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Purpose and chaT3~teTi5ti~s Qf the auto~atic rIfle -----. 1

Brief des~ri"pt ion of uhe construct ion. of U~'o a.n.l,omatic

rifle .--._-------------------------------------------- I




I' I


CONSTRijCT I ON t f'tfNCT I ON I HoG ! D I SAS S,IlMIl ty. ASSI::M ~ I" Y '.



:L 2~ 3~

" .' S+

,6 ~

7. B~ 9.,

1:0. 11.., 12: . 13. iiI..

Ba'f' re I "::':' ~ 'r" -::- '!I' :-. ~ ~ ~ .. ' ~ '. 'r. ~ ~ •• ill ill, ,r;, .... - ,_ - - - - - _, _, - - - - - - ,_ - - -

ReceiYer ------~------P-, .. - ... ----------------

Op e r3 t i ng r od ,- - -, - - - - ,- - ,- - - - - - - - - - - ,- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~"., ., ~ ~ Re ru rn Jlecha,n i sm - - - - - - - - - -, -, .' .' ,.' ~ ,~ ~ ~ - - ~ ~ ,- - - - - - ,- - flrlna an.d trlgg~r d~cba"ism --~--------------R~c~lvor cover -Q--~~Q.~~~--------------------(;8,$ tube and hend guard - -, -, -, - - - - - -'~ - " p ~ • - ~'- ~ 'r ~ ~

Plst~l grip ._: ~_A _

F,o 1" e II!: n,d. - .. ~ 'r r - - - - or ,r ~ - ~ - - - • ~ ~ - - - - - - - - - - ,- ,- - - - - - -

sut t -,--------- - -,------,- - -,- - ~.'~'. -'- ,. -- -. ~ - ~ ~,A ,.,-,.

Magazine -----------------------_- __ r~_~~.' ••••

Sp~re parts and a~~e550Iies -------------------

CflAP1"ER :2 ~ fUNCT'l ON' 1 ~G 0 f' AUTO"MA,T I C Rl FLE

IS. 16. 11'.



Position of parts before loadina --.----~- •• ---

FunctioRin.e of part~ during loadi~g ~_A_~~ _

,Fu:QC t i oni ng Q f P,:J rt s dUT in g semi 3 ut om a, t Lc

f'ire ~ - ~,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 'P. • ~ ~ ~ ~ '. ~ p ••••• ~ ~ ~ - - - - - - - ,_ - - - - _, --

funeti~ning of p$rts during full 8utQ~~ti~

fire ----------------------------------------

Functioning of parts during tln1oadin~ -.-.~ •• ~.


20,. lJL az. ~:l .. Zt ., 2:5. 2:6., 2,7.

General instructioDS --_- __ - .. __ .~.r ._~ ..

Fjeld $trippin~ _~ • • __ A ~-

A55e~bly after field 5tripping ---------------Oet~il gtripping -----------------------------Assemhly af~~t acta!l stripping --------------Dis8ssembly of the ~ag~~ine ------------------A55embly of t~e magazine -------------------~-Disassembly and a5~e~bly of the auto~atic rifle

in the r~palr shop .-.-- •••• ---------------~~

5 10 19 22 27 .:n 3.3 ~O (.2 42 4.5 45 51 53

11 11. 75 11' ,81 85, 85



ZS. General ----------------------~-------7-------

2:9 ~ Da.i 1y inspect ion ,0£ th.e autoaatic. rifle by

the soldier ..... ----------- .. ------ .... ----

:3 0 • ,~"n.s,pec t.1 on () f tJI.,e ant iDa t, iC l' i £1 e to a:3.,se:.b I ed -

31. ][ns.p¢c t loft of 'rhe au t·cGi 'tic r. i £1 e I ,~'~., ~

disa:sseab1ed ,- ~'~'- - - - - - - - - - - - - ~ ~ - - - - - - - -:", - - - ~

12., [nspe(:t~'On o~ the IRala.~ill.e. ~ - - - .• ,. - .. - - - •• '. -;.:-;~-

3.:5. Inspecr Ien of rhe lIIc:ceS::fijOT'.les - - - - - - - - ~ -~, •..• , •.••



,C.UAPTE R s r PIR£P'ARAT 1. ON 0 F THE 'R f 'J,E FO,:R, "1 RE AND HkNUlINli


3.4, •. 35. 3.6. 17. 1,8. 19~ U.7 ·41 r

G:el:u;l!'ral - - - - - - - - ,- -,- -,-,-,- - - - - - - - -,-. - - - - - - -.~~ - - - --

Prep~ Tat i fin 0 £. th.~ aut DlIB,t.ic: T1. f1 e· for fi:r1B ~ • Loaa1Dg the .aga%lne --------------------.- ... - [!!loading t,'1ie. ri f'l,e •• ' ............ ~!II" •••• ' .. - - ~ .... ' ..... !I!' II!' ""!" - --

Setting the ~igbt5 ---------- •• -------------.-

firi~1 -------.-.-----.--------.--------------

Cb;p,:nging t.he ... ,gu.: Ine - - - ' •• , ••• - - - - - - •• ' •• - - ~ - - ~

Ce:5 s.a t ion 0 £ fi r e and preparing title ri i1 e fen-

fUTther fiTe Q_~ __ ~ __ • __ ~_a _

Set"tiine the rifle· on safety - - - - - - - - -,,- - - ~ - - ~ ~-

UnlQading the rifle .. ~ .. ~_.R __ .~_---

42., ,4-:3 •.


93 9), 94


IO!i lOS

107 lOR lOB l09 109 10" 111

ll1 l:U, Il2

'G~lfH!:r ~ 1 'pl"Qiced ~ Tilit 'foT p'r. 'tj en'!: i III and lI!l:ll.iDa t 1ml

s ta ppaaes '~~' ~ ~' - - - ~ - - - ~ - .-, -, ~ ~ - - ~ ~ ~ - ,- ~ - - - - - - - - - 111

'Cbs r ec t e:r i!i t ic .:111 ,funct io'n s alld .e t hods fo r

cl~ari~i them -~---------------------------- ll~



4-6. Procedure for adj U:s:tiDg rifle - - - -,,- - - - - - - - - - - ,-

4- 7 ~ Ch.a t'.;lI.,c: t e rr i s t t, e de:fe;c ts a f the T i £le al fee tins

accuracy .-----~----------------------------



4-8.. Cleami!ll and lubr-ic:a.tiaD, of auto.atle, rifle s

in use ---------------.-.----~----.----- ..••

,4· 9 + U$e (1.£ the $U t,o.a tic 'r.! £nt e in '!iilln,t. r - - - - - -"- - ,-


'll,] }
- I
.131 SO. U.s. .. ,of the .ut·o-aUe :ri fie in iII,rea,!;. wi t.h. hi,eh

t',,_"e-t'a tU1"e sandi iI andy t:e r'l"a in ~ - - - - - - - - - - ••

51,. C 1.e,aniftJ aDd lub:r lea: t. i Iii r 1 f Le s in p'rep,a rill t ion.

'for ;extpded st,oralll!! - - - - .• - • ,~, - - - - - -:-,,f -, - - - - - ,_.l



52. Storal. of rifles in units -------------~----- 53~ Storage of rifles in divisio~ amd £crp$ depots-



5" . Gene: :raJ - - - - -' .' - - - - ~ ••• , - ~ ~ - - ,~ ~ • - - - - - - - - - - - - -, - - -

S:5~ SeTVI.c:e lI_uiDi tion and i t.s use - - - - ~ ' ••• ' - - - ••• -

:5,6~ COilstl'uct,ioD 'DE seTvi(;,e aaauni t,ion - ~ - ~ - - ~ - ,- --

5,1. Action of special purp,ose bullets - - . ' .. - - - '. ~ ., ~

5,8 4 Tr ain1ng __ ua i t ion !Ii 'pUTpOS e and

cons t rue t Lon ~ - - - - - - - - ~ - ~ - - r ~ - ~ - - - - - '- ~ ~ ~ ~ ' •• -

1!.1 IJ.1 13·9- ItO



S 9'. Pac:ktOI of n 1 t lon, and •. Ii:'l''Ii.ing:s 00

pac );' • .Jlng - - - - - ~ - - - - - - .,. -, - - ::. - - - - ~ - - - - - - ~ ~

60~ Stora,ge of "'il:.lRit.ioD, --~--~- ••••• '----' •••• ---.

141 i-43;

APP'ENDIX ][ ~ TAB:LE OF CHARA,CTERI51'I CS O'F' nUSliN Iml" AUTOMA,T I C: RI FLE WI TH lfoonEN SToer - - ' .. ' • - - - -





De ,;, 62-_ Ial.as,h.,i'tov .. ult-a..tic rifle (A[) 'Ui~ r 1) is" powerful iad.tLvtdual autoNlti"="::-We.aPOD des tglled t.o des t roy

e:n-e.,. pe'rs-omul at SOOT t dis tance.s . ~~. j'

, .



J )

lb. rill e c.o he .. ployed fo r both semi aut o.,e, t i-i! • aiI!Jd aut·o.. tic:: fl re ~ The 'ri tle is d.s Iln'li!! d bas i,t: all 'f fo r fll]] aut .. atic fir·e.

De.n fl.·rilll .aut .. ati.c ft'I"'" tn sbot't burs·t.s I t.he rifle is ~ c.pab ht of destroy btC co 11ee: t lve ,aud ilUli v 1 dQal ta Tge t sat raDles CJ f up to 50:0 .etel's. I.he r:l fl e C.n be fi ~d .os t

eff.c·t 1 we ly at raDJ e.s of up to lOO .et e'l.'.!. ~

. In flriDI 'the rifle on s •• taut·o.atic ·fi·:f'e.., best resul t.s ar~ obt •. 1Qed at r.fI.~.s of 1If t·o 400 .• ..,te-r:s. . ".·11 ~ er •. I,ne'd, ri·fl.eiiilllen CaD fl'Te a"i .ed. se.1,JutOlia t l~ fire iii t r·iI DIe:S 0 f Up to ,MIO .etl!rs. The bullet rll!l·tain.s a Le tha.I effe-c t at ranges of' up to· 1.5.90 .e t,. 'fS ~

Deliv-i!I"'t!ll.ble Tate· of flr~~:

-. gO to ]l60 rounds peT IId11.~te in shC'rt bursts;

- -up 'to .... 1'Oll.D ds per .:ii.I!U:..I.t (t i 0 :s·elli au t.O" t.i II: f i Til!! •

The rifle f1 res· 7,. 6Z-

round:! .Ml!' t 3 ..

The pt'i.f'lci.pal cha'l'a1:t~T'lst.ic:s of the aut(lllfte.tie Tifle· are Ii $ t·ell in tab le for. i.n Appe~di:l: I ..

. .

BII iEF' DESCIlI PI 1_ .oF tHl. CQIfS·'DUtTION OF mil: A.IJI'FtlMAT I C Rl.F.l;B


The '.62' ... : .. I."ln1\ ito.. .uta.. t Ie r i f1 e is ·a I as ~ ope 1. 8 t ed weapqllj hl ''II'hldi ·the •. a9 is chilDn4!! I "d tbtvUlb a 5p~C.l a 1 po r-t in t.he· st.tlona:ry ba't'n!l- ... a .... c::t$ .on. a pi..5tOn. ..

Tho· bore is seal.ed by Tot_tion of the bolt .• :nd engage.eAt (1.£ th'e bot t Im::l:ing l.uls ... 1 t'h tee ki.nl I uK:!, O·D the Tee e i vel' .

TIle rifle l.s ted fl'o :iii. curvedl blOX m ••• e in e with a e ap a. c. :1 t yof 311l) 1"oUilds ~

The rea r :$ i •• tis g.f tbe Ctl rv·ctd -ra..p type.. and i:!ll de- s i,gned

feF fire of up. to tOO .eters.. .

not firlDI .e-c:baillis. is DE the ha-.er type~. an.d Is ac·tuated

hy • .e .... 1l$ of a ;sp r'i nl:. Tho:r i f 1 e- is. eqm ipped wi t h. :a se le c t or £0 r c!haD.i~i fr.,. se.JiIluta-atic: fire to full Iiluto:.ati-t: and rhe reverse.'



'The 5 e 1 ec t 01' .. 150 .B'(:' t:ii .$ I(l $ _ f'" ty ~

The r if Le i.s ,.roy ided '!'"1·th ·iB i ~ h~ I' • !fJ-cHle no 0'1' II fo ld i ~I .aet.a.l $t·i)e~.. In tlte travell..D1 pO.lnt1o.IlJi _ .. n .ove • .en.t 011 .S;k1S t _rut in p. l"aebu·... j..,. Ji the .eta I :!Ii t ~ck i~ folded ~eDe.ith the _' . l'ec:e i ver (11&. 2) r As" Tn 1 e- f th.., r.l fl. 1$ Ii red wi t~ "th·.:5 t.ock UDf'o1d~d; how-ev el' f if tia·e does no·t pent ... the .. UI~~old1·1I1 of tbe s toc.k I the l'if.le aay be fi H d with the 5- toe): fo f died +.




o ~

I . ~\.-

:' , I ,:' ~ Ii' , ... 1

. . I .lo. .! 1>0"' -, "''''''''' ..

..... , .... ~ ~ ~.. :

~ .. '\ II I:;' ~ ~ r.,,'" 'if . ~ ,_"

.;. , ,._. y.l-.i,' -', '-, !t~ -.1L" r.;;. : ";; l-

. , '- . , .. "", :"";~'" .

:'. • • ~ • "'! • :Il'[..:. I ~, ~. ctl·. ..

_ ..... I


, b


:I- •

FIgure 1 ..

General view of the Xalashnikov aut cma ti c ri f l e,

a~ With wooden stock.

b~ With folding metal stock~

Kalashnikov automatic rifle with folding metal stock in folded pos ition. ~

- .ii-"~' 1IIl-

--:'., 'I

-- ~

--"m"~'- III


- . ]-,;...

... <t •


Figure J ~

..~ .," ....

. ,-


.~', , .

. ~..:....,;; .'

~L ~:-. ~.:::r'~

. :_f!IP


·iiIiiL- _'-Lili. fl

Principal parts of the Kalashnikov automat i c ri f Le ~

1 - barrel (1-10); 2 - receiver (assy~ 1-1); 3 - sights; 4 - bolt (assy. 3-2); 5 - operating rod (assy~ 3-1); 6 - return mechanism (assr~ 4); 7 - receiver cover (0-1); 8 - gas tube and hand guard (assy~ 1-12); 9 - fore

end: ('·acsv 6)~ lin ct··ock (·~es·y E)·~ 11

,~,L . .j"'. ,: ~ . " " I Iu. - ~ ,:., , itI. ~ . _ I!I ,~ , . " ._,

pistOl grip (as5y~ 8); 12 - magazine (assy~ 7); 13 - cleaning rod and accessory case; 14 - pistol grip screw (0-19); 15 - stock pi.n~





Th.e 7,. 6 Z - _ IA! ilia s hn i kov. ,\iU t'CiIJI!& tic r i £1:e COD s:.1:!:: t s of th(!: loll?w'ing 'pT Inc ~pa i p,a r t s and Ite·c ha.n ismls (~ig,. J.l .. : bar roe 1 ( Jj ) ~ ~ecelver (2)~ s11~ts (3)1 bolt (~), operat~nl ~od (~)t ~~turn mecha~i$~ (6)~ firing aDd trilger m~eh$~i5m5t receiver cov~r (7):11' la~ tub,~ (3') 'with hand gU8,rdt ,loire 'en.d (9)" .s.toi;k (10', with piD (IS}1 pi$tol gTi, (11) with screw (14)" and-

--".:1 Iue (12).

~'n _ddi tLon , the ri f 1~ Is pitov'jdcd wj t,'h acce,s:so:d e s (1,3) f(lt" ,!;leaniml and lubricatinl tdi$,.a$se~bly and asse.blt.

1 '. BAJtR.EL

The ba 1"'lre 1 (f:i It ~ ") S II) t'"vt;!:5- t I) d i re'J: t the f1 I 8 Ii t of the bu,llet w To the b,arrel at!! at:tache-d th'e baere I ollshj ng (1):10 tli,~ front sight base (2) 1 t,be las c:yl iJlde'r OJ, the Eor'e end, Ii a'~d1 ( .. ,) ~ lI,ma the rea r' s i,Sh 1. iba,s,e (,S}.

The ba rr ell:! p roy ld,e,d 'N I tli !e,X, t ~ r iQ r' t tueadJ's (6o} f 0' r

in 5 t.a l1.i 111,1 the dey ice 1'0 r' fIr il!l!i b 1 a!l3lk: e (Lt't ri d.ge.s; the re are cylindrical PQrtiofts for the fr~nt 5ight haset the gas cyllndeYt 'tIHl! fore end lHI'md t and! 'the r'ear s;3i"ffJw·t bese,!'. A shoulder ('7 J

$,err,v'e'5 as ,Ii 5u:pport fo'l' the b a:rre 1 wb!l!t.n b'i 5,eTt e'd into th.e r'ece i ve r' rAt t:hte l"eilfr 00 f the ba,,"I"& 1 thol! f'8 1.$ fI, 'te ill fo reed s ece ion (8) ave r tile ehllilber, ,i:l.nd, A t,hr18ad (:g) f 01" t hoi! l'eee i v e r' r.

On t.l!Iie cr'l i. n,dr ic:al pOT t ions 0 f t he boa. r r ~ l. f er t~~ f J."lHl t s, i;lih t bas e , the ,I as c,yll md,lrr' ,lItIld U!!Iii! r ;5, Lgh t bas e , the:re ,a r e

s •• ici:r'c.'U!l.':r' 'rece'sses (19 t 11 ,and 12) fOT piiiti,$:; 0'11 the c:ylind:r,i,cali. p01"t i,on lor' the f,ore end band. t.he roe [:!Ii .. :se..:i':,i T(:.\11 a l' rei: es S {l3} lo.T' the fore ,end band lock L

tile im't:e r :lo'l"' 'of' the b.rr.e 1 een 5: i 5 t:9' 0 £' the bore t ud,e up 0.= t1ie' ,c.h •• beT (1 C) IUlcd the r i £1 ed :por"t'i OQ. (1 S) •

The ~b •• be. r is eennec te.d to 'th-e ,f,'i f 1 edt 'pY'D t ion by _,e ans of Ii, 'passaiC' (1.6} w.ldell ,',5 S ares $,!!IiQoth enga,Ile.ein: of tile' 'hilille.t vi,tlil the, rillb.i., Om thfl' breech fa.ce of t.he dUillloer there is 11

*11iie'tolrowlng: ,des-c'fiption is of the .od,el 'W'I t.1l wood~n st oek , Bit ff e'reD'Ce:! b e'twee-p 'tlii i s ItQde1 and, tke' '.,ode I wit hi '.e tao 1 s t eck 3l'r'e noted I,ll t.er ~


. -


... -


c-·- \.

r l

- ..... ----- -

~ f~~

~'1.- \ .

·~t I

_It" ~''!''

, .

..... __ .. .I_",



.' ~

i . .

• - .. ~ _.L . ..

.. -

L .• 'I

_. ~ ..

t ~


"" ......

.[r-. .. ,

4 1," ~ '. f"

"r .: ......

"' .. - '.'.' ....

I -....,. - - r- .. -- - ------ .. - - - - - ~.,_.. .-'r "'I. 'I .... • , __.......,...~ _

1('..... _.'. I !J

1* _ ~.: __ . ...,.......... __ . __ .. _ _ _... . _. . ... ~ .. .. __ . _ ....... _ ....... 1. .... ,.. r:.

r Ii 01:

~ ;J


Figure 4.

Barrel (A - overall view; B - section) ..

1 - barrel bushing (O-14); 2 - front sight base (1-30); 3 - gas cylinder (1-29); 4 - fore end band (a55Y+ l~ll); 5 ~ rear sight base (1-21); 6 - thread for device for firing blank cartridges; 7 ~ supporting shoulder for barreli 8 - barrel reinforce; 9 - thread for connecting barrel to receiver; 10 - semi~ I circular recesses for front sight base pins; 11 • semicircular recesses for gas cylinder pins; 12 ~ semicircular recesses for Tear sight base pins; 13 - semicircular recess

for fore end band lock; 14 ~ chamher; 15 - rifled portion; 16 - passage; 17 ~ bevel;

