.Buscema. G. Kane/Romita Sr. cover! 9/74
Wedding pt. 2: Quicksilver & Crystal. As, FF & Inhumans vs. Ultron.
J. Buscema As cover! Jarvis interview pt. 2. various artists on As.
Necromadus, Kang! Agatha Harkness. Englehart/ S. Buscema. 10/74
Kang, macrobots, Rama Tut. Englehart/S. Buscema. 11/74
Part 3. Swordsman dies! Englehart/Cockrum/Neal Adams inks.
Titanic Three, Cotati. Viet Nam. Englehart/S. Buscema. 12/74
Legion of Unliving. Nomad. Kang. Englehart/S. Buscema. 1/75
Part 2. Immortus. Kang. Roy Thomas/S. Buscema. 2/75
Part 3. Kang. Human Torch revealed to be Vision. Thomas/Cockrum
Part 4. Skrulls. Moondragon. Vision in time. Englehart/S. Buscema
Part 5. Mad Thinker. Libra unmasked. Englehart/S. Buscema. 4/75
Part 6. Vision secret origin revealed. Ultron. Englehart/G. Tuska
Wedding of Vision & SW! Kang! Dormammu. Englehart/Heck
Reprints Am. Adventures vol. 2 #12. Beast. New Romita cover.
Avengers classic reprints along with Kirby back cover.
Reprints Avengers Annual #1.
Toad. Beast applies to join As. Englehart/Tuska. 7/75
Toad impersonates Stranger. Englehart/Tuska. 8/75
Charles revealed to be Whirlwind. Patsy Walker! Englehart/Tuska
Vision enters Y-jackets body. Wasp recovers. Englehart/Tuska. 10/75
Squadron Sinister! Englehart. 1st Perez art! Classic Kane cover!
Marvels western heroes, Kang. Englehart/Perez. 12/75
Kang destroys himself. (Right!) Englehart/Perez. 1/76
Vision and Scarlet Witch articles and art. Viz on cover.
1st Hellcat. Squadron Supreme. Englehart/Perez. 2/76
Assassin part 1. Tony Isabella/Don Heck. 3/76
Assassin part 2. Revealed to be a woman who dies at end. 4/76
Continued from #144. Serpent crown. Englehart/Perez. 5/76
Avengers escape back to earth. Englehart/Perez. 6/76
Finale. Orka. As vs. Roxxon/Brand. Englehart/Perez. 7/76
As help Cap with memory loss before facing Tarantula. 20+ panels.
Reprints Avengers #16. Thor leaves. Englehart/Perez. 8/76
New lineup. Return of Wonder Man! Conway/Shooter/Perez. 9/76
Black Talon. Mystery of Wonder Man. Englehart/Perez. 10/76
Living Laser as serpent crown. Conway/Buscema/Sinnott. 11/76
Nuklo and Living Laser. Whirlwind. Whizzer. Conway/Perez.
Giant-size Holiday grab-bag. Contains reprinted stories along with As
charity snowball fight w/ FF and full holiday back cover. Tuska.
Attuma, Tyrak. Serpent crown. Conway/Perez/Marcos. 12/76
Continues storyline. Doom, Sub-Mariner
Sub-Mariner vs. Wonder Man & Beast. Conway/Perez/Marcos. 1/77
Attuma and Doom defeated. Shooter/Conway/S. Buscema. 2/77
Hellcat puts Avengers on alert. Red Rajah. 1 panel. Kraft/Giffen.
Kiss Magazine. Avengers appear on one full page.
Black Knight statue attacks & destroyed. Conway/Heck. 3/77
Wonder Man vs. Vision. Graviton defeats As. Shooter/S. Buscema
What if Hulk had Banners brain? Prevents As from forming! 1 panel.
Graviton, Collector. Shooter/S. Buscema. 5/77
Grim Reaper puts Wonder Man & Vision on trial. Shooter/Perez. 6/77
What if Avengers had never been? Armored As. Shooter/Kane
Super Adaptoid vs. CM and Avengers. CM and Rick Jones separate.


Captain Marvel vol. 1 #51

Avengers vol. 1 #161
Avengers vol. 1 #162
Avengers vol. 1 #163
Avengers vol. 1 #164
Avengers vol. 1 #165
Avengers vol. 1 #166
Uncanny X-Men #108
Super Villain Team-Up #14
Champions #16
Avengers Annual #7
Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2
Captain Marvel vol. 1 #56
Captain Marvel vol. 1 #57
Avengers vol. 1 #167
Avengers vol. 1 #168
Ms. Marvel #18
Avengers vol. 1 #169
Defenders vol. 1 #58
Dr. Strange vol. 2 #29
Avengers vol. 1 #170
Rampaging Hulk # 8


Avengers cameo on splash page, one other panel. Milgrom/Austin art.

Ant-Man attacks Avengers, then Ultron lays waste! Shooter/Perez.
Ultron confronted. 1st Jocasta. Shooter/Perez. 8/77
Typhon seeks revenge on Hercules. Shooter/Tuska. 9/77
Count Nefaria steals powers from villains. Shooter/Byrne. 10/77
Part 2. Nefaria defeats As. Thor joins the fray. Shooter/Byrne. 11/77
Part 3. Rapidly aging Nefaria stopped by Vision. Shooter/Byrne. 12/77
3 panels. As unable to help. Clairemont/1st Byrne on X-Men!
Avengers bow to Doom on cover! Magneto attacks As! Mantlo/Hall
Pt. 2. Ghost Rider defeats Doom. Mantlo/Hall
Thanos and Warlock battle over soul gem. Starlin.
Pt. 2. Thing, Spider-Man, Warlock and Avengers vs. Thanos. Byrne.
CM seeks aid from Stark and Pym. No Avengers. Broderick art.
Thor vs. Cap. Avengers in flashback. 1 panel. Broderick art.
Korvac saga begins. Heroes vanish. Guardians. Shooter/Perez.
Starhawk defeated. Gyrich reams out As.
Ms. M vs. Centurion & Raven Darkholme. As help Ms. M.
Villain tries to set off bombs at his death. Wolfman/Buscema. 3/78
Jack Norris seeks Fury via Avengers. 2 panels. Kraft
Doc speaks to As about Black Knight and Thanos. Several panels.
More heroes vanish. Jocasta escapes. Shooter/Perez
Pre-Avengers gather to battle Hulk and Krylorian invasion. B/W
magazine. Pt. 1. Moench/Trimpe
Avengers vol. 1 #171
Ultron defeated by Scarlet Witch. More heroes disappear. 5/78
Avengers vol. 1 #172
Korvac Saga continues. Tyrak defeated. Vision disappears. 6/78
Rampaging Hulk #9
Pt. 2. Pre-As battle w/ Hulk. Great Norem cover! Moench/Trimpe.
Avengers vol. 1 #173
The Collector is revealed as kidnapper. Michelinie/S. Buscema. 7/78
Avengers vol. 1 #174
Collector disintegrated by Korvac. Mantlo/Wenzel. 8/78
What If vol. 1 # 10
Jane Foster as Thordis. Joins As, marries Odin? 1 panel.
Avengers vol. 1 #175
Search for Collectors killer. Shooter/Wenzel. 9/78
Avengers vol. 1 #176
Korvac finally discovered! Michelinie/Wenzel. 10/78
Avengers vol. 1 #177
Korvac kills then restores heroes before dying. Finale.Shooter/Wenzel
Daredevil vol. 1 # 155
Deranged Daredevil attacks Avengers to get BW. On cover. Springer.
Daredevil vol. 1 # 157
Avengers confront Death Stalker. On cover. Gene Colan art.
How to Draw Comics Marvel Way John Buscema masterpiece includes layout styles of As page.
Avengers Annual #8
Wasp possessed by power prism. Slifer/Perez.
Thor vol. 1 #271
Thor & IM vs. Faust. As on several pages and cover. Wein/Simonson
Avengers vol. 1 #178
Manipulator uses Beast. Gerber/Infantino. 12/78
Godzilla #23
Avengers on cover against Godzilla in Manhattan! w/FF. Trimpe
Godzilla #24
Pt. 2, Avengers, Fantastic Four and Shield vs. Godzilla. Spider-Man.
Avengers vol. 1 # 179
Bloodhawk. Stinger. Part 1. DeFalco/Mooney. 1/79
Avengers vol. # 1 180
Monolith defeated. Bloodhawk dies rescuing Thor. Mooney. 2/79
Cap America vol. 1 #237
Cap rejoins Avengers after Sharon Carters supposed death. 2 panels.
Iron Man vol. 1 #114
Avengers vs. Arsenal. Try to cure Unicorn. On cover. Giffen art.
Iron Man vol. 1 #115
IM vs. Mad. Masque. As assist by transporting Unicorn to Stark's lab.
Avengers vol. 1 #181
Gyrich forces As down to 7. 1st Scott Lang. Michelinie/Byrne. 3/79
Avengers vol. 1 #182
Pt. 2. As battle magic foes. Pietro & Wanda go w/ Maximoff. Byrne.
Black Panther vol. 1 #14
As visit BP on Wakandan mission to UN. Klaw found. As on cover.
Black Panther vol. 1 #15
Pt. 2. As vs. Klaw. Avengers on cover. Last issue.
Avengers vol. 1 #183
Ms. Marvel joins. Absorbing Man vs. As. Michelinie/Byrne. 5/79
Avengers vol. 1 #184
Absorbing Man pt. 2. Michelinie/Byrne. 6/79
Marvel Superheroes Novel #9
Short stories. 50 page story by Jim Shooter, eventually in #202
Avengers vol. 1 #185
New origin of Wanda & Pietro. Modred captures SW. Byrne. 7/79
Marvel Two-In-One #51
Thing, Fury and the As vs. Gen. Pollock. 1st Thing/As poker game.
Fantastic Four Annual #14
FF vs. Salem Seven. The Avengers aid FF in their battle. 3 panels
Iron Man vol. 1 #125
With IM under suspicion, Avengers discuss if IM should take over.
Cap America vol. 1 #242
Avengers cover. Fake Avengers in story.
Avengers vol. 1 #186
Wanda becomes Chthon. High Evolutionary. Michelinie/Byrne. 8/79
Avengers vol. 1 #187
Conclusion. As arrive vs. Chthon & Modred and defeat them. Byrne.


Avengers vol. 1 #188

Marvel Novel Series #10
Avengers Annual #9
Avengers vol. 1 #189
Avengers vol. 1 #190
Avengers vol. 1 #191
Marvel Fanfare #23
Avengers vol. 1 #192
What If vol. 1 #19
Avengers vol. 1 #193
What If vol. 1 #20
Avengers vol. 1 #194
Avengers vol. 1 #195
Avengers vol. 1 #196
Avengers vol. 1 #197
Cap America vol. 1 #250
Avengers vol. 1 #198
Avengers vol. 1 #199
Avengers vol. 1 #200
Avengers vol. 1 #201
Avengers vol. 1 #202
Avengers vol. 1 #203
Avengers vol. 1 #204
What If vol. 1 #25
Avengers vol. 1 #205
Dazzler #1
Avengers vol. 1 #206
Dazzler #2
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #220

Micronauts #28
Daredevil vol. 1 #164
Incredible Hulk Annual #11

Marvel Two-In-One #75

Avengers vol. 1 #207
Avengers vol. 1 #208
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #230

Avengers vol. 1 #209

Avengers Annual #10

Avengers vol. 1 #210

Avengers vol. 1 #211
Defenders vol. 1 #98

Defenders vol. 1 #99

Defenders vol. 1 #100

Marvel Graphic Novel #1

Avengers vol. 1 #212

What If vol. 1 # 29
Avengers vol. 1 #213
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #236
Avengers vol. 1 #214
Avengers vol. 1 #215
Avengers vol. 1 #216

1st Elements of Doom, in Russia. Mantlo/Byrne. 10/79
Man Who Stole Tomorrow Kang/Avengers novel by Michelinie.
As battle and defeat Arsenal beneath the mansion. Mantlo/Newton.
Hawkeye battles Deathbird, As security status threatened. Byrne.
DD guest. Grey Gargoyle pt. 1. Michelinie/Byrne. 12/79
Grey Gargoyle pt. 2. As priority status renewed. Michelenie/Byrne.
IM phones Jarvis before battling Doc Ock but hangs up. 2 panels.
Inferno. Return of Carol Danvers. Michelinie. 2/80
Spider-Man stops Uncle Bens Killer. SM agent for As? 1 panel.
Inferno pt. 2. Michelinie/S. Buscema. 3/80
Kree-Skrull War w/o Rick Jones! DeFalco/Kupperberg
Interlude. Lead-in to Assault on a Mind Cage. Perez. 4/80
Yellowjacket and Ant-Man taken out by Taskmaster. Perez. 5/80
Taskmaster origin and getaway. Perez. 6/80
Prelude to War-devil: Red Ronin. Michelinie/Infantino. 7/80
Avengers discuss Caps opportunity to run for President. 10 panels.
Red Ronin battles its way to New York. Michelinie/Perez. 8/80
Red Ronin defeated. Ms. Marvel about to give birth! Perez. 9/80
Birth of Marcus, son of Immortus. Ms. Marvel departs. Perez. 10/80
2 stories. Prelude to Ultron battle, Jarvis solo. Michelenie/Perez.
Ultron frozen in adamantium. Michelenie/Perez. 12/80
Wonder Man & the Beast vs. the Crawlers. Michelenie/Infantino.
As battle Yellow Claw to rescue bride. Michelenie/Newton. 2/81
As battle Asgard over Jane Foster. Loki killed by Wasp! Buckler
Yellow Claw tries to sterilize earth. Vision defeats him. Kupperberg
Beast tells D about singing audition. 2 pages. Romita Jr.
Pyron attempts huge gas explosion. Mantlo/Colan. 4/81
Dazzler, Avengers, X-Men, FF and Spider-Man vs. the Enchantress
Avengers contact Reed Richards to get aid in solving worldwide
blackout problem. 2 panels
Fury fails to contact As in battle w/ Karza. 1 panel. Broderick
As gather at DDs hospital bed, offering aid to Black Widow. Miller
Avengers try to find cure for green flu infecting NY, aid the Hulk in
defeating the Leader.
Super-Adaptoid, Blastaar, Annihilus, poker game. Double-size.
Shadow Lord dies. Berserker arises. Fingeroth/Colan. 5/81
Berserker runs rampant. Wasp traps him in shadow realm. Colan.
FF vs. Ebon Seeker. As are discouraged from helping FF. 8 panels
and a cover. Sienkiewicz
Beast retrieves resurrection stone to save girlfriend from Skrull. 7/81
Rogue, Mystique & brotherhood vs. As. X-Men appear, Carol
Danvers confronts As. Clairemont/Golden.
Sentient weather satellite wreaks havoc until As overcome it. 8/81
New lineup sort of imposed by Moondragon. Shooter/Colan. 9/81
As investigate disappearance of a Florida city at the invitation of
Dr. Strange then stand guard while the Defenders confront demons
who caused the city to disappear.
Avengers continue to stand guard in Earth's dimension while the
Defenders battle Mephisto. 2 panels.
Hellcat is Satans daughter. Double-sized.
The death of Captain Marvel. As in flashbacks, attempting to cure
him and at deathbed. Starlin.
Elfqueen goes berserk. Yellowjacket becomes violent. Shooter. 10/81
As pawns of Scarlet Centurian. Defeat everyone. Thor stops SC.
Court martial of Yellowjacket! Hank strikes Jan. Shooter/Hall. 11/81
As appear on FFs 20th anniversary issue cover.
As battle the Ghost Rider. Angel calms him. Jan to seek divorce.
Molecule Man invincible. Silver Surfer guest. Shooter. 1/82
Tigra talks Molecule Man into giving up and quits. Shooter. 2/82


Avengers vol. 1 #217

Avengers vol. 1 #218
What If vol. 1 #32
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #243
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #244
Avengers vol. 1 #219
Avengers vol. 1 #220
Fantacos Chronicles #4
Marvel Illustrated Novel
Avengers Annual #11
Micronauts #43
Avengers vol. 1 #221
Avengers vol. 1 #222
Avengers vol. 1 #223
Avengers vol. 1 #224
Dazzler #21
Avengers vol. 1 #225
Vision & Scarlet Witch vol. 1 #1
Avengers vol. 1 #226
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #277
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #278
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #279
Contest Of Champions #1
Contest Of Champions #2
Contest Of Champions #3
Marvel Two-In-One Annual #7
Marvel Two-In-One #96


