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Muhammad Arshad

Ghori house Opp P/O Dera Nawab Sahib

Tehsile: Ahmed Pur East
District: Bahawalpur
E-Mail: m.arshadghori@hotmail.com

November 2013 to

Ericsson Pakistan (Outsourced Relacom services)

September 2015

Job Tiltle: RF Engineer

Daily KPIs monitoring (DCR, CSSR, HSR, TCH

congestion, SDCCH congestion) and troubleshooting of
the worst cells. Purposed parameter changes wherever
required for KPI improvement. Neighbor audit, Frequency
audit for Co/Adjacent Frequency clashes
Post Processing & Reporting of various Drive Tests
activities with help of certain tools such as TEMS, MAPInfo Actix etc.
Cluster Level Report includes PRE Swap Cluster Report &
Post Swap Cluster Report
SSV Level Report includes single site verification
Performedance report.
BSC Level Report includes LAC update drive test report
writing and BSC rehomeing DT report.
Customer Complaint Report includes Walk-Test/Drive Test
Performedance report against customer complaint.
MOS Testing Reports at City Level & Cluster Level
includes post processing of NEMO Handy Log files and
making its report with help of Actix Analyzer.

LCC Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.

29th August
2013 to up to
November 2013

Job Title: RF Engineer L-III in LCC

Perform Drive Test in Central Region (Multan &

Faisalabad) for Ericsson-Mobilink Swap Project

Perform Drive Testing (Call Testing(CS) and Data

Pre Swap (Cluster) Drive Testing and Post Swap
(Cluster) Drive Test.
SSV Drive Test includes Site Verification: TRX Test,
Intra/Inter Site Handovers, identification of RxLev/RxQual

1st April
2013 to up to
28th August

Problems on Downlink, Co-channel interference in case of

poor quality also identification of issues such as
Interference, Overshoots, Call Drop, Block Call, HO
Failure, Missing Neighbor etc.
SSV Drive Test for Rollout sites.
MOS Testing (Voice) using NEMO Outdoor and TEMS
Identification & removal of swap (sector swap and partial
Site Audit: Verification of site in the field to make sure the
Azimuth, heights antenna types Electrical Mechanical Tilts
etc. are as planned
EDGE & GPRS Testing of Throughputs
Walk Test for Indoor Locations including GPRS,EDGE&
Call Testing and troubleshooting for the indoor coverage &
quality issues.
Optimization and performance enhancement of
Mobilink GSM network, coverage optimization by change
in Antenna Tilt and Azimuth

LCC Pakistan Pvt. Ltd (Outsourced SCT PVT. Ltd)

Job Tiltle: DT Engineer

Conducting frequent drive tests (frequency scans, idle &

dedicated modes) based on necessary coverage & quality
issues using TEMS Investigation Data Collection.
Performing post processing of drive tests and walk tests
log files using TEMS Investigation and MapInfo
Analyzing drive test log files to detect eventual problems
and recommend changes to fix those problems.
Drive Test (To analyze the Speech Quality, RX level, RX
Faulty Radio testing for worse cells using TEMS
SSV(Single site verification) Drive test using TEMS
Investigation 8.0.3
Finding the swap both partial and sector.
Performed TRX Testing.
Performed Packet testing.
PRE and Post Cluster drives for both short call and
long call.
Edge and GPRS Testing.
Customer Complaints and walk test also providing

the solutions for the problems.

Log files analysis.
Good hand on Map Info professional.

1st September
2012 to up to
30th march

Job Tiltle: DT Engineer

Issue based Drive Test, Cluster Drives, Walk Testing,

Customer Complaints, Roll out and Expansion
Performed Benchmark of ZONG with all other operators
Performed Drive Test GPRS/EDGE/SMS
To perform PRE & POST DT on Cluster level
Prepared reports n presentation at cluster level for team
CQT and TRX testing of the sites in swap
Focus at Post DT and analyzed Radio Parameters on field
Tilt Adjustments for better coverage of sites

2011 to
July 2012

Job Tiltle: DT Engineer


Cluster Level Drive Testing using TEMS 10.0.5

Resolving customer complaints by Walk Test
SSV(Single site verification)
Good hands on performing and understanding of Long
calls, short calls, idle mode
Drive test analysis for Bad SQI, C/I and Quality patches

TEMS Investigation 14

TEMS Investigation 8.0.3

NEMO Outdoor


MAP Info Professional


Good Communication and Decision-making

Installation of windows ME/2000/XP/Win7.

Good knowledge about networking devices (Hub,

Switches, Bridges).

Installation of hard ware and other peripherals.

Working experience in LAN.

Can install and operate software of different kinds.

Aug 2011

B.Sc Hons (Telecommunication Engineering )

Govt College University Faisalabad, Pakistan
( 2.78 out of 4.0 CGPA )
Introduction to computer & computing, fundamental
Networking, Basic Electronic Engineering, Communication
System, Mobile & Wireless Communication, Introduction to
Telecommunication, Telecommunication System, Advance
Networking, Wave Propagation & Antennas theory.
F.Sc. (Pre-Engineering)
Sir Syed College Alipur, DG Khan.

Marital Status


Date of Birth

Available on Demand

30 Oct, 1989
English, Urdu, Saraki,