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On 24 April, Mr.

Fahmi Idris came to surabaya for formalizing and Engineering Design Center
National Ship (PDKRN) in ITS. Like what this PDKRN, following my brief notes on the Java edition
of today's Post.
Java Post, May 2, 2006
Minister of Industry Fahmi Idris in particular come to Surabaya to inaugurate the Center for Design and
Engineering National Kapan (PDRKN) located in the Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS) on
24 April.
There are several important considerations behind the appointment of ITS as a design center. First, ITS
is known as the first university that consistently cultivate education and research in the field of marine
technology since the institution was founded in the 1960s. ITS is also believed to be the pilot project
for the development of marine technology for the eastern part of Indonesia.
The second consideration, ITS network in the sea was so recognized by the institutions / agencies of
national and international research. As Hidronamika Marine Laboratory, both small scale and level of
Southeast Asia (LHI-BPPT) are also located in the ITS.
What is the main goal was the establishment PDKRN? According Asjhar Amron, dean of the FTK
(Faculty of Marine Technology) ITS, as in writing ITS Online (3 / 4), the institution was intended as a
bridge between research and education in the business world that not only national, but international.
It is fit for Surabaya shipbuilding industrial base. Advanced shipbuilding industry began as PT PAL has
sufficient experience of the modern field of shipbuilding technology; medium shipyard industries such
as PT Dok and shipping; or small shipyard industry people who are usually insufficient capital, simple
technology with limited market share.
Various industry partners will be sharing the PDKRN. Forms of cooperation can vary. Clearly, there
must be mutuality element there. Business and industry sector can take advantage of all facilities
PDKRN to develop innovation, creativity, and ideas for business improvement. In the meantime,
PDKRN can "sell" the results of research they had found.
Link and match like that will also help students to discover the real issues in the field. Projects the
industry has to offer can become a kind of learning (a kind of internship). Shape, they can be recruited
to be assistant or co-researchers by each lecturer.
Reduce Dependence
One of the main problems of the development of marine technology today is the amount of dependence
on foreign parties. Usually, the intended ship industry from Germany and South Korea. A few days ago,
for example, submarines Navy's newly renovated total in one industry in South Korea ship arrived back
in Indonesia (Tanjung Perak).
As mentioned in Djenod Kaharudin Science News (25 / 4), South Korea along with Japan was known
as a producer of the world's largest ship. For nearly 40 years, both hold the supremacy in the field of
shipping. Later, China began to poke at the back. Strength-made boats South Korea and Japan lies in
the advanced technology, complete a satisfactory service, and quality assurance that is not in doubt.
That is rarely possessed another shipyard industry.

If such dependence constantly left, when we'll kemaritiman technology forward? This is where the
importance of PDKRN. With a design and research results themselves (though in a limited capacity),
little by little dependence can be avoided.
We must optimistic, these ideal conditions we can achieve. Experts in the field of our shipping and
competent enough, although the universities in the field of new marine technologies and limited ITS
Unhas in Makassar.
In fact, in 1980, ITS was offered the cooperation of an American college to develop the Ship Crocodile.
That is the term given to the high-tech stealth ship is capable of gliding on the surface of the water,
with no detectable radar, and suddenly could pursue the enemy ship at high speed. Unfortunately, these
deals have to be rejected because not unprepared experts (ITS Online, 3 / 4).
Now, circumstances have changed completely. ITS has given birth to doctoral shipping and maritime
sector more than 40 people, most through their studies abroad (the number of doctorates among most
other faculty in the ITS). Some software applications and the new ship design has become the daily
meal students. In essence, in terms of hardware skills, we are highly acclaimed. How to live now,
whether the experts were given the opportunity or not.
PT PAL is also growing. As the largest shipyard industry in Indonesia, PT PAL also been able to make
some spectacular ships. Among them, 30.000 DWT tanker "MT FASTRON" which is the order of PT
Pertamina in 2005. It is the largest tanker ever built shipyard in Indonesia. In addition, PT PAL has
been able to penetrate foreign markets such as Germany, Italy, and Hong Kong.
Do not forget also, the development of ship design and research related to the defense in the sea. That
in accordance with the Trisila cooperation regarding marine: military, industrial, and research. Military
Navy was represented as the holder of authority in the archipelago marine defense. Industry was
represented as a state-owned PT PAL shipyard area and have the greatest strategic shipyard in
Indonesia. And, represented research institutions / agencies such as BBPT marine research, universities
including PDKRN it.
Which also need to think about now is how this institution in order to give the maximum contribution,
not just busy at the beginning of ceremonial. I saw the need to be a busybody government, particularly
about policy. For example, creating a regulatory and a healthy investment climate in the marine world.
Modern ship industry is generally heavily dependent on steel prices due to nearly 60 percent of its
components come from the metal. Meanwhile, steel prices following the international price regulation.
If prices are fluctuating up and down and there is no certainty, can predict the shipyard industry will be
"gasping". If it were so, the research will also sleep because there are no projects to work with. This
means, directly or indirectly, the business sector will greatly influence the research vessel.