Egghead uses Yellowjacket to battle As and is jailed. Shooter. 3/82

Boy who cannot die. Shooter/Perlin. 4/82
Korvac destroys the universe, uses As! Gruenwald.
Avengers and Dr. Strange join the FF in their battle against Galactus.
Avengers aid the FF in reviving the defeated Galactus.
As crush rebellion Moondragon stirs up. Pt. 1. Shooter/Hall. 5/82
Drax dies and Moondragon defeated facing judgment. Shooter/Hall.
Comic journal focused on Avengers articles, history. Perez cover!
The origin of the Vision. Reprints Avengers vol. 1 #s 57, 58, 83.
As vs. Defenders, Nebulon and Supernalia perish. De Matteis.
Micronauts at As mansion, Thor tries to help. Several pages. G. Kane
New members recruitment results in Hawkeye and She-Hulk. Hall.
New Masters of Evil sent back to prison after battle. 8/82
Hawkeye and Ant-Man vs. Taskmaster at a carnival. Michelinie.
Romance between Tony Stark and Wasp begins and ends. 10/82
Avengers attend celebrity concert. 2 panels. Springer
Dr. Druid transports As to Avalon. Grant/LaRocque. 11/82
1 panel in mansion w/ As memories & Jarvis. 11/82. Mantlo.
Avengers return to present and Black Knight is revived. 12/82
As and others cant help Hulk, defeats U-Foes on his own.
Intelligent Hulk and heroes defeat alien invasion, gets amnesty.
Tributes to the Hulk from heroes everywhere. Mantlo/Gruenwald.
Grandmaster & challenger gather heroes pit against each other.
Teams battle. Mantlo/Romita Jr.
challenger revealed as Death. Grandmaster dies, Collector returns.
Heroes battle the Champion. Thing refuses to quit. DeFalco/Wilson
As, X-Men, FF, Spider-Man and DD battle villains after Thing is
Vision & Scarlet Witch vol. 1 # 3 Vision receives a "transfusion" from Wonder Man following his
battle with Isbisa. 1/83. Mantlo.
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 Origin and first appearance of the new Captain Marvel, Monica
Avengers vol. 1 #227
New Captain Marvel joins, Pym faces trial. Stern/S. Buscema. 1/83
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #281
Hulk gets spacecraft from As, battles the Leader and fails.
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #282
Hulk battles Arsenal, As in flashbacks and team up against Leader.
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #283
Hulk and As against Leader in space. On cover! S. Buscema/Sinnott.
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #284
Hulk and As vs. defeat Leader. Hulk offered membership! On cover.
Avengers vol. 1 #228
Trial. Egghead coerces Pym into helping him. Stern/Milgrom. 2/83
Avengers vol. 1 #229
Pym defeats Masters of Evil, Eggheads plot revealed, dies. 3/83
Avengers vol. 1 #230
Pym quits being Yellowjacket and becomes civilian. Stern/Milgrom
Crazy magazine #94
Last issue contains spoof of Avengers Kree/Skrull war. Neal Adams.
What If vol. 1 # 38
Wanda in Jocastas body 50 years in future. Cap & DD segments.
Avengers vol. 1 #231
As vs. Plantmans towering humanoid, Eros helps. Stern/Milgrom
Avengers vo1. #232
Starfox joins As, subdue Plantman. Encounter barrier. Stern/Milgrom.
Avengers Annual #12
As vs. Inhumans on the Moon. Maximus, Enclave. Mantlo/Guice.
Thor vol. 1 #332
Dracula. Thor seeks aid of As in finding runestaff. 2 panels.
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #254
Wasp and She-Hulk try to fight through Annihilus barrier.
Avengers vol. 1 #233
As attempt and succeed in breaching Annihilus barrier. Stern/Byrne
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #256
Climax of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers vs.Annihilus
Avengers vol. 1 #234
SW retells history of Pietro & Wanda in flashbacks. Stern/Milgrom.
Thor vol. 1 #334
Thor, Sif borrow Quinjet from As in search of Jane Foster. 1 page.
Avengers vol. 1 #235
As capture the Wizard. Stern/Milgrom. 9/83
Avengers vol. 1 #236
Spider-Man wants to join. On cover. Project Pegasus. Stern/Milgrom.
Avengers vol. 1 #237
Pt. 2, Lava Men, As vs. escaped villains. Government refuses Spidey.
Avengers vol. 1 #238
Vision one w/ ISAAC, defeat Moonstone & Blackout. Stern/Milgrom
Avengers vol. 1 #239
David Letterman on cover! As on Late Night. Stern/Milgrom. 1/84
Avengers vol. 1 #240
Spider-Womans spirit, Morgan Le Fey, Magnus, Dr. Strange. 2/84
Avengers vol. 1 #241
Pt. 2, As defeat Morgan. Jessica Drew returns. Shroud. 3/84
Avengers vol. 1 #242
Vision regains mobility. Prologue to Secret Wars. Beyonder. 4/84


What If vol. 1 # 44
Secret Wars vol. 1 # 1
Secret Wars vol. 1 # 2
Secret Wars vol. 1 # 3
Secret Wars vol. 1 # 4
Secret Wars vol. 1 # 5
Secret Wars vol. 1 # 6
Secret Wars vol. 1 # 7
Secret Wars vol. 1 # 8
Secret Wars vol. 1 # 9
Secret Wars vol. 1 # 10
Secret Wars vol. 1 # 11
Secret Wars vol. 1 # 12
Avengers vol. 1 #243

Amazing Spider-Man #252

Fantastic Four vol. 1 #265

Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #300

Avengers vol. 1 #244
Avengers vol. 1 #245
Avengers Annual #13
Marvel Graphic Novel #17

Avengers vol. 1 #246

Avengers vol. 1 #247
Avengers vol. 1 #248
West Coast Avengers Vol. 1 # 1
West Coast Avengers Vol. 1 # 2
Iron Man Annual #7
Avengers vol. 1 #249
Thor vol. 1 #350
Thor vol. 1 #351
Thor vol. 1 #352

Thor vol. 1 #353

West Coast Avengers Vol. 1 # 3

West Coast Avengers Vol. 1 # 4
Cap America vol. 1 #296
Cap America vol. 1 #299
Cap America vol. 1 #301
Avengers vol. 1 #250
Iron Man vol. 1 #190
Avengers vol. 1 #251
Uncanny X-Men 190
Uncanny X-Men 191
Avengers vol. 1 #252
Iron Man vol. 1 #193
Iron Man vol. 1 #194

Avengers vol. 1 #253

Iron Man vol. 1 # 195
Avengers vol. 1 #254
Avengers vol.1 #255
Rom #65
Rom #66
Cap America vol. 1 #308
Marvel Graphic Novel #27

Full-length epic of Cap revived in 80s instead of 60s. As disband.
Beyonders gathering of heroes and villains. Shooter/Zeck.
Villains attack, Galactus ignores Doom. Shooter/Zeck.
Wasp and Magneto together? Titania & Plasma. Shooter/Zeck.
Heroes buried, Ultron blasts Thor and Kang. Shooter/Zeck.
Galactus stirs, Doom plots, villains attack, X-Men retaliate.
Klaw, Molecule Man, Wasp killed?
New Spider-Woman, Galactus expels Doom. She Hulk battles.
Spideys new costume! Wasp alive again? Cap beats Enchantress.
Assault on Galactus, but he escapes. Shooter/Zeck.
Doom attacks Beyonder after stealing Galactus power!
Doom destroys everyone with Beyonders power?
Beyonder reclaims power. Heroes go home changed.
Vision proposes a second team! Quells public panic before heroes
return from Secret War. 5/84
As and Spidey return from Secret War w/ new costume. 1 panel.
Events at As mansion surrounding Secret Wars. As in several panels
wondering about disappearance of heroes.
Avengers vs. the Savage Hulk. Hulk vs. Thor, 5-page battle.
As stop Rocketeers who prove to be Dire Wraiths. Stern/Milgrom
Pt. 2, Wraith sisterhood stops immediate menace. Stern/Milgrom
Hulk clones backfire on Arnim Zola. Stern/Ditko/Byrne.
Revenge of the Living Pharaoh. As wrap giant pharaoh in
adamantium and Thor flings into space. As mop up followers.
Sersi and As kidnapped to Olympia. Pt. 1. Stern/Milgrom. 8/84
Titans and Eternals same? Uni-mind, Maelstrom. Stern/ Milgrom.
Eternals depart after Uni-mind disrupted. 10/84
Hawkeye, IM, Mockingbird, Tigra form group. Stern/Hall
Graviton freed. Stern/Hall
Iron Man and the West Coast Avengers vs. Goliath II.
Blizzards released on earth, Surtur & demons battle heroes in NYC.
Integral part of Surtur saga build-up, no As appearance. Simonson.
Surtur saga, As & FF join Asgardians against Surturs forces.
Surtur saga cont. Heroes battle demon hordes as Surtur gains upper
hand. Simonson.
Finale of Surtur saga. Loki, Odin and Thor join together. As topple
gateway on demons. Odin and Surtur disappear in pit. Simonson.
Graviton story continues. SternHall.
Graviton defeated. Stern/Hall.
The Avengers begin to search for Captain America.
The Avengers continue their search for Captain America.
As locate Cap, try to restore his youth following battle w/ Red Skull.
Maelstrom continues to grow until molecules are dispersed. 12/84
Tony Stark seeks aid of Viz & SW to stop Termite b4 IM II kills him.
Paladin, Wasp foil Baron Brimstone. Vision plots worldwide control
Kulan Gath transforms NYs heroes to ancient warriors. Romita Jr.
Heroes battle, Gath and Selene defeated. Romita Jr.
Herc beats Blood Brothers while Vision takes Black Knight captive.
IM helps the West Coast Avengers battle Dr. Demonicus' Sea Serpent.
Conclusion of WCA vs. Sea Serpent, plus Hank Pym helps IM II (Jim
Rhodes) with his headaches.
Vision takes over worldwide computer network, beats Quasimodo.
West coast Avengers discuss the future of Iron Man with Tony Stark.
Vision talked out of his scheme, rips out control crystal. Stern/Hall.
Cap Marvel II finds mercenaries on board Thanos ship near Pluto.
As join Rom in Dire Wraith genocide. Great splash p. 11. Ditko.
Wraith menace finally eliminated from earth. As, X-Men clean up.
Cap visits the West Coast Avengers and battles Armadillo.
Emperor Doom: Doom finally conquers earth using Killgrave in


Avengers vol. 1 #256

Avengers vol. 1 #257
Iron Man vol. 1 #206
Avengers vol. 1 #258
Amazing Spider-Man #270
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 1
Cap America vol. 1 #310
Vision & Scarlet Witch Vol. 2 # 1

Avengers vol. 1 #259

West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 2
Vision & Scarlet Witch Vol. 2 # 2

Avengers vol. 1 #260

West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 3
Avengers Annual #14

Fantastic Four Annual #19

Secret Wars II #4

Avengers vol. 1 #261

West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 4
Secret Wars II #5
Avengers vol. 1 #262
Vision & Scarlet Witch Vol. 2 # 6

West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 5

Avengers vol. 1 #263
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #286
Cap America vol. 1 #314

West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 6

Avengers vol. 1 #264
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #316
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 7
Avengers vol. 1 #265
Wonder Man vol. 1 #1
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 8
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 9
Secret Wars II #9
Eternals Vol. 2 #12
Avengers vol. 1 #266
Vision & Scarlet Witch Vol. 2 # 7
New Mutants #40
Avengers vol. 1 #267
Avengers vol. 1 #268
Avengers vol. 1 #269
Avengers vol. 1 #270
Daredevil vol. 1 #233
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 10
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #321
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #322
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #323
Power Man and Iron Fist #125
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #293
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 11
Avengers vol. 1 #271

psycho-prism, brings peace, but As eventually destroy it. On
cover. Michelinie/Hall
Terminus pt. 1. Black Knight joins, Wasp returns as chairperson.
1st Nebula. Terminus destroys Savage Land, defeated by As. 7/85
West Coast Avengers and Iron Man vs. Goliath II.
Firelord defeated by Spidey, Nebula plots to overthrow Skrull empire.
As aid Spider-Man in his battle w/ Firelord. On cover. Frenz.
Lethal Legion. Double-sized. Englehart/Milgrom.
Starfox & Black Knight have a training session with Cap. 3 pages.
As aid Viz, S. Witch in battle against Nekra, Black Talon and Grim
As and Skrulls in alliance against Nebula. Stern/Buscema/Palmer
Lethal Legion pt. 2. Englehart/Milgrom.
WCA battle Ultron, Nekra, Blk. Talon, Gr. Reaper, Goliath & ManApe. Lethal Legion part 3, finale.
Beyonder unwittingly helps Nebula escape. X-o w/ Secret Wars II.
Tigra vs. Kraven. Mockingbird to the rescue. Thing arrives.
As and FF team-up, hyperwave bomb robs Skrulls of shape-changing
Powers. Stern/Byrne.
Avengers and the Fantastic Four join forces to battle the Skrulls.
Beyonder wishes to love so he tricks Dazzler into thinking the As
attacked him, but they arent the real thing nor is his love. On cover.
Starfox continues search for Nebula, Beyonder causes trouble. Stern
Master Pandemonium. Johnny Carson, Firebid. Englehart/Milrom.
As place call for Beyonders whereabouts then attack but let him go.
Hydrobase needed, Herc vs. Sub-Mariner, who joins As. Buscema.
Avengers and Magneto attend Thanksgiving dinner at the Viz &
S.W.s home.
Tigra makes moves on Hank and Simon. Werewolf wants Tigra.
As discover cocoon w/ J. Grey! Pt. 1. Enclave. Stern/Buscema. 1/86
FF and Avengers try to solve the mystery of revived Jean Grey. Byrne
Avengers/FF debate going to the Alt. Earth of Squad. Supreme and
ending Squadron's mind control experiment.
As find Cat people to help Tigra. Ultron visits Pym.
New female Yellowjacket abducts Pyms stuff, Wasp defeats her.
As heavy-hitters vs. savage Hulk separated from banner. On cover.
2 Ultrons: one kind and one evil, WM kills evil one, other dies.
Insane Beyonder defeats As. Secret Wars II x-o. Stern/Buscema.
As in flashbacks and story, WM saves Sandman from radiation.
As vs. possessed Rangers, connected to Pandemonium.
Origin of Master Pandemonium. As find him but escapes. Thing joins
Finale. Molecule Man vs. Beyonder. His death spawns new universe.
Ghaur vs. Eternals and WCA. Final issue. Simonson/Ryan.
Epilogue to Secret Wars II. Molecule Man saves earth. Buscema.
Vision asks Cap & Namor about original Human Torch.
As battle Magneto thinking he is reestablishing the Brotherhood.
1st Council of Kangs, Kangs robot challenges As. Buscema. 5/86
Robot defeated, Kang and Ravonna paralyze As. 6/86
Immortus vs. Kang, Kang goes insane from psyche-globe. 7/86
Under Siege, prelude. Masters of Evil gather. Sub-Mariner leaves.
Avengers take Nuke away from DD. 8 panels. Miller
Thing disappears. As end up fighting Griffin and Headlock.
East and West teams gather again to battle savage Hulk.
Betty stops As from killing savage Hulk.
Vision reintegrates Banner and Hulk to save Banners life.
Avengers join IF at hospital bed of the dying Bobby Wright.
WCA & She-Hulk try to breach time dome, contact FF.
WCA vs. members of the Blood Tongsent by SHIELD?
Under Siege, part 1. Grey Gargoyle, Screaming Mimi. 9/86