18 - rifling; 19 - gas port~



~~~ (17) fOT ,uidinc the bull.t into th~ cha.ber. Tbe ~ifled portion of ~he bore has fDU~ I~V~S (lB)~ whi~b origimate at the left and contInue in • ~ouateTclo~kwise directiom~ Th~ ITooves serv. to i~8rt ~ot.rr .otlon to the b~llet+

The pOr~iQD$ h.tve$~ the ITooves .re call~d tbe l.~ds+ The distance betMeGU two 0ppo5ite lands is cB11e~ the c~liberJ and i$ equal to 7.6Z~ .. ~ ID tbe central portion of the barrel there is a las pOTt (19) for pas~iDI a portion of the gases into t'. ,as <y1inder .

1h~ b.Trcl hoshiDl (£i&.5) servos to prolc~t tbe ~hreads Oil which the devIce- for flrInl b laBk caI'tTid,es is Ins taIled.

On ~he eIteTior of tbe barrel bushiR& tbeT~ is a shouldeT {I) wi~h four recesses (2) fQT tho lG~k~ ~herc are also a circular aroove (1) and two recesses (4). Th~ iToove5 and re~eS5es are desi,oed to bold lb. band guaTd when the bore is b.inl clea~d+ The batr~l busbimg i5 provided with iD~~rior threads (5) for installation an the .u%~le.

Tbe barrel bU5~iHJ lock (lil~6) Is locat~d in a TeCe5S iD tho front sllht base .nd COD5ists of a lo~k (1)1 sprinl (Z)~ and pill (1)+

The forward ed,e of tbe lock enters ODe of ~e re~es~el in the barrel bU5hin •• bould~r vh.n lb. busbla, i~ in.ta1led an ~. barrel~ ~hus pre~8DttD' the barr.1 bU5hini fra. ea.tna 100 •••

The lock and sprint aTe T~taln.d in the frODt siaht by .eans of a pin which ent~r5 recess (.) of tb. lock.

The ,.5 cylinder (fi,.1) serV.5 to direct the la5es which are passed fro. the bore to the pts~on.

On the up~r por~ion of th~ las cylinder t~ere is ~ ciTcul.r edle (1) for fasteniDI the las pipe to ~he ~nd JU.~i arad on the lower pG rt ion the re are two pG1"t!ill (2) fo~ piQ:t p.d a lUI (3) for the cieaRiRI rod.

~e int.rioT of th •• _5 cylinder is provided wit~ • ~yli~der (4) iD~Q vhi~b t~8 .a$.5 pas5 fra. the bOTe by .ea~s of a Ea5 pOrt (S)r Bevel (~) on tbe forwaTd f8~e of the la$ eyll~der seT~.S to Juide lb. piston into the gas ~yliDder. thus pr~· veR~iDl tb. piston fro. ja..io& alat~st the f.ce of the las cylindel'.

The C.5 c11ind~T fil5 on the barrel V.T1 ti,htlYI amd is ~ocked by t~o pin5 (1)~

Fore end baDd (fig .• ) ser.e~ to lock t~ fore end to ~he bar~el. It has rias (1) for the forward ~Dd of the fOT~ opd; l~ (2) with po~t (3) for locli forv.rd sw!v.l (~) fOr the slIDI; port {5} fqr the cleaninl rod; no~cb (6) for the lock leW8T when the ,~op ~ln. is loek$d on the barrel. ~k (7) s.rY~$ lO lo~k tbe fO~e eAd band a. the b.TT.l~ It is p~orid.d with. lever (I) a~d r.eess (9)~






"" "

Figure S. Barrel bushing (10,·,14) •

1 - shoulder; 2 - recess; 3 - cir-

cular groove; 4 - recesses; 5 - threads .


r,;;,."_ ::'"'_.._j , ... '-- .....

.- U .t

Figure 6~ marrel bushing lock.

A ..

Lock in assembled and disassembled views with barrel bushing removed~

Sectional view with bushing installed.

1 lock (1-37); 2 lock spring (1-38); 3 - pIn; 4 - recess.


- (']J ...


.~ ,"


Figure 7~ Gas cylinder (1-29). s ect Lona l vie'w's)

(Overall 3!nd

1 - circular edge; 2 - ports for pins; 3 - lug for cleaning rod; 4 - cylinder; 5 - gas port; 6 - bevel for guiding piston; 7 . pins.

Figure 8. Fore end band, wi th Lock fassy .. .l -11) '.

1 - rims; 2 - lug; 3 - port for lock; 4 - forward swivel; 5 pert for cleaning ~od; 6 - notch for lock lever; 7 - lock (1-28.,); a - lock lever; 9 - ree e s s ,

Tbe fore end band 1. locl-' OP the barrel wheR the lock leyer is tur •• d to the rear, and t~. round portia. u£ th~ locl enters recess ·{Ill in the b.rrel (see fi,. ~). The fGre eBd ~nd caa !be ., ... d .1oDJ tl,. banel wiben th~ leve r is _"led forward .ad the loct Tecess 1. turned towards the~b.r~l.



The rec.elyerJfil. 'J sel''fes ·to.'connect tile Hrt,. of the aut~ti~ rifle a to dlract t~e -otioQ of the bolt.and the operatinl Tod. 00 the top of ~he r~&!yer there are i~des (1) fOT luidiD, ~he operati •• ~~ The JUides are provid~d .ith T~Ce55e5 (2) for p.SSihl the bolt lu.~ .ad r.c.SS.5 (l) for paSSiDI the op~ra~ID' rod lUIS _beD the operatiml rod aDd holt .T~ beiRl CODDe~t&d to tbe receiverr Tbe TtJh~ luide i~ provided .ith • 5e.lcl~ulQT rec~55 (t) aDd beyel {5J fo~ p~¥.Dtlnl the ~ caTtrid.e cases fra. striking the receiYeT In eztr.ction.

To the botto. of the reeeiY~r ar. f.st.ned • $.fety bra~ket (6) aDd pi~tol Irip hase (7).

ID additlOD, in th~ botto. D£ ~h~ Tec~tv.r ther. 1s .n apeniPI (8) for the ~Iazime~ ~d .n openi~1 (') fOr the tri"er.

On tbe rilht v.Il of.tha reee!TaT the~. is .lu. (In) .~~ • lUI (11) for ref.tDTCiDi tbe ~e.j .. ~ .. 11; lua (12) for li.lt1n, the ~.rety·J".F; recesses (13 a.d 14) for ~toppiDI the sele~~or; op~niDi (IS) fOr iat~.llina· ~. selector in the f.ceiY~r (in the ~ portioa qf ~ ~iai t. placed the rllht trunnion of the •• 1.ctor 1~)~

H~ar TeCeSS (13) .r. ~ letters AV. ~i~ corre5po.d to the s~lectcr settiDI for .~toaatlc fire .... a..r T.~C'S (14) .re

the letters OD~ wbich CO~~I"" to the •• lector 5ettimc for $~i.vto.atic flr.~

00 the left wall of the receiver tbere is • lUI (16) far reiDfo~cinl the upper ~oTtiOD of tb. recei~r~ am op&miDI {17) for ~he left truoDion of s.I.~tor lever~ In the forward portion of the left .all of the rec&iwer &re the sCTial mu.ber of ~h. .uto..tic rifle and the ~.e of the .anuf.~tur.r~

In the rilht .od lef~ •• 1Is of the Teceiver there is an opent"1 (18)for the ha..er pin. o~eniDI (19) fOT the tritger pin~ .Dd opemina flO) for the auto.atic tTiller piDr

In the 1.0p portion of the re~einrr (fJI ~ Un tbere is .:a ,rooYe (ll) for the rear pOftlon of the rear si,ht b •• e; lUI (22) in whl~h the left Io~llm. lug is £or.ed. shoulder (21)

-The latin tetter, AY appe.r .s Cyrillic AI on th~ Soviet .odelt as" on tile Chl co- .ode I !I and as. 1a tin L on the Cb i c 011 I"'e~or t" .adel~ The J.tin letters OD .pp~aT as Cyril1icG~ on th~ Soyiet

.odel~.~ ~ on the Chico. ~elr and al l.tiD D OD the Chico.

"export It -.ode 1 •


. l



. : r: .'

I .

Figure 9.

Receiver (assy~ 1-11).

Right side; B ..

Left side; C.


1 - guides; 2 - recesses for passing bolt lugs; 1 - recesses for passing operating rod lugs; 4 - semicircular recess; S _ bevel; 6 - safety bracket; 7 - pistol grip base! 8 - magazine opening; 9 - trigger open~ng; 10, 11 - lugs for reinforcing recelver walls; 12 ~ lug for limiting the safety lever (1~20); 13~ 14 - recesses for stopping the selector; 15 - opening for selector l:ver; 16 - ~ug for reinforcing upper portlon of receIver; 17 - opening for left trunnion of selector lever· 18 _ op!rting for hammer pin; 19 ~ opening for tr1,ger pin; 20 - opening for full auto.at1c sear: 24 - recess for fore end;

25 - cover (1-7).

Forward portion of receiver.

Fi.gure 10.

Rifled side view; B~

Left side view;

c '.


21 - groove for the rear sight base; 22 - lug; 23 - shou l d e r fo:r 1 i~ni t ing mot ion, of operating rod; 24 - recess for ~ore en~; 2S - right locking lug; 26 - left lockIng lug; 27 - recess in which forward portion of magazine is attached; 28 - ~houlders for limiting movement of mag~zlne; 29 - cam surface (I-g); 30 - cam surface screw bevel; 31 - right edge of cam surface;

32 - cam surface guide end; 33 - right guide; 34 - left ~uide; 35 - groove for full automatic sear lever; 36 extractor~

i "1 _




, j


whiGh Ii it! th~ m~tio~ of t~e QperatiR8 ~od ~~d absorbs blows of ~he o~~!ating rod wbe~ the latter ~oves ~~ the extT~me for'Wart! po,:!:>], it lOdll,

[~ the forwa~d partto~ the r~ceiv~r i~ ~TQvid~d ~ith a ~cC~~~ (24) with grooves for cove~ (25) (see fia. 9). whi~h ~lo5e5 this reces~.

. ,


Re.'c.es So (24) fo rms ,a r'iIi!!IC,EI',$,$, fo r ,h,oldi!t'lJg; t:he fore end. On the i ns ide 0 f tb,e f 0 Iva:rdl p ort. i on ,0 f t,liLe' T'e'c.e :D.-'Ll' e:r it h;e:r e i s thread lo~ attach~n~ the b~rrel; lockina lug~ (24 affd 25) with ~'h 1. c iii. the. bo It 1 eck i i'll,g h.ug;:5 en g:a ge 'I<I1',h en t h,e boo.;r e :i is be i II ~

se a l.ed ; eeces s (;2 n for holding UH::= f,Q:i"ward '(I'QI't Lon of the ~ag.zine; and shoulders (2SJ~ whi~h limit the ~otlo~ of tbe maga2i~e upwards whe~ it is bei~g conne~ted to th~ rjf1e~ and ~am surfac~ (29)~ ~hieh is riveted to the rec~iveT.

Tke ~am surface serves to rot~t~ the bolt a certain am~tint ~he~ the bore is bein, seal~dJ to limit rotation of the bolt at the end Qf its '_Qtion, amd to gUide the cartridge into t,he chamber ,

On It iii (:! (..jJ:m ,5 i1.U ,fan:: e t be re :i.s ,8. cam (.30), ~h Lch IE: I1!,g.a,1l e s 'W i UI Uu~ 118 if't: j 0'1'; k i iI1jl: I ug of Hille be 1 it. fo. T t he 'P,UlI'lPo s. e Q.£ p:r~] i ~i, Ji.~ Ty ro ta t ,i on Q f l !he· bol t '",!'1iI e. ill, ch e bore 1. s f i rs "t, be: i n g s ea 1 ed '",

At the e~d of the sealing action~ Tctation of the bolt is limited by th~ right edge (31) of tbe CBm s~rf3~e.

iDe 'r5[1,gs (32) on t,b:e r'ea r face of fhe cam surface :iiliidle~ the: round ] nt o the' chanbe r .

Tbe.interior Qf the rec.eiver is prGvid~d with right guide (33) a"d left guide (34) for gUiding the bolt. In tbe 1"' i g h,t gu Ide to e r'e ji sag :('(!I iiJlve (' 35) .for th,e ~'J1ip,:e'T po I t i on o £ th~ lUll autG~.tic Sear le.er~ and in tbe left guide t~er~ is an ext f ac to'!" (36) f,o,r ex t r riII'C: t i,:ng th,e c,a Tit l' i d,g ill: C as es ., ]" ill

their :fo1itwa'rd! IPO'tt:Ji.'(1,iJl ,. th,e ,gu:ides, have p'!rQj ec t Jons and a ,camlQj,n,g. s~rface which s~rve to guide the c~rtrid8e ~5 it leaves the fla~I~S of the ~ag~zine~ and se icircular '!recesses. ~h~ch cont~in tke ce~tral cylindrical pOTtion o~ tb~ bo]t.

1[1'1 e r'ec e i 'liIE::!r :r'le·:lJ. r,' if: nod [ f~, 18 • 1 n is. t he bac 1:: :1'] ,ll. a It II!!: ~ \,ild en receives tk~ bl~~~ from tb~ operating rod as tbe l~tter moves to the extreme rear pO$itio~.

I!I1 t:h,e up, ~ r pot"t i On ailE t:h e 'b 81;,k pia toe t h,:e-'re i 5 a g 1"0 aye (37) for holdlDg tb~ h~el of the return sprin~ guide t~be and

~ grOQve (~g) f~r the Te~T edge of the recelv~T COY~T; at the rear, tbere is a groovo (39) fOT holdj~& the st~ck ~~d bole (40) (or the sto~t piTh.

.. ,{)

Rear end of receiver

(back pf at.e),

" 37 -groove for holding

heel of guide tube; 38 - groove f~T rear end of receiver cover; ~9 groove for holding stock; 40 - hole fOT stock pin.

'Figur'e 12;;

Rear portion of receiver of automatic rifle with folding metal

s t ock ~

1 - holes for stock pin; 2 - holes for stock catch; 3 - hole for more convenient removal of catch pin4

, .. .t '.

Tille rece rver 0'£ tne ,$:i,l'l.o:talla.ti,e: r'lfle wi'th foldin.g m~ t,al $ t ock ,[ fig., 12) :h 1Ii:5 ho 1 e,$ (:1) Ln the rea,'I' !pOT t io n f 11;)1' 'lJrLC'

s t eck pin, boles (2) in the left wall ,rOT t]H~ st!;H::,]( cat eh , and h;~l es t 3,) fo r i;,omre'n Len t r Ili!Iliiov.al c £ t,hie ca. ten. ptn.

The ' • .ag,iiI,. iJl e C "" tc,h; {f 11K ,. 13) wi t h s,p']' in,g :5 iii! rves to ho Ld th e 'lIIag.:z. Lne in the r'ece i ve r' '. I t. c QiiLsl ~ t,,$, 0 f a c1r'tcn (.1.) I' spr'i,ng (2 J and pin (,3).

OJ1l. th,~ C at ch there l. S 8, :5 t'Op' (4) and h,u ,1 e (5.J Fe r the'


The canch wi th ::;prim,g is connecced with the' :5afe tr (t.riggeT) guar\d by means of pin (3)"

The OPPlli!f edge of the catch i5 pTe55~d forward by the spring~ caHsing tke eQd (6) to be engaged by the ~ag~~in~ S tcrp to re ra ,in t he 1I3,ga:t ine in t.he l"ece i veT' ~

There are also automatic rifles with stamped T~c~iv~r (£ig. 1,4). The stamped, TiE!!iC,e-i \fer' has t.he foIlo'wing Cr;J'iil$ t ructio~: An inseTt (1) is welded to tbe forward part of these rece-i ver s and b:p.,ck, plate (2,) to the rear port ion..

To tile bo t t om (10,£ tbe r ece i 'Ii' er r.her ear e we I ded a s a fe t y (triggerl guard (3) and pistol Jrip b~se (4).

Ills ide rhe r'e ce-'i ve: r t her-e are we Lde d gu i de s ~ t'h e upp e r edges 0 f wh: Lc h. s Ii!! "tv e as, ,R u i des f 0''[" t he be 1. t J II nd th e I awe I e,de es as .a r e :info r't:,E!:JIen 'Ii:. for Ul i! t"@"ce i. ve r wa II s a.'rm.u~,d. th e ho'l e f 0'1' the h :ElJn.TIlle'T pin ..

The 'II.lpFiI!Ir &.dg,es of' the T'e,c,e:i ve-':r ,an: bunt l.n.w'ard, and! fO'["1ii ca. 5urf.c~s (6) for gUiding the operating rod.

The iJlsert of the stamped receiver (fig. 1S) is provided with rhr-eads (1) f o'r the. ba TTe-l; shcu I de rs (:2. and .3) ~ f o 'rwaI'd po rt itHi o'f be 1. t gtJ.:31de s i[ So and ,6); ex t rat: tOT (7); iii T'oov"e (a)

for' the- TiliHl:F sight hase ; iD,ot'l;,h ('9) for the fore end; re'CiI;!!:S5- PO); and skoolders (II} for ~oIding th~ daga~i~~~

The l1IQ reh £o,r t be fo ril! ejld is e.e v,e red b y t he l.'owet" po r t ion of tk~ r~c~iv~r wall.


The bac k plu,te (11ft. he- s't,a!l'l1!ped 'Tee e i v'e r' (f. i g; - 11. 6) ha s a groove (1' f~r koldi~g the heel ~f tbe return sp1'ing gUide tub~. ,j;: r oove (2:) f'g T TIii!!'iIl t'" e'dlge of t.he rec,iI;!' iV'1!;!! r -C'D V ¢ r j ree e s s ( :5 J f [) 'rbo,ldimg the ftH'W:p,"td ~d!ge Oo:f t.he s t ock ; tw,o F,['"oj ec t Lens (-4 :;I!1'ld, 5) with ~Ql~s for hol&in8 the stock by means of ~~rews,


; ...

.~--- I'



. , ,

~ ~

Figure 13.

Magazine catchj assembled and disas senb l ed ,~

1 - catch (0-11); 2 - catch spring (0-12); 3 - catch pin (0-13); 4 - catch stop; 5 - hole for pin; 6 - upper end of catch~

" .. _-

Figure 14. Stamped receiver (assy. 1-1).

I - insert (assy. 1-7); 2 - back plate (1-3); 1 - safety (trigger) guard; 4 - pistol grip base; 5 - guide; 6 - guide sur f'ac es ..


. I I ....






Figure lS~ Insert of stamped receIver (assy~ 1-7).


.. ' - I 'I

A~ Right view; B. Top view; C. 8ottom view4

1 - thread for barrel; 2~ 3 - shoulders; 4 - cam (1-9); 5, 6 guides; 7 ~ extractor; 8 - groove for rear sight base; 9 - notch for fore end; 10 - recess; 11 - shoulders..

1 "'l'

Figure 16.

Back~pla~e (1-3) of stamped rece1veT.

1 - groove for holding heel of guide;

2 - groove fOT receiver cover rear end; 3 - recess for holding forward edge of stockj 4~ 5 - projections of back plate with boles.

Figure 17.

Back plate (1-49) of stamped receiver with folding metal stock.

1 - lugs; 2 - holes for stock pIn; 3 - square holes for stock catch; 4 - hole f~r facilitating removal of stock catch p1n.


In auta.atic rifles with s~..,ed receiver and {oIdiD, .etMl Bto~l (fil. 17)~ the back plate h.s ~o IUI~ (1) yith ~ales (21; tb. TecetV&r b., tbe ~a.e kl.d of hol.~~ They hold tb. stock pi~~ .ad the lUIS r.i~fort~ tbe T~~~iY6T walls.

Al~o~ i~ tb. left wall of the recei •• r .nd in the left IOi tber~ .re ~,uare ~les (3) for the stock ca~Cht~.Dd in the botto. of ~he recelyer there i~ • hole (() for facilitating re.oval

of th~ £atch piD Khen the stock is beine re.oved.



Tbe 5ilhts are U5~ to .1. tbe rifle at th~ tar,et fat fire at v.rioDs raDJe5. They are .ounted OD the barrel and cgn5ist of the front and tbe reaT 5i2ht.

The rear sieht {fig. II} ~on~i~t5 of a ba~e (l)~ Qn

which i~ere a~e s~cto~s; si,bt leaf (2)~ si,ht leaf spriDI (l)i slide (4); slide catch (5) and.5pring (6).

The ~ilbt b •• e (iii. 19) h.5 a lUf (I). b, .eaD5 of wbicb the siiht is .gunt&d o. the bar~el~ bo e (2) fOT the pin .hich bolds the base an the harreI; hole (5) for the I.S tuh~ lo~ki hole (.) for p.5~in. tb. operatinl rod; s~.lciTcular .roove (5) for hOlding the r~c~iyer Cover pl~tet notch (6) and re~~ss (1} for holdin, tbe ._s tobe.

The ~a~ tuhe lock (8) has a l~yer (9)~ by .eans of whi~b ~be 100k ~s rotated; and a rece~, flO) for pa$sing tbe rear face of the gas tube when it is bein2 re.oved from and at~ached to the bar re 1 ..

In the closed position~ the loci i~ stopped by a levert on which there is a $top; ~he latter en~$rs a sp.ci~l recess (11) i~ the righ~ side of tbe sight base.

Tbe sectoTs ~Te intejral with the 5i£h~ base aDd are u~ed to set the desired ranles+ Tbe sectors haye a lUi (13) lOT conn~ctint th. si,ht 1.af~

The si,bt le~f (fil~ 11) bas odd nu.b~r5 i~5~Tibed on tbe rilht side~ which correspond to range5 of 100 to 760 .~ter~. and Gn the left 5ide there are ins~ribed nu.ber~ 2 ~o 8~ which corre5pond to raDJes of 100 to BOO .eters~ On ~he left side of th-e si.Rht leaf is the I etteT "P"; * Tbi.s grilldua tion i~ tbe CODstaDt (battle) setting of tbe silh~; with t~i5 se~~in'l ~h~ slide iB located as fa~ ~a the re~r as possible.

The rear siiht leaf ha~ a si,bt bar witb rectanlnlar aotch. notches (5) for the catch teethJ lonsitudinal natch (9) for

.Ore e~act imdexin£ of the inscribed nu.bers~ tr~nnions (IO)

£or holdinS th. siaht leaf to the sigbt base.

'the latin le~ter P appears as Cyrillic f1 ~n the Soviet and

cb i c.. iIIode 1:,; it appes. r,. as la t in D on t.ile Cb i co. "expur t ... • iIiIIIode 1 ~


. _ ~

~ I + :.II ~I

. ..,'

.. _r;-'.:: • . , ~



'. t.

- .

. "';,. I .. : .. ~~ r

-: ... :' ., _ .

, . ,

S' , ,

-,. .. ~

, ... I •••

,'1 ;'


F~gure IB~ Rear sight, assembled and disas s emb l ed '.

1_-, rear sight base (1-21); 2 - sight leaf (2-1); 3 - sight leaf spring (0-23); 4 - slide (2-2); 5 - slide catch [2-3); 6 -

~ '1' ~ d = 'c' '3' t c·· :Ii.. " . = .• , '.' ~. I ''']i' 4 )" ~ '7: '. . L' b ~. .

Jl , H s.prtng 1L.l. -', til .'. ~ s,I,g,:Il.ltar;

8 - notches for slide catch teeth; 9 - longitudinal notch~ In - t·r'·'u~~l~'n~JII..·o··~s:~ 1'1: -

. . ..". , ,.. .'. "11' . V , .. ~ ~! '. .' J,!I!, c_ :Ii .

transverse groove for connection with sight leaf; 12 - hole for catch; 13 - recess for spring catch; 14 - catch button.



FigurE 19~ Rear Sight base (1-21]~

Ri.,ght view;

:B .• '


Front VIew.

1 - lug; 2 - hole for pin: 3 - hole for lock; 4 -.o~ening for p~5sing oper~ting rod; 5- semICIrcular groove for receiver cover; 6 - notch for gas tube; 7 - recess for gas tube; 8 - gas tube lock; 9 - lock lever; 10 - recess-for passing rear face of gas tube; 11 - retess for lock; 12 - sectors; 13 - lug fOT connec t Lng s f.gh 't 1 ea f .



6 .Q, .~

~ ~,

) 'Figure 20.

Front sight base~ a55embled~

1 - front sight base (1-30); 2 - stud [1-31); 3 - tront sight (1-32]; 4 - pins; 5 - front sight ears; 6 - hole for stud; 7 - oval-shaped recess for front sight;

H - front ho l e ; 9 =, a I ignmen t in.dex.:; 10 ,recess for barrel bushing lock; 11 - stop

·with recess for cleaning rod head; 12 - hole for decreasioQ wei~ht of hase6

---- ---------r

lbe sprina (!)~.ol" the ,ith~ 1 •• f on a p~ticul.r settiDl, Oft the sectors of t~ slabt base.

The slide (t> ~ • tTan5verse ITOOY8 11~) for ~oaa-cttQl to the sight le~. lole (lZ) for tbe c.tch~ .nd ree~ss {il) for the ~.teh s,rin,.

~e slIde c.t~. (51 k.$ a hU~JOD fQr diseDJ.,!m1 the teeth of the ~atch £~ t~ .otche5 in the'silht le.f vbIA ~Tessed by the f ialers ~ .c. t.~ .:lprinl (6) hoI dtlo till!! c. t~h teeth· 91l tbe

nGt~e5 of the 51tht l~af. ~



~ . ..

The froAt sight baS$ a~d front sl.ht (fl,. 2D). The front 5ilht (3) is tb~e.ded in~o the ~tud (IJI whi&h i5 lo~.ted iD the front silht base (l)~

The front silht b.s~ is held titbtly to the barr.l by .e.D$ of pins (.)~ The base is provided vit~ pTotectlDJ ~ars (~), tr.nSyeTSe bgle (6) lor holdiDI th~ 9tudl oy.l-sb.p~d Tece5$ {7)t whicb pcr..its tbe front silht aAd t~. slide to be .OTed tOI~th~r lD th~ baS$~ froDt hoI. (B1j on the beveled v.II of tke latter therG is .n .lta.-eat in4eI {~1. In addltiont thebase .1so bas a rec~~s (to) fGr tbe b.rrel bushiua lack. below t •• re is • stop (11) with a recess f~T holdiul the cleaning rod head; bol. (Il) for d~crea~ial the .eil~t.

The fro~t si,ht (fil. 21) is pro.~ded vitb a thre ••• a portion (l) for ~cr~lns in~o the 5tud~ 10 the threaded portiGR there Is • lonlitudinal Irgo.e (I) fur the purpo5e of proYidlDI elastici~T to pre~ent tbe sl.~t fro. b.co.ina 1005.; ~ the upp~r portion of the 51tht tbere .T~ fl.t recesses (3) fOT

the ke-,. ..

The froht siiht stud (fil. 22) is us~d to .oY. tbe front sitht fTO. side to sid~ when ~ rifle is bel~1 ~b.cked for line of 5 iJbt.IDJ. In i t. t:~··i. a thl'eaded hole {I} for r~c~lYIDI the front silht .ad .... 11 ... ent index (fl~ .hick i!! enl rav"d in the b.s ~ ... t_ .. 1 jJ.... . t the 5-e t .. • t the f3ctory after the $l.~ts .~ .1im.d.

Th. front s11~t safet'.!!!5" ZO) protects the siaht fro.

blow~ and ~~ ... sllbt~ itions.

The sitht ,af~ty is iDte,ral with tbe silht b.se. The top portion o£ .t'. s.f~t1 is ~ to per..il installina th8 fr~t silht hy •• ~ of tbe ley.


Fiaure 21. Front sight (1-3Z).

1 - threaded portion of sight; 2 - longitudinal groove; 3 - flat edges for key.

Figure 22 ..

Front sight stud (1-31) .

the bolt· (fil. 23) s~r~c~ to pU5~ ~he round~ into the Ch .. beTJ s~.l t~e boTe and e~tr8~t the ~.rtridle5 ~a~e$ fro. tbe cb •• ber~


1 - threaded hole;

2 - alinement index~



. "

• r£.


<;.'. _ ;: .. :'.~ 3i ~~. ·i}L~<.~·;; ;;:PT:-=g;:}

.. _. . ....

Bolt~ assembled and disa ssenb l.ed (assy t (3 - 2) ·

1 - bolt body (3-4); 2 - firing pin (3-~); 3 - extractor (J-6); 4.- extractor spring (3-1); 5 : extractor pin (1-10); 6 - retaining p1n (1-9)~

Figure 2,3.

I, _\

- 4

The ')<ell,it ~ij}nsi~t.:s. o.f $. body (l) i firing pin (2) t extractor (3) witb sprlnB (¢) and piD (5)~ and pin (6).

'The bo l t DQd.y {fi,.~ 24} se rves t'o ho·ld iD.ll t:he COIlilPO'f.H;'!·Ots of tlu: bo'l t, The body' COIt$ Ls t s of a 'bolt he ad , cent r a 1 cy i Lnd r i c~d P ort i O'R (:2),. and r'ea r cy 11. nd'r i ckl, po r t i 011 .> r~ t .

The ~(ll t head has a rig.h.t (") ~'I1Id left (5,) lutt~; g'l,Iide lug (6); feed. !rib (7J, the forw:ard eO:g·t!: 'of vh Leh pushes out the rounds £ro~ the .agazine feed block imto th~ ~ba~b~r~ re~ess

(8') f~r 'th~ e.x.tr~.c.tQ·;r and spring; hous i!l'iig OJ) fol:'" holding, Uit: £artTldge eaSe r~M.

The bo 1 t lUIS eng·a.g:e the t"ec.E' i ve r 1 ug 5 to s ca 1 ·t he bo r'~ .

The I·eft hlg. (5) bs-.S: ,B] bevel, wbic.b tog'li!t:her with tbe 5c:r-e.w be'vel of the cam (3.0) (see fig. 10) :f1ft.tate$ the hol t a cer t.a i II amoUll!llt when the bo-re, is a.b'out to be $e'a,ledl~ The lower edge (10) of tile l"il:iht. lug tC.lltl·the-l" with t1'i(l' rlE!ceivC"-r 11;.31• :iU.m.1 ts T·otation of the bolt to the ri,~t wken tke baTe is being sealed.

The h~lt is moved and ~Qtated in se~llng and npenimg the bore by means of the le~dln~ edge (6) of the holt, whtell is gu Id ed. by the va lis of thoe g r oove im the ope f" at in g I"od.

Th,e RIJJide lUi3 h.Bi.s a rear fl;f1 t, f.i!I!,ec (31) I SC i'E:"W ~evel ("b). fOf'wa:rd round face (c.) .. and screw beve l, (d); .

The' '!rear face (a) IOf the gu.ld·1!:!! lug i!i guided by the varIable groov~ of the op~Jating rod when tke l~tter is mQvin~ f 0 :rwa rd. t hu:!!: e :ilP5 il'lll tll e bo 1 t t o .0'''' e f 0 ·n..-a rd U!I'I! r II tlhe 0.,0 restarts to b~ sealed.

'Th,e scr,~w b.·eve,l (b) of the .guide' lug is, guided by the :screw bevel. (IIf th,~ Y'Slt"iabie groo've in the QpeT.a:ting trod J thus C.aJUS tn,g the. bo.1."t to r··Q,ta te whe n tin e 'b ore i:$ be im K S ea l ed ~

The scr-~ bevel (d) of "tbe· luide iuS is gui ded by the

!SO c,rew' b'flv·e 1 0'£ t,bli} 'IVa r LI!Ii b 1 e groove lJl the 0 p e ra t i!h!g rod I tn fm S c.~5in, tb~ belt to rotate whea the bor~ is being opened.

n e- .f oTwa:rd! f.a·ce (c) (I I the gu i de 1 ug i:$· .gu ide d. by the forward 1'811 of t.he va rLab l e groove in tile' oiPe:r~ti:ne. rod whe-n it is, movitig t.o t.he 'rear, thus caus ing the bo I t to move to the rea:!r ,eJfter the bot-e f s ·trpened.

'TIllA lefti!!!dge te) 0'£ the. gu:lide lug ~ togctber wi tJl 'the B !.'rali:ht wall of the ',,'a ['iaible e.roove: in rhe ope rat Ing rod, keep:! tb.8- bolt fro!!l!l Totat img to the Jl.'i!!Ift w.hen the bo r'e 1.$ 5e'a.led.

In addition, ID the bolt bead tkere i$ 8 hole (ll) Cor th~ extractor pin and a hol~ (12) fOF the flri"g pin r.t~irnini pin.


;,;,' ,-

'i--, .

Figure 24~

Bo I t, body (3 -,4) .'

1 - bolt head; 2 - central cylindrical portion; 3 - rear cylindrical portion; 4 - right lug; 5 - left lug; 6 - guide lug; 7 - feed lever; 8 - recess fOT extractor and

~ n f 10 1" . '. d -. f riht

sprlng; :i - , ace; . - ower e_ ge 0 g ,

lug; II - hole for extractor pin; 11 - hole for retaining pin; 13 - longitudinal groove for extractor; 14 - channel for firing pin; IS - hole for passing tip of firing pin; a - rear flat face of guide lug; b - screw bevel of guide lug; c - forward face of guide lug; d - screw bevel of guide lug; e - left edge.

... r i_r.:;n ci:;-';;;::1~;;;;'::=ii;;;


Figure 2S~

Firing pin (3-5)~

I - tip grooves .; l' nand

p - -

pin and

of firing pin; 2 - longitudinal for decr~asing weight of firing

d 'f" ~ b f i .

ecreas1ng .rlctlon etween :lTlng

bolt body; 3 - notch for retaining

. ( I .J


The hol e ,for the ie'X t.rae t Or p In h as a s.a.ll e r di iame t.e rat

tbiI!J: bo t to. t hall the d,1 UiI!J: t. r of t.he F' i n ~ t bUi fo T1I i iQi a c i rc ul a r should~t in th~ bole.

In tbe bOody the'l'e is a 10ngi.tud.iD,al g,rooY4l!: (11) for ,pa.s,sin.R the' $l::t'r.ac:tor; in the t"ear pot'tlon., tbe i:roove i$ ude wide'l'

for pas;s.ililil th,e' elt,tractor when the bolt is rot.ati.ng: as the bnre is be i Hi ,!iea led ,or opened ..

In the center of the body the~$ is e eba~el (14) for beus ine t be :£ 1. X' 1m, pin. In t.be f-aNa'td pc t't. i on th II!: charm e-l is. cODic;a,1 in sbape , and tbe 1inbiCr end tend.nates ii) iii. ho l e (1 S') fo1' pas s ing tbe tip. -Df 'the firing p.in ,

The f i l" inc pIn. (f ii" 2::5):1' tog I! tbe-r- wi. th t be b BIlUll!e-T I pi. ct-rCfiS the; p ri,lII.e:r of the -round ~

lb. f i:ti Ilg p In is d i v i,dtl dill to t he rea I' and tb e ,{ trl'wa rd.

por- e :j_,o;n • !btl for"'.;rd p,or e ion tOT.illlil te:5 ill th.e t ip of th e firins p-ill (1) t in the ~eill:1' pDrt h;m therc a'X'eo' three l~li tudiDal

fr'DO'l''e;5 (Z) £ Dr dec rea S :Ins: rhe we l.ih t of the: £'i r 1111 P III and

or del!;'l'ea!iing. friction ;IS it .ove:s in the channel in t,be bIDI t" })ody ~

'lb. fl.ri:n.iI: pin, is pr$\leJ1t!td fTO. fall i.ll,l out of the bQdy l):r pi.1l f6·} (fig~ 2:3) II by' .ean$ o,f the notcb (3) in 1:he fiTing pl.n.

Tbe e)r; t r'ac tor (f ill:. ,26 J wi tb .sp:ring (2 J remoye!- the ca'r t ridge cas e fro. 'U:u;~, chulu:!l'r and holds it iD the b 01 'thous inl Ull til i t .!$II~ftS tll.e e j e c tOl" ;.

The ext):'.ac,tor has a flalile' {1al fc:r grasping the cartridg,e C,a,Stl T i. t a. rece s:s (Lb) for ex t rae to:r sp-r i III II and a. r'eces S

(Ie) fOT extTa~tor pio.

The $xtr.actor wi.th sp:rill8 is Las t a.l Ied t~ the- bo·l t head

by !&eMS of pin (l) r 'The e1t r ac to r pIn is Pt:.i!'I{II;Hlted fTO. falling out of i t.s he.Le by pin (6) (see fie ~ Z3} an.d the shcu Ide r in the hoie for the pin,


Tbe opera t ill,g Tod ff:18. 2:7) a c tua te,s the bo 1 t +

To the opera t in, :rod .a,re .a t t a,c"iled ,tod (1) with pi 5 ron (2:), Rod (1) is inte8ral vi~h tbe pisto~; tb~ rod is con~ected

vi th the op er'a t i ng: Tod by .e ans 0 £" th reads· (:3) and :p In {-4):i 'IIIb.:ic'h is Las t a l f ed Ln bole (S) in the rod a~d tbe :forwa,rd end of the- opera tine: I'od '.




~ ..

Figure 26.

Extractor (3-6) with spring and




1 - extra~tDr (3-6); la

- fl~nge for grasping cartridge case rim; Ib recess fOT extractor spring; Ie - recess for extractor pin; 2 - extractor spring (3-7); 3 - extractor pin (3-10); 3. - notch in extractor pin~


~ ..


P l

, .


I -.r .


- . -- ..

I .t

\ )

... - - _. . ~.;·lrl ;'J

.- ... _. - _. :..:.- ... ..,~ ... ~

• I :



-. . .

. • l· ~

j) ~


s ~ /' /

. ~ ~ ~} 1""_.,: - ~

4--8 \f

." ~ - 1

.. - . - ." - ~

. - ,

Figure 27.

Operating rod~ asse.bled and disassembled.

I - rod (3-2); 2 - piston; 3 ~ threads for connection with operating rod; 4 - pin for connection of Tod and gas piston rod (3-3); 5 - hole for pin; 6 - grooves; 7 - grooves.


.'. ,:


1m the r~ there .re fou~ ITOOYe~ {6} for de~Tea$i~g it~ wei;lht ..

Pistgn (2) r~elye~ th~ pT~ssure oJ ~be .as~s in the ,as cylindeT .nd tra~.its the pre$$UTe, through the ~a~ pi~ton rQd

to the- opeTa t iDI rod. -e , r

In the pjston ther~ are Iroove~ (7) fo~ decreasin, the &sc.pe of gases be~een th~ piston and th~ walls of the ga~ cyItpder~


011 the forwal'd foce (If the piston [hc:-z-c::." t ~ :1 sh a rp r 1. which s~rapes off ceTbon ITO. the •• 115 of the ,as cyllDd~r a~ the operating Tod .oves.

1'hil: cpe ra t i 1I1 rod (fi II ~ 2.B) b.! • 1 UI ill the rear pOT t i e n with ~JliDdrical chanael (81 in which the r •• T end of the bolt is inst.lledr· ID th~ sides of the 1u, ~bere ~r~ ~roove~ (9) wbl~h gUide tbe o~ratinl T~d in the ~eC&i~eT"

On th~ Tight side of the lUI there i~ a lUZ (10) which di~conQ~Ct5 the full auto.atic 5ear~ and is ~alled th~ full au~o .. tic dis~oDRector.

On the left side the- lUI bas a notch (11) fOT paB~inl th~ ejector~ a rear ~yel (12) for saooth cocklnR of the ha..~r when the opeT.'lOI rod is .OViDI ~o th~ re.r~ aDd. forward bev~l (13) f~r depTessiHI the co~ked h ... er a~ the operatinl rod J$ .ovin. forv.TiI.

Oa the right ~ide of the opeTatinl rod there i~ a ~ocking haDdl. (14).

On tbe rear face of the op&ra~in! rod the~~ is a ~a. (15) fgr cock iDS the ha..er when tbe opera tin. tQd 5tart5 to .ov~ to the real".

I~ t~e ceatr.l portlan of the Gperatin. Tod th~re 15 a cam ~urf.ce (16) on which th~ bolt ,uide rld~s. The bolt is .ade to .OTe hy .~an~ of this IToove, and al~o t~ rotate in Dp~ninR and ~losIQ' the bree~h.

The ~a. bas two ~cr~ b~vels (~ and b) which engage with th~ c~rr"paadln. screw beYel~ of ~$ bolt Julde (see filr 24) in opeaim. and c1osin, the br.~~h.

The forw.Td portion of the CaA 5~rlace is vtder since it cODtains the bolt ,uide wben th~ Qperatlng rod i5 in .otiDft in openinl and clQ$ln. the bTee~h. Before the breech is ~o.pletely , .. led. the r •• r pe~endlcul.r •• 11 rc) .uides tb. r~ar flat (ace of the bQlt ,uide, as a re~ult of which the bolt .oves forward


,t '+ __ ... C;~ .


Figure 28. Operating rod [3-1}~

5 - hole for pin; 8 - cylindrical channel for rear end of bolt; 9 - right groove; 10 ~ lug. which is called the automatic trigger discQnnectar; 11 - notch for ejector~ II - rear bevel of lug; 13 - upper bevel of lug; 14 - cocking hund l e j 1 5 ,_ calli or cock.lug hamne r ; 16 - calli surface; 11 - cylindrical portion of operating Ted; 18 - hole for releasing air and exCess oil; a - screw bevel; b - screw bevel; c - rear per~ pendi~ular wall; d - cam surface forward round wall; e - longitudinal wall.


Figure 29. Return mech~nism, assembled and dis-

assembled (ass,. 4).

1 - return spring (4-3); 2 - guide (4-1]; 2a - connecting lug; 3 - guide rod (4-2); 3a - guide rod shoulder; 3b - washer notches; 4 - washer

. '~




t.oget.h.e r 'W'i t h tho: QP,e ra t. i 1:1;1 J"Qd ~ t.hus 0 .. (:.1 iLld ina 'it,he po.s.:s, i b i.l it "f of it,5j ro t at Ion befoX't t.he b:r$cc.b is sea Led, A.fter tile :breech ,i S OpetH!ld. ~ the ~aI :5UT £.a ce forwa.'rd r'ouod! 11$11. (d) gui des rhe fc,TlIa I'd. TOiUnd face 0.£ the bo I t 8;lJ ide ~ t.hus Cailil5 ine: the bo I t

and t he ope r',iiiII t i.n, ro.d to .0Ye to the r'e ar ~ -

. "ii' .'

When ~be breech is closedt t~c l~ft edge o~the bolt

,uidi;!! pTe;SSelS .ilai,nst. the left 'WiliTI [e} of rhe cam:l Ums pr,cvl;!rnting t:he bolt fro-. ret,iII;ti.D,g to the Le f t ,

On the r i g'ht t be ca. sur,' ace f s cu t t.o pas s Ut¢ be I t iU i de wheD th.e b,gl t is being sep.arat.ed frOoD t.he ,opera'lln,., :rod (joT connected to tb~ rod~

~ In t:be ,c:y'l ~.n.~'r.lc,a 1 po r t i on. (1 7) tJI,f the 'c;p,er& t !ng 'l'?d t.beT e

l. 50 ill, cbanae 1 wh l'C h con t II ans t he it(!: tu r It '.",chan 1 511 ~ III teT.l Or tt. re ads for receiviD8 the rod; hole (51 for th~ piDi and hol~ (18) for

re I. e as in, a i. f ~nd exces S I) i 1 '!!Ii'n e n lQe opera t in,g rod. i:5 in DiO t, Lon ~


Tn e ret urn aecha I'l! is. (f,i g ~ 29) 'C: ons i:s t s: 0 f the r e tUTU :5pr i ng (I)t iuld¢ (2)r guide rod (3) and wasber (4).

The Til!! tn rn sp r"! n,1I re tu rns th,." cpe r,a t ing: rod and bo.l t t'G the eIt f"i;!Imi;!l' fo. rwa l'd pos 1 t:i 00 aft e r I Lr in, ~

The: ,ui de- (,2:) and gu Lde rod (3) prevent t be r~t.u'rn s p r 1 flj frOJI bend in.g J and a l:s.o .a.l,e ass ,eilnbl 'f and, di is as :selllbl 'f 0 f' the

ri fie .,OT e c on yeD ient •

o.n. _ th,1I!i ins ide- of t.he forwaTd p,Qrt,i.on of the ,u.ide tl'litro; is a shoulder ~hlch stops the guide rod, and at the rear end there is: a co~nectin8 lua (2~) fQt conne~tjn& the return mechanism

to the r'ece ilJ;ft t".+

The tlli i.de fed i s P roO'V i dad with a shoo Ide r (,:Sa} t wh i c,li. eD~age$ w!tb the_s~oulderof the guid~1 th03 limitln, ~otic~ oJ t 11 e 1:1: U.l d,e' rod; 1.11 fhe f er !II!! a I'd po l' t .Ion t he re a r e W:iII So he r

n~tches (lb). -

Ttl.., ccnnec it:. illl 1 ug (f i g . Ji 0) ill c't S ,a II a c:a t ch fa.r the r ece i'v-e r' C'I!Fw'¢ r .

The connecting lug has a 5olu:nddey (1) which retains

the 'rear end of the return SPl'iD,; g,utd,c Ina,s (2) for boldinl the connec tine: log in the r e't:,e Ive r e,roove,s;, lu, (,3.') fa:r ina ld i n~, the receiver coyer; receS$ (4) for lug (1S) (see fig. 2a) of the operating rod as it .OveS t.o the extreme rear position.

In the &uide there is a cbaDnel (5) fOT guiding the guide rod.

- 31 ,_

B ...... 7
-. I .... .(
~ ..
.. '
-2 r
Figure 30 .. Connecting lug.
A. Front view; B .. Rear view. I

1 shoulder fOT stopping return spring; 2 - guide ·lugs for holding receiver lug; 3 - lug for holding receiver cover; 4 - recess for operating rod lug; 5 - channel for guide rod.

Figure 31 ..

Washer (4-4).

1 - flange; Z - cut· J ~


recess ..

- :\2-



•• ~h.r (fi,. ll) s.rvet .5 • stop for the ~etUT~ spring. ]~ bas. f1_Hle (1) .hich stops the forward ed,e Df th~ ~etUTn spriol; cu~ {l} tor .ountina the wa9her aD ~heJutde Tod; 3nd r&CeS5 {l} ·lor th~ fOrwaTd edt. of the tuide r .

When the oper.tint rod .oyes to tb~ r~ar.~~6 return srTing co.pr~59~s betweeR tb. "s'.r apd the shoulder OD ~he guide lug.


The fi~lDJ aId t~iller .ech.nil. (Iii. 3Z) seTves to release ~ ••• ...e~ fro. the se.iayto.att~ seaT Bnd~ t08ethe~ with the boltt serves to fire the Tound~ It per.its of firin~ ~e.i~uto.atlc aod foIl aoto~tic fi~~~

The firlnl 8hd triiJ~T .~~~~~i5. i~ hcus~d in~ide the r~cei.er and c6n~l~t$ Qf ~ b •• ~~T (l)t ha"~T ~~d trigger spriDI (21t tTilgeT (J), di~conD~ctOt f'), dis~onDectoT sp~i~2 (S), full auto..tic se~r (6)i full .uto.3ti~ sear ~pring (7)~ and selectoT (8) with l&v~t.

Th~ h~er {fil~ 13) 5erves to strik~ the firinR pIn; it b.s • he.d (1) ~be flat pOTti~ns {la and lbl of whi~h serve as ~he ~o~l ~ot~h (Ia) and disconnectOT notcb (lb)~ the head is rounded Ln tb-e l-111ter (IIGrt ion to c-bta in :J~octh IIC t ion au th!! sear aDd OD th& ii3~anDector.

In the 10weJ pOrtlo~ of the h~er is the full autfinatlc sear notch II); tubular buse {3} Gn ~hich the ha~eT and trig,eT sprinl i~ .ount~d~

In the ceD~ral portioD there is a eOAn~ction (~) for the spring·.

The h~er i5 fastened in the receiver by .eans of a pin whl~h p8sse5 tb~ou.h th~ tub~l.T base.

Th~ h."er and tri •• ~r $prinl (Iii. 3() serv~s tg impart en~rl1 to th~ b.~T for the purpose of pierCini the pri.~r cf tbe ~ound. In addltlont it a~tuate~ ~he trigg&t+

The ha..er and ~Till~r spTing is .ade of J~str3nd cable.

It has a ~~riDI loop (1) which grasps the ha •• or body; t~o e~ds (2) wItb beD~ ends (2a) which press against tbe Tear shoulders of tb~ trilg~T. Th~ ha .. er and ~rigg~r spring is .ounted on the tubular bas~ of the hM .. ~r~

The tTil!er (fll. 35) seTveS to actuat~ the p.rts of the firim. ana triwgeT .echanis.r .It h45 • sear {lJ which s&rv~s as _ stu, for ~be h ... ert both lor ~e.ia~tOM.tic and full .uto.atic lire; hole (2) for the pint bar$ (l) ~hieb are Qcted on by ~he end~ of the spriD!; rece~$ (l.) fQT the b.se of the di~~QDnector~ and triz!er (~)+

· . . ,.



Figure 32~ Firing and trigger mechanisrn~

A~ Assembled; B.

Sec tIona I view.,

. .

1 - ha in~lIle r (O~' 2); 2 &, hammer and t r i g,g,rer spring [0-3); 3 - trigger (0-8); 4 _ dis-

, ., -ct o r {'f)I ('j,'"'!j,. ,r:: d i s c or ie c to r s o r inz :

c. 0]1]1 e c , .o:rr IJ.. 'U ~ ~.:J'~ .J. _" __ 1 S 'l,.. 0' nne c '. 'lJ:r s p l,l.t:; ,;-

6 ,_ full .au,'tolITilJatit sea r ; 7 ~, full automa t ic s pr in g (0 ~ 6);, 8 = sel ec't o r (assy ~ 1- 3) ;

8a - selector lever~

, ,



figure 33~ Hammer (0-2).

A4 Front view; B~ Rear VIew.

1 - head; 13 - cock notch; Ib -

di sconnec to r notch; 2, - full au tomatic sear notch; 3 -tubular base; 4 _, conuec t. ion for s p r i fig '.'

'F. ~ '34

1- .' I .. " I'

,. l..,gu r e '.,_ ~

Hammer and trigger spring (D-3)~

1 - spring loop; 2 - spring ends; 2a - bent ends ..

~..:-- ... - •• ~~.I!:

, ,

'Ii Ii·

·'--r~l _~

i _, -J~

,iii, ',z,


~,~ ~

Ii_r.I ._."

't- _. ~," ..

"f. .


'\ _.





Top view

1 - semiautomatic sear; 2 - hole for pin;.3

- bars; 3a - reCess for base of disconnector; 4 - trigger; 5 - recess for disconnector; 6· - recess for disconnector spring6

• Iii -,~ ,- I"l .. " -.. •

I •• ,., _.


F 19u J"e 3 .. 6.

: • .& • ., J- I .

Disconne-ctor (0-9) .

1 - cam; Z - lug; 3 - hole for pin; 4 - stop; S - recess for spring; 6 - disconnector spring (0-10) .



.' J"

. :.'

In ~~~ triller there is a TeCess (~) for tho disconnector ~pTini~ in tbeba~e ~£ the rece~~ there is a Tecess {6J.f~r the" d:f. s e onn.ectoT 5- p r 1.11 g, ~ The ends, 0 f the ha. •• e r ail d t T 19B e r' :!,~,.r ing s e r"YIi!I: 8.S, tlilfl t r"i,lure-r spr ing . Th e t r.igge r is i ns t..a.li '1 e-d in tb~ Te~~iyer by .eaRS of a pin.

,"Ii ~

n. di s c.onn,e~ t01' (fi g . 36) he Ids, rhe b a:llmel" a t full co t: k In :!,e.i.!i1i'lit.oaa t.lc f 1 re t f t.he t rl tfg,e it is, not re I eased •

It has 1II ea. (1) t lUI (:2) ~ h,ole (1) fer pin. t ~to;p ('.4), t'h.& lowe r su rf 8(: e of .11 i ch pre s s es ala in s t th e' bas e 0 f the groove in tb'e triller and doe:!. not pert.i t th,e' sear to rot a re to the.froDt, and recess (5) for dl~cOhnector spring (6)~

The d i.scennec t,o r i:s in s t a Ll ed on th~ ::!Ii :!;I'llte pi 11 as the' tri.n~e:r ..

Th,e' filiI s.1lt.o.atic. Sear (fi.g. 31) serves to' hn Ld t,lu!

ha •• e rat ful:l coc t. in fu 11 au,to.a, t Le f i re, a.nd :r T E! V e'n t 5- £tri,n8 whe.n t,h,e breec:h Ls DQt ,t:O'!I!Ip.letely 'closed in bot,b sl!!!m.i ~

aut,e •• tic, and full auto nil t, Le fire.. "

Tbe full aut oaa til(: seal" is provid-t:d, wi tb a lever {i' on

the uppe r 'end. of 'Wh i,en ae t s ,th,e full .a'ILI tOa],g,t i I; S eai'1' d f.s cenne c t 0 I' (se e f il., :z 8) w,he,n. t be opera t. in,1 rod is mcvin g t.o "::h.e ex t reme f'O'fWill'rdposi tieR'; the £ .... 11 automat i.c .!,eaf (2): ho Ie (3) for

"in t hoi. (2:.) f.or connecting the ShOTt end -0'£ 'the full 4UtOiIR::1i,t ic s e-a r Spl' bit.

The bill au toO". tic. 'S'I! :P,T is in 5 tall ed in. the r ece L .... e-'r on

a F.f'n.~ The {''gil autco.at:iti: s ear spring (,4) is :!IOUln,ted on the full au'tQ •• t i,c s e ar' pin. and arrached to the fu l I aut-Qmat.ic se ar by means, of the short end (~a} wld,ch. i:s iD,!'erte,d in to bole (2~) ~ th'e' 10DI end ( fbJ flDlc't. Lons as ,a. s top o f the pins 0 { the ha:IIIl1le T' • t Tig,g$i[ .• :nd full auto.a t i,c 5 ea T ,. a lid is, Lns ta 11 ed 1:", r ec es ses

'D,E the:!!5,e p £:ns ..

Unde r the RC t :ton 0 fit:!i .!i P rinl t th-t: ful J. au to.a t de S ea r has 8 ~oD5tant tendency to rota~e to th~ rear and ret~in the haane1" on th,e full au to.a,t I C se ar 'by ,.ot: an s G'! fits s,e a r +

The piDS (fi, . .38,) of rbe hammer t tri,gget" and full a.utQ· •• tic 5ear ~re id~ntical.

On the. left ends 0 r the' \' ins t her-e a. re she u.l de rs ( 1) by .e~n SO 'of wh: Lch tiber pres:s ,:gg a .1'I1S t the 1 e'! t: wa 1 I .CJ f the r-e e e 1 V'i!!: r; grooves (2) in which the 101'18 (stop) end. of tbe f.l] 1 4ot.n:ma tiii:: s~ar sprjng is loe.ted; the latteT prevent~ the Fln$ fr~M

fa 11 in! eut of tile i r h.a1 es in the 'r,ec e lve r ..

The ~el~c~or (fig. 19) Is u$~d f~~ cbanging over the £ I r iRS and t :ri.IrKeT JIIIeCb.,n. is. f'TOlI!! :5 e. :i8"t1 tiIJ.a tie

I .. . .' .. .,~

. I ,~~ ;.~ ~ ~ ... ," . .. l· .


. ...

, . -

.. ~b _\

.t· .. j'

Figure 37. Full automatic sear (0-5).

1 - lever for rotating sear forward; la _ upper end of sear; 2 -seari 2a - hole fOT connecting short end of spring; 3 - ~Dle for pin; 4 - full aut.ona ti.c sear sp'r rng (0-6); 4a - short end of spring; 4b - long

(~to~) end of spring. . -


, .


Figure 38.

Trigger mechanism pins (O~2S) ..

1 - shoulder; 2 - groove.


r ~ .'



Pd gure 39 ~

Selector (assy~ 1-3).

1 - lever (1-13); 2 - indicator; 3 - recess for passing operating rod; 4 - lever lugi 5 - right pin; 6 - left pin; 7 - lever shoulder; 8 - grip for rotating indicator; 9 - lug ..

Figure 40.

Full aut oma t Lc sear with stamped rece tver,

1 - tubular pin (0-5); 2 - full automatic sear spring (0-6); 3 _ hole for short end of full automatic sear spring; 4 - long end of full automatic sear spring.


to full (UJ :t.:Qma '1[. Lc f.i Toe ~ ;:;ntd 'fO,t $; e t t:in g' the s af $ ty • It een ~ sists of a lever (1) a~d indicator (2).

I,n 'it,h,e ,]L e''IO!'e; r rher-e ,~re a r'ece S 8 (,3) :f Q'I' 'P as s i.i!'!ig t.'h,Ei' oper~ti~g rod~ a l~ver lug (4) ~hich acts on the cQrresPQ~di~g

IP~~~~ nf .~~ f'~l-~O ~~~ +~]I..g'~~~ 'lI1,erL~n:l'~m ~t ~~~T'l'~~S n~~l·tl·on~

11 u, 'L .. ~ .... ,. !I,.,~.e b ,,1 u "",1:> U,'.,!!.lI! ... ,., ,~,"" .. . .... JI "-,,.,.. ",", "'" . , ..... ,. "., - ,t'" '-! "" , _ ...

Or t he s e' 1 E!'C t'Ci'r., T ig'h t [pi ii.:n (5.l 'Nih i.'c:ll :i s [pi 1 ,aC'ill: do i,n ,and, r(vt at.es i n t be :l·'O:ll.U~d: p,a. if' t.s IJ ,f' tb e v ;ii, 'if talh h~! '11 01 e i I1Ii t'h IE! 1" i gn t \',I' 3.l .. l odE UlJIIa, r'e'ci[d,''V,~T' (SiE!'oe fig,. '9l'" ,~eEt, :pin (6) wldich. is l'~,(:a,t!ed In

'till,le bo] e' i I'L t.ln.e lie ft. 'wa i1 o,f rhe r e e e i '!fe-'rr ., -,

The selector is preve~ted from falling ~tit of the ~eceiver

Ib'''''-" u, ',' 11·.JI ... , {''''I'''i; ' .. ' _'1 "';".,,1" ... .at o .... "''l~

J.' .5,j I{J LlI.], 1;II.",';r ~ J, .... lih,J! ], .,Lti 1.'<- , ..... ' u, !;. or. j. •

The indicator has a grip (6) for rotati~g th~ ~ndica~o'I't and ~ l~g (9} fQT retaining th~ 5e]e~tur in t'~ desired

!po,s,:[ t.l O:lL

WIh en tihe is e.l ec t 'JoT i ~5 set, f il) r tll ~ dQ:S:5" r,~,d t,y'p,e '0 £ :f.i ::re' I . l~g (9) enter~ the cOTres~lJflding recess in IbB rig~t wall of th~ r~e~fv~r (~e~ fiS- 9J.

Ihe seleetor grip also serv~s to protect the openi~g f CI T. It 'h'e; co ;;,k i n,g h,a.Jilldi 1 'E! 'whe:n the rr i f Le i s s G t 00.111, s a f,e ty .

There are i~ tl5~ rifm~s with st~mpe. receiver im whi~h ,til e 'f 1.:r .tn,s; a,:J'I!di t l"i g8 e r mechan i sm i.s no t d is as, 5 emb 1 e.d.., Th ~

':': ::; ::; ~:~ :'s ~ 1,,~ ~ f ~ ;,$, 't'::~e h:::~~:d, !:~,g~,: ~ d, ::~M ~:I~ ~:~ t,~~::t..i~,

r e ce iL V'I;;!!T"

Tih.'e :fUill aut omat ic :5 ear (fig. ~,®) Clil :tll!!Se' 'f]. fle's has a t,li.Ilhu:~,aJ 1" [pin (1) {HlI. the left end! 'of' w'tdc:ih :lis; i:n .. 5,t,:;i!,} ~iI)l'd tihe, -flllill a:llu:o;matic sea.r siP,ri.!I'l!,g (:~) '.

n,if:' s he r 'It ,e:ntll 0' f 'it; h,e. .f'iI.d 1 ,aill,t'i:Ji!Tii:(i:!I;:. i.c S:!';!::(i. r- s P I"i:H,g: Ls he 1 d hu he l.e en and the' loD,g e!lld ~,4) i5 he l.d ill a. FliQtc'h ih,e:t.w~en

t.h,e' :l. ~ f it, ~i ~J. ,ll 0 f the ree e.i ye:r and the T,e,a r face i:J,f ,the r!i;i: e e.i '!.!"e' r 1.nsert (fig. 41).

]'~ ltl,fJle'$ ,.,d. th ~s'taJJJl!p'e{1! -rel:ei 1,!"g'if I' t'liI:e sele'c'to'!!:'" (fig ~ 42)

]l,ti$, a, Jever (l] 'H'i t h IU,g (1..8,). AFt illd!i.C~,t.!l}t" [~Z) is ;Q tt,ac,h,e,d

to the lever. '

n •• receiver cov~r (fig. (3) closes the receiveT ~~d p ro tec ts the par t s of fhe r i f'le frilJl!flI dirt,.

ED the right wall of tbe yeceiver cover t.ere l~ a steps hap e do no if.: ch (:i g:rrdl t.i on :p CI][t J ( 1 ] 'Wl~ 'i eb, t(J,g e' th¢: l" \ill' i t h th.'e


,- ~,o-

Fastening of long end of full automatic s~ar spring in rifle with stamped . receiver ..

4 -.l~ng end of full automatic sear ,s'prIng ..

I 'I

.. ., .. ,,.

"I'-!!~~~~ _~ ;io .~. • ' ... ,I "'~oII' - I

Figure 4,:2 '0

Selector of rifle with stamped receiver.



.~~""'i. __ ._ •. ' , ... , . I ~. "" . ~ lii.,<. iilh\





Fi gur e 43,.

ReceIver cover (O-l)~

1 - ejection port a.nd. port for cocking 2 - notch for receiver lug; 3 - recess on guide rear end (cover latch)~

hand l e; f o r lug

,1 ,_

["00"11:: ~ 'm 'V'[,::T" ,f !!}'irll!~' iII,IiI, Q[pem in g :if or ej, ec tjing c,aT'It,'}' fud g e caaes t and and opening for the tocklng haRdlei in~the l~ft-~alL t.erc is a notch (2) fOT the receiver lug; in the re~r wall ~bere is

~ r ec es s (,3.) .f o 1"' t he l!ug ![lli, 'the t"ea'r ~:nd,$ iI)'jp th e' ;,U! ides. 'fh.$

CayeT i5 f~ste~ed to th~ receiver by its forward facet whicb ~nters a semicirc~lar g~QQye in the hase of t~e rear sight

(' :!:ii!l.! 111' f :i ~, ' '[9), a.md l,..y' mean S '0 £ t he lug 0 f the guid e l"ea'!r ead , whi~h enters a~ opening in the rear ~.Il of the r~ceiyer cover.


Th e g,a,s, t ,(!lI,be [L) ( f i 8,. ... ,4, ) sui de.s th e pis it on and ito. I d.s the ,n an d g ua :r·iJ • In UI e f Ii} ir'1H'.ilJ, ird FH) r t i !OJ~ 00 f the gas rub e' i II: he'l"e a roe e ight holes (lib) ffDUT Oil ai:l.,elil ~ ide] fil;iiJ:" 'pa::;;,:;:i,i,n,g g::;li,SEI:$ i

in the centr~1 portion there are cQrr~gatlons (Ia) ~hicb decre.s~ fricti~n Qf the piston R5 it ~oyes in the gas tube. Th II,;! rea r e nd -0 f rhe gas til be' has a cy:Ji ind,'!r' i C,aI][ s lila pe t and the' ,fO'ititf,i!l.Jf·d 'Ii."nd Q:f 'lh~' oper a It ing n)'J m{ll'v'es .in i t ~

Ou ,U~ e g:,;j,::; sube a.r e fa:5 t €'ned. t.h e f (J,l'1Ila. rod CH andi rea r

, ,1) b and s ..... f ... l IL. d ... I' ,,.. jL J: '~,,a. , ... ,I!I'. es l, .. ':E,,"'. ,"'_"111 do, .'IJ <;I. ~,', ~_'. w . 1i.,·.I" cl ~_-

!J. '1'. _ ..... ",' u! il. ,~~ ~i;;ll,i!1L_ gu[:!,I"l,II, 'W ","~,I, ,l i •• ~ .. ~......... .... .... ). II

hold tbe hand &~~~d.

lhe 'il! iiII,nd glJla I'd CO ]H lin ec.t.s t:h e :a,am cis (]I f t he T LB, ema n

:~ f'ULB iblli r,iI ~ i n ~ 1"0 :], ?ng,edi f i r in,g a;nd, ]lI :n1liY i.de:i '" mo're~ il;QllV'e:11I. i II;! rice ]I ill ope ],",H, n, ng: t b e :r'.l:H e., I n t!he bo t tom pO'l' it l! 1O',n, o:IF tli,e ,h and gn,fcrd t.he r e are Eour :t,e,c:eS$es 1(.:1: a], (t'wO; OIl! ~iii,dil. $ i{J.r;!iJ :iE'Ifl,i:'"

a 11" C i rcul.a tIon , 'lh.e: h;;l!ud g;i.J!.[i.'rd is at t:u,chi ed to t]u ,g!:l!S tube by ~oa~5 of bands (3 aNd 4)"

The g ~:5 t ub e '!II i. t Ii h and, gua rd is Ins t,aJ 1] ed O!El! rhe bar ire l with its fDT~ard end OD the gas cylinder a~d its rear end in ~otch (6) (soe flg. ]~) of tbe rear sight h~se by means of the x_a tube lock.

,~~.~ '. ~ i 51'0[" GRI'P

The pis tol ,g [".1 [J; (:If l,g ~ 4, S) I].:rov"id,i!;is 'IIHI!'I"'e coavent.ence in directing the fir~. It h~s a cap [I) fOT p~ote~~ing the pistol grip against splittjng~ recess (2] for the b~~e of th~ pi~tQl &rir~ g["oov~ (\) for trigger gBard~ a recess fDr the screw wils,IH:: to, >. <lind :i1 chauue l om t he ins Ide for pass i,me the pi.s.t.nI

,~1' i 11- s c itCllii' ,

T'n e pis. t Q .h &.t ,i F :I.;;; ,i:l, t t i"iI!,c:llili:: if to 1, ts b as e bY' meailil5., Q f sCrew (~) which is thre~ded i~to t~e ba~e. Th~T~ aze also rifl~~ ~ith stamped receiver in use (fi~. 46]i i~ tbese mode15~ tbe

11' i ,S 'l'D 1 ~ r' i [pi '1;.:'0 Il5 1. 5 t s (io,f two s t ecks i(.l and ,il:) ,. 11h,e s t ocks a r'e

f.il,_;; t'~n#(I to pistol ,~r.ip "S,) ;DY means of s;cre-w rn W''l UiI, nut (4,).,


. '~

Gas tube with hand guard~ assembled and disassembled (a s sy , 1-,12);,

1 - g~s tube (assy~ 1-2); la - corrugations; Ib - holes for passing gases; 2 = hand

guard (1-40); 2a - recesses; 3 - forward band; la - flange; 4 - rear band; 4a - flange ..

IFigure 4, S ~

Pjs tol gr ip (a s sy , ,8) ~

1 - cap for protecting the grip agaf ns t splitting (8~2); 2 recess for base of grip; 3 - groove for trigger guard; 4 screw (0-19).

Pistol grip of rifle with stamped r ece Lve r '.

I - right stock [0-17); 2 - left stock

to -1 H); 3 '. screw {O -19); ,4, ~ nut ( 0 - :2 0) ; 5 - base of pistol grip~


., 1

.. ,~ ... ,



.- _ _IH"

·~~·,~~i:~1 '

... -- _ ...... _ .,,_. '-.....__,~~

_:1 - ,_,

______ L

~- -'~ .. ,.' ' .. ~


Figure, 4 7'~,

Fore end (assy~6)~

1 - band shoulder; 2 - notch for clamp; 3 - ~ece~s for base of sight; 4 - clamp (6-1~); 5 - no~ch for barrel shoulder;

6 - lug for holding fore end in receiver; 6a - ~ugs for holding clamp in fore end; 7 - clamp (O-lS)~

'I :


Jl.l ,. FClRE ENU

The fore end (£l~. 47) makes ~andlifil of t.~ Tifl~ more ~ ll;I'ii1YeJi! i-e:n t and P I"O t e c.t.s t:h I!;!! hands 'I;) f' t he' 'if"'1.:£ I eman f:r'![}~ b'11U:IlI,~~ d:IiI,:r'l!l'l!:g i,~;l t,~:n S i~,e fi ·ri n,~: e ft ha s a 511 O'tI! 1 d~'T fil" {'01" ,th,e band '-' P,'I!;I,t ch (':2] fO'f c 1 alf!,p ('7)~, -r,i!!'L E!'S:$, -(:J)I f (I'T t!he Te a r s.i g h t. b 3 S e IlJ.l fiL. c.l:a:.p f4) {'{liT "rot ect ine, t ~e £(11 r e end, :F. f"oifl $:I'::~ ~,.t, t:i. T1i,~ ,

fl'O' t c:'t[!, '~5,) fO'f tl1'e 'b,:;1I,rre 1. l.ug '!I 1 ug (if)) foil'" a.t tach i.n g the For e 'Bnd, 't: 0. :till~ t·e-c:.e: i '\!"'E!i r, In. tF:li I!!: f e l'"~ ,12 lid, t h E!'TE!' i 5 ,11 ch a ill ne 11. r 0 r' passing the ~l~a~ing T~d.

111 ill! e lamp Ls -re< t.a in e'G. {liill tine' f OT e en d by' mean S 0 f 'it .... o lugs (6~). ID the top of the f~re e~d there a~e four rtotcheS (two on eacb side) f~r air cireulatiQ~>

C Lamp f 7) :r :1:"0 'I: e II: t,,~ tJi e 'EO:r ~ C I!,d. f :r01l'l ""',[,H'P JL:n g a mil s tic kill! is 'to the b~;rreL

'TI1¢' fQ'I"e end :it:5 a.-t, t;fi.(;h'e!,d t,Q t 11 e boa r re 1 by me a ns o f a band whi.ch i5 lIIoti'n't,~d, on t"tiu;!! f'!lJ],"w,ard en~ 0'£ the £'Ol'C' end and :;! l'!J.IR {6} widen :i:!:. r1ac;e'd in a. ril:C:lf.':s~ helll;Jlw the r ecei ver (s ee fig., 10,) ..

l i!: • ,B111'[,,1

The butt (fig. (8) makes ha~dling of the rifl~ mar. cftn-

ven i,ent... :1 t b.a,!; a ,c]l a:mp [L) I ;a b1J.J,'tt P ,1 a.t e' {:2) '" ap.(i, s"" i.-v!i'd (,l)-

In 't,'he' bu!'t,1t (fig., 49i) t:'h,ere i 5, S! reces s for the accessor Ies II;:;:!S,>e :;Ij,nd cas e s tp'I' i.:ng (S) wth ich h 01 ds t he cas c i 1:1 tJ~'12: hill t t .:Ii,no

e j ec t s t he, cas if: - wihe.!t.1I rhe p La t e i:!;, f',siJi.'L'I 'u' c,d,.,.

Th e bu t.t Ls at ita,l;,h,£!.'d to the r'ece :i've,r b y' me,8!,H S ,o,f .a. e.l. a'ffilp ar.l!di pin",

Th~ cl.m~ (fig. 50) pTQt~et5 the •• tt rrQ~ splitting ~nd ~Qld5 it to the receiver. The cla~, has a r~C~5S (l] fo~ th~ forward e~a of tbe ~utti ~wo lUIs [2) with holes for s~rews, lUi en 'W it h g:'!rOO v'e~, f cr a. t t a c h.i Mig t'h!(! 'h ~H t It: 0 fh'e re c e I 'l!t~ T' • On, th e lu g, t here i.s ,a ,s: r'oove (4,) f 0 I' the' ,P' i u Hit i ch h{l]' d,s the but t: t>o the' r ecei ve'L The c l ::;i!mp is, at t ached to the but t. by' means '''''f', sc rews If 5",'1

. ";III· lUI ~ Iir ~," Ji!I l' J •

tlll'E! butt p l at.e ('fi.g.. 51) JH·Qt,ects, the butt from sp l.i.t t Jng .

It has fJl.,a,llI.se's (1) for S,I:"asplng the Face uf the but. t" ho t e (2) through w,hici1l. the accessory case is Lns.e r t e d .. , and hoJics [3} for screws (4J~

'nfl"e ccve r (,5) c.1Q s.es the ho.l e In the bu tt r 1 are , I it :h a s ,a base (6} and spr-ing (9)i ~

/'Ii" .

.... ..

. " ......... ''fIIII. -:--


. -



A, ,

Figure 48.

Butt (assy. 5).

,. 'I!,

] - ;C 1 amp (50 -13); 2 - bu t t P 1 ate

(5-2); 3 - s~ivel (assy. 5-1).



· .

· .









Figure 49. Butt (assy~ 5).

1 - clamp (5-13); 2 - butt plate (5-2); 3 - swivel (assy. 5-1); 4 - recess for case and case spring; 5 - case spring (5-5); 6 - COver b~se; 7 - butt plate cover pin; 8 - bent port10ns of cover; 9 - screws.

- l



Figure 50. Clamp (5-13).

A. Right view; B - Left view.

1 - recess for fo·rward end ·of butt.; 2 - lugs wi th hoI es for .screws;. 3 - lug fO'r a.ttaching

butt+ ~ - arooy·e·t 5 - 'sc~ews

" . 1''' ,,'.. .. ,. .'. .II. .. . ..

h .

,.,.,., J ., !'

Figure 51~ Butt plate (5-2) with cover.

1 - flanges; 2 - hole for passing case with accessories; 3 - holes for screws; 4 - screws; 5 - cover (S-8); 6 - cover base (5-9); 7 - cover pin (5-11); 8 - bend portion of cover;' 9 - cover spring (5-10); 10 - hole for screw.

Figure 52~ Swivel (assy_ 5-1).

1 ~ ring (5=1); 2 - base (5-6); 3 ~ screws; 4 - boles fer screws ,


',. '

~ {':.-r~ ~ Iii' - .

.q-1I' •

I ~+. I" ".

. :.. ..



.. ~. .

. ,. -:--~. _ ..


, , ,

• ' .. I." • ,II


~ ...• ---,

,--._ ~.

. . _.


.. iI ,

r .......... _


,- .

• , .



.. .....,...



\,.. ...... --.-, ....

',. .- - ., . ..:.

, . )

.,. ~.j

Figure 53. Folding metal stock~ and cross s@ctiOR)

(General view

~' _

] - bars (1-50; I-51); 1a - lugs for stock pin; illb - lugs for shoulder rest; Id - notch for passing selector indicator grip; Ie - hole for stock catch; If - notch for butt catch; 2 - shoulder rest (1-52); 3 - shoulder rest lock (I-53); 4 - shouldpT T~~t lock spTin~ (1-S4)~

~ ,_ 5'h~l'!' R ·d''"' if" re-s r n In s f'1· r;:!'l ~

The cover ~~S a b~nt portio~ (8) for compre~sing the accessQtr ~a5e into the recess wb~h the ~oY~r is removed A

ill e' c,over and s" r i ng are' at ta.cfu iE!,d. t CJo the co '!.!' e ,r. b.a.!'!i!l:! hy' means of pin (7). t~e cbver ba~e Is ~tt~ched to the butt plate by ~~~ns DE screw [4) wkich p~sse5 t~ro~sfu the upper hole in the butt plate ana hoI~ (10) im the base.

Ike swivel (fig. 52) attaches th~ ~ling to the butt.

It CQ~sists of a ring (1) ~nd base (ll. The has~ has two holes (4) foT' SCrews (3.) w'ldch bold, t.1il,e- s'"i vel to t"'~ ht~,t t~ •

In a~tom3tic rifle~ with ~taMped receiverj the h~tt is attac~ed directly to the r€~eiver rear plate (see ri~. 16) by means 00 f tW\O S r;.re'w:s •

1".he foldiil1l! Il.eta] stock (fig. ,53) CO'IlLS l!!i ts '0 f tWill 'I!Hl'[":$ {I) and a shoulder rest (2).

On t'I1'$ fOn!'81"d ends: o.f Uil~ bara t.he r e a.t .. ~ lugs (la) f01' the sto~t pint a~d ~h tbe re~r end there ~re lugs (lb) for

the pins' of tJle ;s;'ho:ulQier res t , [11 the rear '!':!:nds of the' bars. tbere,are locks ~l) wit~,~p~ings (4) which r~t~i~1 the shOUlder rest ifi the serVLce PO$ltIg~.

1m the right b~r there is a fi~tch (Id) for p~ssing the selector indi~3tor grip vh~n the stock is fold~d.

In the Itlg of tbe left bar thare ~re a h~le (le) and s~~icir~ular notch (If) for the stock c~tch.

Th.!E:: .:!l bout d e T' re's'it i So at it,.a,e'h c d. t.o t,n e b a r-s h 'j. Iii E! 91~ 50 0 f :pin.s ((5)" tn.e ends of 'Which a re £Tatt,enedi.

The stock cat~b ([ig. 54) holds th~ stock in th~ service and folded positions •

The stock pin (Il holds the stock to the receiver. ]t ha..$ ,a riiITII (La] wh, ien flllil,cti,oms 3S a !;tIJF fOT the p In , 'Qvi'iIl,· shaped 'liI·ole (Ib] ,for the c..atc"'~ pin, t:in"Clad, {I d!_) for rhe nue , and hoke (Ie) fo'( t.he nut pin. '],h,e cat ch (,l,) has t""o· hilgs. (2a,) 'w-hi-ch en t a r t.he nollies· Ln rhe left waIJl CI,f the receiver and lock tbe left bar of the stock in t.e servi~e a~d folded ])05.1 t Ian. The ca t ch i s moo tm teed!. O'J'! the' pln, a'J'l d f. a s ten e d by :1I'~,8! ii 5 0 f a !p in, ",I'll ~ 'C 11 is fuJlls e'r tied! in :h Q ,ll e r Z b) .an d p.a,~, s e s t!h:ro't.lgh the oval-s,bSi,p~d hole (lib) .

Catch pl~nger (3) ba~ a hole (la) fOT the pin~ by ~e~n5 of which it is connec t!:!!,d to the Ira ten.

The' :~:-!wi,v,el fot) "is a t t ached on, t~e' s t ock flhL Nut. (5.) atta~hes tbe 5tQck bars to th~ receiver. It h~s ~ hQle (54]

.: ...

-' .



~ l

'-1" ~,' "1

. ' . . I

: - -',~,





'\ \ \


~, j


Figure S4~

Stocl catch~

1 -.stock pin (1-56); la - rim; ]b oval-shaped hole for catch pin; Ie

hole for stop pin; Id - thread for nut; Ie - hole for pi~; 2 - catch (1-58);

2a - catch lugs for locking left bar; 2b - hole for f~5tening catch on pin by means, of set pin; 3 = catch plunger .

(1-57]; la - hole for pin; 4 - swivel [assy~~ 1-10); 5 - nut tor attaching stock bars to receiver (1-60); Sa - hole for p.in~ 6 - notch for stop, 'p~in-!

" ' " " , , ."=' ~

7 - nins rl-6-1)-~ S' - r~tr~ '5,'p'r.l~ng: '

~" ~ """"" ~ n, ~ W l i' "," .l1L ,J ,II., " .•

, '

for the pin. The stock pin is Fr~v~~l~d f~om ro[~tini jn the I' ee ej. ver wh,e!ll tbe I; at.ch is itl<iP'l;;:i:ni' 'hy' :tille;,ia:!il,S i~,f a, s It >0 C ik. pi II: , 'it be

e~ds ~f which e~ter ~otch.~ (6] in tbe right wall of the receiver when th~ stQ~k is f~ld~d~

(';i;!!,tc:JiI, 5[[:rrip,g (8) i:s, ][,oGa.t:ed ins.idie 'tiht,e' s t ack ,pin. a:nd, CQ~i~ ~i~~a][ly·acts om t~e catcb plunterj and ., mean5 of tbe latter~ o;n th ill! e at.e h ,.

NOT.E : In aut.omat, i c r i:f 1 es ~ i th s t,a~,@ld. ree e .i.v-e-:rr a f' an

ear 1 ii!;!i r mOil IHi fac: tu re t. t.he ,S t: oc l: :p:in :il s £ Lat t ened OJ1! tihe' r:i ~!h!t. amI! c ann,o t be: t'!iUJ],o v e,d f !tom the r ec ej''!Ie:'![' .,

13. t&AGAZ][NiE

I'll e rna,g,a z Lne (,f'i g: • !S:S) e.ont ~:it ns a:nd. ff;;!! i!,(! d:s Ui e roun d s .

It consists of a body (l)~ follower (2), follower sprine ~3}~ ba~e plate (4) amd base p]~te :r~taineT (5)~

Tn e hody s e I'V e s 't,o e iiH1U''!!,eC t :;lI, 11 t~i~ pi :Iii,f' r.s >0 f' the ma g,a 2:, lilIli e ,lil!liIdl, :f.o T hQ], Q i.ng t'h:i T't r rounds •

T.h,e IlpiPe~ p'ortio[!J: 'Of the Di;;Jtdy acts as a f..eed"ing nechanf sm, ,~~rll, bas f 1 ,~Ujlg 1$:,$ f o:r ire t,a i.rn. i.n,g e a Ii:!h '!'OILilm d be. f ![]!';[',e :i t i $, f ~ d i:n to 'tD e chamber , Be twe en t.1I e f 1 ,an,s es 'UlI,e re is a ho 1 e ,f!IJ:r. :p a s s i:n.g th e fe'ed!!;::'l' a rill, ' .. ,I'D.i eh ]1i'iilSih,@;.$, cut eac,h r'!(}.ulld h"om t he :f e e'Q. JIi'liiiC'h"Ui i S,1i! as 1t'h;~ 'b (J, 1 t m'D'V"es f,o rwO),rdi and s ends tb e ':rQ'I,J~ld, in'll: 6 t.he c'ba:lllheT.

1~ the top of tb~ ~alazine body are. welded two 5id~ pl~te$ (l~)~ stop (lbDt and bracket (Ic) with ~at~h (ldl~ The side ~late5 serve to reinforce tbe upper portion of the .n,a.,g ;;11,:2 j,ne- !bod.y ;;Ii,n,d t (I; ]]'0 s i t ion the. Il,ll"s a ,z.i ne In rhe T,e'l; e i. ve'I'

]11 rcper ], y '.

il:a'tch fib) :holds t.he ,forwiI!:rd po r t ian of t.he' ,mag,a:zin.e

to the: r ecedve r: whe:n, tb,e' lII,agii!i:;:: Ine i:$. :a:ttac:[b'li)id", t!he cat ch ent ers notch (27) of tb~ receiver (see fig. 10). Sectio!ll (Ie) of

't.h .. e ma,~a, z' i ne body,! t.oge t h.e:w 'Wj t'h, 1 u,g s (2:S ') (II f the' :r ~ c e i ve:r , [se e fig,. Hl) ~ ]imi.t 'tlle 'upw'iilird :nUJ;'V,eme'n t of th'~ ,lfiaga:z ine,.. and g T O'O;I'Et (1 f" S,Ie; T'1,I"iS"S t.o P ass th e low',e r 'p OI"t, Lon '0 f t he rece i v e r' cam~

Stock lIb) hold~ the Tear portion of t~e maga2ine to the

r ecei ve r ; 'I!ri!'.h.en rhe I1a_g,::l!zin,e i SO be:if.l!g at.t.acbed t o tb.e T,e,ce::it ve'r , th.~' :iDaga Z, i!F.l! e c at.e Ih. i s engaged by s,lto'p (I b) ~ t 1iI,IIlS ]!I reven t. E 0,:8, t,ne maga2illi.e fro~ falling o~t.