West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 12 Graviton pt. 1. WCA vs. Zzzax, Quantum and Halflife.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 13 Graviton pt. 2. Tigra changes back to Greer. Forces battle each other
and Graviton flies off into space.
Alpha Flight vol. 1 #39
As join AF in battle against Attuma. On cover. Pt. 1.
Avengers vol. 1 #272
Sub-Mariner vs. Attuma to find Marrina w/ Alpha Flight. Pt. 2. 10/86
Alpha Flight vol. 1 #40
Namor finds Marrina and destroys Plodex, then gets married! As
in flashback sequences. 2 panels. Pt. 3
Vision & Scarlet Witch Vol. 2 # 12 The Scarlet Witch gives birth to twins.
Avengers Annual #15
Freedom Force interrupts game between As teams, Spider-Woman
frees As. Fingeroth/Ditko/Janson.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 An. 1 unstable Quicksilver, pt. 2. As beat Zodiac cartel.
Cap America vol. 1 #323
Cap comes to mansion as Herc and Dane throw toga party. 3 panels.
Cap America vol. 1 #324
Whirlwind, Trapster. Tie-in to Under Siege storyline.
Avengers vol. 1 #273
Under Siege, part 3. Masters take Mansion. 11/86
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 14 Tigra cant control herself, demons attack and kidnap Pym and Greer.
Marvel Saga #12
History of marvel universe focusing on Cap and Avengers. 11/86
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 15 River of Death leads to Cat people. Pand. disarmed. New Tigra.
Amazing Spider-Man #283
Spider-Man vs. Titania & Absorbing Man. Tie-in to Under Siege.
Avengers vol. 1 #274
Under Siege, part 4. Avengers beaten badly. 12/86
Avengers vol. 1 #275
Under Siege, part 5. Jarvis beaten, Absorbing Man, Titania fall.
Avengers vol. 1 #276
Under Siege, part 6. Avengers fight back to retake Mansion!
Avengers vol. 1 #277
Under Siege, part 7. Masters defeated. Zemo loses to Cap.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 16 Tigra captures Tigershark and Whirlwind. Pym suicidal.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 17 Lost in Space/Time pt. 1. Dominus transfers WCAs into time after
they battle desert villains. Pym to commit suicide, stopped by Firebird.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 18 Lost in Space/Time pt. 2. WCA land in wild west to face collected
western heroes and villains. Mock kidnapped by Night-Rider. 3/87
Avengers vol. 1 #278
Wasp resigns after As defeat Tyrak. Dr. Druid, She-Hulk joins.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 19 Lost in Space/Time pt. 3. WCA in 1776, Bobbis memory gone.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 20 Lost in Space/Time pt. 3. WCA go back to ancient Egypt. 5/87
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 21 Lost in Space/Time pt. 4. Moon Knight and Dr. Pym. Bobbi wakes
from spell. Hawkeye makes a deal with Khonshu. 6/87
Avengers vol. 1 #279
Herc abducted, Cap. Marvel II becomes chairperson.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 22 Lost in Space/Time pt. 5. Mock goes after Phantom Rider. As try to
help Dr. Strange. FFs time machine destroyed. 7/87
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 23 Lost in Space/Time pt. 6. Mock kills P. Rider and lies about it. WCA
rescue Mock and get back to real time. 8/87
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 24 Lost in Space/Time pt. 7. WCA come after Dominus, Moon Knight
beats him, but he escapes in rocket. 9/87
Avengers vol. 1 #280
Hospitalized Jarvis reviews years with As, resumes service.
Avengers vol. 1 #281
Olympian gods subdue As, Zeus holds them responsible for Herc.
Avengers vol. 1 #282
Namor attempts to free As from Pluto. Stern/Buscema.
Avengers vol. 1 #283
As attempt to get allies and are besieged by Zeus. Stern/Buscema.
Avengers vol. 1 #284
Thor vs. Zeus! Prometheus attempts to heal Hercules. Stern/Buscema
Avengers vol. 1 #285
Finale. Herc attests to As innocence, snapping Zeus out of his rage.
Mephisto vs. Avengers #4
Mephisto tempts Thor, attempts to beat As for his soul. J. Buscema.
Thor vol. 1 #381
Tie in to Mephisto #4. As magically unconscious before Frost Giants.
X-Men Vs. Avengers #1
Soviets, mutants and heroes converge on Magneto. 4/87
X-Men Vs. Avengers #2
Groups battle each other, Magneto escapes with X-Men. 5/87
X-Men Vs. Avengers #3
Soviets attack and sink ship Magneto is on. 6/87
X-Men Vs. Avengers #4
Magneto is set free after public trial and his manipulations. 7/87
West Coast As Vol. 2 An #2
Grandmaster pt. 1. As battle each other on the other side of death.
Avengers Annual #16
Grandmaster defeats Death. Dead heroes vs. As. Hawkeye cheats.
Avengers vol. 1 #286
Fixer, Super-Adaptoid. New Hydrobase Facility. Stern/Buscema
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 25 WM defeats Abomination, but everyone thinks its hype for a movie.
Avengers vol. 1 #287
As escape Fixers, Mentallos traps. Super-Adaptoid recruits allies.
Avengers vol. 1 #288
Super-Adaptoid recruits Machine Man, Kree Sentry, TESS-One.
Avengers vol. 1 #289
Adaptoids team dubbed Heavy Metal attacks Hydrobase, Adaptoid
contacts Cosmic Cube and duplicates it as a semi-humanoid Kubik.



West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 26 Zodiac Attack. LMD Zodiac vs. the real baddies, then vs. WCA. 11/87
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 27 Zodiac Attack pt. 2. Sagittarius replaces Hawk, then loses to Mock &
Tigra. 12/87
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 28 Zodiac Attack pt. 3. WCA battle Zodiac LMDs in Brotherhoods
dimension. Sent back home. 1/88
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 29 Zodiac Attack finale. Moon Knight vs. Taurus. 2/88
Iron Man vol. 1 #227
Stark Wars, ch. 3. Caps new shield. AWC in 6 panels. 2/88
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 30 Sligs invasion uses Examiner robot that becomes composite Avenger.
Avengers vol. 1 #290
Finale. Adaptoid self-destructs. Macchio/Buscema. 3/88
Thor vol. 1 #390
On cover! Cap lifts Thors hammer in battle with Seths minions!
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 31 Arkon conjured up by Phantom Rider who seeks revenge on Mock.
Alpha Flight vol. 1 #61
As comment on Alpha Flight government hearings. 1 panel. Jim Lee.
Iron Man vol. 1 # 229
AWC ask Tony to stop Stark Wars and vote him out when he wont.
Splash page. Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man. 4/88
Avengers vol. 1 # 291
Marrina metamorphosizes into sea creature, Namor protects.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 32 WCA take out giant Vetrigar. 5/88
Avengers vol. 1 #292
Council of Kangs, Leviathon/Marrina out of control. J. Buscema.
What If Special #1
IM forced to be a traitor. As never form. Ditko art.
Avengers vol. 1 #293
Namor kills Leviathon with Black knights sword. J. Buscema.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 33 Tales to Astonish. Pyms 1st wife alive? WCA investigate in Europe.
Pym finds Vision & Scarlet Witch as prisoners. 6/88
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 34 Tales to Astonish. Quicksilver reveals he is behind their capture. Mock
reveals her secret of letting Phantom Rider die. Escape to Latveria.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 35 Tales to Astonish. Pt. 3. Hawk and Mock argue, leave Latveria with
aid of Khonshu and Kristoff. 8/88
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 36 Tales to Astonish, pt. 4. The Voice tries to have the As kill Pym, he
discovers 1st wife is a pawn of experimentation and plans to help her.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 37 Mock quits, divides team. Return of Mantis, Hawk captures The Voice
W. C. Avengers Vol. 2 An #3 88 Evolutionary War. WCA vs. Sensors, return of Giant-Man. 10/88
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 38 New team. Flashback story involves Defiler posing as a rock star
feeding off fans in another dimension. WCA rescue fans draining him.
Avengers vol. 1 #294
Dr. Druid takes over as Cap Marvel II is bed-ridden after battle.
Nick Fury vs. Shield #2
As debriefed that Fury is a traitor. 3 panels. Harris/Neary
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 39 Mantis and WCA go to Viet Nam to restore memories and battle
Swordsman. She gains human guise once again and remembers. 12/88
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 40 WCA mix it up w/ Shrouds gang, the Night Shift. 1/89
Avengers vol. 1 #295
Nebula II takes control over Druid and As. Simonson/Buscema
Avengers vol. 1 #296
As & Nebula retrofit quinjet to travel in time stream.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 41 Phantom Riders spirits duke it out, Seth attacks Khonshu who lets
Moon Knight go. MK quits As. 2/89
Avengers vol. 1 #297
Finale. Nebula and Dr. Druid sucked into chronal void. As disband.
Avengers vol. 1 #298
Inferno x-over. Jarvis rescues Glory. The Captain defeats robot.
Avengers Annual #17 88
The end of the Evolutionary War. Jocasta destroys genetic bomb.
Cap America vol. 1 #349
The Captain swims to Avengers Island after Avengers disband.
Avengers vol. 1 #299
Inferno x-over. Heroes stop Orphan-maker, face Franklins kidnappers
Avengers vol. 1 #300
2 stories. Unusual lineup forms after freeing Franklin. Inferno x-over.
Thor vol. 1 #402
Death of Lorelei. Thor vs. Quicksand. As appear on splash page.
Avengers vol. 1 #301
Super-Nova saga, pt. 1. Starfox seeks As aid in space freeing Firelord.
Avengers vol. 1 #302
Super-Nova saga, pt. 2. Super-Nova beats Quasar and WM. WCA.
Avengers vol. 1 #303
Super-Nova saga, pt. 3. FF and As vs. Super-Nova. Gets talked into
pursuing Nebula in timestream. Cap unhappy with Reeds decisions.
Avengers Spotlight #21
WCA rescues Hawkeye in battle w/ Orbs gang. 2 panels.
Avengers vol. 1 #304
U-Foes. Puma and As at odds over youth with incredible powers.
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 42 Vision Quest pt. 1. Vz gone missing, Ultron attacks, WM shrinks goes
inside and grows back to normal to destroy him. Mock betrays WCA?
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 43 Vision Quest pt. 2. Mock explains a bogus SHIELD operation and
WCA invade compound only to find Vision disassembled! Byrne.4/89
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 44 Vision Quest pt. 3. Wandas children disappear while Viz has no



memory. Apparently he is not the original Human Torchs body. 5/89

West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 45 Vision Quest pt. 4. USAgent declares hes a member and Hawk
quits. WM refuses to allow his brain-patterns to help Viz. Byrne
West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 # 46 1st Great Lakes Avengers! Tigra losing humanity. Byrne. 7/89
Avengers Spotlight # 23
In 2nd story Vision appears on Tonight show and WCA bust a gut.
Avengers vol. 1 #305
Attack of lava men on As island. Pt. 1.
What If vol. 2 # 1
As lost Evolutionary war? Genetic bomb transforms planet.
Avengers vol. 1 #306
Fallout from inferno. Jinku unleashes giant lava monster.
Avengers vol. 1 #307
Gilgamesh seriously injured. Lava men evolve and stop attack.
Avengers vol. 1 #308
As seek aid of Sersi, go to Olympia and find a crater.
Avengers vol. 1 #309
As enter negative zone in search for Olympia, ambushed by Blastaar.
What If vol. 2 #5
If Wonder Man hadnt died, marries SW. Vision defeats As and kills
Wonder Man, memories inserted into Vision. On cover.
Avengers vol. 1 #310
Eternals stop Blastaar, reveal Sprite tampered and put Olympia in
negative zone.
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #333
As battle "evil clone" FF in conclusion of DreamQuest Saga. 11/89
Avengers West Coast # 47
That Which Endures. Wanda seeks help restoring Vizs memories but
is tricked into being kidnapped. WM secretly loves Wanda. Byrne
Avengers West Coast # 48
That Which Endures, pt. 2. Wanda assimilated by ancient beings, Cap
& She-Hulk find her. Hawk seeks to train GLA. Byrne. 9/89
Avengers West Coast # 49
That Which Endures, pt. 3. GLA comes to the rescue! Byrne. 10/89
Avengers West Coast # 50
Original Human Torch found and unearthed. Iron Man returns. Byrne
Avengers West Coast #51
Harkness explains that Wandas children dont exist. Master
Pandemoniums demons kidnap them. WCA tracks him. 11/89
Avengers West Coast #52
Wandas kids reabsorbed into Mephisto, her memory erased.
Pandemonium disappears after replacing soul. 12/90
Marvel Super Heroes Vol. 2 #9
WCAs vs. Cupid?! Battle for Olympus. Hawkeye saves the day. On
cover. Back-up stories of Thor and IM.
Avengers Annual #18 89
Atlantis Attacks pt. 11. As vs. serpent crown led invasion.
Avengers West Coast Annual #4 Atlantis Attacks pt. 12 SW brainwashed into becoming bride of Set.
Byrne. Several back-up features on Firebird, USAgent, etc. 89
Thor Annual #14
Atlantis Attacks pt. 13. Thor & heroes aid WCA against 7 heads of Set
Fantastic Four Annual #22
Atlantis Attacks pt. 14. Heroes rescue brides of Set. Conclusion.
Avengers Spotlight #26
Acts of Vengeance begins. IM and Hawk face breakout at the Vault.
Avengers vol. 1 #311
Acts of Vengeance x-over. Hydrobase sunk by armored robots.
Quasar #5
Acts of Vengeance x-over. Q does salvaging, Cap calls on him to
stop Absorbing Man (and he does). 12/89
Avengers West Coast #53
Acts of Vengeance x-over. U-Foes attack and leave. SW delirious.
Avengers Spotlight #27
Acts of Vengeance x-over. Reserve As face Awesome Android.
Avengers vol.1 #312
Acts of Vengeance x-over. As battle elements of Freedom Force.
Avengers West Coast #54
Acts of Vengeance x-over. Mole Man. Cover ala FF vol. 1 #1.
Tricephalous and Giganto vs. WCA. 1/90
Avengers Spotlight #28
Acts of Vengeance x-over. Angar, Screaming Mimi and Mad Thinker.
Avengers vol. 1 #313
Acts of Vengeance x-over. As vs. Mandarin and Wizard. 1/90
Avengers West Coast #55
Acts of Vengeance x-over. Thor closes fissure on Loki! SW attacks.
Avengers Spotlight #29
Acts of Vengeance epilogue. 2nd story, IM vs. Wizard and Klaw. 2/90
Avengers West Coast #56
Scarlet Witch goes bad! Tigra escapes. Quicksilver and Magneto.
Avengers vol. 1 #314
Energy flux makes everything disappear. Nebula. Spider-Man. 3/90
Avengers West Coast #57
New Asteroid base. As defeated by Magneto and sent back to earth.
Avengers vol. 1 #315
Nebula kills Harker, but Spidey stops genesis pulse, restoring things.
Avengers West Coast #58
Fill-in story, Vibro closed into fault. 5/90
Avengers vol. 1 #316
As chase Nebula back to her ship, The Stranger smashes in. 5/90
Avengers West Coast #59
Hydro-man. As die in divergent timeline. Immortus. 6/90
What The?! #7
Parody. Revengers vs. Just-A-League. On cover.
Avengers vol. 1 #317
Nebula has stolen the Infinity union, Spideys webbing activates it.
Avengers West Coast #60
Immortus plays everyone for pawns. Magneto splits. 7/90
Avengers vol. 1 #318
All-powerful Nebula defeated, Spidey decides to leave.
Avengers West Coast #61
Legion of the Unliving. Immortus. Harkness realizes his plan. 8/90
Avengers West Coast #62
Conclusion of Immortus Imperative. Masters of Time stop Immortus.


Deathtrap-The Vault TP
Avengers vol. 1 #319
Avengers vol. 1 #320
Avengers vol. 1 #321
Avengers vol. 1 #322
Avengers vol. 1 #323
Avengers vol. 1 #324
Avengers vol. 1 #325
Avengers West Coast Annual #5
Avengers Annual #19 90
Spectacular Spider-Man #168
Spectacular Spider-Man #169
Spectacular Spider-Man #170
Avengers vol. 1 #326
What If vol. 2 # 19

Avengers vol. 1 #327

Avengers West Coast #63

Avengers vol. 1 #328

Avengers Spotlight #37

Avengers Spotlight #38
Avengers Spotlight #40
Cap America vol. 1 #383
Cap America vol. 1 #384
Avengers vol. 1 #329
Thor vol. 1 #420
Thor vol. 1 #421
Avengers West Coast #64
Avengers West Coast #65
Avengers West Coast #66

Avengers West Coast #67

Avengers West Coast #68

Avengers vol. 1 #330

Avengers vol. 1 #331
Avengers West Coast #69
X-factor #66
Namor, Sub-Mariner #13
Amazing Spider-Man #348

Alpha Flight vol. 1 # 98

Alpha Flight vol. 1 # 99
Alpha Flight vol. 1 #100
Alpha Flight vol. 1 #101

Quasar #25

Infinity Gauntlet #1

Infinity Gauntlet #3
Infinity Gauntlet #4
Infinity Gauntlet #5

Infinity Gauntlet #6

Avengers vol. 1 #332

Venom takes hostages, As & Freedom Force stop escapees and bomb.
Terrorists capture sub. As, Russians and Atlanteans tussle. 2nd story.
Pt. 2, Alpha Flight gets involved. Hostages held by Peace Corpse.
Pt. 3, stealth team tries to take sub, foes become living nukes. 2nd story
Pt. 4, Atlanteans battle heroes. Nuclear detonation occurs. 2nd story.
Pt. 5, Shaman seeks to restore heroes, foes become combine. 2nd story.
Pt. 6, Combine takes radiation into dimensional void and heroes return
Vision vs. Skeleton crew after mansion is bugged. 10/90
Terminus Factor Part 4. Termini battle each other, one eats the other.
Terminus Factor Part 5. Enemy pulled from earth, implodes. 10/90
S-M tricked by She-Hulk? Turns out to be Space Phantom. On cover.
S-M and As vs. black cloud. Space Phantom takes over Sandman.
As vs. Outlaws. Cloud turns out to be swarm. On cover. S. Buscema.
1st Rage. Ramscov gains radiation spawned powers.
2 scenarios if Vision conquered earth, creates cosmic As and joins
forces with Dr. Doom and Hydra to dominate galaxy.
As vs. Rumskov, dimensional warp transports As to battle monsters.
Living Lightning vs. Human Torch until grounded. WM love for
Wanda causes frustration since she loves Viz and he cant reciprocate.
Chernobyl saboteurs defeated. Beings from dimension of exile set
loose. 1/91
Dr. Druid. Flashbacks w/ As and Nebula.
Tigra. As in flashback.
Vision goes looking to talk to individual As at mansion.
As party celebrating 50th anniversary of Cap's debut. One splash page.
Flashback to Avengers #4. 1 panel. Thor also appears at end.
New roster w/ Rage & Sandman. Tetrarchs capture As.
As vs. Stellaris. Cant stop her from killing Replicoid. On cover. 8/90
As continue battle with Stellaris til Thor stops her and she leaves.
Cap & Human Torch battle power of Cyttorak Ruby. Fill-in. 11/90
Reaper & the Robot. Nekra raises Reaper, he goes on killing spree.
Reaper & the Robot. WCA find robots and Ultron-13 hideout. WM
pursues Reaper who kills Mandrill. 1/91
Reaper & the Robot team up! Some of WCA turned metal. 2/91
Reaper & the Robot finale. WCA stop metallic spray. Villains take
each other out. 3/91
Tetrarchs of Entropy. As return. Ngh takes grandmother hostage.
Tetrarchs of Entropy. Tetrarchs banished to dimension of exile.
USAgent beats up Hawkeye, offered a chance to reform, he quits.
1 panel of As trying to rescue people from X-Factors giant Ship.
Namor on trial, Thor testifies to battles w/ As, put on probation.
S-M and As stop renegades from stealing a train of nuclear waste.
Sandman quits. On cover. Larsen art.
As arrive on last page to lend aid. 1 splash page panel. 7/91
Avengers help Alpha Flight in their battle against the Consortium.
Avengers and Alpha Flight battle both the Consortium and Galactus.
Avengers aid AF in clean-up of Toronto after battle with the
Consortium. Herc spars with Sasquatch. 10/91
Infinity vs. Oblivion and Q vs. Maelstrom. Guest appearances by
Squadron Supreme, Sersi and Moondragon. No As appearance. 8/91
Cap watches as As disappear because of all-powerful Thanos
attempts to please mistress Death. 2 pages. Perez.
As helpless to stop world calamities. On cover. Perez.
Heroes gather forces, choose champions to attack Thanos. Perez.
After heroes die, cosmic deities attack and fall, but Nebula wins.
Thanos aids remaining heroes against Nebula. Warlock gains
possession of gauntlet and everything is restored as it was before.
Dr. Doom takes over new Avengers mansion to try to get info.