In t.he lowe r pOT 1::. i 'O',n. I) f the Mag a,::!; IRe ~od y t ~,e r.e are

f 1 a! n\g es ':rcl!'I' ,3 t t,~ e h i ill: Uve: C O\l",e r' P' 1 'il t e ,. On. tJl e T'e'.a_ r wa 11 t h~ t,e :it s a Iho I e t.h I"Q'U.,g b wh i eli t ~:Le La s t 'round, o"f a fu] 1 y ~ oa died, J!]Ia;B _, ~ziAe can be seen.

'. 51~'


.. : .


.. :~ .. ""

-_.< -' ;!iL.

, - '





1 ". . __, J'

.~ ' ...... -


,I I!_

, .

,Figure SS ,_

. .



.. .>

5 ~?:


.. ~












.l-. . j'

'Magazine (assy .. 7)

·1 - body (assy. 1-1); la - .agazine side . plates (7~1; 1-2); Ib - stop; Ie - bracket (7-6); Id - catch; Ie

- section; 1£ - groove; 2 - follower (assYt

1-2); 2a - feed surface; 2b-lug; 2c-lug for attaching spring; 3 - follower

spring (7-9); 4 -

magazine base plate

(7-11); 4a - plate

flanges; 4b - lugs; 4c

- hole for stop lug; 5

- base plate retainer

(7-1); Sa - catches.




. . Th~ fQll!.(Jw,e.r (2) trailS..,! es . th .. e force ,?'f tb'e sprifllli t,o

the C;IJ:r t r idle s , and , t.oge tbe r w I, t~ the :f !i!"!I!'d 'Meehan 1!OJI 0 f tIl!;! .,I,a:! i l'Iioe-.. Leca t~:S each Tound ,p:r-o.poe'r 1 y 'h·e foO r-e i t Is fed i I'.Ii t 0 the' cha.bE!:T ~ It. has slde- pl.ates 101' ;gutid.;in.g the :follo,!lter- po feed surface' (28) f on. which the r ound f s located. and 108. (':ifb) 'Iwittic.h loc:at.e5, the rou~d$ i'n t)we m~g3 z.in,e Ln ifI 5t311~red. ·doubl·e

co 1 U.!IiI .' Ore. the r i gh. till a t e , "th.e Eo.lI OWe-T ha s ,3 1 U, ( Zc) 'f o 'if"

holding the foilo'We·r- $iPrin,li ..

The 'fo 11 o.-e-r sprin, $'i! r v'e-s to fe e'd the T~;H.lf!id 50 iIit 0 tll!t' feed .ec:h411 i 5. by •. eans of -SiC t In g on d. II!: £,CI' 11 QWe:r •

T"ih-e ·.agatin,e eo'vet' plate sea.l s title .al,azine. It has

f laDge's (4 a) for (;Q"I1I!nec t ion WI 1. t11 t b e .ala:it t.ne bo·!):y.. tV'IIl, I l1!g!i. ( 4 b) ,fo r 1 fulll! t i.n.8" th e .0 t icrn of tl1!C CoveT' P La t f!! .. ,t'h eo tb e iIIIiilga tine is, b-e in,g as S eJllb Led , aD,d he 1 e· (4 c) for p 8! S 5 i.ng the. base plat~ Tet.iner lug.

Tlie' b35 e p La t ~ re·ta i ne'r hOI,S a :!. t.op 1 ug in t.Ji e. J·c:we:r sec t il on for he ldi 'ne: th e cove r on t he body ,and t:Wo (::3 tc hes (S3.) fer ccmnectiQJ) wi tit the follower spri~lg ~




,Each 3UtOIa t ie :r:i f 1 e is: i:s sued wi th spa re pa.1' t s and ac.c-e,sso,ries.. Sets Qf Si"paTe par-t s and a:c:~e55ol'ie!:. f'o'f' uni ts 8!f'e d.i vi.ded ill to Ind i vi dna 1 and 1llU! i. t (r'e, a j r J s e- t. s • Th e individual set iRcludes the ~Cc~ssQTies (fIg. 56) Tequired fOT the am.tom.tic: ri.fle in a l t !C1:)indi t.Lons of se·nric.e ..

Tile aJcc'l!ss.o·ries s:l'e de s igrH~d fOT as:!e",hl y $I,lIla d is ,~55ellb.1 r :10 C 1 e-an iDa: and Jiuhri cat.Lon II' prep. T,!!! t i on 0 f ,JI~ r~. f J!Ii! f (10 I.' £ i ring :10 and e'll.ina tin! stoppa,ges in, - ii!'e.

The indli vidual 5&t of ,c.(.essories j,nclU!dies rhe foll,owing i tell!: ,:

·C,lea.ning "1'00 (11' fot' cle,ilRiul, and lu[rrii::atinl the bore~ g.S t~be, interior channel of the Qper~tin8'rodt

1I.'n.d. f.~r as s e.b 1 y an:d d i 5 III 5;5i e.b][ y Q,£ t here Ibun lIe-c'han i $'" l.t, h •. s a h •• a (1,11.) with a Do·teh and hole .. aDd, threads (lb) fQ·t'" a.tt.acbl"n:g the jag ;ii!nd wir.e brush (3) ~ The c:leamifl.g TOd. Ls At,tac:.hed to t:he' r·i fie undejme a th the· bar re l.,

Jag (2) lor cleaning and luhrication of the bore. ga:s tuiO.~;I! £'$.:5 I;.ylinder aad channel in opera e i iii., T.Qd,: it t;.OD:! i~.t$ (If !II! rood .,.·i th tbreads; foT' ,a,tt.achfn.J to th . ., c.leiIJa.lna rod. I and a "l'od w i'tll n·ot ell _

Wire b~ush (3) fOT lubrlcatiH~ the bOfe; it has ~

rod wi t.h t:hread~d, ch,,:rme 1 f'Oor coeaee t l.'(m wi th the' c.l e-Siin ill Ii


.. ,.'

J -iu



. ~

/~ •. '.['



F1gure 56+ Accessories~

I - ~leaning Tod (0-24); la - cleaning rod head; lb - threads.~ 2 - j ag ~ 3 - .... ire brush; 4 - combination tool {assy. 3}; 4a - screw driver; 4b - key for front sight; 4c - key for jag;

5 - oil can; 6 - sling (assy. 5); 6a ~ snap (assy~ 6); 1 - case (1); & - cap (assy. 2)~

9 - bas for magazines; 9a - pocket for oil can; 9b . pocket for case.


Figure 51. Accessories case.

I - large hole~ Z ~ small hole; 3 - long slot; 4 - short slot; 5 . notches; 6 - cap; 6a - lugs; 6b - notches for lock; 6c - hole

,... . . -"J .._... ; •..• _ ~ ~

~- J


I j


rod t aJ\d a wi Te rod on which th-ere are bristle5 fen: applying 1Dbric_nt~

Co.bination tool (') wi th kneck-eut Tod. The ;5C.rewdri ve:"r (".) is us ed to. Ullh,teo the s£relillls in the but t , butt plate and s liDS $wlvt!:l ~ The key at the: e·~ (4b) is used

t·o is c.rew .and u..ns e T'e-w the Er an t :$ i Ih t when ze rai fill t h If: weapon~ Tbe "key in the side (4c.) i5 used to attach the

j as t Co t be e 1 e·IIID i rig '1'0. d. Tbe lmoc.k - ou trod i.s U:5 ed in di5.:i11sse.bly and asse .• hly o.f the rifle and iIIIijlga~in.e:.

Daubl~ Can (5). Cau$tlc 5Qlvtion i~ stored in the ca.par~ent .ar1e:d Shch~ and rifle oil in the ~o.p.rt.eBt mill rked Nt The C.aD is cal' r re din & pocket, .i.n the ug a ~ Ine ba.1: +

Sling ffl.} ~ Tht $; i$ a sboulde.r .sling u5oed. oDly fo.r carrying the rifl~+ Ope end is prnvided with a hook ~~ich is .I.,t t,E;ll(::l'ICid. to th-e uppe r sw i ye 1 on t he r t. f1 e ~

The jag, \III·ire brush and coO.bioat ion tool are stored in the accessCo~i~~ e.5oe (1). which is provided with a~ end cap (!J.

S!~ .ala~ines and ~ but (9) with space for five .ai.a%iD~5 are iS5U-ed witb each :riflo. Th.p bat bas two side p-ock.o-tst one (9a) for tlia double can and ·g·ne ~ b) for- tbe accease r Ies case (wh i c:b 1III1,.1:i t be ca r r l.d ill. th i s pockt'l: t lIhClIll the r if Le i il USe h &·5 a folding .etal butt).

The .cceS50ri~5 Case (fil+ 5') 5oerve, both .s a case for ·the j aa: '" · ... il'e hrush and co.bination t.ool J and as a ha.:ndle fOT the cQabinat.ion tool and c)$aninle rod. The· c.leaning rod .is at taol;he·d to the 01; iII!:S e by pass i nj t he rod th ... o~gh the :!ii.a 11 TOUD.d h-ole- {,Zl until the he'ad of the rod fits into the la.r-.ae round h~le (2). The co.bination tool is attached si.ila.rlYt u$ing the two. oval hales (3 aod 4).

Tbe cap is held in place by natcbes (S) in the end of the ~a.se.

With rifles with wOQden butt. tbe B~~essories caSe is c.t.r;r·ied ill th" rece ss in the butt ~ with r i£les wi tb folding .et&l butt ... the cast! is carried in the side pocket nn. the . milgal.ine hal ..

The cap is fast.enod t.? the case by fi tting the two Iugs (6a) Into tbe notche~ (S) 10 the end of the case6

When c 1 eanine. tit'" bQ:re-. t.he ace e s so t"i. e s ca se cap is

used as a cove r piate for. the .uz;z;le. The cap i 50 at t.ache d t,o t.be barrel busbing by introdociDJ thCl two lUBs (6~) iJltQ

tbe cil'c:ular Irooye in tbe bllsbiDI + The ~.ap is beld h~ l..hi:5

ISJich i:5 Cyril} {e W. and latin H app~a.TS as eyr ill ic n,

• S·S~

pGsitia. by t~. b.TT.I ~ashi~ lOCi. wbl~h litB i~to one of the fOUT notc'.s (6b) i. the rl. of tba cap. The cleanlal Tod i:ll in.ert.. into tlI. bore tht'OU.l. the: hol. (6(;:) in the c ... te r til f 't:le .c.:p.

. -:

·.iI .J

.... - .. ,

\ .\..

- '1:" ...



- S6~



The r if 1. is se t on s .fe ty ~ An e.ipty .ac" z. ine (8) (ft. r 58) Is· .in pl.ee in •. M Tlfle ~ {I_I.-c~b.t, .. fully lo.lIed · .... 1ine: will be carried in the t'i~~.fj·.)


., . . The .., .• :1. iDe &a t c.b (9 J llQ·l d5 the .aga.l. ifte in the re,.

·i:eiv.'r. Jf the •• Iazime- .1,. load~d.t the: t.op TOUDd presses •.• a:1R"St ~.e Ilu:rtto. of the ope. ..... ti"na Tod.

the .opera t1_. f"od ( .() .. nd be I t (:2) a:roe he ld in l":!far,d -po. .. it.on itT the return spTinl (5) J- vJdc:h al.so hohls the sas ,l.,tOn (6) in the ,.11.$ c-;,lindcT (7). Tbe ret.U"fti sprinl is in 1 t ... posi.ti!lm of leil.st c,a.press:iGiJi.

The hi t (:l) it rotated to the ri I trt II' wi th it!i 1 oc); ing' 1.0·1;5 eD,.,ln. the recei vel'" l.o!;kinC lqs ~

The ,:ri PP.i~1 flU-I'''' of t,he ext rae to r i:s pre.s sed a I al r.s t ,the c.nt~·r of' 'lb. bo 1 t head h'Y t be ext. I' a.c tor s·p ... in, ..

The cj-e-ct.ol' head 110 loc.at.~d in tbe. wide rear portion of the i:rooH in tile bolt 4

The- &.11 .u:t. ... atic (iisconn.ector h.,olil$ the full alito.atic :tearr (i.) ·rut.ted forw,.rdi alld out of en,IIl,e.eot wIth the .uta.atl~ sear motch in. the h .... T.

. Th. '_or cock nG,tck is dl.s e.·PI.zed I aDdi the hiI_eT :.prl ••.. (II) presses the h_er (Il a.lainst the rear face of

"-. "It.. .

,.~ The firiRJ pin (3) :1.5 in forward pO's1 tioll t wi tb it5 tip 'p$rudlDI O'U t of t.he bo it he.ad •

. ~.

. i.-. Ttl ~ se Icc::: tor is in t.he 8.:': t rtI.e top post t iSD II ob:t tru.::: t i!I!J tte p.ss .... of the l':ockinl handle.. TIle sel.ctoT. le·yer (14)

Ifil'~' 59). i:!ll rotated fonr.ard .. ThIs, pl~~es the 's~lecto;r Ie-yeT "'. ·directly O'Yer "the 'fe •. r end of tb.e- dlSc::onne<:tor a'Dd thet"i,h t . t.:J t. •• er bar', pre'W'elit iq h·ot.fl th.e dlscOtlnee tor aDd the ~HI"I" fr.,_ Tot.ting.. SiDC" t.he tri,,"rr caD.Dot rotate, th,e 11._. iI'" cock .ot:c::b cannot eft,ale t.he ;I e.iallto.a tie $·o· ... r; thu;I· II

I ·the b-.e r prcye1rt.s the IJIH!li·ra.tln. rod: :£..-0. .0'1" in. tQ the rea r .


I" 11



• .jj

. ~ .

, :

. 'I·


taG eM ·n ......

J..i::1 p,.~



$.,,-.. J-;. , ~

.. ~~,.

+-I U GJ' U'J,

tIO ~



• o


G) s-. o

"H Q)


CiQ ~ .... at il.


-( .

le·.1-o. ., lOb· ...

- .

-, -


" :,

Figure 59.

Trigger mechanisa set on safety ..

1 - hammer; la - disconnector notch; 1 b - ha .. e r cock not.ch ; Lc - full automatic sear notch; ID - full automatic seaT; lOa - full auto.atic sear cock notch; lOb - upper end of fu 11 au toaa t .i c sear; II - hamne'r and t r igge'r spring;

12 - trigger; 14 - s~lectoT lever; 1$ - disconnector; 16 ~ full automatic disconnector~

the h ... er and triller ,pTJnl holds the tril,er in forward position~ with t.e Bear rai •• d.

16 ~ FUHcrImi I NG O:P PARTS DURI MG LoADING The rifle 15 loaded as fgllows:

1. Insert a loaded •• 13line into th~ T&c~iv~r~ (~is st~ i5 o.itted if t.e ~g.tin~ ~arricd in the

Te~1I:! i 'l'e r 1 S laaded .. ) -,' ! i.... 4

2 • S1!: t. 1.he s e I I!'C tOT by ra t. t ill.l J t downva rd::·· I ~ntil tbe indicator is Gpposite tb. d~siTed notatioR OD the Teceiver.

3~ Pull the cockins h.ndl~ a~ far a~ pOS5ihl& to the re.r .nd release it~

As th~ ",~~in. is !Ds.rt~d. the zlne stOp Tot.tes

the •• ,.zin~ c.tch b.ckv.rds~ when ~e ,ine is fully

insertedl the .a1.!Jne c.tch sprinl Tot.tes the ~atch forward _.aint .nd the c.tch ~R'.le5 the 5tap~

When the se1ectGr i~ ~et for fo11 ~uta.atlc fire (fi2. 60)t the pa~s8le fOT tb~ cocking handle is cle~red~ At ~he sa.e ti.e~ the selector lever lUI (14) ~eS to ~b8 T~.r f.~ enough to r&l~.se the Tear eDd of the trilieT while still re.ain161 dir.~tlT .bove the T •• r end of the-a1sconnector (15). Thus~ while the trilger is free to rQt.te~ ~he selector lever lUI still pr~~ents the di$~~nPector fTo. Tot.tint. When the ~e1ector is set far ,8.1.uto..tic flret t~e selector l&.er .oves all the •• y to the £ear~ rel.~tnl both t.c trlJler

aDd ~he disconne~toT (15). Thus ~he disconaector i~ free

to tot.t~ .l~h tbe s~i.gta..ttc sear .h~ the tTlller (12)

1:!1i pr~.ssed ••

As the coclinS handle 15 pulled tn the re.rl the operatIng rod," lfhic;h i·, Inte-Ir.l .ith the handle I "yes to the re"T.

The ~eturn Bprl., is c~res.ed. The Upper •• d (IDb) of the . full .uta.at.i~ sear is relea5~d by th~ full .uto-.tic discODnectar (16}i •• tint it possIble ·for the full autoaatic sear sprlnl to rot.~e the full .u~a.a~lc se.r~ The openinl beTel

in the iTrelular 1~'I'e in tbe- operatinJ rod act. aD th& bolt

I Tk~ cIa., of tbe tril,eT .hi~ enaale the lUi' of the ~"~T .re cOD5ideTsd to be the se.lauto .. tic te.Y.




.u~de lUi bevelt while the lug gn the r~ar f.c~ of the operat1nl roa A~t$ On th~ ha .. er; t.hese .ctl~n~ belin t¢ rotate the bolt to tb~ l~ft ~nd the ha .. er to tbe reart tensing tbe ha..er and t~iggeT ~prinM.

Wh~n the operatiDI rod ~~~~b~5 the extreD~ TeaT p05itiont the bolt rot.~es~ diseDI •• ina ~be bolt lockln, lUi5 1r~ the r~~&I.eT lock1D1 lUI:!Ii and pl.e~~1 th~ lonlltudi~al·grgoye

im the bol~ in position ~or the p.$$.t~ of the ej&ctoT. At the ~ •• e ~i.e~ the bolt guide lUI ~nt~T5 the wide pn~tiQ~ ~f ~e irTe,ular groO'l'e in th~ op~ratinl rod; as a result of thist ~h~ forward cUrTed wall of the grgovet a~tinE gO the bolt gUide lac, .ay&S t~e bolt to the rear.

Th~ h~~T continues to be propelled to the rea~, first

-by the lUI Oft tb. re.r ~f the opsratin2 rod aDd then by the I.rie 1~1 for.inl the botto. of the opereting rod. A~ ~be ba..er rotat.~$ to the r~art the bead of the ha..er d~pTe~ses the se.ianto.atic seaT, and 5in~e the pres~ure on tbe tTi28er re.aiDs constamtJ the·se.laoto.atic sear ~nJages the ha .. er cock notch as soon as the head ~f the h~~er has pa$sed the seeT (pg~i~ion of triggeT .e~hanis. as in AI £l,~ 60)~ ~hen the ha..er ha~ reach~d the extreme reaT po~ition, the f~ll auto.atic Sear notch Is located gpposit.e the ~ock no~cb Oft the full auta.atic s~eT~ at this point the full a~to.atic ~~ar spri .. rot.t.s ths full auto •• tlc S&~T to the rear~

en •• ,iDJ the full .uto.atic s~ar CQ~k notch (lOa) with tbe full auto-atic Sear Dotch (lc) iB the ha .. e~ (position cf triller .ec.haDJs .• ss in 11;, fit. 60). Si.l,l!1taneou!:oly t tbe upper end Df the full autoa.t~c ~ear rl$~S ~nd obstroct~ the full ~uto..tic disconaectoT.

As 3GOn as the bglt fecd lever p.sse~ th& r~&t wall of the .a,.lime £&~d .~ch.nls.t the follow~t spTing rai$~S tbe rounds im th~ .ag8Jine, pu~hiD. the top round iftto pesition in front of the bGlt~ After tliist the head of th& ~j~etQ~ .oy~s out of the Iroove in the bGlt+

Th~ re.T.aTd ~ye.ent ef the Op~T8tinl rod afid bolt is arre~t&d by the r~~r wall of th~ teceiyer~ At this PQint~ t_e return :!Iiprina i~ at it$ 2reate~t t~nsiun.

As the cockiftg b.ndle is relea~edi the Teturn spring bellns to ~II:! the op~ra~in. ~od forward. The peTpendicular va~l of the wide portfQn ~f the irrelular Ir~oye in the oper· at1R1 rod .ct5 ~n the rear surfae~ ~f the bGlt g~ide lugt ~hru:!litifi~ the bolt forward~

t: I




~. ·n·

I.f It


\ \

. ..

Figure ,60 ..

Trigger mechanism in position for full automatic fire.


Trigger released;

Triggered pressed~

I - hammer; la - disconnector notch; Ib - cock notch; lc - full automatic sear not.ch; 10 -' full automat Ic sear; 1 a.a - full automatic sear cock notch; Ibb - upper end of full automatic sear; 11- hamme·r and trigger spring; 12 - trigger; 14 - selector lever; 15 - disconnector; 16 - full automatic

d i sconnec t.o r ~



As tbe: QP·eratin, r,c·d .(lVe·s forw.ard.~, the lowe'r raounded PQrt ion of t.he rod depresses: th.e' ha._e,r s.l i,htly ~ The· bolt feed ley@: ... · .. ext'rac:ts tile to,p round .£'1:-00. u.,n,de-T the .ag.az:.i.n.,f;

f 1 aft. i!I... Th,e e J ec to r en te'r s t.he J. roove in the ~o 1 t + The rouDd is di rec ted: in,rr>o tbe ch,ob,e r b,:y tbe ,ui des In tibe re ~ c.ei veT aDd in the Tear face of the cha..ber ,.

.;: .

As the bo]l. t appro.a,che's the ba X' X'el;ll the 5C r ew ib(!:ve·l OR t.be 1 e.,ft I lOck im, lug TUn.S OY'e r' the Tee,e iver. cam.. :s PI' f.1II(: e.

;s,crew' be 'ie' L, rota t in,1I t.ibo ),01 t to t.be ri,8li. t and di:9i ens a,s, illa the baIt guide lUI fro. the ,h~Te.Rular. grooV';;. im th.e ope.ratill!lll rod. Tbie e j ec:toT I r ip em.,lli II!!:$. th e. groove 'b II!! II i nd the Tiill 0 f th,. c:a'l't:l'id,e case Ii! .ilDd t.he base of the <!:&SC post tioDl.$ i t.501f in the bolt fac&+

T'he fl ring pin (3) (fig .. 6,:n .Qve:s to the rear J in whic.b po.s i t j on tile re a.r e,mdi (I f 'tbe pin P'I'ot ru.de·;s, from t he rea r ,of 'the b~o1 t ..

Wh.en 't~e ope ra t inl rod re ac hes the- ext UtlM!i torwa rd

jiost t~O_Q, th@: .i Tl'egular groove clos iRK bevel .acts 00 the bol_t ,R.pide lUS: be'Vol; rota.tilLS the: bolt fUI',thcr to tile rilht an.d. engag ins: the bo 1 t 1.0t:.kiRg 1 u.I.S wi, t b. tibe r C,L: e-i VEl: r lock in e liLIS: S ~ TAe bOTe is. now $el.led.

After thll!:' 'b-o:ro i.::t 5eillled I 'the oper;g;timg rod continue5 to .ave fona. 'I'd . n e fli 11 Butolllla t.ic dl S C enaec t.o r TO ta t es til e

up"e r end of. th.e full au t,"_ tic. :; ~& r f orwa rei r , di 5 enga" i.n.& the ful I ,aut.oaatlc sear ,cock notch. (lOa} (£1.11::" 60J fro. th.e· full. auUlaa tic: sear Dotoeh 'in the b .. _e:r. Tbe hill_er X''Q·tates iOl'wl'.I.'rd:li ,engali.m, i t.s ;5·e'.iauto.atle $$&'1' notch (1,8,) (fig. 61) wi. th the seilllia.utoaatie Seal'. This l.$ aCCQllpaoied by an a.udible click •

. .. i tb _ th,e ,.- part s i p t.~ ~:i pos it 1,g-8" the au t.c.a t i e 1"1 fIe is T.eady to. be fll.red (.see f,li. ,63) ~


T'o fire a siDlle' -round fTO . the rifle .... set the- .s'ele.c'tor for .se.j,aut'OIIa'tic fire by rotating t he ill,dic.ator as fill' dOMn~ wa:rd: a,s p05sib1.e I!' .00 pwe5S the trlgg<e'I" wi th t:b·e index f.inger of the right hand.

_ When tbe tr'illcr is p'res5ed~ tho $·e.illutmllllatic sear and

disc ormec'toJ' l'O't a. te ~ The 're al' end, ,u-f tbe :s.e a.:r (i. e..... t ri Ig:e.r) 1'& i s e s the: ends o-f t'lle t:r i IIe;r and baue r sp ri n I. As Ui,e-

t. r iSIl!J'r Tg;t.a t.e.s f th-e s 0.1 au t:olia tic: .$,8 ar re l.e,a s e s. the t.lo.IilWie I' cock DIQ·t'Cb.+

-6l ..

14 .

tJlRJ ~; ::::::=====:::::::_ .. ,::::::' ==:::=:.:::. =. ~.::::=::::::=;:. ::' ~l


n·:: !(}



~ -".




=igure 61. Trigger mechanism in position for semiautomatic fire.

A+ Trigger released; B. Trigger pressed.

1 - ham.er; la - disconnector notch; lb - cock notch; Ie - full automatic sear notch; 4 - operating rod lug; 10 - full automatic sear; lOa - full automatic sear cock notch; lOb - upper end of full automatic sear;

11 - ha.mer and ~Tigger spring; 12 - trigger; 14 - selector lever; 15 - disconnector; 16 - full auto.atic disconnector.



"tl o ~

tIO I=:

• ...-1'

..... 'td ,...

Q) ~ c

.:r:: i-JI 'N


~ f.J .... as ~

~ o

~ o


.;I.JI ..,...

U') a ~

. t


d o


+' ......


o ~

II) ~a



.....,. «I ...

ft) M..". ~ ·td ~

·E· ....... s.....

I :Po. u') U)


... .....

"'d ... ~ OilbE ~-=s +.n· ~

OON"'::= ~ .~

+~ blJ."d ....,m(:!

meal $-I

iii) • ~ J:l. I)

00) bO tIC

I ...... ri

,.,.~ ""iI"tJ.f-I


~ ... ~ I S:::.I""'I

.!I""I ........ ri ~>..~


t:IO .. ~

.~ fIl 1-4 .;... rn ~ ,._. bill Ill)

.,.... U')


. '


~ t-... ·'rl !II)

~'U ..., ~ ... ~ ~

CS::!I "000 ~.J-If-IJ..4 ....-i Ill, :::I O"'1!""4 ~ I ..c I:L.

r-t ....,.

i b');- ..... M m::1

N bOtH ...


r'" I I Q)

~ co ill) '0 0. bO S .......... EJ ."", $-.I 'C!iI M ~"'.fJ


.poiI U I

i ...... .f-.I ~rnN' I!""""I en U r"""iI

.. f.; f,. -

~ ~ N
F-t .r-4; ......
::$ ~
;iJ' 'Id ... ,
Q) bO t.aG
~ Cd F=:
e .. r-i!
• t ~
i ........ ;: ill ,~,
.~.~ m
.f4 ",~ ~
~ri ... 'd (I) .:,
'!. .,_'
~, 0 ,tV E
~ d 6
.cb ... ,... m
M boO IN ..c ... ... •
0 C cd
'+-I .. ,... te"'O
Q) +J .. c:
..c at f5i ,Ill
'\'j Q) <Ii ~
.: p.. oil)
,~, 0 CD tID
.. 1)6
bIG '. ~#;", ...
:-= h ...
. ~ * 0 f.l
'd "d
,CIS II!I~ I=: I
0 I:: .. ~:
"..... .. rot ...... ..=i
Pt >..11"""1
Jot U
WI 1;10 ...
...... t: VI H
4-1 ... ,-$ ai, as
!lid ,k bOlID
.,.. ill)
III '+1J I
~ U
$.4 I r--.. .~
~ ...
~ ti'1I .,. cd
C E!
C+;II ~ .. 0 Q •
,0, ~ .... ~ In-
n ,II) ::S"'d
s:: 0 .. ,... ~ I=:
0 ~ "P. ::.
,.,... 1"""'1' 0
+.t i' lin ,..... ,...
...... as ~
lin N ibO~ .. ....
0 ,
Oot! .. iii • I ...,.
f.t ~
e ",g a .
~ 1--' .:II
~ • f""'Ii .. ...
t;f) ... ).4
'10 • otJG ..... 'II)
..d a..:: bi
cP iM U bel,
~ • J.;i .... .....
;l ~ ~ $-.I
tIO n ." 0 +.J
Ui lhe t:r.i gger and ha_,t: r s'p'r i:rl.8 tota .. tes thc' ha.ac r £'0 rwa I'd . 'The h.-e r s t,r i kC::3, th'lI: Tea r e rld 0 f nhe fiT LlIg: pi.n II t h ru:S t:i nit it fg:rw,.'r,d f OTC: i b 1.)' un t .. i 1 the po iint ,DE t.he pin s t 'I' ik,es til e

pT i.ae r , f.an it ina t.he pri-.e r' c,b.a rge • The f la sh fTO. t,b.e priaer .charao is tran.s.i (ted t,o the propellent "tbal",Ie tlrJ'Qu&h PQTt& in the ba~e of the c~rtrid,. £ase.

Tbe :powder ".as. s to fee the bu 11 e-t 'to c:u tits elf i,nto

t be r. i fl iq iII,ad to aGye th r\,H~&h th e' 'Il-or.. Afte F th.e' bu 11 e t ha5 pas!ed the, ga~ ,ort i~ tb~ barrel~ PQ~deT ,ases ~n~er the 83,S c., I Inde r (7) (f ~I + 63) ,8.itd 'fo rce the 13. s p'~:IIi t.on (6) and ope'r at !PI rod to .ove to to,1e. rea T •

,M; th e operat int rod. ,aa yes t Q the fda T II the ret urn 5pT iRI l:!l t.ensed , Th,e open in g beve 1 in the Opel" at i.n II: rod ,1 rrelul iii r groove acts OD tbe bolt luide lUI~ rota~iD' the bolt to the left SlD:d, openin8. t.ibe breech.

A.f te r t he breech Ls QP,e-n;o t.b-e ope'l" a t.1:o" rod and bo I t iIIIoye to the r ea r tOI,1I!: t ber ~ The ~pe ra t. iEli,t= rod. TO t a t.eS, !hlC h ... e'r to the: Tea r iii te-os;li iii. tile: h _.e r .and t r l,lle r s.p'l' 1. ng ' .

As 'tbe ha..el" '1'0 ta ttl:s ,,. it ro ea t e s the; d,i.s,t: Ol!i.D.ec tQ r ~ Wb en tbe

head of t,he ~.o.ae r has "iii S s ed t be' 'no tell, in the d i scenne c tor • tbe di s'C:Olme:c to', sp:r ina {06 Tee.! the d Lsconnec t or to enla,g II!! tbe d Lseonn ect,ol" 110 tch in tb e ha.l!lu!! t' • Til t s Ito, 1 lis lib,c ha.~ rat fu.ll C oc,t ~

nt'lI!! full ,auto..ati.c seal' spriJ:II1 ;ro,t-rates tb. fIJ11 autO&llti,t: ,$e 3,r ill'l[o eq.a.e e.el:lit wi t.h 'tiDe f'u 11 au t:o.a t. i c ,se Itt' QII) t ch 1m the ha_er . The full autolla t Ic is e'a T" ihc,,_e V'IIfT ~ does not Ito ld the ha_er in: tbe t:oc.ked positioRJ sillc-e the d1sconne-ctoT {lS,

f:l K ~ 61} 1.5 _I ready p. rf 0 !'Iinl th i~ £une 1. Loa , As the iu 11

au t 6.a t ic :se iIIi r rot.a te 5 J' tbe UPP'IB'T' end of the: S'II!! ill r r'it s es t.o

ob s t.ruc t th,e p,a S;:Ii age a,f the xu 11 au to.a tic d:i. sceneec tor.

As the bel,l t .ove 5 to tb. rea t, * t be: ex t. rae to', pull s t:b e' ca rt r:i dge C.1Ii st! out II) f t'h.e cb.amb. I' ., When tiDe c as: e :So t ri le:5 the e j; ector II it is e j ec t.ed f:to. tbe rece i ". 1" +

The top'. f'l)llltd . in the: aa I,a z. Lne i.:!Ii fo reed, upwa rd by th,e f¢,jl owe: r l).Q't lIlt t,s arre.s. t:ea by the .ala:it ill,e' ilaR8e ~

The re:,arward • .0 v'ellellt. Q.f the """pera t, Log r'od and be 1 tis a:rre=s ted by the :real' wall 0 f the re't; lI:,i ver .' F,onPa'N :.ov lI!Iile-til It Q f the-s!$ pa r't is is ¢:f fe£ t cd by t be ,energy 0 f th.e cOIilPTe 50,5" II -re t:urn 5pr in,l ;.

As t,be opera t iD8 rQd .0 ye $. fo t'Wa:rd jI t.l'itl bo 11 f e;ed I e:ver ,ex t rae. ts 't.he to,p round fro- the ,RiiII"a z ine ,aDd. pus be s i.t into the c:.h.a.b$ t ..


As the bait approAche, th& b_~~ell the first st •• e in the rOl.tion uf the holt to th~ rJ&~t t.'e~ pl.c~. At th~ ~~ ti.el the eItrA~tor e~I.'~$ the Iroove b.hlD~ tbe ri. of tb. eaTtridle ~ase1 A$ the o~r.tiD. rod .o~e5 to the e~tre-e for..rd PG~ftioml it proau~es the final rotatiom of th& bolt to the ~llht~ sealina t.e .er~.

" I ~

. ~~ I

Aft e r t:"e (Jore is s •• led I but ah t Ie the IJperli t::r..llJ .. , rod is

s t. i II 1- 6 _ f ... o.. the: ex treIe fOr'WIl:rd po s i tiDm I th~ 1a:J_·1.. aato •• tic dlscODn.~tor (whlcb is intelTal vlt~ tbe oper.\inj rQd) strikes the upp.r emd of the full auto..tic 5~ar _ad Tot.t~s the sear fOTWa~d. Thi~ .aves the fall au~o-atl~

Sear ~way fro. the hM .. er so ~.t the h .... r vill hot be

pre •• Dted fro. rota~inl~

The next roUnd i5 fired b, rele.sina the tTilleT and theD presslnl it alain.

Ihen the triller ts releasedl the ba..er aDd tril,.T sprlDI rotates the dlsconne<tor aDd s .. iaut~tlc seAr to the rear ... di.sen ••• ilfl, ~Ile d!sCllnn·ector ffO. the disC01LDector notch In the h • .-&r~ The tri"cr .ad h ... er ~prinl (11) (li,. 'I} rot.tes the ~eT (I) until the h.-.er cock

Dotcb (Ib) en&.,e~ the $~.i.utv.atlc sear. This is .cco.pani~d by ~ .udl'le c ict.

Jhen the trilzcr i~ _.ain pT~sscd~ the seaiauto.atic ~ear releases the ha .. er cock DGt~h~ The h ... er once a,.in ~trlkes th~ flTiftJ piDI end the emtire oper.ting cre1e of the auta.a~le .eehAftl~ is repeated.


To fire the rifle fully autQ .. tical1TI s~~ t~e seleC~OT an full auta..tlc fire by rDta~lD' tb~ indicator until it i~ opposite the latters At un the r.ce[.er~ and press the tri,cer with i~dex fiDler of th~ ri.ht haad.

Wh~a th~ trilieT is presBed~ it TGt~t~B on the trigger pim. The di~CODnectOT (1S) (tl,. 6n} dae5 not engale the disconnec~or notch in the h ... er, .inc. tbe disconnectQr t, pT.Yent~d fra. Totatinl hy the s.le~tor l.ver (14).

As ths triller ro~.~es~ the se.1.uto..tic ~~.r r~le.se$ th~ h...er cock notch. The b ... er and triller ,p~lD' rotate~ the h ... ~rf w~ich striles the firinl pin forcibly. The round is fired. The powder •• s~s .et on the ._5 pi~tanl tbrustin. tbe ope~.tibl Tad to tb~ reaT~ opening the breecb~ extr.ctln, and -jectinl th. c.rt~ldle caset .nd co~klml the b...ar.



~ .l ....
I~ ~ The full anto.~ti~ sear .nl~Ie:5 the full auto.atlc sear Dotch in the ha .. ~rf holding the h~eT ~t full ~o~k.

Th-e t.op round in th-ft •• ga:tine is raj sed by th1!. follower. ~ the operating rod *~d bolt are .oved fo~waTd by tbe T~turn ~priD't th~ r~uDd is IDs~Tte:d into th~ ~haMber aQd the breech is sealed~

r •

~~n tbe operatlnl rgd is 3-6 •• fr~. th~ e~tT~~e forward position, the full auto .. tic dlsconnector strikes the uppeT end of tbe full auto-ati~ sear and rotate~ the seart rele4$i~g the ha .. er. The hM .. er ~trite$ th~ £irin, ~in, flrt~1 the n~~t rouDd. The eutire operating cycle Qf ~he ant~atic

.. ~h.nis. i~ Tepeated.

Th. rifle wl11 ~ontiDue iiriDg u~ti1 th~ last rDUod in the .alazln~ i5 psed or until th~ firer Teleases the pressure on the tyiI5~T. In the fiTSt caset tb~ operating rod *nd bolt will r~.ain in ~he fGrwaTd positioD ~nd the ha •• er will Dot b& cocked. In the second ~a~e, ~ Tound will be iD$erted into the cba.ber and ~h& h~ .. eT wIll re.ain cocked; the rifle will ceas& fiTiDI but will re:.aiD load~d.


The rifle is unload~d as f~llows: 1. WlthdrMw ~he .aga'ine~

~. Pull tb~ cockinc handle as far to the rear a~ possible and rel~ase it.

1. R~lease the ba .. er by pre5~ing the tril.er. (. Set the s~fetT.

As the c~klnl handl~ i9 pulled to the rea~, the ~xtFaet~r palls the c.rtrldge Case out of tbe cha.beJ .nd bold~ it .,.inst the bolt hea~. When the b~se of the ~~rtrld*~ ~a5e strikes the ejector, it Is ejected fTO- the receiver.

When the cockinJ hllndle is rele~sed~ th~ retu~n spring FStOTR5 th~ OperatiDg rod aDd bolt to the forward pO$lttQ~+

~eD the trill@r Is pressedl th~ se.iautDnatic S~8r releases the h ... er cocl Dotch; the ha .. e~ and triR8er spTing Tot.tes ~b. h •• .er, whi~b strikes the bolt.


ihcn tha safoty is s.t~ the p.Tt5 are iB t~. 5 ... pOsitions oc£upicd b.for. load la, (5 •• S.ctloa IS) •

.. " , .' .

~ \.



2' • GENJ!ItAL INSTflOCtlotS

The rifle •• , b. d15 •• 5e.bled·for cleanl.'1 lubric~tion. in5-pec: t i OJI ~ .. nd rftP1ac_"ut or ... pai J' o.t d..fee t i ve Pil.:rt..s..

-' .,.,_... ,

Tbe followi •• tR5t~Ct~R$ should be~pbseryed durlna

... di ... ssubly .r." aS5eDl),: . ., \.

1. The.:ri fIe s.auld •• dl •• s.s e:able4 Otl. a t.b Ie or beDch ~ In the field. a cleQ c:ovC!r.inl .should be

spread o. the ,round! ~ 1

2. lb. p.rts should be laid out in order of dis.s.s_bly ..

3. Porce .hoald Dot be used to ~e.oy~ or disll..se~l. p.?t5 ••• thl~ •• , result ia d~,e to the parts.

4~ o.ly acce5sories 1ft &ood ~onditioD should ~c uged~ s. "aD. tiaht.nl .. or lOo.S·bi., s·c.r .... s I th. sc;re.vdri~~ Is to ~. &eld fi~11 lA th~ hand. .~d the ~~rew-

dr 1 ve r blad. 11. to be 11.1. in the· Ii &::T... iilotch a"t an .alle.

,_ .. &Uta.tlc rifle 11 to be field stri ... ·p.d tor

c 1.alIi_. ... ,lubr ie. t Ion aft. r fir in,:t 1II.l[ •. rc is eli:t and de~.il~ aad .1'0 fo~ i •• pactlon.

7. Th •• utoaati~ rifl~ is to ~e detaIl stripped

for reaoviD, $~o~al~ or fil.ctory lubTj~.tiGD. fo~ cbauginl ~o •• ~ lubrle&tioD~ for T~pl.cinad"'l.d parts aDd for rep.t~, wbeR.v.r it is extr ... ly dirty or .al.t.

... Dts.as.t.._Iy,.. aSJie."ly" cleanin, and. lubricat.lan .r~ '~Tfo~.d ua~er the su~r.lslon of as officer.


..... ... fO"6 t.e ·rt'(I. is di '·.5 S 9" led,. •• t. sure tben i .. ··DO n:nmd iR ~'tbe c ..... r ..

U;, PJ.I!U) SftJPPIMG.· .


- I. b ... y. til. ...a z: in. fro. tho T 1 fl.e . Ho Idina tbe ri f 1. ·bJ -the·· fo~. lII!Iati "i tt. tb. left band to rot at. the rifle • t.ert II in


/, :~~ .. .


. .~., .

• ~ ;>.. ':".'- ~, ,. 'i"';;' : .•. _;;

...... I: . !"I .,~"I[I -: "", '.,

:-:" - ,I IU~ i.: I: I., . 'I~': .' -.~, ~ 'r '; ,

.. 'r

i ~'- ; i-'1 i. 'j!j:"":"

1:1 I',

Figure 64.

Removing the magazine from the rifle;"

, .~

•. _" '1:

. i:

• -'Io


.... I.

~,' ·t--:"i~ .,!:.~.;':.

.Figure 65.

Removing the cleaning rod from the rifle.


" I

tUJlioun't, pu!olli'ng: t'he- .agaline a:v.ay.. Gr3-Sp the m~gi!ll;t.ine wi th t1t4!l r i gll t h and t and , dep re s s in! the .aga:it ine c a. t~h ._, i th the thumb of the T igb t ha md t ro 't. te the :IIa ga:z. i fit;! fo rwa rd a n.d remove· it. f:rQJII receiver bole· (fig.. 64).

:L Tale tbe ri.fID.e off safety. R:(:i·t:ilte 'the s.~.l! i:.,c tor indiC:.:ito·r d.own;ward as far as pO'$$ Ib l e wi t'h the t.nuilb of the right hand.