Avengers vol. 1 #333

Avengers Annual #20 91
Avengers West Coast Annual #6
Avengers West Coast #70
Avengers West Coast #71

Avengers West Coast #72

Avengers vol. 1 #334

Avengers West Coast #73

Avengers vol. 1 #335

Avengers West Coast #74

Avengers vol. 1 #336

Avengers West Coast #75

What If vol. 2 # 29

Avengers vol. 1 #337

Wonder Man vol. 1 #2
Avengers West Coast #76
Avengers vol. 1 #338

Avengers West Coast #77

Avengers vol. 1 #339

Avengers West Coast #78

Avengers West Coast #79
Fantastic Four vol. 1 #286
Avengers vol. 1 #340

New Warriors #1
Avengers vol. 1 #341
Avengers vol. 1 #342
Avengers vol. 1 #343

What If vol. 2 # 35
What If vol. 2 # 36
Avengers vol. 1 #344
Cap America vol. 1 #398
Avengers West Coast #80
Quasar #32

Cap America vol. 1 #399

Avengers West Coast #81

Quasar #33

Wonder Man #7
Avengers vol. 1 #345
Iron Man vol. 1 #278
Thor vol. 1 #445

Doombots destroyed. Doom gives up quest for info on dimension.
Subterranean wars. Avengers stop Lava men. 6/91
Subterranean pt. 5. Brutus revealed, Grotesk stopped. Wars end. 91
Pacific Overlords. Dr. Demonicus, Spider-Woman joins in. 5/91
Pacific Overlords. WCA vs. Sunfire and Pele. Sub-Mariner. USAgent
hired to get Spider-Woman. 6/91
Pacific Overlords, pt. 3. Irezumi, Cybertooth & Jawbreaker. USAgent
attacks Spider-Woman but cant kill her. 7/91
Collection Obsession pt. 1. Brethren escape Collector and land on
Moon. As break Thane Ectors barrier as they go to earth.
Pacific Overlords, pt. 4. Jawbreaker & Cybertooth capture WM & SW.
Demonicas island rises. 8/91
Collection Obsession pt. 2. Ector attacks Paris, As try to stop him, but
he kidnaps Sersi. Others revive Collector become mini-As to enter
Brethren eco-cell.
Pacific Overlords, finale. Living Lightning joins WCA to stop
Overlords. Demonica named a nation, lineup change. 9/91
Collection Obsession pt. 3. Brethren land in Manhattan and pound As.
Giant-sized. Roller-coaster snatches FF & WCA to dimensions of
Arkon & Thundra while children are kidnapped. Men vs.
women until Arkon & Thundra work out their differences. Trimpe.
Cap forms As in alternate reality where Red Skull is secretly
president and rules a master race of super soldiers in America.
Collection Obsession pt. 4. Secrets of the Brethren revealed: germs!
WM attacks WCA under influence of Enchantress til he rejects her.
Infamous Monsters of Hollywood. Night Shift captures WCA. 11/91
Collection Obsession pt. 5. Thane Ector goes after Collector. Collector
defeats him and transforms
Infamous Monsters of Hollywood. Satannish. 12/91
Collection Obsession pt. 6. Brethren turned back into bacteria As
must round up. Combine into Uni-mind and destroy themselves and
Collector. 10/91
Infamous Monsters of Hollywood. Hangman takes out WM, USAgent.
Infamous Monsters of Hollywood. Satannish takes Hangmans soul.
Resurrection of Jean Grey. Byrne.
Fill-in w/ Cap and Wasp stopping a psycho with a nuclear weapon
and a guard named Bulwark. 10/91
Team forms and battles Terrax. As come to mop up afterwards.
Sons of the Serpent arouse racial unrest. Hate Monger feeds off it.
As and New Warriors battle Hate Monger. Rage must leave As. Pt. 2
1st Magdaline. Rystal and Thor II join and are lured to battle w/
Swordsman?! 1/92
Timequake: flashbacks with As time divergences.
Timequake: Cosmic As and Guardians battle Korvac in 22nd century.
Swordsman attacks and is defeated by Black Knight. Proctor retrieves.
Galactic Storm: Pt. 1. R. Jones dreams of war to come. Cap v. Warstar.
Galactic Storm: Pt. 2. Shiar recover psyche-magnatron, battle Sentry.
Galactic Storm: Pt. 3. Imperial Guard and Kree raid Cap. Marvel Is
tomb for Nega-Bands. Atlas escapes w/ them.
Galactic Storm: Pt. 4. WM defeats Captain Atlas.
Galactic Storm: Pt. 5. As divided into 3 strike-forces. Deathbird. 3/92
Galactic Storm: Pt. 6. IM vs. Shatterax. Task force to Kree arrested.
Galactic Storm: Pt. 7. Thor beats up Gladiator! Throes him through
Stargate and closes it. 3/92
Galactic Storm: Pt. 8. Sersi makes captured As look like Kree to
escape. Cap & others battle and beat Korath. 4/92
Galactic Storm: Pt. 9. As take out Shiar, but they get Atlas nega
Bands and escape through stargate.
Galactic Storm: Pt.10. Quasar vs. Imperial Guard. 4/92


Wonder Man #8

Avengers vol. 1 #346

Iron Man vol. 1 #279
Thor vol. 1 #446

Cap America vol. 1 #400

Avengers West Coast #82

Quasar #34

Wonder Man #9

Avengers vol. 1 #347

Cap America vol. 1 #401

Quasar #35

Avengers vol. 1 #348

What If vol. 2 #41

Avengers vol. 1 #349

Cap. America Annual vol. 1#11
Thor Annual #17

Fantastic Four Annual #25

Avengers Annual #21 92

Darkhawk Annual #1
Avengers West Coast Annual #7

Iron Man Annual #13 92

Avengers vol. 1 #350

Avengers West Coast #83

Avengers vol. 1 #351

Avengers West Coast #84

Avengers vol. 1 #352

Avengers West Coast #85

Avengers vol.1 #353

Avengers West Coast #86

Avengers vol. 1 #354

Avengers West Coast #87

Avengers vol. 1 #355

Avengers West Coast #88

Galactic Storm: Pt.11. WM & Viz jump aboard Nega-portal to stop it.
Battle Starjammers. 4/92
Galactic Storm: Pt.12. Starforce vs. As. Deathbird kills Kree lords.
Galactic Storm: Pt.13. IM and Hawk work to free As, battle Ronin.
Galactic Storm: Pt.14. Imperial guard w/ As aid defeats Kree
force. 4/92
Galactic Storm: Pt.15. Cap seemingly battles long-time foes but they
are actually from Supreme Intelligence. 2nd story As help D-Man and
flip-book reprint of As vol. 1 #4. 5/92
Galactic Storm: Pt. 16. As vs. Imperial Guard. Araki revealed to be a
Skrull. 5/92
Galactic Storm: Pt. 17. Binary saves sun, Quasar battles Super-Skrull
to stop ship w/ nega-bomb from going to Kree Galaxy. 5/92
Galactic Storm: Pt 18. WM battles both Viz and Skrulls to stop Negabomb from going off, but As fail. 5/92
Galactic Storm: Pt. 19. Double-size conclusion. Nega-bomb destroys
Kree empire. As split over killing Supreme Intelligence. Cap quits.
Galactic Storm: Wrap-up. As mtg. Steve & Tony work out problems.
Galactic Storm: Aftermath. Q vs. Shiar Starforce soon after resignation
from As. No As appearance. 6/92
Vision tries to regain emotions. Visits dying Dr. Lipton. Proctor
eliminates this worlds Magdeline.
As in an alternate reality w/o FF battle Galactus and fail. Watcher
fights and gets consumed sparing earth.
Ares, Hera plot against Herc. Ares possesses Thor to battle him.
Citizen Kang: pt. 1. Cap appears w/ various As.
Citizen Kang: Pt. 2. Thor sent by Widow to investigate Timely, WI.
Battles Prester John. Last story has Kang including As flashbacks.
Citizen Kang: Pt. 3. As tricked into battling FF trying to find missing
As at Timely, WI.
Citizen Kang: Pt. 4. As and FF vs. Anachronauts. Ravonna vs. Kang.
Kang put into suspended animation.
Armor City. D-hawk and IM take out Savage Steel. 1 panel.
Armor City pt. 2. Darkhawk helps WCA take down manufacturing
center. Armored groups attack Stark Enterprises.
Armor City finale. WCA first strike, IM battles DeWitts armor til he
dies. Colan.
Prof X warns of Acolytes, Starjammers to visit Binary but Raza
attacks Black Knight and stabs him. Marilla story. Reprint of As #53,
fold out reprinted classic covers. Double-size flip-book.
WCA reservists stop Hyena from blowing up city. Fill-in. 5/92
Pt. 2. Starjammers vs. As. Binary joins As in defeating Raza who
was manipulated by Kree seeking revenge on As.
Death Web, pt. 1. Spider-Womans origin. Spider-Man guest star. 7/92
Fear the Reaper pt. 1. Grim Reaper comes back from the abyss and
causes jet to crash. As a ghost invites As to do battle in a cave.
Death Web, pt. 2. WCA & S-M vs. Death Web, Manipulator holds
Rachel hostage. 8/92
Fear the Reaper pt. 2. As sucked into dimension of abyss to battle the
Legion of the Unliving.
Death Web finale. Spider-Woman vs. S-M. Death Web taken down
along with political candidate. S-Ws ex dies of heart attack. 9/92
Fear the Reaper pt. 3. Confronted with memory of his own suicide,
Reaper is attacked by Unliving, consumed by Abyss.
2nd Cold War. WCA, Wolverine in Canada against Russian Bogatyri.
As track Gatherers and do battle as they seek to replace Panther with
Coal Tiger. Sersis new costume.
2nd Cold War. WCA, Wolverine stop Quickfreeze Crstal from



blanketing North America with ice. 11/92

Jen tells story of As finding Cap and the aliens called DBari.
Gatherers attack Panther. Swordsman stops other Gatherers from
killing Panther. Coal Tiger dies.
Avengers West Coast #89
Ultron gets free attacks WCA home with robo-ticks, War Machine
wants to join up. 12/92
Avengers vol. 1 #357
As question Swordsman. As dinner party interrupted by Watcher.
Screener gets data on Luna (prologue to Bloodties). Sersis crazy?
Avengers West Coast #90
Viz vs. Ultron, captures Bobbi and demands Pym turns her into a
mate. Hawk becomes Goliath again. Mock becomes War Toy? 1/93
Avengers vol. 1 #358
Arkon. Pt. 1. As transported to Polemechus to aid Arkon.
Avengers West Coast #91
Wartoy/Ultron magnetized and blown up on missile. 2/93
Avengers vol. 1 #359
As rescue Polemechus. Sersi kills Anskar. 2nd story Proctor.
Avengers West Coast #92
Goliath vs. Goliath. Hawks version overcomes the bad guy. 3/93
Avengers vol. 1 #360
Vision held captive by Proctor, replaced by a Gatherer. Cap returns.
Bronze foil cover. 2nd story overviews of As and Gatherers.
Avengers West Coast #93
Pax Demonica. Klaw recruited as VP, Overlords come for Kuroko,
Demonicus hijacks airliner. Darkhawk guest star. 4/93
Avengers vol. 1 #361
Eternals come for Sersi, love triangle between Crystal, Dane and Sersi
gets very complicated when Dane rejects Sersi.
Avengers West Coast #94
Pax Demonica Pt. 2, War Machine joins up, WCA to Demonica and
battle Overlords. Demon Raksasa and swarm raised. 5/93
Avengers vol. 1 #362
Vision from Gatherers attacks As until Sersi crystallizes him.
Avengers Annual #22 93
Wizards seek ebony blade, Knights apprentice grabs it and becomes
Blood Wraith. Wraith defeats Black Knight. Anachronauts feature.
Avengers West Coast #95
Pax Demonica finale. Morning Star joins USAgent. Klaw causes
island to fall apart taking Overlords with it. 6/93
Avengers vol. 1 #363
As attack the Gatherers. 1st cameo of Deathcry. Citadel blows. Silver
foil cover. Posters. Double-size.
Avengers West Coast #96
Infinity Crusade x-over. Several WCA act strange, attack and go
missing. Quantums Power Platoon attacks. 7/93
Avengers vol. 1 #364
1st Deathcry. Sent to aid As in conflict w/ Kree. Pt. 1. Sersi back-up.
Avengers West Coast #97
Infinity Crusade x-over. WCA vs. Power Platoon and Wundarr. 8/93
Avengers vol. 1 #365
Pt. 2. Galen Kor and Kree capture As and plan vengeance on earth.
Avengers West Coast #98
Lethal Legion pt. 1. New legion brought together by Satannish.
USAgent beat up bad. 9/93
Avengers vol.1 #366
30th Anniversary gold foil. As stop Kree from blowing up earth w/
nega-bomb. 2nd story Bloodwraith, Deadpool, Black Knight.
Marvel Milestones Avengers #1 Reprints classic issue in entirety including ads.
Avengers West Coast #99
Lethal Legion, pt. 2. Legion actually reincarnations of evil historical
people (Himmler, Stalin, etc). Satannish takes Bobbi. Mephisto. 10/93
Avengers West Coast Ann. #8 93 Raptor, Ultron and Alkhema. Ultron hypnotizes members of WCA,
Raptor aids IM. Alkhema betrays Ultron. Raptor card.
Marvel Milestones Avengers #16 Reprints classic issue in entirety including ads.
Avengers West Coast #100
Mockingbirds death. Back-up stories. Red Foil cover. 11/93
Avengers vol. 1 #367
prologue to Bloodties. Before Luna is kidnapped, Vision wrestles with
not having emotions as he drops in on various As. Deathcry kiss.
As: Termanatrix Objective #1
Revelation recruits 3 WCA members to take out Ravonna who in
response recruits three regular As to defend her. 9/93
As: Termanitrix Objective #2
As battle As, Ravonna captures on Immortus dying day? As
transported to council of Kangs! 10/93
As: Terminatrix Objective #3
Revelation faces Ravonna, As flee council. Alioth attacks! 11/93
As: Terminatrix Objective #4
Finale. Kang revived. As fight for Kang and release Tempus to keep
Alioth at bay. Ravonna and Kangs love story continues. 12/93
What If vol. 2 #55
As lost Operation Galactic Storm. Earth destroyed. IM kills Ronin
and himself. Cap vows war on Kree empire.
What If vol. 2 #56
Many As die as they fight Kree. Supreme Intel strikes final blow.
Captain America vol. 1 #425
Cap appears w/ Avengers vs. Mirage on several pages.
Avengers vol. 1 #368
Bloodties begins. Cortez holds Luna and takes over Genosha. As
Sensational She-Hulk #44
Avengers vol. 1 #356


Avengers Collector Ed. #1

Avengers Anniversary Mag. #1

X-Men #26

Avengers West Coast #101

Uncanny X-Men #307

Avengers vol. 1 #369

Avengers Strikefile #1
Avengers vol. 1 #370
Avengers vol. 1 #371
Avengers vol. 1 #372
Avengers vol. 1 #373
Thunderstrike #9