3. (heet t~ se~ that there is no round i~ the chamber. pu 11 t he ope r.ili tin. r-u4 to the rea r HII d ins pee t the c.h<!Hnb e r and btl1t lace.

4 ~ Jh;!Q(Jve- U~e cas II!!I with an: es S (I; r i l!;$ from the s t,{H;;: ]Ie.

.Dep re:!:! tl1$ but t 'pI a t.e cev e r wi th. t he i nde;;w;: fin.R er' o·f t h if;! T i.g h t b.aR-1iI. .... d: Te •. ove tbe C.Se 'lId th acce sar i es fro. thE! s t.ock ; T·e.OVB the accessories [rom the case~

s ~ R~IiiOye 'the cleaning rod .. fro. the Tl. fIe. P lEi.c~ tbe st.oc::t (If the rifl& Qm the ground and hold in th is p0-5i t ion by me·.aRS (I f t.he hand IILUl rdl .8f1d for e e 1\0. : t.ake th e e l C'8 n it n.g rod

witb the fiDgers of the ritht band and, bending it slightly, ·re.ove the clear. i.flg rod: head fro. tb est op in t be ba sea f t.he f"ront si~:h.t j. .ove the ~lean:in·1 rod upward so tha tits head leaves the forward f8!c-e of th·e base (If t.he front s i gfrt ; remo'Vl!' the cleaninl rod ~ith the riJb~ hand (filA 6S)~ It is peTmitted t () ua e a P unch to re.ove t.he- c 1 e'3 n ing red ~

6 . Re.OV·II!!I· tb e r ece i ve T' co v Ii!! L Lean UII!~ r i fIe .a8 a i ns t. :II ta:ble aDd!lo holdill, the rifle by the forward par·t Oo'f thf;\l butt

'ltl th the r. 1.111 t hand, dep r'I!:,5:S t.he ,gu i de face wi th the t b u.b in to ·tbe (::O'yer ho 1e. and. rais e th. COV'fI'Y w1 t h the left 'hand -f fiR .• Ii Iii) .

7 ~ fle.ove 'I:be retu.rn M!'c.hani.s. frtml the t i f l.e. ~ Ho 1 d I rig

the 'I':i £1 e- by the fo J'w'.ard PQ r t ion 0 £ th II!! ret: e i V~ r wi t h. th·e Ie f t hillJld" Mve the· re.turn spring luIde fa nl·iu·d 1m. t. i I :i t s rea: r f ace 1 e'a. ye:s th'i!!I groove in the' 'fe-ce i ver rea r p J :fII t e;. I i f t. t.'h e· gtdd e rear face and. remov(I: th4!l return mech.a.:ni SJn £r~ the ope ra tin,1!:

Y'od .(: har-De 1 (fi. . 67) ..

The 'ire tUn'll .,echan t. s. 1'I.8·y. 8.1 SCI be l".ellloved 'by pl ac i :n.K the l"i: fl.-e on a 'table r In thi:!. ~.Se th,e r·i fIe- is held by the

pis tol Jrip wit.h the l&ft hand ..

.8 • Rem-eve· t.he ope rill t il1g r-od 'W i eh be 1 t f ret" the r e ce i v er .• Holding the rifle by t.he f.crw:a.rd :p.ottioin of thi! rec.ei ver w:l th UUl!I le'le band, aDd the 'l;oc);:1.]18 haad l.e with the Tight hand ,

br i.og t he opera t. ins: rod. 'IIi i t h 'b-oI·t to th·e n~ ~ r a ~ £ a r as

~ I 'I

Rennv i ng t.he covet' f rom t.he recei ve'r ,

, ,(

, \,::~ :'!d\',: ,j,!f:~' ~~~~~::::' '~~, ~,~: 'f :_ - ,,~~,

• ,! :. tf.~' ,;t..;.~ ~').'~~:' :'~"~) • ,'.', ~:.'::-" ~ ~ I,,' ,~;;

•• 1 _.; • .- •• ': ~_.I':"a~T.i •• ~i"-\ ~ ·it.! .1 :l. 1 • _: 1= ••• : •• ~.~ ••


, ..

Figure 67~

_. . ·i~'

Removing the return mechanism from the operating rod.

., I ~ J' , , '

I }


... !

pos 50 i b Le t and I moy i,!Di! rhe op,e raJ::, i,ns; ro·d fo',,"""'.:rd ill d i $ t .;nCe 0 f 1. to 2, ,_ t rai.se it:!!; rear port io.l1I.. iD:t i"n,R fng :the ope;r,at ing r'od

to the. rear:.; remO-'VIil:' ,i it t,oe,etlle'r wi ttl the boI:t f:r.(l~ t.he '('o:e,ei,v!I;lI'I'.

l"b.e oper.a:tlnlj: rod w'j th 'bolli t maya.]: s.a bill!' Teillove-d! by 'placin,g' th.e ri fl e om at,:!!! b][ e' ~ I n t hfs ,I; a is e ,I' tbe ri fIe hs held 'by tiHl e

p Ls to 1 ,I,r i p 'W i t.b th-e .1 (I; f t ba~d.,

9. ~ llellove :t:be b,ol It:. fram 'till e OF'lIlt' a:t Lng r'od . take rhe ope :t,i;jI,t i:p"B r~d i in t.:h,e 1 e:'f t band !If i th t he call stu'face fl'lc ine. upwa: rd jj; .and rota. t. the be 1 t a :S,lia 11 ~,.QI,I;n t wi fh, tl'le r i gh t

.tuu;u:1i so rha t t,hi", s:u~,d:e' 11.11 1 ea yes t,hu' 'W i de part 0 f the var I. ab i e groove in th~ operatinl Tod~ and then .ove the bolt to the

rea.'r as, fat' as pO:S:S.ible'; 'tota,tiDE the' bolt Ii re'lIoYe i ts ,gli.ide lug 'f ro"., th e va I' i ab le g ('o"o",e (I; f tn-e opera t,:tm e rod and -remove

the bolE from the Q~~ratini rnd by muving it forward (fil. 68).

10 • Remove the g,a:s tu be 'W L th hand, gua rd frolli, t he 'b,a rre 1 .

H,o,} d tog tbe r-i f1 e by the, ,f6 rW3,rd po r-t i on (Ii f thl1!' !It~,e e J ";i!'i f wi r: h UH!: l!l!:'U~, iha:nd~ 'I'otate the 1,Q,c'k, lever upwa!d with 't,l'Ni:: 'righ,t hand; Nt a t,e- 't:he g a,S tube y,pwardJ by iln!ean 5 0'£ t,he rea r' end ,Q'£' :t:h e

1"'i!I.I,Ce i veT ,iiliillid re'lIo¥e it f'ra. the :gas oe:ylimder ~

:2 2 • ASSEN.Bl Y AR"ElJt FI E,Ul ST'Rl PP I NO

'The T i fll e Ls 3:5,5,emb'1 ed ,a ft e'l' fie 1 d s t 'ir.' ipp ins. i,:n rever se order ,

1 . At naeh the gill s tube wit h hand Ilia rd to t~e ill ar re 1 + fta1ding ,the rifle by the 'fonlardi po,rt ion of the receivel" with the- ,1of't. band I i ns ta 11 the ga s tube on t,ke ga.,s c)i'1 Lnder w t th ,the _ r i ,lill't band an"d d"p r.:5 s the rea l' end 0,( 't!l.e IlIii 'it!.l,be as.-

:Du:::h as P05S:L b 1 e' ~ 1"0 ta,te 'the I as ,tube llCit,k C!OWl!)WIIII rd ,5:0 t h& t the: leve'r lock em,t;'C'T,S the :r,e-!: e=S,$ in 'tb. ri,lh t 1II!a 11 of tile re'. r

:s tab. t bra;:; e •

2. Att~ch the bolt to tb~ operating rod. Gra~p the opera.-t ing r,od wi'th th,e'1 ef't halld wi th tb. e arM $1;iT' face IIp-WS; rd J and • i ilk t.he r i g~rt hand 1.11$ ta II tbe' be 1 t ;hl t,ke ope ra,t:i.Di HlI d cbaillne:l s 0 ,till. t the rea r cy 1 indr:i Ca 1 po rt i all Ls in t:b,c 'O,pe'F,.ti~g rgd lug; Totate the bol~ 50 ~hat the gUide edi~ ent~~s t.imle var i abo 1 e: gl'OQv'e in: th e Q[p,e r'at.I ng Tod t aind then .ave' '(,he

bol t fOr'Wa,rd (fig:. 6!.l).

1.. In.s ta 1.1 the' ope f at i i1lg r,od 'W i tli1 b-D,i,t in the r.e ce I v',e r' ~ no 1 d the ri f 1 e by t:h e ,fo Twa rd! po,rt.i on 0 f t he w,ec:,e i ve r wi t,b rhe 1 il)f t h,&lId J and 'W L til the thill.Uilib 0 f the 'l'i:gh.t hand, he Ld the bc] t in the forward 'positioll .. , th,en insert ,(,be piston :into the' las

. -..-


:-L .. i.

-._ ...... --- ....

• !I,""'!I- .'::11 ......

Figure 68.

Re.oving the bolt from the operating r od ,

Figure 69.

Attaching the bolt to the operating rodt


, I'
.. ,j ,.,
-, II
";, "" tul)~ u.d ins eTt t.he OPIe n\ t iJl,R nlld 111' i t b be I t in t '0 the '!"cc::-e 1 v e-r :!-o that tbe Iulde lUI!:: .of the operattn, :rl)d and thc 1\1;15 -of the bolt are opp05i~e the notches iD the t~ide Q~ tb~ ~ee~iver; del? re s is t h.e 'rea. r. • PO! t len ~ of the: op~ rat i:Q,£ rod :5 0 t ha t it S .

gu Ide .£ rDO'Ye's co 1DC I.de 't11 t hi th! 'U Lde :I' ., a nd .OVtt t1J~ ope 1":' t '1 ng rod t.oO the- I!:!t tre.e fo rwa -rd po 50 1. t.Lon (f 1. E r 70') .

,( . In, tall tibe re turD .e chan t s. if! th It ope;a t in g rod.

Hold thc rifle by the forward por~ioD of th~ r~eeiyer witb t.he Ie ft hand , and vi th the 'I' iah t. h.nd 1n se rt the T·C turn .eoehan.i,s. int,'o tbe 'operatlnilt; rod Changel {fil.. 71)" .o,"e th,eto 1 die tube rear· f.e,. - forward .n.d I: placiD. its IU i d. lugs Opp05-! te' tli,e i~e:l, iii th~ reCc i Y'e:r T •• r pl. t,e t,. derpre's s th e lulde tobe rear fa..;:.,. ~ ip this po's1 tiDO .. the 'I"~ar fac. should en~~r tbe gToove in the r~ceiyer reaT plate~

5. Ins e a l L the cover on the r'Ii!:'c(!-i YeT. Hold the rifle

b, rhe fOl'"wa.rd pOtt i,on. Qf the rece Ive r with t~fI left hand, and W1 th the r lit. t hand i n.s,er t. the- C:Qvt;!! r 50 t hOI if: .1 t s f Co rwa: r;d face en toe r5 the s iI!!:.lc: 1. rcu I. a.r g roo V'I!" i Q t berea T :! igb t bas e a,n.d 'ilOV(!: tile COyer fDnI!a,rd! as far &5 po:s:! Lb Le ; press t.he r aar portion

0" the co"Y'eT fOTW.Td .nd dmQ1wa Td.. thu s ;c'ompl@;t i:ng t be Ins t.a.t-

la~loD (fiJ~ 71)~ .

6. Install the clea.n.iRS r~ jn th~ ritle.

1. losert the acce~soTies iRto tbe C.se and insert th.e 'I: as e i.1l to t::h e reces s in t be bo t L

8. ID$tall the .a,a%iA8 en the Tifle, Hold tbe rifle by rhe fo re III!Ind, vi th the- i.e f t hand, &I nd '1'0 ta N:: t.h:e r L f i.e a c:e r t:uti n a.ount:; ill.se rt the- Dp'VA rd fOnf8:rd PUTt iOIil of the .:111 az :lillie 1n to the ho Le in tite receive I' wi t.b the rtlb t hllnd !!Ii 0 th:li't the -.at: az in. c:. tell en te't"s the no t.c..h in t h,e reCe i ve:l'; rot ill te tbe ' ... a. ~

J i nIB" to the r~.r !!II 0 tb. t the c:~ tc.h h: ellt-Ied by the -aRa ~ ine stop.

9. R.el~.se the ,b._er fro. the s •• t.ut_at.ic .se-itTI!' and turn QII th,e ,II: af ety,~ rot. t inl the II: eltu::: to r' I nd 1 c.a to t U'p1I!I.'td +


De tall s t.rippinz CJ f the ri fIe Ls II, co.n t !:DUa. t. ion of field strippimz·

Det. i 1 5 t l' i pping is ,'e'r I 0 r..ed in the f e I lOll t, n.~ .8 nfie: r ! field ~trip the rIfle as ln$~ructfld In. s~etiQn 11~ and then pcrfor. th& fol1(1.i~.:

.. '77-

Figure j'O ..

Attaching the operating rod with bolt to the receiver~

It· 'It;

~, ,~-~, ..

- I


,- -

. .

: _"'~!~~ :,." ';"

J. 'I' ~~.:::"':. Il'oT. I ..

." • • .'oJ ." ..

.._ ~ . . ... :- .

. ~~. ~. ~" ,~r.t . J.&' .' •

~f=::; . I ~ r: .. ~.. ~ -.',.J _..~. .'. :

"';~'~ .i!:i\./ -~'., r }~ ~ ~,,"~ -r··" .. ~',~ i~ ~ ~~ ,~'~J.t. l'

...)~l '-'i_ -= ~ -.!u. ...... r> _':". 'I .. '_~'''I ~-it,"'" '"ii~,.; ~

,F Lgu re

Attaching the return 'mechanism to the operating rod.






t ne cove r

P'igur'e ",3, '.' as semb l y

the return, me chan i S'lilil •


1. bisa"e..ble.· 'the retU'f'm aechani.t· ...

J Q se rt tbe ,(1 eani n, rod i uf:o 'tbe ,"ui de. tube 'Unt i 1 the c.leanin,' 'rod head is s'tQpped by the ,uide ra.d:l iIlnd ,,1 ac e the e lean ina rod ., III tinS t a table.

C:'QIIpre5 s t be: retu Tn sp r i ~I wi th t.~e J. f't b,lnd .'nd 're.ove the •• she)' fr-.,. the louie red. liJ,.th the right hamdl {,fil. 11).

..J ,I

a.e.ove t!he re'ttl,Tn, :s:p'l'inl £TO. the Tif Ie and 'I'e.Ov~

t he Illld~ 1'"'0.1 f r'OlI lh,!' gil ide tube. '-.

2. Di$a~$e.ble th~ boJt~

G~asp the bolt with the left hand wi~k th~ f$~d lli!!'Te-'1" upwa rd , a.nd 'W i th tb,1I!I r i,bt hand re.a'le tih4!l f i 't'" i n. pin pin fro. the ':0.1 t 'bQdy usin •• , ptlnch.

Re.of'e (,he fi r 1 nl pin l'fO. ,the bolt.

Holdll!lll the extrIlC'tQ'I" wi'th the: th_b (If t,he. left hilJld., re.ove the ext:r,'aet.o'j' pin f US,J.D, '. pUrich.

Re-.ove tll-e eJl;t.ra.ctoT and, ~xt.t.et(l'r 5prinl £r~ th,e. reces~ in the bolt bod,.

:R.e.o've th,fl' $ top e~d of ,the full auto •. .at,lc. se.r. !:,priDI ff"~ ,tlic trigger' pin by .. ans 'of B pun~h.

PUfich tbe t l' ill er p in to tile Ie ft 119. in. the ptln'ch I the T'emDYe tbe trill.e:r 'with dis,(:;onne:ct.ol' and spr-iol frOil 'tlle re-ceiyer.

Se pill fa tft. the- di 5 C:OhrleC t;o.T frem. the' t.1'" 1,. er and. reJIove the seaiautGM&ltic sell.r :sprinl fro. t ts recess ..

'Rotate- tb,," s,electoT indicator upw,aTd uintil ttle lug

on the le-v!!"T coincide's with the potcb in the wlill of the receiv.er hoke , and .separ.te t't.e selector fro. the rICc!I!:jYeT lfl,. 7t) ~

Dep res s th<i!l s top end of t,he foIl aut na t 1(: s:pl' 1.111 , .

U:!I i DC • pnne hi 0 r lfood,e'R 'tod, miL pu.nc:b out tile It a_e'l p 1n to t.be left b, ManS of • PWi'chi reaoye tbl!' hi.Mer aDd hill._&l'" and tTilit;!!T ,:prinR f:ro. tM ,.eceiv'i8'rJl• and, re.JIove

t he .ha __ r ~

Punch out. t:b II!! fu II aut ... t i<:: .se ar p 1m to 'till!' I <Ii ft US in,' a punch '; re.oye tbe fllll auto •• tic. !!U!!3fr aDiI .sear

. \. . ,~' ...


$P r i.n. fr~ the 'l'ec:'e i Y8't!li and! reaove the s p J' in I f rom the !-e,1I 1" ~

In c:o.ib.t unit$:I the £lri'ng and tr'iJ,glEtt' .ec:bani:s .. is dis a.:!I !:,e-.I) led f(J r t.he purpose o,f c,hanl inl Itl) T lea. t I on. unde r fhe su;,pery 1 $1 (In 'Of an a n.O'F4! r· art i £ ice r .

In tbe event: th,e' fir'illl, and trigger lIie'cbanj.::;;. becmaes dirty, tbe rifl~ is &leaned and lubricated without

d i s as s,eIhl iD, i 't, ..

NOT~.: In the 8utoaat,ic rifle with s ta.pe,d r-ece.ive r , the fIr'ing and. trig.er .echanis •• a.y b,e disassem'bled in the a:l'ti llery works,hap' only fo-r the purpose of r apa fr 'OT l'eplac~e9t of pillTes,

4 • A;,e'.oll',e the £0 re: end f'ron t he ba r re 1 .

Hold the fOl'w.rd po'r t Ion of th'e band guard wH:,il the left hand , a,n.,d with the rilht hand rotate forward, It$ far a!: PQssible th~ fore end band lock ~ndic.tor by m~an~ or ill pl1ilc.h. i&1),d a-o V-I! the !! t.op b.:nd t o.a t",d tihe gas cyl i n de r .

Move the 'fore end forward with tb,e right h,a.od se that 1. rs 1111 on t.'he Te. r' face is di is eO,4,-ed fro. th II!.! r ece s So In the receiverJl and tli,fin. disenla,e the fore Bnd by pUlling dOimlf..'rd.


FortbeT dis;as$e.lbly of the rifle i!: pti!rfol1lled in t.he ar't:illery rep.!'!' shop.


1. Attach the fOTe ~nd to the barrel.

H'Dld the rt fie by the forward! pcrtlo'n of the r!l!tciI!"i ve r

wi til tbe 1 eft haCid iI' and wi t.b th,e' T ilh t h,an.d in'5 e r t the, f Q r if:! end So tha't :I ts lug, on t,ihe rear fa-ce eDters the, t"e:c.ess. in t.b~

rece i ve r '" and .ove t.be fC'Te end f !DTW. rd <II!: fill r .:5 po s:!;.i b 1 e .

:Moun t tn<t: b.a:nd Om the f o'l'e end 9 heu Ide r II s t i &h t 1 Y a 5

PO!! 5 i b 1 e , :IID,d ro t a t-e, tbe lec k to the l'eiU' so tha t i t.$ indi (;.-1; to r en t'e r's t he botch 00 t.h4!l band.

1 f th'8 loci; indicat'or doe's not ratate' t.o t.htJ: tear t. it is nece:s"..ry to· .oye 'the 'and alon. t.he b.a rrll!: 1 t aod at t h e S A'.e

t. i.e to p r. 50 so ur'. Td OD th.,e Lee kind 1 e" tQT , in t his III1II!i1 nile r .lining the toe'. with 'the recess in t.~e barrelf and theR rotate

th e 1 oc1:: '.

2. Asse.ble the ftrinl lIod tri'lcr mechanis.,




Fi,gure 14 ..

~ I -

Remo'ving' the ',.. . .'.!. sel ec tor froll ~. '(,

the receiver ..

At tach t be ,fu 11 autou. ti C. $6ar spri nl to the: full aut raa t. ic SCh'.T and i,ns eTt ,the se iI. r vi th SfT in,g in to the rece 1 ver so that tbe s t,g.p end of tb. $P r in, pout,. to I,be rea r .

Fro. th., r llh t .s i... of tb. Tee. i ".1' ... iD.!i e rt t,be punch into 'tile hole for t.be'full a.uto __ tic: sear p1.n~

I D,S ert tbe full a.oto ... t'l c sear pin In to tie no Ie fro. the left sIde of' the receiver aDd. while cOiltill'Ulally re:aovinll tb. punchf install the full aut.oaatic sear pin (iii. 751~

~unt the b...er aDd trlller sprlnl op the ha..er pins allld insert the ~ .... 'r wi t.b ha..er and trigger' $pTin, int.o tho re~.lver (fia~ 16).

IDsert the punch in tb~ hoi. for the ha .. er pins fra. the right side Df tbe receiYer.

I fII $'" rt the: b. .... T P t." into 'the hoI e tb~o11&b the 1 e ft ~ide of the reeoiY.r~ ~d PT~S' back the stop end af tbe full .~to .. ti(: Sflill'f sp'!J'ln. ,.it:h the pin; while 'l'eHovi •• the; punch .. insert tho hw..er pin (fl&. 77) and place ~he stop end of tbe full autoaatic se.'!' spri.1 into libe :re=c::e=s,'_ in th" pin.

As lie.bI-e, 'tbe ;i..lector t,o tu rK,.t ".1' ..nd $ e't it on ~oai~utg.Btic fire.

sear pIn.

Ins tall 'lhe di. COillllifiC tor and d i st.oJUlec tor sp rinK io to the trillll!lr Rroo.e and inseTt tbe 'triueT .. D.d .se'ar into tbe bole in the receiver (fil~ 1,8).

Throulb tb. :rl&bt. side of the receiver ... iD5ert tbe pli.ncb. iDto the hole for-tho trili.r pin. aft.r raisin, the stop

end Df the; full a.uto.atic se.r SPTiDIL

lnsert the tril161' pip l:nto t.he hole throulh tbe left 5i.de g! th.e rec:oiver; ~b.il. r_olllq tbo puncht i~$t..all the ~riggeT pIn alld :s et the s top end of th., full au to.a t.1C se ar ;5 p rl.ng im the recess io the pin.

Rai s e t.he ends of the h_er and, tri gier s pri n.1 by .ean.s of the: poac.b .and place the ben t e1Id. Q f the 5pT in.a: on t he 't,ea r ,shou} deI'S 0 f the t rille r ..

l~ Asse.ble t.o bolt.

Fi.gure 75.

Jnstalling the full autoaat I c



Ins el't the 'e:.J. t .. ac tor and sp:r!:l into 'tbe boI t r e ceas ; depl'es s th.e: ex t !"IIU: tor vi th the tb .. of the left band to s e tit in"the recess • .set til. extr.ctor ptn in the hole .... i.th tbe ri&h.t. hand s: 0 th.1,'t 'the noteil on t,b. Upper end of n.. pI a is turned

in the di.r ee t iOD of tile rear cy Ilndlrl cal POTt Ion 0 f the be,} t body. (See fig. 19).,

Figure 76~ Installing the hammer with hammer and trigger spring to the receiver ..


Figure 77~ Installing the 'hammer pin~

Ins t.all in.g the ~~'igger wi til di.sconnecnnr

in t he 'r ece i ver •

F'i gure '7:9 ~

In s t.a 11 :i.ng

t he ext r ac ter pin in t.he bo t t ,

. , .'~n.~ ert '~hE!' .f iTo ~.~g pin. i.~ to t ke· bo 1 t s I;) t ha t _ t h,e ._ ~·c,c.e ~ 5· i 11

:IlJl&' f.l rmg 'p m Is .e 1 1. !Ii'i'i;!,[l it'l t~ the hn Le £to:i!' the 'p m (. f .1 g. 8.0):; in o rde r to con.t:rol ·tJie. pes itioll of the fi TiJlg pm im the holi! for tb~ firing pin retairilng ,i~~ it is ~ece~sary t6 i~sert the iP1!IDch f :r'Clm fh e is ide .0 f the f e e II 1 e'veT 8,0 t:h a 'it t h,~ fi r in:g 'Pin C.3iD r·ota.t{!: and inteTfel'e wi t:h, rhe Ins t.allaJt.:io!llI, 00£ !Jill::! firi~g pi~ retainin~ pi~.

hl S E!'wt. ·the £'1.:r im.,R. p. i n :r e ta i iii. iJilig P Jn :i .IlU!:;l i t.s ·b·o.1 e •

],nse:!I!"·:t 'tbe- cleanimi rod. into th·ee~ide tube unt i:1 t.heif; Le an in.g. 'rod! lllie'adl but, t, 50 aga i ns t t.h.li!l· gu ide I' od and , iP' T I!i! S S i Ilg

th.e c.li!lll an.in.1 rod. 3!la in s t t.he- t:p b 1 e ,. i.iIl S UL 11 flit ['.! '['E!' tur iii. S po r I n.B: ~

C(ilmf~res.s the r:etll'irilil sp.iring w:U:.h. th~ left hand, .and 'wi th t.h.e r i.;gh t h·and ins t.a l I th·e 'was iIlG T CI n t h.e ~.IU i d·~ rod ( fig" 81 J .

Pu it" tlue-r as sell.'b I y 01'£ ·th'l$ t'i fie i So per-f 11} ["lied! by f 611 owin e. the orde~ give~ i~ Section 22~


ll..eillllCl.'"e tile: CO\i'll!! t JlI,la.te tram 'ith~ [Ill'll g 8! -z; in.e . G :r.a Sf! in g fll·!;;!! .agazine ~n the left b~nd. depr~S$ the stop plate (fig. 82) by ~~afiS ~f t~e pume~ (tbrQug~ the hole in- the cover plat~J aDd 1'I(iV'·e rhe c.ovel" p1.ate 50 tJil8lt t he .stop llJ.g is di.s.,en8a.g·~d fro~ t~e b~le ~n the coY~r plate; kold! the stop pIal. with rhe thi1!lm b '0'£ t:h.~ 1 ef t It·and Bind renove t.he Co '1,!"E! r p La t e w. ,:it t h rhe f'i g h t band.

Rellov'~ Ut'E! C.'OVE!'T' ·pl..at,e wi t.n sFring and fol.1!.owe!i:" fT'O!IIIJ rhe iii.aga:~ Ine , R.el!~,ase the stop p l.a re and T'~ .. o,ve the s.P ring

to,g e·the.· r !II i th the So tep p. I..eJ t Ii'!: and! fi[Ji:ll:l lOwe 1" of !t"o.EiII tb,!!!" m9.ga:z: i:n e •

Remo'Y'Ii!I: ·t~e- fQ 11"Ciwe r .and s t o'p pi 1.:jII t e fr om the- .s p:r. 1. n g .

.26.. AS5BM8.w..l' 'O:F 'TUlE MAGAZ INE

..ils;se •. bie the' 'f'ollolli"er and sto,.P pIa. te to the :s.pl!" ing_ l~sert tbe spring with follow~r amd stQ~ pl~te in tbe lIaJ,B a z ine' . Gra:s" th,e mala z. ine 'It i tin th e .1 e ft band! (-c over p La t e upw a r d, rIB'a 1" ilJT(liOV~ in.wa U"d J II! 8111.d 111' i. th t:h ~ r'l g h t h.fliDId i I:I .. S e:t' t th.e sp r in fI '11'1 t.h 'fo llo'llie I' and 5 t op P La t c i 11 t he lIa ga. z in e."

At tach ,COVIi!"r pI" t·e 'to .a.g:;t ine, :[)e'iP·r!!:!:~$ th('! stop p].jl t.'1t" tn. the m.aga.z·i:ne· body 3lilllld, holding it. wi th the t:humib e f the'


"J .").-_'

...... " 4.:. ... ,h,,! •

,( ;. • _ •• ' ,L

~ .

~ - ..


. ..


Jnstal1ing the

'f" e . - '" • '5'~.1 .

~lrlng pIn In the

bolt, ,;,

Figure 82 ..

Remov ]_ n g

the cover

p l a te f'rom the mag-,·a···· z l~ ne

. , • _ .' : .. .1 , .' 'II!

I ,

i' I


,I !o

Figure 81~ Assembly of the return

mec han i S:rn '.

I r J,

Install ing the, spr in"g' w'i t h fol1owe:r and stop p Lat e to the maoi1"Z Lne ~


1 'e: f t hand , m:o 'lfe the c.oYe!r ;pI :a,t.e' 0l1':li to th'eI f1 ang 1e:SO i:I,f ,the ro"ai a:z; i:Ii'Ui! body (f I ,It + 8,;t, ) wi til Ute it" i gll t bind. U~ tim the iug S; Q,f the co '1.1' e t, plate press ~g~inst the rear wall of th~ mala~i~~~



In additio~ to detail aDd fi~ld. st~ipping and assembly, dis, a s S e,lI'IIb l:r and! .a,s s e:.b l Y «i,i tke IP is t:lj).l gr i" s i gil ~~. '" '3111.d, but t ,s. re ,31:r se pe r f orBed in tile rep'3.i r s tliQ, i

Pi s a,55·emib 1,

1. ~e~ove the pistol grip from the roe~iveT. Loosen fhe ~c:re'W' by me'an,:s 'Of the. ,s,cr·e'W~·,dTiver- .. lid Temove· tnt!: pistO'l gl'ip fr'[JIm the r-~c!!i v',er ~

2 . Di.$~,Eis,emble t:h;!i! woodlem butt ..

In';;;lI;; t eu t ·t h.e. bill t t S Ii: t"e'w with t h.e- llfUJ!I ch and re:tmove: th~ ~utt f~Qm the receiver.

UtIi1:s-c:rew the rear sc.rew's; wi ttl: 'the :sc]'ew' d:r-i VeT ,and r emo.lle tine c I a. II., f TOil. the bUilt t ,

UIi!.~'(:re!llJ!' tJH!l SCT,ews .in th,e butt, !pLate wit,iIl the Sltrew d:!rivel' f and 'I"emove fhe' butt p.l at.e and ,CQ·V'Q"f:'" plat,e f'!I."om. t'he butt -e

2 a • .oi s as.,s; emb Le the 'fQ md.illll III1!; Itt..l s t oct .•

'i!l1o,c.);: eut, the inUt. pifili with 'the ~HmcJD: ,and re'l'nove th~ n~~ from the stock.

Knock out the $toc~ ~atc~ ~1~ throul~ tbe hole In t,ihe base of the rec$i'v,e'!:_ u,sin,B th.e '(U1DCh. ,and] 'l'ell1'Ove. the 'e~t·t;:h. p Iu ms ~ r wi tlll sp r,·1n.,g .f'r'(llm the. ,5 itOp' pin ~

Move' the .$ t op. !p in to t.he le ft ,: 10 that. the ,ell d$ o.f t.lle

S it op ]J:l.1I o£ the :p il!i! :1 e.:i:I'i'e th.e· fi.ot!:ne$ :in the .,all 0 f' t,h.'e rec-e',i 'V~i';r I' and, :r'!elili(:ive t~e s'top :p',in f'1I'(lm ,st'Ci'Cl: pim h'Gle .•

:Remove. the s't(u::!it pin fr',om tJ1!i!i bo:le· ill! t!b~ rt!'ceiv,er.· and r e!move th e· C:3! tili:h :f'irom the: :l'ece i'Y',e'l" ,; remo'V'li;'t the bars

fro. t~e TeceiY!iJr~

Rello'v,e' ,the swi:ye 1 b ase :£'1'0.. tltle 5 t.eck rd,.n ..•

NOTE: Tih!i;!!' f'o.ld inl !Iii!! t,$!:w. s t oC'i:: a f aut O1II,a t.i e ·d fIe:;

'Iii ltD staltlpe.:orec:~;i v'er Ls ttl, be' diis,ass,embledonly in 4!:x.ee·p'ti.o:r:l!.aJl cirCu~5t8mces for repairl~, and ~ep.acing part$+

I .'
\. r(
I "
!~ .Figure 84 to

Installing cover pIa t e m th

In., e

magaz Lne ...

,F i g ur ,9 8. 5 '.'

Removing the front sight from the s.tud ..

3, ,. Re:IJ"HJ V¢ !t.:h¢ ft",o.r.L t, s ig!llrt fr'oD t,lle front s i,gb t stud ~

He 1 d the r 1. fl, e bet tibie barre I. '!Ii!'1 'tit t:h.,e' le:H: ha nd ~ un se rew t he front sigkt from t~e front 5ig~t stud u5iRI the 5~rew·driv~r~ TO t.a t ,ine 'it he se rewi'- d r ,l'\re r Ln. 'title '!:: 0 un t,e:1!:' - e :nt,o,c::.k.w 1.:5 e d i r ec.t i 00111, '.

4,., Rem{!I've' t~e f'rent, s,i.go't .st~!d fwom the' ,fT()(ll'1"t sight

bas e . P,], a ce t:he Jill z, 1 Jil e of the I.' ill fjj[,e on 3i tab 1 e 01' lI!il'OiO d:ell st'IiI,!~~~,~:d kl1l.o,~~ O~t: tb'e frollt sigllt ,s'tljd u:sing, a [l:u~u:::b 'H'

~OOut.::.a ll!)d I( f ~.g + 8,6)., ~ 1-.. I

NillJr:I::;: The' front. sight ,Bnd st.ud are' t.o be i"e~c),'ved only fo r repaIr., ,A:fteT' i:n,stalliilflig th,9 :fi'Qn.t slght ::J!:r!,d S'llid i it, '1 s ~ie c ~':S i:;,~ ry to check the aceu r'a,c,}!, of thie T i 'f l~ a.


D,}'s, a So Si,e'mb Le the T.'eanr sLght ,

Hold th~ ~llht 1 •• f .~ an .nll. of 40 to SO dee~~~$

and, !p re s So 0.111. :the fC!i1:w aJ rrl i!I'ndi 0:£ tiHu::: 'S i pt, Le a f us iiDi,g ,ai pench

(I;!r wood,em rod t and :.,ov'e rhe :3 ighi ~ ]E_,e 8.£ t (Ii ,th e rea T u:n t.i 'l, t he pims le~ye tbe holes im the rear sight base lUI.

u~ 1, r.I!;&:: 1";11, :PUt!lc]il iii,n,d ha.lliil,~ t'.t 'kni;J;c:!k eu t rhe s igh.t 1 e'a,:£"

s p' rr i ng fr{oim it [be S,:rom,l',e So in. t he s i.,~h t 'b as e t and realove t he spring frQ~ tho sight 'ase~

iP're,5,:!;" en the 5:U,de: cat.ch , move thi,e 51 i.de ,;:Jj,lo';ng, thu sig;i:l.'t leaf and remove :itt I and ';reIlilQ'v'e t.he cat ch and caech

s p'ir i.!I1,~ fr om the re c e ss in the' s 1. Lde a,

In~,c :r,t t,he 'C iiI,t eh $,P r l!!li8 and ca. ilcb i.ni!tt;o. tm.e' :s: l.i.d1e ;r'I;;.':(:;!i!iS's, and.:., l!i!!ihilu' iP'r'~,$.,$hlg OiQ, t~e ,cat-ch Ii' in,stall!. tbii;!l' sli,die

OlD! ,the s ji eht ]t·e af and move ,i't to the' 'r.e,anr" ,a,s: f.:n' ai,S pos sIbl,e ,

IRs[~ll l~e s:i~~t leaf sprin8 in the rear sight 'base ~ r o'O''Ile:s t 11,0.-1 d! iiIJi,g the' s i,gib it ]i,e s,f ;a,t an Single 'o,{ 40, to SO de,Brees ~

PlSi~e the r'Ol"'W&'rd '~fi!d i'jf U!!$ :si.g;h~, l.:a,f o.n t~c s:r r fun.g, :iuiLd t p r'as s:i [ljg 'an the fo::rwa:rdi end w~, th; ;aJ JHUlC.b e r ,.,r,o,oed en rod t ~U1li"v,e iIt:!be sight li.'e,a f fOTiWa'l'd ,S'9 t.ha t ;i t S 'p i ~:S

en t ~:r tlle: ho '], us i rt tb'l!;li r.eat' ,S iKbt bas e :mu .• s ~ f"r'e'e: tbe f'OTW',a: rd

!,!j!!id uf fiuii!' s iL,g:h t 1 e,B f :jj!,::rte'f, t(!; l!. (!: as ing tili1i,e p,res-sur'e on it.,

z. Assemble the front sight.

Inser-t rbe fr'ont :s,i.gh't stud . .i.nto the' ltH!!s,e 'l1,ole unt I 1 the a l, Ln e]l~ei:L t iiLa ,[," ks co inc ide. ..




'1 ~f~l'l~ ~;~~:,,:, .s: ..

!. ,,""IIiIi~~:l!I, ;~ . ..i:. ~ ,!:-,.?:. -i' .r' ., ~

Remov i.ng the stud. f'rom the front sight ba se

'. _ .. ' ....

Screw ,the front sight in to the stud ba:!li e t us tiD, th.fl' S c:'reW'O d:r i,v-e'r ..

J,~ Ass,e.b:t.e the folding' .e't •• stock.

I D,$ t all the $w:l:Ye 1. b a !!!I ,I!: oa the: s toc,1c pin ..

At:t,a ch t,he !b,1I rs to the rece i ver and inse'rt. tbe 1:;,. tc.b in to the' receiver ~ .

~I .f

,$:...,. ~

" Inser t the: stoc,k: _ pin int~ ,the' h9J.e ill the left

and tbe hoI e in the 1e,£ t wall 0 f the r,e-~e];:v,r, and IIOWl t

e.atch on the p in ~ '(

!bar the

and, the :!-o that wall of

Inse'rt the' s,top pin in,to the hole for the .st,oct pip ill p-in in, to' the, hOIl"e ·till t.he ri,.ht '., .1.1 Qf title ~" ',':e, i'te-r

rhe i&md .... f th'" s:t .... p, pin, "'n t; ... -- t'lI-.... 'ft,',' ,t''"'' 'Ii.'e "", ., .':L .'... h,t,

,¥" _ 0;:> , "'" ,,"5' ,,.;Ir n!l:l 0 ,""" ,;:]I 1 nne 1'1 Z

the 'r.ece t Y'II!I'f' ..


In!lt' ,,1>th ". ',' .'10., ,'t"':I.;, ,.'-- ----d ~: ,t tiL, '

" .,,'" ,._8 oo~ on t..uft $.; oc::. pllil ,m.' llRSel' cne nut.

I nSf! rt t'he sp :tinK :lnd th8 e .. t,eh p llilDlfl!'r in t.he $il:O.c It pin and, alinill,. t.he hole" in 'the ,it::iIiJ'EI,r .1.tb, tblfl holes, I,D ,the c::a tch.. 'l.ns t all tile 'p i'n ..

4, ~ A:!Ii :!Ii,e.b.] e the lfOOden 'but t 4

Ins,eT't, the acc:es BOrr' e ... e .,'Tin,1 into the l"'iI!I'ce:s s In, the butt~

At.tach th'e' butt plate CO'fer and tbe batt pl.ate to the butt ,iIlnd! 'rep lace 'the .screws, '.

Mtu.JIi 't, the cl.... on the butt f.Cia pd, 'rep l.'Ce end



... " f,t)rti.ely _ d.isc~~ery_ .nd. r~-.ov~I -o,W,e/ei:;:,t,s In 411tomat,ic. r I. fie s , and ,1.1,50 of 1rregu 1.Tll t a.es u] t lie.l.l .. ~ toras.e aDd c are ,. tile. ,aut. nil It ic: ri fl es are :io5P. e.- c,ted lIHi:,-t:,o.rdiinl ~o the ins t, ruetion,s gi:¥en in the uni.t inteTior eCODo.y l"c,ili.l.Va,tlons ~

The t echo it:: al e ondi t iOIl 0 £ autnaat 1 e 'r i n,e sIs cha T AC t e T·' i..z.ed _ by their n: ad.ine s s f. or cORb,a t e.p,l,o.y.ep t. ~nd:l i'n. tOld i t:i OA i

bl)l" t.mii!!! ,dag'reli!!!! (I f t'h,e'i T we-a r as a l'"~SU 1 t of use , ~

Depend,inc u.p-on the d~IJ"iC. of ... "'. r. an d ch .. r a-t: t I!!!-r of rep:(l i r r'equ i red , au to.SI,t i c :ri fle-s 8.1'"$ d:l vi died in t D (;03. t'e,go r i e s acco rd i ng t·!). the n r:n s t TuctioD.8 fa r CI as is i fyin, A'T t i II er'1 )fa toe rie 1 ~ !;r

2: 9 • DAI LY IJI!SPlECT I ON OF Tim AUTOMAT 1: C :11 FIl.E I. J rus SOtD.1 ER

l'itr: riflle! is Inspec ted daily be (ore lea'ving Fo r a de-tail, be fore exe rc i $'il!I'$ '" be-fo'Te f i rIna ~ aft II!'r fir. iT! Ie: ~ upon re t u Tn i ng f,to. a de ta-i 1, and wbile e I'e an ins.

The- 'r"! f1 e is Inspec ted da.i 1f in t.he ,a,!J sembled to r-:Ii and ill the' iIlsse.b led aAd dislIs:se.bled, f-or.s whi i-e clean liDl ~ The .cces50rie.s ar'e in!5,pect:ed h'e,fore each c,le8ning~ Tbe 501diel' is required. to TIIJPOT'l i'-edt. tilt 11 t'o h 1,s COfI:I!and!eT (.squ8,d

1 e,ader) w'hen he d.h covers i rregula ri t Les in hf.s i,R:SPCC t l!DR 0 f the r i:fle, • a.., III %. Ines , ;RiDd, all:c~!Ii so X'"1~ S ~

Th'r:: fooilowing pol tl ts are: cbec:'k"e-d 1 n tll e dial 1 y in SP'I!!! r, t ion of the: rifle:

. Me't iIl1 pa !rt:s £'0'1' :rBS t , d,l r-t 'I' d.ee:p s c. ra tc!h.es altd

C I'a:c:k;,s (pa 1't l(:u Ia r • t te:n. t:l: Qn I s to be paid! to c Jl. I!!! lin 1 ines is: of the cliaIheT, IDo'l'e '- and bol t face).

n,e' .. t-'o~k (af- ,auto.a·.I,c ,..Ifl, .... 'With '~'" rd ...... b- t.t.]

_ ;;II ...._ . _ _ ~,1 ~ _ _....... _ 'I'!, ... a . -.;:p _ U . ..

fore end... haDd ,,,nil r'd 3D.,d pis t.ol 111' ip:I! f. 0 r e r,ilcli: ~:I sp.l i 'ts, ~ 0'1' se:rlou$ l .. de:mt.tiofts:.


TIle bolt 1 opeT,a t iii I rod 1 r et UTO and 'f i !' 1 01 and

t r I,IIC:r .t::~hi!Uli:!l.s, ,I £'0'1'" ,'rope r 'Opel'iIi t itiR wben the s e I ec ito r is s~t 'f'Or $'ui,autOAlltlc iIlad auto.atic: fire'; •. &13;tiJlI!!! 1.011;);, 5 t'ocik ca tch (of iIl'Ut:Q",t j,e. :r.{f1":,$ 'N.I til :fo I,d i UK .e ta 1 5 tI;)II:::1:.] ;0 selector indicatoTj f~r conditiGn~ end screws aRd r~ar

,swi vc 1 SC T'ewS (of ... at.O •• tic. r i f 1 I!!! s w:i th 'If 0'00 en :3 t ock) £ or ions;,ene$$ .


The b a_e r _. t.t~ 5 ee t ha't it i 5 not. cocJiC.II!I'd t and the positlD~ of the saf~ty+

The fr-oo t s i gh 1. and re II r is i ,b It _. £.01' c:oiDdi t i on ~ and the reliJl" sigbt leaf notch for cl$ainline5::ii.

P 'r e $$nc.e of .a C I: 1)$,$ 01' i,es..... ill s toek rec.es st .... ~tui t t pI ill te Cove r ( 0 f ,au t,o.;I: t Ic ri f 11$$ wi till wood.""t s t..,.~l:) tQ~. '.sc=. that it c l. CIose:$, p ro.per 1.,; p r'esence aDd con di t.Len of acto,$oc'rie 5 in .af az j,.I'I.e billi g: (0,£ au t¢ilIUI,t:i C 1" i fIe,s wi til £61 dina .'IB t.l stoc:li: .

The $1 ing £0 r prope'l' eonnec t. 1 on . ~ -

The ~gll'idne.s £,o-r prgpeT a.s,8i,_bly alld iUlJ:c'tion.;hll,

and the po So i t i (II'n. 0 f' the .aga z. i,a.. in the r I fl lit ..