Avengers vol. 1 #374

Fantastic Four vol. 1 #388

Avengers vol. 1 #375

Avengers West Coast #102

Quasar #60

Force Works #1

Thunderstrike #10

Avengers vol. 1 #376

Avengers Annual #23 94

Avengers Log #1
Avengers vol. 1 #377
Marvel Comics Presents #160

Cap America vol. 1 #434

Avengers vol. 1 #378
Avengers vol. 1 #379

Avengers vol. 1 #380

Marvel Milestones Avengers #4
Avengers vol. 1 #381

What If vol. 2 #67

Avengers vol. 1 #382

What If vol. 2 #68

Namor #58

Fantastic Four vol. 1 #400

Grounded so as not to interfere in international incident.
Charleston candy wrapper send-in. Masters of Alchemy. Inserted
Cards for 30th anniversary.
Celebration of recent and forthcoming Avengers events. Profiles on
creators, Bloodties x-over, charter, Galactic Storm, where are they
now? character list. Promotes Force Works and solo Avengers.
Bloodties pt. 2. As take out Shield, try to stop violence in Genosha.
Exodus arrives from Avalon killing humans.
Bloodties x-over. WCA before the UN council, War Machine vs.
Exodus. Mutates held by magistrate. 12/93
Bloodties x-over, pt. 4. Sersi vs. Exodus. Widow disavows As further
submission to UN. Cortez and Exodus face off for control of Genosha.
Double-sized, Bloodties x-over finale. X-Men and As unite. Exodus
defeated by sneak attack of Black Knight. Silver foil.
Kree seek revenge after learning As role in Galactic Storm. Posters.
Pt. 1, As come to Lemuria.
Lord Ghaur captures As into pentagram. Dane frees Sersi. Pt. 2
Sersi draws Black Knight and Gatherers attack. Accused of murder.
As vs. Sersi and Black Knight? Sersi goes out of control.
Before battling Blood-axe, T-strike gets a pep talk from Pym and
discusses damages with Crystal at As mansion. 3 pages. 6/94
Proctor reveals manipulation of Sersi, injured Watcher calls on As.
FF travels to other reality, only to see Reed & Sue killed by Dark
Raider. Original As appear w/o Hulk. On cover. DeFalco/Ryan. 5/94
As vs. Gatherers. Sersi kills Proctor! Black Knight and Sersi leave via
dimensional rift. 2nd story Giant-Man tests psychoanalysis equipment
on self. Pullout poster included. Wraparound Epting/Palmer cover.
Last Issue. Break-up. Leads into Force Works. 1/94
Last issue. Q leaves earth after battling Darkstar and the Presence. As
appear in one panel after the battle. 7/94
Death of Wonder Man! 1st appearance Century. Kree attack. (See
Avengers Strikefile. Wraparound cover and poster.
As search for and take on someone masquerading as Thor, T-strike
also poses as Thor to defeat him. After the battle the real Thor appears.
Crystal solo story in battle against Terrigene who tries to steal
Inhuman powers.
Loki makes deal with Pluto to free Typhon to battle Herc. J. Buscema.
History of, past covers, extensive directory of characters.
Quicksilver solo action about prejudice with mutant father and kids.
Hawkeye & US Agent back-up. New Warriors time-holes revisits As
vs. Absorbing man. 1 panel. 8/94
Avengers help Cap mop-up Castle Zemo. 10 panels.
Mephistoid set free, uses Magdeline to attack Vision.
Deathcry learns of crimes of the Shiar empire. TKyll dies. Flipbook
has part one of Giant Man saga. Battles giant insects. Kills Nash.
Pietro and Crystal come to Bovas bedside and battle animutants.
Reprint of Avengers #4, 1st Silver Age appearance of Captain America
Exodus behind Bovas illness, Fydor transformed into beast. High
Evolutionary. Flipbook has giant Jan and creatures from Kosmos.
Cap was revived today? Red Skull and Doom ruler of the world. Cap
used as pawn against Skull. X-patriots. As assemble on cover.
Fydor dies after fight w/ H.E. Short story trying to open door in subbasement. Flipbook has conclusion of Giant Man story.
pt. 2. X-patriots battle Hulk, Spidey kills Skull and dies. As assemble
on cover.
As come after Namor after apparent attack on NY and sub. Deep six
join in the fray. On cover.
As attend Reeds funeral. 5/95


Avengers vol. 1 #383

Cap America vol. 1 #437

Cap America vol. 1 #438
Avengers vol. 1 #384

Avengers vol.1 #385

Avengers vol.1 #386

Cap America vol.1 #440
Avengers vol.1 #387
Cap America vol.1 #441
Avengers vol.1 #388
Iron Man vol. 1 #317
Thunderstrike #21

Force Works #13

Ultraverse Prelude #1
Avengers/Ultraforce #1
Ultraforce/Avengers #1
Force Works #14
Thunderstrike #23

Thunderstrike #24

Avengers vol.1 #389

Tales of the Marvels

Tales of the Marvels

Avengers vol.1 #390

Avengers Unplugged #1

Avengers Unplugged #2

Lunatik #2
Avengers Unplugged #3
Avengers Unplugged #4
Incredible Hulk vol.1 #434
Cap America vol.1 #443
Cap America vol.1 #444
Cap America vol.1 #445
Iron Man vol. 1 # 319
Avengers: The Crossing
Iron Man vol.1 #320
Force Works #16
Avengers vol. 1 #391
The Last Avengers Story #1

Iron Man vol.1 #321

Force Works #17
Hot Shots: Avengers #1
War Machine #20

Avengers vol.1 #392

The Last Avengers Story #2
Iron Man vol.1 #322
Force Works #18

A confused Shatterstar kidnaps Crystal and nearly defeats Fantastic
Force and As together until Deathcry relays events of Gal. Storm.
Pym and IM help Cap out of Coma, but he is paralyzed.
Cap dons new armor, Pym and IM test it out.
Hera attacks Herc and As. Zeus reveals Taylor Madison is a spell and
ends it. Hercs immortality removed and banished from Olympus.
As try unsuccessfully to crack temporal door in sub-basement, fly to
sub-arctic, confronted by Red Skull. Prelude to Taking AIM.
Taking A.I.M.: Prelude. Skull vs. As. Gets away. Cap in armor.
Taking A.I.M.: Part 1. Cap and As invade A.I.M. island
Taking A.I.M.: Pt. 2. As vs. AIM. Cap and Bucky? Modok returns.
Taking A.I.M.: Part 3. Skull vs. Super-Adaptoid.
Taking A.I.M.: Part 4. Adaptoid seals dimensional rift. As save Cap.
WCA upset about not knowing about IMs actions in Russia. 1 panel.
Short story and cover mirrors Avengers vol. 1 #1. Technically not an
As appearance. 6/95
As finally meet FW after break out attempt by Kree at the Vault, 4
escape. Pt. 1. On cover. Ross art. 7/95
Malibu/Marvel x-over w/ Loki, Sersi & Bl. Knight.
Grandmaster and Loki use As/Us against each other. Loki beat.
Heroes vs. Nemesis. Bl. Knight cuts gem off to separate universes.
Pt. 2. Kree extradited, Recorder destroyed. Ross art. 8/95
T-strike gives over soul to the blood-axe and kills Seth! As arrive to
stop him but can only hold things until Thor arrives. 8/95
Last issue. Eric Masterson sacrifices himself in defeating Blood-axe. 3
panels. 9/95
Deathcry and Shield race to find object.
Wonder Years Book One. All painted. Acetate cover. Fans overcome
by Wonder Mans death.
Wonder Years Book Two. All painted. Acetate cover. As at Wonder
Mans funeral. On cover.
The Crossing: prelude. Jan is broke. Lunas younger brother appears.
Nefarius breaks out and goes after Moonstone in the Vault. As
eventually subdue him and Moonstone gives up on escape.
Graviton becomes living black hole and consues himself after Vision
contains him.
Lunatik vs. As. Widow takes him out when distracted. On cover.
Widow and Crystal subdue Adaptoid on ladies night out. 1/96
As crash Absorbing Man and Titanias wedding! 3/96
Heroes gather for and bicker at Nick Furys funeral.
Avengers at Caps bedside. Is he dead?
Avengers in hostage situation make do without Cap on ice.
Cap is revived bythe Red Skull?!
As flashback w/ Kang, WCA argument by training room.
The Crossing: Part 1. Marilla killed by IM! 7/95
The Crossing: Part 2. No As appearance
The Crossing: Part 3. Cybermancer tries to take out Hawkeye
The Crossing: Pt 4. Neut offs Gilgamesh. Marillas death discovered.
Alternate universe As battle Ultron, Kang, Grim reaper and Oddball.
All painted. Acetate cover. Hulk kills Tigra. WM dies in killing Hulk.
The Crossing: Part 5. Stark tries to breach door. Rodgers and Masque.
The Crossing: Part 6. No As appearance.
Foldover set of reprinted painted pin-ups of As and some villains.
The Crossing: Part 7: Rhodes informed of Crossing events. As in
flashback. WM and USAgent rescue Hawkeye from Cybermancer.
The Crossing: Part 8. Return of Swordsman and Mantis.
Alternate universe As continue battle. Kang killed by Wasp, etc.
The Crossing: Part 9. IM vs. Neut. As kick Stark out.
The Crossing: Part 10. Events leading up to discovery of Starks


War Machine #21

Iron Man vol.1 #323

Avengers vol.1 #393

Force Works #19
War Machine #22

Iron Man vol.1 #324

Avengers vol. 1 #394
Avengers: Timeslide
Force Works #20
Iron Man vol.1 #325
Avengers vol. 1 #395
Iron Man: Age of Innocence

Thor vol.1 #495

Cap America vol.1 #449
Thor vol.1 #496
Iron Man vol.1 #326
Avengers vol.1 #396
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #440
Avengers vol.1 #397
Avengers Unplugged #4

Avengers vol.1 #398

New Warriors #72
Spider-Man Team-Up #4

Avengers vol.1 #399

Avengers vol.1 #400

Prof X and the X-Men #10

Onslaught: X-Men

Uncanny X-Men vol. 1 #335

Avengers vol.1 #401

Avengers Unplugged #6
Fantastic Four vol.1 #415
X-Men #55

Uncanny X-Men vol.1 #336

Incredible Hulk vol.1 #445

Iron Man vol.1 #332

Avengers vol.1 #402

Fantastic Four vol.1 #416

X-Men #56

Onslaught: Marvel Universe

Marvel Heroes & Legends #1

betrayal. 12/95
The Crossing: Part 11. Hawk, Widow, WM, USAgent vs.
anachronauts. 12/95
The Crossing: Part 12. Hawk vs. IM, @ Mansion IM revealed to be
The Crossing: Part 13. IM tries to kill Wasp. Masque arrives.
The Crossing: Pt. 14. IM kills Amanda. Libra explains. WM faces IM.
The Crossing: Part 15. IM vs. WM. Century vs. Cybermancer. Force
Works gather to stop Virgil. 1/96
The Crossing: Part 16. As attack Stark, Libra tortured by Mantis.
The Crossing: Part 17. New Wasp and future Luna dies.
The Crossing: As break through door and retrieve young Stark. 2/96
The Crossing. FW takes out Virgil and Cybermancer. 2/96
The Crossing: Young vs. old Stark. As gather vs. Kang
The Crossing: finale. IM sacrifices himself to stop Kang.
Mortally wounded, young Stark recovers after everyone recalls his life
and events of the Crossing leading up to this situation. 2/96
As recruit Thor back into ranks w/o his powers, after he defeats thugs.
First Sign: Part 1. Cap battles Zodiac and seeks Thors help. No As.
First Sign: Part 2. Thor and Cap team-up and find transportal. No As.
First Sign: Part 3. Young Tony Stark assists As against Zodiac. 3/96
First Sign: Part 4. As take out dome over Manhattan from Zodiac.
Thor vs. Maestro to the finish! Hulk is nuked! Omnibus. 4/96
Ghosts of Future tie-in.
Cap Marvel vs. Cap Marvel. Monica changes name to Photon after
defeating Controller.
Cyborg Benedict invades mansion, Thor kidnapped.
As confront NWs on breach of protocol and run into Hydra agents.
Double-length temporal storyline with As and real Spidey battling
Spider-Man robot that thinks IM is Kang. Perez story.
Cyborg Benedict kidnaps Madame Masque and disappears.
Loki secretly has As face past foes until revealed and imprisoned in
adamantium. Prelude to Onslaught. Waid.
X-Men battle As while Professor X defeats Lucifer. On cover.
(Retells X-Men vol. 1 #9)
Onslaught. X-Man seeks As aid. Onslaught lays waste to X-Men
activates sentinels. 8/96
Onslaught. As come to Xavier institute, team up with X-Men,
discover Onslaught is Prof X and is made of psionic energy.
Onslaught ph. 1. As attack de-aged Magneto, thinking hes behind it.
Sean Dolan becomes Bloodwraith possessed by Proctors sword.
Onslaught captures young Franklin after fierce battle.
Onslaught releases giant sentinels across Manhattan, heroes attack and
Onslaught releases electromagnetic pulse that drops everyone.
Onslaught. Xavier separated from Onslaught who uses Franklin to be
more powerful.
Onslaught. Defeated heroes plan while Onslaught erects giant castle in
Central Park, shows Hulk the folly of attacking.
Onslaught. As team up to battle Sentinels. Last issue.
Onslaught sends Post and Holocaust to liquidate psionic armor. They
fail. Last issue of 1st volume.
Onslaught uses Franklins power to bring villains against heroes. Yet
heroes and Doom join together for final assault.
Onslaught. Sentinels nearly kill Magneto until Doom destroys them,
Xavier confronts Onslaught to no avail.
Finale. Hulk cracks armor and heroes attack and disappear in
taking down Onslaught. 2/97
Retells FF Annual #3. As battle villains before wedding.



DC vs. Marvel #4
Avengers vol. 2 # 1

Amalgam finale. 1 panel of Cap w/ Avengers.

New origin. Heroes Reborn in Franklins world. As free Thor from
amber & get a fight. Loki. Enchantress claims SW is daughter. 11/96
Rob Liefield. Lineup: Hellcat, Swordsman, Hawk, Cap, Viz, SW
Avengers vol. 2 # 2
Kang beats up As and does it for Mantis. Fury unleashes FF. 12/96
Avengers vol. 2 # 3
Thors hammer frees As and they attack together and defeat Kang &
Mantis. Vision downed. 1/97
Fantastic Four Vol. 2 # 3
Cap, Thor & FF vs. Namor and Giganto. Jim Lee. 1/97
Untold Tales of Sp.-Man An. 97 Spidey and heroes battle Sundown. Takes place around Avengers vol.
1 # 8. Busiek story.
Avengers vol. 2 # 4
Ultron works to revive Viz, Hulk on rampage attacks As. 2/97
Avengers vol. 2 # 5
Thor (II) vs. Hulk! Hulk cant be stopped. 3/97
Iron Man vol. 2 #5
Holographic image of As shown to cheer up Stark. 1 page. Prelude to
Industrial Revolution. 3/97
Fantastic Four vol. 2 # 6
Industrial Revolution: Prologue. 2nd story shows Doom learning of
gamma irradiated Hulk and meltdown on As island. 4/97
Avengers vol. 2 # 6
Industrial Revolution: Pt. 1. Heroes try to deal with gamma reactor and
get SHIELD out of it. Hulk might be a problem...4/97
Iron Man vol. 2 # 6
Industrial Revolution: Pt. 2. Hulk seals the core where others couldnt
do it after lecture from IM. 4/97
Captain America Vol. 2 # 6
Industrial Revolution: Epilogue. As separate from SHIELD and go on
their own. As in one big splash panel at end. 4/97
Thunderbolts vol. 1 #1
Incredible secret behind earths newest super-group. Double-sized. As
among heroes on splash page. 4/97
Avengers vol. 2 # 7
Loki plots, send Lethal Legion (Wonder Man, Ultron, Executioner,
Enchantress and Scarlet Witch?) 5/97
Avengers vol. 2 # 8
As quickly beat Lethal Legion. Then face Masters of Evil (Black
Knight, Radioactive Man, Whirlwind, Klaw, Melter) 6/97
Avengers vol. 2 # 9
As bash Masters , Hellcat tempted by Loki, second Thor comes out of
reactor? 7/97
Avengers vol. 2 # 10
As under Lokis spell betray other As, Thor vs. Thor. Loki
Avengers vol. 2 # 11
Disguised as Odin, Thor II dies in defeating Loki. 9/97
Iron Man vol. 2 #11
IM & Doom time-jump, giving evidence of another world. Meet
original As circa Avengers vol. 1 #1. 9/97
Fantastic Four vol. 2 # 12
Heroes Reunited: Pt. 1. As, FF, Doom vs. Galactus & heralds. Earth
Dies so Doom goes back in time. Jim Lee. 10/97
Avengers vol. 2 # 12
Heroes Reunited: Pt. 2. Back in time, Doom tries to stop Galactus,
heroes destroy capacitors, but Galactus still consumes. Heroes
sacrifice solar system to stop him. 10/97
Iron Man vol. 2 # 12
Heroes Reunited: Pt. 3. Doom fails again to stop Galactus. FF killed,
As take vengeance on heralds. 10/97
Captain America vol. 2 # 12
Heroes Reunited: Pt. 4. Surfers sacrifice combined with heroes power
channeled through Thors hammer overloads Galactus. 10/97
Marvel Heroes & Legends 97
Untold original As story w/ retelling of roster turnover that added
Hawk., Quicksilver and SW. Art by Ditko, S. Buscema, Kane, Ayers
Heroes Reborn: The Return
Pt. 1. Ashema the Celestial wants Franklin to eliminate one universe.
Heroes Reborn: The Return
Pt. 2. Things begin heating up as Hulk confrontsHulk?! 12/97
Heroes Reborn: The Return
Pt. 3. Heroes going back and forth between real and alternate worlds.
As confront Spidey. Doom and heroes see Celestial threat. 12/97
Heroes Reborn: The Return
Pt. 4. Ashema spares alternate world via her consciousness as heroes
head home on Dooms ark; Doom tries to take Franklin and stays.
Fantastic Four vol. 2 # 13
World War 3, Pt. 1. A rift in the negative zone merges Heroes Reborn
with the Wildstorm universe. Skrulls and Daemonites imperil earth.
Avengers vol. 2 # 13
World War 3, pt. 2. United heroes take on Dooms alien alliance.
StormWatch satellite with many heroes aboard destroyed by Skrulls.