'11ii(l: T i {l es ill r. ;i,n spec 'ted in fhe as s e.b 1 e-d! f"crr. in iII,11 pbases of inspection. '

The foll.owing i t:e.s are cbecked in '1 I'lSp iI!!'C t iDI 'the r 1 fIe!

Se 'I' i.a 1 ,n, .. be r on rbe 'teCe i ver cove: r .Rei ;5,e ri a1 l:il:u.ber Oil re'cei ver. fC'r c:orres.pc,ndllJnc.e~

Me t &1 pa rt s fOT rus t , S (:1'. tene s , dent $ a.nd e I"a(:: ks I aDd fa re e~d. ha.n.d lu.ar,d JI • P~ s t 0 1 i'r1p' aDd 'butt... :£0 r cracl~t slIts. and aecp n1cks.

End SC,rew:s I pist,ol Irip' 5crev t ,8iid a150 lower :S!IIIIi ~el and butt pf at.e .$ere--ws (of rifles with woodem butt) ~

Rec:ei'Y'!i.lT and r'ec,e,i,ver Co'yer J' fOf (:l"aC);;::t. aiDd deep dea t s ~ In add i t: iaD':Ii dUir i 01 ins peet i OiD the Bene ral

cond i t i on II) f the r i fll.,e .i s checked.

the frol:!; t s i gil t 5.h:Dul d b¢ ytl rt Lea 1 and shollt d no t move in the stud hole~ durinl flt~. &nd tbe fro.t,~ight stud s houl d "'0 t _(Jove In rhe lias e by pre;:;::ii U'I',e of tbe ibaad; tb~ line en tb$ stud should ~Qjn(:ide with ~be line on the front stint b.ase.

The baT re: 1 bu,sb.iD, SbOH I d be' held f i nl y by the 1 oc k ; t be lo(: k: is hou ld hilt dll!lp re 5; s ed i:D tit,. re:Ce 5 5 of 't be £ ron t. sig:tn base e';3S i1y' by )H,lt!'!l and ;9,bculd retl,Jl"1I quickly unde r the action of its sprh~l ..

The 8.;1 s t IJbe wi th hand Bua'rd! and fore end s hOl,ll d not have any lOQlitudinal play~

- _:,.1 •


.... r !f.


- !

The rear S.i,lht bage :5hould be held findy ofi the

baT'r.1 ~ LOR,itudinal play of ~he sight, lellf i$ penlli t !.~ .. 'uDd~r~ the c.gndl.i,ti,QD, tha:t the $1Ih1; la.af l'e:~urn ):0. the J.n]_t~.l PO;5,l.tIDR after be:illl' Moved to the s ide by hand.

The sight, lea f sheu ld return to ,the in i t..i a 1 pos:l" t lOolI. under a-ct.1on. of the spriD8 fro. any 'posi'tion within t .. e 11.( t.s of 38- diel:ree:l wi till re-5 pee t to tho l"fI a r s 1 ah t bas e ~

The 1. ines and f igure:,s on tbe: s.i a1n. le af . shou I,d b~ clearly' le,gib.le.. When the ,.::at:cib, is depressed t 'tile ~ l~dlB' shou I d -.ovt! freel, .lonl the- iIlH't i re I eD.e th, of tbe 5 ,1gb t leaf.

The slide catcb sheu'l d be dep resaed $uil, into ,the s II de reces $ vI t hou t ,j ~iiD,' iIIJId, 5h,.oul d re turn qui c~ 1 r to the in it ill,} pos, i t: ion lJ.i)de r t.b. at. t. i OD 0 £ i t ~ .sp,r 1. 118 •

Tile: 10( k spT,iDI sheu ld f i rIly loc};; tbe s 1 idCl a t any ,g,radua't ion on the: .s llh t. 1. af '.

The ,s t,Mb t lea f notch should. be w 1 thou t. n 1 ck!li aDd bur'IS ..

The lQcl sbould f11111'1 bold "tbe: las tube and band luaM and should I-DCt it5elf in the closed po.slt1oD ..

The' t'ec:e I. YiIII: r coyer sheu ld be fil. 0;1 Y he ld by tbe .I U I.d,e '1"!lr fac. lUI ~ .and the r,ea r face s'hould .~ve forward fT •• 1 y 'wen it !ii, lUI is p,:r~ss:.d by 'the' f f 1l1.'r:li "II~ $h,DU,} d •. {Iove.

tG' t.he rear quic 11 y unde-r l!b. ae t ion of the 're turn spr I,D, den t.he lU.I is re l •• .s,eil ~

n., 'p ins of the full au toO •• :t i,e B eilir t hill_er. and tr1a,.¥ should b~ held fir.ly in tbeir boles.

The selector shguld rgt,ate frClely Wh"!JI, -ch.R.~,d _,f!"lO. one 'pos it, iClIil ta.the o'~her. ~d. $h.c-uld be-., £_1 ra ~"1 ~e 1 if . :t-~ . .am,y one of the f-ollow1D.g po 5 J. t~OD:I : 5 e.l.aU tC4iia't re , fu 11 eu t,~. tLc , and :5 .fe;ty ..

'Wb.-en tli)e; ,$C 1 ec:t.o r i:9i ,se"t OD sa £ ety ,Ii and the 11 WI.ClI" is reI eased frew the: top po,s i ,t i on. t the t r i81 e-r s ~ou1d ~,t !"o~at.e ~~ ~epr~'$5ed •• nd t.~e ,~peT.tial,rod, should be } :1.1 ted 11:11 J. t'5 I'CUI't'llte. rd .ove.oiR t by t be: h,a_e r •

'lhen tho ::tell. eee r is s.t Olll $. f.,t:y ,~ .md, the h a....e r

i;5 cocke III Ii the t ri al. t, shou Id no It:. ro t .. t $ wben depr',e 5i sed,. alld :re'. r-wa rd ao t lon 0 f the a,'fi:: ra ~ in.8 rod :5 bO!L1ld ~e. 1 i. i, t. ~d by the- $ 0" 1 C;(: to'r indi~a t-or t the for". rd e,ud g f vb !.(:h $,bQllll d butt ,il,. ins ,t the c;;o,c,lung hand 1 "" ..

Th~ •• 1. ~ ini81 10e); s.tivu.l d Tat. t e e-asily 'DD 1 t.s pin when its lov.r e~d I, p~e$$ed •• d $~ould return to the

Or i I iDa I POI t t io,n 'qu.i ~~'l7 v,:rnl~r t.e .<:: t.l on 0 £ the 8p rinl, t the •• ia t ill ~ IGC:: i: should £ h'.l r hold tb e: •••• z: ine- 10 :I n th e rel::eiY,,~ ..

Th~ c::atch sllO'uldi no,t, be bent • ..J. atld it.s ~pt:r tlF.~_; " $ hQIJ Id no'l: h. d._. e:d b,. deft ts • The ends 01 th. 1: it'. '. pin $hol,l) d ,. fl. t tened tlU t ~ .od ,th~ pin sbou 1 d lie he II

f1r.1y in the ho Le , .....

!be wooden butt s~ould not •• ve .ny cT.ck!~ 5plits~ OT de'ep dents.. Between tile lacc:IIi 0 £ the: It: l..-p and th-e butt tbere sho~ld be ~ ~learan~~.

The re ::!Ii holtl Ii be no pl." of the .11. t t in th,!!!: c.lill.p tali iii a l:so in t.he :re=ce 1 ve-r- ..

The- eDd 5crCWSt 5wiv&1 screws, aDd hut~ plat~ 5cre~s :!- hou ld be :SiC r-e-ved, in as f. r as pO:l!!li lh1e .

The bu~~ pl.t. coY~r sh~uld ~eal ~he r~&ss for. th~ ;II,Ct: e:l:So r Ie s ·f t twl y. .nd sbl'Juld apeD e _:IIi ily vi thou t effort ~Y the pTe" SU re '~f thll:!' I i08 e r , Ihen the- bu t t pl a ~e -cover ~ scI es ed the- .,c.c.es,$oTY C.:I e shOll Id be press eil t I.lh t.ly

118 a ins ,t th'e: coye T .. When the coycr I,. 0, en ~ the ac:c:esso:rr ease sbc:u.lld be ej ec:ted quickly by its .!Iprinl toO be l'e..,vtlld by the hand.

The .cc I!S,sory e a5. spr ill, .!:houldl !be he 1 d. fl ~l.., ill th~ recess and .hould not fallout when the rifle is .anipuJated (when tb~ a~ce~~or, c.s. is not in the butt).

Th& . fa Idi nl .e ta 1 ,S to 1:1 :sbou ld not. :... 'tit beQ't bara t and the swivel ~i". should be held £i1"ll11 in til. 5.1'f81

Ib as e and shou I d IiIIO t be b~nt.. .

A :IIi_II "o.,;mt of lateral pi .. , of 1:h. st.ock and also • ,sUlll iilnun t of pIa, of the .lowe r riD, 0 £ the shoulder :suppa t"l .1 t~ respe-c. t to tJie .:1: i5 Q,t rota t: lon .is p ... i t ted .. The, shoul der 5UppO r t 5 hou Id TO ta te -e as i1T em 1 t:lli ., pin, b,

p :rIilS5U re- of the hand alld locl:: f l'r.l yin the S er'l' u:;e posltion~

Th e f!Dds 'Of the sheukde r s,upport pins should be

f 1 a t:t.en ~d Ol1t and he Id f i:n.ly in t.he lua s ,of the b.1" II r

The .stock cat e • .should lock, the butt £1.1'11:11 1n t.he s~r~ice .nd travel po:sitlons.

- 'l (,-


.... hen th-e s t 0(,);; i5 .Ooyed. t,o prepa re the r1 fIe £.0 r the .&ervl-ee or the travel pDsit~on:t t.he- bar_!: shoilld rotate ea~llr by pressure of the h~nd a~d should not be c. a ugh t by ttJe p I'(J t rudi nl p.rt:s 0 £ th~ i" i f 1 e ( • .a,a:z: hte- .. £Gr& e-ndJ and ~ele~tOT).

The pIstol RTip should be beld fir.ly g~ its base -without. pl.y, .and should h .... e no cracks OT deep d~nt5.

Th r £1 r't ng and t riB R e r me-c,b all is _ sllQtll d be che e led fo r p r'o', iIl!:r Cop&T:!l t ion.

. Se~ ~be sele~tor on s~qiaptomatie fiTet depr&ss the

trIgger and,. holdl.DJ th.e ib.e_e-r in the depres:!ed pO:S-ition, pull the- opera ~ inl rod to the res.'r and re I II!! as e it; t he

ba •• e r sh,ou1d 11.0 t be r e I e~:!5 ed f rOIl 'the c, ocke d po:!. ttl on ;

re lc!lilllse the t:r.t u:e-r, a ~11 cl:: sboul d be be. rd "hell the l~tter i5 ~ne (~au5ed by the b. .. er .ovinS £rom the se.iIn~~ a.a t. ie f 1. re po'!' I t I on to t he cock ed "po~ t t. ion); when th e t rl.g,ger Is depre's,!oed on~e .:J r'e , "the:re shout d be hea rd ..nether elic.k (h~er strikinl t.he- firin.g pi.n) +

Set the sofIl&ctQr on full autOllB'tic fiTe, pull the operatlnl yod ta the Te.r and r~lease i~. The operatinE rod $hould -ove.t~ the rear rreely and ~uiekly r~turn to the fo:rwa~d pOS1t~On. un.fe'f the action of the retur:n. :!prlftir: vbe~ th-e t:ri,II?f" 1.:5-. d,ep're5sed, the ha_er should qtn~kly stT~k-e the fiT~nl p1n~ .ithcut rel~.sinB th~ triZEerJ

pull the opera.tln~ rod t~ the r-e~T aDd .s,lowl), :return it to t~e- forward !pOS i t I~n J- whl.l e- ho ld 1R.8 t t ' ... i til the h.a.tld; whe n tb,fI operat lDI Tod, 1.!!Ii a d 1.5 t ance 0 f :5 'to 6 _ f tQ. tbe

ex t rne. f Orwilll rd pes i t i On t the flj 11 ,:l1IU t MI. til: d i sccn:n,ec to r' shoul d rot a t.e the- fu 11 au t.o •• t Lc :s .ear:ll and t.he ha_fe r sheu Id qtd ~k1 Y !Ii: t r i:ttl! the ,f t r inlr pill r

Chee k the op,era. t. ion of 'the bol t t op~ r -$I t inl rOod

r~ t.u rn .echan.iS.. us in, a lfia.ga z. iDe vh i eh Ls fIll B d ;, i th drIll rounds ..

" The~operatinl rod should moye t(J the ~e.T ea~ily

w1.tbotlt J -t,ne: and lree'gular .at'iOIl.s, and .~ye £orwa'l'"d qu Lck 1,. unde r tb.~ act ion Oof title ret u rn. .5 pring J and • t

t he $ a.e ~ i.4!I the be 1 t. sheu 1 d g r,1I5 p the- :ne:K t d t-I 11 TO!,Jnd

lind £~~d 1.t ~nto the- c:h •• beri tbe next rQ~~d im the .aga~ine ,should be- rais.d to the stop in "the I Q'"WII!I'f" rQund pc'r t i tlR

of the opeTating rod lUI. When the \GIt approaches tbe barrel" th,& e-x.tractor Iu, sho~ld p4.$$ iJve:r th& (:,z!:'rtridge case fl.Rle~ When tbe GPe-r.t~Rt :rod i5 pulled to the

rear a :!,eco~d t i.II!:':!I tbe- round t .$ t i"i Ii: in.1 the e j ill! C t or t

sheu.l d be e J ec'ted and 'e:)t t rae: ted Cr,om th,e- rece i ve or- t and

tbe , ne'~ t round :I bout d be ,f-ed Uf.II(leT the f] .nges 0 f th II;!! fe'ed lIIechan:ls •.


If the opera~iD' rod is pulled to ~he eItre.~ rear po~i~ion aBd .owed upw.~ yertlc.lly~ it $hoold pr.ss atalns~ the ,uii. of t~e r~turn spTinJ; tf tb. ~er.tiDJ Tod is released 1ft this positinDt 1t should-return quickly to the forward position under the .c~ion of th~ return spring vithou~ ja .. inl~


The r i fl es a re Ins pee ted. in_ the d Ls as s e-.b lof:ld for.. ,iii! the presence of an Gfftc~r.

In such an inspection~ all t~ parts .ust be cl.aned

and dried thOTGughlYI payIng p~rtic~lBr attentioD to the ~

cleaaliaess of the bore+

In tb4 im$pe~~ioDI par~l~l.r .tt~tiOD .ust ,be paid to see ~mat the recei.ert recelY~T COv~r~ operatiD, Todi bolt aDd re~u~~ ~(baAis. all baar tho s .. o serial au.her. The firin, a.d trigger .eehaDi~ Is ~ot dis.~5e.bled fGr this il:l..$p.e(:.tiollr

Inspectinn of tbe B.rrel, ~s Cylinder, .Dd Fore EDd laQI

The b~~ech aDd .D~&l. faces of ~hc baTTelt and the ~~tractor DGt~ht should be cleani PO dent5 are per.ai~~ed on the ••

TD insp.ct the bore~ tb. ~.rrDl is r.ised to tb. level of the ey~~ .ad directed at • sou~e of 11Jh~; the barr.l is in$pe~ted ~broulh the breech eDd .nd thTough the .uz1le .p4; theg the chaab.r i~ iA&pected. Tho barrel .ust be rota~ed wheD the bore is beinl inspected.

The barrel sbould b~ h~ld a~ a distance of SO tG 1G .. for b~st Yi~ibili~y.

The following Ray be discovered ~ben inspecting tbe hore: i~s~ in warious places alone the ~ntir~ bore~ II ~ast i5 pres~D~. a da~k dcpGsit Caa be seeD on the cleab~DB patcb ..

CopperiD&r which appeaT5 ~z a TC5ult of exteBsiye firla. aDd insuffici~nt cloafting; i~ i~ observed in tbe for. of a copper deposit On the surface oE ~he borc~

Wear of the l.nds~ whicb oc£ur5 aost oft~n at the oTigiD of the TlfliBI Bnd a~ tbe .uzzle ..


, '

! '~ ,

~, ...

lul,ed barrel. vhlc~ OCCUTS id the of • transverS8 dark rtme; in ~15 case of the rifle is decided b1 tn. chi.f of of 'the unJ t .

bor~ in t~ fo~ tbe servi~.ablli~y artillery ar.aaent

-r •

lendiDl of the barrell whi~~ is dater.imed by i.,roeer pos I tiOD of the shadow J.n 1:U bon: (fil. 87}.

In OTdeT to d.t.ntne uDdin. 0 f th.- baT:rc: I " 'the barrel is bzoUJbt u.der anr ~ori&oDt.1 'lower .~ae of an ohject (windaw l.dae. boardl etc.). 1m. 5tr.Ilht b.rrel there should b. seen a 5badov In t~. fo~ of an .qul1.to~al t'l' 18n.lle,. tbe bas. of witt cb I. loe .. ted In the center of

t.lle oore; the sUp. of the t r 1Male slloa.ld no t. chan,_ when the barral is Tot.ted.

In ." bell, barrel", 'the .ides of th 1: l"i _I'e arc

curved lIad til. i r CUirw.tu.r. c .... an .. s .... i til UU t ion of the b.rrel a.out It. all.~ If the 6endi .. i.'acute~ the shadow trlan,le 1s .TGteat OT its .1", .r. dl.pla~ed .i~h re~pe~t to. aach .,t"l" .

ka't of the barrel bor~ is cheeked by .... e 1·1 ~ wIli c.b slillou Id not ellt. r tllie bore tJ. roup tb. MlZ .I.le face a distaDCe tT~ater tban 7.6Z _. TIlls distance aay he, exceeded on y under the coadltioD that the Tifle satisfi&s tbe req~ire.ents fOT .ccur.~y iQ flri~.+

l~e bor~ i~ cbro.e-plat~d~ Cbra.e-pl.t~d ba&rels kaye a .~er of pe~ul.riti .... ieh do .gt .ffeet tb~ prapertles of th. rifle 1. &Dr .dycr.~ "DD~r.

These p~culi.riti_s are _ dull boro s~rf!ee and a . circulaT darkcnln~ a£ the 'are~ .piral for~t~ons~ ~ro910D p.tt.rnl~ .nd flattnl of ~hc ~hro.iu.. The dUll surfMcet circular darkcDtna aDd .p~r.l for...tion ••• , be fouad in DeW barrels as well .5 ~sed baTr.15~

Tbe dull bore surf.co 13 ~b.racteri~.6 hy • local d.rkeninl of t~e bore vhicb is not aDY for.. of rust.

,.. ciTcu.lar d.TunUI .. y b. for- .... t. 1:" entire: cir~f.rea~e of the bor~ Gr • part gf the clr~f~reA~.~ but in tho c~~plated ba~rel t~is is bot bull~al aD6 IS DO t consi"'r" a dcf.ct;.

Spiral fo~tiu.s Oft t.. ~ra..~pl.ted bore Qee"~

.~ a result of .cch .. ical finiahI-, of ~e bGre (im .anufactore}. BefDre the ~hru.e-p atia, pr~s51 tb~ reaults o£ ~he polisbiDg pr~e~9 .re not ~I$iblei Bfter t~~ chra.o-platinl pr~~SSt the results of poljs~inl arc seen in zre.ter relief iR t~e fora of th~$$ 5pir.l IOT.ations.


~ :=- "= j . ~~'i$~''::.~9 ~ ,~.. .;. ':.:.: ..

1 (r

, J.

An, e T.O s::i (J.~ pa t te r:n i ,5 ob s e l'\"€h:l i i~, th~ 'r,n!l'm 0 f ],-n t: e r ,_, :s~,c:t.l"tl!,g st.'i" ipc!i oii t.hi:!: surf,s,'I:;'e, o,'if:" the bor e t ;:JJS, a 1!"ule in the b1:";eeeh @lH1L Ih~ s·~ s t.r i pes i!:lI'pp,e'.r:i r as t he 'we:apo]:1! :u s :i n Us~' • ~ i th :ili11 ,1Fl1 C Te',a 5 '8: In the, IH.unt. e r .;]; f I'Ql,IITt d s f i red , t he r e aro ~Ta~k5 fermed i~ the stripe~ and chippi~1 of the ~hromi urn t.a,le~5i pd. ,s, c e " f i T:5 t. Jim the' £.0 rm o:f (1'0 i n t,,~ a"jj;f :tJU:~':n i ~~ the form of sliver~ 6£ ehro~iti~.


c: h:i p pi Iil,g iQ r f o:f ch r,o!lll:.i urn i _;; t.:hc m,o s t obv i QU 5: f QTITI o:f e T 0'5:i C1o'I1I, 0:£ tile ell reme - p La ted s U! r :faC:,~ J n t: h!;! bree Co III a!ll~ occurs as a r,e_5ul t ,of ii!iJt~ims!!;;! ~TQ5 ion.

The" e ros:iorrn. Fa, e terns, and c h.i,piP" n g of f of ;;,.:,~ rQi!11 :i!.~l,m a re ~navoidable i~ ehr6m~-FIAt~d b~TTe15, ~nd ~anmot he COfi-

s i de :red! a s.he 'i"t C u'iTi!], n,g t.l f the ho re, s Ince ~ i t 11 the' i:r a,p pea ranCe tke barrel retains its aeeuracy Df fire.

Bo':re,!; '!!IIi. tn a 111, e re s i ~)OJ~, pA 'It t,~ T'l!1i T e ([U i T€' nor e in t en S i vee 'I:; '] ~ ;,'UlI, iJ'l! g, •

The g,;'] s cy 1 Ln d er ,:;,h,u!lll d no t . h:3i V'I.'!' " T'lli,S t, erc s i (I'iI'!., bu ITS, or dent s Oil the, gl!li.d.e' jf,a,ee. o r rnCks 1,1i1 till!;! hl,g hl;'I' at t achin g t he c.l c'a,n:!i t"~g r-e d, ,.

_.: ..


t:l1,e ,f 0''['08' elli~ 'b and s hQH 1 d . no t: [H::: 'b en it! and! t't! e ho 1 e fill' r p~s:~d"!ilg th$ (',le',a,rd::n,g r od sheuId not have any n l,cks;, t.he loe~ ~hould i:"otat~ fr~ely by ~ffort of the kand; the band ,5,JiUJU.1 d menTe ,fre€: ly a 1 !lJII!g t:h e bar re l w,h'f:;,n the I (:I,e ik 'i nt:l! 'J c: CI, t n iI"

i, 5, H) tat 08 d. ,f Q '['iii a, rd, a nd 5,'h I:J~, 1 d. be he Itll f i ttiflll 'yO {t(11! 'it he b a ['''[''C :I.

wi th'ollj t po.! a,y' 'when t,n,e Ind 1 C at o r i. S I'{; 1:. atc;J, it I} th e r'IM T ,

-i •

~ ~ .- ..

T.llspee t.:i{JJ:l Ii}f tllC Rec,c], v,~J' ~nd, RE!:l(..e i-ver COVeT

Tille' r e e e.i 'i,I";j}'l" s hOlllll,rJi no t h ant e e rack .. 5.. d'E!"n t s , de'ep s c. r a t,[':h e s , nickst burrsj ~nd rai~ed ,Dint5 of m~tal in the guide5 [or the ope r ,a.tim,g rod" t he gu I dies Eo r till e bo 1. t, '" :£'~,a T' 'f8!C II: of the cam s~rfac~~ 5CTe~ bevel of the cam 5brfaGe, and the locking l~iS.

I IIi dIe e j e e tOT.' t he '!re' ;8 hoy 1 d no t be den t.s , 'L r a L!kS i .o:li 1 'r' ["~'g:!I.i 1. tI! 'r portions Qf metal.

Th e II: 1" ig,g e r ,g ua rd a nd pis t.o 1. ~rr.i Ii, bas C' ,S; lHHJ h!l, h'l:: h Ii:. 1 ill firmly; t.he rlvs1:.~ ~tlst ~ct los~ their grip.

I _

Th,e re c e ave r 'C eve-r s h'ouI d !nJO 1:. :~, a 11 i!lI C rae 11::5 to ,&elil t s , '0 T' nic~s ifi the ~all5 af tb~ ~jection a~d ~o&king hand.!e port.

'['h,e ,f (,,"!Lilla rd f a o!::: e o,f the 'r'e c e:l v f.' r C ov c it S IHJ~!] d! r'e q, \11 i. I Ie (I, c e r t.a ,iL:n. a;riiI!i.l'I!1i1l t, Q f e f f'c rt. ':t:,Q be Ins e r t ed in the' s ,em ,i:, e i 'ire u La 'r gro~ve in the Tear sight base.

Triangular shadow in the ba se ,

A~ 1m straight barrel; B~ barre 1 '.'

In. 'bent


Ins~~ct}on ,0,£ the :Bolt it Ope:r-at:illl R~d" and_ Retl1rn Recibanls.

[.Iii l,he 1.1 u' 1 t the r'e 5 hcu 1 d be IH" cracks , den is I Ch.iP'5 J o I r a i:5 e,d po r t.i ens (II f me t aI t e:s,pec i all y io rhe loci in,g and

&uid~ lugs. ' '


" " f -, -' -, f b b 1 f ;~.,. t

Ii! c I;!l r toP. I,R iIUIOUQ t Q eros 1 on 0, t ,eo: t .ace 'oQi round

it,he ,hoi e io'r the' firi.lli_ pin bead Ls p,er.i't,ted. T.h.a<fj.ring,

]) i ~ sllould, .ov ~ .1 D tile - b,ol t, Ilodie: t th,e sc t loa ,of i:t s oWn we i I,k t j when th-e f i :t i:a,i 'p i!]l 1,5 ~ov$d font.",:rd a.s f &,t, ,8.S pos-s ib 1-8 ~ it:!!li rear f~co should not pr~je~t beyo~d the rear fatQ of tb~ bolti a~d ~h~D it is moved to the TeaT 85 far &5 pos~ihlel the tip

should not pIQje~t bey~nd tbe base of the bolt face. •

iIJn-dc'r tb¢ ac t. ion ,,,,,f the 5 pr iiil,g J t.he eX t rac to'f' sb,(I"ul d

q u Lc lL.Ji, Y s t :d"k e the CeD t e T 0 f the :Do 1 t face wi t.b it,s lUll:; t.if!.0" dIil]' round, inseTted into t.be bolt fac.et SD.ouldi pTess aga.inst ,the fa c e 'r i_, w'i t h tb,e e j Q:c. to rand be he: l.d fi :r-:lIl '1 in, th-e bol t, .

'iI1l e r e slHH~l d be no cracks 0 r' chi pp iog .of .eta j[ in t.he e:~ t. r ac to r' 1. q,g .' The ex t r'ac tOT ,S,PT ins: shou Ld not be d,ama,g ed a~d should ~ave no less tba~ five coil~.

The ex;t r a c t 0 it P in should iDe: ins e:r't:~d intI) tbe hoI e.

f ree 1 y "b,t the I) f iii) r 1 '0 f t he band and 5.hOY ld be' be:ld f i od '1 in it by the pin of th~ firiA, ~i~~

Tbol';!i fiT i :n,g pin r'e t a.1 11 i.n.g p iilil s houI d D,e he 1 d £i rml y :i IlL the- nc:d e ~

The ope r ii t ina rod, shouf.d ilO t hill ve c r,;;I .. c ks ,I' den t s , bur rs .. a~d chipping of .$ta]~ especially in the guide gTOQVeSJ th~ ful I IPlUttmllat.ic: sear s e Iect.or , tbe rear face lug t and the valis of tbe ,c a.m sur fa,t,e' .

, When co:ntu~,ct.e'd !!II:H:b, the: Opflt',a,t ing -rod]! the- :gas piSt.I),B

ttOG m.a y b.a v¢ ,OJ si!!lIal.l amO;lJn t (Ii f f t ~Jt, play; th.e gas pi 5 t on Tod pi~ SbgRld be keld firmly in tbe hole in the opeTating rod~ .a:nd: the ends. 0'£ t!be pin s,h.QU ld, be fl at t.en-ed ()I.U:. (pe,ene d) and ,sm.ootll~

"[h,e :(J.a.s pis t .on sh nul d [b a V'l!: na, den:[$ t bu.,r itS t ,~:n,i pp.ine. ;O'!, :r,al,s,ed ,pot"tiO,[i,S; IOf .,etal {i@I:s,pfociaJlt in th,e fOfW.a:r,d face) ~

The re'lt.u rn. 5'PT i.Jlg sholll d b.a V"f! not. 1 e.s s than. Ba ,c:oil S ,j it S.Iwuld move freely om t,he guide tube and the' guide :t:gd, w.i th.ou:t jamming UII.'iIt, i,][ the c:o 1..l.:so co"-,.;:: 1.n to it: on tail; t ~ ,In, t:nfi ,uI de' tu~e there ~hould he nQ deots and burrsJ and th~ guide rod should

.ntl t be bent,., The T e tU.rill :s ~rt i:il' wi t II gu ide t'ube and r,od :!II,tlOul d! 'b e 'j;!!:(Ii $; U. yin $: e J'" t ed into t'ne .op e ra.t i,nl, _ trod ,ehaDll:e 3i. and bll!i" 'f i '1".11 b~ld by the gUide tube rear f~ce in the grooves of the receiver Teat' ll,late.


-I ";;.-!"


The t.rlilur should. rDt-ate ,f:reely en its, piy ~Qd tile tail 5~culd not be-bent; ~racks aDd bbrrs on the cock no~eb ~re not pe rilllli t t.ed! '.

!be h3.1Die'f sboul d ba ve' no d_,e:.:t t s ,', cb.tpp ;in,g ~ 0 r no't lLoI;e ab 1e rCJil,u~d,:Ull en t,he '1:0(;:1 notch a.ltd full. a'ut.OGi t I,e :!li ea r no t.ch " 'The full, BJut,caB t.i c :!II,e~!,' shoo ld h I,Ve DO den t:8o t cb.1 p'p ir~i 01'" TQiIJD d in.g o,f the ,5e,a r I andi tb. :upp.'t ~nd 0 f thoe :full ,~U t,ODla t i,c, i5i eel" 1 eye r shoold, ftO t b'lB bent iln ha ViC .an-)" dleilii t 5 ,.

T.be d.i.sco,rme'c tcrr' sh O'u.1 d ha,V'e miD ell! pp i n.,g ;!i)-r 'I'oundi.ol ,off

of its 1'0011, ,"~, un_ d_,""r t' , .. , .... ,', .... t,I·,..... f tiL I th h l'd

o ~ I!;O I~,,", """ ....... '0-'. ..Ge spr,;I,,n,i, ~ . e 5ear' sou, ... ,

1:'0 t,a t e qU,i.c.l: 1 f ·an its ax:it s •

. !be se Lee to r sl'i,O'iJ 1 d. be be id f i 'n 1 y ill aB')'" 0,£ its rhree PO$"l. t llcns :t ,;;I.~d .$~ould h4 ve no e r.ae is t dent 5 ,I' 0'1' 'bui'r'l';~ in ,tbe f 0"",:1 r4 end o,f the in,di ca t.g;r (I r I"ound iog off of th'li!: lO'L,t '.

Af te r inspect ioll. o,f 'the f i. ir'li1tii,R and tT"1,g B e:r .eehaD i!om" i t i 5 neces.sa ry to check it:s ope r'a t icm +

Ope"ra t ion i 5 checked a& f 0.11 O!l!ll',$ :

_ 1 ~ :Re le'B5i e tibc:' ha_,:r; &'I"i:n,g' 'b-il,C:k '(;he up,.:r i$pd

(II f. the: fu 1.1 gg t'll.a t i~, :s ea r . I eVOT U 5 in,g a punch 0 l' w'oodie:Q r'(Jd;!l and then p,res ii, the- t.'r'JIl.,i g e:r j. th,e hilgo l' 5h ou 1 d be

r(l: I.e as e d amd ra r i!l to: Cin, .i't.;5. a,x:i sunde J' th'iI!I ac t i on 0 £ the bNJAie'I" and: t if i,,4;: 1'" $,p I"i:n,g ..

2 ~ Se t the :s e' Lee tOoit' On $ a i et:y • The .I1l1 (:I',n ,t.he

le:veT .sh,Qul-d bi$ l.oca'ted above the, T'igbt rea,1:" ;:i,boulder

o:f tille ,t r'i'£.I,e:r a:n4 iIilbove t,lle 't,a,,i I of t.he di s conne c t.o r

alid ~kould !i~11 limit, their r.c,tat,ioR on the pin~ Whoa the, .h.i!;'I.Qe I'" l.:iii c.o~ked:ll 'the ka .•• e r sh.oul d no t ""Oigal e' the

fn~J auto.atic se&r_of the trigger CQck Rotch~ ~wt should b-ltt. i!lla i.i\:5,t toe s e'.Lan t.ou tic: :5 eili r wi th tb.Ci: :roi,:lflide d po r t i on Q,f ~ t,s head ~

,~ SiI!I't, the 5el,ec,t.or 0Jl. :se.i.autollat:i,c fi'r~.. The

l!ll.J gn the ::I,e lee to't" 1(!: ve:r ,sil-uul d , • .ave to tbe Tea r' the _,01,1]) t neC8ssa -ry to pr e'V'eo t, rQ t,a t i om aft he t r'i 'i.e:r a:nd

'toe d i SCORneC tOT.. . ,

Pr'iC:IIi s t be t -r i II e-I' '. :to tat e 't,;he ba!iill!l;t!! r 'to th e'

:rea r as £',a r' a,s po:s..s *- bl. 'IIiI':Il. t h: t.he hand: t .and the. h a •.• e r sh .. Gu:l ~ enga,ge the. d,i..s l: i)!l!lil!!li,ec t.OT • 11le d i ;!,cQnne:c t,c,:r l!,ig sftoCui d engage 'the ,n,o teh a di s t.allce ft,ot I're,a: t e-r t.h.a Ii ., 1:..,8 _ ..

Rele.sc the tri .. er; t~e h~ .. er .bould be Teleas~d ~nd enlag~ the fall auta.atlc Searr Brlnl b.ck up the opper eftd of t~e full autu..tic lever ~sinl a puacb or wood~ Iud; the h...er thauld di3eDJ.I~ iTO. tbe full .ut~ti~ se.r and eDJa.e th~ se.lauta.atlc sear.

PrC5S the trigger; tho'ha .. er 5houl4k4~eDlale fTO. t.e 5e.tautoaatl~ seaT ~ quieti, rot.t. ~_Its

pin. "~ .. "

4. Set the ~elector on full .uto.atlc~ The lUI

en the :se 1 ee to T bali e s boul cI .aYe to the rea T" IIJDOUlh S., .:!Ii not to interfere with rotation of the trifler; it should b. located aboye the dis<onnector tiil {but ~hould Dot butt al_iast it until t~e trilc.r Is pTes~.d) aDd fl~ly li.it rotation of th~ disconne~tor .hen the irllleT i5 pr&ssed. Press the triller. kot.t~ the h ... ~r to the rear; the ha..er should eDJa,8 ~e full auto.a~ic ~e.r. Without r.lca:!liiDI pre:!li~ur. f~ t.e trllleT~ .o.e for.ard t'. upper end Dr th~ full autu..tlc sear lc¥cr, usi.1 • punch or wooden rod; the ha .. er should be ~eleased fro. the full .uto.atlc sear and rotate quietly on its plD.

Whe~ the full .uto-atic 5~ar le.er is .o.ed forw&rd~ between the full .uto.a~lc 5e.r .ad the full aut~a~ic 5ear Dotch th~re ~hould be a cle.rance ~u£flcieDt to per.it fT&8 rot.~ion of the h .... r.

When the ~rlll.r is depr.$5.d~ between tbe di~~onnec~OT qot~h aDd the dlscGDnec~or th.T. shauid be a clear.nee of not less than 0.5 .. ~ "en the selector l~ set eithe~ OD full Gr ~~i.uto..ti~ firel the h ... eT sbould be fi~17 beld by tbe full .uto.atic 5~ar notcb until the full auto •• tic se.r lewer rotates forw.rd .nd it~ Upper end it set on the lev~l o£ the rilht Iuide of thofl "holt.

In .ddtl!on wh~D th~ ftriD, and tri.I&T ~h.Bl5. is .ss~l~d b.tween the full .uta .. tlc sear leY~T .nd the rilht ~~il of the receivcr~ ther~ sbould

be • cl~.rance of Dot less t~.n D~2 .. ; the pln~ of tbe triglar. haaaer~ and full .utoaatle sear should be ~lr.11 held ., the stop e.~ of the f~ll .uto .. tl~ se.r 5prlnl and Ihould Dot Ie ••• their boles when pressed by a puncb; the ~d5 of the pins .ust not butt a,_inst the riibt w.ll of the Te'~iyer.

JDspectl0Q of the Gas Tu~. vlt~ H.nd Guard .nd Fore l1Ra

The hand ,uard b~ds should be held fir-ly on ~h. ,a5 tube~

'j. .f"""
I I ' ~.-
; The interior surfa~e of the hand ,u&rd sh~uld have DO cTacksJ 3pli~~ or deep dent~; it should be held fi~.ly on ~be I~S tube; betwe~D f.ces of the IlaDles of the band and the ~nd auard theTe $hould be a cleaTanee of not le~$ than O~l _~

Tbe iD~lde surface of the fore end ~hould bav~ no CT.cks~ spli~$ or deep ~nts~ between the fGre end and the fo~e end

band flaDle tbere sbould be a ~leaTaDce ~f no~ less than Orl ...

TheTe ~hould be a clearan~e bet.een the hand guard and fore end.


The walls of toe .aBHtine body and th~ feed .echanis. £l~n.e$ sho~ld not be d~~ged or bent 4ftd ~lsa should not bave .any c:racks~

The .~g~zine coyer plate should ~tt8~h ea~ily to tb~ .~Iaztne bgdy; the stop plate :!Iibould held the .agazine cover plate lir.ly~

The .aga~ine catch aftd .Ala~lhe st~p should Dot b~ exces~i.eI1 vo~n~ .~d should Dot be dented.


The c.leantng rod should !be easy to rellove and r~r!ac~ fro. the reces~ in the fore end~ Th~ cleaning Tod should be str.l.bt; the ~leaDiDI rod i~ checked for strairhtne5s by

r& is iDI it to t.he leve 1 of the eyes and ro~a t. iog it.;. the tbread for the jag should not be d •• aged.

The 5~rew-driveT ~hould nat be d~nted gr chipped; the bl.de sh~ld always be inserted so that it ~Grre~pond~ to t~e nQtches im the s~rew.

n.~ front siR"ht key sbould have no d~flts. 'OT bUrT"9 in the notch for th~ front ~ilht. The punch shQuld be 5tr~igbt; in a~dition, ther~ should be no burrs on the end af the pUD~h~

The ja, should SCTeW ~~to tbe thTeated end of the cl~aniDl rod easily aDd be h~ld fl~ly+

The ~haft of the bru~h should be stT~ieht~ clean and even; the hri3~le~ shfiuld be ~lastic; the bTU~h ~bould ~crew e~sily ORtO ~he threaded ~Qd of the ~le~nint rod.

There :!Iihould be DQ dents in ~ha 4ecessory case. The boles In the a~~e5~o~y ~8se lor the cleaDin, rod shQuld ~ut be worn.


The accessories !s'tiO~ 1 III £i t, eili.5 11 y tm the acces lI:,ory ca.sCt .. Thel'& :9i,bould bet no de'lIit,. or c:r.cls in tbe o.il can:;. t ••

oj 1 'Can Clip:! S bQU ld MY" cork .... ;I.s.h.:r.s and ~b.ou ld !i,e rew t l •• t:l y OiDto the can;, oi 1. "5t not· leak tbl'OUlh the lIli1 c.n caps .. Or

th rou¥b U. III o.i 1 can .s ... ~~ f......,. ,.

" .. ,

The "gil % i.me •• , .sbou.ld be e 1 eaRl .iiU ..... S:h. ,Qul4 b:,.v. .ill1

t:be bu.ttofls ~ hooks .. il.Dd hin,.s.. "


. ...


' ..... r 'hO


~ , . , .

• "PAlATl(ll OF mB II.LI FOi. fll£ .AlID wdhiklNG OF THE II FL.E

3-'.. G2NBUL

..... J


If :p,rcJp"rly ,r"u.4 for lint- u.. .ut .... tic ri., r.:rlill:ly alfune. tic.uu ~

,... .lI1.ou. tic rl fi. is prcP."" fer fi:r:e' fa:r tb • .fumo ••

of 1.:ttt:ri., f.ultless op .... tIon ill fir. and •• i.llltabini ac::C:UI'a.c:y.

1'he foIlONl.. aust b8 doae 'to pr.apal'. the Mn:aaa t.i.e

Tlfl. for fir.:

1.. lrispect tM r ifl.' di.a.s:s.ol.d.

Z. Inspect the rifle .~se.bled.

3. la.pee. t tbe '-.mi ltD. n4 l-oad the ... az iues 4

4 • Afte'J" tft:lPK tloa. clllDcl optIra t lOG of tile ..danis.s

of r:... -rl fl. illl th..,: a:s s ... l.d for:..

Ir~t.~ill.s dlaeo~er" iB iIl5p.ctlon,.u.~.c ~ •• 1.t817 reporte. to u.. e ..... ad.:I' ... d t..b rifle .wilt be .1I1lC: to the repair shop if .. ~ •• s.ry.

ID,prep.r.tloa fo~ firD~ 1 ......... %~ .r. not ~g ~ ias.rtad in the r ifl.. ......I.1u s which • u loaded lfi th .. -nice .~ni tilD. .u to ,~ iAsertd. iA t.J.a rlfl.. D&1y 0lII I:H flrt_. lu.. ..fgrCl fir.,. th. I)ore a:acI ch-..ber "':!Ii t b. dried thorallJhly 4

Afte1:' £1 Te. tlMI: ri fl. b to ... ,inspected c.:raiully for tb. pra ••• ce of a rOUDd.

A rlfl~ .it~ ]o.dcd .... ~iDe is not lO be left OD t~e firtDI liRe.

It is fgrbid4eD,to pT~ti~ •• i.ial~ uailor. squ •• zIOI of I:ho trl.ler tOI.~r .ith puilina the bolt to tb. rear

and. rel •• :liuc 'the- b.lr without drill J"OUDds ill the .. a.z:in. or d".r.



In prep.rlnl the rifle for fire. It is D~s~.r1 to ~on& ~ider the ~l.e of rear .nd the te"~TatuTe at which tbe rifl~ will b~ flr~d. Dependiol Upon t~ese consider.t1ons. the proper

lubri~atio~ .ust b~ u~ed.. .

v ,I k...._,

In p ,.par in, the r i £1 ~ • t tellPer.lures of plu:5·· 511. ,degree:! c. to .inos 5 delrees C4 (12ZoF ~o 21 f)~ it is Decesj~ to field strip the rtfle~ careful11 in~~et~ clean and lubrl~.t~ tbe rifle with rifle lubri~a~iml oil. Then ~sse.ble the

rifle amd ch~~l the oper.tiun of the asse.bled rifle.

I~ p,.p.riBI the rifl~ far fire .t te.peratures IOW8T ~

than .inu~ 5 delree9 C~ (2lop)~ tbe rifle is to be detail strl~ped. and .11 ~.rt5 .re to be wiped dry! p.yidJJartiCUl.T

a- t teait 10111 to ttle pa. rts 0 f the fl"l' tD, .1ldI trluer:.e an in ~

bolt, and .a •• tiH~.

Th&" all t.e p.T~S of the rifle .r~ to be lubricated lightly with winter lubTi~.tiom No~ 21~ Groayes~ bol~5 and notches are to be lubTic.ted wltb a patch which is i..er5~d

ip 00 i 1 and vollDd on t.h. woodeD rod. Then the rifle 1$ as !Ii Ulbled . Tb. vJn~eT lubTicatioD .ust be applied eyenly .nd in a thin

i.yer. .--

When tbe rifle is being PTep.red fOT flTe .fter the first lubricatio"t If thf!l part~ of tllie rifl~ are not e-xce.ssl.,slY dlrt:y, it Is necess.ry to field s~rip tba Tlfle~ clean the_. and _lain apply .inteT lubrication.

If t.e rifle Is pot used at .ll~ or used leldoMt thea the instructions JIyem In Ch.pteT B~ Section '9~ .re to be follow~d. Wh~ rifles ate r.~eiyed .l~h .tor.ce or factory luhrlc.tlant it Z neces5.ry to d~t.il strip tbe rifles and

•• ,a1i~es, re.av~ .11 the lubrlcat10., and ~ ••• pp17 the propeT lubrlcation. to the ,.rts~ depeRdlnl upon the te.pera~ t~re in which the ~itle will ~ ~ployed.

~E: The flfinl aDd tri.ger .ecb.nis. of auto-. tic rifl.;-w{th st.-ped receiver Is not dls.55e.bl.d lor cle.ning~ It is cl~.Ded aftd lubricated in the a55c.bl~d for.~


Before tb~ .&I~line is lo.d~d. it .nst be in~pectcdJ cle~ned Bad lubric.ted wit~ the prop~T lubTlc.tton.

The roobd5 .ust be imspected befaTe a .sl.zine is loaded~· It is forbiddeft to load .a,.zlne5 with defe~tiye rounds. either s~T.ic~ or t~8inin.. The .alazine i3 19~ded iA the fol1oMinJ


•• nner; Gr.sp the .Bla~ine wI1h the left hand fgllower ~pward .nd with ~he Tilbt hand iD~ert ~be rGunds ln~o·the feed .e~hani~. of th~ .8Ia~lR.~ .nd. usin, the thuab ~f the left hafid, ror~e the. Into the .alazine (fil. 88)~



To Load tile ri f1 e r £0 II ow the se ins t TUC: t 1 o.n$':

l~ Att.ch tbe loaded .al.line tD the Tifl~~ thi~ l~ dOQe by inser11nl tbe .aKa-rine in~o the receiYer bol~ .nd pressin, the .a.a~ine ~ward. rota~e it to the reaf .$ fa;

as pos!~hle, until a Cl1Ck is he3rd 1ndicatiDI that t~~ ~aga~ine ca tc.h 13 eDI.II, ed. by the "&.J.Z:im II!! .s t op ~ The .... ~ i ne i 3 then rocled ~o cbecl the hold af the cat~.

2. Cle.r the op&D!nl for tbe ~oekini haodle by rotating the selec!or 1ndic.~or, .ad 5.1 the selector on the required fire sett1Rl~ .atch1ft! the end of tbe s~lector with th~ corTe~pondlnR ~ettinl on ~he receiver.

3r Brinl th~ oper.tiol rod to the re.r as f~T ~5 po~~1hle hy .e.n~ of ~he coctiol handle ~nd relea~e it+ the

rifle i~ nov rea.4y t~ fiTe. •


To s~t the 3i,bt on the r~bircd .raduatioD pr~ss the slide ~.teh, .oye the $11de unt11 it .at~bes the· required graduation ~n the ~ilht leaf; release the slide catch.

The battle s~ttinl (indicated by the letter P) is used jn e~~ceDtrat.d periods of ca.ba~, .heR ti.e do~s not pe~it $~tt1B1 tbe 511d.e. This ~ettiml per..its the destruction o( t~rJe~s Up tG 50 c. in b.ltht {chest tarl~t) at rBnge~ up to 359 .: at ramles up to 300 -t it is nece5s~ry to ai. at tb~ l~ver edge of the tariet~ ~nd at ranJt$ gTeater than 300 • the rifle .us~ be ai.~d at ~h~ ceDt~r ~f the t.r~et.

In firiRI at • ranle XTeBter ~ben 350 .~ or when it is nece~sary ~o effect .ore accurate fiTe, it Is neces5ary to ~e1 ~~e s11de on ~he Iraduation ~l the silht leaf that corresponds t~ the raDJe to the taTget~


, ..

The following is per£or.ed in firing:

S~t ~he rear si,ht on the required ranle.


'-I ,I

-» I.

. ,-.

(:"'J~'; -: • ,~ .. . . :: r: I·.::~~~ ,~~~~ ;,.:~ .' .... ~ .~:....-. :,~~~ :~~~ .. ; ~;

..' ...

Figure 88 ...

Loading the magazine ..

, , ",

.j1o,,~, "

. ' -

- , . .... ..

, --...


' .. ,




P tep'are: for fire i. in Ii 'I' iD. the r i.fle I' 'tbe' r 1. fle i:s, hI!: lid by IT ipp in,c t be fore end -IIhead 0 f t,ke _gill. it ine .i tb the i.e it band or I r'i pp i II, the .ala:; iDe:l' iIInd 't,be

pls t.o 1 IT Ip' is be ld, by the r igo t ha'lId ~ ...;,

T" 'ke .1. aDd ,!iquee:l: e the t. r i.e, er :5j,IOO thl Y r

If' the sclectG'r is, 5C1t 0111 autOll.tic fir-II!!: t rhe '1'1£1£ will keep f! ri~,a as lon, .~ t.bi) trig er i.5 deprl"e5:!11 eel and rDWlds reaa In 1.8 the •• I~'! :IDe ~

If tb. :s.,l.c::t:oT i,1i &e't -on se.iautMl;a1:i-c:. fir-e ~ only G'D,II!! :shot w 1 I 1 b. :fl red v.ben th'e t. 'J' ill er is p rei ;5-c-d ~ to fire- the ri.fle;li it i.5 neciCI:.$,sary 'to .Jquee.l.e and 'I'clea::ie tib. 't:ri I liS... eYc'ry 1: iae •


To change the _III. it. ine ~ Reuye the .a.la z. ~,ae 'fro. tbe rifle; 'I',e.ove a loaded .&,1 at i ne frai tho .. ,a1.1 tlll!! baa; place tbe: •• p,ty' .ala 1.111'(1: int.o the .alaz: ine bag ~ at. tach t:be loaded •• ,_ z Ine to the 'r'i fl e ~



The rifle can cease f i'l' in e: due to:

1 r Failure.of 'tile .ec:b.n,is.:s ~ To.,1 i.:L.aale the

caus e II fo IIOW' tbe ins t -rue t i OilS in Chap toll r 6" SIS'C,t 1 on 4. S ~

';Z: ~ Ds&,fIC:. of rQ:u.nds tD th,iI!I' -.ma.zin&.. To continue

f i. T 1-11. ~ :it is nece s S iI. ry to :re I.a a,d t.he l' i £1 e .

3 • Co-.nd, t.O C:4I "S II!!: f t r. 01" ac:c:o.p,l ,1;$ b.en t (II f

• .1$s101:ll.

To Cease fire J' it i s 'n.~,es :s'. r:y to release PT"S su re fr-ot:~ t r 11111.'!i:'f'; ~n th.l s C,Ii !i,e: t.~e ope'J"~ t ina rod r 91aim.s in 'the fOnlil.rd _PO:Sit1CD:I a round v111 be l.D tile cba.bert and the

b. __ er 'W11I be cocked. The ri f1 e i 5 ready fog r' fU,l'thlB'T f i rinl ~

:4 ~ • SEn I NG m:! RI FtE ON SAFETY

~n f t r in, is DQ t be in, conduc t ed (a fte r cess at ion 0 f fi're, in tray'e1 -lind tr_inin.11I Ilnd a15'g. when the .. i fie i,5o ~ta~ked) the rifle .u~t be $~t ~n ~af~ty~

To :$ et, t:b.e ri f1 e on 5 afe ty... toe 5C 1 el!;to r' ind ic: a tOT IIIi~S t b. turn" upward .5 fa J' as pas,s, i ble .


If the rifle is unload.dt helOT. tbe selector il Bet on s.fety. 't'" ...... aI,t H .... leased.



To uala.d the rifle:

Det:ac:h the "'i1ti-. frn th r~.~ .



........ t tt. ~d 1ft the c:h~r I j;dIllq tg th r-u,r the oper.tint TO. usia. ~·n.md.

lie 1 •• ,. tile bag, t !ty pnu: s tal" the tn. In .


, -

Set the re.T $i.ht 0. .attl. ..tt'-. by pull!.. t~e Slide to the rear as far .s pO.5ibl.~


atAPTBJ 115



~ r ~

.1 th p rope r ..aiD t:ll~'n:liice I s to"l'!II,e ... 'ib .. :n<:"ll in, t the

au.to .. t ic r 1.:£1. 1s ttll i alJ.l e iln U,S e a H~r.. as a reS'lll t Q f

c:. reI ~ss . II .:adllDI." 411' ty p.rtll. low -C ... d-e ' t.~:1 I .nd. 41:s 0 as

... :res 1,11 t ~f "".r o't tb. p.rt!l e ..... !II!!d by .~t ens ~ Te use I Dor.al oper.tioD of tb. rifle can be a'f.~ted~ ~ausiRJ 5t~pp.,es . dU"t~D' f1"1'8 ~ ne .ilj ority of S·toppaaes CaD be: o8a..s11i eli.ina~ed !lii.,l), by c:ock.i1l.l the rifler th.t is by bri~li:ng to tie ~e.r

the ope 1"& tine ,,04 and rel eas in, it.. '. ...

T. pr .. eat stopp.ll".S:

I.. Pr-..*re till. ri fl. 'for fir iq property ..

:Z.. I •• peoc. t ~ cle.~ and 1_ ri ca·te tile ri ft e.

1. carefully obse"l've ~he cleanliness .nd operation of th.·GPeTating rodl bolt .. bore~ la~ channels

AD ••••• 'I,m ....

4. PeTfoTa ti.~l, .. int~ance.

S. tarefully inspect ... unition befoTe firlna.

6 • :Fl re only se-r"f"i cent. Q'nll c tean .-un 1 t ion ..

1. Prote'c t the Tift it fro. dirt aad ., lows dur ill,

fire ... d tT.ne:I ..

14 In :ca.h.t, ~le.Q the .a~ POTt in tbe b~rrel .. t~e .as tu~~ and the liston~ and lubrlca~e lil~tly the .or-tiae .. rf.ces of the parts ... t ever1 pO$$i~l@ opportu.nl "y.

,. Dis.ss •• ble .Dd clean the rifle .h~ne~eT it is" a"--ll:lllil"el, dirty. If tbe rIfle is u!lied. In -ext.re.el,.

co Ii we_ th.-r a I:On.:s Ide-rab le per lad. of t i.e I be £a·re 1 a.diD. it: is neces:I.q to ... ..,e tb. oper.·t inr rod fO?Qfl'd Il.Dd re.TW.rd .eYe'!'.1 t 1"!Ii •• nu.tly.

If • stoppaae OCICDI'S i. fire I rl!"cl)c:t the rifle ~diately ___ 11 T .... contlmie fi"l' iii.; if Tecoctinl th. 1'1 fie doe:l not elt.iate tu stopp •• ~,. it 1s nec:ess.ry to a$certain th~ c.w:e ud .li.tnate the s·toppa,18.



A 1 is t of the .a:5il:t c~n .a1.tunc. ti OJIS i. ,1 "e. in the foIl ON I 131,1 t a bI e, il:Q,8'tb. t, wi t h the Jenera.l caU.se 5 of' tu ... 1·, fllnctious .amd til. 51.,1e51: aethl)lis th.t •• y b •• .,101y.6 tv cloar the •.

.... 1 .~

. . -


·1iIiIl fuac.tioll

To ciGar


1+ Failure ~f .aga~ine t Ii:! fe ed TOWl.dS ~

The .ow i,Di pilil T t.$ .tIove Ma.a:IiU i.no

to the e:l[t·r'~ forward ne t prOpoTly

P(J,S i t ion J tbe I'"OtIiI.d is • t "ta.c:b8'd ~ b-i rty

no it f i rCl d, iIInd the-r.. I.s 0'1' de f O'C t 1... .al.~

no Tound in t.he -c:;hAbCl= r 0; aiDe. De f .c:;t 1 v. • alaz,ln. c.atch.

2., Eapt Y (:011 I' t ridge e ase

Dot ~It~*eted fro. Cb.~T.

Cartrldae case re.ai~$ lQ cha.ber. the followiDI round JD.S

4llitAl i IU t the ca'f t rid. e C.$~. HOvinB part5 re.ain in ~enter

pes it iOI1.,

3.. J~inl 0 f c a rt:r id,llt


Ca rt r.ldlc case no t extrac~ed·fro. receiyer~ bu.t is j.a~d. between bolt and barrel .. or be-t.ween baIt and receiver. or is

t a_ed ba eli: in t 0 cba.ber ~

Di rty rounds or chub-er4 Defectiv~ ~Itractor or weak e.tractor sprilll r

Dirty .O'fi"l parts. la5 port or chaD .. r .. De fee tiye ext r ... ctor or e~traCtoT sprinl~

-11 ....

Rccock th. rifle aDd continueflT.; If th ... l~ fum: t i on occur 5

ala ill,. rep l .. ce the .acazlne.. If the •• ,.;ine cateb is defcctiV8~ s.Ad the r I f 1. to the rep. i.r shep,

Cock rifle and :r .. _ve: caT. t'ridge case froa c~h.r .i~h cleanlQ, ~~ 'Cl.an round5 .nd cha-.be r I' aDd inspect II!Ixtrac1:or.

If extra.ctOT is 5C1r.iceable~ CODtlnl.le firing_ If eItractGr is unservi.ceablel send rifle Co repair "hop ..

Pull bolt ta

rear. extr.ct ja .. &d car~ridle ca ••• nd contioue flr1Dl~ Clean .Ad lubric.ate rifle

at iir5t oppDrtDDi~1~

If IBJ::tractor ,or eI- 1:ra~tor sprIn, is defective .. $e~d ~lfl$ to rep ai T ;abop.


lIalf ... ctlon

=Yo ~le .. r


J ... iDI of ~d4 nu, bullet .and of the round j... asain&'t til. b,arrel a, tbe bull et :ao".s £0 rw.rd 4


s. Milifire.

Bol t iA. fO'N.rld posi~ion. baaaer rele.scd~ but round Dot fired .

ElI:cassiV$ play of .a.azlaep beat ."laliD~ ilaDles .

Pull operat:i ... rod to the rear aDd~ re1:a iniDl it by .eans Df the cocking handle. re:.o.ye t'h~ j lI_ed rouod

lind cOIItioue lirIDI~ If ja .. i"ng oCC~rS agaiuJ replace .iIIla1ine~

1 f the p:rl"l" l\e:c:o-c::t Ttll,.

SbOW5 deep dent, and continue flrw cau5ed by f i l'in, tal ~ r f ,top,,,. e: pln* pri.er i5 de- oCCurs often. in-

fectiye~ If spe£~ .nd clean

sl1iht deut is firlnl pin aDd fir-

found in PT i .. r *' 1 r:lil al!lld t ri .,er

de fee:: t Ii es in .acib an1s a.. Pay

firin, pim Of' particul.r a.tt6a-

firina aDd t~lll~r tion to full auto-

.ecb ani s. . •• t i,c sea r. If parts are hrDke~ or defec~ivek se~d rifle to :r'epair sbop~






The acc.uTaCT is cb,et:k~::

1. lfhen the,,;''I'i!'fles af"Tive a .... :tfire usi.n., llnits;

.. -

Z .. Af ter replac ill, tbe fronts l'l!It. 0 r af te r I'ep.a i r

of t.hs 1'1 fIe; •

J.~ lheD .. bnoma! fire dls,per-sion is di~co"·8:r&d

dU1''in.g fire. ..

Thl!l! best ri.flne. of the unit MIst be selec.t.e-d to fire the ri (1.85 ~or t.h~ _ purpos.e _ .0 f_ check ill, ac:c;:ut"acy r The 'l' i fl & • • 1191 .re det·_,ilri. by the C.,..,. ~~.i'5... The. rifl.es .re £i red in t'" pmu.u .of t;'h. $oldl,er-s to .bOll tile 'ri fl es a I' It ass ilned:l ..... ta • pr • .Jence af the 11:'" co-a.d. J'5 ~

IefaN flrl ..... fG,r tntinl .«Ul'illCY ~ tlM r-l.fle .. st be c.r'~fully h~_ct •• alUl .• 11 def.c,t.s Ihst be e-lt.iaated.. "Ole .'r.orer-artl:fle.r .. st ... ,'re.n.t at t:'. firiilg raDJII:.

Firi.·_. fOI" test In, at;:t:u".,ey' Mlst 'be per-foBed under f"~YQ·r.ble c::ondl ti-OU9 : iD cli!:IIt-r .. (:~~Ii weather- * ,i~ a ~Tgt'e,c.ted 1'1fle FIIlDI_ t or on • po:t't.l(lll of :I i"l.fle -ranle wh:ic.1l 1.S pro·tee'tad frOil the .ind.. 'rb!e t"-l fleo::!!! a H: fired fo rae curacy ullm. b·all .- aaiti'OIl.t 8 TaRa,to; of lIHJ • with. the rea!l' slgbt s.t on ,radu.tlon l.

Tbe taTlet :In this case i~ a bl.·c.k rectanlle 1.5 c. high and :z 5 t:. ".lde. fa:l tc.ned o. • .... bi t·e hoard 1 • h l,h and o. 5 • wi·de . The .. i... iI!:IIl paint i5 the center of th~ lowe r 'H ,e 0 f

the .... ee t anll e j. .1 t sbOIlld be- lO~:II ted ~ .,,·ro:ll.i.a te IJ at t.he . '.l,b t 0'£ tb", head: of title ,·old:Ee r f1 r.~b. the rifle. A po 1D t looca ted abDYe the ai.lnJ point on the y'l! rti.c:al 1 iDe .hI chi c:::harac::teriz es t.he no ru.l pes i t iOD of tile e en t.e r 0 f tb,e t.pac t , tid,.c:h should be above the ai.ing poInt. by Z8 CJIII.. is Ult'"l:·ed U$lnl chalk ·OT pencil.

Th~ point thus .ark.d Is the control point~

The rifle i$ fired in ~he ~ron~ posit~oD usinl a 5upp~rt~ The· support .. , be lit be .• wh1.c:h 15 fl11~d lnth ~a.,.du5t I e.Tth, or ,and .•

In t.b l,s pos i tiOD. tb. le·ft _ r. of the rl f 1 e'.an I 'lfh i c·h. i 5 supportiDI tb~ rlflel should be om top of the SDpportr


FOLII.ir s i Pile: sbot.$ -Ii I"IIi!I 'f i 'l'ed whi 1 e c,a r,e fu:Il y and un i f.o r.l y aill,ing lII:t, the I'ower' edge ,1/1£ t~e bla,iC,l I'Octa:nK.le ~ and t.be "OS i,ti¢~ ~f th~ rifleman~~ body and left b.~d .~st not change~



Wbe;n fire Cea!ie,5 I t.he c omllia.nd'e l' .ins P$C t s the' ta,rge t a.ll.d dete rmi:ne:; t.ile' accur .a,'l:y 0,£' the T. i £1 e an-Ii ttbe: p,o's i t i.on - 0 f :th e c ent.e r' c,f igpa.c:t oa th:e' bas i ,$ 0,£ tb~ I aca t. ion 0 f rbe 'bulle t

~ol es . ,tlbe ,ac~uracr ~.£ t.he r j:f.l e: j,s. c'ons i de~ed to be a~ce~ t ab 1 e 1f all four bullet boles~ or at lea$l thrc~ bol~s~ if th~

f o'urth he ]i,e is Locared qut t.e a d: i $, t"anc e away f rom the rella i.ning holes'r a:r,e grouped i'D, ,:II c:,il'~:w.e, witb .:;iII, ,diueter' >of 15 C:!I,. "m.d if th.e' center of i.-plll,ct dev.Ia te,g iro., 'the ,Ii;: cnt.ro 1 p,oi Il t: :n 0 gt",e a teT than S ell :lin any direction.

I f the ,B,c(:,lu'a,c,y does no t :;:111 t is f:y thi S cood.i t i i,}~" t.h;c:

c empany c:o_.ande,r .us:t, ins:pect the 'r~.fle;ll c.h.eek the .si.&h:t

se t tine:... aDd rep,~a t the fi T'e ,. I f ail!) u:n.s 8. t..i s f ac: t,o.ty Te su 1 t

is ,Cob t alned tho: Se c,ollldi tille', the ri f Le is :5 en it :(.a. the re'pa i r' $11op .for' 3.s,cert,aining and, el.,ia.inat,ing tlie C .. auses of i:naCc.U1',Si.C,y ..

1 f the aceur .ac:t of the :r. i f][ e is ,C,ORS ide J',ed :n.o'r:llla 1, the co.mand,e r det e r.iD.'e is t be cen t.e r' Ii) f h!!llp,S1c tIro d it,s, P 0;5 i. It: i on wi t.1l re :;p·e ct to 'the 'il: OJlt:l'C I ,PO:lin t ~

To de t e-'r • .ln@: U~. ceQ t..,:r 0 f i.a:pa.c. t ,f'rom th,e .lou r bu ll,e t htJ;les (fie ~ 89);:

Figure 89.

De t erta.i nat Len of cerrt e'r

of impact by the graphical method ..

1 ~ COI:I:I'liec t any two billl.l e't .lto 1 $$ wt th. a .s t ra i giQ t

l:i: De a:n,d find! tile C:,el'l'ite r 0 £ the d,j $: t a.tnc.e: \i,e t weeJ) the. ~


:2 ~ :Connec t the "Qoin t.s 't.lnl$ ob,ta i iIlled. wi t,h th,e'

tbird ho-Ie, andi divide the di"s.ta,nc:e: bet'l!'.re;,e::n tbem :i:n.tQ tbTOO ~q~al parts~

!~ C~mnect_tbe .oint of divi5io~ CIQ!e~t to tbe t.wo £1. r's t ,h.ole$, W1 th t :D·e four tll b 1(;1.1 e t and dl. v Lde the

d i.s t,aJD'C('I be tlfe:e:1i thell iin t Q f'OiIJ r equal pa rt s + The po ;i,p t lIhic!&l Ls .loc.a'ted. three di yis ions ira., the fourth hole is t~$ .c.'il!: 11 t,ot' ,of i.!p,1I c,t, ,.

lf th. Du}le't hole:; aTe Loca .. ted sYJDet'rically", the cent.er of il!!!,pac't : •• y' be dete1l',.ine d! by' one o.£' the to lllcliw'1.ni two .e t.h.od!s ;

1,. CiCanect tbe bull I lI!I't he Le s loc.ated ,c.1 O.5e is t to, etJle:T ;

t b.1I!I Cen teT:; of bo,tD s t ra igh t 1 ime:s are '1[0 be enanec ted

wi th t.he t.lll r,d 1 i nO;!l and! t~,e 1 ine thus ob,t& in.e d :ii s t.o be

d i" Lded in :b,a.l f:; t~e dj V i.d,in,a pc i n t i is the' Ce,n t.e;t 0"


2 ~ 'The bull 1 et ~ol es aTe 'Ii:,omu:ected w::! ~~ in'ite r'se c't 1i1I11 e,

s t ra I.g~'t line,. ~ ,the in te T:!i ec't ian of tbe:se 1. in,e'$. i:5, the c:eD:t,e r' .0.£ i.pac t ~

I - measurement of four holes; II and I I I - measur eaen t ,of four symmetrically located holes~

._----_ .• _--_ .. -

tf .g,ne' of the holes it located a 1.Tle dis.tuce- fro. the' re-a tnl.1 holes. it is p·ot. CIIIl.5 ide red. and the center 0 f iMP,:e t

is dc~er.ined fro. the tbree hol~:I. ·

ID th i!!li .e tllod ~ t.·o ho 1 C! s are cennec ted 'by • :!II t ra ii:h t line. 'the C.Mne r of 'this line is C:ODpec::;to£'a with the tJll rd hole r a .. a the:: new lillie is· dtyiaed into tbTee equal p.rt. ~ ~ ,,"Oint

1 oc.a t:.d two d i ... i s ions IF"' th~ tbi nJ hoI It- is the centey; :·.,f

l.pac~. ' ~\

. ne c&nt:e r of t..,.ct shoul II C::O.lIlt:: ide:- with the COD t r~l po lllll t or de .. i .. te frn 1 t. 1110· .ore than 5 0 i. ,IllY. dl.l rcc. tion ..

If tbe center of i.pact deyiates .ore th.n 5 ~ fr~ the con~rol poi.t. tllle .r.oTer~art~f~cer .djusts th. rifle. by ..

• 0V1.nl "the .fron t s lib t to the rilht or 1 eft or up . H. dovrt,. de:pendlnl Ufon the direction in Which t1le. center of I_'ac::t;

deviates..' .

I t IUS t be lJom . ., 1111 .ind tb. t the fron t s i ,Ilt .us t be WJyed in tbe d{.1'Cllct,iOli in Mlilic:b the: center of lap·.c,t d.vt.tes ~

If 'tbe center of i.-pact del"i .. tes to the left of tbe . con. t re 1 pa in t ,I the fTOD t s llh t .us t be -.oved to the Le £t; ~ ~ d.·evi at 101' t!';: up, the fT'on t 5 i.k t .us t .. 110 be .oved up (us 1'" scrn-dTlver) ~

ne _ouot or displIliC(!:.eDt of the from.t s:lpt i, deter .. .1l1ed 11'1 .u1 t i p1,. in! the aaotmt (J f de·.,ia t ion of the ce'nter of" i.pact. fro.. the control point. as .~asured on the t.rlet b, tile cDrrec,tion f.ctor.

The CO'l'"rection fae-tor lot" tbl$ AI ilitltu.atic: rifle with .1 i 'fe-p c:ond 1 t ions (ra:n.-e- too t,.r J~t 1 GO •• ramie se t t illl 1", length o,f ,llt.-tine line 31. -J :ls 0.,.017:11.


I • Tbe cen t. r of i.plI ct (lev 1,. ttl!l s fTOII.: 'the con t TOI po in t

to the r llh:t by 1:Z 01 j and 10' c. 19·,...

In O1'clr::r for th·e center of i".p.ct to coinc::.1.ae Yi.~h the (:on t TO 1 po in t I 'tibe fnul t s1lbt. IU:5 t be .oHd t,o t.be rl. gbt

it ~ 0 31. t me'S 1:Z equ,al s 0 ~ 4536 !-. I S .~Pl'o:J: 1' •• telr eqUiJ 1

to 0 . .5 ... 100 lov br 0.0371 tl.1N:"5i 10 eqQIs 0 .. 31,' -, ls apprDxl •• tely equal ~o 0.4 ...

z. Th~ ,,:ent.er G,l i.p.-c::t d.e .. i..·tes fro- thC! C.ODlt'J'ol point to the left 1 g ~ and 1 S c. up ~ The {'rOD t :I i.,lIt .. 9 t b,e .o-vt!! d to the left 0 .. U 371 t i.el rs eilua~:!II' 0." 18 2 _ ~ .pp:roxt .. te 1 y equal t.o 04 7 _ t .00 up ".0']"1'& t tIes 1 S equals G. S671 -.t approxi.ate11 equal to 0.6 -~

NOlE: Th~ •• ount af devi.tlon of eeDter of i.,aet in c. is .-011 tIP I i.ed by tbe corTeC t io·n factor .:n.d t.he resul t 1$ obtail'llled in ...

. A~ter the ~ositiQn of tb~ front si.ht i5 ~OTFect&d, the

f'i fle' 1 S ch<8c.le-d f Qr accuracy on ce .0 re ..

Moving the f:ro'nt s i,lht laterally one -ill illl.eter dlspl aces the- center of im,p.a.ct by 2-6 c. at: .8 r ange of 100 Ii; !l:cf"e'lfiJig in (screwing out) the fron.t sight the ....-ount 0-£ on.e turn l'ai:!:.e:!:i (love'f"s) the ~en:ti!'! of ~ impact 2(1 c.. lfbeil the: rifle is adjusted. a fie •. lr.dtl'liIi,tl~ ll.n~ 1S ent.er!d. on tbe ft{'lnt !:iJbt. ~nIde and the old .r,adu.t10n 11ne 1$ ob11 terat.&dl.

It is fOTbidden to oblite'l'at.e ,graduat.lon lines: in the base of t.he froDt. s ilht r

_After the rtfle is adju~tedj the result5 and time of accur lIey che c.k are en te rEId :i n to t he IUD da t.a C a Td 0 f the ri f 1. (see Appelldix II.> .


DevIation 01 ~b~ ~$nteT of i.pact during fiTe can b~ c,aosed by thtl!l £011 ow I.D,R: e AU$.e-.s: :::

. ,

1. . I&ar sight. lill!l.Af bent causing the bUlle-ts to

d e-vl Ate- an 'the d t -rli!! c. t ion J n. 'wt) i eh th e sigh. t Ls hen t. ~ the r i £1 e .us t 'be s il!!ltI t to ,the ri&p. i, r sbop 1Il,11 d rechec Ii; ed. {o r accuracy after rep.ir.

. 2:. front silbt $11d~ d.isplac.e-d to 'the side, caus till

the li:i&h te·r 0 £ . illp:A(: t. to dey ia t II!!! in t he d i rei: t i on 0PF os i t.e tha t. of the d 1.$ F·I.(:~en t of the- s 1 i de (d i:5-p la t::e.en t 'C f'

the slide i!: det.flrll!incd by th.e PQsi. tion o£ the

;II l1.~ •• en t lines 0:-' the s 1 Ide and the fronts i a:h t. bas,,>; the froll;t. s1,ht a l i.de is set eyeD with the line Q~ the frDn.t silht base and then the rifle is ~b~cked for accuracy~

3. Front s1aht slide iDse~urely instB11e.dt th~

rifle .u5t b. S~Rt to the repair ~hop ..

4. LooseniDI of the front siaht; tft this ca~~t ~he center of t-pact will be deviatin. in the. directioD OPPO$ i t·e th. t of tb. :!II llh t d 1 splac!.eD t (tI.:pwa rd wt.. e n

si gbt !Jos(: I",ews and down..,. rd vb en :9 ~ s:h t lOR rs); t hil!!l f TOD t $I,bt -':1:5t. be ;re.gyed in order to widen the 1,l!ave5;; If t.hefront s1ght. Is fI~t held £1 ~ly. it .... st be replac.ed; .a£t.II!'r .11 the Stl!l op-e-ra t I.ODS , the r if 1 e .1.1 st be eh ecked £0 r .ccuracy ..

ExC.es .i.,e di~pe r.!: 1 on •• y be eaus ed by the- f 0 110w i Ilg :


1. I.,BY,ge' play (If rear J,ilht l.ai'; 'the notch :keeps shift-ill! 'wben the I"'i fl.e ;is fired to cause di:spersiom,.


,l ~ IfIaz 11·e face den t.~d '.'


3. . . Exc.tts-~ ire p 1~)" of s to~k (of r. i floes wt th foldi.n,

metal s,toct) ~ ~" If

. - .

.. • ~'I

The slI!I'I''W'i.ceabili ty of tlb. rifle mts'~ be de'terained by

,C ar~'ful ins pee: t i¢lns ~ Ch8Cl 0 f e ali.be'l". ao(f' f i'l'lI!! fo r ,ac.·c,uracy .. if aQr of the aboy. lrr&IUlarities aTe present~





..... ;"11,

The 1'1118 -.st be bp·t ·clc_ a-C all "'the.s. ete_line •• is .t.t.i •• d by tbely and. prqp.r in!lpt!lt!t.1DI1~ c:1.1J11n1 jI and lu'Tic.~lo.. Ct •• niml of rifl •• In use in uDits tl p.~-

for.a.: .


1.. I. ·fi.;ld. of co.b. t II On "neuyers. and nt:.n4ed tl"ahLi.q ,. 'de fl"eld- -daiiy (. lull In c'-".t or bred:

iD: t r.inml· is ut IlII,H) r '. ,

2:.. Afler firiq aCryliC- .and bl.nk car1:rid,es-~ i~dia1:.1y up_ ca.pl.ti •• me £1 ... ; it is necessary to ,pl" the .1.II:.!i solutiOll,:I w.lp. d17ud lu"rlc:.te tka are:.... ,cyll..Dder. 1_. tube ~ pis to. and bo1 t; i_edi.1:c:ly ,at the firin,1I TlIIn,c (in the field); I.IpOD 't'.'tunH, fro. the f i 1"ill" r aille ~ the ri f Ie 1IU!i t be c:le.-ned cGIIP1Clt'ely; ci:"~:i:al IlUst be repeat.d for tbe 'follovl,1I1 threCi or fOUT d.'1S ..

S. Aftin' t ralat_.. ~rd duty and .1.rc: 1 ses (eve,n

t.b.ouJ,h the r t fl. 1 s not fi red,) - ~ t..._edi ate 1, • ft er co.,pl.tlna dU1:1 r

4.. If t~e rifle Is not fired or used--aot less th.n on~ •••• r, seY8R ·days.

L.i! ./


:lOT! : It i. !!II t ... ict 1 y forb Idde. 'to lea v.' altaI I $0 lu t ioo in thi"""60re. ,.s e, tin'er. "as t,,"~ 0 r bol t factS I 9i ililce thi, "Ill c.aus e r.pid rus ti-". 0 f tbe M!,t.al.

r.. riEle il lubrIcated ia.edi.~ely .fter cl~.~iAI. Tb •. 1":1 11 as are cleiIDed .-nd l!iJb r:l cated unde'l' the swp,erY'is tOll of off Ic.t".s Bltd Se r,e_t s. wbo .us t ~

1. Bet.rat.e t~ de.~ee of alsa.ssc.bly. cle.niga aDd lubrlc a t.i.on "qui red ~

Z. Q.cl!: U.e c'ondi tion of the .cc:e.s 5 or 1 es and thet ~1 •• DiBl .. teri.I, u •• d.

14 a..ck th...,· rifle faT' cleanllnes$. and: th,ell I,ive

penli 9, ilOft lO lut. rt-c,. te ..


.tJ. • O;ee]l: tllItt lub·r i eEl ted. ri f1 Ct .nd give pfJ'r-Mi s:; i 0,1l

tG .sse.ble th~ rifle~

5~ Check the .s$~.bled rifle and live perais5ion to repla(:e tibe ri£le i.D the r .. ck.

In pe ma.llen t ins tall. t iOEli S II "th': r i,£Te's a.-e ~aned in

pI aces . wh.i~h art!: spec.i.!ly prep.T·ed ~ for cle.nilll ~ IJt'.-,~he fi.eld. the r 1 f 1."$ .. TI!' e 1 eliDed :an places wh] .. cl\ are prepare.d. b-,.. .1ay iD .•

down bOCl rls • C:.nl'.1Is l' ot<::. .

The .a'te ria 1.5 £ or e Ie an hie .0.$ t be in ,I'01:td! condi t i on 'f a.d

t be 1 vb r lea t inc .a t eri al$ .us t be 0 f gG'Od! qll.1 i ty .. The 11l~rica\iml _ t eo:r 1.1:5 :aDS t be' :s to red in the p m'per cans I iiI!Dd the c.lot.bs .. in b"I,S. Luh rl c:a t ion in s toragll!!: .... ::1 t be kept; in c.losed cen t alne rs in star'a.le buildinls t and tile ·cloth .. terials ..,1. h. kept In speci.l ~a~e:5 or IU,s't bel' tiahtly 'Wrapped~

For' 'C.le •• lina '" vi.ping Elnd. lubricatiolD of t;h~ rifle II use II 'c I .. aB. and S (J·ft patch ,and h~p fi her fra. w~~.c.. th~ S·~U tcb Ls f'po'fed. The he.p £i be r is used fol' C leaiunl the· bore '.

To cl • .n fu:.d 1 UbT Ic .. t·e· t.lle r i,fle ~ use th·. fol104l'lnl lub'r iea t io,. and elt: animl C"'pOI!li 1. t Ions :

1 ~ Al Jc:.l i :!Ii 0 ltl t ion; re.ovt:$ I. ouling f·ro. the bore

and 'Other pa:rt.s of the ri,fle .... ich 'OM! into contact

wi th t.h. .,ase.s.

2 ~ 'Ri:f 1e 1 ubr I c:. t lil, oil; tb i!i 1.s used fOI" lllin Lea-

tiDI all .etal partst and IS effective .t • se.peT .. tSTe

of' ,lu!i Sf) de.Tees to .inu5 5 delTees C (liZ P to Z3F,) ..

3. .inter lubric.tiGD No. Zl~ this is used! £0'1' lub-ri-c.at,iiill ~i£leB which .re in u.~ in .iDter:l both in prep.·ra t ian fol' 'fire' and. in 1 lIl1 s 1m fIre ~

The .~oye l~bricatioD .ust not h. used in su..er. since l.t i,. not 5u'ffiel.at prot.ecttQIII lro. c:orrosioD .. It is forb ldd,en to· :h ea t lubr i.ea t ton ,No·. .2.1:f S iDce wb: II

h •• ,ed to • tppera tl1:re of 10 til 1 DO ..... re.. C (176' F t.o 212 iP) ~ It •• cOIIpo... lind b.c;oae.J UiIII U i to 1.. fo':r utie.

.. i n te r lub ... lea t Ion No. 21 is ef fee t i YI! for us-e i:n, t:he .ec:'h.1l i •• Ii 0 f the T 1 fIe at • ~ te.,ergtUTtI- of • .i.us 5 'to .illus '(G decrees C (Z30F to .1.DUS 40 P)~ At .. lowe'!' t~pe'l'.tu'fe. fr .. IG to .ze' of dehyd'l'a,ted lerOSI!m'8 .us t 'be- added to it (dl1u t in,1 1 ubl' ie:ll tiDIl No. 21 til 1 th t,ei'Os e.ne t.,ro .. es the apera t ion 'of the M!cha'lIt sas but d.ecr.e,aStl5 ati-c.or:rosi.'fe propertie!i).

,+ Gun oil~ useil to. lubricate the rifle prior

to extensive storage; it is used .ixed witb ~lfl~ lubTieating Gil (5.0' lun oil aDd, 50·' r!£le lu,br'i,d:AtiDIt ·ttl 1 J •

5 ~ [" :r'I)S ene 0 f 1'004 qu,a.l i t7 wb.i<:h i 5 liT S t f i 1 t e red

w t ·tib c:;.l~ t.1)~d t.b 1 ~ $ .. 1 t,~ used to r~ove old I ub rica t iOD fro. rlfle (after sto'ra.I.}·,. fOT softeaiftl TI.ISt J and a.l so for dilutiDI winter luIJ':rication 80. 11 ~

I'e'roseoe aay' be- used only in the ar-t i.l Le rv repair

$11$p. II,

. It i~ n.ot pemi tted to use: any e the r Iub r t cat.Ion and cleEln1ng 501otioDs.

The use of lubric:::atiOll illDd cl-eaninr Sl)luti~tl5 h~$

a useful purpgse only in the Ie'Tent 'tib .• t proper Ea intenance and lubTic:..ti01l of the r.ifle are perforlled~ WI thollt. ohse rvin, th~ s e cend i t ~on5 t th • .- lub r i.e. t iOll. wi 11 ~G t be .

e,{ fee t 1. v·e an protec t l.nc the r 1 £1 e ~ and. in S o.e In s tan~e s in'Co'!' rec t 1 y us ed 1 u!b r i c,a 1; iOD or nQD - s tanda. r d 1 UbT i ce t.]. on and solutions .IIlY caus-e failurll!l of the r l 'f'le. e.spe I;; 1. 3.1 1 y at. 1 (l1IiII t1:!lIPe Ta. t: u reS ~

,PI'!lJcedul' e lor c: l_eanil1S and Lubr.ica t ion

To cleam the rifle .fter flTlng~ e~eTci5es, cla3ses and duty detail, tbe rifle .U$t be field !it,ri.pped.

Th.e r if Le 'au5 t be det:a i I :!!5 t;r ipp ed 'to re:.ove s t 0'(' age lu!bric •. t ion t .beD replacin. or repairinc part.s ~ when t~fI rifle is very dlr~:r i 01'" after i&.:I[c:;e.s.sive e.x:pO;:UJTe t'e .O~5tuTe.

NOTE: The £1 r'in.1 aDd t rille r .e,c:hani S. (I f r i fl es wi t II. st.-ped .etal receiver of earlieT .anuf8~ture i~ disa~se.bled only w'hen l'eplaciDI or repairillg p.arts .in t..he artillery repaIr shop.


To c:le:antbe bore. the ac.cessory case .ust be attached to th& c:l.eall..il!ll rod as follo~s:

1.. Ims"rt t.he. cleal:liiDi rod th.rough the l:a:rge hole

in the case :so tliElt its he-.ad p.a.sses ins ide the c:ase and but~s alaill5t it, wal1~

:2 ~ Ins,ert: the screw .. dTill'eT into the case above the

cleanlna rod bead~

1.. Install the aCCE!5501'Y case CilII:P on t.he e lean lilt.


(. Install the jaB or bru~h OD the thr&adod end

of the I: 1.e .• nInl rod.


Figure 90.

" )fb.,e-.D: us,ll0l the tool a.s • 'by f'o'l" re.DVUI a r ins 1: all ill,

t:he fT'on, t. s 1.lrt. the sc n"'· lilT 1 ye;r bl.de ill inse:rt • .I in t.o 'tiDe DO t(:.hes in 1:.e ac;:c.'s s or1 c.as. (t:hr'Olllb the 10DI notd!li and tile s~ort notch) (fil. 91).

When Dsln. ". tool as • screw·dyj .. r. the key is inser~ed int:o the .c,ceSI'OTJ" _case .ot.ches (tbrousb tH 101.1· notc:b into the $baTt note.) (fll~ 11).

~ .,.-

'To clean the bar •• i.t i5 n8ce,::s.ry '0 for. tb, hop fiber iD1:O ... fiJuT.. e!,ht aod. ~.I'se It ··iDto the .ltall. so-1 ut.Len , .wI illS tall ,tha blip f 1.b.T on the face of the J., (see f i I ~ gO,) 1D suc:b • .ilDIII.r tb.a tit.. ends do DOt UDJ

fUTthel" t~aQ, t:b.e rotl.tiD, part of t"e Jq. TheD bt1"Olluc:e "the 1:1 eaDJ..D.1 rod In t,o u. bore tbr,ol1lb tlie lIU:lzle ed to a dep til of a.ppro% 1M t,el:r on,e th i rd the - leq th of the barrel;

i t.liS t all the ac::c.:J:Jory case· cap on t:bi. ,-.u; ~ 1. pa rt of" the bar'rel; r-est tbe butt plate iI.,.aiD,St aD obj e.::t (f1a. 93), gl'.,s,p tb.e barrel vi 1:h t,be 1 lI!::ft hand f and. I rasp th,e see e s so ry case " l:; I "l1Iinl rod. lIandl.) wi,tb 'the· r i,~,t ha'm~ ~ and :-.0 ¥e the ~Ltan. rfid back and forth thTou,hout t~. ent1re leD,th of

tbe bc;JIl'e 7 to 10 t i.e. i du:tn Tep lae.. t~,e h,Mp fib.., r .... i th I) th.,:r hlDp f'i be r iii a tura t"d wi ttli • U~~al i 50111 e lon and 1'flp.e. t the p toc. S 5i .. ,Dry the bGre thoroulhly u~inl & p.tc~ {.fter e.arefull; vipin,

tbe e.leanina rod. j., amd a,eCe,.:so ry -e.ase c.p} and.. If th,.re