Iron Man vol. 2 # 13

Captain America vol. 2 #13

World War 3, pt. 3. Heroes seek to plug fissure between realities, IM

replaced by Skrull, heroes stymied. 11/97
World War 3, pt. 4. Cap leads heroic assault on Doom. Heroes battle



and kill each other. R. Jones blasts dimensional lock and they separate.
Black Widow confronts T-Bolts and tells story of early As when Cap
reformed former villains (ala #16 and following), warns T-Bolts to
bring down Zemo. 12/97
Unlimited Access #3
DC/Marvel amalgam has original As vs. original JLA, etc.
Avengers vol. 3 # 1
Urgent gathering of heroes, Asgardians missing. Teams track Norn
Stones, find Morgan Le Fey w/ Twilight Sword, Witch captured by
Mordred. Busiek/Perez! 2/98
Avengers vol. 3 # 2
World and heroes transformed to ancient Celt serving Morgan. Witch
calls for help andWonder Man answers?! 3/98
Avengers vol. 3 # 3
Return of Wonder Man! As gradually remember who they are as they
battle. WM stops Morgan, everything returns to normal. 4/98
Thunderbolts vol. 1 #11
Zemo rules world through computer bio-modem signal turning
everyone caught into his slaves. FF and As come to the rescue but
become pawns of Zemo! Bagley/Busiek. 2/98
Thunderbolts vol. 1 #12
T-Bolts must battle As & FF under Zemos control, escape in quinjet.
Iron Man aids them into creating buffer against bio-modem come back
and defeat Zemo. Busiek/Bagley. Double-size, wrap-around cover. 3/98
Avengers vol. 3 # 4
New Avengers lineup. Justice and Firestar defeat Whirlwind and join.
Captain America vol. 3 # 3
Cap tests new shield at As mansion nearly wrecking everything.
What If vol. 2 #108
Avengers battle Carnage Cosmic w/ Spidey. Surfer sacrifices his life.
Avengers vol. 3 # 5
Squadron Supreme accuse As of being fakes and fight. 6/98
Avengers vol. 3 # 6
Squadron Supreme under influence of Corrupter. Warbird erratic. 7/98
Sensational Spider-Man #28
As curious about new hero Hornet. 1 panel.
Cap. America vol. 3 #7
Skrull poses as Cap before the real deal takes him down w/ As help.
Avengers/Squadron Supreme 98 Champion uses devices to take out small teams of heroes. Ant Man
frees heroes and he surrenders. Squadron sent home.
Thor vol. 2 #1
Thor and As vs. Destroyer. Thor killed? Jurgens/Romita Jr.
Thor vol. 2 #2
As vs. Destroyer, Thor comes back and sends him into space.
IM: The Iron Age Book One
Retells early IM adventures, including pre-As appearance. Busiek.
IM: The Iron Age Book Two
Includes two brief early As appearances. Busiek.
Iron Man vol. 3 # 7
Live Kree or Die pt. 1. Supreme Intelligence and Lunatic Legion plot to
destroy As. IM confronts Warbird with alcoholism & take on Kree
Sentry. 8/98
Cap. America vol. 3 # 8
Live Kree or Die pt. 2. Warbird calls on Cap. She is captured as he
frees human prisoners of the Kree. 8/98
Quicksilver #10
Live Kree or Die pt. 3. Lockjaw transports Q and other As to Supreme
Intelligence on Moon. Warbird ruins things in her drunkenness. Q deals
with terrigen mists. 8/98
Avengers vol. 3 # 7
Live Kree or Die finale. Charges brought against Warbird, who quits.
Galen Kor and Kree die in sacrifice. Thor and Firebird transport Omniwave projector away. 8/98
Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #439 Future story about Spidey being the center of age of heroes. 2 panels.
Avengers vol. 3 # 8
1st Triathlon. 1st Silverclaw. As trapped by Moses Magnum at airport.
Hawkeye vol. 1 #1
Hawk works out w/ As and battles Batroc and Taskmaster.
Timeslip Special vol. 1 #1
Frost Giants precipitate coming of As in this tale of Asgard/Midgard.
A Next #1
Next Generation of As: J2, Jubilee, Mainframe, Speedball, Stinger,
Thunderstrike, Jolt form A Next in MC 2 universe.
Iron Man vol. 3 # 8
Flashback to Live Kree or Die x-over. 1 panel. Busiek/Chen. 11/98.
A Next #2
A Next battle Kree Sentry, 1st Earth Sentry. 11/98
What If vol. 2 # 114
Secret Wars 25 years later, As children form new As to stop Dooms
son. Escape to earth to find Sentinels rule. Both generations on cover.
Avengers vol. 3 # 9
As stop Moses Magnum from destroying earth to please Apocalypse.
Iron Man vol. 3 # 9
Widow saves Starks life. As dialogue w/ her. Revenge of Mandarin.
A Next #3
Vs. the original Defenders. 1st Doc Magus. 12/98

Avengers Forever #1

Avengers vol. 3 # 10

Thunderbolts vol. 1 #9

As seek to aid crippled Rick Jones. Kang vs. Immortus. Jones calls
forth As from different eras together. Busiek/Pacheco/Merino. 12/98.
Grim Reaper interrupts Avengers Day to attack with dead Avengers.



X-Man #46

Iron Man vol. 3 #10

Fantastic Four vol. 3 #13
Incredible Hulk vol. 1 #470
A Next #4
Avengers vol. 3 # 11
Thunderbolts vol. 1 #21
Thunderbolts #0
Avengers vol. 3 # 12

Avengers and Thunderbolts

Avengers Forever #2
Avengers vol. 3 # 13
Avengers Forever #3
Wolverine vol. 1 #134
A Next #5
Avengers vol. 3 # 14
A Next #6
Avengers Forever # 4
Captain America vol. 3 #15
Avengers vol. 3 # 15

A Next #7
Fantastic Four vol. 3 # 16
Captain America vol. 3 # 16
Avengers Forever # 5
Thunderbolts vol. 1 #25

Avengers vol. 3 # 16
A Next # 8
Avengers Forever #6
Captain America vol. 3 # 17
Avengers vol. 3 # 17

Cable #67
Cable #68
Avengers Annual 99

X-Men/Avengers Book One

A Next # 9
Black Panther vol. 2 # 8
Avengers Forever # 7
Avengers Wizard Special Ed.
Avengers vol. 3 # 18

A Next # 10
Avengers Forever #8
Avengers #0
Avengers vol. 3 # 19

X-Men/Avengers Book Two

A Next #11
Avengers Forever #9
Avengers: Ultron Unleashed

As check into story of giant pyramid descending on Dooms castle but

are told to stay out of it. 1 page.
As vs. Winter Guard, IM vs. Mandarin, drops Dragon ship.
FF check w/ As why they are on government black list.
As come for Rick Jones, Hulk vs. Circus of Crime.
A Next vs. Soldiers of Serpent. 1st American Dream, Coal Tiger.
Dead Avengers turn on Reaper, WM pulled closer to life, saves brother.
Hawkeye explains why hes taking a chance on them. As in 3 panels.
T-Bolts history. 1 panel w/ As pondering what to do w/ them.
T-Bolts x-over. Double-sized. As search for Hawk and T-Bolts, find
base and combine forces to stop Dominex robot. Hawk goes w/ TBolts.
Pierce Askegrens novel. As & T-bolts take on Baron Von Strucker
and Zemo. Berkley Boulevard books. Mark Bagley art.
As back up Kang, meet up with Libra and enter timestream.
Lord Templar attacks New Warriors, draws in As and escapes. 2/99
Immortus defeats Kang and As, Chronopolis destroyed.
Alien takes control of Wolverine. As and others try to stop him.
Stinger and Dream Team watch destruction of Castle Doom.
As battle mysterious menace Pagan, Beast visits WM. Perez. 3/99
1st Argo vs. Hercules. Original As in one panel.
One team meets a future As group and another a past group.
Future shown as America enslaved by Skull, As dead. Caps fault.
Templar, Pagan traced to Triune Understanding where Triathlon is
member. Templar hurls Pagan into space. Wrecking Crew causing
trouble. Ultron behind the scenes with Pyms work. Busiek/Perez.
Mainframe vs. Ion Man, end of original As revealed.
FF vs. Kree Avengers.
Skull takes over As Mansion, battles Cap.
As scattered throughout time, Immortus unleashes temporal wave.
T-Bolts defeat 25 Masters of Evil, reveal Cowl. As try to ascertain
why there are dangerous storms. 3 panels. 4/99
Doomsday Man calls on Wrecking Crew to find Warbird. Ordway.
Ant Man helps Mainframe, Guardian protects barrier, find Sc. Witch.
As regather and seek to take battle to Immortus in Limbo. 5/99
Cap defeats Skull, power given to Korvac. Korvac feature shows As.
Doomsday Man and Crew on Polemachus, where Wrecker has become
king. Justice broken leg in defeating robot. Ordway. 6/99
As join Cable in battling minion of Apocalypse. On cover.
As continue battle, Cable flies villain away to save earth.
Protectorate robots made from Sentinels battle As thinking they are
still dead from Onslaught, until misunderstanding is cleared up. 7/99
Gamma Quest Trilogy pt. 1: Lost & Found, by Greg Cox. The Leader,
Perez art.
Thunderstrike vs. Soldiers of Serpent. A Next enters jump portal.
As quell potential riot, Panther admits spying. On cover.
Cap overcomes doubts, As in Limbo, YJ becomes traitor?
Articles on current As creators, lists, plots, cartoon, etc.
Wrecking Crew use Photons powers and threaten to kill Cap. Thundra
leads other As in assault. Thor draws power away. Pym attacked. 7/99
A Next vs. Thunder Guard on other side of portal. Dooms cube.
Sp. Phantom fills in the story til YJ betrays As.
Summary of vol. 3 battles and prologue to Ultron Unlimited. 7/99
Ultron Unlimited pt. 1. Press attacks on As, Panther confronted by
Alkhema and stopped by Witch. Ultron destroys country of Slorenia!
Gamma Quest Trilogy pt. 2: Search & Rescue, by Greg Cox. Shield,
sentinels, Leader. SW, Rogue and Wolverine brainwashed.
Cap and A Next defeat Doom, T-Strike stays behind. 8/99
Kangs memory, teams up with Suprem Intel and Rick Jones.
Collection of reprinted classic battles with Ultron. Giant-sized.



Avengers vol. 3 # 20

A Next # 12
Avengers vol. 3 # 21

Hulk vol. 2 # 7
Avengers Forever # 10
Avengers vol. 3 # 22

Avengers Forever #11

Galactus the Devourer #3

X-51 # 4
Fantastic Four vol. 3 # 23
Domination Factor: As #1 (1.2)
As: United They Stand # 1
Iron Man vol. 3 #21
Thor vol. 2 #17
Iron Man vol. 3 #22
P. Parker, Spider-Man vol. 2 #11
Juggernaut, the 8th day #1

Avengers vol. 3 # 23
X-51 #5
Avengers: United They Stand #2
Domination Factor: As #2 (2.4)
Avengers vol. 3 # 24
Domination Factor: As #3 (3.6)
Avengers: United They Stand #3
Captain Marvel vol. 3 # 1
Generation X # 59
Galactus the Devourer # 5
Avengers vol. 3 # 25

Iron Man vol. 3 # 25

Domination Factor: FF #4
Ant-Mans Big Christmas #1
Domination Factor: As #4 (4.8)
Avengers: United They Stand #4
Avengers Forever # 12

Fantastic Four vol. 3 # 26

Avengers vol. 3 # 26
Fantastic Four vol. 3 # 27
Avengers: United They Stand #5
Galactus the Devourer # 6
Avengers vol. 3 # 27

Avengers: United They Stand #6

Fantastic Four vol. 3 # 28
Avengers vol. 3 # 28

Avengers: United They Stand #7

Avengers Two # 1
Avengers Annual 2000
X-Men/Avengers Book Three

Avengers vol. 3 # 29

Ultron Unlimited, pt. 2. Army of Ultrons attack and defeat As.

Ultrons hostages will be seeds of new race. 9/99
A Next vs. Revengers. Last issue.
Ultron Unlimited, pt. 3. Alkhema summons war toys. As defeat one
Ultron to find there are hundreds more. Justice looks for way to end it.
Hulk and As battle living plants. On cover. 10/99
As face Emperor Rickards forces. Time Keepers judge humanity.
Ultron Unlimited finale. Pym finally destroys Ultron w/ molecular
rearranger! Busiek/Perez. 11/99
Time Keepers call up evil Avengers from other timelines vs. good As
from every timeline.
As & FF vs. Galactus. Surfer agrees to be herald once again.
Machine Man comes to As mansion and attacks Justice & Firestar.
As & FF vs. Awesome Android at comic convention.
As vs. wooden giant harbinger of everlasting winter. 11/99
Comic based on animated series. Avengers battle Ultron.
2nd story has prologue to 8th day x-over. Inferno battles IM. No As.
Pt. 1 of 8th day x-over. Juggernaut vs. Thor. Jug taken by Exemplars.
8th day, Pt. 2. IM and Thor beaten down by Exemplars. No As. 11/99
Spidey, Prof X destroy piece of god machine. No As appearance.
Juggernaut and heroes fight Exemplars until god machine is destroyed
dispersing them across the planet. Finale. Not an As appearance.
The Vision vs. Wonder Man! Picks up from 8th day x-over. 12/99
Corrupted Machine Man vs. Vision. Perez cover.
As vs. Baron Von Strucker and Hydra. 12/99
As continue search for enchanted golden artifacts in past. 12/99
Juggernaut seeks aid of As as Exemplars try to kill him. 1/00
As put pieces of golden apple together, stuck in astral plain.
Vision learns history of Simon Williams.
Continues out of Avengers Forever. 2nd feature history of Cap w/ As.
Artie & Leech try to get into As mansion w/ image inducers.
Alicia seeks aid of FF, As to track Surfer and stop Galactus.
9th Day. Double-sized. As vs. Exemplars. Beaten, Cap causes doubt
among Exemplars and Bedlam stops them, they flee. Thor acts rashly
against the press. Wanda and Pietro work out differences. Cap quits.
IM, Warbird vs. Ultimo. As UN peacekeepers busy after Ultron battle.
Loki tries to remove As and FF from history.
As Christmas party. Pym particles give family a nice gift.
Finale. Knorda stops Loki and things are restored.
Avengers defeat Dr. Doom. 2/00
Finale. Good vs. bad Avengers. Time Keepers stopped. Kang prevented
from having forever crystal. Immortus reborn. Destiny war concludes.
1 panel. As realize Dr. Doom has returned to earth.
Back-ups vs. Taskmaster to destroy Triune will suppressor machine.
As seek to stop wedding of Doom and Susan Richards.
Black Widow and Hawkeye story. 3/00
Death of Galactus, but promise of greater horror in future.
100 p. monster. Government interference in new lineup causes Thor to
quit. Wasp, She-Hulk, Warbird, SW, IM, Goliath and Triathlon.
As vs. Collector. Black Panther.
Dooms ship threat to NY. As attack but agree to peace.
Death Song of Kulan Gath. Silverclaw takes As back to her village
which is transported back in time. Kulan Gath holds sway. 5/00
As vs. Devil Dinosaur and Collector. Ultron back-up story.
Wonder-Man, Beast vs. Slorenian terrorists on plane. Bagley. 5/00
Hellcat and As vs. Sons of Serpent, Salem Seven.
Gamma Quest Trilogy pt. 3: Friend or Foe? (conclusion), by Greg Cox.
Avengers/X-Men defeat The Leader and Super Skrull. Perez art.
Death Song of Kulan Gath. Pt. 2. As fight sorcery. Gath seeks to kill