ar~ 1:"1' ace II of fCI!I~llnl ,or fUS t on ~ the patch. repe. t tbe c.16an iBI ~5! ~I tbe b,-e:.p f 1ber !51!. tU"I' a ted ... 1 th a1:':.1 t ,01 ut: ion:t and tbel:l; use a dry white patch. Repeat tbis il)peT.tiOl'l. uDt:l1 ,_ dTY

.... h I te pa tcb .shows no t'r,.c.es of lou 1 iD.J ..

The ,sue pl'Ocedu.'l"e is to be! _'l~d 1:0 c.l.an lh. cu.b." ~ ,alii c.),ll:nd.er. a-.d ."nill. face. After c;leilUliD, th. bore ~ -ch_ber ~ lind ga5 c1 1 indo",. w.-c t 'to bore throulla tbe "'1' Ie: emd wh i 1 e rot at. illl the .-1 fl- '. To t.p'ro". 1,11UMlaat ion. insert a p ie''-'Ii:

of ~hite pap~r into the rec~iyer~

NOTl: A. ".rr.l ,in. which thcu:c 15 an erosion p.ttern .U:5t :tie c 1 e-ailod e,:ipil.c:i .11y carefully to and .. II tb. • ro51,0JII, .us t ber.eaD,ve d.

. : , '. : .. I;4.I~.

,. . f ~. ~

I , ..... ;,

• ~ •• '04:."=1,

. .,~" .:-:'_.,!;,

Cleaning rod prepared Fo r cleaning the bore.

Aft er t.he' bor. u4 c.hublr .,.. c.loaDed. tt.~ .ra: 1 ub"l' i ~ c:ated with • '-lfar. thin 1_,.r' ·"f oil .. U~lDI 'the brush di,pped i no r i fl e 1 ubriC:.,t tat oil.. 1 f :th. 'r~sb 1 SHUll! ta''-le· *" i tis per.itted to lU~Ti~te the' bore Ullnl the patch dt,p~d i~ rifl~ lubricatiat oil~

Th~ ..... tl!!ll'ior sU1'"fac:. of t.. U:rr'C! 1 (the .re.aa lIIl.der the hUlid I~rd ~ for,. end w "ar slrh t "asc) .shou lel be c.l eaged wl~b • patch so.ked in alkali solutiOD .ad wrapped around the end of • 5 .. 11 wooden stick.

Fi.gure 91.1]

Combination tool prepared for removing the front

s Lgh t ,

1 - combination tool; 2 = accessory case cap; 3 - accessory case~

Fi.gtrre 92 ~

Combination t ool prepared for removing screws ..



1-""1 en

,v :H :::l 00

• ..!


If the 'r i II e ha s be en f i l"i&d, the l[a5 11;,..1 inder and .a!; 'tube should a1$1;1- be c l e aned wi rb a p.U:h. 5o.'ked in al:kaii :501Ulion untll illl ca rbon depos I t..s .re re:.oved. a,fte-r tIIIhic:h the pa l' t s . s heu Ld be dried. w~ th a pa zch vrapp.d.n~und the woodf:t!i st~c:.k 0'1' around! tb. Jlilj+ The la5 port. .should be

c I f:'ano-d wi t h a 're aaf:":r ~

A. f te'l" fi r i.ll!. the pi ,,"tOil,. the-, gas pi stan rod, ~ bool t il.Dd operatinl TGd aTe ~le.ned vi~h, patch 58tura'ted wIth the

.a 1 k.al i :5 0 1 uti on ~ I tIs fo rb Ldden t'o cl ean the "t',a,t Ina rod channel in .hiil;h the ret.U'F1l .eche.D,is. is h,ou:5-.d using, the .a I k:.l i .so.} uti Go. ; it mi;5i t be wipcil dry ill usi 01 • '. ct,. an patch a,n,d lubriit:,a'ted by apply! ••• p.atc:b sat urat.ed 'with Tifl. l\lbric& tin,G, oil L

I f the T i £1 e has DO t bleD Ii red !II 1:&. ,.5 (;y 11 nde:l". 1& 5: .'

tllbe,. piston .. gas piston :rod IlMi 0p.'fatitla rod .ust be viped dry with a clean pat.cb .and lubrIcated.

I f .Ii ha Tdened f au 1 iq, is pr,lIn,g,l in tbe aboYIB= - J nd ie.'ted part,s.. app 1 y t.be .1 ka 1 i :S6 tnt ion tID. t.... and re.oY'ft tbe

sol ut i.on a ft e r .. peri od 0 f t.n to fift •• ,n .1~D ".$; tb:e~ c 1 eaR. and dry tb c. tbo<J'ou,1il: hI y . The: ~l"' • .r t 'returll .ec.ba., i :5' •• firing and triager .echaDi~ .re wip.d usln, a dry cloth.

rhe ho l es t r,ec.eS:s.e5 and groove!. aTe c.leaned with • pat.ch OD the e n.1I 0 f a :5 ha"l'p s tic 111;:. After e 1 e.lidq. tbe ri f1 e' part 5-

.us t be cove :r~d ., 1 t h • t.hin 1.ye'T of r l f,i. 1 ub r Ie: a. tina o.i 1 ..

NOTE: The f 1. r i n, Emd tr iller .ec.b",j,!Ii. aod £0 Id i ng .eta 1 5 rock • re DO t di:!li as se.b 1 ed for ~ cl.aninl and 1 ubI' iea t ion.

Aft ere Le ani Ill. a chec:t .ust be _de that .11(1 p. tc~e S are li!:! tin. the g:a s e y 1. i Il.d.e: r , .las port:. and ape rill t.i 01 rod ch anna 1 ~

It .ust b~ bDrpe in .ind Lb.~ e~.IS lubricatioD tends ta,

co llec t di 'ft. , I II the su..e rt iac"" _',Yin,1 paT't s .us t be lub ri.c.a ted .ore of tan thao in wiD~er.

wiped "j t,b a Ii r1 pa t ch 08 t,he e~d, of ~ sb.'l'p s t Lck ~ aDd !he feed, ..,chani:lIS and, fol1anr:i 'IIfIp'ed w.l,th • clotb dl.pped In tib. .1 tali S ollJ t lOD';II ilDd the-II d:r led us lnl • dry pa. teh and

c:o.ted with a tlillillll layer af oil. ..;;

Upon c'twp 1 et ia. of c Ie,m in. , t he: acc~sso ri e::s atl5 t b. wiped. in5p&~ ted. .Ii 5 e.b l.ed ,aa:d bse r ted Ul'to . the butt.. Aft.e-r 1 ub rica t ion ~ t'b. r 1 fl. is •. S$"~ 1... the op. r. t 1 on of _ tbilll:, part !Ii J n • .s.s .. b1ed fon 1$ (:hcu:::led:l aDd the' t'lile rep laced an 'the rac:lr

,At low te.peratures~ it is advantaceous to clean tb~ Tifl. in _ he.t~d bul1dlDI. After the rifl. is bToulbt l~tD a beated buiiiiiDi. it is llecessaTJ to .ait ten to fift.en

• iBut.s be fore cl e.n.ina l,n ordeT fo r ~1 sture: t.o fo r. 0..11 th-== rifle.

TIl. re l!1i no DeC.!Ii:li 1 t, for w. 1 tina unt 11 the .ao i.s tur. f oned on th,e, .. .1£1. .v.pOI'. t e s , since rus t .,111 fo III un(lct:r each d!Dp. Tbls ~s e !lpeci~ tll i...paTt ant im, th,e layen ~ . tbe r i fl e l.S 1J'I'!lJUlh t 1m1:0 ... bu l.ldI Ilg 10'1' an eltteoded pe r1. od 0 f ti..e.

If the _1 s tur. 15 not e arIBf"u 11 y :rno".d, f:r,. t:h.e rifle I ~ Tlflet when taken out tnto tfi. cold"" •• , aalfonction A$ • result of ice fOrillitioD olil the parts.

Ii fl.s "h1e,b a 'f. .subJ..C: ted to T .in or SDOw .us,t be care-full, cleaned. Old lub-ricati.oD .... st be re-.aved and fresh lubrica~loD app1i~d~

-49 • USB OF 11lB Atm::DlAT"I C RI FLE IN WI NTE R

A rifle ~hleh 1s In use in ~!Pte~ ~s~ be lubrj~.t.d

us inC only win t'e-r l~hl' Lc a t.iC!n in IIC.C.~ ~nc',e _ v t. tit t~e jill S ~ ru~t i 0115 o,f thAe: .prece-d1DI K ec. t.l.on. It 15 forb.! elideD, to luhrl. ca t:e 'rifles l'tl1c:" .r'e .not u,",ed osi~. l~b1'i,(;ation No" 21.

lefoTe lubric.atilll the rifle. usinl winter lubrica,tion No. 21:r it: ill nec,e-:5I:9I,a'l'Y tD det:llil strip the rifle'l" aDd rHl.ove the I'i f.1e lu,briC-:II ting 0-1 I fro. all 'the p ar.t:$ a:o,d .ecllani s.s • and tb.m wipe the. dry witb a patcbr

1 t is e<5pcci all '1 llQor'tan t to 'teuve' co.p 1 e te 1 y "SUM. r lubrication fr'. the firln* and t1'l,*e"t' .e-char..is. ~P'I"i"n.&:$. the; 3pace be tween the full au'tDaill t Lc 5e iIlr and 'l'e,Ce ~,ve r wa 11. ,and the pa1"'t,s of the '"",aa: 1~ ••

The parts o,f the 1'1. fl'8= :au.s t be 1 ub ~lc. t. d with winter 1ub ri 1::11. ti.oR by apply in, • thiD laye r by aeanlji, of a p. tch :so. ked in 011.

The exterior s~rface of .atal p.rts .ust first be wiped wi tb a clean cloth alid ,then with • clotb be.,Tine: a s .. ll ~oPn. t o,t oi 1 i, woode n paT t 5 ...,f 'the 'I' i fl. ere to be v iped •

0$ ing OD ly a d 1")1' C lotb; i. t iii f oddclden to lub ri ca te the. with rifl~ lubricating oilL

'To 1 u b r ica t e hc Ie s ,.. rece s s 85,. .Dd grooves:l a e 1 e • ., patch .lUii'l be- lIOU.ild, on a .ooden :rod ... 4 dipped into oil.

I f .ala 1 ine's we re f j 11 ed vi tb I'QUnds but the :r j £1 e has not be-ell fire'd .. 'wipe only th. exterior surface gf 'the u.g.a:z;lne:s .and appl,y • thin 1.Je:r of. lub:'ricatiB,£

oi.l;' if the .ag&z:ine:!l were- filled and th. rifle wa.li fire-dt t.be •• gal. ines .u.s t be d isas Ij'e-bl.d. all the parts .U5 t he


I:f tb,e wi. ter Il;.1b ri C& t lOll ts applied in a til i ~'k co. t ~

"lfunctio~ •• T b~ caused dur.1ml fir.~ ,


Lu'b ri em t i,Ofi No. 2:1 p:rot ec ts the etal fro. e orro is ion

for olllly I. ibort ti'H (1 tg :z _.ntbs}", Th-e- oil Cumot protect the .et.1 for. lonler period~ .sve~.liJ In are ••• lth hilh h_~dl t:1 .ad a't_sphere sa,turated. with nrious saRlI:! Thel'e,fo~ •• if t.e rl f'lei al'e tI~ .. d s,eldcm. It is neees .. art,t,n,ot less t.1l.1iI every 1 to Z _"RtltS. to In:spec t th_ 'j reaoYe luti r'~ca-

t iOD 1 f ne c:e-s~ary ~ dry the $0 rf ac.e'S .:nd a,pp1, fre-sh luh ricatIon~

Aft.er t. rinl iDI the r i £1 e I.no _ h,.,.a ted bui ldlill fro. \,

the cold,.. It_nit be pe-raltted to "sweat"; tbe rifle ..u.$t

t.hen "e dried _nel all the 'poIIrt, lub .. icatilllld ..

If the rifle iB tn tile cold a:r in SROW a cOII!I!.siderableperiod! of tl .. before fIn II before IOMiRI the rifle it i, D~c:es5 a.ry to H'fe, the opera t illJ rod. b.,ct IIlDd forth ~ev. ra1 t ~.e$ by lleillll.S of the cock ina lI ... ndle ~

Check the- position of t.1l1iJ ih __ er vl:liile coct.d. and pull tllC! t r 1'.18'1 t,o rlllle-ase the hill:Uer fro. the eDclk:sd pos i ttoa ..


In tl",aiDiD" exerCi~H!". du.riDJ .arclaes III:nd in '~CDltUJlt: iti $aDdy terrain, it 1s 118cessary to adopt. all .eas.ure.$ fot'

p .. o tee t inc tll,e r i fl. and ~ 1 t Ion frc. dus t .

Our i:pg e:J::t £'n:s f l'e us e 10 f tb e :r i:£le in !Ius ty t e ...... iD II the bG:I t iIIDd the la.lde-5 in th.e- nee i ve-r SbOll Id b. oil ed f'requ.en t iy tb'roup the Opl!:!nin, for r thtt ~I.I ine aad. • j ,eetiCilD. port: the rifle need not be 'il' ass_bled for !hi B open t:lon ~ _f,ore

Te'1o.~lDJ' the rt.fle .fte'I" elllch aillllJ II, the funceticn3iq of '

tbe: fI,rin •• nd t.rlll-er .echlll:Dls. ,~hould be checke-d ..,. pulll,1l1 the oper-tina rod! 'to the real' end releasing it .seyeral ti.e-s ..

I D :suer. db~ t.y toe rraiD.. t.he ope'nln" ib the re.cicver tlbrou.h wlcb tbe "Ialine Is in5~rted into the rifl~ s,bould be ulllcO¥ered only when chan.inK "I.zin~, .nd dUrinl the pe.riod[c Lub r ic. t I OQ .entioned above. In co.b. t,. the S 1'0 t. fo 1" the. cock,lal hilDdle :sbotlld be c:ove'red dl,if'illl lulls' in fire by .eans of the se lecto'r C.O'l'II!lrr pl. te II I ~ e ~ t by set t inC the ri fIe an '.fety~

the 'rj fie :s.bQuId be cleaneodi and lub:tic.teti after each

e.:te .. .sive U"I(II .. ~Spec:l.l C.'I'oe! !!Ihould he tateD 1D cle •• in, _d oilin. the v(lI'l'iInl .surfaces of the t:l'il,e'r aDd firibi •• chanis., be 1 t tope 1". tinZ rDd,. ex. t r.e tOT' It. I- B t.utle .ntl ••• _,1 in~ ~


.. -" ,



hi ~..,.b at J!' 1 ae l;: 0 f t'i.e .IIlY • ill. 'ke i. t p,e I'!!I!i s sib 1 eo to fir Ie tbe rifle .ith~ut oiliHI itt but nDt without .iping the dust off all the part~~ The rifle .ust be thorCuEhly cJeBned and oiled .t ~e flr,t. opportu~ity.

III hot veathet'. tbe rifle .:tn.d espec,l.lly the "'111'1 . .,.u,nit.ion $bo.o.ld 1J,e, shielded as B'Q,(;,h a:t possible fr'O. the TaY5 of the

:S,UD,. OYe rh811l t.lnl of th,e' r if Le , aDd e.spec i all'/, of the a..oD,i ,-

tion, .. y be t,be direct cause 'of ;:;toppa,ges r



Ii fltl s ttl' be e 1 e.-n·e-d, in "r&pa1'a t lQm £(1 r $; t I) r*a$ Ims t bll!! det.a il s t r I ~,ped ~ ~e u5ual II;! c an.i RI p'rocedu r es are to be , observ~d, w~th spec~.l atteDt10R ~llotted to the re.oval of (.arbcJII depo.si t.s , di .. t II lIOisture illid T'.J$t frCII tbe bo re , g{ls. cyliDder, . ,115 tube f gas pistOD, and all grooves and he.Les ,

To r,e.oYe traces 0 f r'U;:; t lind. I ub t'i (::p. t i OR, i t, i~, s\l'ggeS t e-d that: the part:!li of the ~i£le :be t aken to an artIllery r epa Lr ,:shop -.nd Mashed in )::eTO$en$,~ then dried thorOtlR'hly wl tb a

c.l earl ~ dry pill tch ~ 't,h.&!n lubr lea t I on .u.s t bil!: appl ill!: d i_edI a te I y to protect the .etal fl'oO •• oi~'ture.

The dried parts .ust not be handled iD the baTe hill.Rd~t .since 'rust uy fON f1'o. perspiration. Th.ey must be hand.Led using a c;lcan patch. or ,.p'er.

,Aft..:: r be- inc e leaned IUId d,r'i ed! pe ni S 5 i on ~ 0 f the peT~'Q,n in char"e- of ~ I e8lJlllili .. !I t he obta10ed to I ub TI ca te the r 1. fie +

11£1&:5 vhtch are to be stored for a JlTolg.nged period

are t'O be lubr lea 'ted wi til. .i lC tUTe CQnS i sting g f .s'0' r 1 fte lubri~atinl oil .nd SGt gun oil.

The wooden p'.arts of the rifle are dried thorO'\l.lhly and are not lubrlc.ted+

Ri f Les 1s s toO r.ge (bo th new lind \[5 ed) a re Inspec ted and cleilned not less tben once li''W'e.:ry tVII) y!!lars ~ the 'Oil in the ~or~ .ust he ch.nged at least Qu~e every two yearSt &~d fresb lubrica t ion app I :led to expose d p,aTt 9i not 1 eas th.n tv ice il year (spriDI .nd f~11)~



CH).PT'~R 9


The tifl •• sbould Alway, b. in full combat r •• dines~4 Stora., of t~. r1flo .~d itl acceis~rl., i. tb. relpoQ.lhi 11 t.y of tb. soldier who .U;lt mal~ta.ln the equ!p ... nt prope'l'ly aDd 1n.pect it dl1ly.

In pe~ •• ne~t 1nstallation.t th. ~ifle ls kopt in tb. T.~k~ t he mac. z; 1ne. aT. r •• ov.do fro.a the r i fl. ~ t h. h .a~e'l' i. Dot cocke4J thl safety t. a.tt and t~e ro.r .1tht slld~ l~ ~et

on th. Iradu&tloQ P {palled to the r •• r •• far .~ po,~ibl')4

PQldina .Ital stock, .r •• It in the falded tos1tlo~. Tbe " •• ,inel are .tored unloaded in .p.~l.l co.p.rt-

• lnt:5 of tb, 'rifle rack .or in c;.,bin.et:l. The .& ... ,:In. baas .1'6 5tcrea tOlether with the •• i.'l~es.

CtlanlDI &cc:e,.o'r:tel of ri fle~ with wooden butt al'f! ~tgr,d in tbe hutt T.~ ••• e!t aDd tbe accillories of rifles with told.in. (I.t.l Jt,oc;k ar. stored .... n 1:h, ••• ,azine baas. In tho. e •• ,p Ii i,he r1 flel are .tOTCHI. 1n tb. 1'1f~o rackl tbe •• ma •• in the p.~anlnt b.rraek ••

In trav!l,1 th. Till •• a1'1I!! ctitti..4 with .ttachiid lllu: unlo.lL.d 11&,",,: iii •• J .nd ill co.bat, vl th loaded •• I,',lin •••

The rlfl. ~uat b. set on •• I.tY4 Spar ..... 'In.1 are carried in b ai:l '. 'Whon the t 1'0 Op:l .:re q'P. rt I red liD tent I ~ the ri:£ 1 e Ii a:re Ito1'ed. On • C;:OV.l'iD, or .ill t •• :p,OI'.ry racks. Darh!! ••

ha I t * the r i fl.1 . are s t o-r.d d.p.n4,!n. lI.pOD tho Ii tua t 10n ,t a:nd RUI t h. prot ee t ed fro. dj T 1: , 4,llIa,. jet e .

I f th.. t, lOop. a~. quart erod 10 houl e:l at. popul.1:, d. place, the 1"1 fle:l ar'e .toTed wi. th attached bllt unloaded m.lazlne3~ (lo.d,d in co~b.t) depandinl u~on the. tYP8 of build· in. t the-'Tlfle,. aT. kapt on a t,.b le I bench." Dr l:he-I f. Or are hunl' on na U.. 0 r hanlel's by mean 51; 0 f th. slin,.

In travel by T&11~oad Or vateT loutl~ the rifl~5 are kept in sp.c1al pl&c"5 or .1'e huns. if th ... itu.t1oQ per.its+

.: In. lIovelnien t in .gto'%' vebl.;l •• t 1n an:l;ot"i:I,d clllrri.TI l;be

- .·~ifl~s ar_ be14 between tb§ k~~es to protect t~em fram ~loW5. j lIL trav.l J the hal\ilu5."t .U:ilt not b. cocked. j and the saf.ty lliU5t .~ be sat.



,M 8. I'U 1 e t 1" 1 f1 e:l w'h 1 c: It '(UI in the r •• iI!IJ rv. 0- t the: Ali Ii t. ry units of corp .. lev..,l &nd l(lwCl:r Ill"" stored in division and

COl'pS dapot,-,

The &epots .ust be ~quipped so as to latisfy the TequireJnents of the "Ins true: tlons fo1' Stor.SeI aDd Caro lD'f A.rt il1ary

tot .. tll!lri", 1 .1Id. AII.IUU.t t ton by Us 1nl Troops. U

It Is not p~r~1tted to store rifles l~ bo~e~ .kith _ra form&d into st.ckt~

In ~are C.~~31 whell no .quipp.d stora,e pl.eel Ire .v.il.blet ~itles •• , be stored in boxesj but .u.t be stored sep.,l"& t~ IT froll. the ac:.cessory equipment (I lint! t _ cl.nv.:I baa;! t e:tc+) 5ince this C.US~8 the fOfn.tlcn of ru.t,and deter10rat ion of' the .CCIIS'Ory lte •• ; t:h. peni! !lion of the Chle'f of the Deplll,rtilill:ln.t g.f A.rt i llery E.qulpent of Military D1lt-rict (GrouPJ must be obt.ined 1ft thl. !D5tancl4

At the dep~tt th~ rifl~s ara .tored in rill. rack'l with an indlvidu.l cO~.Itment for e.ch rifl~. lefgr~ tbe r fla.

' •• ' sto1'ed 1n ttl. rack I th. n.ca;ln •• are r •• cved Ii h., .... r

re le.sed. safety :let, .n,d rear filhot slid ••• t on Ir.du .. t:L-c:ut P. Th •• _.&z ines are :I t,oTed by tile .uto .... t:tc: r:Lfle.' ar 10ft sh.elvlI!I:Ii j. tlie ac:clI:li:aGl."J." ar .. IItg,red in cabine't:S or on shelves.

Each r i £ 1. coo.'. r t •• ~ t i,1 nu.be red. Above e .cb rack t'h,el' e 1 s ,I ree ol'd Qlf the .ute .... tie i" I fl.. i 1\d i c.. t inl ''th. d:tti t t(:l

wh 1<:: h th. '1'1 fl e is .. r'e .,Isiln,ed t the r l f1 e Se r1 1.1 111 .. ". r.. and th.·ye.r of .aftuf.cture. In _ box n._r th. ~ifl. ~.cl _r.

kept th. d.J. cards of the rifle. wIth the f~tlo~lnf 1nf~r~

11& t i on elite r.d:: e,nd i t ian o't the bOT... II- t. 0 f .11, _liUI.n t to un i t ~ •• te .. nd, 'Fe,luI't. of • eeu r.c,. ch.c t ~ and: c;. t.,o IT CI t

Tifl." ~


,"_ I'





S!JlvtCE .AND T'llAJ N l:NG Nl4UN I T1 ON



~ r.l.lkdttOY autom.tlc rifl. f1rea the 7.62-mm 1'"OUftd Nlt43.


Th. rOUD~5 hive v.ryln& canltTuction dependin. upgn their p .... l'po ... ~

'["he wtl1aht. tl'f the bullets and th_elr :lIlUu:le veloci ty Ire selected :!I(I that it'l'. Uls 101 the dllferent bullets ean be

conducted w1th the s.me Il,ht ,ettinl!~ .

..un! t10n i5 d1.,1ded into service ,lind aux i li .. T)" t.ypeJ.


S.r~i~. ...anitlon l. dtYi'.' into ball c.rtrid... and .,ee!_1 puYp~ •• c.~tTid& •••

•• ,11 nit1on i. u •• d to ".tI'OJ ..... ny paT'ollDe!.

&peel.l nitl,OB ",-,_mJ.1n. up:OJl ~J' con.truiUon" II

d •• lp'" tet r tIlT •• 't idie .. t .I.. • • .s c.o..h'et::tt6tt· of f 1" • ! ,I) 1 t - iq' IIMI .Itd. ~.1l1y lnfl .... bl. "~Je:ct." fat , •• ·troyln.

1.1.h t1, .'NO rri t.r,rtt... .tc.

Tr.,e.!' c..rttiqe.1 .re ~1 .. e6 fo!' ·t.r·I" ··lftdl.e.t!on

fi 1'1 "'j U t •• At t .'flUll p'rpo'~':i': .~. 4ft iroy111, ,."-onn.:t. Tr.c.l" :~l.t. CI<R IJIJ",,· 1'r'P foa:ll.~ dty.. Ir •• s t d'rj leav •• " .te~ Th& path of _t •• ~ll.t i. lR'I~.ied bl • red f! •• e~

R t c.h ~u i 1, ..... .••. ,. or nt·II;:t. The fl... e an h. • •• n

ITOII • 41.taA(.·' ~ loa t.I'S.

AP -lK_d.I.17 e'I'U.l',e, .. T. UI e& to 11ll i t. fue 1

( ••• olt~.) ••• to? ".tr.Grnl t.f •• tl prDt.~ted by thin armor platt., at r.DI.' af up to 3 0 •• t.t.~


Inc,nd1ary c.rtridl.' .re ul~d to d.,troy fuel (kerDgen., l.to.J!De) in iron tanks up to " .illi.ete"t"'S th.ick. a:nd .150 for :llnltln, straw 'toof.1I b.ar.tackS:II and d'ry Ir.~, • t raD,IJ:5 up ,to 70'0 •• tel'l. 1 ne .nd-il,rr <I; 1.1' t r'idl.. a lsc c: on t ai n iI. t r Be e 1"


element. The ~~tb of tbe bullet is indicated hy a red f]~me wbi~k is easily ~eeD in day and night. The trace C~D b~ seen h"'C!iilll a d i s t ance of \.~,p to 100 me t er s ,

56 '. CONS'f'RIlCT 1 oNi OF sn RV I cs ,A;MMU1N I T I ON

'Th.e !;io(.l;r'Vl ce r ound ffj,g '. 94,) cons is t s of a cart:r-,idgc; case (l)~ btilJ~t (2l~ prDpella~t (5) ~nd prime~ (4).

. The c8TtriJS,e cas e is nade o f :ste'e I pf a ted 'wi til t onb ac, lI;

Tbe sur face of '!!:,he- ca r t r Idge case is brass -p l a t.ed 0,( :h~s onl'y ~ ]acque~ed finisk.

rhe (:,.1], ~ t.r I rll,g e I; as e cons is. t s 0. f s [bodly (1 a] Il;,ce:flil t a in Ln g a propellant ~f smokeless pyraxylin powder, ~Quth (lb)l 5ho~lde:r (c) -" :rim (ld).,

Figure 94. Service round. ]~cartridge.case; la-body; lb-mouth; Ie-shoulder; ld~~lrn; ieanvil; If-vents; 2-bullet; ]-propellant;

4 -p r i ac r ,

]:0 the :0 a. s ~ of the e ar it r i d,g IE! c as Ie u~ ~ T!Iil' i. s a l"EH:,e So So io It the p:iii.iiI!~;r., and anv'l I (1 i¥:}' and t'wo \"c:nts (1 f) th:r,DI!1,gh wJd eh the fl~mC from the primer passes te ignite t~e prapcl1a~t.

Jbe prim~r consists of a [bras~ c~p containing compre~5ed

:p!U;wd,er t and :j'fi~ tal foil 'wh.ic.li seals tbe ,Ijc}"",de:r. The' we isht

Qf t.he hall car tr Idge Ls 16.2: trr-a.II1.S.

The bullets have varying eonstruct~on depending u,on their u~e (fig. 95).

T:b,e bLl!ll,et: :ilm the :baL~ I eartrid,g,e M194l cons Ls t s of iii!

'5 ite,e]' t Ii,1Jliibac. -!p La t:e.d j ac).e t. ,( I a) ~ ], if: ad sIeeve (1 b) f ,1 e ad and ailltimmllfY aIJl.oy') a,mdi steel Core' (jL,'!:).,

Th~ bul]et is fasten~d i~ the cartridge case hy crimping

or' 'roB, in,g t.ti"le c,a,r-it..['id!ge' e ase iIl~o,i,JIt.h. 'f]u: 'w'e ig;ibt o,f the l:aJJl.1!, e t

is '1 ,. 'iii' g'r am s • TI'JJ,e ,~~ Q:5i e! (i,f t~e tlllll e t .ii. s :n iiJ; It, p a i.;n t if,d •

figure 9.5.

BuJ. ]l et S' •.

'fh,e t raee r bull let Ml,943 ~O:rJi~i5t:s lof st.ee I t ombae ~pl ;;II'ted j acke t (2: til)" I ead Co T e (l"b 1 wh i chi s.p res sed! 1.11 to' t,h e no. se Q,f the sleeve, st~~l tombac-plat~d (~P (Zc) contai~ing tracer

e 1 e:m;e.·II! it: (2 d) and :i g:n i t Lon 'c'Oim;POS i it ion (2: e), and :rj. ng (:2 f)

to direct th~ g~ses. The b~llet weighs 1.5 grams. The nose

of the hullet is painted green. -

Tb~ AP-in~eftdi.TY bullet M1941 (type II) co~sists of a sealed t~m~ac-plat.d j~~ket (3aJj tgmba~ ~ap (lL), le~d ~leeve (lc) , steel eor~ (3d)~ anj Lead base fi]le~ (3e)J and incendia~y [If) + The' bull et w,e i~:h,s, '1 ~ '7 gr~i!1lis ~ The: ]lUS~ of the hu].Jlet ,i s pai~ted black .~d red.

I 'tomb a c , wh i;;Ji IS III S;IJ a, II y 89" {:'OP'P e r and 11" z i IlI'C;. :i. ,1S co~ o~ly C~lled 8ildiftg metal in th~ United St~te5.

l .. - bullet Df ball cartridge; la ~ jacket; Ib - lead sleeve; lc - core; 2 - tracer bullet; 2a - jacket; Zb - l~ad.c?re: 2c - ~u~; 2d:: tracer element; 2c - 19nitlon compositIon; 2f - ring;

3 - AP incendiary bullet; ~a - jacket; 3b -

~ a p;, ..3 c - .1 e ads]. e ev e ; 3 d - C Cl r e ; 3, e - bas e filler; 3f - incendiary composition; 4 -

Inc end ia 1'")1'" bu 1 ,li IB t ; 4,a_ - j ate ket ; 4 h. ~ c ap ; 4c lead sleeve~ 4d - core; 4e - cup; 4f - tracer

,- J!.39'-

Th~ iHcendt.ry bullet M19(l (typ. Z) con51~t! of a ~teel t.omb.c ·pl.ted j ac'k,et (;ta). tOilbac c.'p ((b) ~ l.ad sl •• .,. ('I:) ~

:5 t.'el c'ore (4d). steel to.bac-pla tt!ld. cup ('Ill) (.ontain1n,

tra~er Ble~ent (4f) and 1.nition coaposltlon (~I); In th~ no!e ""f the bu l Le t is lOl:at..d the tor;ifndiary co.pO! I t10n (41\) '. Tile' bullet ~eilhs 6.6 ,r •• s. Th8 nDse of the b~llet Is p.lnted Ted~


ActloD of Tracer Jullet

At the in:llt.nt of firlnl.l the ilni't1on cOlIpo,1!Ii1 t ion 15 ignited by th~ f.se~. After the bullst leaves the bore, the ilnl t'ion COlLp'O:ll' t Len llDi t es the t raCIST fll •• ent .

.Action of t:h& AP -Inc:.ndiary' _ Bulle,t

The bUllet p.:rtor .. t'lI!Iis arJl!or upon I,mpact due to 1 tl core ..

Th. 1 nc:.nd 11,ry co.· 0 lit i,gft i I!I: i'lI 1 t.d by the 1:r.p.'c t . The fIre produced i.nitel t~. fuel ..

Acti,on of lnc.e:n_dj_a_ty lullet.

. At the: ins t.ant of £1 1"i91 t ,the ble.ndiaTY (.o.po:ad tiOD

i 8 lin i 't. d by the 1.58::1. When the bull e t 1 •• ,ye, tha b Dr. t thllll in c: en d l&I'Y Cg:rnpo, 1 t i(:I'R 1, nit e 5 the: trace r e 1 ellen t •

Hhan th" bullet s'trike.! the" tal'let II the inc:endi&ry

e c'.po sit ;i-o,1i :h: lin it. do by t h. t.p ae t and b,ur.s t 5 ,ttl e t ol\'b ac

cap and btilltlt .Ie.ve. Th. fla.e thul 'produced eas11y Iani tes hi iii: holy i I'l f1 altllll.b Ie 0" j .c t:5 .. In the even t the t rac'lI!! reI e.ent " hells net bUt'"Dtid. compl,~t.ly in l1 l,ht ~ the burning: of the tracer .le~.~t .1so Setv~i to i,nit. obj~ct&.


Tr-alnial a'MUbi. t iOn include. d.Til1 .nll blpk 7.62-1TQ I'cuncls Ml!IJ"'3~

Drill r.,-unds are de5:llnld f-or 'tl'alnlna 1n lO.~I1:n.f .nd

£i .-In_.r.. On the bod,)' of the t:a1'trld,1I!I case there ,Ire cntltudin.l

I ["OOn!. .ad Dn t hi. ea t t r:l die c;::. $:, .QU th the re IJ1'e :ria Tk I 'frcali

the -cIampini device.. Tbe prl~el' Is ,tere,ed. The l'iII hi no p,"op.llan t 1n the cart l' 1dle 'c: a:l e •

Blink cartl'lda:el .'re deli,ned far Il.ul.tini f1 re and are ule4 in tactical ex.rci~el. Th.rl t. no bullet in the bla:nk cartl"ld'ie ~ The Routh is ••• led by • It.r (,l'oset te cr1.p).. It is fC'l"bldden to stand elcunr than 1"D •• tl!l"l'S .way fro. the mu~zle face ~h8:n bl.nk c.rt~ldl.. are bsin. fired ..




-1-40 -

otAPTE!R 11



~un1tlon each contilininl the I'Qun.dJ... On fcllowtnl data:

1. Caliber of roundt model of bulletj ca~trldge case Wletal.

is del1ve~ed to tbe uSinf units in wood~n bcx&s~ two cas.~ made of zln~.p at~6 iTQn containing the side of the b~~ l~ a st&ncil ,ivlnl th6


2. Humber of rounds in box.

4. Menth and year of m.nuf.cture of rounds. s. TYp. of powder ..


.~ Pil. 96 ,hows the I tenel1 for 1.62: -1I11t ball a.muni t.lon

M19~1, an.d fOT 1.61·~ tr.eer ••• uniti~n N1943. lh. filuTe, .nd nu.blTI in th~ atencll ar. int.rpr~t.d a! fol1ow~=

7~62 PS (or 1·(5) GZh M(S~ 7~Ol 11 the caliber of

tile ~n4 t 'PS (T·-4S) abbrev1.ted detip. t ion of the· bullet (PS La b.ll a.munition witb ~teel core; T·45 is tracer boll.t)~ GZh .. an! steel c.rtrldie c ••• ; M43 is th. ~odel nUilber.

" ...

The desilnation P19 (Rl~) is the lot nu.ber of the roonds; 3 (711) i. the nu-ber of the .anufactur~r~

V111~Sl (vtl·SO) t. th •• cnth .nd yeaT Qf ~anuf.ctur~+ VU~L is the p~wder tYP~i 17 is the powder lot; SO 1,

the year of •• nuf.cture of the 1owd~r; and K th. manufactuT&r.

A c~lored 'tripe is painted on the boxes centaining Jpeeial pDrp05~ ammunition.


.... I f the- round, .Te in clip.5:1 t.he word! 11 In Cl ip5~~ are also Iten~il.d on the bQK.

In .dditign. ~n th. tgp gf the box for any type of .~.uniti~n ar~ indicated the cla3! of l~adt danl~r ~ignt and tot.l w~ilht of box+


702 nc rJt<

~- II fl P . .tL3r·

j". 111,d~U"1 A ..

~J ~~H H f

t Ir}}} _ Jl3~i~!'h .. d

Figure 96 ..

~'. I



n2U~3 .- Vhl~:;1

~ :_i~"t . ~

t~Vl1ll1 etK

I • ~. •• ~

. .

.1' I Ii ~ 711 . VII· 51J

. -,

I\Ytl'J1 ~f1K

Marking of ... unition boxes.

, .. ""II


F~r eX&aple, Cl.5$ IIV 6eno~e. that ~be load is nanexplosiyef SeDsitive 'Q ftTe~ ~ relatlY~lr iUgeD5ible tQ ~h.nl~.l blows~ 00 t~e b~se of the caTtridle case of .11 rounds tb.r. \~-a &taapiDI~ .the upper fiaure of which d~A~te$ tbe au-'e~ of the .aDufactur~~.nd the

1 QH r the teat' I) f •• nuf.c t.ure G f the "l'ound s •

~ere aTe 660 ~O~ to .ach ~ln~-pl.t.d c.se vith~ out clipst or 460 in ~lip$~ Ibe e.s.s .r~ p.cked in WOOdeR ~e~ (two eas.s peT box); tn each boK there are 1.321 rouad. without eli~s a~d 9~O rou~ in clip$. The lo.ded hox veilh5 29 kJ (63.93 Ib5.)~

Om th. ltd af eaeh ca5e ther~ i5 • st~cll IndtcatiD. the ~aliber of round~ .odel of Toundt cartrid,e case .etal. lot nu.ber of Touodl mu.ber of .anufacturert aDd! powd~ r "type.

The rouads are packed in the linc~pl.~cd cases iD ~.rdboBrd containers. Th8T8 ar~ 20 raunds to each card· board contaiaer. There aTe 4is1imlui5himl ~tripe~ paintad on the ziac-pl.~ed C.5es aDd c.rdboard eont.ineT5L

and Cllrdbo.rd.

AbbreYillt~d Distln,ulsbiQj Destination Stripes on lo~c5

1~6l~_ rouadsl '.11. Ml'~:S
1 .. 62~_ rOUDdi51 trac~r •• 1943
1.62:-_ rouDdsl AP-incendiarJI
'~6Z-_ rounds. incend i.1)' ""
... g4.3 nc T-45

G.r~ell strip.


S;.3 Black and red strlp-es

3 Red :llitrip~

6;0 • STO .... CE OF AJICIHIT I (»[

The a.aDmitioD .ust be protected fro. .oistur •• snow1 dUS~t and d!ir~L Moist rounds .ay Tust in sev.ral days and beco.~ uDservice.bl.~

. ,

The rounds ~'t not be allDW~d to co.e in COQ~.~1 with aQy liquid. sig,~ the ltquid vill enter the cartridle cas~

and .o1sten the propel1.nt~ thu. csu.1nl .i.fire, Gr haH.fir.l; in luch ~s~. the bull.t •• Y .tlct in the bor~. Rounds .ust b. stored in ~uildlnls which Ire prot.cte~ fro. the elements, wh.tb.r in the .etory p.ckln, or 1005 ••

If rnunds mu!t be stoT.d in tbe opan. ther .ust be pTotected from r.lnr SUD. dUBt~ .nd sno~. It il not per~itted to build. fife near the .m.unlt1on~

The ammunition box&s dust not b. pl.ced l~edl.t.ly on the-ITouHd~ but Dn 10 •• coverln't with the lidl upva~d.

It is nQt per.itted to store lubTle.tin, .nd el.aninl ~.t.rl.ls~ or forel,D ~bJ.cts~ to,ether witk roundl.

The h.rmeti~.l 18.1 of tbe can is broken only Wh§R nece5s.ry~ Th. dlstinlui.hinC p.ek.IJn.· •• tk, .Ult b. heeded before opeftinl the paellal.

Drill .nd blank rcundl .re .tored sep.r.tely; it is Jtrict1r fOTbldden to store th .. tQlether with ,.rvic • • ~nttlGn.

R~unds which are rust~d .Ult be dried wi~h • wet patch.

Round. wblch .re loole .Ult ,. wip.d before '.in. lq.d.d into tha ma.a&lnes. It J. not per.ltt.d to fire unleTvlc •• ble

•• .unit1on.

It i. not permitted to throw .. ~ltlon boxet Dft th. around fTO ••• hlcle! Ind platfer.s. It 1s .t?lct11 forbidd.n ta ~ut open rounds and bull.ts~ strike the round I with I h~.r or other h.rd obje~t throw t~. round. into a f1re,

o~ us. tb. round3 for .11 •• '11 or di~ •• , .. bly of the rifle (especi.lly 'peclal purpose rGun6s).

- r.





All the ch8r&~t.~t'tl~' of tb& aut~~.ti~ rifle with m~tal stock (w.llht Ind di~en.ion&l chBra~teT15ti($1 ATe th~ same as thos~ of ti. auto..tlc rifle with wooden ~to~k. T~e .utQm~ti~

~ rifle with .et.l It~ck h.$ & length of 645 mm (~5.S9 in~hes)t with the stock fold.d~


4 . .3 (9.4?~)
.4Z (.9ZS9)
.920 (2.0ZR)
4.S0 (lO.S~)
.870 (3.(.251)
415 (16. 3l!!l)
369 (I'.SZ7)
378 (14 . .8Sl)
710 (2329.38)
1.9 (lZI.91S6j
16.:2 (350.00(2) Weicht of auto.8tic rifle with ~aiezine

and acce •• ~rtesJ kl (lb)

WelRht of •• ,.zln., &~tYt kg (lb) Wellht of •• ,Izinej lOlded~ kg (lb) Weilht of automatic rifle with l~.ded

•• la~in8t k. Clb)

Lllln,th of autonatic rlflet ave~.ll~ UII (t n the.)

Lenlth of b.rr.l~ ~ (inches) Lenlth of rifled portieR of bor ••

DIn (tnche&)

1.nltb of si.htinl line •• M (inches) C.pacity of ma.az!ne, rounds

Rat. of fire, Tounds/.lnute

Mu~~le velocity. b.ll caTtrid, ••

_/Iee {ft/.ee}



W.i.ht of bull.t~ ball ~artridle~

.1"..... <.r.:lR.}

W.llht of b.l1 c.rtTld'.t Ir".(lr.ln~)

~ .". ~

- _- I







Y •• r of MaDUf&ctur.


Desi8nation Qt utinl un1t ~~ _

AI.ilned to ~~~~~~~~~_y~~~~--~~--~~

(surname ana InltlalJ)

DefCic.t.t .t Dat.. h .. ult .. Stlnature Chanae .. in condition r
tt ... of of of of officeI' of wa&p~n di.~Gyered
tltU, • .:.c: .... I.CC.U- :lUpeI'Vii- 1~ ilu,naction I
rac:;y 1'.c:y iRI seeu- ISqUld ':::Iaef Of Ar· 11
check checll: 't&cy check leader tille:ry Mate- II1II
BIiiII'Tel (D.tel Nor ... 1 C-o.plny ca~e 1-2 enter
withaut COIII .. nd..r a l.tanc.e of
defects .. (Silll.· 2 _ fro. 1DUZ. •
ture) :z.le f.ce.
c:h1.f of
Mat.r1 .... (Date)
. ~ , .

. ~', 'The .StiT.vi.ted desilnation of the we.poD 11 .ho~n, fOT .xliiI.ple n1 . tZ -_ .uto .. t1c:. r1 fl,·1'" a In.C:1 U .. c..rd 1s not aec.l'.t.