Avengers Two # 2
Avengers vol. 3 # 30

Avengers Two # 3
Magneto: Dark Seduction #2
Avengers vol. 3 # 31

Thunderbolts vol. 1 #42

Magneto: Dark Seduction #3
Avengers vol. 3 # 32

Magneto: Dark Seduction #4

Hellcat vol. 1 # 1
Avengers Infinity #1
Avataars: Covenant #1 of 3

Thunderbolts vol. 1 #43

Avengers vol. 3 # 33

Avataars: Covenant #2 of 3
Black Panther vol. 2 # 23
Avengers Infinity # 2
Thunderbolts vol. 1 #44

Avengers vol. 3 # 34

Avataars: Covenant #3 of 3
Avengers Infinity # 3
Incredible Hulk Annual 2000
Maximum Security

Maximum Security #1

Maximum Security #2

Avengers vol. 3 # 35

Avengers Infinity # 4
Thor vol. 2 # 30
Maximum Security #3

Avengers vol. 3 # 36

Backpack Marvels: Avengers

Avengers vol. 3 # 37

Sentry vs. the Void # 1

Fantastic Four vol. 3 # 39
Avengers vol. 3 # 38

Avengers vol. 3 # 39
Avengers Annual 2001
Mutant X # 30

Avengers vol. 3 # 40

Peliali to old gods to destroy modern earth. Perez/Busiek. 6/00
Lotus and Colossus and dreams of Mephisto. Bagley.
Death Song of Kulan Gath. Silverclaw attacks Gath, he disappears and
everything turns back to normal. Peliali dies. Perez/Busiek. 7/00
Wonder-Man defeats Colossus and goes surfing with Beast.
As sent to aid rebellion in Genosha against Magneto.
Nefaria Protocols. Madame Masque and Maggia meet w/ Reaper until
As arrive. Dreadnoughts. 2 Henry Pyms? Perez/Busiek. 8/00
Nefaria Protocols. WM beats up Atlas and takes him away.
Avengers battle Magneto and members of his inner circle.
Nefaria Protocols. Viz asks Warbird out on a date, As hunt down
Madame Masque as Reaper arrives to get her too, Count Nefaria
returns w/ Atlas and WM! 9/00
Polaris vs. Magneto, As clean up Carrion Cove. Stalemate reached.
Solo story vs. Scratch, Dormammu. 3 panels and cover with As.
Cosmic team takes on Infinites servitors.
Shaper of Worlds creates alternate reality of ancient realm of Avalon
with Avenger-like Avataars. Part one.
Nefaria Protocols. Tasha comes looking for answers, finds ion
generator, interrupted by news that Atlas, Nefaria and WM are
attacking As. One 2-page spread. Nicieza/Bagley. 10/00
Nefaria Protocols. Bedlam as Reaper and Masque are captured, but
Nefaria gets away. T-Bolts discover he is building a bomb. 10/00
Parallel heroic teams battle Zemo-like Dreadlord for kidnapped heir.
Deadpool and As in Wakanda. On cover.
As battle servitors and finally meet giant walkers.
Nefaria Protocols. Teams unite, Ionic lock from Masque takes out WM
and Atlas, but it won work on Nefaria.
Nefaria Protocols finale. Bomb launches, heroes take many attempts at
stopping Nefaria, WM and Atlas stop bomb, Nefaria blows up with it.
Avalonians invade Dreadlords domain to rescue kings heir.
Walkers form a ring to snatch a galaxy away. 11/00
As vs. Hulk in Central Park. Hulk seeks companionship.
Dangerous Planet (Ego). Intergalactic council decides humanity must
be contained. Flashbacks contain references to As. Prelude. 10/00
Earth turned into prison planet, As captured in Citadel by Ronin and
sent back to earth. Ego growing on earth. On cover. Busiek/Ordway.
As Infinity squad against Ruul, Ego grows, Supreme intelligence
manipulates situation, USAgent discovers Kree. 12/00
Maximum security x-over. Avengers infinity confront Shiar, Ruul, are
gassed. Supreme Intel reveals Kree plot. USAgent gathers heroes.
Infinite sacrifices life essence to form new world.
Avengers infinity team relaxes before beasts attack Thor. 2 pages.
Barrier brought down, Infinity squad freed, Kree attack Shiar, heroes
battle and defeat Ronin and Quasar stops Ego spore. Finale. 1/01
Max. security mop-up. Part of the team sent to help Cap against
Bloodwraith. Part of team vs. Pagan, Templar. Busiek/Epting. 1/01
Reprints As vol. 1 # 181-189 in B & W paperback size.
SW imprisons Bloodwraith in Slorenia. Pagan & Templar defeated by
Triathlon and Jack of Hearts. Busiek/Epting. 2/01
As appear in flashbacks with forgotten Sentry history.
As assist with mopping up Grey Gargoyle. 1 page.
Viz & Warbird out on a date. Yellowjacket kidnaps real Pym. Diablo
transforms Greek town into Hulk creatures. Busiek/Diablo. 3/01
As unable to stop Hulk-composite, Diablo attacks mansion. 4/01
Different identities of Pym join together. Jarvis 2nd story.
Alternate reality version of As w/ Deathlok, Hawk, Widow, Typhoid
Real Hulk vs. composite Hulk. Silverclaw defeats Diablo. Kang


Iron Man vol. 3 # 40

Avengers vol. 3 # 41
Iron Man vol. 3 # 41
Avengers vol. 3 # 42
Avengers vol. 3 # 43

Iron Man vol. 3 # 43

Avengers vol. 3 # 44

FF: Worlds Greatest #8

Cap. America vol. 3 # 45
Avengers vol. 3 # 45

Black Panther vol. 2 # 35

Thunderbolts vol. 1 # 55
Cap. America vol. 3 # 46
Avengers vol. 3 # 46

Cap. America vol. 3 # 47

Thunderbolts vol. 1 # 56
Alias vol. 1 # 1
Thor: Godstorm # 1
Avengers: Celestial Quest # 1
As: Ultron Imperative #1

Avengers vol. 3 # 47

Heroes vol. 1 #1
Avengers: Celestial Quest # 2
Cap. America vol. 3 # 48
FF: Worlds Greatest # 11
Thunderbolts vol. 1 # 57
Iron Man Annual 2001
Avengers vol. 3 # 48

Avengers: Celestial Quest # 3

Avengers vol. 3 # 49

Avengers: Celestial Quest # 4

Alias # 4
Giant-Size Mini Marvels # 1

Cap. America vol. 3 # 50

The Ultimates vol. 1 # 1
Marvel Mangaverse # 1
Avengers vol. 3 # 50
Avengers Assemble #1
Marvel Mangaverse # 1
Avengers: Celestial Quest # 5
The Ultimates vol. 1 # 2
Avengers vol. 3 # 51
Black Panther vol. 2 # 41
The Ultimates vol. 1 # 3
Avengers: Celestial Quest # 6
Avengers vol. 3 # 52
Xtreme X-Men # 11
Tigra vol. 1 # 1
Black Panther vol. 2 # 42

Dynasty preview. Busiek/Davis. 5/01
Stark sees original As in dream vision linked to Ty Stone.
Kang Conquers, destroys UN building w/ giant ship! Scarlet Centurion.
Iron Man holds up in As mansion after being accused of murder.
Kang to conquer earth to save it from a dire future, launches fronts.
The Presence and his radioactive soldiers battle the As while Hank
begins tofade away? Cap converted into radioactive soldier. 8/01
Mr. Hyde vs. IMs new armor that creates illusion of As. 1 panel.
As defend against Deviant and Atlantean attacks. Warbird duels
Deviant leader. Thor absorbs Presences radiation to stop him. 9/01
As & FF battle sea creatures and Sub-Mariner. On cover.
Cap & IM search for Helicarrier in possession of Red Skull.
Kang prepares strike, government seeks to use Sentinels. Master of the
World fortifies against Kang. 10/01
Man-ape recalls battle with As. 1 pane
Dallas Riordan seeks As help in bringing Atlas back to life.
Cap faces off w/ Skull over Helicarrier. As attend funeral for hero.
Kang unleashes forces, one team races to confront Kang while the other
tries to deal with Master of the World. 11/01
As gather for funeral. Cap battles Skull, Hate Monger.
As asked to help with problem w/ Graviton lifting cities off the earth.
Jessica Jones has picture w/ As, tracks Cap, sleeps w/ Luke Cage!
Early As vs. the Weather-Maker. Busiek/Rude.
Thanos attacks Mantis, As join battle, Mantis becomes Cel. Madonna
As at Robotopia vs. progeny of Alkema, Ultron remade & destroyed.
1st Antigone. Hawk beats Alkhema. 11/01
Warbird rescued by Marcus and vice versa. Learns hes not the same
one that deceived her before. 12/01
Artists tributes to real life heroes of 9/11/01. As tribute page.
Mantis has son that Thanos seeks out.
Finale. Cap beats Skull , Hate Monger. Funeral for Bucky Barnes.
FF call upon As to combone forces and stop Doom.
Graviton has earths heroes (including As) at bay. T-Bolts attack.
As help stop Interceptors trying to take IMs armor.
Triune Undersandings pyramid ship enters solar system. Sentinels
launched against Kang are converted to serve him. 100 pg. 1/02
Mantis child, named Q, is a brat. Thanos transforms enemy into Reptyl
There are no words.As and government surrender to Kang after vast
devastation and loss of human life! Washington leveled. 2/02
Thanos vs. Eros
President Bush appears w/ As in 1 panel.
As assemble to find out Spidey is collecting newspaper money.
Includes Bullpen Bits w/ As.
Heroes gather for Caps funeral. 1 page.
Re-interpreted and post-modernized version of As begins. Hitch.
New Dawn. Creative Manga version of heroes, including many As.
Origin of Triathlon. Tremont defeated. Busiek/Dwyer. 3/02
Manga version of As and Apocalypse.
Eternity Twilight. As try to stop giant Hulk. Dormammu.
Viz and Mantis express their love, Mantis tries to save sons life.
Cap found in arctic. Giant-Man.
Prison camp . Wanda and Simon decide to be friends not lovers. 4/02
Panther breaks ties with As over government issues.
New Cap gets used to 21st century.
As search for Quoia in space.
Counter-attack. Star Pyramid challenges Kangs ship. Citadel attacked.
As consult on needle into space. 5/02
Tigra tells As shell handle Brethren of Blue Fist on her own. 2 panels.
As motion to expel Panther from As, IM hunts him down.



The Order # 2
The Ultimates vol. 1 # 4
Avengers: Celestial Quest # 7
Avengers vol. 3 # 53
Black Panther vol. 2 # 43
Alias # 8
Avengers: Celestial Quest # 8
Avengers vol. 3 # 54

Black Panther vol. 2 # 44

The Ultimates vol. 1 # 5
Avengers vol. 3 # 55

Thanos: Infinity Abyss # 1

Thunderbolts vol. 1 # 65
The Order vol. 1 # 5
Tigra # 4
Marvel Mangaverse # 3
The Ultimates vol. 1 # 6
Avengers vol. 3 # 56

The Order # 6
The Ultimates vol. 1 # 7
Avengers vol. 3 # 57

The Ultimates vol. 1 # 8

Avengers vol. 3 # 58
Wizard Ace Edition: As # 4
The Ultimates vol. 1 # 9
Avengers vol. 3 # 59

Avengers vol. 3 # 60
Avengers vol. 3 # 61
Avengers vol. 3 # 62

Thor vol. 2 #58

Marvel Double-Shot # 2
Ultimate War # 1
Ultimate War # 2
Iron Man vol. 3 # 64

Avengers vol. 3 # 63

Ultimate War # 3
Ultimate Adventures # 3
Avengers vol. 3 # 64
Ultimate War # 4
Avengers vol. 3 # 65

Marvel: the End # 1

Marvel: The End # 2
Ultimate Adventures # 4
Avengers vol. 3 # 66
Avengers vol. 3 # 67
Captain America vol. 4 # 13
The Ultimates vol. 1 # 10
Marvel: The End # 5

Avengers vol. 3 # 68

1 panel. As asked by President to take the Order down.

Thor asked to join in. Hulk on the loose.
Thanos plans to kill, battles Mantis and son, surrounded by the Rot.
Cap faces off against Kang in outer space! Busiek/Dwyer. 6/02
Wakandan troops move into Canada.
Full page pic of As w/ Rick Jones.
Double-size finale. The Rot is from mating of Death and Thanos.
Climax. Cap takes Kang out in hand to hand combat! Kang kills his son
Marcus because of his betrayal with Warbird. 7/02
IM tries to force vote to expel TChalla.
Rampaging and death-dealing Hulk vs. Ultimates.
Aftermath of Kang Dynasty war. Carol exonerated for killing Master,
Thor throws a feast, Duane is remembered and honored. 8/02
As vs. AIM enclave, 2-page spread. Moondragon snatched. Starlin.
Brief review of Hawkeyes career includes 2 panels of As.
As search and find Order with other heroes and attack.
Tigra reflects on Cap and As success before revenge on hubbys killer.
As powerless to stop Galactus virus.
Giant Man beats up the Wasp in domestic dispute.
World capitals become empty voids, Viz takes out Mr. Hyde. UN asks
As to lead the world through the crisis. Johns/Dwyer. 9/02
Finale. Yandroths curse on Defenders finally broken.
Cap hunts down Hank Pym.
World Trust pt. 2, As help with civil unrest. Sub-Mariner informs As
that oceans are draining dry. Mysterious behavior with SW. 10/02
Hawkeye and BW in action. Cap finds Pym.
World Trust pt. 3, Scorpio attacks Pyms. As confront Order. Johns.
new acetate cover.
Cap takes Giant Man down to size. Ultimates prepare for aliens.
World Trust pt. 4, Scorpios key used to divide Chaos and Order. Thor
and SW seek to stop Order. Johns/Dwyer. 12/02
World Trust pt. 5, Order returns capitals to normal. Zodiac plot. 1/03
World Trust pt. 6, new lineup comes together. 1st Dell Rusk. Frank.
World Trust pt. 7, Jack of Hearts condition getting worse, Ant Man
joins after losing custody of daughter. Johns/Frank. 2/03
Standoff pt. 1. Asgard attacks Slovakia, IM seeks to stop Thor.
2nd story Bill Morrison spoof of Loki causing mischief with As.
Events conspire to set up Ultimates vs. Ultimate X-Men. Pt. 1
Magneto attacks As at Triskelion. Pt. 2
Standoff pt. 2. IM dons reactor powered, enchanted armor to beat Thor.
Cap tries to no avail to stop them.
Standoff finale. Doom interferes, but Cap talks some reason into both
IM and Thor and gets them to desist. Thor stops invasion. 3/03
As attack X-Mens headquarters.
Ultimates come calling to talk with Hank about Hawk-Owl.
Falcon solo issue. Takes out Scarecrow. Lead-in to Red Zone. 4/03
X-Men battle Ultimates, Magneto separates them from Prof. X.
Red Zone pt. 1, As evacuate people from biological red mist over Mt.
Rushmore that could become national disaster. 5/03
Pharaoh Akhenaton returns to earth, takes over and kills FF & As.
As appear in first page recap. Doom plots to stop Akhenaton.
Hawk owl takes Ultimates into owls nest, picks fight.
Red Zone pt. 2. Cap discovers bio-weapon. BP steals blood sample.
Red Zone pt. 3. Encounter AIM agents, She-Hulk infected. 7/03
Cap relives history of being frozen in ice when As found him. Jae Lee.
Aliens try to kill Wasp, bomb devastates SHIELD fleet.
After Thanos erases Akhenaton from history, he is resisted by restored
heroes including As.
She Hulk goes on rampage and smashes vision. Falcon shot by Dell


Marvel: The End # 6

Avengers vol. 3 # 69
JLA/Avengers # 1 of 4
Alias # 24
The Ultimates vol. 1 # 11
Avengers vol. 3 # 70

Alias # 25

Exiles # 31
Exiles # 32
Avengers vol. 3 # 71

Avengers/JLA # 2 of 4
Alias # 26
Ultimate Spider-Man # 46
Ultimate Six # 1
Ultimate Six # 2
Avengers vol. 3 # 72
JLA/Avengers # 3 of 4
Cap. America vol. 4 # 17
The Ultimates vol. 1 # 12
Thor vol. 2 # 68
Avengers vol. 3 # 73
Ultimate Six # 3
Iron Man vol. 3 # 73
Thanos # 1
Alias # 28
Ultimate Six # 4
Thanos # 2
Cap. America vol. 4 # 20
Avengers vol. 3 # 74
Avengers /JLA # 4 of 4
Ultimate Six # 5
Exiles # 39
Avengers vol. 3 # 75
Avengers vol. 3 # 76
Avengers vol. 3 # 77
Ultimate Six # 6
Thor vol. 2 # 73
Wolverine/Cap. America # 1
Avengers vol. 3 # 78

Cap. America/Falcon # 1
The Ultimates vol. 1 # 13
Avengers vol. 3 # 79

Avengers vol. 3 # 80
Avengers/Thunderbolts # 1
She-Hulk vol. 3 # 1
Avengers vol. 3 # 81
Ultimate Six # 6
X-Statix # 21
X-Statix # 22
Cap America/Falcon # 2
Avengers/Thunderbolts # 2
Iron Man vol. 3 # 79
Hawkeye # 7

Rusk before revealing he is Red Skull! 8/03
Finale. Thanos defeats everyone, faces Warlock, heals universe.
Red Zone. Cap vs. Skull. Cap infected! BP and IM arrive. 9/03
Universes overlap, JLA confronts As. Thor gives Supes the hammer!
Purple, pt. 1. Jessica hired to aid victims of Killgrave.
Ultimates vs. alien invasion.
Red Zone. Panther beats up Skull and uses his blood to save others.
Cap saved by IM. Finale. Gyrich stays on with As. 10/03
Purple, pt. 2. Jessica tells story of when under Killgraves power she
attacked As.
Avengers Forever pt. 1. Exiles vs. vampire Avengers!
Avengers Forever pt. 2. Cap Britain vs. Cap America.
Whirlwind kills call girl. Hank proposes to Jan and gets rejected. Battle
and defeat Whirlwind in Las Vegas. Mature audience stories begin.
Cap and Batman seek answers, Grandmaster tricked. Perez/Busiek
Purple, pt. 3. Recounts As beatdown on Jessica, confronts Killgrave.
Prelude to Ultimate Six. Spidey vs. Sandman. No As appearance.
Team up of Spider-Man and Ultimates. Gathering of villains. 11/03
Villains escape and seek Spider-Man.
Jennifer goes to Bone, Idaho to find Bruce Banner. As come calling.
Teams unite to battle Krona. 11/03
Alternate history of Caps discovery in ice. 1st page reprint of As #4.
Ultimates battle alien invasion, doc banner thrown from copter.
In the year 2020, Asgardians search for former As.
She-Hulk destroys town. As cant stop her. Hawkeye arrives. 12/03
Ultimates called together to face threat of villains.
As perform sub rescue. Tony named secretary of defense.
Flashback to war over infinity gems. 1 panel.
Purple, finale. Jessica beats up Killgrave in front of As. Last issue.
Villains attack Triskelion to get Spidey.
Flashback includes As. 1 panel.
As find Cap in block of ice after timeline is restored.
She-Hulk chases Hawkeye, finds Banner. Banner turns into Hulk. 1/04
Heroes attack Kronas fortress. Superman and Hawkeye win the day.
Villains attack White House and Ultimates face off.
As dead at the White House, Hyperion kills president, Magneto.
Jack of Hearts detonates to stop She-Hulk and Hulk. 2/04
Cassie kidnapped, Jack of Hearts stops it and detonates in space!
Lionheart of Avalon pt. 1, As in England vs. Wrecking Crew. 3/04
Ultimates vs. villains. Harry confronts his dad.
Heroes try to topple Thor and die.
As training room exercise. Cap and Carol seek Wolverine.
Lionheart of Avalon pt. 2, As stop Crew, innocent bystander dies in
rescuing Cap. 4/04
Cap w/ SW contemplate Falcons activity in Cuba.
Conclusion. Hulk goes wild on aliens.
Lionheart of Avalon pt. 3, Hawkeye decides to take revenge and it
backfires, freeing the Crew again. Hank and Jan have falling out.
Lionheart of Avalon pt. 4, New Captain Britain. SW stops Crew.
Project Liberator. Avengers advised to stop Thunderbolts.
Jennifer aids As against Modok in flashback before party.
Lionheart of Avalon pt. 5. CB stops Morgan Le Fey. 6/04
Conclusion. Ultimates stop Osborne.
As and X-Statix go after Doops exploded brain.
Cap vs. Anarchist, SW vs. Dead Girl for Doops brain.
Cap & SW look for Falcon. Anti-Cap.
Iron Man infiltrates T-Bolts.
Tony Stark becomes secretary of state. As attend ceremony. 1 page.
As in flashback (1 panel) and in training room. Black Widow.


Avengers vol. 3 # 82
Cap America/Falcon # 3
Avengers/Thunderbolts # 3
Avengers vol. 3 # 83


Once an Invader x-over. Clint and Jan get close. New Invaders form
Cap seeks As advice on one page.
Project Liberator removes super-powered energy from world.
Once an Invader x-over. Invaders aid Namor, Hank discovers Jan and
Clint together. 7/04
Avengers/Thunderbolts #4
Moonstone absorbs and releases power of Liberator.
X-Statix # 23
Hawkeye vs. Vivisector, Ant Man vs. Venus.
Secret War Commemorative # 1 Power Man attacked and hospitalized. Shield involved. Painted.
Marvel Knights Spider-Man # 2 Spidey seeks As help concerning threat to kidnap family. On cover!
Secret War Book 2 of 5
Furys team (New As?) is sent to Latveria.
Avengers vol. 3 # 84
Once an Invader x-over. USAgent vs. Cap, Invaders up against As on
opposite sides of political affair in Middle East. Rebels kill despot in
front of As. 8/04
Invaders #0
Invaders and As continue to skirmish, Namor removes rebels and
places one of his own over middle-eastern country.
Daredevil vol. 2 # 63
As confront Hydra head in 2 panels.
X-Statix # 24
Mr. Sensitive vs. IM
Avengers/Thunderbolts # 5
Zemo saves Cap. Everyone vs. Moonstone and try to stop Liberator.
Iron Man vol. 3 # 84
IM interrupted in As mtg. for govt business. Finds Arsenal. On cover.
Iron Man vol. 3 # 85
IM and As vs. Arsenal. Prologue to Disassembled storyline.
Thor vol. 2 # 80
Thor seeks aid of As against Lokis schemes.
Avengers vol. 3 # 500
Disassembled pt. 1. Dead Jack of Hearts reappears and Ant-Man dies!
IM snaps. Vision crashes quinjet into Mansion. She Hulk loses it and
tears Vision apart. 9/04
X-Statix # 25
Doop vs. Thor. Conclusion. X-Statix hang it up?
Cap America/Falcon # 5
Tie into Disassembled w/ a number of old and new As.
Avengers/Thunderbolts # 6
Conclusion. Moonstone loses mind, new T-Bolts, Zemo goes bad.
Thor vol. 2 # 81
Pt. 2, Ragnarok. The big three in Asgard, Balder dies.
Thor vol. 2 # 82
Pt. 3, Ragnarok. Battle Fenris, Beta Ray Bill returns. No As.
Avengers vol. 3 # 501
Disassembled pt. 2. IM has to stop She-Hulk. Jan taken to hospital.
Cap America/Falcon # 6
Romance between SW and Cap?! 10/04
Secret War Book Three of Five Furys team vs. a huge collection of villains.
Ultimate Nightmare # 1
Worldwide broadcasts of impending doom cause mass suicides.
Thor vol. 2 # 83
Pt. 4, Ragnarok. Beta Ray Bill stops Fenris, flashback of early As.
Avengers vol. 3 # 502
Disassembled pt. 3. Past & present As gather. Hawkeye dies during
seeming Kree invasion! Doc Strange appears; magic is involved.
Cap America/Falcon # 7
Cap dreaming everything? As prepare for conference. 11/04
Thor vol. 2 # 84
Thor beheads Loki and seeks Ragnarok in order to save everything.
Ultimate Nightmare # 2
Ultimates and X-Men converge on Russian compound.
Runaways # 18
As comment on young vigilantes on court steps. 2 panels.
Daredevil vol. 2 # 64
As and Shield converge on Red Guardian.
Avengers vol. 3 # 503
The end of the Avengers, as a mentally unstable and nearly all powerful
Scarlet Witch is revealed to be behind the deaths of the As. Doc
Strange reveals truth to her. Magneto takes her away. 12/04.
Thor vol. 2 # 85
Final issue. Ragnarok comes. End of the gods.
Handbook of Avengers 2004
Official handbook of Marvel universe, entries on As.
Ultimate Nightmare # 3
Ultimates and X-Men inside compound encounter super-powered
Avengers Finale
Team mourns after events of Disassembled and recalls best moments.
As: Earths Mightiest Heroes # 1 Relives formation of As and battles w/ Hulk, finding Cap on ice. 12/04
The New Avengers # 1
Gathering of new team to stop major break out on Rykers Island. IM,
Cap, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Sentry, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman. 1/05
As: Earths Mightiest Heroes # 2 Cap has haunting memories, As battle Lava Men.
Ultimate Nightmare # 4
Cap faces off against Red Guardian and other encounters in bunker.
The New As # 1 Directors Cut Reprint of first issue and original script, alternate covers.
Ultimate Spider-Man # 70
Peter recalls battling Deathlok w/ Us, dreams hes with Mary Jane.
What if Jessica Jones Had Joined Jessica joins after Killgrave story, marries Cap, helps Wanda.
The Avengers # 1
Ultimate Nightmare # 5
Cap takes out Super-soldier, heroes find Vision, warns of Galactus.



IM debates over national security, Masters of Evil, proto-Quinjet.

As battle Kang, past haunts Cap, seeks out Zemo.
Cap takes out terrorists, Hank becomes Ant-Man, Thor nuts?
As battle prisoners, Sentry disposes of Carnage in space. 2/05
As battle Nefaria, Jarvis meets Hawkeye. Zemo kidnaps Rick.
Cap goes after Zemo.
Wanda & Pietro, Prof X talks with Doc Banner, Cap seeks out Thor
Flashback of She-Hulks rampage in vol. 3 # 73. Copy of As # 4.
Cap calls new team together, headquartered in Stark Tower. 3/05
As trap Electro, travel to Savage Land. 4/05
includes historical summaries of As, Lethal legion, Force Works, etc.
Zemo dead, Hawkeye joins.
Banner executed? Pym in hiding.
As and X-Men come in to stop Wolverine.
As and FF gather against Titania before She-Hulk takes her gem.
Jessica Jones gets scoop on new team: Iron Lad, Hulkling, Asgardian,
Patriot; Iron Lad revealed to be young Kang.
As: Earths Mightiest Heroes
Conclusion. Classic lineup of Cap, SW, Quicksilver and Hawkeye.
New Avengers # 5
IMs armour frees captured As, face off against Sauron. 5/05
Marvel Team-Up # 6
Spidey, Cap, BW. No As appearance.
The Ultimates 2 # 4
Stark proposes to Widow, Cap w/ Wasp. Team confronts Thor.
Young Avengers # 2
Kang interferes, Cassie grows giant.
Secret War Book Four of 5
Villains tech armor together forms a bomb to set off in NYC.
Ultimate Secret # 1
Ultimate Captain Mahr Vehl battles Kree robot, detonates rocket.
New Avengers # 6
SHIELD interferes, As discover illegal activity. 6/05
House of M Sketchbook # 1
Drawings from forthcoming crossover include New As.
Marvel Knights Spider-Man # 13 Cap leads New Avengers in combat drill and Wolvie skewers Spidey.
Ultimates 2 # 5
Thor taken down and captured. Ultimates tricked?
GLA 1 of 4
Bizarre tale in which one of the team dies.
Hercules 1 of 5
Hercules new labors after appearing at funeral and kicked out.
Ultimate Secret # 2
Mahr Vehl warns Fury of Galactus. FF & Us gather.
Amazing Spider-Man # 519
Spider-Man moves into Avengers Tower, Hydra doppelgangers
Spider-Man Breakout # 1 of 5
Villains team-up to hunt down guard, Spidey intervenes. No As.
Young Avengers # 3
Growing Man and Kang, origin of Patriot. Vision.
New Avengers # 7
Pt. 1, The Sentry. As vs. The Wrecker, others find Sentry in cave.
Secrets of the House of M
Background and bios of players in crossover series includes As.
Avengers: Assemble
Pocket-sized B & W reprint of As vol. 1 # 1-3. 7/05
The Ultimates 2 # 6
Pym gets involved in fake Defenders team.
Marvel Knights Spider-Man # 14 Wolvie and Spidey continue sparring. Cap chews out Wolverine.
GLA # 2 of 4
GLA goes on recruitment drive and another one dies (Grasshopper).
Secret War: Files of Nick Fury
Secret files, background and bios of those involved in Secret War.
Amazing Spider-Man # 520
Jarvis & Aunt May spend time together, Hydra agents battle New As.
Young Avengers # 4
Iron Lad has to go back with Kang.
House of M # 1 of 8
Discussion of what to do w/ SW after disassembled events.
House of M # 2 of 8
Reality completely altered with Magentos house as world royalty.
GLA # 3 of 4
More GLAers die.
Ultimates 2 # 7
Hawkeye killed, Us involved in international war.
Amazing Spider-Man # 521
No As, Tabloids article about MJ and Stark together.
Young Avengers # 5
Young Avengers vs. Kang, Vision returns, Kang skewered.
The Pulse # 10
House of M tie in where Hawkeye is alive.
House of M # 3 of 8
Wolverine solo, meets up with Cage and Hawkeye.
House of M # 4 of 8
X-Men learn the truth.
GLA # 4 of 4
GLA becomes the GLX.
Amazing Spider-Man # 522
Spider-man hunts down Hydra enclave.
Hercules # 4 of 5
Herc takes Caps shield and is confronted by As.

New Avengers # 8

Official Handbook: As 2005

As: Earths Mightiest Heroes # 3

As: Earths Mightiest Heroes # 4
The Ultimates 2 # 1
The New Avengers # 2
As: Earths Mightiest Heroes # 5
As: Earths Mightiest Heroes # 6
The Ultimates 2 # 2
She-Hulk vol. 3 # 11
The New Avengers # 3
The New Avengers # 4
Official Handbook: Teams 2005
As: Earths Mightiest Heroes # 7
The Ultimates 2 # 3
Wolverine vol. 2 # 25
She-Hulk vol. 3 # 12
Young Avengers # 1

Sentry confronted with truth. Spider-Womans pheromones subdue

Wrecker. 8/05
Entries, bios of Avengers 2005 events.



House of M # 5 of 8
Spider-Man Breakout # 5 of 5
The Ultimates 2 Annual # 1
Ultimate Secret # 3
New Avengers # 9
Young Avengers # 6
Amazing Spider-Man # 523
WhaHuh? # 1
New Avengers One Shot
The Pulse # 11
New Avengers # 10
Young Avengers # 7
New Avengers # 11

Amazing Spider-Man # 524

The Ultimates 2 # 8
Sentry vol. 2 # 1
The New Thunderbolts # 13
Ultimate X-Men # 64
House of M #7 of 8
She-Hulk # 1
Runaways #9
Young Avengers # 8
New Avengers # 12
Ultimate Secret # 4
The New Thunderbolts # 14
Sentry vol. 2 # 2
House of M # 8 of 8
Avengers: The Ultimate Guide

The Pulse # 12
New Avengers # 13
Young Avengers # 9

Heroes begin gathering to take on House of M.

New As mop up escaped villains coming after ex-Vault guard.
Us rescue hostage situation, Giant men, stop plot against Fury.
Us and FF team up to launch space vehicle.
Sentry remembers, The Void returns. 9/05
Iron Lad departs, Cap asks them to disband, but they dont.
New Avengers vs. Hydra. Spidey takes out bomb and himself.
A number of satirized vignettes including As and Ultimates.
Guest starring FF, military giveaway. Unearthed Kree warriors.
Jessica about to give birth. New As cover w/ baby.
Conclusion. Emma helps Sentry recover memories. 10/05
Cap seeks to inform parents. Patriot mixed up with Mr. Hyde?
Ronin, pt. 1. Cap seeks Daredevils aid in infiltrating Japanese crime
syndicate and gets ninjas. 11/05
Conclusion. IM rescues Spidey, but he has recurring blackouts.
SHIELD takes out Cap believing hes behind Hawkeyes death.
Aids As against Attuma, attends counseling
CSA assigns T-Bolts to take on New As using Red Ronin ruse.
Us and X-Men battle, Magneto breaks loose.
Heroes come for SW, Quicksilver behind the House of M.
New As invite Jen into As, deals w/ lawsuit involving Young As.
New As try to take down Cloak, but he escapes to Runaways.
Young As take down Hyde, Patriots secret revealed, quits.
Pt. 2. New As vs. Ninjas, Silver Samurai , Viper (12/05)
Us, FF, Cap Mahr Vell vs. Kree, try to prevent Galactus.
T-Bolts put smackdown on New As w/ government help.
1 panel with collected New As. Mostly about Ss love life.
Most Mutants lose mutant gene due to Wandas chaos.
Hardcover book by DeFalco traces history of team, individual bios,
summary by decade, foreword by Stan Lee.
Fear pt. 2, Jessica rushed to hospital to give birth.
Ronin finale. Ronin unmasked after As beat ninjas. SW found out.
Hulkling is a Skrull? Super-Skrull appearance.

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